Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 0721- 69 62 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

21/10/20- Online course for jumping with alenka (slovenia): ‘entering into collection’ (1, 2). It starts on november 6 and the registrations are open. It costs 90 euros for working spots and 60 euros for auditors.
Austria: information about world cup andl european open quali trials (facebook). The judges are Rene Blank (germany) & Ton Van de Laar (netherlands) on march 20- 21, Bonnik Berthelsen (denmark) & Sina Just (germany) on april 24- 25, Mark Forteijn (netherlands) & Vittorio Papvero (Italy) on may 22- 23. Calendars for national championship (including the one for young handlers and para agility), etc. (1, 2).
Border collie puppies: litter expected in netherlands out of Soof X Cinna (facebook).

20/10/20- Training: post asking about which channel slalom/weaves people have (facebook). They are asking among zig zag (smart-99, agimet, etc) or the one that the half of the poles moves to one side to create the channel (galican). Liz carpenter mentions that she liked to use the last one, until her dog had a broken nail on one of them. Some time ago, justine davenport (canada) was looking for a channel weave/slalom with nothing in the middle to avoid fingers injuries (facebook). On comments people says they trained on ernst, bing, there also existe the ones from way to weave where half poles moves to the right and the rest to the left.
Shetland puppy available in ukraine (facebook). The puppy was born on june 20; free of genetic diseases (tested in german laboratory), not a scary puppy . Pedigree of the parents (1, 2).
Videos: joanna fischer (poland) & limit (youtube), radka moriksova (czech rep.) in brazil (facebook).

19/10/20- Health: dermatomyositis is a health problem in shetlands and collies; there is a DNA test (click).
Border collie puppies planned in slovenia (facebook); mint (fetch x ivy from mirja lapanja) x zavi (grandson of eiri greme ray).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & azta training with iwona golab (facebook), bob & blew in a foundation course with silvia trkman (youtube), Magdalena Kasprzyk from poland (facebook).
Courses of a train: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), vendula hausenova from czech rep. (facebook). Courses from Toshiyuki Oba in japan (facebook).

18/10/20- Live stream: national championship in hungary (facebook), competitions in sweden (facebook) and spain (facebook).
Courses: angelika brandl from austria (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (blogspot), anita szilagyi from hungary (1, 2, 3), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), rolf franck from germany (facebook), tommi raita-aho from finland (facebook).
Software: smarter agility added the chance to add a banner on the jump, so they had to change the design (facebook).
Spain: the dog4motions online course with jana gams on dog cool down and warm up has now subtitles in spanish (facebook).
Videos: ramona shürcken (germany) & lyric (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), lauren langman (england) & tokyo (facebook), jérémy chomienne (france) & rafale (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) & riu (facebook), serv godschalk (netherlands) & faith (youtube).

17/10/20- Border collie puppies expected in slovenia out of kiwi x syclone (facebook) & jam x style (facebook) from masa slebir. Kiwi is a sister of wow from jaakko, daughter of knoxx (netherlands) and dice (miha primozic); syclone (isabella stefl) is a son of tanhill glen, litter brother of cinna and father of the youngest dog of tereza kralova. jam is daughter of app (son of summit (justine davenport) x jazz (matej cucek)); style (max sprinz) is a son of cinna.
Videos: ramona shürcken (germany) & lyric (facebook), maja slebir (slovenia) & jam (facebook), isabella stefl (austria) & syclone (facebook), Monika Rylska (poland) & koza nostra in austria (facebook), Katarina Podlipnik (slovenia) & Miss Diliys (facebook), Marietta Kudyba (germany) & dijaa (facebook), nancy gyes (USA) & Mockingjay (facebook), geertje schijf (netherlands) & aura (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook).
Courses from finland: jari suomalainen (blogspot), Arto Laitinen (facebook), Tommi Raita-aho (facebook), anders virtanen (facebook), Eevaliisa Pohjanen (facebook).
Clean run: index of next issue of the magazine (facebook). The last edition is the one from december.

16/10/20- Video: donha mitsue (brazil, 86 years old) training with vivy (facebook).

14/10/20- Online courses: Taco tuesday working class with lisa frick (austria) is starting in early november (instagram); the expected cost is 60 euros and there is a course every 4 weeks. Foundations with silvia trkman (slovenia) starts on october 15 and lasts 12 weeks (webpage, facebook, trailer); it costs between 190 and 290 euros depending if it is a working spot or as auditor, with or without video, if it is a second dog, if hte dog was previously registered to the same course.
Hungary: live stream from national championship probably available this weekend (facebook).
France: maryanne jourden's comments about some inquiries on dog age of starting/ ending in competitions and about changing from grade 2 to 3 and viceversa (click).
Italy: several seminars with manuela sata (facebook).
Injuries: comments about the results of ohio university's survey about frequency and types of injuries experienced by dogs taking part of agility competitions (click). They are looking for good quality photos for the report (facebook); they should show tha agility and strenght of doing agility but they can also be photos of accidents (crashing through bars, hitting wings, tumbles, slips).

13/10/20- Border collie puppies planned in switzerland: peanut x noxx (click).
Courses for training: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), dave munings from england (facebook).
Videos: lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) & beat (youtube), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook).
Czech Rep.: agility now's article about national championship and the results (click).

12/10/20- Videos: laura serrano (spain) & shania (youtube); thanked martina klimesova (czech rep.) for her help (facebook). More videos: carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), Enya Habel (sweden) & party (facebook).
Obstacles: smart-99 sells the electronic down plank for any dogwalk smart-99 bought since 2007 (facebook).
Seminar with martin reed (germany) in england on october 16 (facebook).
Courses: Sari mikkilä from finland (facebook), Tom Elsen from belgium (facebook), esa muotka from finland (facebook).
Sweden: agility camps on january 29- 31, february 5- 7, march 12- 14, april 9- 11 (facebook, formulario).

