Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.
new fundraise to try to capture as soon as possible, because she may be sick (1, 2). List of countries from where you can make donations (facebook).

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

16/07/19- Luxwintercup 2019- 2020: the dates are 9- 10 november (the judges are wolfgang tieber (austria), romain stein), 7- 8 december (philippe wattecamps (france), corinne bormann), 11- 12 january (alex beitl(germany), nicolas renaud (france)), 8- 9 february (dave jolly (great britain), marton cavill (great britain)). On august 20 registrations will open (click).
Seminars: they have 2 availables spot for a seminar with Grégory bielle bidalot in franca on august 2- 4 (facebook). available spots for an intensive training with Radka Mokrisová on august 10- 11 in czech rep. (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in belgium from dobby X red (facebook). Two border collie litters planned in czech rep. click),one of the sire is a son of rising sun dark raider and the sire of th eother litter is eliju (full brpther to say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick); the dams are eshai & astra zafir.
Séxtuple de Esukadi 2019 (spain): have 446 dogs registred and they have closed registrations (facebook).
Courses: dennis lynge sorensen (sweden) at fiona cup (1, 2, 3), andrea deeg from germany (1, 2).
Videos: seminar with iwona golab in poland (youtube), jane elene christensen (denmark) & chip (facebook), Elicia Calhoun (USA), bill & tobie (facebook: 1, 2). puppy training video from Mc cann dog trainers (canada) with rev from mark herfert (youtube)

15/07/19- Videos: jane elene christensen (denmark) & chip (facebook), jouni orenius (finland-sweden) & leia (facebook), chanie elm (denmark) & mayday (facebook), rehabilitation excercise of vini & carina da silva (denmark) after an operation (facebook).
Courses: Jari Suomalainen (finland) in japan (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook), esa muotka (finland) at fiona cup (facebook), uhaszne Szoboszlay Erika from hungary (facebook) . Excercises of fiona hulse (facebook).
Border collie puppy female available in austria (facebook pascale kühn;, webpage); she is daughter of gary from serge van der sweep. Border collie puppies were born in poland (facebook); they are 2 males & 4 females out of foxridge blake (grandson of tanhill glen).
EO junior: photos at the competition (click).
FCI WC 2019: interview in finnish with Virpi Koski (click).

14/07/19- EO 2019: detailed program (.pdf), timetable for trainings/ measuring/ vet check (.pdf).
EO junior: results. Winners in individual U-19: anja blazevic & buha (croatia, large; they run in adults world cups too), maxim gushin & tory (russia, medium; tory runs with maxim's mother in adults world cups), conni Raschbauer & lego (austria, small). Winners in individual U-15: caitlin van Zon & boyke (netherlands, large), sophie henin & ilumia (france, medium), jessica geier & idefix (germany, small). Winners in individual U-12: leonardo casoni & dex (italy, large), greta Frolli & ulysse (italy, medium), anna duzankova & jamie (czech rep. , small).
Courses: Toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook).
Border collie puppies: the litter from raz x ray was born (facebook); they are 3 males full brothers of jack (lisa frick) & say (tereza kralova).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) with nemi & kiki (youtube), monika rylska (poland) with chica banana & koza nostra (facebook), debby simons (england) & dobby (facebook).

13/07/19- LEELA: new fundraise to try to capture as soon as possible, because she may be sick (1, 2). List of countries from where you can make donations (facebook).

Live stream: EO junior (facebook), games in finland (1, 2).
Courses: lisa frick from austria (facebook), martin reid from england (facebook).
EO junior: Results from friday & saturday. Live results (click).
Border collie puppies expectedd in austria for the beginning of august, out of lio x dash at austrian diamond of ingrid kastner (facebook); lio's dam is eira (nicola giraudi), dash's sire is why not hash my queen. Border collie puppies in belgium (1, 2); 4 females & 1 male. The grandfather is comebyanaway not so sweet full brother to fame (dave munnings) & geek (dan shaw).

12/07/19- EO junior 2019: live results & running orders (click). Facebook official and from some countries países (slovakia, czech rep., spain).
Border collie litters planned in italy for september-october: the sire in one of them is syclone from isabel stefl (syclone is out of tanhill glen and grandson to sony from japan. he is also full brother to cinna from nadine alshut) and the other is why not zet my queen (facebook manuela satta).
Slovenia: updated list for the EO 2019 (facebook).
Competitions 2020: 1-3 may in italy (facebook); the judges are nicolas renaud (france), wolfgang tieber (austria) and the locals lorenzo celic and paolo rebasti. 30-31 may in the netherlands (facebook); the judges are martin cavill (uk)& michiel lazeroms. 18-20 june is the csj open in UK (click); the judges are ivan amez (spain) and mark bruce, jen lewis, jason bartram.
Spain: at the open competition organized at la huella the winners will receive a training timer (facebook); the judge is paolo rebasti (italy) and the obstacles are galican.
Videos: karen holik (USA) & kidd (facebook), romy dupal from canada (facebook).

11/07/19- LEELA: the last confirmed observation of her is around 14 days ago, where she was with much less fur. There is a chance that she has scabies or other problem so it is urgent to catch her. They are asking to the people of Ryssberget and close areas to be with big open eyes, and as soon as it is seen call inmediatly to the phone number 070 896 93 70 or send a private message to the facebook info about leela (facebook: 1, 2). Remember that she has very little hair now.
This weekend: 12-14 july is the EO junior in switzerland (webpage, facebook, instagram, program). Denmark: on july 14 begins the fiona cup (click) with 11 judges. Netherlands: is the AKSE 2019, event for kelpies (facebook, webpage). sweden: summer camp 2019 with jouni orenius & isabelle emanuelsson (facebook). France: competition with 97 dogs from all parts of france (facebook).
Estonia: national champions 2019 (click).
Border collie litter planned in finland at mindpower (facebook); is the last litter of madde. Border collie litter planned in spain out of why not zet my queen (facebook, the dam is super from pau serrano.
Videos: kris koprivnik (slovenia) & six (facebook)

10/07/19- LEELA: they are asking help from people near Ryssberget - Gammalstorp - Ynde, they need ‘eyes’(facebook). They have an observation on leela in that place. They ask to not post comments, just the strictly necessary.

IMCA & PAWC 2019: registration closed on July 5. List of countries (click).
EO 2019: will use telegram for communications including results (facebook). app for IOS and android, link for the group.
Pilis open 2020: it's on june 12-14 (facebook). registrations may open on march 1 st. Two judges has being anounced: stefanie semkat (germany), vendula hausnerova (slovakia).
Online course : registrations are open for jumping mania with nina gregl from croatia (facebook, webpage); the spot with dog is 250 euros and 110 as silent auditor.
Calendar with several international competitions (.pdf).
Breeder Tobias wüst's comments about flame de dog of andreas & tanja pollich (facebook).
Videos: matej cucek (slovenia) with juice & ninja training with max sprinz, martina vakonicova (slovakia)& rozita (facebook), ramona schürken (germany) & 5 (youtube).

09/07/19- Online course: registrations are open for running contacts with silvia trkman (click).
Alpine agility open 2020: is on june 19-21 (facebook); the judges are jocke tangfelt (sweden), jari suomalainen (finland) and the locals vittorio papavero, paolo rebasti, francesco bircolotti.
Courses jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook), lucas bong from singapore (facebook), malin tangring from sweden (facebook Agilitynytt i Sverige).
Litters: border collie litter expected in belgium (facebook); their grandfathers are fetch granting pleasure & rising sun dark raider. Border collie litter confirmed in italy (facebook gervasio sicignano), one grandfather is tanhill glen.
Timer in UK (webpage, facebook).
British agility championship registrations are open (facebook). The competition is on october 11-13, sari mikkila from finland is the last judge announced (facebook).
Videos: Monia pl (slovenia) & fire (youtube), Alfons Wachter (austria) & karma training foundations (youtube), Alejandro (spain) & ipa (facebook).

08/07/19- Courses: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), kees stoel (netherlands) in france (facebook), philipp müller schnick (germany) en rusia (facebook). .
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook: 1, 2), monika rylska (poland) & chica (facebook), anna hinze (germany) & take (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & applause (facebook), jane ostap (russia) & ruby (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & jive (facebook), Natasha Gjerulff Jensen (denmark) & movie (facebook), Nicole Münker (germany) & nike (facebook).
Jenny Damm: post about her new victory with miss lilli, for 4th time in a row at the SM (facebook). video
Timers: available at EO from zeljko gora (facebook).

07/07/19- Live stream: moravia open (youtube: 1, 2, 3, agi race).
Courses at moravian open: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (1, 2), Anita Szilagi from hungary (facebook). Courses: tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook), bart de decker from belgium (facebook), markku kaukinen from finland (click).
Videos: manca mikec (slovenia) & aksi (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook), Debby Simons (united kingdom) & dobby (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook).
Moravia open 2019: resultados. The winners of the finals from saturday were marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (border collie) in large, Kaisa Tsaro (estonia) & Zira (shetland) in medium, pavol vakonic (slovakia) & Meryl (shetland) in small.

06/07/19- Live stream: moravia open (youtube: 1, 2, 3, agi race).
Facebook agility europe: two questions. the first one is about agility trials near finland open to international competitors the weekend prior to agility FCI WC (facebook). Tthere is also another question about registration systems (facebook).
Golden rush 2019: registrations start on september 1 and the deadline is october 1 (click). The trial is on december 14- 15 in germany. webpage, facebook.
Courses for training & exercises: carlo magnoli from italy facebook, marc martin from france (facebook), action agilité canin (facebook), Maurizio Mencarelli (facebook).
Article about the importance of understanding anatomy and biomechanics of canine movement (facebook). Comments on Canine Conditioning and Body Awareness Exercises's facebook.
Moravia open: results & running orders.
FCI WC 2019: the deadline for registrations is july 29 (facebook).

