Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october. The last observations are from the south of E22 (north of Balslöv and south o Horna). She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If someone sees her, they don't have to call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.

24/01/19- Timer: discount at tessa timer until end february (facebook). Facebook, webpage.
Border collie puppies: 6 puppies were born out of why not chai my queen (vivian nielsen) x darleyfalls stylin in it (syclone de Isabella Stefl, son of tanhill glen) in denmark. The border collie litter out of bay (lea komat) & syclone (isabella stefl) was born in slovenia (1, 2).
Online course : registrations for the course with martina klimesova (czech rep.) follow nemi are open (facebook). The price is 280 euros with dog and 200 euros as auditor.
Germany: registrations for the workshop with anne lenz, nina gregl (croatia), dani fischbach are open (facebook, form). It is on august 13-15 in reihnbach near bonn.
Border collie: the pedigree confirmation for a border collie in france (AFBC), is by an instinct test done by the french association of border collie. That association wrote a post on the decisions of the local kennel (SCC). The post mention that they had reached an agreement to make 2 pedigrees (up to which test the dog passes, instinct or structure). Lately the SCC decided unilaterally that from april 2019, the AFBC won't do anymore the instinct test for border collie.

23/01/19- Videos: miha primozic (slovenia) & dice in a seminar with lisa frick (youtube). Promotional video of the online courses with natasha Wise in england (facebook).
Courses from finland: anne savioja (facebook), markku kaukinen (click). Training courses of andrea deeg from germany (click).
Online courses: let's play from polona bonac (slovenia) starts on february 25 (click).
Obstacles of AG X 2: sensor contacts zones (facebook) & structure for frame less tyre (facebook) it can be used with the tyre from AGx2 and with the one from smart-99.
Magazines: index of february's issue of Clean run (facebook). Cover and information about january's issue of JAM- Japan Agility Magazine (facebook).
IFCS 2019: list of competitors for world cup (click).
OJAC: new webpage.

22/01/19- Leela: updates about her run aways and the observations from last week (facebook). She crossed several times the E22.
Obstacles: new training slalom/weaves at cleanrun (webpage, facebook).
Courses: Esa muotka from finland (facebook).
Online courses: registrations are open for running contacts with silvia trkman (click); the cost with dog is 270 euros (with DVD), 230 (without DVD), 180 for auditor, second dog, repeater. On january or february are the foundations course with zeljko gora (croatia) and the cost is 180 euros with dog and 90 as auditor (click); advance handling is open all year and the cost is 160 euros. Shape up agility (justine davenport & jessica patterson from canada) has two courses that starts on january 30: shape up pup (puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months) & flatwork foundations (for dogs over 8 months); Información.
Videos: cathrin steck (germany) & liv (youtube), zeljko gora (croatia) con gunga & hash (youtube), jenny damm (sweden) & ziv (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (youtube).

21/01/19- Swiss agility cup: registrations will open on january 23 (webpage, facebook) through ursrun.com (click). The competition is on august 4- 10; the judges are sandra deidda (italy), svetlana kreslina (latvia), uschi hornung (germany), kees stoel (netherlands) and the local judges urs inglin, peter feer, christian fryand, udo wöhning (click). Rules (.pdf).
EO 2019: form for the registration of volunteers.
Obstacles: soft wall & long jump from czech rep. (facebook).
IMCA PAWC: facebook for the team of germany.
Courses at magna racino (austria): sari mikkilä from finland (large final), rene blank from germany (jumping open m/s, agility open large), jose luis garcía from spain (facebook). Courses from the quali trials in italy: sandra deidda (jumping large, jumping small, jumping medium), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (agility 3 m/s, agility 2, agility 1, agility 3 large).
Videos from FCI wrld cup in sweden (youtube).

20/01/19- Live stream from magna racino (austria).
Border collie puppies born in switzerland (facebook). They are 8 males & 1 female; the sire of the litter is lio (Enzo Corvaglia). Lio's dam is eira of nicola giraudi (click).
Results: magna racino; the winners are tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (large), tamara sedimaier (austria) & you (medium), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (small). Ranking u[dates from the quali in italy (click).
UK: they have created a new competition Agility team GB International tour to run FCI courses (click).
Videos: beta luchowska (poland) & malibu (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & bäxx (youtube), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (youtube), jose luiz (brazil) & bina (facebook), jenny damm (sweden) with azta (1, 2) & ziv (facebook), elina jänesniemi (finland) & elfi (facebook), veronika herendy (hungary) & haru (facebook), gianluca schingaro (italy) & ex (facebook), linda kipp (USA) & kyla (facebook), agility in bulgaria under snow (facebook)

