Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 0721- 69 62 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

21/01/20- Courses: dominique prin from france (facebook), Ana Beltrán (spain) in france (facebook).
Spain: statistics of the dogs registered to que quali trials in lugo (facebook).
France: statistics of the dogs registered to que quali trials for world cup/ EO (click). Registration list for large, medium, small.
Border collie pupies planned in czech rep. out of mer from klaudia litwin; mer is son of why not zet my queen and grandson of fetch granting pleasure (click).
Videos: sarah baker (USA), skeptic, hops training with tamas traj from hungary (youtube).

20/01/20- Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in portugal (facebook).
Online course from shape up agility training for the canadian's tryouts with justine davenport & jessica patterson (click); it's a 16 weeks course.
Magna racino 2020: will have live stream for full members of working dog (facebook, webpage).
Running contacts: isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) posted if there is interest of following her while teaching running contacts to ami, the new dog of jouni orenius (facebook).
Obstacles the lite jumps from galican are now in white (facebook, webpage).
Border collie puppies: there is a litter expected in croatia out of aslna X witch; they will be grandchildren of eiri greme gwen (facebook). The puppies of the italian litter sired by cinna (nadine alshut) are grandchildren of tanhill glen and great grandchildrens of sonny from japan (facebook manuela satta); they are 5 females and 2 males.

19/01/20- Online course: the registrations for running contacts with silvia trkman are open (click). Classes start on february 4.
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in france (facebook), nikolas koch (germany) in france (facebook: 1, 2), Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook), Juraj Ruza in slovakia (facebook), marco mäkelä from finland (facebook), manca mikec from slovenia (facebook), bonnik berthelsen (denmark) in norway (facebook), roman lukac in slovakia (facebook), Riikka Kankainen from finland (facebook), tunnel cup from Christiane Mareile (facebook).
Videos: grégory bielle bidalot (france) & mimi (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & sea (youtube).
CSJ agility open: the registrations are open (1, 2). The comeptition is on june 18- 21. webpage, facebook.
Verbano challenge is on may 1- 3 in italy (facebook). The judges are Nicolas Renaud (france), Wolfgang Tieber (austria), lorenzo celic & paolo rebasti (italy). facebook for the event.

18/01/20- Courses: alex beitl (germany) in france (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in greece (facebook), nikolas koch (germany) in france (facebook), tomas glabazna in czech rep. (facebook), sari mikkila from finland (facebook), bonnik berthelsen (denmark) in norway (facebook).
Obstacles: smart-99 (germany) has a plastic to hel train the outs (click), wheels for the a frame (click), regulator for the ramp (click).
Puppies border collie, the sire is shadow of aire thor (knoxx x dice (miha primozic)) they are in slovenia (1, 2). The list of people interested in the litter planned at darleyfalls (england) from lauren langman is very long (facebook).
Seminar with max sprinz in england on february 26- 28 (facebook naarah cuddy).
Judging for 2020: livia pivetta (italia).
Videos: jaakko (finland) & wow (facebook), aimilia tziliou (greece) & remeny (facebook), sébastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook). video and comments from kayl mc cann about the seminar with dan shaw & dave munnings (facebook).

17/01/20- This weekend: canicopter winter challenge in france (cneac, facebook); the judges are alex beitl (germany), nikolas koch (germany), gérard gery, dominique prin. Czech rep.: competitions in Celadna (judge tomas glabazna), ratenice (judge lucie krejci), kladno (judge petra Vyplelova). Austria: competition for the winter cup with judge Fritz Hauser (.pdf). Greece: jan egil eide (norway) is the judge in pallini (facebook). Norway: trial judged by Bonnik Berthelsen from denmark (facebook). Chile: westie cup (facebook).
Courses: andrea deeg from germany (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in poland, the sire is nino jpot at gingerbell. Nino is out of tanhill glen and he is grandson to joe from bobby dalziel (facebook).
Software for course designe: new features at smarter agility (facebook).
: on tuesday starts a course from bad dog agility to train for the national AKC 2020 (click).
Videos: lea komat (slovenia) & weezy (youtube), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) trainin running contacts to ami (facebook)

16/01/20- Swiss agility cup: on january 22 registrations will open to the competition to be held on august (click).
Steppach Pentecost 2020 (germany): registrations are open (facebook). It is on april 30 to may 1st, the judges are tamas traj (hungary), daniel walz & alex beitl (germany).
Maremma cup 2020: the program was updated (facebook).
Puppies: the border collie litter expected with stas kurochkin in russia was confirmed (facebook); they are out of zippy (stas kurochkin) X gambit (facebook) and Gambit is grandson to joe (bobby dalziel) and full brother to zaelle (nina gregl). Border collie male puppy (9 weeks and a half) available in poland (info, pedigree), (facebook); is grandson of keeper alchera (fullbrotehr of sienna alchera, the dam of why not hash my queen) and rising sun dark raider.
A&C 2020 (brazil): list of participants from USA (facebook); there are registrations from argentina, brazil, chile, colombia, guatemala, uruguay. The first deadline is january 31 (registrations & costs). webpage, facebook, unofficial information.

15/01/20- BCC 2020: the webpage is available (click). The obstacles are from bing agility and can be buy with discounts. The judges are stefanie semkat (germany), sari mikkila (finland), seppo savikko (finland), jan egil eide (norway), petr pupik (czech rep.), alicia bohacova (czech rep.), jocke tangfelt (sweden). Registrations will open on february 1st.
Obstacles: 10 % discounts on orders before january 31 at callieway and free shipping when pick uo them at magna racino (facebook). webpage.
Facebook: post asking for better dogwalks brand for running contacts (facebook).
Puppies: the border collie italian litter out of drop x syclone was confirmed (facebook); syclone is full brother to cinna, son of tanhill glen, grandson of sony from japan.
Magna racino 2020: the program is available (.pdf).
Brazil: seminar with svetlana kreslina (latvia). Young dogs can go on april 18- 19 and experienced dogs on april 20- 21. The quota is 14 dogs. Registrations are via whatsapp to +55 11 992224860 (facebook). There is no information about costs.

