Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 0721- 69 62 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

16/01/21- Helvetic agility master 2021 is on july 9- 11; registrations opens on march 1st (facebook).
Training course from iwona golab (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in england at auren langman's kennel devongem (facebook). border collie puppies (herding lines) born in italy (facebook); they are 6 females and 2 males
Stud: border collie in slovenia available for artificial insemination. His name is cash shadow of aire thor (facebook); his dam is dice (miha primozic) and sire is knoxx (gambling man of shamrock field), grandson of summit (justine davenport), jazz (matej cucek).
Videos: niina liina from finland (facebook) & annika af klercker from sweden (facebook) training with iwona golab (poland), Enya Habel (sweden) & sushi (facebook), kirstin o'neil (canada), posh piranha & pinnacle (facebook, youtube).

15/01/21- Videos: laura reinhalter (austria) & ria (facebook), omar babini (italy) & mina (facebook), tuulia liuhto (finland) with jura & molley (facebook).
Obstacles: jérémy chomienne is buying obstacles from ernst from germany (facebook); he is asking for people all over france interested on those obstacles to contact him. The idea is to share the shipping costs, that way they will pay less.
Andrea Deeg (germany) offers a zoom session on agility foundations (for young and adults dogs) on january 31 (click). More information: andreaand pedigrees analysis of the survey on lymphoma in border collie (click).
Magazines: information from the january issue of JAM- japan agility magazine (facebook).

14/01/21- Course: for training from iwona golab (poland) designed to meet your personal needs for 35 euros (facebook). She is offering two courses among those who share the offer.
Border collie puppies: the litter from the kennel downforce is born (facebook); they are 2 females and 2 males.
Videos: anne lenz (germany) & vis (facebook).
Health: article from dogs4motion about the problems with the game of fetch with repetitive ball throwing (webpage, facebook).
Brazil has closed the national championship and the copa paulista (webpage, facebook). The 3 first places of the ranking up to know will have the titles. Rankings.
Dave Munnings (england) is giving free access to Q- me crew for a month and since january 18 (facebook). Q-me crew on the webpage.

13/01/21- Training online from tobias wüst, nadine alshut, bozena & daniel schröder (germany) on january for sell (facebook).
Twister, Nicola giraudi's dog, has died (facebook). Her debut was in switzerland with excellent zero fault at all the courses and winning 4 of them; she went on grade 3 in record time. 6 months after her first competition she won a third place at the swiss championship (click). At EO 2009 she got the first place for switzerland and at that championship they learned that she can't run at worldcup FCI 2009 as she doesn't have 3 generations in her pedigree. The agility FCI didn't allow it but, since they did not check it, there were dogs that had participated in those conditions (click). Finally she was authorized, the 3 generations were not required and she has taken part in that world cup winning the jumping small. Somehow thanks to her all dogs from all countries are allowed to run at world cup with no restriction on generations in their pedigree. Twister won FCI world cup for italy on 2011.
Border collie puppies expected in sweden at kennel downforce: Tone x burndale roy (click). Tone's dam is away to me mika (full siste of miss lilly and dam of azta).
Videos:ramona schürcken (germany) & tones (youtube), Debby Simons (england -belgium) & Dice training running contacts (facebook).

12/01/21- FCI regulations: 1 july 2021 is the deadline for proposal of changes. The working group meeting is on november 2021. On february 2022 the topics are discuss. The changes will be valid on 01.01.2023. This schedule was released pre COVID-19. Information is in the obstacles guidelines (click). The next regulation change would be on 2028, unless it is proposed (and approved) that the regulations changes are in less/more time.

11/01/21- Puppies planned at max sprinz's kennel in germany between dutch line border collie lyric x malta jim from serge van der zweep (facebook).
Videos: callie with roy & dime herding (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & taco entrenanado el subibaja (facebook), nadine alshut (alemania) & peak (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita rey (facebook).
Canada: the tryouts for world cup on april 25- 26 were cancelled (facebook); in case EO & world cup take place and they can travel, the selected teams will be chosen from competition videos.
Courses: toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook).