05/07/19- Seminar in italy with philipp müller schnick from germany (facebook).
Videos: running contacts training with krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & side (facebook), border collie acting at ‘america's got talent’ (click).
Moravia open 2019: results & running orders.
Courses from moravia open: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Sari Mikkilä from finland (facebook), anita szilagyi from hungary facebook. Courses from Vendula Hausnerová in finland (facebook), Marko Mäkelä in singapore (facebook).
Articles about the story of Coil (kelpie) in australia (1, 2, 3). ‘He earned the name “the Immortal Coil” and his feat has never been equalled.’.
Course ‘run for it agility’ has a 10 % discount for registrations before july 20 (1, 2).

04/07/19- Leela: there are no new observations of leela in sweden (facebook). Her family and the search team ask difussion. Leela is in survival mode and does not trust humans. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.
Courses: anders virtanen in finland (facebook), Linda Wallace Kipp in USA (facebook).
Obedience: 2019 worldcup is this weekend in czech rep. (webpage, live stream).
EO junior 2019: the program is available (facebook).
Photos from SM in sweden (facebook) and from alpine agility open in italy (facebook).
Herding: international dutch championship this weekend (webpage, facebook).

03/07/19- This weekend takes place the moravia open (webpage, facebook, program); the judges are Sari Mikkila (Finland), Petr Pupik (czech rep.), Anita Szilagi (Hungary), Bernd Hüppe (Austria). Russia: national championship judged by philipp müller schnick from germany (click). Spain: III Open benéfico de agility in help of homeless dogs (facebook); the judges are francisco alegre & iban cubedo. Austria: quali trial for european open 2020 judged by Sabrina Hauser & Erika Szoboszlay (click). Italy: 9º Memorial Martino Martinelli (webpage, facebook), trial in roma (.pdf; the judges are sandra deidda & jose luis garcia), vieste (facebook; vittorio papavero & gabriel arriagada will judge). colombia: trial for national championship in bogota (facebook).
Software free for trials (video, dropbox).
Courses from sweden in 2019 (click). List with webpages of judges from finland (facebook).
Enterview from aginotes to susan koldenhof from netherlands (click).
Border collie puppy available (facebook), rising sun dark raider is the father.
FCI WC 2019: unofficial list with qualified to world cup (google drive).

02/07/19- Germany: registrations for the agility silvester turnier on december 28- 31 are open (facebook).
Slovenia list of participanntes for the EO 2019 (facebook).
Switzerland: program of the zürisee cup (click).
Bristish agility championship: one of the udges is alex beitl (facebook).
Coursess: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook). Excercises from action agilité canin (facebook).
Costa rica: information of the regional competition for the USDAA on july 12- 14 (click); the judge is Jelinda Pepper.
Videos in russia of svetlana tumanova (facebook), maria tomilova (facebook), natalya shtenrberg (facebook), ekaterina sapriko (facebook), Nastia Savchenko (youtube).

01/07/19- Online courses: foundations & puppies from shape up (justine davenport & jessica patterson) begin in july (click).
Border collie puppies available (males and females) in austria (facebok pascale kuhn, webpage (1, 2)); they are out of Gary (serge van der zweep) X j ginga austrian starlight. Border collie puppies planned at tobias wüst's kennel (germany) for european winter 2019 (facebook); the dam is replay (facebook). Border collie puppies planned at kennel downforce in sweden (facebook; email/ phone: sandra@villemo.se & 0706312470); the dam is away to me mika (full sister to miss lilli and dam ofe azta from nettan johansson that runs with jenny damm).
Germany: Terrier turnier is on october 2 in Hundesportwelt (facebook); registrations are through webmelden.
Videos: jane ostap (russia) with tver & ruby (youtube). Videos from SM in sweden: Anna Kall & Majestic Mei (facebook), Cecilia Klingberg & alice (facebook), Fiona Lövdinger & ella (facebook), Nadine Lindholm & phoebe (facebook).
Susan garrett (canada): serie of videos Masterclass (click).
Courses: david powell from france (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook).

30/06/19- Live stream: SM 2019 (sweden).
USA: daschund/teckel dog lost. They are asking for help to find him (facebook).
Puppies berger des pyrénées in germany (webpage).
Jenny Damm videos and comments on the firsts 2 days at the SM (facebook).
SM 2019: results. The individual winners were for XL 1- jenny damm & miss lilli, Cecilia Klingberg & alice, Ramona Järnving & bliss (todos border collie). for L, hanna persson & zuki (australian shepherd), Anna Blomgren & batman (Finnish Lapphund), Rüdiger Osterloh & trixie (nova scotia). The individual M podium was for Gabriella Hennings & elvis (caniche), Jocke Tangfelt & liam (shetland), Nadine Lindholm & phoebe (shetland). The S winners were Patrik Rosendal & yenna (shetland), Jannie Abelsson-Svensson & inna (shetland), Fiona Lövdinger & ella (caniche).
Courses: oliver gustke from germany (facebook), sari mikkilä (finland) in russia (facebook), Toshiyuki Oba (japan) in finland (facebook). Courses from SM in sweden: alex beitl from germany (facebook), andreas silfverberg from sweden (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook).
Videos: Stas Kurochkin (russia), aki & zippy (youtube), Radka Mokrisová (czech rep.), mia, dream & Kiri (facebook), Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook).

29/06/19- Live stream: SM 2019 (sweden).
Courses from national championship in sweden: alex beitl (individual jumping S, individual jumping XS), Andreas Silfverberg (individual jumping large). Courses: sari mikkilä from finland (facebook), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook), Toshiyuki Oba from japan (facebook: 1, 2), Marko Mäkelä from finland (facebook), nicola giraudi from italy (facebook).
Border collie male puppy available in the netherlands (facebook); he lost an eye. His sire is legend from wendy willemse and is searching for a home.
SM 2019 (sweden): results. The winners were jenny damm & azta (individual jumping XL), fanny Gott & bud (individual jumping L), Ulrika Pettersson & axis (individual jumping M), Enya Habel & sydney (individual jumping XS), Patrik Rosendal & yenna (individual jumping S), Four Friends Full Out (agility team S), Don't Mess It Up! (agility team M).
Bulgaria: team for EO 2019 (facebook).
Videos: jouni orenius (finland - sweden) & leia (facebook), monika rylsjka (poland) & koza (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) and her new dog (facebook), ramona jarnving at the SM in sweden (facebook).
Lisa frick: judging (facebook).

28/06/19- Live stream: SM 2019 (sweden).
Courses from national championship in sweden: stefanie semkat (agility individual L), alex beitl (agility individual XL, jumping team M), Andreas Silfverberg (agility individual M). Courses from Marko Mäkelä (finland) in singapore (facebook).
SM 2019 (sweden): the individual winners were Susanna Nilsson & Zophia (XS), Maria Ljungdahl & Drama (S), Ulrika Petersson & Axis (M), Hanna Persson & Zuki (L), Jouni Orenius & Leia (XL). The team winners were Certo Cito (S), Pax för vinsten! (M). References: results, facebook. videos.
Slovakia: teams for EO 2019 (facebook).
Italy: trial judged by petr pupik (czech rep.) & paolo rebasti on september 7- 8 (facebook). Seminar with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) on october 30- 31 (facebook).
WAO 2020: information about the qualification for irleland's national team .pdf.

27/06/19- This weekend there is a quali trial in russia judged by sari mikkilä (click). Sweden: national championship (webpage, facebook, live stream); the judges are alex beitl & stefanie semkat (germany), andreas silfverberg & Catharina Tuomisto (sweden). Austria: Blaz Oven (slovenia) & Wolfgang tieber are the judges in Margarethen/ Raab on friday (click). Luxembourg: WT cup (program & running orders); the judges are jörg zenner & monique Paulus. Lithuania: esa muotka (finland) is the judge in siauliai (click). Germany: trials judged by Nikolas Koch, Daniel Walz, Sabrina Schmitt, Thorsten Horn, Mina Piske, Dirk Kuschnierz, Tania Pollich, Axel Rutig, Marcel Schlühr, Oliver Gustke, Michael Kanbach, Andrea Deeg, Kirstin Brox, etc (webmelden). Canada: CKC summer spectacular (click). Brazil: copa eduardo falcone in sao paulo (click). Argentina: local championship in buenos aires (click). Chile: trial for open 2019 (click).
WAO 2020: france starts the registrations for national team on july 1 and will close them on august 31 (facebook).
Courses: Bonnik Berthelsen from denmark (facebook). Exercises from Birgitta Hermansson for practising exits of running contacts (facebook). Training course from Fiona Hulse (facebook). Courses from A&C in m&exico (click).
Hungary: trial on july 12- 13 in gyulia (dog result, facebook); the judge is mark fonteijn (netherlands). The agility senior open 2019 is on august 24 (facebook); handlers are dividied in two categories (one for those born between 1965 and 1974 and another one for those born before 1965).
Seminar with veronica nagy (hungary) in october (facebook).