14/01/20- Leela has been seen on the east of Nâsum several times last week (facebook). Leela is a small shetland from colombian agility national team that got lost in sweden before CI world cup 2018. Swedish search teams habe been looking for her during more than a year trying to catch her. She is a fearful dog and is leaving in survival mode so she does not trust people. People do not have to try to catch her, nor run behind her, nor call her. However it would be helpful to try to feed her, pay attention which direction she takes, lock her somwhere (if possible), follow her from a very long distance, take a picture of her. when you see her, just call the 0721- 69 62 49.
Puppies: the border collie litter at wannahave (netherlands) was confirmed (facebook); the sire is puhti (out of eiri greme ray) and the dam is dixx. Border collie puppies expected in italy with monica tasso (facebook); the dam is mai and the sire is My Cougar (ISDS OO/359862 sweep X jan). Border collie puppies planned in canada out of charm X sunny (facebook); sunny is son of sony from japan and charm is a momentum's daughter from susan garrett
Videos: klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), Kirstin O'Neill (canada) with her two malinois (facebook), annika af klercker (sweden), storma & vita (instagram, youtube), switzerland national team at world cup in finland (facebook), tricks with an aussie (facebook).
Courses nicolas renaud (france) at luxwintercup (facebook), jan sprij (netherlands) in poland (facebook), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook).
Calendar anders virtanen's judging events on 2020 (click). He will judge in finland, czech rep., russia, norway.

13/01/20- BCC 2020: will have 4 categories (there are no XS border collies) but ML will not be able to win a champion title (facebook).
Alpine agility open 2020: registrations will open on march 1 st (facebook). The competition is on june 19- 21 in italy (webpage).
Internacional border collies championship from czech rep. is on may 29- 31. (click). The judges are Rene Blank (Germany), Pavol Rohacek (Slovakia), Karina Divisova (Czech Rep.). Registrations have opened on january 1 st and there are available places (click). The obstacles are from Wallachianflower.
Norway: easter competition (10- 12 april) will have 3 courses per day. The judges are tamas traj (hungary), jan egil eide (norway), petr pupik (czech rep.). The hall is the one of norwegian open (facebook: 1, 2).
Mexico: first UKI competitionsI are on april 4- 5 and june 20- 21 (facebook).
Genetic tests with discount at paw print genetics (facebook); the code is NEWYEAR and it ends on january 21.

12/01/20- Game of judges 2020: the agility event for judges where they discuss new knowledge, build courses, train and compete will be on february 16 in slovakia (facebook); the competition is not exclusive for judges.
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in luxembourg (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in finland (facebook), nicolas renaud (france) in luxembourg (facebook), anders virtanen in finland (facebook), Aneta Obrusnikova from czceh rep. (facebook), esa muotka in finland (facebook), ana beltran (spain) in austria (facebook).
Comments from rene blank (germany) about one of his courses at the BACK (facebook).
Videos: silas boogk (germany) and his new puppy (facebook), elin steinholtz (sweden) training entries to the slalom (facebook), some highlights of the year of the working sheepdog (youtube). Video of a pig doing tricks (facebook); commercial of chevrolet (facebook).
Seminas: there are some available spots for the seminars with marusa podjed (slovenia) & tamas traj (hungary) in austria on february (facebook); more seminars with lisa frick (austria) on january, tereza kralova (czech rep.) on april (facebook).
Course with Maria Alexandersson (sweden) on january 20 in Kungsörs Hundarena (click).

11/01/20- Measuring dogs: agility nerd posted ‘Let's stop measuring dogs' height at the withers to set their jump height. The long bone of the forearm is a better indicator of the dog's mechanical jumping capability. Using this type of measurement has a number of advantages ’ ... ‘ UFLI flyball developed and has been using it for years. ’. (facebook). UFLI flyball rules talk about 7 jump heights (page 25); 12 inches for dogs with more than 7 inches of the long bone.
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in luxembourg (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook).
Hundesportwelt: for the competition on february 29 and march 1st with judges mirja lapanja (slovenia) & daniel walz (germany), registrations will be open also for grade 1 and 2 (facebook).
Female puppy american miniature shepherds available in england (facebook).
Bear: articles about the blue eye border collie that finds live koalas in the fires in australia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), video. ‘Bear was bought as a puppy by a family from a local pet shop, however Bear's high- energy proved to be too much for the family and they decided to donate him to the IFAW. The dog was brought to the Detection Dogs for Conservation, an initiative created by University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.’ ..... ‘Within minutes, the team knew he was “the one” they'd been looking for to train on live koalas,’ .... ‘He is high-energy, obsessive, doesn't like to be touched and is completely uninterested in people, which sadly means he doesn't make the ideal family pet but these qualities do make him a perfect candidate for a detection dog, which is exactly why he was chosen.

10/01/20- This weekend competition for the luxwinter cup (webpage, facebook, info, program, live results saturday & sunday); the judges are Alex Beitl (germany) & Nicolas Renaud (france). Germany: competitions in Hückelhoven, Kalkar, Oestringen, Borken, Wülfrath (webmelden). Austria: RuckZuck-Doppel-A the judge is Wolfgang Tieber (click). Mexico: competition for the FCM (instagram). Colombia: trial for the national championship in bogota (instagram: 1, 2). Chile: Agility fest 2020 (facebook).
Seminars: tereza kralova (czech rep.) in italy on april 28- 30 (facebook); there are no prices information. Tobias wüst & paul hirning (germany) on april 25- 28 in germany (facebook, formulario); there are no prices information. lisa frick in austria on april 10- 13 (facebook).
Junior european open 2020 (now junior world cup): webpage.
Videos: katarina podlipnik (slovenia) training their new puppy (facebook), elin steinholtz (sweden) & dex (facebook), ariane wieber (germany) & zola (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), vivy specian (brazil) & on (facebook).
FCI WC 2020: the weekend of the world cup there is a marathon in tallin so they recommend to book with time the hotel (facebook).