11/10/20- Live stream: norway (facebook).
Puppies: the litter from kennel shadow of aire in slovenia is out of panda X why not hash my queen (facebook). Panda is daughter of jazz (matej cucek) X sony from japan. Panda was doing agility in italy, and was reurned; she is now running in slovenia.
Netherlands: they are looking for people doing the live stream of masters (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), lisa frick (austria) with jack, hash & cody (youtube), Christl Faltner from austria (facebook), silas boogk (germany) training (facebook), susan koldenhof (netherlands) & time (youtube).
Courses: iwona golab from poland (facebook), jan sprij from netherlands (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook: 1, 2). Training course from SAgiK (facebook).
Denmark: there are some available spots for the semianrs with nina gregl, iwona golab & nicola giraudi (1, 2).

10/10/20- Videos: jenny damm (sweden) with azta & mailiz (facebook), annika af klercker & sadie (facebook), jérémy chomienne (france) & page (facebook), klaudia litwin (poland)& mer (facebook), tomas glabazna (czech rep.) training with a chicken (1, 2), Julia Fzi (hungary) training with veronika nagy (facebook), puck & ciddy in germany (facebook), . Video from the live stream in norway (facebook).
Sweden: oktoberfest on october 23- 25 at nutrolin arena (facebook).
Courses: marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), michael schilling from germany (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in poland (1, 2).
Germany: seminar with tobias wüst on february 13- 14 (facebook, form).
Obstacles: new junction for dogwalk with less noise and vibration (facebook).

09/10/20- Rules in agility: John Gilbert (england) wrote about the differences between english rules and FCI rules and specially about injuries, mixed breed dogs and jump heights (click).
♦ About the FCI agility commission, he writes ‘Even if we could have someone only as an observer attending the FCI Agility Commission meetings, it would be a giant step forward in keeping us fully up to date with what is currently being discussed, rather than getting this information third hand (and incorrect) through the grapevine’.
♦ about injuries. ‘Agility like any physical sport cannot be injury free, but we can always learn to do things better and, if necessary, make recommendations or changes to make things better. We must always have the safety of our sport uppermost in our minds at all times, inside and outside of the competition ring. I think on the whole that we achieve this now, but we must never be complacent, and likewise must also not be too hasty should one unfortunate injury befall one unfortunate dog’.
♦ about jump heights. He explains that the original one was 36 inches. In 1995, the FCI reduced it for large dogs and intriduced the 55- 65 cm and says that ‘from my experience of teaching and judging many times in 20 countries around the world that I have found that it makes little or no difference whatever the jump height is.’.
♦ about non FCI pedigree (other pedigrees, no pedigree, mixed breed, not FCI recognized breeds). ‘ Having explained briefly about the FCI, we have to accept that at the moment it is their rule. However, it is not true to say that crossbreeds are discriminated against in World Agility. In almost all countries Crossbreeds and Pedigrees compete on an equal footing as in the UK. A Crossbreed can also become a national champion in many countries’.
The three last items do not agree with what appears on internet. In particular, Yasuhiro Ohori (japan) posted on spetember 29about mini aussies that do not have a pedigree registration at JKC (facebook). The AKC accepted “all american” in 2014 (click) but they have to be neutered and, then, there are no equal conditions for doing agility (click). For example, Spain (.pdf), France (click) don't accept non pedigree dogs at their national championship.

08/10/20- Border collie puppies at kennel shadow of aire: ninja x style (from max sprinz) was changed to ninja x syclone (from isabelle stefl). Syclone is out of tanhill glen, he is the sire of high from tereza kralova and full brother to cinna (sire of style). Ninja is out of jazz x jack (from lisa frick) and full sister of nemi (de martina klimesova). they also confirmed the pregnancy of juice X style (facebook).
Stud: border collie out of zippy (stas kurochkin), his grandfather is fetch granting pleasure is available for stud (facebook). Contact stas kurochkin with a private message.
Videos: andrea cacciatori (italy) & unique (facebook), christian prinz (germany) & coon (youtube), klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), kayl Mc cann from canada (facebook), dani fischbach (germany), Coke & Jive (facebook), .
GErmany: calendarof the quali during 2021 and national championships for the VDH on 2020 and 2021 (click).

07/10/20- Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook), Nils Lindqvist from sweden (facebook), Birgitta Hermansson from sweden (facebook).
Private classes with nina gregl (croatia) on october 11- 13 in germany (facebook).
Videos from live streams in sweden: FCI world cup 2018, SM 2019, etc (click).
Seminar with manuela sata in italy on october 24- 25 (facebook).
Obstacles: alex beitl & krisztina kabai (germany) invite to train in mendig with the electronic contacts from smart-99 (facebook). new version of clip and go's teeter in USA (click).

06/10/20- Health: post about MMP (modified maquet procedure) a less invasive surgery with a faster recovery than TTA (facebook carina da silva).
Courses: zeljko Gora (croatia) in germany (facebook), jocke tangfelt (sweden) in czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: sarah baker (USA) & skep (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), mark herfert (canada) & rev (youtube).
Online course with susan garret (canada) home school the dog with discount (click); it costs 49 dollars in october.

05/10/20- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) for a competition in USA (facebook), Juraj Ruza from slovakia (facebook), Esa Muotka from finland (facebook), Regula Tschanz- Haas from switzerland (facebook).
Videos: marusa podjed (slovenia) & Nai (facebook).
Neutering: Laura K. S. Shaw (canada) has written that ‘my contract now specifies that spay/ neuter be done between 12- 18 months (closer to 18 months the better!)’ (facebook). In the post there are lots of links with benefits and risks of neutering, behaviour changes, early neutering, side effects, neutering & agressive/ fearful dogs, OSS, etc.