10/01/21- Brownie, the female puppy out of ninja x syclone from mirja lapanja, found a home in slovenia (facebook; she has to be operated relate to urinary problem in bolonia.
Health: do and don't for puppies due to growth plates from dogs4motion (facebook).
Finland: the qualis for EO & SM were cancelled due to covid-19 situation; the world cup quali are planned on may (facebook).
Training course from jesus fernández crespo (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), euan paterson (scotland) training (facebook), olga lisitsyna from russia (facebook), suzane boldt (canada) training her puppy nuts (facebook).

09/01/21- Italy: the international week starts on june 28 and goes until july 4. The agility seminars are: tereza kralova (czech rep.) & daniel schröder (germany), first and the following days krisztina kabai (germany) & tamas traj (hungary); information.
Online course on running contacts with zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) starts on february 1 (facebook). Registrations are open for dogs of 6 months or more; the course lasts 16 weeks and costs 195 euros for working spots and 125 euros for auditors.
Seminars: iwona golab on january 9- 10 in poland (facebook).
Survey about the more commun injuries in agility dogs (click).

08/01/21- Jutlandia cup 2021 was cancelled (click).
on january 16- 17 (facebook).
Border collie puppies: males out of why not zet my queen avaulable (facebook, webpage). Border collie litters planned in italy from shadowman kennle from ingrid rogger (1, 2).
Videos: jérémy chomienne (france) with riz & rafale (facebook), enya hable (sweden) & sushi about running contacts (facebook), mathilde combe (france) training with martina klimesova from czech rep. (facebook), Vika Shirokova (russia) at a seminar with stas kurochkin & Olya Lisitsina (facebook).
WT metall (the netherlands) sells metal car box for dogs (facebook); they cost 500 euros.

07/01/21- WAO 2021: new date, it will be on october 7- 10 (facebook).
Border collie litter planned at kennel full of rush in czech rep. (click). The dam is Tori out of rising sun dark raider and the sire is noxx out of knoxx. Knoxx- gambling man of shamrock field is from dutch lines and was retired as stud dog when his owner knew that his half sister hasd epilepsy. Knoxx's children and grandchildren are all healthy.
Berger des pyrénées puppies out of tikk x creature were born in canada (facebook romy dupal); they are 2 females. tik lives in austria, his dam is zookie from laura reinhalter. creature is daughter of a full brother of Le from silvia trkman.
Videos: irene yrstad in norway (facebook: 1, 2), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & style (facebook), parallel between martina & rozita vs pavol vakonic & sofia in slovakia (facebook), jessica patterson (canada) & bizz (facebook).
Online classes: registrations for the course Xtreme foundations with silvia trkman from slovenia are open (webpage, facebook). The cost is 250 euros with dog and video, 220 euros with dog and no need of video and 170 euros as auditor.

06/01/21- Course by jenny damm (sweden) to train at lotushallen (facebook).
Online course with 1 jump taught by tara labelle from canada (facebook).
Registrations are open for the running contacts course that starts on january 26 with silvia trkman from slovenia (click); the cost is 290 euros with dog and DVD, 250 euros with dog and without DVD, 200 euros as auditor.
Norway: course with jan egil eide (norway) on january 16- 17 (facebook).
Female border collie puppy available from mirja lapanja's kennel (facebook); the dam is ninja (jazz x jack from lisa frick, full sister of nemi teammate from martina klimesova) x syclone (tanhill glen, sonny from japan, etc from isabella stefl). The puppy has an urinary problem and she will be operated in bologna at the age of 6 months, with no warranty. In the post's comments there is a mention on bitches operated in bologna, with full recovery. They accept owners from outside of slovenia.