09/01/20- Litter border collie planned for summer 2021 in germany Mer X Lass (facebook). Mer is son of why not zet my queen and grandson of fetch granting pleasure; Lass is daughter of cinna (nadine alshut) and granddaughter of tanhill glen.
Courses: martin wenger from germany at the BACK (facebook).
Videos: Juraj Ruza (slovakia) & myst in a seminar with sascha grunder (facebook), Sissy Graf (austria) & asics at lord of the winter (facebook), tricks with zolza bc (youtube).
USDAA: the 2020 All-Around Dog Agility Championship will be on octoer 22- 25 in Tennessee (click).
CSJ 2020 (united kingdom) is on june 18- 21 (webpage, facebook). The judges are Ivan Amez Alvarez from spain, Jason Bartram from england, Jen Lewis from england, Mark Bruce from scotland (facebook). Registrations will open on january 12.

08/01/20- Heights for dogs: mexico is another country that adds two heights for their FCI competitions (facebook: 1, 2).
Junior agility: a survey among parents concludes that 7 years old is a good age for starting agility (click). Comments on facebook.
Seminar with petr pupik (czech rep.) & mark fonteijn (netherlands) on may 7- 8 in belgium: there are some available spots (facebook). Seminar with Erica Giustetto about physical conditioning, preventing injuries, stretching, cross training, etc in dogs on february 1- 2 in italy (facebook).
H- dogs design ofers draings with the head of the dog for 20 euros during january and february (facebook).
Gold rush challenge (england): calendar with the dates of the quali trials (facebook). The prizes include gold bars and a set of agility obstacles. The big final is on august 29.
El Salvador: copa cucastleca is on january 24- 25 (facebook). There is a judging course for beginners on january 21 (facebook).

07/01/20- Courses: esa muotka from finland (facebook), eric courant (france) in italy (jumping, agility).
Videos: james adams (england) & willow at gold rush (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & magma training running contacts (facebook).
Mudi litter planned in hungary (click).
Spain: the quali trial on january 25- 26 will be judged by rene blank (germany) & marc rabada (facebook).
Seminars: jan egil eide (norway) on march 25- 27 in italy (facebook).

06/01/20- Courses: mia laamanen from finland (facebook).
Videos: alejandro (spain) & ipa (facebook), running contacts of Dorothee Schmeer (germany) & beetee (youtube), dani fischbach (germany) & jive (instagram).
Magna racino 2020: available spots for the competition (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Malinois puppies females available in france (facebook).
Canada: shape up dogs are organizing seminars with tamas traj (hungary) before and after the tryouts (facebook, info). Registrations wil open on january 7 at 9 am (edmonton's time).
England: 4 english competitors at the back are organizing an event on january 19 with 2 of back's courses (facebook); the cost is 15 pounds.

05/01/20- Videos: lucie dessureault (canada) & akcie (youtube), max sprinz (germany) & style (youtube), michiel lazeroms (netherlands) & rave (facebook), Wendy Willemse (netherlands) & Q (facebook), tanja pollich (germany) & kate (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook).
Videos at the BACK: anne lenz (germany) & rosalie (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (youtube), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (instagram) dani lehrer (germany) & Tippi (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & zaelle (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep) & say (facebook), Rebecca Kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), Miriam Schopen (germany) & Mii (facebook), olga kwicien (poland) & mojo (facebook).
Courses at the BACK: Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook), jorge pires from portugal (facebook: 1, 2). more courses: jari suomalainen from finland (wordpress), vittotio papavero (italy) in russia (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook).
Border collie male puppy available in russia (facebook jane ostap).
Online course: registrations for the running contacts course with katarina podlipnik (slovenia) starting on january 27 will open tomorrow (webpage, facebook, instagram). The cost is 270 euros with dog and 160 euros as auditor.
Agility nerd: comments on a video from tereza kralova (czech rep.) & high (facebook).

04/01/20- Live stream: back's finals (facebook dogs4motion).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), Juraj Ruza in slovakia (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook). Courses from the BACK 2020: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook), jorge pires from portugal (facebook).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & cody (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), sandra langer (austria) in slovakia (facebook). Videos from the BACK: beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & juice (facebook), sébastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook).
BACK 2020: the winners were tereza kralova (czech rep.)/ say (border collie) in large, ugrin babunski (slovenia)/ freya (pumi) in medium, sandi okanovic (slovenia)/ miya (shetland) in small. Results for large, medium, small.
Warm up/ cool down: video with special price using code BACK2020 (facebook).

03/01/20- Courses at BACK: jocke tangfelt from sweden (jumping 1), Neil Ellis from england (jumping 3 large), rene blank from germany (agility 3 large), Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (agility 1). More courses: Peter van Cleef (facebook).
Border collie litter planned in france from page x kitacan's kyz (facebook). Page competes with jérémy chomienne and is daughter of sonny from japan, jazz from matej cucek, granddaughter of fetch granting pleasure. kyz is from french and english lines; her dam is full sister to fame from dave munnings.
Videos: calle tangfelt(sweden) & zara (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), katarina podlipnik training her puppy (facebook). Videos at the back 2020: tamas traj (hungary) & riu (youtube), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), sébastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook), odile kevin (france) & move on up (facebook), rebecca kowlaski (germany) & liv (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & juice (facebook).
BACK 2020: results agility 1 (large, medium, small), agility 2 (large, medium, small), agility 3 (large, medium, small), spiel 1 (large, medium, small), spiel 2 (large, medium, small), jumping 3 (large, medium, small). The winners in grade 3 were dani lehrer & tippi (border collie, jumping 3, large), lukas Aigner (mudi, jumping 3, medium), olga Kwiecien & mojo (cocker, jumping 3, small), silas boogk & beam (shetland, agility 3, medium), iwona golab & seeya (border collie, agility 3, large), maik Brand & sissy (shetland, agility 3, small).