26/06/19- Puppy (male berger des pyrénéees) available in germany at kennel du mourioche (click).
Italy: nicolas renaud (france), wolfgang tieber (autria), lorenzo celic & paolo rebasti (italy) are the judges at verbano challenge on may 1- 3 with two courses in parallel (facebook).
Interview to Jenny Damm & Nettan Johansson (sweden) in podbean (click).
Greece: facebook for EO. The next trials for national championship are on october 19- 20 judged by sari mikkilä from finland (click) and on november 16- 17 judged by nicolas renaud from france (click).
Videos: sarah baker (USA) & hopps (youtube), Anja Muschter (germany) & Flauschi at a seminar with nadine alshut & max sprinz (youtube) and at a seminar with tobias wüst & daniel schröder (youtube), team from switzerland at EOJ (youtube).
Courses: Vendula Hausnerová in czech rep. (facebook), Ron van Straten from netherlands (facebook), anders virtanene from finland facebook).
Live stream from SM in sweden on june 28- 30 (click).

25/06/19- Border collie collapse: 300 dogs will be selected for a genetic map of the disease in an AKC study. That's why they ask people that did not send a sample to consider sending one during the next 2- 4 weeks (facebook, webpage).
Courses: philipp múller schnick from germany (facebook), Michiel Lazeroms from netherlands (facebook), Redas Masiulis at national championship in estonia (facebook).
Puppies: nina gregl changed the litter she was planning out of gaya (full sister of tic and half sister of zaelle that run wit her) with joe (father of zaelle and son of joe from bobby dalziel). The father of the litter is kiany from jasmin jurthe from dutch lines (facebook); she only accepts people interested in a puppy if they don's choose between female and male. She will open a facebook group for the litter (facebook).
Canada: the tryouts for EO 2020 are on april 25- 26 (facebook). The teams for EO 2019 were announced: large 1, large 2, large 3, large 4, medium 1, medium, small 1, small 2 .

24/06/19- Leela: there are no new observations of leela in sweden. the family and the search team ask to share the information for arriving to more people in sweden (facebook). Leela is a small shetland from colombia that got lost before FCI agility world cup in sweden in october 2018. She got scared, run away and entered in survival mode. She does not trust in people so noone should call her nor try to catch her. Anyone that sees her (or thinks might have seen her) should call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.
Videos: monika pl (slovenia) & fire (youtube), tereza kaniova (czec rep.) & jess (youtube), julia schober (germany) & jamie (facebook).
Magazine: information on june issue of JAM from japan (facebook).
Book: ‘a dog's promise’ is bruce cameron's book that will be released in october (facebook). webpage of the author.
Spain: III Open benéfico de agility to help homeless dogs on july 6 (facebook); the judges are francisco alegre and Iban cubedo. I e II Torneio de Agility da HousePet is on november 23- 24 (facebook).
Courses from denmark: Jφrn Elsbergc (facebook), Gert Bruus (1, 2, 3, 4), bonnik berthelsen (facebook), several judges (click). Other courses: Hans Strφmsφyen from norway (facebook), blaz oven from slovenia (facebook). Anna Käll from sweden (facebook), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook).

23/06/19- Courses: anders virtanen (finland) in czech rep. (facebook), Toshiyuki Oba (japan) in slovenia (final medium), Bonnik Berthelsen from denmark (facebook: 1, 2).
Denmark: national memebers team for world cup in large: chamie elm orsted/ mayday (team and individual), poul lerche/ dizzy ( team and individual), dennisolsen/ number (team and individual), jane elene christensen/ chip (individual) and in team tina tondering/ zen (facebook).
Germany: In order to be able to pay for teh travel to world cup in finland, the national team holds an auction (facebook). Among them there are online courses from agility2go, 1 training hour with silas boogk, stephanie la motte, tobias wüst, 1 training hour in Agility Flash Dog Sports Hall, Hundesporthalle Westerwald, agility park, In-Line Agilityhalle Borken, un chequeo de Yvonne Bormann, juguetes, cajas de transporte en aluminio para el auto, camas, an auditor place for running contacts online course with mona grefenstein, etc .
Videos: max sprinz (germany), make & baxx (youtube), svetlana kreslina (latvia) & salsa en slovenia (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & applause (facebook), sissy graf (austria) in slovenia (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) with nai & pan (facebook), monika rylska (poland) with chica & Koza, daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) and her new malinois (facebook).
A&C 2019: summary of the final winners. In individual small (google drive): katia valdivia (mexico) & backy magic, hector diaz (colombia) & arwen, aldo lugo (mexico) & harley quinn. In individual medium (google drive): francisco diaz (mexico) & luna codi, gabriela urizar (guatemala) & nea, lucia garcia (mexico) & mateo. In individual large (google drive): andres gomez (colombia) & nuki, ana zuluaga (colombia) & ultra, german villa (colombia) & rek. In team small (google drive): Mexico, Colombia, Equipo mixto. In team medium (google drive): Mexico seguido de dos equipos mixtos. In team large (google drive): 2 teams from colombia follow by mexico.

22/06/19- Courses: toshiyuki oba (japan) in slovenia (1, 2, 3, 4), marko makela in finland (facebook), anders virtanen (finland) in czech rep. (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook), neil ellis from united kingdom (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) with seeya (facebook) & applause (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & perm (facebook) elina janesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), dan shaw (england) at a seminar with lisa frick & tereza kralova (facebook).
Winter trophy 2019- 2020 (facebook) in Nalbach (germany). The dates are november 16- 17, february 8- 9, march 7- 8, april 4- 5. the judges are not published with the information of the comeptition in webmelden.

21/06/19- Leela: more comments about the search and a new instance of finding extra information these days (facebook). She might be in kristianstad, or in other region, even in another country. Leela is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70. .
A&C 2019: results on google drive. There is a live stream on facebook (only for friends of the page). Video from the opening ceremony (youtube).
France: winter challenge canicopter (facebook) is on december 14- 15 (judged by dominique favre, nicolas begue, manuel alff (luxembourg), vittorio papavero (italy)), january 18- 19 (jdged by nikolas koch (germany), alex beitl (germany), dominique prin, gerard gery), february 15- 16 (judged by rolli schiltz (luxembourg), ana beltran (spain), caroline guignard, eric courant).
Belgium: trial at Dôme de Charleroi during the ‘salon du chien’ on august 17- 18 (facebook). The event has plenty of conferences and demos of activities related to dogs.
Finland: the GAMES SM of agility comeptitions will be in Vierumäki at the Sports Institute from Finland on july 12- 14 (facebook); it will be the closing event of snooker and gambler championship. The judges are Lee Gibson, Marja Lahikainen, Johanna Nyberg, Anne Savioja, Ritva Herrala; it is open to dogs with FIX registration and with registration at finnish kennel. The judges for SM (august 24- 25) are sari mikkila, jocke tangfelt, jari suomalainen, arto laitinen (facebook).
Courses: Marko Mäkelä from finland (facebook). Courses from toshiyuki oba (japan) during last years (wordpress).
EO junior 2019: the program is available.
A&C: the A&C 2020 is in brazil (facebook); This means that it is almost sure there won't be an AAO 2020 as it was announced during AAO 2019. The organizer of A&C 2021 will be el salvador.

20/06/19- Silvia Trkman: post about the quali in slovenia, Ta won it (with few races in her life) and qualified for world cup as with Le; To is also team member for EO. Comments and video on her dogs and runs (click).
Coursess: Nils Lindqvist (facebook).
Film: The art of racing in the rain (trailer, back scenes, webpage, facebook, twitter, instagram). The book was 3 years at the best sellers list of the New york Times (1, 2).
BCC 2019: the program is available.
EO 2019: they announced that there are 857 dogs and 43 countries at the event (facebook).
Training with anne lenz & dani fischbach on july 15 in germany (facebook); the money will go for the national world cup team.
Germany: registrations are open for the 3 days competitions on october, november, december in mendig (click).
Italy: maremma cup 2020 is on april 16- 19 in Roselle Terme (GR).

19/06/19- Leela: still no new observations of leela in sweden (facebook). ‘According to Leela's behavior of last months, we think that she could be in a property close to the forest, where there are horses and there is hay; this kind of places that can bring her food and protection.’. Leela is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.
This weekend is the A&C in mexico (webpage, facebook, program, unofficial information); the judges are stefanie semkat (germany) & gabriel arriagada (chile). Slovenia: I RaCe WiTh My HeArT (webpage, facebook, registrations, program); the judges are Toshiyuki Oba (Japan), Bonnik Berthelsen (Denmark), Jan Egil Eide (Norway), Sascha Grundner (witzerland), Blaz Oven (Slovenia). Austria: Funny bones trophy judged by Roman Lukac, Iveta Lukacova, Veronika Nagy (click), Vorderland Agility Turnier judged by Peter Feer & sari mikkilä (click), Goldene Rose der Stadt Tulln judged by wolfgang tieber & peter kindle (click), Sonnwend-Agility-Turnier judged by fritz hauser, Hartberger Doppel A judged by michael steiner. Italy: trial judged by seppo savikko (finland) & andrea bellachioma (.jpg). germany has lots of competitions between june 20 and june 23 in mendig, Oestringen, Ludwigshafen, Idstein, Finnentrop, Schwalbach, etc (webmelden). Spain: 10 Aniversario Xanastur (facebook, registrations). Lithuania: tomas glabazna (czech rep.) is the judge in dziugas (click). Brazil: trial for liga de agility (click).
Moravia open: 2 available spots for large dogs (click).
Courses from judges of spain: tomas perez ayuso, jose luis garcia alvarez, Josep Boix Balaguer, roberto iñigo, ana beltran, aduard bonet.
Videos: dani lehrer (germany) & tippi (facebook), Lena Svk (czech rep.) & elinka (youtube), the team Medium Spirit a the team quali trial in creteil- france (youtube), Jörg Zenner (germany) & Xii (facebook), Joachim Graf (germany) & zeus (facebook).