05/01/21- Max sprinz (germany) has a new webpage for his courses and seminars.
Border collie puppies planned for march 2021 in germany (facebook); the dam is coke (dani fischbach) and the sire is style (max sprinz).
Border collie litter expected in hungary (facebook). The sire is sunny , the dam is nana; they are grandchildren of sonny from japan and great grand childrens of eiri greme gwen.
Border collie repeated litter expected in italy at mind the dog (facebook). Mastercard (nicola giraudi) & mignolo (marco silva) are from that previous litter.
Health: karen moureaux (USA) posted about a border collie that died eating sportmix high energy (facebook); she will fill a report with FDA.
Portugal: champpionship with 3 double trials starting on september (facebook). the judges are neil Ellis (england) on 4- 5 september, rene blank (germany) on 16- 17 october and petr pupik (czech rep.) on 13- 14 november.
Live stream: kayl McCann (canada) on saturday (facebook).

04/01/21- BACK 2022 is on january 7- 9 2022 in germany (facebook). The judges are Alex Beilt, Daniel Walz, Anke Rosellen & Mina Piske (germany), mark fonteijn (the netherlands), sari mikkilä (finland), Roman Lukac (slovakia), jose luis garcia (spain).
Denmark open 2021 (july 6- 11): registrations will open on february 1 (facebook).
Videos: mark herfert (canada) with fly & rev (facebook), iwona golab (poland) training (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), marko mäkelä (finand) & elmer training running contacts (facebook), maria alexandersson (sweden), todd, mixx & Zion (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden), finn & prem doing max sprinz's challenge (facebook).
Mudi litter expected at kennel gates of heaven from czech rep. (facebook),

03/01/21- Courses: daniel walz from germany (facebook). Exercises with 1 tunnel and 4 jumps (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in france these days (facebook); the father is gun (marlon boogk), son of why not hash my queen and the mother is granddaughter of fetch granting pleasure (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & azta (facebook), ola gronek (poland), baya, disco & deal (facebook: 1, 2), patricia ciufetti (italy) & kill (facebook), niina liina- linna (finland), Etta & Ingrid (facebook), manuela sata (italy) & Nilo (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook: 1, 2), Ulrika Pettersson (sweden) & Aila for an online handling course with zeljko Gora from croatia (facebook), alexsandra lapalainen (finland) & micke (facebook).

02/01/21- Videos: joanna fischer (poland) & limit (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), petra loche (germany) ien agility with mila (facebook) and hoopers with yo (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & vis (facebook), Amy Graf (germany) & zeus in mendig (facebook), jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & ami doingon the challenge of max sprinz (facebook), jako (finland) & dao (facebook), marlon boogk (france) & Gun (facebook).
Canine conditioning : excercises (facebook).
Accesory for running contacts: vibration when the dog touches the mat (facebook martin bodemann from doyouknow.at).
Calendar 2021 de germany (caniva).

01/01/21- Videos: The journey from susan garrett (youtube).
Obstacles: smart-99 transparent acrylic accesory to train outs with less pressure (click).
Clean run has one year access to their magazine for 60 dollars (click).
Course design: petr pupik (czech rep.), jan egil eide (norway) & tamas traj (hungary) have an online workshop in january (click, form) and the online course for course design in february (click, form). The workshop costs 49 euros (39 euros for those who already attended the course design online course) and the new course costs 199 euros for working spots (89 euros for auditors); those registering to the workshop and the online course pay 219 euros for working spots (119 euros for auditors).

31/12/20- Lisa frick: her online course starts soon (facebook).
Nadine alshut: free foundation lesson from a course that no longer be available (click).
Courses: marko makela from finland (facebook), jenny damm from sweden (facebook).
Excercises from Birgitta Hermansson (facebook).
Agility nerd: courses & excercises published at his blog (click).
Agility advent calendar is a calendar created by petr pupik (czech rep.) with 24 courses from differents judges (google drive); each obstacle lead to a new course (facebook). some of the judges are Alex beitl (germany), marko makkelä (finland), Sandra deidda (italy), nicolas renaud (france), neil ellis (england), veronika herendy (hungary), jocke tangfelt (sweden), jan egil eide (norway), inga jarv (estonia), etc.
International sheltie competition 2021: will be in the ntherlands; they expecte to have news to share on february (facebook).
Alex Beitl (germany) added a course with galican obstacles to the course with smart- 99 obstacles he already had in Mendig (facebook).