02/01/20- This weekend: B.A.C.K. in germany (webpage, facebook); the judges are Jorge Pires (Portugal), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland), Neil Ellis (england), Jocke Tangfelt (Sweden), Martin Wenger, Jörg Thenert, Rene Blank, Dirk Patermann & Siegfried Schwarzkopf (germany). Austria: Dreikönigsturnier 2020 (.pdf). Slovakia: lord of te winter (.pdf); the judges are Sascha Grunder (switzerland) & Margaréta Kolevová (slovakia). Switzerland: open in Würenlingen (click) judged by Rico Foelix, Martin Ritter, Edwin Liechti. Germany: trials in Hemsbach, Saarburg, Vöhringen (webmelden); the judges are Bernd Hüppe, Andreas Pollich, Norbert Besser, Sandra Körber, Tanja Pollich, Sabine Novacek.

01/01/20- Aginotes: article ‘From buying your daughter a golden retriever to building your own agility hall- how did this happen?’ (click). ‘ She went to the bank with 4 guarantees; She mortgaged 2 real estates in Tartu, including her own city home and the office space of her company. ... I was not expecting to get bookings right away, I just wanted to train my dog. .... I'm not sure I could do it again, the project took so much energy. I knew it would be scary but there were times when I didn't sleep for weeks because of the worry. I think I did it perfectly, but I'm not sure I could do it as perfectly again.’ This story is from jaanika in estonia.
Courses: susanne nieder from germany (facebook), mina piske from germany (facebook).
Videos: thomas raczka (france), must in black & slalom (youtube), florian förster (germany) & nice (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) & app (facebook).
Discount: 20% off at Q-me agility from dave munnings until 8 am on january 2 with the code newyear2020 (facebook).
Online course: registrations for the teeter course from yes dog (sweden) are open. The options are 2 on 2 off and 4 on and you can choose the language between swedish and english (facebook).
Time system: barks is accepting pre orders for the time systems published in agility europe's facebook in october (click). Shipments will start in february (facebook). they have a special price of 190 euros + shipment (10- 15 euros in european union). They don't have shipments outside european union.

31/12/19- Swedish open (march 20- 23): registrations will open on january 1 through agilitydata (facebook).
Courses: tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook), jan sprij from netherlands (facebook), Kurt Ove Steinset from norway (facebook), Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook).
Clean run: list with online curses (click).
Austria: special offer for holidays between november and march with 1 hour training in an agility hall (facebook).
Portugal: trials scheduled for 2020 & 2021 (facebook); tamas traj (hungary), oscar muniz (spain), sari mikkila (finland) will be judging.
Health: article about healthy exercises and non healthy exercises for puppies (click).
Border collie puppies planned in poland (facebook); their grandfather is why not zet my queen. toby is an 18 months border collie from mosse magnusson available; he has been trained for herding (youtube) and is a grandson of tanhill glen.

30/12/19- Courses: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), kurt ove steinset in norway (facebook), juraj ruza in slovakia (facebook).
Canada: the tryouts are on april 25- 26 de abril in edmont alberta. Registrations open on mid january (facebook).
Dania cup: the list of judges are available (click). The competition is on july 12-18 in denmark.
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary-germany) & side (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & sofia (facebook), geertje schijf (netherlands) & aura (facebook), anna hinze (germany) & take (facebook).
USA: post from marla friedler reminding the new rules from AKC effective on january (facebook), among them the Fix and go that will be pilot for one year. Another change is that one dog can enter in differents heights the same day.
Spain: course with turid rugaas (norway) on june 2020 (click).

29/12/19- Finland: calendar with qualifying competitions & SM 2020- 2022 (click).
Switzerland: the judges of the last quali for world cup 2021 are sandra deidda (italy) & alex beitl (germany). Information.
BACK 2020: programa from friday, saturday. rules for swit cup & saturday's final.
Nordic championship 2020: one of the judges is Kurt Ove Steinset from norway (facebook).
Video of Szofia Szilagyi (hungary) & henna (.

28/12/19- Leela was seen again near Nâsum (facebook). People do not have to try to catch her, nor run behind her, nor call her. However it would be helpful to try to feed her, pay attention which direction she takes, lock her somwhere (if possible), follow her from a very long distance, take a picture of her. when you see her, just call the 0721- 69 62 49.
Seminars: zsofi biro (hungary) in germany on january 22- 23 (facebook); the cost is 105 euros each day and there are place for 12 dogs. One day seminar (21 april) in germany with Leslie Eide (USA) on gymnastic jumping for the dog (facebook). Seminar in germany with bernd hüppe (austria) on january 2- 3 (facebook); the cost with dog is 105 euros per day.
Online course: registrations for running contacts foundations with katarina podlipnik will open on january 6 (click); it's for dogs over 10 months.
Excercises: Birgitta Hermansson (facebook), Vaxjo Agility- SAgiK (facebook).
Videos: daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook), Wendy Willemse (netherlands) & legend (facebook).