04/10/20- Online course: registrations are open for foundations with silvia trkman (click).
Courses: sari mikkila from finland (facebook), yasuhiro ohori from japan (facebook), jari suomalainen in finland (click). Training course from marc martin (facebook), kurt munsters (facebook).
Videos: elina jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) with fire & six (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) running a ‘rent dog’ (shadow of aire vex vader) and winning the race (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & style (facebook), anne lenz (germany) with itzi bitzi, chi & rosalie (facebook), dani fischbach (germany), Jive & Coke (facebook), philipp müller schnick (germany), boom & cross (facebook).
Border collie puppies: a litter out of jim from simon cotrell was born in england (facebook); they are 3 females and a male.
Seminars: there are some places available for the seminar with dani fischbach (germany) in italy on october 20- 21 (facebook); the information is only by private message. There are available spots for the agility camp with nina gregl, iwona golab, nicola giraudi in denmark on october 16- 18 (1, 2); the cost is 114 euros per day with dog and 50 euros as auditor. There are available spots for this weeek seminars with iwona golab in germany (facebook anne lenz).

03/10/20- Leela is a colombian shetland lost in sweden two years ago (before FCI agility world cup). Her owners posted that they are still looking for her and are asking for help in the search (facebook). Leela is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 0721- 69 62 49. Video with javier & leela (youtube: 1, 2). Photos on facebook.
Puppies: border collie male available in italy (facebook); he is a grandosn of why not hash my queen, ikea (pavol vakonic), fetch granting pleasure, grand grandson of eiri gremem moss, sony from japan, witch from matej cucek. Berger des pyrénées puppies born in austria out of zookie from laura reinhalter (facebook); they are 5 males.
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jari suomalainen in finland (click), Anita Szilagyi from hungary (facebook), esa muotka from finland (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) & wow (facebook), victoria kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), daniel schröder (germany) & drive her young border collie (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & high (facebook), melody ribeiro (chile) & palta (facebook).

01/10/20- Genetics: ghost tri in border collie (facebook).
Puppies: mudi out of emma X pavel at kennel bariguard (facebook). Border collie litter conirmed in belgium out of shadow of aire tottaly spice x eiri greme everlasting ghost; the dam is daughter of dice (miha primozic) x knoxx (gambling man of shamrock field, who is out of breeding due to a half sister with epilepsy bt all knoxx's kids are healthy) and she is full sister to the wow from jakko (finland), the sire of the litter es great grandchildren of eiri greme moss.
Denmark jane elene chrsitensen has to retired chip because of spondylosis and arthritis (facebook). She added: ‘Remember to enjoy every step of the way with your dogs, you never know when it is the last time you get to step to the start line with them.’.
Videos: euan paterson (scotland) & crazee (facebook). Video of the campaign fondation 30 millions d'amis (youtube).
Training courses from mathias dietrich (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4).

30/09/20- Courses david powell from france (facebook).
Videos: grégory bielle bidalot (france) & mint (facebook), susan koldenhof (netherlands) & sign (youtube).
International agility poodle 2021 is on october 9- 10 in switzerland (click); the judges are martin eberle & philipp glur.
Germany: agility WEEK 2021 with silas boogk, stephanie hering, paul hirning, tereza kralova & Fontaine cup 2021 on august 9- 15 (facebook).

29/09/20- Puppies: male mudis available in greece (facebook); they are out of remeny (first place at individual agility course in last world cup). malinois ppuppies expected in czech rep. (facebook)
Courses: eric courant from france (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & hash (facebook), silvan zumthurm (switzerland) & zeven (youtube).
Photography: claudio piccoli (italy) is selling a new book on photos of dogs in action (1, 2). The cost is 199 euros.

28/09/20- Courses: petr pupik from czceh rep. (facebook), sari mikkila (finland) in slovakia (facebook), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook), angelika brandl from austria (facebook), sascha grunder from switzerland (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in estonia (facebook), jose vandy de bélgica (facebook), esther dreier in norway (facebook).
Epilepsy: el royal veterinary college canine epilepsy research asks people topost about the first sign that led your dog to being diagnosed with epilepsy (facebook). Some people posted the sign before seizures.
Obstacles: smart-99 has the electronic contacts that works with the treat & train, now also galican has it (facebook).
Seminar with tamas traj (hungary) in belgium on may: registrations are reopen (facebook).

27/09/20- Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in estonia (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), iban cubedo from spain (facebook).
Videos: dani lehrer (germany) & leni (youtube), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & style (youtube), Jaakko (finland) & dao (facebook), calle tangfelt (sweden) & zara (instagram), Jan Egil Eide (norway) & app (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti from italy (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & ikea (facebook), lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) & twix (facebook), christl faltner (austria- norway) & halli (facebook).
Online courses about puppies with zsuzsa veres (hungary- spain) starts on october 12 (webpage, facebook); it is also useful for older dogs. The course is about motivation, self control, basic fitness, thinking skills. It costs 144 euros and lasts 12 weeks.
Mudi puppy (female) available in hungary because she can not travel to USA (facebook).
Hungary: first hall with artificial grass for sport dogs (facebook); tamas traj is one of the founders.
Obstacles: bing agility has new soft cups for the jumps (facebook).
Accident: jay (estonia) at the A frame (facebook).

26/09/20- Courses: nikolas koch from germany (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) training (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) with ikea (facebook) & siri (facebook) at slovakian national championship, Fabienne Thines (luxembourg) & honey (facebook), jouni (finland- sweden) & ami (facebook), naarah cuddy (england) & lemon (facebook).
Border collie puppies born at kennel austrian diamonds from ingrid kastner (facebook); asics (from sissy graf) is the sirer and the dam is dash (daughter of why not hash my queen). They are 5 males & 2 females.
Tessa timer: 30% discount for time systems from galican (facebook).
Pandemic cup in Southamerica: courses for beginners (petr pupik, svetlana kreslina), grade 1 (rene blank, papavero), grade 2/ 3 (sascha grunder, muñiz).

26/09/20- Clean run: course with 65 exercises with cones for agility training (click).
British agility championship (october 10- 11) was cancelled (webpage, facebook).
Seminars: lisa frick (austria) at Agilityhalle Berghausen on november 7- 8 (facebook); the costs are 110 euros for one day and 200 euros for two days.

