21/05/18- WAO 2018: courses from sunday (comments for teams relay). results.
Winners of Speedstakes: Gabriella Hennings (sweden) & otto (poodle) in 300, Cédric Bargoin (france) & Idwall (shetland) in 400, jennifer crank (USA) & pink (border collie) in 500, dave munnings (england) & fame (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
Global winners of pentathlon: Lena Westermann (germany, wildcard) & bambam (poodle) en 300, Joost van der Wekke (netherlands) & Dolfje (mixed breed) in 400, nicola giraudi (italy) & wiki (border collie) in 500, dave munnings (england) & fame (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
Winners of agility for biathlon: Carmen Briceño (spain) & narnia (shetland) in 300, Cédric Bargoin (france) & Idwall (shetland) in 400, jouni oreniuis (sweden) & neela (border collie) in 500, Riyu Takahashi (japan) & putch (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
Winners of biathlon: Gabriella Hennings (sweden) & otto (poodle) in 300, Gemma Haycock (england) & Ruby (bull terrier) in 400, jouni oreniuis (sweden) & neela (border collie) in 500, nicola giraudi (italy) & eira (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
The winners for teams were 1- italy, 2- sweden, 3- USA (.pdf).
The winners of the extra speedstakes were Marisa Laura Rios (argentina) & eris (shetland) in 300, Susanne Rødtness (denmark) & gabi (Kromfohrlander) in 400, Francesca Tari (italy) & amy (border collie) in 500, nicola giraudi (italy) & brick (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
The winners of games were paolo bezzi (italy) & maple (shetland) en 300, Ole Kristoffer (norway) & evo (berger des pyrénées) en 400, Berit Kitte (spain) & nupsi (spanish water dog) en 500, Perry Dewitt (USA, wildcard) & verb (border collie) en 600 (.pdf).
Slovenia: results from sunday.
Switzerland: results from the quali (click). The first places of the ranking are the same ones as yesterday in small, medium, large.
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (click), pavol rohacek (slovakia) at the quali in czech rep. (jumping large, jumping medium small), mika kangas from finland (1, 2, 3, 4), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (agility III, agility IV), andre mauer from luxembourg (facebook), sari mikkila from finland (facebook) nils lindqvist from sweden (facebook), jirina mackova at the quali in czech rep. (1, 2).
Videos: tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say at the quali (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & rogger at the WAO (facebook), kris koprivnik (slovenia) & six (youtube), training of puppy dude (youtube), wilson villalobos (colombia) & smart (facebook).

20/05/18- Live stream from WAO (1, 2).
WAO 2018: courses from saturday (comments for gamblers). results.
Winners in pentathlon jumping 2: Patrick Slokkers (netherlands) & maybe (shetland) in 300, Ole Kristoffer (norway) & evo (berger des pyrénées) in 400, Jessica Patterson (canada) & lux (border collie) in 500, Dudley Shumate (USA) & bird (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
The winners of pentathlon agility 2 were Patrick Slokkers (netherlands) & maybe (shetland) in 300, Ashleigh Butler (england) & sullivan in 400, Wendy Willemse (netherlands) & juicy (border collie) in 500, dave munnings (england) & fame (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
Winners of biathlon jumping: Giacomo Marconi (italy) & nala in 300, Ashleigh Butler (england & sullivan (mixed breed) in 400, Jessica Patterson (canada) & lux (border collie) in 500, dave munnings (england) & fame (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
The winners of jumping 2 was spain and the cumul is for 1- italy, 2- sweden, 3- france.
Slovenia: results of the quali (1, 2).
Switzerland: results of the quali (click). The first places of the ranking are for nadine bührer & jive (small), claudia Schwab & mylo (medium), christian fryand & braveheart (large). Silvan zumthurm & penny won the 3 large runs from today.
Seminar with iwona golab in saarbourg (germany) on june 30- july 1: there is an available working spot (facebook agility europe).
Courses: pavol rohacek (slovakia) at the quali in czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul winning in germany (1, 2), matej cucek (slovenia) & juice (facebook), dan shaw (england) & geek at WAO (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) at the international training week from One mind (facebook).

19/05/18- Live stream from WAO (1, 2).
Videos: wendy willemse (netherlands) & juice from bianca van gastel en el WAO (facebook), puppies from alen marekovic (facebook), dave munnings (england) & fame at WAO (facebook).
Italy: rules for Mundialito CSEN 2018 on october 20- 21 (.pdf). judges, start and deadline for registrations, etc will be available soon (facebook).
Jessica Ajoux (USA) analyzes her courses with fame at westminster (click).
Germany: the DVG agility masters 2019 is on february 2- 3 (facebook).
WAO 2018: courses from friday (comments about snooker). results.
Snooker: the winners were sina just (germany) & kiss (poodle) in 300, Daniëlle Van Leeuwen (netherlands, wildcard) & gipsy (mixed breed) in 400, jennifer crank (USA) & pink (border collie) in 500, nicola giraudi (italy) & eira (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
Teams: england won the agility 1, sweden the jumping 1, spain the jumping 2 and the cumul results show 1- italy, 2- sweden, 3- england (.pdf).
In Pentathlon Jumping 1 the winners were Lena Westermann (germany, wildcard) & bambam (poodle) in 300, Ole Kristoffer (norway) & evo (berger des pyrénées) in 400, jennifer crank (USA) & pink (border collie) in 500, alan short (scotland) & bruce (border collie) in 600 (.pdf).
In Pentathlon Agility 1 the winners were Lena Westermann (germany, wildcard) & bambam (poodle) in 300, Elena Kochetova (russia) & kimi (mudi) in 400, jessica patterson (canada; wildcard) & lux (border collie) in 500, dave munnings (england) & fame (border collie) in 600 (.pdf)

18/05/18- Live stream from WAO (1, 2).
This weekend is world cup WAO in the netherlands (webpage, facebook, competitor list, live stream, running orders, courses, results). Slovenia: quali for world cup & EO, the judges are Veronica Herendy (Hungary) & Wolfgang Tieber (austria) in dobrova (facebook, information (1, 2)). Czech Rep.: quali for world cup and european open (click); the judges are Michaela Barinkova, Jirina Mackova & Jitka Marouskova (czech rep.), Pavol Rohacek (Slovakia), Svetlana Zolotnikova (Estonia), Lorenzo celic (italy). Switzerland: quali for world cup, the judges are rico foelix, patrick ernst (click). Croatia: Igor Ljubi is the judge of the competition that qualify for european open (facebook). Greece: Mediterranean Dog Challenge 2018 & quali (webpage, facebook); the agility judges are Melanie & dirk Richartz (germany). Slovakia: Veronika Nagy (hungary) & Roman Lukac are the judges of storm cup in pezinok (1, 2). Italy: competitions in alessandria, monza, verona, pisa (click); rolf graber is the judge in pisa (.pdf). Latvia: Attila Varga (hungary) & Svetlana Kreslina are the judges in arkalne (facebook). Colombia: samir (brazil) is the judge at the double competion for national championship (facebook) Brazil: trial for the liga brasilera de agility in minas gerais (click).
USA: list with the candidates for the available spots at world team (click).
Colombia: phillipp müller schnick (germany) is the judge for the double trial of national championship on june 2- 3 (facebook).
Canada: tamas traj (hungary) has scheduled some seminars at say yes on june 5- 7 (webpage, facebook).
Belgium: seminar with silas boogk (germany) on november 1- 2 and 3- 4 (facebook).
Puppies: repeated litter expected in july in poland (webpage, facebook). 2 male puppies available out of why not zet my queen X never never land primrose in poland (facebook)
WAO 2018: tribute to christine charpentier (france) died in december 2017 (facebook).
Silvia trkman: article about Ta in her first year (click).

17/05/18- Live stream from WAO (1, 2).
Lucy kate osborne: Ben Bombastic Mr Fantastic died (facebook); he was 14 years old. ‘Truly a dog in a million, my total soul mate and best friend. He literally was Mr Fantastic, My legend, my best mate!’. Videos from crufts 2011, olympia 2009, crufts 2010, olympia Q 2013.
Agility park: on june 10 are the registrations deadline for the competitions in mendig on june 22- 24 (1, 2, 3); the judge is stefanie semkat.
Online course jump foundations from nina gregl (croatia). It lasts 8 weeks and the cost is 150 euros with dog, 80 euros auditor (facebook, webpage).
Sweden: the judges for the SM are sandra deidda (italy) and the locals magne alden, hasse sundqvist (click).
Videos: anne lenz with itzi bitzi & chi (youtube), jeremias simson (germany) & peach (facebook).
Courses: Linda Wallace Kipp at the tryouts in USA (facebook), lee gibson in united kingdom (facebook).
One mind dogs article explaining gamblers, snooker.

16/05/18- WAO 2018: today there is training in the indoor and outdoor course (.pdf). webpage, facebook, registration list, live stream.
Courses: david powell in france (agility large, agility medium-small, jumping large, jumping medium small) and jersey festival agility B, jumping b, final), esa muotka (finland) in the russian quali (jumping individual large, jumping individual medium, jumping individual small, agility team large, agility team medium, agility team small, agility individual large, agility individual medium, agility individual small, jumping team large, jumping team medium, jumping team small), celic in the italian quali (facebook).
Coupe Québec 2018 in canada on july 21- 22 (facebook). Video promocional.
BAM 2018: registrations closes on june 7 for the competition to be run on june 15- 16 in germany with obstacles from ernst (1, 2).
Germany: working dogs is the organizer of several 3 days competitions: june 22- 24, july 13- 15, september 14- 16, november 23- 25, december 21- 23, december 28- 31, january 18- 20, february 15- 17, march 1- 3; HSZ NRW is the organizer of a 4 days comeptition on november 1- 4. reference.

15/05/18- Online courses with silvia trkman (slovenia): the puppy class starts on may 22 (click) and Xtreme foundations on may 27 (click). registrations are open.
Videos: anne lenz (germany) at the quali (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) at the quali (youtube), team from netherlands for the WAO (youtube), anne hinze (germany) & may (facebook). training videos of the puppies from martina vakonicova (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4); more videos of the same exercises with others puppies on facebook from martina vakonicova.
Obstacles: agiflex is delivering tunnels and other obstacles at the WAO this weekend (facebook). Floro agility equipment (UK) sells set of number, rubberized items for training, etc. (facebook).
Courses: kees stoel (netherlands) in belgium (jumping 3 large, jumping 3 medium-small, agility junior, jumping 1 medium -small, jumping 1 medium small, agility junior, agility junior), roman lukac (slovakia) in norway (facebook), Yoshiaki Kato in japan (facebook), jan sprij (the netherlands) in france (agility 1-2, agility 3, agility 1, jumping 3).