27/12/19- This weekend is the agility silvester turnier until december 31 in Hundesporthalle Westerwald from germany (facebook). Germany: competitions in Oestringen, Kalkar, Hückelhoven, Borken, Mendig between december 28 and january 1 (webmelden). Austria: seminar with mirja lapanja & matej cucek from slovenia (facebook); silvester challenge the judge isMina Piske from germany (click). Switzerland: competition in bellach from december 28 to january 1 (click) and in Wattwil (1, 2).
Photos: olympia (england), switzerland.
Facebook: Lisa Frick looks for pictures with accidents in tunnels (facebook).
Videos: max sprinz (germany) & style (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (facebook), Sai & Sum at gold rush 2019 (youtube).
Crollie litter expected at the end of january in the netherlands (facebook linda zegers). The sire is kick (border collie, pedigree). The dam is fanatic fire (croatian sheepdog, pedigree); her grandmother is sister to kisa from polona bonac.

26/12/19- Lost dog in netherlands: bindy has been found (facebook: 1, 2).
Seminars & courses: pâskekurs 2020 with petr pupik (czech rep.) & jan egil eide (norway) is on april 4- 5 in norway (facebook, form). Seminar with iwona golab in poland on june 16- 17 (facebook).
Puppies kromfohrlander in denmark (facebook); they are 4 females & 4 males.
Obstacles: discounts on pre order for the back 2020 at apalu (facebook).
Suiza: the helvetic agility masters is on march 20- 22 at swiss dog arena (webpage, facebook); the judges are Stefanie Semkat (germmany), Nikolas Koch (germany), Martin Eberle (switzerland).
International agility poodle 2020: as the swiss agility championship will be on september 19- 20, the international event has moved to october 10- 11 in Münsingen (facebook).
Competitions for 2020: list with the international competitions (1, 2).

25/12/19- Lost dog: bindy is still lost in the netherlands (1, 2, 3); today her collar was found. They ask to call +31 651 03 32 47 for any information; is a very shy dog.
Border collie puppies from stas kurochkin planned in russia (facebook); they are great grand children of fetch granting pleasure and relative to maeglin elvis, he is grandfather at dam lines and great grand father at sire lines. In the netherlands they expect a litter at Nice of you to come by (from Danielle Boshouwers) on december (facebook); they are out of astra nuts & snap (xtreme gulden land).
Italy: competition on january 4- 6 in cagliari, the judges are stefanie semkat (germany) & sandra deidda (click).
Spain: information & comments about the new agility regulations (1, 2).
Online course on course design with jan egil eide (norway), petr pupik (czech rep.), tamas traj (hungary): the next group starts on january (facebook (1, 2), formulario).
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in japan (facebook).

24/12/19- Poland: trial with 5 heightson november 28- 29 (facebook). The judges are rene blank (germany), zsofi biro (hungary, natalie webb. There will be 3 courses; the venue is 90 x 45 m, with heating and artifficial grass. Registrations will open on march 15.
Contacts dimensiones: zeljko gora pasked about lenght, weight, height of the contact obstacles depending on the brand. Nadine alshut answered about dog walk's lenghts (facebook).
Videos: krisztina kabai (germany) & tiu (facebook), jaakko (finlandwww.facebook.com/janita.leinonen.3/videos/10157955457079629/" target="_blank">facebook). Video from natasha wise (england) & Pebbles at Olympia (facebook); the video shows the public present at the event.
France: registrations for world cup/ EO quali are open (click).
Southamerica & central america: the calendars for 2020 published are the ones of brazil, colombia, chile.

23/12/19- Lost dog: rebecca foster's dog is lost in netherlands (facebook: 1, 2, 3). Bindy is a collie X spaniel cross black and white and got lost while they were visiting their family; any information should be sent to +31 651 03 32 47. Bindy is very timid.
Courses: olympia in england (1, 2, 3, 4), Jörg Zenner in germany (facebook), jari suomalainen (finland) in estonia (1, 2), andrea deeg (germany) inswitzerland (1, 2), Kev Vde in belgium (facebook), mina piske in germany (facebook).
Facebook: jane elene christensen (denmark) asks about differents supplements with glucosamine, condroitine, MSM, etc (facebook).
Videos: dave munnings (england) & boost (facebook), wendy willemse (netherlands) & legend (facebook), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), cathrine sondergaard (netherlands) & spotify (facebook), bianca van gastel (netherlands) & juicy (facebook), Debby Simons (belgium-uk) & dice (facebook), Daniel Volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook).
Olympia 2019: Dave munnings & boost (mixed breed) won in small; other winners were Dawn weaver & vegas (mixed breed) in medium, Megan Hunt & Thyme (working sheepdog) in large. Dave Munnings & boost won olympia for 3 years in a row. boost was the little rescue dog with a suitcase full of problems. Dan shaw writes We would be lying if we said he had been easy or even always enjoyable. We knew when we agreed to keep him we were his last chance, giving up was not an option (facebook).

22/12/19- Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), mina piske from germany (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook).
Videos: anne lenz (germany) & rosalie (facebook), euan paterson (england) & Crazee (facebook), linda barton (canada) & quest (vimeo), Tanja Pollich (germany) & kate (facebook), vivy specian (brazil) & on (facebook).
Online clases by martina klimesova (czech rep.): until the end of the year it is possible to register at the 4 online courses (facebook); due to moving to italy, registrations won't be possible on january and probably also on february. The prices will be higher on 2020 and there will be 2 new courses on 2020.
IFCS 2020: post asking for the judges at next year IFCS (facebook).
Obstacles: discounts on used equipment from galican at BACK (instagram, facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in austria for the end of december; the sire is kemi mike and their granfather is joe from bobby dalziel (click).