24/09/20- Border collie puppies: 3 males & 3 females out of Mer were born in czech rep. (1, 2). The dam is Applause Infinities Lovelenia. Mer is son of why not zet my queen, grandson of fetch granting pleasure.
United kingdom will be unlisted third country for the european union on january 1st, 2021 and conditions for animals to travel will change (facebook). They should be as unlisted, as many countries from south america and blood samples must be taken to prove antibodies for rabies among other requirements. UK applied to the european commission to figure as listed country.
Videos: veronica odone from italy training under tamas traj (hungary) with dory (facebook) and with heya (facebook), dave munnings (england) with boost (facebook) & susan (facebook).

23/09/20- Courses: david powell from france (facebook).
Online course: registrations for the online running contacts course with katarina poldipnik opened today (facebook); there arelimit places with dog and sell out very quickly.
Videos: calle tangfelt (sweden) & zara (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & nai (facebook), radka moriksova (caceh rep.) & Lia (facebook), deby simons (england) Dobby, Rio, Eclipse & Dice (youtube), Patrizia Ciuffetti (italy), b, coffee & kill (youtube).
Seminar with marusa podjed (slovenia) in italy on november 14- 15 (facebook).

22/09/20- Online course: the running contacts with katarina podlipnik from slovenia begins on september 24 (facebook); there are spots available as auditor at the course for young dogs.
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), Syke vs Kesy in finland (facebook), Niina- Liina Linna (finland) & Ingrid (facebook).
Austria: autumn special is on october 24 with judge fritz hauser (click).
Japan open agility (28- 29 november): the courses will be by anthony clarke and the judge will be from japan due to coronavirus (click).

21/09/20- Courses build half & half by stefanie semkat & seppo savikko (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), lee gibson from england (facebook).
Australian kelpie sports event is on july 10- 11 in france (facebook); the judges are stefanie semkat (germany), manuel alff (luxembourg), gerard gery (france).
Videos: Niina-Liina Linna (finland) & thor (facebook), anna schöber (austria) & nice (facebook), Nadine Alshut (germany) & cinna (facebook), ricardo tubaldini (brazil) same course with dj different handling (facebook).

20/09/20- Live stream: SM 2020 in switzerland (click).
Courses: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jeremy manno (facebook), lorenzo celic from italy (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (click).
Videos: Max sprinz (germany) & style (youtube), monika pleterski (slovenia) & six (facebook), tina vieli (switzerland) & app (facebook), claudia schwab (switzerland) con mitch & sia (facebook), silvan zumthurm (switzerland) & idy (facebook) naarah cuddy (england) & banana (facebook), alejandro herbera from spaon (facebook), lauren langman (england) & tokyo (facebook).

19/09/20- Live stream: SM 2020 in switzerland (click). BR> Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & nora (facebook), Tuulia Liuhto (finland), sake & ipa (facebook), stephanie hundt at SM from switzerland (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in spain (facebook), seppo savikko & stefanie semkat (germany) in finland (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (click), rene blank (germany) in switzerland (facebook), carl de rouck from belgium (facebook), Mika Kangas from finland (facebook).

18/09/20- Live stream on saturday and sunday from switzerland (facebook).
Courses: jean pierre verbesselt from belgium (facebook), Markku Kaukinen from finland (click).
SM 2020 (switzerland) is this weekend: running orders (saturday, sunday), registrations, results (saturday, sunday), live stream.
USA: AgilityRush K-9 Performance Center opens this weekend in Massachusetts. webpage, facebook.

17/09/20- Seminar with iwona golab (poland) in germany on october 6- 8 (facebook); the cost is 95 euros/ day.
Austria: national championship this weekend (click). Running orders (1, 2).
USA: Oktoberfest at daisy peel's venue on october 5- 6 (facebook); the deadline for registrations is september 25. file with the requirements for the world cup 2021 tryouts (facebook).
Puppies: border collie litter expected in poland out of mer (facebook); mer is a son of why not zet my queen.
Videos: Emilia Tziliou (greece) & Destiny (facebook), eden heigel (USA) & enfys at a seminar with tamas traj from hungary (youtube).
Southamerica: colombian video about judges and their agility (facebook).

16/09/20- Courses: veronika nagy from hungary (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (instagram), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), Regula Tschanz from switzerland (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in canada out of summit - justine davenport (facebook). The shetland puppies out of meryl (who runs with pavol vakonic) were born in slovakia (facebook).
Seminar with ariane wieber (germany) on september 19- 20 at agility home in germany (facebook).
Hungary: on october 17- 18 is teh national championship in Szekesfehervar (facebook).
Online course with gregory bielle bidalot (france) on tight turns for power dogs, no flexibles but athletics (facebook); cost is 120 euros with dog & 90 euros as auditor.

14/09/20- Sweden: training with iwona golab (poland) at lotushallen (from jenny damm) on october 13 (facebook).
England: the olympia 2020 has been cancelled (facebook).
Online courses: running contacts with euan paterson from scotland (click); it costs 70 pounds with dog and 50 pounds for auditors. Online courses with tara labelle (canada with 1 jump (facebook), weaves with lisa marie slethofer (facebook).
Course: roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook).
Videos: jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & ami (facebook), andrea alderighi (italy) & indy (facebook).

13/09/20- Border collie puppies: 3 females and 4 boys were born in slovakia out of sofia solare x why not hash my queen (facebook).
Courses: angelika brandl from austria (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), jan sprij from the nertherlands (facebook), peter van cleef from the netherlands (facebook). Training course from iwona golab (poland) in italy (facebook), excercises from Birgitta Hermansson (facebook) and courses at a seminar with lee gibson from england (facebook).
Poland: agility course for beginners in autumn (facebook).
Videos: Susan Koldenhof (netherlands) & time (facebook), training of nina tonse with ZapZarap (7 months) in germany (youtube), mona grefenstein (germany) & Qju (facebook), Roberta Boscolo (italy) & james brown (facebook), german villa (colombia) & gunda (facebook).
Switzerland: information about 2020 national championship next weekend (facebook); the finals will have live stream (facebook).