14/05/18- Videos from the qualis this weekend: philipp müller schnick (germany) with hunter & booster (facebook), beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (facebook), thomas raczka (france) & must in black (youtube), daniel schröder (germany) & cashew (facebook), gianluca schingaro (italy) & ex (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & bäxx (youtube), Nicole Kelpen (germany) & kite (youtube), jérémy chomienne (france) & page (youtube), roberta boscolo (italy) & rogger (facebook), aleksandra klobukowska (poland) & yucca (youtube), ebba Eriksson (sweden) & jazz (click), Daniel schröder (germany), anjo, cashew & gin (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & brick (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & tama, with the borrow dog winning at the quali (facebook). More videos: julia schober (germany) & jamie (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook: 1, 2, 3), nina gregl (croatia) & baby boom (facebook).
Slovakia: results of the EO & world cup quali (facebook).
Courses: Martin Wenger in germany (facebook), bjorn bröker at the german quali (agility large, agility medium, agility small), Markku Kaukinen in finland (click), Neil Ellis from england (facebook).

13/05/18- Live stream from the quali trials in germany (working dog; sometimes, facebook has parts of the live stream for free), italy (facebook).
Germany: the teams qualified for world cup are Max sprinz & bäxx, jeremias simson & peach, anne lenz con chi & itzi bitzi in large, daniel schröder & cashew, bozena plaβmann- schröder & puck, joachim graf & zeus, silas boogk & beam in medium, tobias wüst & dörte, Dirk Schlathölter & boomer, Maik Brands & sissy, bozena plaβmann- schröder & cap in small. Tobias Wüst & dörte were in first place the three days in all the courses and faster then the other dogs. Results.
Sweeden: live results (svenska agilityklubben). You must choose LLU-18 11-13 maj svenska agilityklubben.
the first 4 palces of the quali were for jenny damm & lilli, jouni orenius & neela, ebba eriksson & jazz, jenny damm & ziv (large), anne karlsson & bonnie, eleonor mohlin & liv, hanna nilsson & annelie hermansson & dante (medium), sandra sjöberg & milla, enya habel & party, jocke tangfelt & bella, fiona lövdinger & ella (small). jenny damm & lilli and enya habel & party won 5 of the 8 runs. reference: facebook Svenska Agilityklubben.
Italy: results of the quali in large, medium, small. ranking for world cup: teams large, medium, small; individual large (1- Nicola giraudi & eira), medium (1- giulia morteo & jess), small (1-alberto marmot & dhitta). Rankings for EO large, medium, small. Qualified for world cup (facebook).
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in sweeden (jumping large, agility small), Svetlana Zolotnikova (estonia) in poland (agility 3, agility open, jumping open), lorenzo celic at the quali in italy (facebook agility republic), gabi steppan (austria) in estonia (facebook), Mia Laamanen from finland (facebook), ana beltrán (spain) at the quali in italy (facebook).

12/05/18- Live stream from the quali trials in germany (working dog; sometimes, facebook has parts of the live stream for free), italy (facebook).
Courses: Ritva Herrala from finland (facebook), andrea deeg from germany (.pdf), Svetlana Zolotnikova (estonia) in poland (click), Jari Suomalainen from finland (click), Salme Mujunen in finland (facebook), gabi steppan (austria) in estonia (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) from the tryouts in sweden (agility large, agility small), nicolas renaud (france) en suecia (facebook), jirina mackova (czech rep.) from the quali france (agility S-M, jumping L), Nils Lindqvist from sweden (facebook), ana beltran bustamante (spain) in italy (agility medium, agility large, agility small).
Germany: results from friday, saturday and were will be the one from sunday. Tobias wüst & dörte only have first place at their runs, running at 5,62m/s (agility), 5.82m/s (jumping) on saturday. In medium silas boogk & beam won agility running at 5.78 m/s, but with refusal on jumping they are 5 in the ranking were daniel schröder & cashew are first. In large Max sprinz & bäxx are the leaders of the ranking.
Italy: results from the quali in large, medium, small. roberta boscolo & rogger won the 2 large runs. Rankings for EO and world cup.

11/05/18- Live stream from the quali trials in germany (working dog); sometimes, facebook has parts of the live stream for free.
Sweden: results svenska agilityklubben. In small won enya habel & party (agility and 2 jumping); in medium won anne karlsson & bonnie (agility and jumping), asa emanuelsson & alma (jumping); in large won ebba eriksson & jazz (agility), jenny damm & lilli (2 jumping).
Austria: list of qualified for EO 2018 (.pdf).
Germany: today won in the quali jeremias simson & peach (agility large), max sprinz & bäxx (jumping large), daniel schröder & cashew (agility, jumping medium), tobias wüst & dörte (agility, jumpingn small). Partial ranking small, medium, large. video of some courses (facebook working-dog).
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in sweden (jumping small, jumping medium), quali trial in germany (facebook).
Seminar with tereza kralova (czech rep.) in italy on august 9- 12 (facebook).
Brazil: calendar 2018- 2019 (click).
Obstacles: post asking for good grip tunnels on facebook (agility europe).

10/05/18- This weekend there are qualifying competitions for world cup/EO in sweden (information; the judges are andreas silfverberg, nicolas renaud (france), jan egil eide (norway)), germany (running orders, live stream only for premium members of working dog, live results (1, 2)), france (program; the judges are david powell & jirina mackova (czech rep.)), poland (facebook, webpage; the judge is Svetlana Zolotnikova (Estonia)), croatia (facebook; the judge is Anabella Kokalj (slovenia)), italy (information; the judges are lorenzo celic & ana bustamante). Czech rep.: czech open (start list; the judges are wolfgang tieber (austria) & antonin grygar), international border collie championship (start list, program; the judges are sabrian hauser (austria), ivana kirik (slovenia), alice bohacova). italy: trials in peruggia (the judge is zlatko gorjan (slovenia), treviso (the judge is sandra deidda), torino (the judge is angelo lione), cagliari (the judges are mirja lapanja (slovenia) & paolo rebasti). austria: alpen cup the judge is stefanie semkat (germany). estonia: the judges of the competition are Gabi Steppan (austria) & Stefi Praakl (click). norway: 4 Dagers stevne (facebook); the judges are Peter Holmberg & Kurt Ove Steinset (norway), Roman Lukac (Slovakia), Svetlana Kresina (Latvia). germany: 8 competitions start on may 10 de mayo and on sunday there are at least 15 competitions (webmelden); information of the competition organized by DVG MV Rheine-Altenrheine. spain: competition in madrid; the judge is filipe vilhena (portugal). argentina: trial for the national championship (facebook). chile: winter games; the judge is ezio solari.
Courses in finland: mika kangas (1, 2, 3), Marko Mäkelä (1, 2, 3). Courses from Dirk Kuschnierz in germany (facebook).
Articles from jessica ajoux (USA) about ‘leads’ (click), from One mind dogs on ‘different ways to handle the same course’ (click).
Clean run: draw of a 25 dollar voucher between one special agility instructor and for the students who nominated them (facebook); the results will be available tomorrow.
Videos: janita (finland) & wow (facebook), sebastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook), felipe alves (brazil) & leef (facebook).

09/05/18- Gold rush 2018: registrations will open on july 1 for the competition in germany on december 15-16 (click).
WAO 2018: information about the live stream (click), program.
Seminars: nina gregl (croatia) in italy on june 7- 8 (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) in switzerland on june 2- 3 (facebook, form), patrizia ciuffeti in italy on may 19-20 (.pdf), zeljko gora (croatia) in italy on may 26- 27 (.jpg). Webinar on the recall from Gemma Fisher (UK) on may 17 (facebook); the cost is 17 pounds.
Health: Susan Garrett shared a link of a workshop on dogs and cancer (webpage, facebook, DCS community).
Videos: tribute from polona bonac (slovenia) to kisa (youtube), felipe alves (brazil) & shanti (facebook).
Italy: competitions in bolzano on september 1- 2 (the judges are tanja & andreas pollich from germany), alessandria on may 19- 20 (the judge is zlatko gorjan from slovenia), trento on august 11- 12 (the judge is roman lukac from slovakia), roma on may 26- 27 (the judges are zlatko gorjan (slovenia) & angelo lione). Calendars from FIDASC: 1, 2.
Intensive training with lisa frick in austria on june & august (click).
Courses: Ritva Herrala in finland (facebook), carl de rouck from belgium (click), jirina mackova from czech rep. (facebook)

08/05/18- Puppies: for european spring in hungary at fire inspired (facebook). The dam is Lava (daugther of rising sun dark raider, grandchild of fetch granting pleasure) the sire is nym from Yannik Wouters (out of Go from netherlands X eiri greme gwen).
Courses: david powell (france) at jersey festival (agility 2, agility 3, jumping 2, jumping 3), alex beitl (germany) in italy (agility 3, jumping 3), jari suomalainen (click) & sari mikkilä (facebook) from finland, hugo santos (Portugal) in spain (facebook).
Videos: seminar with claudio piccioli (facebook), sarah baker (USA) & hops (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) with nai (facebook) & pan (facebook), daisy peel (USA) & frodo (youtube), marco giavoni (italy-USA) & bet (facebook), marta miil from estonia (facebook), lea & flo a german kid running in mendig (facebook), susan koldenhof (netherlands) & time (facebook), jenny pike and the first flyball training of her puppy (facebook).
USA: Video on demand of the tryouts (facebook). 4 legged flix thanked the donations for the live stream that make it possible (facebook). On line course with martina klimesova (czech rep.) handling fun class begins on may 14 (facebook).
Seminars with Magdalena Ziolkowska (poland) on mayo in poland (facebook). There are available auditor spots for a seminar with tuulia liuhto, timo liuhto, jessica ajoux, soshana dos, nic jones, mary ellen barry, perry de witt, rebecca thrift on mayo 10- 13 in pennsylvania (facebook).
E book from Carolyn McIntyre (canada): Warm Up and Cool Down of the Canine Athlete (click).
Obstacles: special discounts for obstacles to pick up at pirineos dog festival in spain (facebook).