21/12/19- USA: list of team members for EO 2020 (facebook).
Qualis in europe: list with the competitions we found (google drive); we keep on updateing it.
Border collie litter planned in the netherlands (facebook). The puppies will be grandchildren to eiri greme ray; the dam is dixx. pedigrees (1, 2).
Mediterranean dog challenge 2020 is on may 22- 24. webpage, facebook. The judges of the agility competitions are Sandra deidda (italy) & Alen Marekovic (croatia).
Cayenne post from grégory bielle bidalot (france) with words to his dog who died (facebook). Videos (1, 2). They were second at world cup 2012 (individual), winners of world cup 2014 (team), third at world cup 2015 (team) among others results.
Videos: patricia kowalski (germany) & issy (facebook)

20/12/19- This weekend is the Olympia in england (1, 2, 3, 4). Germany: competitions in mendig, Hückelhoven, Vöhringen (webmelden); the judges are respectively Jörg Zenner, Christian Görl, Mina Piske. Spain: registration list of the quali in Asturcon. Portugal: Natal agility speed cup (facebook) judged by Sergio de Sousa; it is a competition with tunnels and jumps and a ‘knock out’ final. Czech rep.: competition judged by rene blank (germany) in Ratenice (info). Switzerland: competitions (1, 2) in Würenlingen (the judges are Andrea Deeg (germany), Sascha Grunder, Patrick Ernst), Bellach (the judges are urs inglin & Jimmy Cruchet), St. Gallen (the judges are martin eberle & peter kindle).
Obstacles: 3 foldable jumps as present when buying a full set of soft obstacles (tyre, wall, long jump) when buyin before january 6 at miro agility (facebook).
Agility nerd shared his exercises for small space with a tunnel, slalom and 4 jumps (click).
Border collie puppies: the puppies out of tanhill glen and grandkids from fetch granting pleasure were born in poland (facebook); they are 4 males & 1 female.

18/12/19- Olympia 2019 starts today. info, running orders.
Border collie puppies planned in england out of scarlet x hash - zeljko gora (facebook); Hash is a son of fetch granting pleasure and grandson to sony from japan X witch from matej cucek (click). Two border collie females puppies available in russia (1, 2).
Videos: laura gessner (germany) & quick (facebook), channie elm (denmark) & fame (youtube).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), andrea deeg from germsny (facebook).
Facebook Agility- Competing in Europe: are asking for competition with the judges of the world cup (facebook).
Parties & pyrotechnics: promotional video of the non use of pyrotechnics at the end of the year (facebook).

17/12/19- Live stream: kayl mc cann from canada (facebook).
Gold rush 2019: podium
individual large: 1- amarylis debry (belgium) & ivy (malinois), 2- tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (border collie), 3- Rebecca Kowalski (germany) & liv (border collie).
individual medium: 1- james adams (england) & willow (working cocker), 2- klaus klasgen (germany) & aira (berger des pyrénées), 3- sami suvanto (finland) & siili (berger des pyrénées).
individual small: 1- enya habel (sweden) & party (shetland), 2- stephanie hering (germany) & lias (parson), 3- maik brands (germany) & sissy (shetland).
team large: 1- swiss large boys, 2- gold oder nix, 3- lo sabe dios.
team small- medium: 1- swiss mediums, 2- four nations, one passion, 3- gold diggers.
Border collie puppies planned for end february in russia (facebook). They are out of zippy from stas kurochkin x gambit (facebook). Gambit is grandson of joe (from bobby dalziel) and full brotehr to zaelle (from nina gregl).

16/12/19- Malinois puppiesplanned for 2020 out of ivy (facebook); ivy won the gold rush 2019.
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) in germany (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), philipp müller schnick (germany) in the gold rush (facebook 1, 2), lorenzo celic (italy) in slovakia (facebook), Eva Waldmeier (germany) in the gold rush (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4), roman lukac in slovakia (facebook), Training courses: carlo magnoli from italy (facebook), lotushallen (facebook).
Videos: ina himle training with tobias wüst (facebook), daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook), jane & noddy (facebook). Videos from gold rush: amarylis debry (belgium) & ivy (malinois) winning in large (youtube), Rebecca Kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), Ina Himle (norway) & Wii (facebook), enya habel (sweden) & party (facebook), iwona golab (polonia) & seeya (facebook).

15/12/19- Live stream: gold rush, AKC agility invitational.
Leela was seen twice in the zone (facebook). The search teams asks not to try to catch her, nor run after her or call her. It would be helpful trying to feed her, paying attention on the direction she runs away, locking her somewhere (if it is possible), follow her from far away. the phone number for reporting observations is 0721- 69 62 49.
BACK 2020: available spots in medium grade 3 (facebook), small grade 2 (facebook), large grade 1 (facebook).
Greece: first greek championship on january 18- 19 (facebook); the judge is jan egil eide (norway).
Italy: trial on january 4- 5 in brescia (facebook); the judges are andrea bellachioma & eric courant (france).
Seminars: nina gregl (croatia) on march 4- 6 in varese- italy (facebook). Stas Kurochkin (russia) in netherlands on march 27- 29 (facebook). Jan egil eide (norway) in poland on june 9- 11 (facebook).
Online courses from svetlana tumanova (russia) with discount on december 15- 25 (facebook). webpage.

14/12/19- Live stream: gold rush, AKC agility invitational.
Kris Koprivnik (slovenia) died unexpectedly this week (agility-slo, facebook). facebook, youtube. Kris has participated at amadeus last weekend, was national team member of slovenia at EO 2019 in the netherlands (video) and world cup in finland (video). He won the team competition at EO 2018 in small (video) and the EO 2015 in medium- small (video).
Videos: jérémy allio (france) & tito (facebook), tanja pollich (germany) & kate (facebook), Rebecca Kowalski (germany) & liv at gold rush (facebook), anna hinze (germany) & take (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & fu (facebook), alar kivilo & Kei (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy), eira & brick (facebook), daisy peel (USA), frodo & chispa (facebook).
Clean run: the special offer for max 200 obstacles expires at midnight (webpage, facebook).
Courses: Vendula Hausnerová (czech rep.) in japan (facebook), roman lukac at lord of the winter (facebook), Eva Waldmeier (germany) at gold rush (facebook: 1, 2), Jari Suomalainen from finland (facebook), michael schilling from germany (facebook), Timo Teileri from finland (google drive), jan egil eide (norway) in japan (facebook), philipp müller schnick (germany) at gold rush (facebook 1, 2, 3). southamerican courses: matias corti (facebook), luciano peccin (facebook), gabriel arriagada (facebook).