18/06/19- Courses: david powell from france (facebook), bernd hüppe (austria) in slovenia (facebook), Vittorio papavero (italy) at pilis open (facebook), veronika herendy from hungary (facebook), toshiyuki oba (japan) in slovenia (facebook).
Videos: sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (youtube), marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook), Mary Champagne (USA) & training distance and compepting published on svetlana tumanova's facebook (youtube), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & fiona (facebook).
Seminars: lisa frick (austria) asks interested in organizing seminasrs with her for 2020 to contact her with possible dates because she os organizing her calendar (facebook). A spot for amromeka agility camp in slovenia on june 27- 30 is available (facebook).
USA UKI trials (facebook): july 27- 28 judged by Ashley Anderson, august 24- 25 judged by manca mikec, september 21- 22 judged by Kim Benjamin.
Obstacles: tunnels and rubberized training planks for running contacts from Floro Agility Equipment qill be available at moravia open (facebook: 1, 2).
Switzerland qualified for world cup (click).
Latvia: qualified for world cup (facebook).

17/06/19- Obstaculos from galican at reduce price after the following competitions: EO 2019 (netherlands), EOJ 2019 (switzerland), séxtuple de euskadi (spain).
Courses: anders virtanen (finland) in ireland (facebook), roman lukac (slovakia) in austria (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook), sandra deidda from italy (facebook), lorenzo celic (italy) at Alpine Agility Open (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook).
Videos: Martina Klimesova (czech rep.) & wifi (facebook), Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), Jérémy Chomienne (france) & page (facebook), anna hinze (germany)& take (youtube).
Finland: final ranking with the teams qualified for world cup in teams (large, medium, small) & individual (large, medium, small). The winners were janita leinonen & fu (border collie, large), Anniina Salo & svante (caniche, medium), Sonia Delatte & stella (shetland, small). Photos de jukka patynen.
Border collie litter planned in russia: zippy from stas kurochkin and zepp grandson of joe from bobby dalziel (facebook).
Moravia open 2019: spot for large dog offered facebook).
FCI WC 2019: post asking about information on ferries from stockholm to turku, how do dogs travel, animal controls at the arrival, etc (facebook agility europe).

16/06/19- Live stream: CSJ agility open, quali from finland.
Courses: CSJ agility open (.pdf), Reetta Pirttikoski in finland (facebook), roman lukac (slovakia) in austria (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (finlandia), Sandra Deidda from italy (finlandia), rene blank from germany (facebook: 1, 2), Laura Mättö from finland (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (cech rep.) & wifi (facebook), Sissy Graf (austria) con asics & cue (facebook), Sandi Okanovic (slovenia) & miya (facebook), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), trailer of the sm 2019 in sweden (youtube), romina (argentina) & Qi (facebook).
Software: screenshots of the main features of journal from smarter agility (facebook).
Results: ranking from the quali in Slovenia. saturday's results at the quali in finland; ranking for team (large, medium, small)) & individual (large, medium, small). Results of the CSJ agility open.
FCI WC 2019: competitors travelling from southamerica (brazil, colombia), southafrica, etc are having problems for scheduling their trips without huge extra costs or extra travelling times. The main arrival airports are paris and frankfurt but planes travelling from there to finland only accept two dogs. That is an important issue because they have 17 hours trips. Renan (brazil) asked on agility europe's about other options that doesn's add much money (the travel already costs 3000 euros per person) or time (facebook).

15/06/19- Live stream: CSJ agility open, quali from finland.
Norwegiann open 2019: registrations are open and the deadline is august 31 (facebook, webpage).
Obstacles: new wall from MT hundesportgerate, one in foam and another one in PVC with foam bricks (facebook). news on poles & dogwalk from ernst in germany (1, 2).
Border collie litters expected: nina gregl changed Gaya's mating and now the father is Kiany (dutch lines) thet wualified to EO in germany (facebook); Gaya is the sister of Tic that runs with nina gregl. There is a litter expected for 2020 at ultimate border collie (germany); the mother of the litter is yes (eiri greme gwen x Go (dutch lines)).
Videos: Sarah Sanson (germany) & rio training with max sprinz (youtube), thomas behrendt (germany) & knut at BAM (facebook), Zsofi Biro (hungary) & Mudika (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark) & chip (facebook).
Courses: Toshiyuki Oba (japan) in hungary (facebook), CSJ agility open (.pdf).

14/06/19- Live stream: CSJ agility open, quali in finland.
Videos: nina gregl & zaelle at a seminar with stas kurochkin (youtube).
Clean run: new arrivals (click). They have a video on demand (that comes with a .pdf file) from susan salo about weave pole grids (click).
Macedonia: the first official competition has been on may 25- 26 (facebook).
Courses: sari mikkila from finland (facebook), dan butcher from USA (facebook), CSJ agility open (.pdf). Timo Teileri has uploaded courses from his last competitions (click). List with webpages of judges in finland (facebook).

13/06/19- This weekend: CSJ agility open (webpage, facebook, program, running orders, courses, results) and qualis for EO 2020 in austria (click; the judges are roman lukac & lenka Pankova), for world cup 2019 in finland (info, program; the judges are sari mikkilä, Reetta Pirttikoski), para mundial & EO 2019 en slovenia (1, 2, 3; juzgan Toshiyuki Oba (Japón), Bernd Hüppe (Austria)). Germany: B.A.M. judged by Paolo Rebasti, Andreas Pollich, Andrea Deeg & Edwin Liechti; trials judged by alex beitl, Inge Kurz, rolli schiltz, Laura Bäppler, Stefanie Semkat, Kirsten Döpp (click). Hungría: Pilis open (webpage, facebook); juzgan zsofi biro & veronika herendy (hungary), Toshiyuki Oba (japan), vittorio papavero (italy). Italy: alpine agility open, the judges are jeannine gloor (switzerland), rene blank (germany), sandra deidda & lorenzo celic (italy), antonio belmiro (portugal) near turin (webpage, facebook, program & running orders on facebook), competition with judge rolf graber (switzerland) in milan (facebook). Slovakia: seminar with nina gregl from croatia (facebook). Spain: competition for the RFEC (facebook). South africa: regional competition in gauteng (facebook). Mexico: competition pre A&C (facebook). Brazil: double competition for the I copa rio de janeiro (click); the judges are dan & samir.
Seminars with svetlana tumanova (russia) in norway on august 24- 25 (click), in florida (USA) on november 1- 3 (click), in sao paulo (brazil) on july 12- 14 (1, 2; only spot for auditors). Seminar with anne lenz (germany) & nina gregl (croatia) on august 7- 8 in germany (facebook).
France: results from national championship 2019. Map of the place for the Trophée d'agility par équipes on august 10.
Bud houston: articles on pinwheel (click) and progressing sending exploding line of jumps (click).

12/06/19- Courses: jan sprij in netherlands (facebook), toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook), vendula hausenova (czech rep.) in spain (facebook).
Japan: teans quelified for world cup (facebook).
Spain: the Séxtuple de euskadi is on august 16- 21 in okondo (facebook). The judges are sari mikkilä (finland), stefanie semkat (germany), seppo savikko (finland), Toshiyuki Oba (japan). there are already more than 300 registrations from spain, france, italy, portugal, czech rep., switzerland; the deadline for registrations is june 30 if they don's reach the 400 dogs. Information about lodging (facebook).
Videos: thomas raczka (france) & must in black (youtube), dani fishbach (germany) & side (1, 2).
Tunnels: post rom paul hinchley about the guidelines he follos in course design for having safer tunnels (facebook).
Southamerica: qualified for world cup in colombia (instagram). Information about II copa Eduardo Falcone in sao paulo on june 30 (facebook). Sgility schools in colombia (facebook). Agility camp in sao paulo (brazil) on september 7- 8 (facebook). Courses from matias corti from argentina (facebook), ezio solari from chile (facebook), javier vega from colombia (facebook), domingo boncompagni rom argentina (facebook), dan wroblewski from brasil (facebook), gabriel arriagada from chile (facebook), luciano peccin from argentina (facebook).

11/06/19- Border collie puppies expected in a month in italy from raz x ray (facebook); they are full brothers and sister of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick).
Poland: national team for world cup individual ola klobukowska/ yuca (border collie, large), olga kwiecien/ mojo (cocker, small), monika rylska/ chica (border collie, large), iwona golab/ appalause (border collie, large), iwona kalisz/ pepe (caniche, medium), ola gronek/ deal (border collie, large), roman maruszczak/ evo (berger des pyrénées, medium), barbara czlonkowska/ rudzia (berger des pyrénées. medium), magdalena domanska/ mora (berger des pyrénées, medium); large team ola klobukowska/ yuca (border collie), monika rylska/ chica (border collie), iwona golab/ appalause (border collie), olga kwiecien/ brego (berger des pyrénées), medium team iwona kalisz/ pepe caniche), roman maruszczak/ evo (berger des pyrénées), barbara czlonkowska/ rudzia (berger des pyrénées), jaroslaw burak/ maja (shetland), small team olga kwiecien/ mojo (cocker), magdalena ziolkowska/ madek (pinscher), marta krzywda/ hantla (jack russell), magdalena labienec/ elfi (caniche).
Videos: beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (1, 2), yannick wouters (netherlands) & nym (facebook).
Slovakia: tomorrow begins the Rose Speedlight Dog Camp with the seminar of Stas Kurochkin from russia (facebook).
Courses: course designed by sari mikkila (finland), stefanie semkat (germany) and another judge that wanted not to be mentionned (facebook), jan egil eide in norway (facebook), bonnik berthelsen in denmark (facebook), pascal crespel (france) in czech rep. (facebook).