07/05/18- Courses: Jirina Mackova from czech rep. (1, 2, 3, 4), Mika kangas from finland (1, 2), Yoshiaki Kato from japan (facebook). Courses from the tryouts of USA: stefanie semkat (1, 2, 3), linda kipp (1, 2, 3).
Videos: alice laforge (france) & tesla in germany (youtube), Veronica Odone (italy) training in mendig (youtube), laura reinhater (austria) & zookie (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & juice (facebook), miha primozic (slovenia) & dice (facebook), marco giavoni (italy -USA) & bet (facebook), Iwona Golab (poland) training (facebook), Kathleen Oswald (USA) & whimzy training (facebook).
Puppy: the new border collie puppy of krizstina kabai is from devongem (UK lauren langman). She is out of why not zet my queen X ever (1, 2). Ever is litter sister of cinna from nadine alshut, her sire is Tanhill Glen and she also has sony from japan in her pedigree. Another litter puppy goes to valentina mugellini from italy.
USA: results from the tryouts. round 4: won deo schulman & trek (shetland) in medium, jef botelho & matrix (border collie) in large, marco giavoni & bet (shetland) in small. round 5: won john nys & boss (shetland) in medium, cassie schmidt & bliss (caniche) in small, daisy peel & frodo (border collie) in large. cumulative points: small1, medium, large. Already in the national team are Daisy Peel & Frodo (border collie), Shane Miller & Luna (malinois), Jeff Botelho & Matrix (border collie) in large, Carla McAlister & Wink (parson), Laura Dolan & Pre (caniche), Abbey Beasley & Dreamer (shetland) in small, Kathleen Oswald & Whimzy (shetland), Jennifer Crank & Swift (shetland), John Nys & Boss (shetland) in medium.
Brazil: world team members were defined. The selected ones are moabe ordoño & rayva (border collie), marcela & angel (border collie), alexandre borges & eva (border collie), ricardo tubaldini & flora (border collie) in large (facebook), zezinho & bina (border collie), vivy & jem (shetland), felipe minet & cookie (mudi) in medium (facebook: 1, 2), samir & kali (parson), katia & nica (shetland) in small (facebook).

06/05/18- Live stream: tryouts in USA (4 legged flix: 1, 2).
Courses: Tomas Glabazna from czech rep. (agility 1, agility 3, agility 2, agility 3), Dennis Lynge Sφrensen in sweden (facebook), Markku Kaukinen in finland (click), ivan amez (spain) at jersey festival (facebook). tryouts in USA: stefanie semkat (1, 2, 3), Nicolas renaud (1, 2, 3), linda kipp (1, 2, 3).
Videos: Anna Schober (austria) & joy (facebook), Dani Fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), olga kwiecien (poland) & mojo (facebook), sophie lafond (france) & felicity (facebook), miha primozic (slovenia) & dice (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & juice (facebook), barrie james (united kingdom) & rubeedoo en el jersey festival (facebook).
Austria: results. The winners were lisa frick & jack (jumping large), miha primozic & dice (agility large), simone ulhrich & babou (jumping medium), laura reinhalter & zookie (agility medium), marusa podjed & nai (jumping y agility small).
Sweden: Bonnik Berthelsen (denmark) will judge instead of alexander beitl at SM (click).
USA: results of the tryouts. Round1: jordan biggs & Kirbee (border collie) in large, Kathleen oswald & Whimzy (shetland) in medium, laura dolan & pre (poodle) in small. Round 2: daisy peel & frodo (border collie) in large, cassie schmidt & bliss (poodle) in small, jennifer crank & swift (shetland) in medium. Round 3: daisy peel & frodo (border collie) in large, jennifer crank & swift (shetland) in medium, marco giavoni & bet (shetland) in small.
Article from susan garrett (canada) about dogs and how they see colors (click).
Trials: the championship from cataluña (spain) is on july 7- 8 (facebook). championship in germany on june 23- 24 judged by jennifer & michael schilling (facebook). samir (brazil) is the judge of the trial for national championship in colombia on may 19- 20 (facebook).

05/05/18- Live stream: tryouts in USA (4 legged flix).
This weekend is the jersey european agility festival (webpage, facebook); the judges are D. Powell (france), B. James (UK), J. James (UK), A. Dicker (UK), I. Amez (spain). latvia: riga mayors cup (facebook). netherlands: world cup of dutch shepherd (click) the judge is ronald mowen. Slovakia: cup mania & quali for world cup (information, facebook); the judges are sabrina hauser (austria) & iveta lukacova Austria: last quali for EO 2018 (information & registration list, ranking); the judges are mirja lapanja (slovenia) & jirina mackova (czech rep.). Serbia: belgrade agility festival (facebook); the judge is manca mikec (slovenia). Spain: competition for the RFEC (registration list, statistics, facebook). Italy: alex beitl (germany) & paolo rebasti are the judges in varese (.pdf); gorjan zlatko (slovenia) & livia pivetta are the judges in udine (.pdf). United kingdom: GT may 2018 (facebook). USA: tryouts for world cup (webpage, facebook, live stream, running orders, results). Brazil: competition to qualify for world cup in sao paulo & copa CBA (click); the judge is luis narciso (portugal), dan wroblewski, henrique garcía. Colombia: trial in medellín (facebook). Argentina: local champoionship in buenos aires (facebook).
Videos: interview with petr pupik (czech rep.) in finland (facebook), gianluca schingaro (italy) & ex training with krizstina kabai in mendig (facebook).
Magazine from czcech rep.: psi sporty (index, webpage).
Norway: Peter Holmberg & Kurt Ove Steinset (norway), Roman Lukac (Slovakia), Svetlana Kresina (Latvia) are the judges of the 4 days competition on may 10- 14 in stavanger (facebook). The Romeriksstevnet 2018 is on may 19-20 in brarud (facebook); the judges are Olga Korovaikova (russia), Sabrine Hauser (austria), Anders Virtanen (Finland), Kurt Ove Steinset (Norway). The Agilitystevne 2018 is on june 29 - july 1 (webpage, facebook); the judges are Kurt Ove Steinset & Gondola Guttormsen (norway).

04/05/18- Puppies border collie planned in germany (click). The sire is cinna (nadine alshut, grandson of sony (japan) and son of tanhill glen); the dam is gwen (facebook). The previous litter of gwen was on 2016 with nuts, his sire is eiri greme moss (click).
International sheltie competition: registration list (facebook, webpage); they request to notify them if someone find a mistake. Among the countries of the participants, figures monaco.
Videos of silvia trkman's students at the new course of running contacts, after training durin 3 months on a target (click), natalija loginova (latvia) & chilli (youtube), Manca Mikec (slovenia) & breezy (facebook).
Dogtra pathfinder is a collar with GPS (1, 2, 3).
Book from johann the dog on howto help a dog to get over car sickness (1, 2, 3, 4).
Facebook: post from carlo magnoli (italy- czech rep.) on the importance of strategy (facebook).

03/05/18- Online course: there is a free auditor spot to win among people that share the announcement of nina gregl's fun foundations course taht begins on may 22 (facebook).
Seminars: registration form for the seminar with jaakko &. janita in austria after EO (click). There is an available spot at the seminar with lisa frick (austria) & tereza kralova (czech rep.) in UK on june 26- 27 (facebook).
Videos: nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (youtube), polona bonac (slovenia) & che (youtube), anna hinze (germany) & may (facebook), thomas raczka (france) & mib (youtube), nina gregl (croatia) & boom (youtube), fitness with hydrotherapy in usa (facebook), veronica odone (italy) & skill in mendig (facebook), spanish championship (facebook).
Belgium: they are selling tshirt to support the national team for European Open (facebook agility europe).
Poland: funds will be raised to help tymek with cancer at the competition from this weekend (banner, facebook, campaign (1, 2, 3)). tymek needs an expensive treatment in the USA.
Norway: David Powell (France), Uwe Stalke (germany) & Jenni Lehtinen (finland) are the judges on may 25-27 at Oslo hundeshow 2018 (click).
Germany: registrations are open for the competition on june 22-24 in mendig (1, 2, 3); the judge is stefanie semkat.
Orvis: contest for the cover of the catalog (webpage, facebook); the proceeds will go to research on cancer in dogs.
Brazil: the Liga brasileira de agility was created (webpage, facebook). they don't organize competitions; they have a ranking with results of the existing competitions with FCI grades and to those points they will add speed points (for being under the course time); they also grants unofficials titles.

02/05/18- USA: catalog of the tryouts for world cup (.pdf).
Croatia: results from last quali (.pdf), updated rankings for EO (.pdf) and world cup (.pdf).
Software for agility trials from tessa timer (1, 2) costs 99 euros (video); 3 softwares will be given to some of the persons that share the post and follow tha facebook page (facebook). Tessar timer also sells time systems.
Clean run is selling back issues of the magazine (between 2012 and 2016) at 1 dollar (facebook, webpage). Offer on ‘open box’ back on track coats on facebook. article indexes for the magazine ordered by year (click).
Coursess: patrick garçon from france (agility, jumping), stefanie semkat from germany (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Anne Tammiksalu in estonia (facebook).
IFCS 2019: netherlands is the new organizer on april 14- 18 (click).
Online courses: Course design for real dogs with linda mecklenburg (USA) costs 99 dollars (facebook); registrations start on may 14 de mayo and Clip and go offers 10 scholarships to active judges from USA (50 % discount). jump skills (click) & Advanced jump skills (click) with ann croft (USA) started on may 1 pero there are still some spots (facebook); working spots cost 150 dollars and auditors pay 75 dollars. Advanced jumping skills with linda mecklenburg (USA) starts on may 11 (facebook, webpage); it costs 300 dollars for working spots and 150 dollars for auditors. Online sequence & coaching with kayl McCann (canada) starts on may 5 (facebook); it does not require big surfaces nor too many obstacles and costs 30/ 50 canadian dollars + HST (auditor/ working spot). Course on running contacts with Fanny Gott & Cecilia Svensson (swedish, english translation from google); it costs 740 swedish crowns (more or less 80 dollars) per month (at the end of each month, you can decide if you go on) and it can be started at the beginning of each month.

01/05/18- Courses: kees stoel (netherlands) in belgium (agility 1, agility junior), jari suomalainen from finland (1, 2). Courses at the FMBB: lorenzo celic from italy (facebook), wolfgang tieber from Austria (jumping individual, agility individual, jumping final). Courses at IFCS.
International sheltie competition: registrations are open, some links with tutorials and help (1, 2, 3).
USA: agility hawaiian calendar (facebook).
Norway: Tamas Traj, Jocke Tangfelt & Jan- Egil Eide are the judges of today's competition (facebook).
Puppies parson, the dam is koi from andrea cacciatori (italy): they are 5 (facebook); the sire is ten (facebook loredana dal santo). border collie male puppy available at never never land in poland (facebook: 1, 2); his sire is why not zet my queen.
Videos: anita szilagyi (hungary) training and retraining running contacts to tengo & dita during 7 monthes (facebook), mike peter (luxembourg) & limit (facebook), dave munnings (england) training a 16 monthes dog (youtube), Niina-Liina Linna training in finland (facebook), video about the riga majors cup (facebook).
IFCS 2018: photos on facebook (tommaso santarelli). The biathlon (combined) winners were ekaterina sapriko (russia) & europe (spitz) in toy, svetlana Ganeeva (russia) & Little Winner (shetland) in mini, tara labelle (canada) & jet (border collie) in midi, elena Krasnopevtseva (russia) & Brittny (border collie) in maxi. The triathlon (combined) winners were russia in toy + mini and in midi + maxi. Russia won most medals, followed by canada.
IFCS 2020: the canadian comittee have submitted their bid to the AAC, they shared it on facebook (facebook).