30/12/20- Courses: olga korvaikova from russia (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook).
Seminar week with tamas traj (hungary) & krisztina kabai (germany) in italy from 28 june to 4 july (facebook).
Litters planned in poland at kennel mistyhighland (click); eiri greme sogno x jpot nyx (click) & Sugi x raghnall; jpot nyx is grandchild of tanhill glen and eiri greme sogno litter brother of eiri greme spy, sire of seeya-iwona golab.
Border collie puppy female avilable in italy, her sire is mack from serge van der zweep (facebook).
Videos: Niina-Liina Linna (finland) & Ingrid (facebook), Andrea Deeg (germany) & Teacher (facebook).

29/12/20- Videos: Emilia Tziliou Shera (greece) & remeny (facebook), petra loche (germany) & yuyu (facebook), matina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & ikea (facebook), rebecca kowalski (germany) & taki (facebook), Janina dabrowska (poland) & chia con 14 meses (youtube), Dalton Meredith (england) & clip (facebook).
Colours: post on dog's eye view about which colour use for the target used for training running contacts (facebook); one of the comments is that he starts with a contrast colour and changes afterwards to the same coour of the zone.

28/12/20- Max Sprinz (germany) offers individually designed courses at MAXimize your course (facebook). form from google drive. They cost 30 euros.
USA: some changes in the qualification to AKC national championship (facebook).
Courses: Yoshiaki Kato from Japan (facebook).
Q-me 40% discount from december 31 to january 2 with the code NY2021 (facebook).
Article about a homeless man that rescued the pets from a sheter fire in USA (CNN).

27/12/20- Running contacts: video of a dog and her handler that trained it for a long time and were doing well. The problem started when they failed in competitions and led them to fail even in trainings. At that moment she decided to retrain them, going meanwhile to 2 on 2 off. Now they have perfect running contacts in competitions (youtbe).
Courses: masao yagyu from japan (facebook), Beth Willingham from USA (facebook), maurizio mencarelli from italy (facebook). Excercises: birgitta Hermansson (facebook).
Videos: katarina podlipnik training discrimination games (youtube).
Agility opes: the judges of the italian competition were published (facebook); zeljko gora (20- 21 february), anna ivanova (20- 21 march), mirja lapanja (10- 11 april), marusa podjed (12- 13 june).
Online course with Dani Lehrer (germany) will have a french version (facebook, webpage for the courses in german & french); she joined alice laforge (France) for the project.
Canine fitness innovations course start january 4 and january 18 (facebook): Announce building strong foundations (click), building better athletes (click), analysis structure and gait (click); the cost is 299 canadian dollars (about 230 american dollars).
Clean run: parkour course with kristine kammar (click). the cost is 49.99 dollars.

26/12/20- Courses: gill chapman from USA (facebook), Esa Lehdistö from finland (facebook), Maurizio Mencarelli from italy (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: dave munnings (england) & legacy (facebook), Luismi Rodrigo (spain) & trek (facebook).
Litters planned in finland at kennel funaway (facebook). The litters are out of chinchin (HD-C sam's daugther), myy & hula. From this kennel is naxu of janita leinonen.
FCI WC & EO 2021: post in agility europe asking if someone know when the FCI will confirm or not those events (facebook). Jorge Pires (organizer of EO in portugal) answered that EO is on.

25/12/20- Mia, the mixed breed bitch with whom anne lenz (germany) became known at international competitions, died (1, 2). Videos: IMCA 2012, EO quali 2016, german championship 2014, saar agility, fiona cup 2013, Issum 2011.
Videos: beata novak & mawlch evil (youtube), anita szilagyi in an excercise with 3 obstacles and discrimination (facebook), Heidi Annala (finland), Kupi & Isku (facebook).
Facebook: post asking for jumping courses (facebook). Amon the answers are the courses with Martina Klimesova (czech rep.), Alenka Skrabec (Slovenia), Fanny Gott (sweden), the videos from Into Shape Agility (england), Linda Mecklenburg (USA), mickael charbonnier (france).
Seminarsin poland: iwona golab on january 2- 3 & ola gronek on january 21- 24 (facebook).