19/01/19- Live stream from magna racino (austria).
Italy: national team for world cup WAO (click); among them are nicola giraudi & eira.
Puppies: a border collie litter is expected at martin eberle's kennel noble county from switzerland (facebook). The dam is kemi gem, the sire is app (tina vieli, out of jazz (matej cucek) x summit (justine davenport), app is litter borther to never (justine davenport), lux (jessica patterson), applause (iwona golab)).
Epilepsy: new image technique for epilepsy examination in border collie (.pdf).
Courses from finland: mika kangas (facebook), Mika Moilanen (facebook), sari mikkilä at magna racino (facebook: jumping, agility)). Courses: Veronica Odone from italy (facebook), philipp müller schnick (germany) in italy (agility large).
Videos: Laura Reinhalter (austria) & Zookie at magna racino (facebook), Manuela Satta (italy) & Pif (facebook), omar babini (italy) & quinoa (facebook: agility, jumping), franziska engel (germany) & fussel (facebook), Andrea Occhini (italy) & d.d (facebook), Iwona Golab (poland) & sayonara at magna racino (facebook).
Results: updated ranking of the quali in italy (click), magna racino (friday, saturday).

18/01/19- Live stream from magna racino (austria).
This weekend takes palce the magna racino in austria (facebook, dognow (with running orders), helpers, live stream); the judges are sari mikkila (finland), thomas ebeling (germany), rene blank (germany), josé luis garcía (spain). itaya: world cup & EO quali trial (.pdf, facebook); the judges are sandra deidda (italy), bonnik berthelsen (denmark), philipp müller schnick (germany), livia pivetta (italy). Germany: trial judged by sascha grunder (switzerland) at dog world arena (facebook), winter trophy judged by otto frühwirth & frank gerhard (click). Austria: trial in tattendorf judged by fritz hauser & gabi posch (click). Brazil: I copa carioca (click).
Luxembourg: information about the world cup quali on march 16- 17 (click).
Border collie puppies planned: Dice (debby simons, dutch lines) X Kiss (sian illingworth) in england (banner). Fire inspired (hungary) plans two litters deja vu (Why not hash my queen x lava) X blake (grandson of tanhill glen) & lava x nym (click).
One mind dog: article about guillermo & aidan (click); aidan is a deaf border collie.
Videos: janita (finland) &am; woww (facebook), Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna training with max sprinz from germany (facebook), Sandi Okanovic (slovenia) & miya at magna racino (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (youtube), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook).

17/01/19- Online courses: trailer for the foundations course with nadine alshut from germany (facebook, youtube).
Border collie puppies: the litter from tanhill glen in canada was born (facebook double J border collie); she had 10 puppies.
Videos: tricks with a border collie (facebook), Maik Brands (germany) & jummy in mendig (facebook).
Estonia (facebook, webpage): nicolas renaud (france), peter holmberg (norway), Svetlana Zolotnikova (estonia), Marko Mäkelä (Finland), bonnik berthelsen (denmark), bernd hüppe (austria), tomas glabazna (czech rep.), sascha grunder (switzerland), Algirdas Valciukas (Lithuania), Sari MIkkilä (finland), Svetlana Kreslina (latvia), JürateÄ— Miliunaïte (lithuania), wolfgang tieber (austria), manca mikec (slovenia), Philipp Muller- Schnick (germany, esa muotka (finland), Solvita Mozeika (Latvia), Roman LUkac (slovakia) are the judges of some of the competitions for 2019.
Calendars 2019: croacia, estonia, Colombia (facebook, webpage).
Lisa Frick (austria) has a free weekend on july 20- 21 for classes on her way to/ from frankfurt (facebook).