30/04/18- Switzerland: results from the quali (click). The first place at the ranking is in small jeannine gloor/ t-late (the fastes of both runs were claudia schwab & mitch), in medium manuela schlup/siim, in large christian fryand/braveheart.
Seminar with jaakko & janita (finland) in stockerau (austria) on july 31-august 1st, after the EO. Information eiferta@gmail.com (facebook anna eifert).
Puppies shetland, the sire is puck (definition peanut with eager to work from bozena plaβmann) in spain (facebook). They are 3 females & 3 males.
Germany: competitions of severals days at dogs world arena (facebook).
Obstacles: 10% off in tunnels from agility tunnels on the 3 types of grip ones (facebook).
Courses: bernd hüppe (austria) en el FMBB (facebook), petr pupik de rep. checa (facebook), michael schilling (germany) in italy (facebook: 1, 2).
FMBB 2018: marje piroja (estonia) & dints won in individual and czech rep in teams (teams, final individual). More results in the webpage (FMBB WC 2018/ agility/ results).
Videos: daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul at PAC (facebook), Steve Schwarz- agilitynerd (USA) & flyer (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (youtube), Laura Reinhalter (austria) & bazooka (facebook), Vivian Nielsen (denmark) & acha (facebook), Mike Peter (luxembourg) & limit in germany (facebook), Julia Schober (germany) & jamie (facebook), Wendy Willemse (netherlands) training (facebook).. Videos from IFCS: Shauna Oliver (canada) & splash (facebook), lorenzo simi (italy) & abigail (facebook), Laura Campbell (canada) & link (facebook).

29/04/18- Live stream: world cup IFCS (1, 2), FMBB (working dog).IFCS 2018: results of biathlon, snooker, agility team triathlon, individual (agility, jumping), agility team (mini + toy, maxi + midi). Russia is the country with more medals.
The winners of the individual competitions are: in agility ekaterina sapriko (russia) & europe (spitz) in toy, svetlana kondrashova (russia) & ann (border collie) in mini, shauna oliver (canada) & splash (border collie) in midi, meaghan o'neill (canada) & snow devil (border collie) in maxi; in jumping ekaterina sapriko (russia) & europe (spitz) in toy, simi lorenzo (italy) & abigail (pumi) in mini, stanislav kurochkin (russia) & dream (border collie) in midi, stanislav kurochkin (russia) & gallant (border collie) in maxi.
The winners in biathlon are christina sanders (canada) & quasi modo (papillon) in toy, chip gerfen (USA) & trudi (mini australian shepherd) in mini, tara labelle (canada) & jet (border collie) in midi, iain patz (great britain) & leo (border collie) in maxi.
The winners in snooker are ekaterina sapriko (russia) & europe (spitz) in toy, maria metelkova (russia) & courage (caniche) in mini, stanislav kurochkin (russia) & dream (border collie) in midi, kirstin o'neill (canada) & radical rabbit (malinois) in maxi.
In teams, maxi + medium and mini + toy are winning russian teams.
FMBB 2018: results (agility individual 2, jumping individual 1, agility individual 1, team jumping).
Kim kurkinen (finland) & zorro won the 2 agility, Marje piiroja (estonia) & susi won jumping 1. Czech Rep. won team jumping competition.
Courses: Michael schilling (germany) in italy (jumping 0, jumping 1, jumping 2, jumping 3), petr pupik from czech rep. (jumping 3, agility 3, jumping 3), bernd hüppe (Austria) at the FMBB (jumping individual).

28/04/18- Live stream: world cup IFCS (1, 2), FMBB (working dog).
Seminar with phillipp müller schnick (germany) in colombia on may 25- 27 (facebook). there are some available spots for the seminars with lisa frick (austria) & tereza kralova (czech rep.) in england on june 26- 27 and 28- 29 (facebook).
Luxembourg: list with the qualified dogs for world cup in sweden (facebook nancy schiltz).
Canada: the rules for the qualification for EO in 2019 are changed (facebook).
Hungary: the hungarian open 2019 is on february 23- 24, the quali for world cup & EO 2019 are on march 30- 31 abd april 27- 28 (facebook).
Courses: wolfgang tieber (austria) at the quali in slovakia (agility open: 1, 2; jumping open 1, 2), bernd hüppe (austria) at FMBB (team jumping), stefanie semkat from germany (jumping large 3).
Videos: karen holik (USA) & zenn at IFCS (facebook), christiane fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), gervasio sicignano (italy) & cika (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) and some physical conditioning for her dogs (youtube), agnes toth (hungary) & sun (youtube).

27/04/18- Live stream: world cup IFCS (1, 2), FMBB (working dog).
This weekend: IFCS worldcup (program, courses, running orders, results, live stream (1, 2)) and FMBB worldcup 2018 (webpage, facebook, program, live stream). Switzerland: world cup quali trial (click); the judges are Bea Tanner & Peter Feer. Austria: final of Mix & breed cup in tattendorf, Team Till Sverige in Königstetten (info, facebook), steinfeld cup in weiner newstadt, breitenleer cup in viena, etc. Italy: trial remembering mauro zannoni on may 1 (facebook), quali trail for jack russell national team (facebook) and seminars with marusa podjed (slovenia) & schingaro (italia). Germany: trial judged by Mark Fonteijn (netherlands), Johann de Kegel (Belgium) in Ronneburg (1, 2), trial judged by Martin Ritter, Stefanie Semkat, Rolli Schiltz (luxembourg), Vittorio Papavero (italy) in neuhofen (1, 2) 5 days trial in mendig (april 27, april 28, april 29, april 30, may 1), etc. Greece: trial jduged by manca mikec from slovenia (facebook) and seminar with manca mikec & polona bonac (facebook). Spain: RSCE national championship. Southafrica: trial for SADAA (facebook). Mexico: trial for UCAM s championship (.pd). Brazil: I Copa Ducão Royal Canin (click), trial for local championship in paraiba (click). Colombia: trial in cali (facebook).
Auction: DVD and online courses for raising funds for national junior team in slovenia (facebook).
Online courses with polona bonac (slovenia) start on may 7 (webpage, facebook).
Courses from IFCS world cup (individual standard, individual jumping).

26/04/18- Live stream: world cup IFCS (1, 2).
Obstacles: the obstacles used during EO junior are for sale after the event (facebook galican).
Austria: qualified for the final world cup quali on may 26-27 (.pdf). lisa frick & jack, katharina köing & juno (large), werner golz & esmeralda, tamara sedlmaier & you (medium), gabriele haring & cloony, angelika boigner & nelly (small) already qualified for teams. Referencia.
Clean run: information about daosypeels book and dvd About Landing Side Approaches (click).
Courses from IFCS: snooker, triathlon.
Time system from time it perfect (webpage, facebook).

25/04/18- Live stream: world cup IFCS (1, 2).
United kingdom: the final places for national team at EO and world cup were defined (click). Comments about the selection process (click).
Videos: Vivian Nielsen (denmark) training in mendig (germany) with anne lenz (youtube), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & prem (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark), chip & do it (youtube).
Courses: biathlon at IFCS world cup, Kurt Ove Steinset from norway (facebook), martin ritter from germany (facebook). Exercises from lucie dessureault (canada) with weaves, a tunnel and 5 jumps (facebook).
Agility cup bulgaria (may 26): form for registration; the deadline is may 13. information on facebook. there is a seminar with pavol vakonic (slovakia) on may 27.
Slovenia: information about the quali trials on may 26- 27 (facebook); the judges are Veronica Herendy (Hungary) and Wolfgang Tieber (austria).
France: the Very Breizh Cup is on august 24- 26 (webpage, facebook). The jduges are nicolas Renaud (france), andreas Silfverberg (sweden), Michel Perain (france), Jimmy Cruchet (switzerland), eric Courant (france), jan sprij (luxembourg). Registrations start on may 24.

24/04/18- Silvia trkman: registrations for the online course puppy tricks in may are open (click).
Martina klimesova: online course on handling starts on may 14. Registrations open on april 25 (facebook).
IFCS 2018 starts on april 25. program, courses, running orders, results, live stream (1, 2). Post on facebook about southafrican national team trip
WAO 2018: registration list.
Hungary: list with the qualified for world cup & EO (facebook).
Finland: article about the meeting of national agility association in spring (webpage, facebook).
Videos: nicola giraudi (italy) in the quali (youtube), Themistoklis Orkopoulos (greece) & pisa (malinois) training with Katarina Podlipnik (facebook).
Fit paws: offer at 4 my merles with a different item each day of the week (facebook).
Intensive training with lisa frick in Stockerau (austria) on june 8-10 (facebook).
Physical conditioning for dogs: online course Dynamics in Control starts in may (click); it is the following part of Fundamentals K9 conditioning (click). Registrations before may 5 cost 189 euros (with code earlybird); normal price is 215 euros.

23/04/18- Courses: david powell from france (agility 2, agility 3, jumping 2, jumping 3), Mika kangas from finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), anders virtanen from finland (1, 2, 3).
Videos: anita szilagyi (hungary) & dita (youtube), alar kivilo (estonia- croatia) & trygg (facebook), adriano pacifico (italy) & po (facebook), gianluca schingaro (italy) & ex (facebook), daisy peel (USA) & frodo (facebook). Puppy training for working with 4 legs (facebook). Running contacts: videos from students of anne lenz's course (facebook, youtube).
Belgium: result of world cup & EO quali.
Luxembourg: photo with candidates and reserve for world cup in sweden (facebook). Results of the quali trials (click).
Magna Racino 2019: there will be an event in 2019 (1, 2).
Group ‘course design for real dogs’ focuses on dog performance important to course design such as leads, striding and jumping skills, factors that affect safety and handling challenge (facebook). The goal is improve understanding of how to create courses for real dogs. It starts on may.
Obstacles used are for sale in france (facebook).

22/04/18- Live stream: quali in hungary (facebook MEOESZ Agility).
Italy: updated ranking for EO & mundial. results large, medium, small. Nicola giraudi & eira won again the 2 large courses.
Hungary: qualified for EO (click). Results from the quali (click). qualified for world cup (1, 2)
Litter of working cockers expected in the netherlands (click). Mudi (male) puppy available in czech rep. (facebook: 1, 2); he was born on march 12.
FMBB 2018 begins tomorrow: webpage, facebook, program, live stream. The judges are wolfgang tieber (austria), lorenzo celic (italy), bernd hüppe (austria).
PAC 2018 (tournament and seminars) is from april 24 to may 1st webpage. The judges are Martin Ritter, Stefanie Semkat, Rolli Schiltz (Luxembourg), Vittorio Papavero (Italy).
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in norway (1, 2, 3, 4), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (.jpg), Svetlana Zolotnikova from estonia (.jpg).
Videos: Iwona golab (poland) & applause (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & b (facebook) pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (youtube).