12/09/20- Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), iwona golab from poland (facebook), Cédric Bargoin from france (facebook), Kurt Ove Steinset from norway (facebook), marc martin from france (facebook), Karel Havlicek from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: rebecca kowalski (germany) & Taki (facebook).
USA: the tryouts for european open 2021 were reschedule (facebook). The new dates are april 9- 11. Updated information of the tryouts for world cup 2021 (facebook).

11/09/20- Border collie litter expected at comebyanaway in england (facebook).
Course for training by iwona golab from poland (facebook).
Videos: danielle von leeuwen (the netherlands) & nelson (facebook), deby simons (england) & dobby at a course from krisztina kabai (facebook).
RIALP 2021 is on august 4- 8 in Spain (facebook). The judges are Ana Ana Beltrán Bustamante (Spain), Vendula Hausnerová (Slovakia), Zsofi Biro (Hungary), Inga Järv (Estonia; judge of FCI world cup 2021).
Survey for a research about the impacts of ground material on performance and injury in dogs (survey monkey). Information on clean run's facebook.

10/09/20- Videos: manuela satta (italy) entrenando con iwona golab (facebook), jaakko from finland (facebook), training jumping with turns to a bird (facebook Dog Agility Courses & Exercises).
Germany: the registrations for the trials in december at hsz-nrw from tobias wüst and in january at agility park (mendig) from krisztina kabai- alex beitl (click).
Obstacles: katarina poldipnick (slovenia) is using foam between the tunnel and the tunnel bags as a shock absorber (facebook).
Timer: new time system for training from digican in spain (click).

09/09/20- Trainings:available spots for training with iwona golab (poland) at jenny damm's place in october (facebook).
Videos: alice laforge (france- switzerland) & tesla (youtube), running contacts from Ariane Wieber (germany) & zola (facebook), Klaudia Litwin (poland) & mer (facebook).
International Home Trial Course (week 23 on september 12- 16) with courses from tamas traj from hungary (facebook).
Health: go fund me has a fundraiser for the diagnose and treatment of an adopted border collie in USA (go fund me). The hypotesis are meningitis or an autoinmune disease (facebook).
USA: informaction for qualifying for the tryouts (facebook).

08/09/20- Rehab, the border collie of greg derret (england) team world champion 2015, died after a diagnose on july (facebook). Greg derrett posted about her "she measured only just above medium, but what she lacked in size she more than made up for in attitude. Her drive, work ethic and loyalty was second to none.".
Guld agility 2021 (july 11- 18, kalmar, suecia): Asa Wrede (sweden) is one of the judges (facebook). The other judges already announced are stefanie semkat (germany), tamas traj (hungary), Seppo Savikko (finland), fanny gott & Tina Karlsson (sweden). webpage, facebook, program (seminars, lectures, competitions), inscripciones.
Seminar: tamas traj (hungary) in italy on september 16- 18 (facebook).
Litters: border collie litter planned at kennel downforce (sweden); the dam is sota (facebook). Border collie litter expected in south africa (facebook); they are out of Vika & Lit (grandson of tanhill glen).
Obstacles: Laura Field (england) organizes a galican order for mid to late december (facebook); the orders must be with laura no later than early october.

07/09/20- Dobby (Gunran misteree) mr perfect the border collie of dave munnnings, winner of two agility individual at EO, second place at world cup FCI always in the podiums with a smile and his green ball (holee roller) died at 15.5 years (tribute video, posts 1, 2).
Border collie puppies: out of Dju my angel of austrian diamonds (daughter of why not hash my queen) X cinna (son of tanhill glen and grandson of sony from japan) were born the puppies of Frauke Krieger (facebook).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary-germany) Tiu, Side & Hydro (youtube), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook).
Seminars: zeljko gora (croatia) offers seminars on october, november and december since he is not travelling overseas (facebook).
Séxtuple de Euskadi 2021 (spain) will be on august 17- 22, 2021 (facebook).

06/09/20- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (click), Carlo Fazio in Italy (facebook), Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook), Susanne Nieder in germany (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemy (facebook: 1, 2), Rebecca Kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), jan sprij (the netherlands) & Reece (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & high (facebook), Sabine Kreutz (germany), Foo & Cid (facebook), sarah baker (USA) & skeptic (facebook), Sarah Lorentzen (denmark) training independence (facebook).
Online courses from clean run starting on monday (click).
Seminars: dani fischbach in germany on october 11 (facebook); it costs 95 euros and there is a quota of 12 registrations. Agi- lityhalle Berghausen in Berhgausen (austria): seminars with lisa frick (austria) on november 7- 8, tereza kralova (czech rep.) on december 18- 20, mirja lapanja & matej cucek (slovenia) on december 27- 28, stefanie semkat (germany) on january 23- 24, tamas traj (hungary) on february 19- 21, silas boogk (germany) on march 5- 7 (facebook); there are also workshops with polona bonac (slovenia), trainings with mirja lapanja (slovenia), roland kolenko (slovenia).

05/09/20- Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), Kine Eimhjellen (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook).
Border collie litter planned in russia from lemon juice X ruby. the sire is grandson of malwch wisp, eiri greme gwen and great grandson of rising sun dark rider.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (1, 2); their firsts runs in grade 3, running 8 courses and winning 8 runs. More videos: jana zvonkova (czech rep.) & vigi (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & gift (facebook).

04/09/20- Training course used by jenny damm from sweden (facebook); based on a course from iwona golab (poland).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), jenny damm (sweden), ziv & Mailiz (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), Gianluca Schingaro (italy) & reav training with tereza kralova from czech rep. (facebook), Marietta Kudyba (germany) & Leeshi (facebook), sarah baker (USA) & skeptic (facebook).
Austria: Come & Run Happy Hour Turnier is on september 14 with fritz hauser & lisa frick (facebook).
England: Icon X agility shows: jan egil eide (norway) is the judge on december and Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) on january (facebook).
Litter border collie planned in south africa (facebook); the parents are grandkids of mawlch wisp and tanhill glen. border collie de nicola giraudi (italy) available as stud (facebook).