16/01/19- Kayl Mc cann: wrote about Rad, the border collie she shares with ken (1, 2, 3).
Obstacles new colors available for the jenny damm tunnel bags (facebook).
Seminars at hundesportwelt (stefanie semkat's hall) in germany (click) with jan egil eide (norway- january), svetlana kreslina (latvia- january), silas boogk (germany- february), roland kolenko (slovenia- february), zeljko gora (croatia- april), tamas traj (hungary- april). Information about the seminars with jenny damm (sweden) in florida (USA) on january and february (click).
Russell & mudi cup 2019 is on september 14- 15 in slovakia (facebook). The judge is alica bohacova (czech rep.).
Magna racino: Program running orders (large, medium, small). all the information.
Courses at luxwintercup: mark fontejn from the netherlands (agility 3 large, jumping 3 m/s, jumping open large, agility open m/s, agility 1 large, agility 2 large, jumping 1 medium/small, jumping 2 medium/small), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (jumping 1 large, jumping 2 large, jumping 3 large, agility open large, agility 1 medium/small, agility 2 medium/small, agility 3 medium/small, jumping open medium/small).

15/01/19- Genetic Tests: paw print genetics has 30-50% discount with code jflash and expires on january 15, midnight (click).
EO 2020: event on facebook (click). It is on july 30-august 2 at Rutland Showground (google maps). e-mail: eo2020@thekennelclub.org.uk
Videos: florian förster (germany) & nice (facebook), annika af klercker (sweden) & storma (youtube), quali for champdog in germany (facebook), Katerina Malacková (czech rep.) training running contacts (facebook).
Obstacles: galican is selling new 6m anti slip tunnel that last long on dirt and sand (facebook, webpage). It cost 270 euros.
Courses: toshiyuki oba from japan (agility, jumping), david powell from france (facebook). excercises of lucie dessureault from canada with tunnels and jumps (facebook: 1, 2). Training courses at niinu agility sport from finland (1, 2, 3).
Software: the IOS version 3.4 for course design from smarter agility is now available (facebook).
Luxembourg open 2019 is on august 9- 11 (webpage, facebook). The judges are phillipp müller schnick (germany), mark fonteijn (netherlands), zsofi biro (hungary).
Agility by night 2019 is on august 16- 18 in Bettembourg (Luxembourg). information. The judges are Gabi Witte (germany), Zsuzsa Veres (hungary- portugal), Neil Ellis (UK), Romain Binsfeld (luxembourg). Registrations starts today.

14/01/19- Courses: tamas traj (hungary) in slovakia (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in germany (facebook).
Videos: krizstina kabai (hungary- germany) & hydro (facebook), marietta kudyba (germany) & chaka (facebook), tuulia liuhto (finland) & jura (facebook), simone heijnsbroek (luxembourg) & toffee (facebook bungee toffee), roman klein (austria) & dee (facebook), julia schober (germany) & jamie (youtube), cecilia orenius (finland) & fairy (facebook), dani lehrer (germany) & tippi (youtube). video about the effect of harnesses on dog's movement (facebook).
Greece: agility trials on march 23- 24 judged by blaz oven from slovenia (click), on june 15- 16 judged by christian gorl from germany (click), on october 19- 20 judged by sari mikilä from finland (click), on novmeber 16- 17 judged by nicolas renaud from france (click); wolrd cup and european open quali: on march 30- 31 judged by vittorio papavero from italy (click), on may 4- 5 judged by jörg zenner from germany (click), on june 1- 2 (click).
Podcast about CI world cup in sweden (bad dog agility). It talks about why courses today require elite dog training and handling.
Border collie puppies: litter planned in hungary (facebook, webpage); eiri greme ray is one of the grandfathers. 5 puppies are expected in denmark out of welsh riverdee rayder (facebook); Rayder is eiri greme gwen's son.
Seminars: tamas traj (hungary) & tereza kralova (czech rep.) in germany on may 1- 2 (facebook), lisa frick in austria on april 13- 14 (facebook) and on may 5 (facebook).
On line class about directional cues to send the dog to the left and right with Agnès Berthe (facebook). It costs 120 euros with dog and 75 euros as listener. It has 6 videos (one video every 15 days) and the course starts on february 15.

13/01/19- Leela: more comments on facebook about her search that is taking more than 100 days.
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in germany (jumping), mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Interview with tobias wüst (click).
Malaysia: tamas traj (hungary) is the judge in Penang for the championship on february 26- 27 (click).
Videos: Bianca van Gastel (netherlands) & Juicy (click), Jörg Zenner from germany (facebook), Regula Tschanz- Haas (switzerland) in a seminar with manca mikec & susan koldenhoff (facebook), Jan Sprij (netherlands) & Takk (facebook).