21/04/18- Live stream: quali in hungary (facebook MEOESZ Agility).
Courses: nicolas renaud (france) at the quali in hungary (facebook), manca mikec (slovenia) in belgium (facebook), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia) in hungary (agility, jumping), petr pupik from czech rep. (1, 2, 3), anders virtanen from finland (1, 2, 3), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (click).
Hungary: results.
Italy: results from the quali for large, medium, small.
Slovenia: the first quali is on may 19. The judges are veronika herendy (hungary), wolfgang tieber (austria). There are 3 runs per day (facebook, webpage).
Finland: the SM 2018 is on june 15- 17 (1, 2, 3). The judges are Anne Savioja, Esa Muotka, ritva Herrala, Jari Suomalainen, jouni Kautto, sascha grunder (switzerland). live stream. podiums' history
Storm cup 2018 in slovakia (.pdf, .html). Is on may 20, the judges are veronika herendy (hungary), roman lukac (slovakia). The deadline for registrations is may 16.
Obstacles: clip and go has 2 new accessories for their seesaw (facebook). an add on weight to change the speed on how fast it goes down (1, 2) and a tray to focus the weight on the base (click).
Videos: Patrizia Ciuffetti (italy) & B (facebook), paulo prado (brazil) & jackie training (facebook), radovan liska (czech rep.) & rody (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & roger (facebook), dan shaw (united kingdom) & Diddly Bean (facebook), gianluca schingaro (italy) & ex (facebook).

20/04/18- This weekend, quali in luxembourg (information; the judges are rolli schiltz & Luc Warling from luxembourg), slovakia (information; the jusge is wolfgang tieber (austria)), italy (information, running order; the judges are mirja lapanja (slovenia), tomas glabazna (czech rep.), paolo rebasti (italy)), hungary (program, information; the judges are nicolas renaud (france), svetlana Zolotnikova (estonia)). Norway: competition in arendal, in front of denmark (information & runnning orders, facebook); the judges are Vittorio Papavero (Italy), Stefanie Semkat (germany), Petr Pupik (czech rep.), Kurt Ove Steinset (Norway). Slovenia: matej cucek & Ivana Kirik are the judges of a competition (click). Austria: trials in baden, dornbirn. Italy: competition CSEN in varese (facebook). USA: competition UKI in california (facebook). Uruguay: competition canceled due to lack of registrations.
Norway: agilityuken 2018 is on july 7- 13 (webpage). the judges from norway announced are: Kurt Ove Steinset, Gondola Guttormsen, Thomas H Andersen.
Sweden: the judges for the SM are Alexander beitl (germany), sandrea deidda (italy), Jocke Tangfeldt (sweden). reference.
Pregnancy confirmed in croatia of Wai (from ana stilinovic, run with nina gregl) X ebony nose germes (facebook).
Aginotes: is designed to follow a systematic training (facebook, webpage). It will be launch on may.
Competitions: agility for junior on july 7 (weekend before EOJ) in the netherlands (facebook); rebistrations open on may 12. christian guillemard is the judge at the competition in Riom (france) on june 16 (facebook). rolf graber (switzerland) is the judge of the competition in italy on may 26-27 (facebook).

19/04/18- Lord of the winter 2018-19: registrations for all competitions open on june 1st (facebook). The dates are november 3-4 (sascha grunder), december 1-2 (jan egil eide), january 5-6 (petr pupik), february 2-3 (sari mikkilä), march 2-3 (tamas traj).
Norwegian open: registrations close on june 30 (facebook). Information.
Border collie puppies planned at kennel every kingdom: Wisp (out rising sun dark raider) X visp (run with nina gregl and is out of eiri greme gwen). Information on facebook, webpage.
Agility nerd post about agility cup competitions in USA (facebook).
Russell & mudi cup 2018 is on september 8-9 in slovakia (facebook); the judge is Katarina Kolarovova.
Courses: martin wenger from germany (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) at A&C (team jumping large, agility 1, agility individual medium-small, jumping individual small medium, agility individual large, agility final medium small, agility final team large).
IFCS 2018 will have live stream from april 25 (facebook, youtube).

18/04/18- Online courses: registrations for shape up agility's courses with justine davenport & jessica patterson are open. The 4 courses are handling foundations, foundation proofing, skills and drills, advanced skills and drills (click). They start on may 16.
Courses: alex beitl at A&C in argentina (click).
FMBB 2018: training schedule (facebook).
Videos: nicole kelpen (germany) & spit (youtube), sofia petersson (sweden) & dig (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & rogger (facebook), Annaret Meintjes (southafrica) & catch (youtube).
Hundesportwelt from stefanie semkat (germany) thanks the support and good comments from those using the hall in winter with an offer for next year's winter (facebook).
Seminar: manca mikec (slovenia) at swiss dog arena in switzerland on january 26- 27 (facebook).
Obstacles: agiflex sells tunnels with a discount of 20% for deliveries at Mediterranean Dog Challenge 2018 (facebook).

17/04/18- Hulahopp 2018: registrations close on may 1 st (click). facebook.
Online course of running contacts with anne lenz (germany): registrations open tomorrow if technical problems with the form are solved (facebook, webpage); there are 3 levels: basic, advanced, ramp/a-frame. Pak performance course in german with nadine alshut (facebook, webpage); starts on april 18.
Seminar of balance fit for dogs and humans on may 5- 6 in italy (facebook).
Luxembourg: program & running orders of the quali for this weekend (click).
/magazines: index of cleanrun may issue (facebook, webpage). cover of the next JAM's magazine (facebook, webpage). Covers of agility live in germany (click).
Shetland puppies: Molly & Lukas had 2 sable males and 2 sable females (facebook).
Videos: ana schober (austria) & joy (facebook)

16/04/18- Courses: Mika Kangas in finland (facebook), Christian Görl at the quali in germany (facebook), Ritva Herrala in finland (facebook), Yoshiaki Kato en japón (facebook), Jan Sprij in netherlands (facebook).
Videos: thomas racka (france) & MIB (youtube), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & boom (facebook), lucie dessureault (canada) & BBoy (youtube), philipp müller schnick (germany) & hunter (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (youtube), anna hinze (germany) & may (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.), wifi & kiki (youtube), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (youtube), Tereza Otypkova in czech rep. (facebook), Esa Muotka (finland) & siisti (youtube), Susan Koldenhof (netherlands), time & ace (youtube), Dani Fischbach (germany) & jive (facebook), Sarah Lorentzen from denmark (facebook), Stephanie Hundt (switzerland) at a seminar with jane elene christensen (youtube), dave munnings training with Dan Shaw & Sian Illingworth (facebook), linda barton (canada) & soar'n (youtube). Videos from A&C 2018 (click).
Crates for cars in aluminium: Mighty Mite Dog Gear (webpage, facebook) they have a 10% discount for limited time (facebook).
Trials & seminars: veronika herendy (hungary) & Alain Nicaise are the judges in france on june 16 (facebook). seminar with rolf graber (switzerland) in italy on april 21- 22 (facebook) jumping second chance is in spain on september 1 (facebook); a jumping course is built and handlers can run it as many times as they want. anita Szilagyi (hungary) is the judge of Agility cup Rudava in slovakia on june 30 (facebook). Obedience seminar with sebastian nunez (spain) on november 23- 25 in argentina (facebook).
A&C: the event on 2019 will be in brazil. Comments from jan egil eide (facebook), alex beitl (facebook) about A&C 2018 in mendoza.

15/04/18- Live stream: quali trials in germany from working dog (webapge, facebook), A&C 2018 (youtube, webpage (with live results)).
Germany: results from the quali in agility, jumping. Updated ranking (.pdf).
Austria: results from the quali (click). Updated ranking large, medium, small. lisa frick & jack won the two large courses.
Border collie puppy (male) available in russia (facebook); the mother is a sister of dita (anita szilagyi).
Obstacles: new jumps from kelbel in czech rep. (facebook).
A&C 2018. unofficial information: news, results, photos & videos. Official information: webpage, facebook, programa.

14/04/18- Live stream: quali trials in germany from working dog (webapge, facebook), A&C 2018 (youtube, webpage (with live results)).
Germany: results of the quali in agility, jumping. Max sprinz & Bäxx won both runs. Updated ranking (.pdf).
Austria: results of the quali (click). Ranking updated large, medium, small.
Obstacles: galican&339;s lite contact obstacles are available (facebook). Galican has 3 types intercan (aluminium premium line), base (galvanized steel), lite (more economic aluminium line).
Courses: nikolas koch from germany (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, jumping 3, spiel 1-2), ‎Mika Kangas‎ in finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).
Susan garrett: 3 days left to register for agility nation (click). There is a free video about fears and distractions.
Videos: sissy graf (austria) & yeremy (facebook), philipp müller schnick (germany) with hunter & booster (facebook).

13/04/18- Courses: nicolas renaud (france) at the quali trials in germany (wordpress).
Christine Charpentier: french team for WAO will have a picture of christine & mac on their t- shirt as a tribute (facebook).
Greg Derret: post on facebook about Rehab's retirement from international competitions (facebook). Rehab is a border collie that measures 45 cm and took part of several national teams in great britain; it will be 10 years old before European open. Videos: february 2016, july 2014, december 2013, 2016.
Austria: ranking of the EO qualification (.pdf).
Germany: running orders for the quali (.pdf).
Videos: roberta boscolo (italy) & roger training (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) with wifi & kiki (youtube), agility champs for you with nancy & rolli schiltz (youtube).
Online course on foundations with Stacy Leah Winkler (facebook, webpage).
A&C 2018. Rules: important clarification that follows the mixed large teams; if a country has two spare dogs they can go to different mixed teams (mix 1: canad&a, costa rica, ecuador, uruguay, mix 2: uruguay, guatemala, chile, argentina).
Today is the turn of jumping teams, jumping individual & agility individual. webpage, facebook, program, live stream (youtube, webpage (with live results)). All we find is on wordpress.