10/06/19- Leela: it has been 45 days since the last observation of leela in sweden; probably it is because she is frightened with something and is hidden (facebook). For those that are in sweden, don't forget to call 070 896 93 70 if you think you might have seen her, never call her nor try to catch her. Leela is in survival mode since she got lost when she traveled from colombia to take part of FCI agility worldchampionship in kristianstad.
Border collie puppy: a male is available in poland (facebook); his sire is why not hash my queen.
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary-germany) & hydro (facebook), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook: 1, 2), matej cucek (slovenia), jazz & cuba (youtube), .
Courses: kees stoel from netherlands (facebook), Roman Lukac (slovakia) in italy (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook), blaz oven from slovenia (facebook). Training courses from andrea deeg (germany) during 2019 (click).
Bud houston: obstacles discrimination (click).
Moravia Open: people looking for a spot in large and small (facebook agility europe: 1, 2, 3).

09/06/19- Czech Rep. the national team for world cup is with tereza kralova/ say, eliska brabcova/ lay, tereza kaniova/ jess, sabina stastna/ taiva (all border collie) in large, martina klimesova/ kiki (mudi), katarina malakov/ izzy (berger des pyrénées), jitka hrdinova/ nany (berger des pyrénées), aneta obrusnikova/ ollie (mudi) in medium, denisa lajmarova/ relda, lucie krauskoptova/ kessy, eva lacnakova/ chiqi, olga edrova/ bodi (2 parson and 2 shetland) in small. There was a mixed breed dog (roxy) that would have an spot at world cup if he had an FCI pedigree or world cup would be open to all dogs. Results.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki winning the medium quali with 11 years old (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & chica (facebook), radka mokrisova (czech rep.) & mia (facebook), ola klobukowska (poland) & yuca (youtube), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say winning the large quali (youtube), ola gronek (poland) & deal (facebook).
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), Vittorio Papavero (italy) in norway (facebook: 1, 2), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), french championship, Anne Savioja from finland (facebook), jorg zenner from germany (facebook), veronika herendy from hungary (facebook).
Results: agility party & quali in noruega (1, 2).

08/06/19- Courses: jan egil eide in norway (facebook), Mika Kangas from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Jari Suomalainen from finland (facebook), courant & ana beltran en el campeonato de francia (click), Anne Savioja in finland (facebook), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki at the quali for world cup (facebook), french championship (youtube).
Results: of the quali from norway, czech rep..
Bud houston: new article on lateral distance skills (facebook).
Article about agility in finland (click).
Fetch: they have found that fetch granting pleasure has a lymphoma (facebook).

07/06/19- This weekend is the championnat de france in Lamotte- Beuvron (webpage, facebook, program); the judges are eric courant, linda bourasse, david desoubrie (france) & ana beltran (spain). Norway: quali for world cup (click); the judges are sari mikkila (finland) & vittorio papavero (italy). Czech Rep.: quali for world cup, european open, IMCA (1, 2); the judges are Pascale Crespel (france) and the locals Petr Dostal, Jitka karouskova, Lenka Pankova, Petr Pupik. Austria: manca mikec & wolfgang tieber are the judges in Raab (click). Slovenia: mirja lapanja & blaz oven are the judges in Zagorje ob Savi (click). germany: Stefanie Semkat (germany), Seppo Savikko (finland) are the judges in hockenheim among other competitions (click). Spain: copa catalunya de agility (webpage, facebook, live stream). Sudáfrica: South African Agility Champs with quali (facebook). Argentina: competition for the national championship in santa fe (facebook). chile: trial for the championship apertura (click).
Greece: team forl EO (facebook).
Shetland puppies in italy (facebook); out of cashew (from daniel schröder) & brie.
Jersey european agility festival 2020 is on april 25 to may 4 . webpage, facebook, twitter.

06/06/19- Courses: Dennis Lynge Sφrensen from sweden (1, 2). Training courses from birgitta Hermansson (facebook).
EO 2019: program in .pdf. Darius Ka (lithuania) is searching for a team in small (facebook).
Sweden: facebook & webpage of the SM 2019.
United kingdom: training with zeljko gora (croatia) on june 5-7 (facebook).
Bud houston: teaching lateral distance skills (click).
Videos: kayl mc cann (canada;) & bee line (facebook).

05/06/19- Courses: jan sprij from netherlandsa (facebook), mia laamanen in finland (facebook), andrea deeg from germany (1, 2), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook). training course from neil ellis (facebook).
Videos: gianluca schingaro (italy) training with ex & reav in germany with tobias wüst & daniel schröder (youtube), running contacts with andrea deeg (germany) & juju (youtube), janita leinonen (finland) & wow (facebook).
Dania cup 2020 is during the 29th week of 2020 (july 13- 19). It is a 6 days agility competition. More news will be available before july 1 (facebook).
Zürisee cup: statistics about breed (facebook) and countries (facebook) for the competition.
Lord of the winter 2019- 2020: information about dates and judges (facebook). The judges are jocke tangfelt (sweden), lorenzo celic (italy), sascha grunder (switzerland), alexander beitl (germany), svetlana kreslina (latvia). The registrations are already open.
Spain: calendar for the second half of the year (click). Agility GP Jerez de la frontera is on august 29- 31 (click).
Guatemala: registrations for the seminar with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & jouni orenius (finland) on august 23- 25 close at the end of june (facebook).
A&C 2019: registrations for the pre A&C in mexico are open (form).

04/06/19- EO junior: countries taking part at the event (facebook).
Courses: tomas glabazna (czech rep.) in italy (facebook), peter van cleef from belgium (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook).
Luxembourg open: registrations are open for grade 1 (click). The competition is in august.
Border collie puppies: the litter of eazy x blitz (his sire is de tanhill glen)born at devongem; they are 4 males & 3 females (facebook) at the comments she mention that she breed eazy one time, as she is the most talent dog she had and want to work with her. The litter from wendy willemse bor in the netherlands from fire x elijah (facebook); for the moment there are 5 females and 1 male.
Videos: ramona schürken (germany) & 5 (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook), Amsi Ko (norway) & Babylivo (facebook).
Latvia: svetlana kreslina will run at world cup with 2 small, 1 medium & 1 large (facebook).
Rose Speedlight Dog Camp (slovakia) is on june 15- 17: there is one available spot for the seminar with zeljko gora and 2 places for the seminar with nina gregl (facebook agility europe). webpage, facebook.

03/06/19- Cursos online: on june 4 resgitrations will be open for the shape up courses with jessica patterson & justine davenport from canada (click).
Videos: zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (youtube), david gamba (colombia) & ray (facebook), nicky manes (argentina) & toffee (facebook), wilson villalobos (colombia) & smart (facebook). Video from chris zink about muscles (youtube). Courses: daniel walz from germany (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) in valencia (facebook).
Switzerland:silvan zumthurm's post about his 3 dogs qualified for world cup and because of regulation of his country he can only run 2 of them (facebook). Altough the FCI accepts a handler with up to 4 dogs at world cup, the FCI can not interfere with the NCO, who are the ones that decide their classifieds. Canadian competitors had stated at the time that the qualifications for EO (up to regulations) should be open to all dogs, and canada doesn't. The answer from the FCI was that regulations shows what is desirable to happen, but is up to the country if they follow the recommendation (facebook).
Slovakia: national team members to the EO (facebook), world cup team (facebook and individual (facebook).
Fitness: excercises from dogs4motion to strength the rear (facebook) and front end (facebook) .

02/06/19- Border collie puppies male from serge van der zweep available in netherlands: chip has 5 months (facebook), ian has 6 months (facebook).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (click), alex betil in japan, singapore, germany, helge himle in denmark (1, 2, 3), Toshiyuki Oba from japan (facebook), anders virtanen in norway (facebook), Karel Havlícek from czech rep. (facebook), marc martin from france (facebook).
Videos: max sprinz (germany) & make (youtube). pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri training the slalom/weaves (facebook).
Switzerland: national team members for world cup small, medium, large. The winners are silvan zumthurm/ fleece (large), stepanie hundt/ navy (medium), claudia schwab/ mitch (small).
Croatia: ranking for world cup (.pdf). Team members for EO (.pdf)
Brazil: team members for world cup ricardo tubaldini/ lili, fernanda lesnau/ fendi & marcela/ angel in large, Zezinho/ bina, felipe/ corah & marcela françoso/ finwe in medium, katia/ nica, Renan/ bis & leandro gandini/ apple in small (facebook).

01/06/19- Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), arjen van gastel de holanda (facebook), Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook).
Switzerland: results, ranking & program of the quali (click).
Shetland puppies: 2 females and 2 males born at kennel summergarden in austria (facebook); they are out of choice x hunni (lida vakkuri from finland).
Videos: andreas pollich (germany) & flame (facebook), jana kniest (germany) & gwen (facebook: 1, 2), tereza kralova (czech rep.) running with the shetland of daniel schröder (facebook), maria alexandersson (sweden) & mixx (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia), juice & cuba (youtube).
Auction: lisa frick is offering some products to help the austrian world cup team (facebook).
BCC 2019: the judges are alex beitl from germany, lee gibson from united kingdom, ton van der laar from the netherlands, norbert behren from germany, rolf franck from germany, stefan nagel from germany, stefanie simson from germany, uwe stalke from germany (click).