12/01/19- Leela (colombian shetland lost in sweden the first days of october 2018) was seen crossing the E22 near kristianstad in sweden (facebook). The search now is located near Balslöv (on the north) and Horna (south): google maps. For now, Leela prefers her own food to the one the search & rescue team is putting in the food stations and she is not entering to the traps for wild animals. if you see Leela, do not try to catch her nor call her because she is in survival mode and does not trust human; please call immediately to 070 896 93 70.
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in germany (facebook: 1, 2), Petteri Kerminen from finland (click), tamas traj from hungary (facebook). Training courses of helge HImle from norway (click).
Obstacles post asking about experiences with differents rubberized contacts suppliers, that are outdoor with very hots summers and frozen winters (facebook agility europe).
Workshop: live stream of distance training foundation with svetlana tumanova (russia) in USA (1, 2). It will be on a secret facebook group and the cost is 20 dollars.
Videos: monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook).

11/01/19- Courses: nikolas koch from germany (facebook: 1, 2), Timo Teileri from finland (click). exercises designed by Pavol Rohacek from slovakia (facebook).
Videos: ramona schürken (germany) & mozart training with max sprinz (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) & Piika (facebook), Nusa Pecnik (slovenia) & lisa (facebook), jan sprij (netherlands) en mendig (facebook), Tarjei Bratt Hveding (norway) & posh training with jenny damm (youtube).
Seminars & workshops: mirja lapanja (slovenia), silas boogk (germany), lea kormat (slovenia), susan koldenhof (netherlands) on july 29- august 1 in germany (facebook). workshop with tobias wüst & daniel schröder in germany on may 11- 12 (facebook).
USA: the judges of the tryouts for EO 2020 are manca mikec (slovenia) & sheila gutierrez (USA). The try outs are on november 22- 24 in latrobe- PA (facebook).

10/01/19- WAO: from 2020 to 2022 will be in emerlo- the netherlands (click). They wrote that, if someone wants to host the WAO and consider they have a suitable venue for the event, they can write to info@worldagilityopen.com
IMCA PAWC 2019 (spain): the judges christian oggioni (italy), walter casier (belgium) and the local judge pedro simarro (click).
Agility podden (sweden) published a podcast: Annika Af Klercker (click). webpage, facebook from agility podden.
Health: alen marekovic (croatia) shared a post where they are asking if someone knows about an eye problem in dogs (facebook).
Facebook page of tumanova agi school.
Germany: registrations for Westfalica Open in HAW (19- 22 april) will open on january 14 through webmelden (facebook); the judges are Paolo Rebasti (italy) & Rolli Schiltz (luxembourg). There will be a seminar with several trainers on friday (before the competition). There are pitches for camper vans and caravans close to the hall.
Videos: maria tomilova (russia) & amy (facebook), elina jänesniemi (finland) & effi (facebook).
France: petition so that the société centrale canine does not cancel the instinct test to recognize the pedigree of border collies (click).

09/01/19- This weekend, competitions of speedwater & freestyle in italy (facebook). Germany: second competition for the FAST with judge Udo Nienkemper (click); nikolas koch is the judge in oestringen- Filderstadt (click). Austria: competition for wintercup in fladnitz (.pdf; the judges are Rudolf Suppan &Fritz Hauser). Luxembourg: january competition for the luxwinter cup (click; the judges are bonnik berthelsen & mark fonteijn). Brazil: competition for local championship in parana (click).
Videos: tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say at lord of the winter (youtube), Monika rylska (poland) & chica (youtube), miha primozic (slovenia) & dice (youtube), Jette Hvid (denmark) & envy at a seminar with Natasha Gjerulff (youtube), Tero Mesiranta (finland) & Rin (facebook).
Magna racino 2019: working dog published some time ago that the live stream was free for premium members but now it says is free for everyone (click). Link to livestream. The competition is on january 18- 20.
Germany: 4 days with 4 trainers between BCC and EO 2019 (1, 2); The dates are 29 july- 1st august.
Seminar with jenny damm & zeljko gora in sweden on july 14- 15, 17- 18, 19- 20 (facebook).
Games (brain games) from Hersenwerk (webpage, facebook).