03/09/20- Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), Jannie Hedegaard Nielsen from denmark (facebook), Gérard Gery from france (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in russia: 3 litters with lines that have eiri greme gwen, why not zet my queen, eiri greme ray, among others (click).
Germany: list of competitions & trainings at tobias wüst's hall (click).
Videos: veronika herendy (hungary), haru & vincsi (facebook), katarina podlipnik (slovenia) & Diliys (facebook), Nickie Cowan (canada) & mini aussie ultra (facebook). paulo prado (brazil) & jazz (facebook); jazz is out of cashew (daniel schröder). tereza kralova (czech rep.) & high (facebook); high is out of syclone and grandkid to tanhill glen.
Obstacles: nti global (USA) has an offer in tunnels with a 10% discount between 5 and 7 september (facebook). webpage.
Online course from yes dog (sweden) on distance handling (facebook, webpage); the cost is 480 crowns and starts on september 10. CFoundation course with anna eifert (hungary) from september 11 (facebook, formulario); thes cost is 180 euros for participants and 150 euros for auditors or repeaters. Running contacts course with katarina podlipnik (slovenia) starts on september 24 (facebook, registrations); the cost is 225 euros with dog and 180 euros as auditor.
Southamerica: chats on zoom. This friday they will talk with jouni orenius & isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) on puppy training (facebook). Zoom with villalobos & marco yañez: champions with no medals, highlights ofworld cup 2019, curiosities from world cups. Zoom on the return to competitions: 1, 2, 3, 4.

01/09/20- Switzerland: the judges for the last quali for world cup 2021 are sandra deidda (italy) & alex beitl (germany) and for world cup 2022 sari mikkila (finland) & stefanie semkat (germany). Información.
Norway: information about NM 2020 on november 27- 29. program, judges (jari suomalainen (finland), jocke tangfelt (sweden), richard solvang (norway)). The deadline for registrations is october 31 (click).
Clean run: article from 2002 natural characteristics good for running contacts (.pdf). more free articles from clean run (click).
Agilitynerd: article with a description of what he uses for filming his trainings (facebook).
Parkour: webpage, facebook of International Dog Parkour Association.

31/08/20- Courses: reetta pirttikoski from finland (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), dominique prin from france (facebook).
Videos: max sprinz (germany) & style (facebook: 1, 2), foundations from nadine alshut (germany) & peak (youtube), martina klimesova (czech rep.), remy & nemi and carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (youtube), Ashleigh Serrem (switzerland) & free (youtube), jana kniest (germany) & lass (facebook), jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & ami (facebook), ariane wieber (germany) & zola (facebook), dan shaw (england) with boffin & geek (facebook).
Puppies: border collie litter expected in slovenia at shadow of aire. The mother of the litter is shadow of aire ronnie and the father is mer (son of why not hash my queen, grandson of fetch granting pleaure). The mother of the litter is from irene blizniuk.

30/08/20- Live stream on facebook: national championship in austria, pirineos dog festival.
Lost dog: the owners ask for diffusion. Jango is a border collie that was always stuck to his owner. He stayed during the holidays with some carers and he ran away probably looking for his owner (facebook). The owner asks to share in france and also abroad.
Clean run will stop publishing the magazine in december (facebook, .pdf, .jpg). They will go on publihing books, DVD, and maybe special issues of the magazine. We do intend to continue some of our popular features, such as Backyard Dogs, as a subscription service in the Clean Run Learning Center, so people can continue to get new exercises to practice along with the ability to ask questions and discuss exercises. They will go on sharing information on Clean run's magazine facebook page. For those of you who still have issues remaining in your subscription after the December issue, we would like to offer you access to our entire library of digital magazines (back to 2006) for January and all other remaining months of your subscription. Webpage for buying past issues. Search engine from agility nerd for magazine's content (click). Comments: agilitynerd, agilitynow.
The history of clean run. Indexes of the magazines (click); in 1995, it was a weekly issue and in 1997 they started with the printed mensual magazine until december 2019 and only digital during 2020. Vol 1 No 1, Vol 1 no 7, Vol 1 no 16, Vol1 no 25, Vol 1 no 32, editors, special issue 25 years.
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in norway (facebook), anita szilagyi from hungary (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), Karel Havlicek from czech rep. (facebook).

29/08/20- Live stream: national championship in austria (facebook).
Knoxx: gambling man of shamrockfield was retired as stud dog (facebook). His dam, Fjouwer Famke Of Shamrock Field has a daughter (half sister to knoxx, her sire is Tunwill's Crush on Cliff) of 6+ years old with epilepsy. Knoxx's offspring don't have epilepsy. Tunwill's Crush on Cliff was also retired as stud dog. Mayra, a full sister of the epileptic girl and her descendants were also retired (facebook).
Border collie puppies: the litter out of why not hash my queen at seven seas defrom ingo raabe was born in germany (facebook; the dam iss seven seas reaven fuel (granddaughter of dewi tweed). They are 4 males and 3 females.
United kingdom: rules to qualify for the national team (click).
Videos: jaakko (finland) & wow (facebook), beata novak (hungary) & will (youtube), pirineos dog festival (facebook).

28/08/20- Online courses: jumping with alenka skrabec from slovenia (facebook, webpage); starts on september 1st (the cost is 190 euros with dog, 120 euros as auditor). Online courses at shape up agility (justine davenport & jessica patterson from canada) of slalom and running contacts (webpage, video).
McCann Dog Training: video on dealing with anxiety & dogs (youtube).
Videos: sally andrews (belgium) with stich & orval (facebook), jenny damm (sweden) & azta training exits of running contacts (youtube), Nadine Alshut (germany) & pashion (youtube), Magdalena Domanska (poland) & Mora (facebook), karen childs (canada) in a seminar at shape up (facebook).
Courses: sari mikkilä from finland (facebook).