31/05/19- Border collie puppies available in belgium at BAW (facebook: 1, 2).
Coursess: Martin Wenger from germany (facebook), David Powell from france (facebook), helge himle norway) in denmark (1, 2), Laura Mättö from finland (facebook), kees stoel (netherlands) in france (facebook), Timo Teileri from finland (click).
Videos: jane elene christensen (denmark) & flip (facebook), Dani Fischbach (germany) & Cap (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark) & chip (facebook), bozena schróder (germany) & brave (facebook), eric laumann (germany) & replay (facebook), izzy (uk) & milo (facebook).

30/05/19- This weekend is the Atlantic Spring Cup 2019 in Stellarton- canada (click). Switzerland: world cup quali trial judged by manuel leonardi and other trials (click). Slovakia: world cup and eurpean open quali trial (.pdf); the judges are Petr Dostal (czech rep.), Roman Hajnala (slovakia). Slovenia: Tekma za dp 2019 judged by Blaz Oven & eva pirc (click). Austria: goldener bar (click), run into the northern llights (click), contact cup (click), BC 2019 (click), Vatertagsturnier (click). germany: trials in Rülzheim, Sperenberg, Schlangenbad, Harthausen, Reutlingen, Schwaigern, Gelsenkirchen, dortmund, ratingen, duisburg (click). Italy: trials in verona (valid for FISC championship, mixed breed championship and IFCS national team), milan (judged by livia pivetta), verona (valid for WAO national team), terni (judged by rolf graber (switzerland)). Greece: world cup and european open quali trial and quali for national championship (click). japan: trial judged by Toshiyuki Oba (facebook). brazil: copa CBA & quali (click). Colombia: quali in medellin (facebook). argentina: trials for local championships in mendoza (facebook) and in santa fe (facebook).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), martin wenger from germany (facebook).
Obstacles: pole for double jump (galican); the sides bend with the impact.
Videos: tobias wüst (germany) & bäm (facebook), mathilde combe (france) & jay (facebook).
Colombia: the partial list of qualified teams for world cup (facebook) is adriana velasquez & sak (border collie, large), diego hernandez & miel (shetland, small), hector diaz & imagine (shetland), small), javier vega & twist (pinscher, small), wilson villalobos & smart (border collie, large), german villa & minka (border collie, large), david rodriguez & thor (border collie, large), molano & smoky (border collie, large), david gamba & ray (border collie, large).

29/05/19- Puppies: berger des pyrénées born in germany at kennel du mourioche (facebook, webpage); the males are available and the females are reserved as in most agility dogs litters. Puppy malinois available in spain (facebook).
Jenny Damm: post about the quali of last weekend where she qualified with the 3 dogs she run (lilli, ziv & azta) and with an special thanks to nettan johansson ‘ they all run so well and I have my one and only Nettan to help me, so for me it's just to run, focus and trust my planning and our dogs. ’. Lilli & azta are from nettan, ziv from jenny damm, and both trains the 3 (facebook). Jenny damm has a new puppy from the same line of lilli and azta. Up to the FCI regulations each handler is allowed to compete with a maximum of four dogs, so, if she qualifies the 4 dogs, she can run all of them.
Switzerland: list of competitors for EO 2019 (click).
Germany: due to resignation of a competitor, mona grefenstein/qju can take part of the EO (click). Final ranking for EO (.pdf).
Videos: matej cucek (slovenia), juice, jazz & cuba (youtube), Monika Pleterski (slovenia), Ice, Six, Seven & Lun (youtube), sandra langer (austria) & denver (vimeo), online students from silvia trkman winning at the Wao and winning a spot for world cup/ EO (click), maria alexandersson (sweden) & todd (facebook), sissy graf (austria) & cue (facebook), dan shaw (england) & ditto (facebook).

28/05/19- Border collie puppies: the litter out of reav (tobias wüst) & cinna (nadine alshut) will stay in germany with tobias wüst, philipp müller Schnick, daniel schröder, christian prinz, nicole munker, yvonne bormann (facebook).
Austria: the members of the national team for world cup are for large individual + team sandra langer/ denver, sissy graf/ cue, laraheinzel/ pino, large team lisa frick/ jack, medium individual + team laura reinhalter/ zookie, tamara sedimaier/ you, helmut paulik/ kiwi, medium team angelika brandi/ malou, small individual + team lea hödi/ rose, thomas berger/ noobsi, sabrina marxer/ princess, small team alfons wachter/ dandy (facebook). lisa frick commented that the new rules allow 3 dogs for individual per size and how large would deserve this year 7 places (facebook).
Courses: bonnik berthelsen (denmark) in slovenia (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), rene blank (germany) in austria (1, 2), toshiyuki oba (japan) in austria (facebook), marco makkelä (finland) in spain (facebook), zsofi biro (hungary) in sweden (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in france (facebook).
Online course: more information about the course design with jan egil eide, petr pupik & alex beitl (facebook, fromulario). It starts in september, january and april with 9 classes (3 with each judge). the working spot costs 300 euros and auditors pay 100 euros; there are only 18 working spots.
Videos: miha primozic (slovenia) & dice (youtube), Silvan Zumthurm (switzerland), fleece & penny (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook).

27/05/19- Border collie puppies expected in australia on june (facebook). the sire is seemework key, out of joe from bobby dalziel, sire of miss lilli and grandfather of azta (nettan johansson-jenny damm).
British agility championship: the judges are sari mikkila (finland), alex beitl (germany), lain patz (facebook).
Sweden: the 4 firsts places of the quali for world cup were jenny damm/ lilli, emma nilsson/ gaupa, jenny damm/ ziv, jenny damm/ azta (large), eleonor mohlin/ liv, anne karlsson/ bonnie, heidi penttila/ rosey, annelie hermansson/ dante (medium), enya hable/ party, sandra sjoberg/ milla, linda enberg/ bella, linn magnusson/ ester (small). They all have a disqualified in some run. Resultados.
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in france (facebook), sari mikkila (finlanda) in slovenia (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) in sweden (facebook), svetlana kreslina (latvia) in poland (facebook), anne savioja in finland (facebook).
Videos: ola gronek (polanda) & deal (facebook), agnes toth (hungary) & sun (facebook), Manca mikec (slovenia) with aksi & lin (youtube), monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (youtube).

26/05/19- Live stream quali in sweden (1, 2), austria (click).
Sweden: jenny damm is first with lilli, second with azta and fourth with ziv at the swedish quali (facebook). Results. They are first, heidi penttilä & rosey (medium), sandra sjoberg & milla (small).
Slovenia: ranking for EO & world cup after the first day of quali. Results (1, 2). In large 1- silvia trkman & ta, 2- silvia trkman & to, 3- manca mikec & lin, in medium-small oven blaz & silvia trkman are at the top of the ranking.
Austria: results from the quali.
Border collie puppies planned at sonicworkalcoholic (poland) for july (facebook, webpage). They have last change of sire, now it is welshriverdee rayder (facebook); rayder is out of eiri greme gwen.
Courses: bonnik berthelsen (denmark) en slovenia (facebook), rene blank (germany) at the quali in austria (1, 2), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) in sweden (facebook), sari mikkila (finland) in slovenia (facebook), zsofi biro (hungary) in sweden (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), marko mäkkelä (finland) in spain (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (facebook), nusa pecnik (slovenia) & sus (facebook), quali in austria (click).

25/05/19- Live stream of the quali in sweden (1, 2).
Border collie classic: between 3 - 9 june the webpage will update with information about judges and program (click).
Sweden: at the first day of the quali, jenny damm & azta (the youngest dog of nettan johansson) won one run. Results. The first place at the rankings are for ramona & bliss (large), anne & bonnie (medium), sandra & milla (small). Facebook con información.
Courses in sweden: Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (facebook), zsofi biro from hungary (facebook).
Videos: ramona jarnvin (sweden) & bliss (facebook).
Puppy shetland available due to a reservation that was cancelled: his sire is cashew from daniel schröder and his grandmother is peanut from tobias wüst (facebook kaisa.tsaro); he was born on march 19 in estonia.

24/05/19- Live stream from the quali of sweden (1, 2).
Obstacles: post on facebook asking for the best place to buy a channel weaves in north america.
Excercises short drills clean run (click).
Interview of speed up agility to sari mikkilä from finland (click).
Courses: anne savioja from finland (facebook), Stefi Praakli from estonia (facebook).

23/05/19- This weekend it is the quali from sweden (info, facebook; the judges are zsofi biro, Reetta Pirttikoski), switzerland (info, registration list; the judges are Regula Tschanz, Urs Inglin, Manuel Leonardi (italy)), austria (info & start list; the judges are Erich hüttner, Toshiyuki Oba (japan), Rene Blank (germany)), slovenia quali for world cup and european open (info; the judges Sare ari Mikkilä (finland), Bonnik Berthelsen (denmark), spain (facebook). finland: PrimaDog Race Round 1 (facebook); the judges are Alexander Beitl (germany), Kristina Sotarn Myrefelt (sweden). Germany: Mai Turnier in Worms (facebook: 1, 2) the judge is nikolas koch; more competitions at webmelden. italy: gare di selezione (facebook), the judges are sandra deidda & lorenzo celic (.jpg). poland: seminar with svetlana kreslina from latvia (facebook). mexico: competition for the UCAM (click). colombia: competition in bogota (instagram). brazil: competition for the campeonato paranaense (click). argentina: competition for the local championship in buenos aires (facebook). chile: trial for the open de chile (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in italy, the sire is nino, they will be grandchildren of tanhill glen and great-grand childrens of joe de bobby dalziel (facebook).
Seminars: anne lenz (germany) in poland on june 29- july 2 (facebook); the prices range from 50 to 440 euros.
Facebook agility europe: funds are being raised to help Kristyna & Vojta (facebook). their mobile home caught fire and have lost everything (including several of their dogs).