08/01/19- Jenny damm (sweden): one of the girls puppy from britt perez will be for jenny damm (facebook).
Magazine: new issue from Psi (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned for february in england at darleyfalls from sandra adams (facebook). The sire is hash (zeljko gora and son of fetch granting pleasure).
Courses: Jörg Zenner (germany) at mendig (facebook).
Videos: natasha wise (england) & pebbles at olympia (facebook), agnes toth (hungary) & sun (facebook), training threadles (facebook), dani fischbach (germany), jive & coki (instagram: 1, 2, 3).
Italy: Maremma Cup on april 25- 28 in grosseto (facebook). Registrations will open on january 15, the deadline ismarch 15. The judges are rene blank (germany), philippe wattecamps (france), rolf graber (switzerland) and the italians paolo rebasti, francesco bircolotti, livia pivetta, carlo fazio. facebook.
Monika rylska (poland): post about dogs that are not genius and does not go super quick with them and her experience with kosa nostra (facebook)

07/01/19- Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in slovakia (facebook), Jari suomalainen from finland (click), Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (facebook), marko mäkelä (facebook).
Videos: elina janesniemi (finland) & effi training the teeter (facebook), mike peter (luxembourg) with peppi (facebook) & limit (facebook), laura reinhalter (austria) & zookie at lord of the winter (facebook) beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (1, 2), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash in mendig (facebook), sissy graf (austria) & asics (1, 2), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook).
Canada: seminars with svetlana kreslina (latvia) at shape up before the tryouts on april 22- 25 (facebook).
On line course about training dogs with dante camacho (brazil) on february 4- 10 (webpage, facebook).
Film: trailer of Isle of Dogs (webpage, facebook, twiter, instagram).

06/01/19- Airlines: best airlines for traveling with pets (click). The best ones from 2018 were Emirates, Air France- KLM y Lufthansa.
On line courses from yes dog in sweden (webpage, facebook); the running contacts course starts on february 4. SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy from Ian Dunbar at udemy costs 9.99 dollars (click); the course has a 95 % discount.
Border collie puppies available in netherlands were published by serge van der zweep (facebook). They are out of Cian (simon cottrell) X meg (pat murphy); cian is a grand son of gary from serge and meg is the mother of his best young dog sam (facebook).
USA: Information about the world cup tryouts (facebook). They are on may 4- 6 at silver creek sports plex. The judges are seppo savikko (finland) & lauren haley (USA). Seppo savikko is available for seminars before and after the tryouts; people interested should contact nancy gyes.
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in slovakia (agility 1, agility 3, jumping open), marko mäkelä (facebook) & jari suomalainen (click) from finland.
Videos: mike peter (luxembourg) & limit winning in mendig- germany (facebook), Mona Kjernholm (sweden) training with jenny damm (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & sofia (facebook), Danielle Boshouwers (netherlands) & kanouk (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say at gold rush (youtube), Sanna Rannikko from finland (facebook), sissy graf (austria) & asics in slovakia (1, 2).

05/01/19- Leela (colombia) lost in sweden: last updates about the search (facebook).
Germany: list of competitions for 2019 at tobias wüst's venue (facebook). With the trials of may 30- june 2 there is a workshop with tereza kralova (czech rep.), daniel schröder, tobias wüst. List wit competitions in Mendig from krzstina kabai & alex beitl (facebook)
Lisa Frick published on her webpage a survey about interests on backsides, blinds, etc (facebook).
Gold rush 2019 is on december 14- 15 (facebook).
Slovenia: registrations for I race with my heart start on january 11 (formulario). the trial is on june 21- 23 (facebook). The judges are Toshiyuki Oba (Japan), Bonnik Berthelsen (Denmark), Jan egil eide (Norway), Sascha Grunder (Switzerland), Blaz Oven (Slovenia). The winners will receive rewards in gold.
FMBB 2019: information about the open for large dogs during world cup (click); it is in the same venue and dates as FMBB but is not part of the FMBB. It will take place the same day as the trainings (click).
Colombia is looking for an agilitist teaching a seminar on march 30- 31 (facebook).

04/01/19- This weekend is the third competition for the lord of the winter in slovakia (1, 2); the judges are Petr Pupík (czech rep.), Margaréta Kolevová (slovakia). Austria: competitions in Ebreichsdorf (.pdf, registration list; the judges are Lenka Pankova, Erich Hüttner), Wieselburg an der Erlauf (click; the judge is fritz hauser). Germany: competitions in mendig (the judges are Susanne Nieder & Jörg Zenner), Radebeul (the judge is Robert Schmidt) and judges test for dhv in Oestringen (webmelden). italy: trials in roma (the judges are celic & fazio), toscana (the judge is rolf graber (switzerland)), torino (the judge is livia pivetta), brescia (the judges are zlatko gorjan (slovenia) & bircolotti).
Courses: svetlana zolotnikova from estonia (facebook, webpage).
Genuine dog gear (webpage, facebook) has 10% discount with code BARK2019 until january 12 (facebook).
Seminars: pavol vakonic & martina vakonicova (slovakia) on august 6- 7 in luxembourg (facebook). Winter camp in czech rep. with iwona golab (poland) on february 11- 15 (facebook). Seminars in florida (USA): nina greg (croatia) & anne lenz (germany) on january, pavol vakonic & martina vackonikova (slovakia) on february (click).
Lisa frick (austria) created a public group on facebook for her online courses (facebook). There is a survey about quantity and which jumping obstacles people prefer (facebook).
Jenny Damm (sweden): facebook for Lotus education.