27/08/20- Puppies border collie expected in slovakia out of sofia (Ivy X fetch) and why not hash my queen at vakonic. They are 7 or more puppies (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in sweden at kennel away to me from britt perez (facebook); the dam is Abi. People interested may contact through email (britt@awaytome.se), SMS 070-7654205 or message.
Border collie puppies out of mer were born in czech rep. (1, 2); they are 4 females & 2 males. Mer is son of why not zet my queen, grandson of fetch granting pleasure.
The border collie puppies from momentum (susan garrett) X kinloch levi were born in canada (click).
Border collielitter expected in finland out of Rhea X Coca (facebook).
The shetland litter in slovakia out of meryl (pavol vakonic) was confirmed (facebook); they expect 3 or more puppies .

26/08/20- Courses: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), Jocke Tangfelt (sweden) at pirineos dog festival (facebook), Roman Lukac from slovakia (facebook), marko makkela from finland (facebook). Course from carlo magnoli for a camp (facebook).
Puppies border collie born in germany, the sire is malta jim from serge vander zweep (facebook); they are 4 females & 2 males.
Seminar (austria) with lisa frick on september 5: there are available spots (facebook).
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), pirineos dog festival in spain (facebook).
Magazine: information of the new issue of agility live (facebook). webpage.

24/08/20- Courses: vendula hausenova in estonia (facebook).
Mudi puppies: the puppies out of remeny were born in greece (facebook); they are 4 males & 1 female.
Online courses: registrations are open for the course with katarina podlipnik of running contacts for dogs with 6 months and over (click). It's a 12 weeks course and the cost is 225 euros with dog, 180 euros as auditor.
Germany: information on the 4 stages of Westerwälder eifel cup 2020-2021 in mendig & Höhr- Grenzhausen (facebook). It is on november 6- 8, december 11- 13, january 29- 31, february 19- 21. The registrations are through webmelden.
Hungary: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & veronika nagy (hungary) are the judges at szigetköz kupa on august 29- 30 (facebook).

23/08/20- Article about dog's brain and numbers (facebook).
Puppies: berger des pyrénées planned in austria at laura reinhalter's kennel (facebook); the mother is bazooka. All the puppies are reserved.
Japan: information about japan agility challenge cup on september 17 (facebook).
Online course about jumping starts on september 2 (facebook). It costs 60 euros and there are no listeners spots because she wants to see all the dogs.
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook), stas kurochkin from russia (facebook) monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark), flip & chip (youtube).
Courses: Juraj Ruza in slovakia (facebook), aneta obrusnikova from czech rep. (facebook), christian wöss from austria (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), Aneta Obrusniková from czech rep. (facebook). Training course designed by petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).

22/08/20- Courses: Petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), tamas traj from hungary (facebook), jane elene chrsitensen from denmark (facebook). challenge with 4 tunnels from tamas traj (facebook).
Kelpie puppies expected in czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook), laura gessner (germany & quick (facebook), olga lisistyna (russia) & trash (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook).
Agility nerd: new version of the artcile published by clean run Backyard Mastery- Changing Sides & Cutting Corners (click).
Aginotes: new e-book making agility training plans 101 (click).

21/08/20- Obstacles: looking for partners/paces to sell weave bow for FCI poles with suggestions from jenny damm (facebook).
Courses: training courses of andrea deeg from germany (click), peter van cleef from the netherlands (facebook). Courses: veronika nagy from hungary (facebook).
Litters: border collie litter expected in slovenia (facebook); the dam is out of knoxx (netherlands) x dice (slovenia) and the sire is syclone from isabelle stefl (austria). Syclone is son of tanhill glen, grandson of sony from japan and litter brother of cinna from nadine alshut. Shetland litter was born in switzerland, the sire is kite from nicole kelpen (facebook); they are 2 females & 2 males.
Videos: ola gronek (poland) training baya (facebook), nusa pecnick (slovenia) & nora (facebook), mikko aaltonen (finland) & kesy (facebook).
Running contacts: post from Paula Korte on training problems (facebook).

20/08/20- Leela: news sabout the search in sweden (facebook): dogs have detected her east of Bromölla. Leela is a shetland small from colombian national team; she got lost before agility world cup in kristianstad (sweden). If you see her, don't call her nor catch her. It would be useful if people try to feed her, pay attention to see in whch direction she runs and, if you have the chance, lock her. the information should be sent to 0721- 69 62 49.
Clean run: index of next issue of clean run's magazine (facebook).
Calendars from latvia, estonia, lithuania (google drive). The judges are svetlana kreslina & Lidija Beliajeva from latvia, Vendula Hausnerova from slovakia, sandra deidda from italy, svetlana zolotnikova, Inga Jarv, Elika Lass & Indrek Tirmaste from estonia, esa muotka, sari mikkila & Petteri Kerminen from finland, stefanie semkat from germany, petr pupik & tomas glabazna, jirina mackova from czech rep., fanny gott from sweden, Anita Szilagyi from hungary, rolli schiltz from luxembourg.
Flyball: article about physical conditionning of a flyball dog (click). Photos from Flyball FCI box workshop (click).
Online courses: there are some spots as listeners for the teeter course with anna hinze (click); it started on august 19, lasts 3 months and costs 79 dollars for listeners and 175 for working spots. distance handling with Anastasia Egorova (facebook) starts on september 20 and costs 7500 rublos.

19/08/20- Videos: simone ullrich (austria) & feivel (facebook).
Puppies: border collie litter planned at away to me kennel in sweden. They are 2 females and 1 male (facebook). The mother is abi (daughter of eve (full sister of lilli from jenny damm) x vallhunden yoda) and the father is Bob (information on facebook from britt perez). contact: britt@awaytome.se. This is a repetition of a previous mating.
Obstacles: tunnels available for pre order with a 10 % discount at clean run in USA (1, 2).
Shetland lost in canada on august 8 (facebook); it is a black and white, 2 years old shetland. They ask not to try to catch him nor go after him; the information should be sent to 418- 750- 4498.