13/12/19- This weekend: gold rush 2019 in germany (webpage, facebook, running orders, program); the judges are Philipp Müller- Schnick, Eva Waldmeier. Slovakia: lord of the winter judged by Lorenzo Celic (Italy) & Roman Lukac (.pdf); seminario con lisa frcik (facebook). finland: trials in helsinki (judged by anne savioja & mia laamanen), Lappeenranta (judged by Jari Suomalainen), turku (judged by anders virtanen & Heidi Viitaniemi), Riihimaki (judged by Laura Mättö), tampere (judged byKari Jalonen), etc (click). USA: AKC agility invitational (webpage, facebook, running orders, program, courses & results, live stream). Mexico: winter cup (facebook). Colombia: trial for national championship (click). Brazil: copa ducao in sao paulo (click), training with Radka Mokrisova (czech rep.) & ricardo tubaldini (facebook).
Videos: commercial against fire works for christmas and new year (facebook), commercial for tienda inglesa (youtube). Video with the physical conditionning of marusa podjed's dog in a swimming pool (facebook).
Facebook agility future prospects for publisching the planned matings (facebook).
Online courses for running contacts withKatarina Podlipnik from slovenia (facebook); it starts on the last days of january and registrations will open on january 6. She also has another on line course for running contacts foundations that starts in february. Running contacts course with miska tonic (serbia) has opened the registrations and costs 180 euros (facebook).

12/12/19- Border collie puppies (males) available in germany: they are out of Zillions of Power of noble county (son of cinna from nadine alshut x fleece from silvan zumthrum) x chili (facebook). border collie puppies planned in switzerland: grandkids of rising sun dark raider (facebook). Border collie litter expected at hybeck- tony bramley (facebook); the sire is mac from serge van der zweep and the dam is foxridge gill (grand daughter of tanhill glen).
Clean run: more about the 12 days offers (1, 2). sales.
Denmark: agility camp with nicola giraudi (italy), jane elene christensen (denmark), nina gregl (croatia), iwona golab (poland) on march 26- 29 (1, 2).
USA: registrations for the AKC national championship are open and the deadline is january 7 (facebook, webpage).
Seminars: Enya Habel & Annika Af Klercker (sweden) at swiss dog arena on january 11- 12 (facebook); the cost is 300 CHF (more or less 300 dollars- 250 euros).

11/12/19- Courses: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), michael schilling at the national championship for the VDH in germany (facebook: 1, 2), esa muotka in finland (facebook), jose vandy from belgium (facebook).
Border collie male puppy available in latvia (facebook). He is out of gryffin (full brother to the dam of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick)) x salsa (daughter of the sire from say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick)). Salsa runs with svetlana kreslina.
Bélgica: jueces y fechas de la quali para el mundial (facebook).
Videos: aimilia tziliou (greece) & remeny (facebook), vendula hausnerova doing agility with mini obstacles in japan (facebook), anne lenz (germany) with itzi bitzi & chi doing the 1- 2 at german championship (youtube). photos & video of a dog falling at the dogwalk in japan (facebook; 1, 2).

10/12/19- Amadeus 2019: the winners were Tereza Kralova (czech rep.) & Say (large), Barbara Bozek (austria) & Cevin (medium), Thomas Berger (austria) & Noobsi (small). Facebook amadeus (1, 2, 3).
France: judges for the quali (click).
Italy: triple competition on january 4- 6 in pisa (facebook); the judges are rolf graber (switzerland- italy) & lee gibson (england).
Canada: seminar with dan shaw & dave munnings (england) on january 10- 12 (facebook). registration form.
Spain: calendar of first half year 2020 2020.
Online courses with nina gregl (croatia) with free spots: Single Jump Skills, Jumping Mania Remastered, How To Train Your Dragon. The cost of the places with dog are respectively 265 euros, 250 euros, 195 euros and as auditor 130 euros, 110 euros, 95 euros. The first 2 courses start on december 27 and the last one on january 16.
Interview from aginotes to Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (click).

09/12/19- EO 2023 would be in denmark (click).
Flybvall: the world cup is on may 23- 24 in belgium. webpage, registrations. The live stream is from working-dog.
Courses: jari suomalainen (finland) in sweden (blogspot), Michael Schilling in germany (facebook: 1, 2), roman lukac (slovakia) in austria (facebook), kurt ove steinset in norway (facebook), zsofi biro from hungary (facebook), gabriel arriagada (chile) in guatemala (facebook).
Germany: results of the national championship for the VDH (click). The winners were anne lenz & itzi bitzi (large), daniel schröder & cashew (medium), tobias wüst & dörte (small). Anne lenz also won the second place in large with Chi. The fifth place in all categories went for a mixed breed.
Lost & found: post from mark herfert about what happened with his shetland and thanking all the help he received (facebook).
Videos: dani fischbach (germany) & jive (youtube), iwona golab (poland) & app (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (facebook), mike peter (luxembourg) & limit (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & panda (facebook), miriam schopen (germany) & mii (facebook).