22/05/19- EO 2019: svetlana kreslina (latvia) is looking for dogs to make team with her for border collie medium and shetland small, as she is the only one in those categories from her country (facebook).
Russell & Mudi cup 2019 (slovakia) is on september 14- 15: evento on facebook.
France: reports from the meeting of the CNEAC (.pdf). There are links to the quali regulations for european open junior 2020, GPF 2019, junior championship 2019. On 2020, the french championship is on june 13- 14, the Trophée par équipes is on august 8- 9, the junior french championship is on october 24- 25, the grand prix de france is on november 28- 29 or december 5- 6; quali for world cup and european open are on february 22- 23, march 28- 29, april 25- 26 and a judge seminar on june 6- 7.
Moviethe dog doc’ (webpage, facebook, trailer).
Videos: silvan zumthurm (switzerland) with idy (youtube) & penny (youtube), Dani Lehrer (alemania) & tippi (facebook), laura reinhalter (austria) y su cachorro (facebook).
Colombia: svetlana kreslina (latvia) will be the judge at the national competition on octiber 5- 6 and will give a seminar on october 2- 3 (instagram). The cost is around 200 dollars with dog and 60 dollars as auditor.

21/05/19- Leela is a colombian shetland who traveled to the agility world cup in sweden last year; she got scared on a walk and got lost in Kristianstad. She is in survival mode and doesn't trust people; if you see her, don't call her nor catch her. It is the first time with no news from her (no one saw her) for so many days since she got lost; (no news on may). Yury & Javier are asking if someone sees her just call 070 896 93 70 (facebook).
Monika Rylska (poland) earned a spot with chica & Kozi for european open in the netherlands (facebook). However they will not take part of it. At the beginning of the year she decided to not run at the big events this year. The reason is Chica: she is a one in a million but she is sensitive to noises and emotions and she is now worse with her fears. ‘Every single time when she was afraid during AWC or EO finals I was asking myself if she will follow when I release her from the startline and where is the border between having fun together and my own ambitions. I think it is time for her to step out and play only in the conditions where she has as much fun as I have. Kozi the BabyGoat will - I deeply believe in that - have more time to shine in her future. She is still wild and missing some skills but more important she is still affected and distracted with many dogs around and propably not ready for EO yet.’ . . . ‘At some point our sport got so serious with all difficult courses, pressure, ambitions and I think the fun part got lost somewhere. Time to find it back’.
Magna racino 2020: the 4 judges are petr pupik (czech rep.), michael schilling (germany), bernd hüppe (austria) jocke tangfelt (sweden). Information.
Courses: eric courant from france (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (click), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), david powell from france (facebook).
Videos: julia schober (germany) & jamie (youtube), silas boogk (germany) & beam (facebook), stas kurochkin (russia) & zippy (facebook), philipp müller schnick (germany) & boost (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia), Juice, Cuba & Jazz (youtube), Sascha Grunder (switzerland) & zao (facebook). fitness exercises app & tina vieli from switzerland (facebook).
Obstacles: clean run announces that they will sell ‘the best tunnels from UK’ (1, 2).

20/05/19- Online courses about course design with petr pupik (czech rep.), jan egil eide (norway), tamas traj (hungary) starts in august (facebook); more information will be available soon.
Courses: nikolas koch (germany) in luxembourg (facebook: 1, 2, 3), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), Toshiyuki Oba from japan (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook).
Videos: silas boogk (germany) & beam (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & bäxx (facebook), Abbey Beasley (USA) & swindle at WAO (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & itzi bitzi (facebook, instagram), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (youtube).
Austria: benefit trial in vienna on june 29 (click); the judges are Michael Kohl, Gabi Posch.
Martina Klimesova (czech rep.) is looking for high resolution photos with kiki (facebook).
Border collie puppies (males) available from a litter at alen marekovic's kennel (facebook); the parents are kei (out of fetch granting pleasure) and tampa.

19/05/19- Live stream: WAO (4 legged flix), quali trials in germany (working dog).
WAO 2019: results. Teams: 1- Germany, 2- France, 3- spain. Pentathlon: the winners were Marissa Figee (netherlands) & Zenzi (poodle) in 300, Nicola Garrett (england) & Z (shetland) in 400, Iban Cubedo (spain) & selenne (border collie) in 500, nicola giraudi (italy) & eira (border collie) in 600. Biathlon: the winners were Lena Westermann (germany) & bambam (poodle) in 300, Malin Tangfelt (sweden) & hippi (poodle) in 400, Channan Fosty (USA) & kirk (border collie) in 500, nicola giraudi (italy) & eira (border collie) in 600. Gamblers: the winners were Stacey Irwin- Burns (england) & sam (mixed breed) in 300, Marita Davies (england) & harvey (german spitz) in 400, Brenda Kelly (USA) & deja vu (border collie) in 500, Teresa Berndt (germany) & keep (border collie) in 600. Overall gamblers & snooker: the winners were Stacey Irwin- Burns (england) & sam (mixed breed) in 300, Marita Davies (england) & harvey (german spitz) in 400, Jennifer Hart (scotland) & giggle (bearded) in 500, Perry Dewitt (USA) & verb (border collie) in 600. The bonus was for Susan Cochran (USA) & hedy (poodle) in 300, Anna Gebert (sweden) & hazel (poodle) in 400, jouni orenius (sweden) & neela (border collie) in 500, Katja Slippens (netherlands) & ziva (border collie) in 600.
Germany: results from sunday. The qualified for world cup: tobias wüst/ dörte), Jule Ullrich/ lee, saskia laundenberg/ dunja, lizandra strölhe/ lou (small), silas boogk/ beam, bozena schröder/ puck, stephanie schlühr/ lif, Karin Hellriegel/ gimmi (medium), anne lenz/ itzi bitzi, mona grefenstein/ qju, dani fischbach/ jive, max sprinz/ bäxx (large). The large dogs are all border collie; the medium and small dogs are shetland except gimmi (mudi). Silas boogk/ beam and Max sprinz/ bäxx weren't at the first places, but on sunday they won the jumping, agility and combined and qualified to world cup.
Courses: WAO, Kurt Ove Steinset in norway (facebook), rene blank (germany) in russia (facebook), dirk richartz at the german quali trials (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Courses in finland: Mika Kangas (facebook: 1, 2), Laura Mättö (facebook), Jouni Kautto (facebook).

18/05/19- Leela: there are no observations sinde april 30 (facebook). Maybe leela moved to another zone. Anyone that sees her should contact 070 896 93 70 immediately.
Live stream: WAO (4 legged flix), quali trials in germany (working dog).
Obstacles from smart99 with 12% discount at bCC 2019 (facebook).
Courses: WAO 2019, Anders Virtanen in finland (facebook), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook).
Videos: Philipp Müller- Schnick (germany) & boost (facebook), Kristoffer Saglφkken (norway) & evo at WAO (facebook).
Border collie litter expected on june in poland from why not zet my queen (facebook).
Jenny damm: Miss lilli is for the fifth year the swedish agility dog of the year (facebook); she has been competing for 6 years.

17/05/19- Live stream: WAO (4 legged flix), quali trials in germany (working dog).
Germany: results & rankings (one drive). Winners in agility: jasmin jurthe & kiany (border collie) in large, franziska arndt & tic tac (mudi) in medium, tobias wüst & dörte (shetland) in small. Winners in jumping: mona grefenstein & qju (border collie) in large, bozena plaβmann & puck (shetland) in medium, franziska homburg & you (shetland) in small. The judges were dirk richartz (germany) & marco mouwen (switzerland).
WAO 2019: results. The winners for snooker were Giacomo Marcon (italy) & nala in 300, Kristoffer Saglφkken (norway) & evo in 400, Jennifer Crank & pink in 500, Wendy Willemse & legend in 600. First places of pentathlon's ranking after 2 rounds: Marissa Figee (netherlands) & zenzi in 300, jennifer cranck & swift in 400, Francisco José (venezuela) & hampi in 500, nicola giraudi (italy) & eira in 600. First places of team's ranking after 3 rounds: 1- germany, 2- USA, 3- england.
Online course with tara labelle (canada) about sequences of 10- 13 obstacles for reduced areas (facebook).
USA: the new selected teams for world cup are sarah baker & hops (large), marcy mantell & stripe (medium), marco giavoni & bet (small). There are also 4 alternate dogs (facebook).

16/05/19- Live stream from WAO.
Obstacles: the zürisee-cup will have smart- 99 obstacles that are for sale with 12% discount (facebook).
Courses: Petr Dostäl from czech rep. (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, agility open, jumping), Oliver Rasmusson in sweden (facebook), Bonnik Berthelsen in denmark (facebook).
Film: A dog's journey based on the book of Bruce Cameron. webpage, facebook, trailer, book, webpage of the book author.
Research: article based in a survey of more common injuries to dogs doing agility (research gate, facebook). It's an artículo from Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Articles from Niina-Liina Linna (finland) on courses from jari suomalaisen, esa muotka, mika kankaan, quali in germany.