18/08/20- Article sheepdog trials and the origin of competitions (click).
Health: klaudia litwin (poland) posted asking tips about her 11.5 years old border collie that has her first seizure (facebook). some answers says it may be due to nexgard, simparica, hepatic microvascular dysplasia, brain lining,etc there are also suggestions on doctors .
Litter: facebook page for the mudi litter out of remeny from emilia tizilou- greece (facebook).
Courses: david powell from france (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), marc martin from france (facebook), dominique prin from france (facebook). training course of iwona golab from poland (facebook); excercises of Birgitta Hermansson (facebook).

17/08/20- Videos: jan egil eide (norway) & app (facebook), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), lea kormat (slovenia) & Weezy (facebook), Marusa Podjed (slovenia) & Veni (facebook), anna hinze (germany) & take (facebook).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook).
Documentary on agility: dogsville (webpage, vimeo).
Herding: 2021 World Sheepdog Trials is on september 16- 19 at castle howard state (click). Calendar for england, ireland/a>, scotland, wales. coupe de france 2021 is on september 10- 12 in 2021 (facebook).

16/08/20- Mudi litter/b> expected in hungary (facebook); süti (mother of the puppies) is also mother of remeny that competes in greece.
Online course with anna eifert & veronika nagy (hungary) about lead legs starts on september 15 (facebook, form); the cost is 95 euros.
Treat & train with discount at amazon in germany (1, 2).
UKI US open 2020 was cancelled (facebook). The US open 2021 will be at Jacksonville Equestrian Center on november 11- 14 in 2021.
Agility opes 2021 (italy) is on february 20- 21 in rome, march 20- 21 in varese, april 10- 11 in modena, june 12- 13 in varese. There will be 5 categories and 4 heights (small, medium, large, maxi). facebook, rules.

15/08/20- Online course with dani lehrer from germany (facebook).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), ‎Tommi Raita-aho‎ from finland (facebook), rolli schiltz from luxembourg (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in russia (facebook); they are grandchildren of knoxx (netherlands lines), great grandchildren of eiri greme ray.
Videos: manca mikec (slovenia) & breezy (facebook), claudia tieber (austria) & yara (facebook), sebastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook), ramona shürken (germany) & lyric (facebook).

14/08/20- Border collie puppies expeccted in ukrania grandchildren of why not zet my queen, great grandchildren of fetch granting pleasure (facebook). Border collie puppies planned in italy, the sire is malta jim from serge van der zweep (facebook).
UKI canadian open (august 28-30) is with videos and registrations closes today (facebook). información.
Health: list of dogs with epilepsy in sweden (click). Results of geentic test health of shadow of aire (click).
Videos: jeremy chomienne (france) & page (facebook), mirja lapanja/ ninja & lea komat/ panda from slovenia (facebook). Videos from swiss agility cup final large, medium, small.

13/08/20- Courses: alex beitl (germany) at swiss agility cup (facebook).
Time system: magnetic grip from tessa timer (facebook).
Polona Bonac: registrations for life of a puppy are open (click); it starts on august 30. It is a serie of videos for following the training with her new puppy; it costs 55 euros per month or 200 euros for 4 months.
Videos: ola kordas training with zeljko gora from croatia (facebook), Heidi Penttila (sweden) with jenny damm (facebook), Agnes Acs-Kovesi (hungary) & jiu (youtube). Videos with a border collie puppy playing with a wolf (youtube: 1, 2, 3).
Border collie puppies expected in canada out of dash x never (facebook). Never is from shadow of aire kennel and runs with justine davenport.
Obstacles: jan egil eide (norway) has tunnels for selling (facebook). Video about the wristband for galican's electronic contacts (facebook).

11/08/20- Agility- zürisee cup 2021: they have forward the date to avoid a collision with EO (facebook). The event will be on july 16-18.
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook).
Videos: isabella stefl (austria) & syclone (facebook), simone schwanda (germany) & kovu (facebook), sandra langer (austria) & las vegas (facebook). Video of tereza kralova & high (facebook); the sire of high is syclone from isabella stefl.
Avallon 2021 is on july 15- 18 (facebook).
Tamas traj Challenge (hungary) with more than 70 obstacles (facebook). Videos: Niina-Liina Linna from finland (facebook), Jana Trojkova from poland (youtube), Ewa Lukasik from poland (youtube), Wiktoria Bobowicz from poland (youtube),

10/08/20- Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), wolfgang tieber from austria (facebook), seppo savvikko from finland (facebook).
Border collie puppies: male available in germany from feel the difference (1, 2). era is the smallest of the litter. The fathers are the same of the ones from style (max sprinz): gwen x cinna.
Obstacles: dogwalk with wheels from agX2 (facebook).
Videos: beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (facebook), lisa frick (austria) with jack & cody (facebook, sandi okanovic (slovenia) with miya & nora (facebook), agnes toth (hungary) with sun & lava (facebook)

09/08/20- Courses: seppo savikko from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), alex beitl (germany) in switzerland (facebook), manca mikec (slovenia) in switzerland (facebook), marko makela from finland (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), jouni kautto from finland (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), pandemic cup (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Litter border collie planned in germany: the sire is style, cinna's son belonging to max sprinz (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), sissy graf (austria ) & asics (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), claudia schwab (switzerland) & sia (facebook), olga kwiecien (poland)& mojo (facebook), laura reinhalter (austria) & ria (facebook).

08/08/20- Livestream: finals of swiss agility cup from 15:30 local hour (facebook).
Solidarity: people are raising funds to help a family pay veterinary bills for her two puppies thet went unexpectedly ill and finally died; the family is from netherlands and recently moved to canada. There are numbers available for a draw of a tunnel from Galican among all the canadian residents (facebook).

07/08/20- Swiss agility cup: running orders for the finals (click). videos (large, medium, small, large, medium, small).
Health: special mat and software allowing to detect dog injuries early (facebook).
Videos: mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), Ariane Wieber (germany) & zola (youtube).
Courses: seminar with tamas traj (hungary) in poland (facebook), Juraj Ruza from slovakia (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook).

previous updates are in spanish

2020 enero-febrero marzo-abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.
2019 enero-febrero marzo-abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
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2008 dic. 2007- marzo abril-mayo junio-julio agosto-set. oct.-nov. diciembre