24/12/20- Agility advent calendar:petr pupik (czech rep.) has a calendar online with courses of european judges (google drive); each obstacle leads to a new course (facebook). Each day he adds a new course during december.
Courses toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook).
Calendars 2021: Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, austria.
Bad dog agility: podcasts (part 1, part 2) about tunnels (facebook).

23/12/20- Jenny damm opened a new hall close to lotus hall (facebook).
Border collie litter expected at kennel my queen (facebook): eenymeeny x heya. Heya is a full sister of hash & zet and the father is a son of fetch granting pleasure and grandson of eiri greme gwen.
Videos: zeljko gora (croatia) training with hash & smoke (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.), ilaria, nemi & luvi (facebook), jenny damm (sweden) with ziv & mailiz (facebook), ola gronek (poland) & baya (facebook).
Running contacts with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden): follow along RC costs 150 euros (facebook). It starts on january 1 and the deadline for registrations is december 31. form.

22/12/20- Training course from jenny damm (facebook).
Fame: dave munnings (england) has retired fame of 9 years old (facebook).
Corona Lockdown Challenge 2020 from max sprinz & Ramona Schürken in germany: course and video (facebook).
Videos: martina vakonicova (slovakia) & sofia solare (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & james brown training him to develop attention to listen (facebook), Lise- Irene Hansen (norway) & babe (facebook), running contacts training from carina da silva (debmark) & lux (facebook).
Health: video on polyradiculoneuritis of finn (youtube). Comments on facebook. Article on how to treat soft tissues injuries (facebook).

21/12/20- Judges: jeremias simson (germany) create a project were the judge cobtribute with faults, refusals, etc going directly to the display and program (facebook). jeremias has designed something that will help the judges with the contacts (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook).
Online course course design with petr pupik (czech rep.), jan egil eide (norway) & tamas traj (hungary) on january (facebook). The cost is 49 euros for 3 meetings (39 euros for people that had take part before). form.
England: the kennel club recommens cancelling all events until february 1st, 2021 (facebook).
Puppies (border collie) from Soof & Cymru were born in the netherlands (facebook).

20/12/20- Courses: Ollie Tatton from england (facebook).
Obstacles: question about the measures of dogwalks from galican & smart 99 (facebook).
Portuguese: translators needed for mickael charbonnier's app (facebook).
Mawlch wisp from ida freskura competed in search & rescue adn run agility at world cups with con nina gregl(croatia). He died at 8 years old because of an urinary obstruction that ended with a bladder rupture and complete kidney failure (facebook). He was a son of eiri greme gwen and has been used several times as sire (click).
Border collie litter expected in czech rep. at kennel never ending force (click); welshriverdee rayder x twix. twix is granddaughter of joe from bobby dalziel. the father of the litter is a son of eiri greme gwen and grandson of rising sun dark raider.

19/12/20- IMCA PAWC: the 2021 world cup (switzerland) has been cancelled due to the pandemic (facebook: 1, 2). Italy is the host for 2022 world cup.

18/12/20- Puppies berger des pyrénées expected in canada (facebook romy dupal); tikk x creature. tik livse in austria and is son of zookie from laura reinhalter. creature is daughter of a fullbrtoher of Le from silvia trkman.
Border collie litter expected in belgium facebook) out of wisp x hash- zeljko gora.
Juta grass: post from zeljko gora (croatia) asking agility people if they think it is the vest floor for agility (facebook). Some of the comments say it has a good grip and nicola giraudi says it is a good floor for competitions but not or training (pad burns and nail breaks).
Courses: cedric bagoin from france (facebook), carol mount from usa (wordpress). Exercises from birgitta hermansson (facebook).
Videos: elina janesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook).

17/12/20- Courses: tomas perez ayuso from spain (facebook). Bögre andras's challenge (facebook).
Health: agility nerd shared an article about a blood test to detect cancer (facebook).
Norway: jan egil eide offer courses to train for this weekend (facebook).
Online course with gregory bielle bidalot on turns (facebook).
Videos: nicola giraudi (italy ) & gift (facebook), natasha gjerulff (netherlands) & moviestar (facebook).