15/05/19- This weekend is the WAO 2019 in the netherlands webpage, facebook, program (1, 2, 3), running orders, live stream, results, courses. The judges are Bill Pinder (USA), Ivan Amez (spain), Sally Jones (england). Germany: last quali for world cup and EO (running orders, live stream, program). slovakia: registration list and information of the quali; the judges is veronika herendy (hungary). czech rep: quali (click); the judges are sari mikkilä (finland), ron von straten & mark fonteijn (netherlands), Vladimira Cistinova, petr dostal, jirina mackova, petr rybaf (czech rep.). Switzerland: quali (program for saturday, sunday); the judges are Toshiyuki Oba (japan), Jan Egil Eide (norway). Croatia: quali for european open (facebook); he judge is Igor Ljubi. Lithuania: trial judged by lorenzo celic from italia (click). Italy: final of trofeo enci from italy (click) the judge is vittorio papavero. panama: seminar with wilson villalobos from colombia (facebook). mexico: competition for the FCM. ecuador: double competition for national championship (facebook). colombia; open nacional in cali. brazil: competition for campeonato paraibano (click) and copa paulista (click). argentina: trial for local championship in the south (click).
Videos: graduation of Angi & Liz at the running contacts online course with anne lenz (youtube: 2017, 2018), tara labelle (canada) & jet first place at tryouts for worldcup/ EO in large (facebook).
Magaziness: index and cover for the next clean run's issue (facebook).
Chile: today's open the registrations for the seminar with tamas traj (hungary) on october 23- 24 (facebook, webpage, form, registrations).

14/05/19- Curso online: registrations are open for the puppy class with silvia trkman (click).
Running contacts: there is a post on facebook about recommendations for an online course (facebook). The answers are divided between anne lenz (starts on november 19), silvia trkman (starts on august 1), tereza kralova (started on february 13), katarina podlipnick (starts end august), zsuzsa veres (started on april 15), mona grefenstein among others.
USA: list of preselected competitors for theplace available in the world cupteam for large, medium & small (facebook).
Videos: czech rep. team at FMBB (youtube).
Border collie puppies planned in slovakia for 2019- 2020 (facebook)., The parents are why not hash my queen X ikea (pavol vakonic).
Moravia open: they are searching for a spot in small (facebook: 1, 2), large (facebook); changes are accepted until june 30 (click). accepted entries and waiting list (google drive).

13/05/19- WAO 2019 (netherlands) starts this week. webpage, facebook, program (1, 2, 3), running orders, results, courses. The judges are Bill Pinder (USA), Ivan Amez (Spain) and Sally Jones (england).
Germany: running orders for the last quali for world cup (.pdf); the live stream will be only for premium members of working dog (click).
Videos: miha primozic (slovenia) & dice (youtube), dani fischbach (germany) & jive (instagram), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), nicly manes (argentina) & toffee (facebook: 1, 2), luis fernando molano (colombia) & nutella (facebook).
Courses: Stefanie Semkat (germany) at FMBB (facebook), jari suomalainen in finland (facebook), Toshiyuki Oba (japan) in russia (facebook), jan sprij (netherlands) in france (facebook), jaroslava podmolova (czech rep.) at FMBB (facebook), anders virtanen in finland (facebook), Marko Mäkkelä (finland) in estonia (facebook), Vytautas Guobys (lithuania) in finland (facebook).
FMBB 2019: marje piiroja (estonia) & dints won in individual large followed by Kim Kurkinen (finland) & Jolanta Janusauskiene (lithuania); Estonia, france and finland were the podium of team competition. resultadosk.
Seminar with anne lenz in poland on june 29 -july 2: there are spots available (facebook). Seminar with tamas traj (hungary) in slovakia on may 20 (facebook). Seminar with nina gregl (croatia) in poland on july 8- 11 (facebook).

12/05/19- Live stream from FMBB.
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), Anders Virtanen in finland (facebook), toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook), Marko Mäkelä from finland (facebook), Riikka Kankainen in estonia (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook), Masao Yagyu in japan (facebook), Jari Suomalainen from finland (facebook).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungría-alemania) & hydro (facebook), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (youtube), jenny damm (sweden) with miss lilli, azta & ziv (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark) & flip (facebook), yannick wouters (netherlands) & nym (facebook), Radka Mokrisová (czech rep.) & Mischell (facebook), Sandi Okanovic (slovenia) & Nora (facebook), Niina Murisoja (finland) & lucky (facebook)

11/05/19- Live stream from FMBB.
Poland: list of qualified dogs for EO 2019 (facebook).
Litter planned in italy out of neela x vis. Neela is daughter of ex (gianluca schingaro) and her grandfather is fetch granting pleasure; Vis runs with nina gregl and is out of eiri greme gwen (facebook).
FMBB: results of teams (1- estonia, 2- france, 3 finland, 4- czech rep., 5-hungary), jumping (1- Ivo Wijns (germany) /dolce vita (Groenendael) running at 5,98 m/s), agility (1- katerina burdova (czech rep.)/fox (malinois)). Running orders for final jumping.
USA: photos by karen moureaux at tryouts (click).
Bad dog agility: 6 strategies for dogs that shut down or get distracted (click).

10/05/19- Live stream from FMBB.
FMBB 2019: results of juping individual (the winners were marje piiroja (estonia) & dints (malinois) running at 5,98 m/s), agility individual (the winners were timon moser (switzerland) & checco (tervueren)), jumping team (finlandia won).
Litter planned in croatia from nina gregl (facebook). The dam is Gaya (full sister to tic and half sister to zaelle). The sire is Joe (sire of zaelle and son of joe from bobby dalziel).
France: competition with judges stefanie semkat (germany) & seppo savikko (finland) on september 7- 8 (facebook).
Videos: patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & skin at FMBB (facebook: 1, 2), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (facebook), iwona golab (poland) training running contacts (facebook: 1, 2), Kirstin O'Neill (canada) & radical at FMBB (facebook), Nadine Steurer (switzerland) training running contacts and independence (facebook)..
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) at FMBB (facebook), Philipp Müller- Schnick (germany) in colombia (facebook).

09/05/19- This weekend is the FMBB in czech rep. (webpage, facebook, agility program, live stream, results, running orders with changes (webpage, facebook)). Croatia: quali trial for world cup and european open judged by mirja lapanja (facebook, .pdf). Germany: trial at agility park (judged by tamas traj (hungary) & jörg zenner) among other trials. Austria: Matej Cucek & Wolfgang Tieber are the judges in raab (click); trials in bad voslau, grafenworth, Awz Weg, vienna and trials for junior agility team and mother day championship. Netherlands: Pro Plan Asian Dog Agility Open 2019 is next tuesday (webpage, facebook); the judge is Toshiyuki Oba (japan). Czech rep.: International border collie championship of czech rep. (webpage, program, running orders); the judges are bernd hüppe (austria), manca mikec (slovenia), Vendula Hausnerová (slovakia). Chile: fith trial for campeonato apertura (click). Argentina: trial for local championship in santa fé postponed last weekend (facebook).
Italy: list with prequalified for world cup (.pdf).
Open International Championship Shetland sheepdog is on november 9- 10 near madrid (facebook).
Obstacles: new jumps from clip & go (click).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), elika lass in estonia (facebook).
Videos: bonny (netherlands) & clyde (facebook), susan koldenhof (netherlands) con ace & time (youtube).

08/05/19- Leela: information about her new place, she has remain in the area where twist & javier stayed during their last trip; (facebook). At the comments people are suggesting that they will be more than happy to contribute at a new fundraiser for the costs of travelling for twist & javier to meet her again.
FMBB 2019: agility starts today (webpage, facebook, agility program, live stream, results).
Courses: jocke tangfelt (sweden) in spain (facebook), rene blank (germany) in czech rep. (facebook). Training course from luciano peccin (facebook).
Border collie puppies: litter expected at shadowman (italy) out of the parents of jack (lisa frick) and say (tereza kralova); the parents are raz (she is 8 years old so this litter might be the last one) x ray (facebook ingrid rogger). The litter from brave & eazy at devongem border collie are confirmed (facebook); Brave is daughter of tanhill glen and the father of the litter is why not zet my queen (facebook) while the litter of eazy is with blitz (son of tanhill glen).
Panama: seminar with wilson villalobos (colombia) on may 18- 19 (facebook).

07/05/19- Magna racino 2020: michael schilling (germany) was announced as one of the judges (facebook).
Videos: gianluca schingaro (italy) & ex in a seminar with tereza kralova (facebook), jesica patterson (canada) & lux (instagram).
Rules: post about if it is ok to start the dog at the opposite of the first jump (facebook).
Magazine: new issue of Dog Sport Magazine (click).
Obstacles: free shipping of soft long jump inide europe from bing agility (facebook)

06/05/19- Leela: some updates on facebook about the search.
Live stream: try outs in USA.
Courses: david powell from france (facebook), kurt ove from norway (facebook), helge himle in denmark (click), anne savioja from finland (facebook), tomas glabazna (czech rep.) in france (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook).
Results: jersey european agility festival, AKC try outs.
Online course with dante camacho about training for free (click).
Brazil: katia & nica (shetland, small), felipe & corah (mudi, medium), ricardo tubaldini & flora (border collie, large) become brazilian champions and members of national team for world cup (1, 2).
USA: team members after try out Britney Imhof & Bilbo (papillon), Carla McAlister & Wink (parson russell), Deborah Yost & Tempest (shetland) in small, Jennifer Crank & Swift, Abbey Beasley & Swindle, John Nys & Bossen medium all shetland, Daisy Peel & Chispa, Luisa Lamore & Helios, Kristie Moser & Makolarge all border collie (facebook).

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