12/04/18- This weekend takes place the A&C judged by alex beitl, jan egil eide, renan (webpage, facebook, program, running orders, unofficial information, live stream). World cup quali trial for large dogs in germany (.pdf, results, live stream; the judges are Christian görl & Herbert schiffers), in austria (información; the judges are Urs Inglin (switzerland), Lenka Pankova (czech rep.), Fritz Hauser). Croatia: quali trial for EO (facebook) juzgada por mirja lapanja (slovenia). Hungary: trial judged by petr dostal (czech rep.), anita szilagyi (click). Slovakia: trial judged by Pavol Roacek (facebook). Spain: trials RSCE in la coruña (judged by domingo carneiros (portugal), madrid, valencia, cantabria, etc.
BACK will be back in 2020 (facebook).
Shetland puppies: 3 puppies were born out of viber X cashew (daniel schröder) in italy (1, 2 facebook loca raimondi).
Videos: jana (czech rep.) & vigi training (youtube).
Obstacles: after FMBB world cup in slovenia, the obstacles from WT metal will be sold at a reduced price (facebook).
One mind dogs: article about gamblers, distance, strategy (click).
A&C 2018: training and vet check end today; grade 1 trials start at 12:40 hs. running orders for the courses designed by alex beitl (large, medium, small), jan egil eide (large, medium, small), renan (large, medium, small). webpage, facebook, program, unofficial information, live stream (youtube, webpage (with results)).

11/04/18- FMBB 2018: partial registration list (click), provisional program (click).
Puppies: the berger des pyrénées litter expected in belgium was born (facebook tamara cuypers). They are 2 males and 2 females. The parents are Yanu (elenya du mourioche) X aivo (Aivanhof fevel) from markus milles.
Courses: philipp müller schnick at the quali in germany (agility medium, agility small, jumping medium, jumping small), gabi stepan from austria (jumping 3, agility 3, jumping 3), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (agility 1 , agility 1, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, agility 3, agility 3).
Videos: zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (youtube), training with dave munnings (facebook), border collie playing to identify the number of balls shown (facebook), border collie going shopping (facebook).
Obstacles: APalu Agility Hürden & Hundesportgeräte in germany (webpage, facebook). April 30th os the deadline for sharing facebook's page and taking part of the competition (facebook).

10/04/18- Italy: agility competition judged by alex beitl (germany) & paolo rebasti on may 26- 27 in varese (.pdf).
Videos: silas boogk (germany) & beam at the small- medium quali (youtube), marusa podjed (slovenia) in slovakia (facebook), Anna Schober (austria) & joy (facebook), monika rylska (poland) with Chiquita banana & koza nostra (youtube). video from working dog about the small medium quali trials in germany (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in croatia out of gaya (from ebony nose kennel; the father is fetch granting pleasure) X vis (from alen marekovic's kennel; the father is eiri greme gwen). Gaya is a full sister of Tic from nina gregl (facebook).
Online courses: running contacts with anne lenz start on april 24 (facebook); registrations will open on april 17 and she offers an auditor spot among those who share her facebook post. Handling classes from yesdog (sweden) start on may 9 (webpage, facebook).
Training with mirja lapanja (slovenia) in april- june in germany (facebook).
Free webinar with susan garrett at 7 pm (east) from canada (facebook).

09/04/18- Lost dog in france: border collie stolen on march 2 in Domaine du Bosc (webpage, facebook).
Great britain: results, courses and comments from this weekend competition with the preselected for national team (click). The judge was seppo savikko from finland Sarah McLean/Milo in small, Steven Richardson/Libby in medium & Natasha Wise/Pebbles in large will be part of the team for EO (facebook).
Courses: Petteri Kerminen from finland (2018, before), gabi steppan from austria (facebook), Jean-Pierre Verbesselt (1, 2).
Videos: Sabine Kreutz (germany) at smart cup (facebook), dave munnings (england) & fame (1, 2), natasha wise (england) & pebbles (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (facebook haika smid), anita szilagyi (hungary) & dita (youtube), julia fuzi (hungary) & tigi (facebook).
Canada: ranking of the quali for world cup in small, medium, large. Tean for world cup in large, medium, small. Theresa rector & wifi (didn't take part of the tryouts) are in individual & team large. In individual small are the 1 and 2 from the ranking (fable & spark), roxanne pardiac & ole (5 in the ranking). In medium, stephan henry & wheeler (4 in the ranking), are not going to world cup, and go the one in place 5. In large team are going 3 of the 4 top places of in the ranking, Lux, second place, will run only individual. In individual large are the 1 and 2 in the ranking (lux & trix), theresa rector & wifi (didn't run the tryouts), susan garrett & momentum (8 in the ranking).

08/04/18- Live stream: quali small- medium for fci world cup in germany working dog (webpage hd, some courses on facebook), in the netherlands youtube.
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), jari suomlainen from finland (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia) in austria (facebook), mark fonteijn from the netherlands (facebook).
Germany: results from the quali: jumping small (the winners were tobias wüst & dörte), jumping medium (the winners were silas boogk & beam corriendo a 5.95 m/s), agility small (the winners were tobias wüst & dörte corriendo a 5.74 m/s), agility medium (the winners were daniel schröder & cashew). ranking updated small & medium.
Videos: christiane fischbach (germany) & jive (facebook), daniel schröder (germany) & cashew (facebook), taja lozar (slovenia) & blue (facebook), elina jänesniemi from germany (facebook).

07/04/18- Live stream: quali small- medium for fci world cup in germany working dog, in the netherlands youtube.
Videos: jouni orenius (sweden- finland) & leia (facebook), tobias wüst (germany) & dörte (facebook), quali in germany (facebook working dog), david javor (austria) & lu (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (1, 2 facebook haika smid) .
Puppies: the announcement of the litter in slovenia for the end of may, five X breeze, was an april joke of manca mikec that she posted on facebook (facebook).
Germany, results from the quali: jumping small (ganaron tobias wüst & dörte running at 5.45 m/s), jumping medium (ganaron silas boogk & beam running at 5.69 m/s), agility small (ganaron mike brands & sissy), agility medium (ganaron silas boogk & beam).
Courses: anders virtanen from finlandia (facebook), Svetlana Zolotnikova from estonia (facebook), mark fonteijn at the quali in the netherlands (facebook), marko makela from finland (facebook).

06/04/18- Grecia: ranking for world cup (.pdf) & EO (.pdf).
France: the quali for next year will be on february 23- 24, march 23- 24, april 27- 28; list of competitors for EO (click) There are available places for the seminar with ariane wieber (germany) on april 21- 22 (facebook).
Agilitynerd: article on howto build a cavaletti with jump bars and accesories (click).
Susan Garrett: free training serie from agility nation during 15 days (click).
Brazil: the judge luis narciso (portugal) will be in brazil on may. The CBA organizes on may 7 (some days after the selectives on may 5-6) will be a meeting of referes with him to talk about the new FCI agility rules (click).
Courses from the regional south central championship from USDAA (click), esa muotka in finland (1, 2).

05/04/18- This weekend, quali for european open in austria, the judges are Svetlana Zolotnikova (estonia) & Fritz Hauser (info), for world cupin the netherlands, the judges are Mark Fonteijn & Martin Schoffelmeer (1, 2, 3), for world cup and EO in germany for medium and small, the judges are Nicolas renaud (france) & philipp müller schnick (.pdf, live stream) Germany: smart cup, the judges are tamas traj (hungary) & alex beitl (1, 2, 3), Agility turnier (facebook). Slovakia: CSI 2018 (click); the judges are Wolfgang Tieber & Sabrina Hauser (austria). Switzerland: champ dog (webpage, facebook, youtube). Spain: trial in l'almozara (facebook). Brazil: trials for local championships in sao paulo (click), pernambuco (click), parana (click). Argentina: trial in mendoza with competitors from argentina, chile, etc. (click).
Intensive training in slovenia: 2 hrs with lisa frick + 2 hrs with an slovenian trainer (matej cucek or manca mikec or marusa podjed) on may 13. The cost is 80 euros. There is also 2-3 hrs of speed training, games tips and motivation with polona bonac for 25 euros (facebook). On saturday 12 there is an agility competition.
Croatia: ranking for EO (click), results from saturday.
Photos: gassahoppet 2018 in sweden (click).
Online courses: information about the courses of linda mecklenburg from USA (webpage, facebook); there is a special price for those who did the course Advanced Jumping Drills in 2017.
Sweden: information about registration for the HulaHopp 2018 (facebook); is on july 18- 22.
Article about rabies vaccine (click); one of the dog of a vet in california (USA) Margo Roman died as a consequence of an unnecessary vaccination, following the law and not was she was told at university .
Seminar with susan koldenhof (netherlands) The Art of Course Walking on may 17 in greece (facebook).

04/04/18- IFCS 2018: the world cup will have live stream on youtube (1, 2). The competition is on april 25-29 in italy (click).
EO 2018: new webpage available (click).
Germany: video of the team for world cup WAO (facebook).
Software application that simulates the dog's color vision ‘dog vision HD’ (android, itunes).
Italy: giulia zurma will make a purchase order of PVC jumps from berylo.cz (facebok); she offers that if someone is interested, they can make an order together.
Norwegian open 2018: registrations for the norwegian open will open tomorrow (facebook). webpage, judges. The competition is on october 11-14. The world cup in sweden ends on october 7 (map sweden-norway).
Jenny damm: post about miss lilli winning gassahoppet 2018 (facebook).
Courses: esa muotka from finland (agility 3, agility 3), kees stoel from the netherlands (agility 2 large, agility 3 large).
Videos: taja lozar & blue (son of To from silvia trkman) running and winning his first competition in grade 2 (facebook), laura gessner (germany) & quick (facebook), franzi engel (germany) & fussel (facebook), jouni orenius (sweden-finland) & leia (facebook), daisy peel (USA) & frodo (facebook)

03/04/18- Puppies: litter of berger des pyrénées planed in belgium for april 9 (facebook tamara cuypers); the parents are Yanu (elenya du mourioche) X aivo (Aivanhof fevel) from markus milles. alen marekovic's border collie puppies from mawlch warp (hermano de wai) X rua are born; they are 4 females & 2 males (facebook). Marekovic also has a litter from extra jackpot (lisa frick) X Asa; they are 4 females & 1 male (facebook). papillon Puppy (male) available in belgium (facebook).
Article in USA about agility dog s vision (click).
Seminars: justine davenport (canada) in belgium on may 22- 23 (facebook). Seminars in USA: marco giavone (italy) on june 2- 3 in california, svetlana tumanova (russia) on june 2- 3 in Massachusetts, kerry smith on june 9- 10 in california, Stas Kurochkin (russia) in california, Massachusetts, arizona during october (facebook). Question about interested on a seminar with jaakko & janita (finland) on july 31- august 1 in austria, after EO (facebook anna eifert).
Videos: tuulia liuhto (finland) & pirtu (facebook), dani lehrer (germany) & tippi (facebook), ariane wieber (germany) & tequila (youtube), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & perm (facebook), christiane fischbach (germany) & coke (youtube).
Courses: wolfgang tieber from austria (facebook), Marko Mäkelä from finland (1, 2), ana beltran (spain) in france (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (1, 2), tomas glabazna (czech rep.) in italy (jumping 1, debuttanti, agility 3, agility 2), bart de decker from belgium (agility 2, agility 3, open), jocke tangfelt from sweden (jumping open XL-L, jumping 3 xs-s, jumping open xs-s, jumping 3 Xl-L, jumping 3, team, agility 2, agility 1), eric courant from france (agility master, jumping master, agility 3), mika kangas from finland (1, 2).
Obstacles: zeljko gora (croatia) sells some used metal jumps (facebook).
A&C 2018: running orders & registration lists. There are 167 registrations to A&C (grade 2-3) and 54 grade 1. webpage, facebook, unofficial information.