15/12/20- Malinois litter planned in serbia from miroslav tomic (facebook).
Agility advent calendar is a calendar created by petr pupik (czech rep.) with courses designed by european judges (google drive); each obstacle leads to a new course (facebook). Each day he adds a new course.
Seminars: judge seminar with sandra deidda (italy) on february 17- 18 (facebook). iwona golab (poland) in sweden on jnauary 17- 18 at the hall of isabelle emanuelsson & jouni orenius (facebook) also a seminar at the halls of jenny damm & nathan on february (facebook).
Jersey european agility festival the dates are 24 april to 2 may (webpage, facebook, twitter). The judges are (click) andrew dicker (england), corinna körner (spain), barrie james (wales), jane james (england), alfredo tuset (spain).

14/12/20- Courses: jenny damm from sweden (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook), training course from maurizio mencarelli and some comments about handling (facebook).
Border collie puppies: a female & 2 mmales available at kennel firework hill (poland) out of Lou x clyde (facebook). Border collie litter planned in poland (facebook joanna pawlik).
Online course with lisa frick (austria) on handling (facebook: 1, 2).
Seminar with iwona golab (poland) in sweden next february (facebook): registrations are open.
Videos: a different slalom (facebook), claudia schwab (switzerland) & sia at a seminar with dani fischbach from germany (youtube), jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & ami training with iwona golab from poland (facebook), bianca van gastel (netherlands & ffenics (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) with jive & coke (facebook).

13/12/20- Live stream from AKC invitational 2020 (facebook).
Garden excercises: slalom challenge (facebook) by lee gibson (england). The cost is 25 pounds + shipping.
Online courses & others:
• workshop online with stas kurochkin & olga lisitsyna from russia (facebook); the cost is 40 euros with dog/ 20 euros as auditor and starts on december 15.
special games and courses with martina klimesova from czech rep. (facebook); people can start any time. The cost is 200 euros as auditor and 280 euros with dog.
joyfull jumping (webpage, facebook) & entering into collection (webpage) with alenka skrabec from slovenia; it starts on january 10 and the cost is 120 euros as auditor and 190 euros with dog. htey offer free auditor spots among those who share the facebook banner.
Photos: Spain (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4).
Hungarian open 2021: the judges are sari mikkilä from finland, veronika nagy from hungary, seppo savikko from finland (facebook); it would be on march 19- 21.
Border collie litter expected in russia: zhaki x knedlik (banner).

12/12/20- AKC agility invitational (USA): live stream & videos de AKC invitational.
Courses: iwona golab from poland (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), neil ellis (england) & heros (facebook), adela benesova (czech rep.) & fresh (youtube), Heidi Annala (finland) & her kelpie fiksuisku (facebook).
Germany: Hundesport welt will be closed until 2021 (facebook).
Used obstacles in spain: galvanzed jumps for 250 euros (facebook), slalom in V from galican (facebook). Dog walk from galican (intercan) never used is available in netherlands (facebook).

11/12/20- Online courses & more:
running contacts foundations for young dogs with katarina podlipnik (slovenia). registrations open today (1, 2). The classes start on january 10 and cost 225 euros for working spots and 180 euros for auditors.
slalom course giveaway with anna hinze (germany- netherlands). It has 3 lessons and the videos must be less than 10 minutes per week (1, 2). It costs 90 euros (110 dollars) for working spots and 50 euros (60 dollars) for auditors.
Entrenamiento online en vivo with claudia zenner from germany (facebook). More information is available through private message.
Amromeka agility camp (slovenia) is on june 24- 27 in 2021 and it is close to the borders of croatia, austria, hungary (facebook). The instructors are roland kolenko, lea komat, katarina podlipnik. There will also be physical conditioning for dogs with jana gams and for handlers with jaka capuder.

previous updates are in spanish

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2014 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2013 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2012 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2011 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2010 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2009 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio -agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2008 dic. 2007- marzo abril-mayo junio-julio agosto-set. oct.-nov. diciembre