08/12/19- Live stream: amadeus 2019 (facebook), national championship for the VDH in germany (1, 2 working-dog), competition in finland (youtube).
Puppies: the border collie litter from ikea x why not hash my queen was born (facebook martina vakonicova). There are 2 females and 3 males, 2 blue, 1 chocolate, 1 black, 1 lilac.
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), marko mäkelä de finlandia (facebook).
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & hydro (facebook), lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) & twix (facebook), daniel schröder (alemania) & cashew (facebook).
Lost shetland: Rev (shetland from Mark Herfert) was lost in a forest in canada. A huge number of people joined mark for the search; kayl Mc Cann wrote ‘What an incredible community’. The tracking dogs from Jane Shelegy found her track and finally rev was recovered. facebook.

07/12/19- Live stream: amadeus 2019 (facebook), VDH national championship in germany (working dog).
Surveys from agility world's facebook about the number of dog categories that people would like to have at FCI competitions (facebook) and about judging up contacts (facebook).
Amadeus 2019: results jumping large, agility large, jumping medium, agility medium, jumping small, agility small.
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), roman lukac in austria (facebook), Marko Mäkelä from finland (facebook), zsofi biro from hungary (facebook), ivan amez from spain (facebook).
Videos: manca mikec (slovenia) & aksi (facebook), romina cervasio training in argentina (facebook).
Galican: 10 % discount for the obstacles used at WAO's tryout in italy (webpage, facebook).

06/12/19- Live stream: amadeus 2019 (facebook).
This weekend is the amadeus world cup in austria (facebook, live stream, results); the judges are zsofi biro (hungary), roman lukac (slovakia), rolli schiltz (luxembourg). Germany: competitions in saarburg, mendig, Murrhardt, teningen, Hemsbach, Kalkar, Lübbecke, oestringen, etc (webmelden); information about VDH national championship (1, 2). Luxembourg: luxwintercup (click); the judges are Philippe Wattecamps (France) & Corinne Bormann. Guatemala: IV copa unity (facebook). Brazil: monster cup (info, facebook).
Music: article about a violinist that play for shelters dogs on his spare time (click). Article from patricia Mc connell on dogs and music (click).
Agilitynerd wants feedback on adding larger courses on his small space excercises and particular skills or challenge that people want him to cover (facebook).
A&C 2020 (brazil): it is available the webpage. facebook, regulations, judges, program. registrations: the first deadline is on january 31 (it has discount) and the last day to register is march 16. unofficial information.

05/12/19- Facebook agility europe: post about umber of categories or dogs and where they can be used (facebook). Some people are posting that at the quali for world cup, EO, etc it can only be used the same 3 categories than in the event but, the FCI regulations stands that only european open (adults and junior), FCI world cup and CACIAG competitions have to follow the regulations for FCI competitions. The national organizations may chose to have qualis with 5 categories and decide some criteria to define the national team members in 3 categories out of the results. On the other hand, if they decide to run following the competition rules for the FCI events, they can choose to jump at the lower heights even if nearly no one does it (55 cm for large, 35 cm for medium, 25 cm for small).
In the statistics, some non european countries having agility are missing.
Videos: Nusa Pecnik (slovenia) training with silas boogk in germany (facebook).
Amadeus 2019 (austria) begins on friday (facebook).
Courses: toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook), phillippe wattercamps from france (facebook).

04/12/19- Videos: lisa frick (austria) & hoss (facebook, instagram), jenny damm (sweden) about Lotuscupen (facebook).
Tamas traj challenge: frergistrations are open as auditor for december, there are some spots available for january (facebook). ‘The most difficult, challenging parts of the course will be explained how to teach the skill step by step and make it stronger’. Registration form. The cost is 25 euros per month. The ones in january costs 20 euros more with dog and 8 euros more as auditor.
Clean run: offers of day 1 (clip and go), day 2 (books & dvd).
Courses: tamas traj from hungary (facebook), toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook).
Poland: description of a new place to train with sand floor and contacts WT metall (facebook).
Portugal: natal agility speed up cup is on december 21 (facebook).

03/12/19- EO 2021- BCC 2021- JOWC 2021: portugal organize in 2021 the european open junior (15- 18 july), the europen open (22- 25 july) and the border collie classic (29 july- 1 st august) in abrantes. webpage.
Categoriess up to dog's heights: comments of petr pupik about the experience in czech rep. (facebook).
Slovenian agility open 2020 is on july 17-19 (facebook); the judges are Anita Szilagyi (hungary), sandra deidda (italy), Jocke Tangfelt (sweden), manca mikec (slovenia).
Photos: contest at jj dog of photos with dogs using products they sell (click). The deadline is december 20.

02/12/19- Cyber monday: susan garrett, toto it, agi- notes, one mind dog4, ernst, q-me, floramicato, dog wise, fit paws, ruffwear, do more with your dog, clean run.
Courses: dominique prin from france (facebook), jenny damm at lotuscup (facebook), Roland Kolenko from slovenia (facebook).
Amadeus 2019: the program is available (facebook).
Puppies border collie planned for beginning february in denmark (facebook gjerulff); the sire is jack from lisa frick. Border collie puppies planned in slovenia (facebook); the sire is cash (dice (miha primozic) x gambling man of shamrock field).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary-germany) & side (facebook), aimilia tziliou (greece) & remeny (vimeo), roy fonteijn (netherlands) & soof (facebook). video of foundation course from one mind (facebook).

01/12/19- Pistas: jan egil eide from norway (1, 2), rene blank from germany (facebook), jessi landen from sweden (facebook).
Stud: style, border collie of max sprinz, will be available for stud (facebook); his sire is cinna (nadine alshut, out of tanhill glen) and his dam gwen.
UK: border colie database (click).
Online courses: registrations are open for the puppy class with silvia trkman (click).
France: Hervé chaillouu, ana beltrán (spain), michel perain & livia pivetta (italy) are the judges on february 1- 2 in boyrgbarré (facebook).
Clean run: starts their 12 days with discounts (facebook). webpage.
Italy: competition with judges sandra deidda (italy) & stefanie semkat (germany) on january 4- 6 in cagliari (facebook).

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