02/04/18- Epilepsy: article about a border collie diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy (facebook). The dog returned to his breeder and under supervision of another vet and changing his food, he did not have any other seizure.
Canada: the EO team in large, medium, smalll. Justine davenport & dino are in the list (facebook); Dino is the dog of gwen evans, that justine adopted when gwen died (facebook).
Austria: the 3 & 4 competitons that qualifies for world cup are organized by Agility funny bones. They decided to do a poll about on which obstacles people wanted to run among 2 manufacturers (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned for the end of may in slovenia (facebook); the dam is breeze (lin X eiri greme ray) of manca mikec and the sire is five (1, 2) de sunshine border collie.
Gassahoppet 2018: Results. The winners were in x-large Daniela Lehrer/ tippi (jumping), jenny damm/ miss lilli (agility), ariane wieber/ tequila (agility); in large hanna persson/ zuki (jumping), Geir Grefstad/ yolo (agility); in medium Anne Karlsson/ bonnie (jumping), Heidi Penttilä/ rosey (agility); in small Enya Habel/ party (jumping), Patrik Rosendal/ yenna (agility); in x-small Enya Habel/ sydney (jumping, agility).
Chronometer in latvia sold by bravedog. Video. Information by email (info@bravedog.lv) or on facebook

01/04/18- Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in norway (agility 3, jumping 1-2, agility 1-2, parallel final), jirina mackova (czech rep. checa) in hungary (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Gassahoppet 2018: Results. The winners were: in x-large jouni orenius/ leia (jumping open), jenny damm/ miss lilli (jumping), ariane wieber/ tequila (agility); in large Kajsa Wissel/ emmet (jumping open), Lovisa Hillbom/ alba (jumping), Hanna Wennersten/ skip (agility); in medium Jonna Kannisto/ nana (jumping open), Anne Karlsson/ bonnie (jumping), asa emanuelsson/ alma (agility); in small Enya Habel/ party (jumping open, jumping), Sandra Sjöberg/ milla (agility); in x-small Enya Habel/ sydney (jumping open), Vera Lisenstedt/ wilma (jumping), Anna Landqvist/ emil (agility).
Females in heat: post from marusa podjed (slovenia) talking about Pan in the last competition with lots of females in heat and asking what to do (facebook). Pan won the saturday agility at amadeus 2017. ‘I really love everything about spring... Except this part omg this today was just horrible! ..... Pan was not Pan today. It was like aliens would invade his body and mind’ (facebook)’. There were other post on facebook in the past where people wrote that there is a risk of triggering prostatitis in similar situations.
Switzerland: results of the european open classification competitions (open large, jumping large, open medium, jumping medium, open small, jumping small). The first place of the rankings are for patrick martin & grisu in small, claudia Schwab & mylo in medium, nicole steiner & twin in large.
Videos: nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (facebook), Silvan Zumthurm (switzerland) & penni (youtube).

31/03/18- Videos: anne lenz/ itzi bitzi vs laura gessner/ quick (facebook), kate training with jane elene christensen (facebook), anne lenz/ itzi bitzi vs marietta kudyba/ Leesha from germany (youtube), sophie lafond (france) & felicity (facebook), Kayl McCann (canada) & rad (youtube).
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), reetta pirttikoski at gasahoppet (agility 3 small, agility 3 large), kirsten brox from germany (1, 2), petr pupik (czech rep.) in norway (1, 2, 3, 4).
Swagger: article about his recovery and its return to all the activities after being diagnosed with some heart problems ( click).
Latvia: Riga Mayors Cup 2018 is on may 4- 6 and the judges are Sascha Grunder (switzerland) & Lidija Belajeva (facebook).
Poland: intensive trainign with silas boogk (germany) on june 5- 7 (facebook).
Norway: 4 Dagers stevne is on may 10- 13 (facebook); the judges are Peter Holmberg & Kurt Ove Steinset (Norway), Roman Lukac (Slovakia), Svetlana Kresina (Latvia).
Puppies berger des pyrénées in brazil: a litter from Guess X Mayor is expected (facebook); Guezz- Houlette De La Devette Pastourelle (1, 2) and Mayor Astazou Rose Des Neiges es (facebook) are imported from France. Border collie puppy (female) available in slovenia daughter of App (from mirja lapanja's kennel, jazz X summit (justine davenport)) X zee (facebook masa slebir); App is a litter brother of dice (miha primozic), lux (jessica patterson), never (justine davenport), applause (iwona golab) among others and a sister of the puppy is with florian förster.
Facebook agility europe: question about how to clean the inner part of tunnels (facebook) .
A&C 2018 in argentina: the last deadline for registrations and for sending the teams from each country is today; the following week will be for the coordination of mixed country teams (this is possible when there are no more dogs from the same country). Partial official list of registrations under teams on the webpage (several dogs are missing). Unofficial information.

30/03/18- This weekend, there are quali trials for EO in switzerland (info (1, 2); the judges are peter kindle & manuel leonardi) and for world cup/ EO in croatia (facebook; the judge is wolfgang tieber (austria)). Sweden: Gâsahoppet 2018 (facebook, program). Austria: competitions in Schwertberg (the judge is Inge Eberstaller), Viena (the judge is margot fischer), klagenfurt (Alpe adria osterturnier the judge is blaz oven from slovenia). Czech rep.: trials in zbecno (the judge is jirina mackova), zdirec (the judge is Alice Bohacova), liberec (the judge is olga Bazalova), trebic (the judge is michael schilling from germany). Germany: trials (1, 2) in Neulussheim (4 days, the judges are alex beitl, Oliver Gustke, Martin Ritter), Saarburg (info; the judges are Melanie & Dirk Richartz), Borken (3 days, the judges are kirsten brox, Sabine Brocks, Thorsten Horn), Oestringen (4 days; the judges are Daniel Walz, Norbert Besser, Alexandra Scharf, Dieter Heinrich, Nikolas Koch), Sielmingen (the judges is Uta Reichenbach), Lübbecke, Groβkrotzenburg, Köln (info; the judges are Inge Kurz, Uschi Hubertus). Greece: seminar with iwona golab (poland) from march 29 to april 1st (facebook). France: Concours Agility Marignane Canicopter (facebook); the judges are Ana Beltran (spain) & Eric Courant. Spain: trials in alicante, gerona, asturias, zaragoza (click). USA: K9 fitness workshop (facebook). Chile: seminar with davide codebue (italy) in agility chicureo (facebook).
Videos: Manca mikec (slovenia) & breezy (youtube), janita/ fu vs elina/ etna in finland (youtube), interview at the local championship in pernambuco - brazil (youtube).
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in norway (jumping open, agility 1-2, agility 3), esa muotka from finland (1, 2, 3).
Canada: results from the tryouts (click).
Online courses: the course jump skills of ann cameron croft starts on march 31 (facebook). Those who register before april 1 pay 125 dollars with dog and 60 dollars as auditor. webpage, paypal.
Live stream with kayl Mc Caan & Ken Steepe (canada) to discuss how to be a better dog trainer with less training on youtube today at 7 PM (facebook).

29/03/18- Brazil: rodrigo died this week (cba, fabi, miguel ferigatto, eugenio minet). ‘Rodrigo caused a revolution in the Brazilian agility when it arose, ... For who lived the agility of that time, he was, with certainty, a very striking team.’ Articles from CBA (1, 2), fabi's blog (1, 2, 3, 4); comments in the agility new forum after the return of rodrigo & panda in 2008 (click). ‘It is not necessary to talk much about rodrigo and panda (border collie). At the end of the 1st CBA Cup, as champions, they were the fastest agility duo. .... at that time was the greatest winner of unified combined results, ranking that led with ease’.
Rodrigo & panda won several times, even if rodrigo was a young boy; people who saw him say his contacts were a huge difference with other handlers. They won VIII campeonato brasilero, third place at II copa CBA, first place of III copa CBA, first place of I copa CBA, first place at open- A&C 2009 (teams), fourth place at A&C 2009 )individual) among others; he took aprt of world cup in norway and qualified for world cup in austria (click). Videos from A&C 2009 (youtube: 1, 2), Copa CBA 2007 (youtube), copa CBA 2008 (youtube: 1, 2, 3, 4).
Border collie puppies: there are 4 females at kennel fire rock in estonia (facebook). The father, Morgan, is a son of eiri greme ray X lista and his litter sister is salsa (winner of jumping individual large at world cup FCI 2017). The mother is tete - maeglin odete.
Seminars: jouni orenius (sweden- finland) is on april 20- 22 in canada (facebook). janita & jaakko (finland) are in germany on july 22- 23 (facebook). There is an available spot ar a seminar with tereza kralova (czech rep.) ein germany on april 3 (facebook).
IABC 2018 is in italy on june 28- july 1 (facebook). webpage.
Obstacles: there is a new time system in brazil designed by a team that world with time systems for horses & Edu (referencia, webpage, facebook). Mandy Mariner (austria) is looking for jumps (facebook).
Vision: article about dog's vision and the colors of agility obstacles (click).

28/03/18- Susan Garrett (canada) wrote on facebook after the tryouts from last weekend (facebook). ‘Some of us have been blessed with agility dogs that are just plain brilliant, those dogs that are relatively easy to be successful with, and make you look pretty darned good ..... Then there are those dogs who force you to grow as a handler, a trainer and a person ..... As much as we want the road to be an easy one...it seems the successes are far more exciting when you can look back on what you have gone through to get there. I would say Momentum may have been my toughest challenge of all of my dogs because of how some of her insecurities were masked by the appearance of great confidence. .... As I wrote on my other FB page “Our dogs want us to give them a chance to shine...it is up to us to put our egos aside and show our dogs the patience, compassion and support they need from us as they learn to be brilliant.”....“.
Courses from the quali in spain: stefanie semkat from germany (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), rolli schiltz from luxembourg (jumping large, agility small, agility medium, agility large, jumping small). joffrey adyns & dominique prin at the french quali (click).
Border collie puppies: taru X blitz puppies from hungary were born (facebook viki csavas); they are 3 females/2 males. Information on facebook.
Videos: mark herfert (canada) & fly (facebook), alice laforge & tesla (youtube), tobias wüst (germany) & reav (facebook working dog).
International sheltie competition: program (facebook).
Obstacles: tis week offer at galican of the new jumps lite for 99 euros (facebook). webpage.
Facebook agility europe: post searchin a 3 day competition in europe for american in europe duringjuly-august (facebook).

27/03/18- Jenny Damm: the registrations for the seminar at lotus hall with zeljko gora (croatia) & jenny damm are open (facebook, webpage).
IFCS 2018: list with the teams. from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania.
Border collie puppies: litter planned for mid april in poland (click); the father of the litter is a son of fetch granting pleasure X cuba and the mother is from never never land. There are two litters in germany from TWM (1, 2). There are 5 males & 4 females at silent storm (facebook, webpage); the mother is nanu from dutch lines (1, 2). Petra welte has (facebook, webpage) 4 males & 4 females; the mother is Beach of Magic Border's (Ajay Kemi x samantha). border collie puppies expected in may in germany (facebook); the mother is go (1, 2) from netherlands and the father is cinna from nadine alshut.
France: Rolli Schiltz (Luxembourg) and David Powell are the judges of the trial on september 8- 9 (facebook).
Courses: seppo savikko (finlanda) for the try outs in canada (facebook), lorenzo celic (italy) at the quali trials in austria (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Videos: david javor (austria) & lu (youtube), jessica patterson (canada) with lux & trix at the tryouts (vimeo), ariane wieber (germany) & tequila (youtube), tobias wüst (germany) at the quali trials (youtube), rose & bristol from canada (facebook).

26/03/18- Stolen dog in UK: reward is offered (facebook). Danny is a male border collie, black and white, 11 months old.
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & fiona (facebook), angela koopman at the quali in the netherlands (facebook), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), phillipp müller schnick (germany) at the quali with hunter & boost (facebook 1, 2), wendy willemse (netherlands) & legend qualifying for EO (facebook), sarah baker in USA (facebook), lucy kate osborne (UK) & fling (facebook), training of pavol vakonic (slovakia) & fiona with cones (facebook), training of janita (finland) & wow with seesaw/teeter (facebook), Sissy graf (austria) & yeremy (facebook), susan koldenhof (netherlands) with time & ace (youtube), natasha wise (england) & pebble training with tereza kralova (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) training (youtube), thomas raczka (france) & must in black training slalom (youtube) and at the quali (youtube), natassa kost (greece) & lea (facebook), elena lona in greece (facebook).
France: results from the quali in noireterre (click). The first places are for adrien grespier/ gumball (large), renaud castelain/gold (medium), clementine perche/ lucky star (small).
Hungary: results. ranking quali EO, world cup (teams, individual).
Netherlands: list of classifieds large for EO (facebook hanneke osman).
Courses: tomas glabazna (czech rep.) in italy (agility 1, jumping 2, jumping 3), Petr pupik (czech rep.) inspired in carlo magnoli (facebook), jari suomalainen (finland) at the hungarian quali (click).

25/03/18- Live stream from quali trials: large in germany (premium members of working dog and deferred agility), canada (youtube), finland (youtube), france (facebook), austria (1, 2), hungary (facebook MEOESZ Agility Sportbizottsag), national champiosnhip in USA (youtube).
Online courses: handling with martina klimesova (facebook); registrations for the 6 classes start on april 15 and the course begins on may 14. The first lesson of the course My dog can from mc cann dogs is available for free (1, 2); the course cost is 197 dollars.
Courses: nicolas renaud (france) in austria (agility small, agility medium, agility large, jumping small, jumping medium, jumping large), sandra deidda (jumping, agility) & jörg zenner (.pdf) at the quali in germany.
Austria: results from the quali (click). Ranking of teams (large, medium, small), individual (large, medium, small). In medium & large the firsts places of both rankings (team & individual) are for golz werner/ esmeralda and lisa frick/ jack.
Germany: results agility (won by jeremias simson & beach), jumping (won by anne lenz & itzi bitzi), agility + jumping, ranking. The first place with 240 points is for daniel schröder/ gin & philipp müller schnick/ hunter.
Finland: list with the qualified for EO (click).
Training with Lea Komat on july 22 in slovenia (facebook).

24/03/18- Live stream from quali trials: large in germany (premium members of working dog), canada (youtube), finland (youtube), france (facebook), austria (1, 2), national champiosnhip in USA (youtube).
Germany: results for agility (the winners were anne lenz & itzi bitzi), jumping (won by daniel schröder & gin), jumping + agility, ranking. Running orders for sunday (.pdf).
Austria: results of world cup quali (click). The first places are for lisa frick & jack (large), tamara Sedlmaie & you (medium), daniela lubbei & ebby (small).
Finland: results on facebook. Photos from jukka patynen.
France: results of the quali trials in jumping (large, medium, small) & agility (large, medium, small).
Courses: Stefanie Semkat (germany) in spain (facebook), Jean-Pierre Verbesselt (facebook), matej cucek (facebook), seppo savikko (finland) in canada (facebook).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack winning two runs in the quali (1, 2), quali in germany from working dog (facebook: 1, 2), quali in austria (youtube), Philipp Müller- Schnick (germany) with boost & hunter (facebook), sandi oko (slovenia) & miya (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia), Meryl, Fiona & Sofia (youtube), jérémy chomienne (france) & page (facebook).

23/03/18- Live stream (free) from the training prior to the large quali trial in germany (facebook).
Puppies: border collie from ikea (pavol vakonic) & why not hash my queen were born (facebook: 1, 2). border collie litter planned in spain from why not hash my queen X as (facebook); they are expected in may. Parson puppies planned for mid-april in italy (facebook); the dam is koy from andrea cacciatori.
Tournament: swiss article about how nordic championship is a good training for world cup for those countries and the idea of creating a similar one for german speaker countries: austria, germany, luxembourg, switzerland (click).
Courses: eric courant from france (facebook).
Videos: wow (from mirja lapanja's kennel: dice X knoxx) & janita leinonen in finland (facebook), suncho's training in hungary (facebook), mius training (youtube).
Hungary: live results from the quali (facebook, webpage).
FCI WC 2017: videos (facebook).
FCI WC 2018: program.

22/03/18- This weekend canada has quali trials for world cup and european open (webpage, facebook, registrations, webpage, live stream (saturday, sunday)); the judge is seppo savikko (finland). Spain: quali trial for world cup and european open judged by rolli schiltz (luxembourg), stefanie semkat (germany) & manuel parejo (facebook). Netherlands: quali trial for european open (1, 2); the judges are Sandy Ammerlaan, Adri van den Bosch, Arjen van Gastel. Hungary: quali trial for world cup/ EO (information, program, registration list for saturday & sunday); the judges are jari suomalainen (finland) & jirina mackova (czech rep.). Germany: quali trial for world cup & EO for large dogs (program, running orders, live stream for premium members of working dog); the judges are sandra deidda (italy), jörg zenner. France: Joffrey Adyns, Dominique Prin arethe judges for the quali trial in noirterre (information, program & running orders, facebook); canicross at bois des vincennes (click). Finland: quali trial (webpage, facebook, registrations). Austria: quali trial for world cup (information (1, 2), program, rules, running orders for small, medium, large); the judges are Nicolas Renauld (france), Lorenzo Celic (Italy), Erich Hüttner (austria). USA: national championship 2018 in reno (webpage, facebook, live stream). Brazil: I Copa Royal Canin e 8ª Etapa XI Campeonato Pernambucano Agility (webpage, facebook). Colombia: Ivan Mejia is the judge for LAA's trial. Argentina: grade 1 marathon in santa fe (facebook).
Border collie puppy (female) available in austria (facebook). She is a daughter of jack (lisa frick) X dess (Carmen Hinterdorfer). references from facebook: 1, 2, 3, pedigree); The mother of the litter is a daughter of a full brother of sam (wannahave).
Courses: matej cucek from slovenia (facebook).
A&C 2018 in argentina: facebook group from canadian team for raising funds for the trip (facebook).

21/03/18- Canada: live stream of tryouts from Mc cann dogs (sábado, domingo).
Bad dog agility: video series de analysis before and after races with sarah baker & jennifer crank at national agility campionship of AKC 2018 (click).
Germany: nikolas koch is the judge at eifel cup on august 18- 19 (facebook, webmelden).
Videos: running contacts training of sebastien allerme (france) & sia (youtube), anita szilagy (hungary) & tengo (youtube), monika rylska (poland), chiquita banana & koza nostra in czech rep. (youtube), silas boogk (germany) & beam (youtube), nicky manes (argentina) & toffee (facebook).
Obstacles in france: difac's webpage. They have some special offers.
Puppies papillon planned in france for spring 2018 (facebook agility puppies). The parents are Lullaby du Triskell des Cornouailles (daugter of Baldur Tarralikitak; individual and team world champion 2013 ) & Little Joke de la ferme de la Rodde.
Facebook agilitynet: post asking if people who train with toys, allowthe dogs to play with them in the house (facebook). Comments from dan shaw, dave munnings.
Movie: ‘le collier rouge’. Information (1, 2, 3, 4). video (youtube). Based on the book of the same name by jean christophe rufin (amazon).

20/03/18- Obstáculos: bing agility offers for some cities in italy, shipping cost for 20 euros + taxes (facebook). Video of the frameless tyre from galican (facebook).
Bad dog agility: ‘how to plan the perfect agility run’ is a webinar co-hosted with jennifer crank. For limited time there is a replay link (click).
Courses: kees stoel (netherlands) in france (agility 3, jumping master, jumping standard, agility 1).
Airlines: united is about to ban many breeds for flying all together, including malinois. Ivan balabanov has posted that people are welcome to send them emails, trying to make them reconsider (facebook).
Border collie puppies from shadowman- ingrid rogger in italy: 5 males/ 2 females sired by eiri greme ray (1, 2, 3), 3 males/ 4 females from tris & thaji (1, 2).
Videos: magdalena labienec (poland) & issi (youtube), miriam sondergaard & rayder (facebook Rayder - Obedience - Welsh Riverdee), iwona golab (poland) doing fitness with applause (facebook), alexandre borges (brazil) & eva, national brazilian agility large champion (facebook). Video of Tom, a border collie with 3 legs, running ina national herding competition (facebook)

19/03/18- Luxembourg: results from the quali (.pdf).
Border collie litter expected in germany Teddy (her sire is eiri greme ray, father of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick)) X erwyd twm. Information.
International sheltie competition: webpage of the competition to be held in italy (click). Registrations are on may 1 st through sport enci. List of judges.
Videos: commercial with zen (jaakko from finland) of smart store (youtube), svetlana kreslina (latvia) & salsa (youtube), patrizia ciufffetti (italy) & B (facebook), beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (youtube), nicole kelpen (germany) & kite (youtube), nicola giraudi (italy) & eira (youtube: 1, 2), border collie watching flyball in crufts (facebook). Video of Knot-a-Hitch from ruffwear (youtube).

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