03/01/19- Leela: the search team asks not to try to catch her and call immediately to 070 896 93 70 (facebook).
AKC national agility championship (USA): registrations closes today (facebook). It is on march 15- 17 in oklahoma. webpage.
Border collie puppies planned in england at devongem from lauren langman (facebook); the sire is why not zet my queen and the dam is brave darelyfalls fun style (her sire is tanhill glen). Last year there was a litter at devongem (zet X ever (sister of brave)); one of those puppies went to krisztina kabai (germany- hungary). Puppiesplanned in USA at double J border collie (click). One of the litters is with tanhill glen (kevin evans), sire of syclone (isabella stefl), cinna (nadine alshut), darelyfalls fun style (lauren langman), etc. Others border collie litters: one planned for february in denmark (facebook) out of welshriverdee rayder (obedience- eiri greme gwen X never never land U revenge) X kiss (natasha gjerulff), expected in spain for beginning of the year (click) from Welsh Riverdee Wildest Performance X Mind the Dog Guilty Summer, planned in hungary for april-may (facebook: facebook, 1, 2), from Lava (her sire is rising sun dark raider; pedigree) X Ultimate Be My Friend- Nym from yannick wouters (hisdam is eiri greme gwen X Go (dutch lines), video).
Seminars: nina gregl (croatia) & anne lenz (germany) in NJ (USA) on march 9- 11 (facebook). Jessica Flouret & thomas raczka on march 2- 3 in France (facebook).
Online course fitness for dogs in AVIdogs- zink with chris zink & gayle watkins (click).
Clean run: it is available the third book of Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed (click).
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook: 1, 2).

02/01/19- Border collie puppies planned in slovenia (facebook lea komat). The parents are bea (wannahve sidh of shamrock fields X jim caninature, lea komat) X syclone (tanhill glen x a daughter of sonny from japan, isabella stefl).
Spain: world cup quali on january 25- 27 (information: 1, 2, 3); may 25- 26 (banner). seminar with roland kolenko (slovenia) on march 30- 31 facebook).
Portugal: trial on april 20- 21 (facebook); the judge is tamas traj (hungary).
Luxembourg: calendar for 2019.
Magna Racino: there are 2 spots for sale (facebook agility europe).
Finland: webpage & facebook from speed up agility founded by Rosa- Maria Ikäheimonen.
Videos: lisa frick (austria), cody & jack (youtube), agnes toth (hungary) & sun (facebook), urban weaves from holly & ace in australia (facebook), running contacts training with pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook).

01/01/19- Courses: Mika kangas from finland (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in austria (facebook), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook).
Border collie litters expected in switzerland: for beginning january at kennel eri greme from erika hofer (facebook), mid january with helena ellis (click, the sire is lio, out of eira from nicola giraudi), for beginning february with barbara mächer out of eiri greme ray (.pdf).
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & sofia (facebook), philippe vosters & lobo (facebook), jaakko, janita, tulia, timo from finland doing weaves/slalom from 50 m (facebook (including wow the new dog from janita leinonen in her third time doing full slalom (facebook)), agnes toth (hungary) & lava (facebook), running contacts training of Beata Luchowska from poland (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark) training with chip (youtube), enzo corvaglia (switzerland) & lio, out of eira de nicola giraudi (facebook), suvi paasisalo from finland (facebook susan garrett).
Artificial turf: marla friedler post on facebook on cons and pro of that floor.
Japan: information about japan agility open on march 2- 3 (click); the judge is Lee Gibson (UK). On march 4 is a seminar with lee gibson (click); registrations open on january 13.

31/12/18- Gasahoppet 2019 is on april 18- 21. facebook. form for registering as helpers.
IMCA PAWC 2019 will be in valencia (spain) on august 22- 25. webpage, rules, lodging, venue, google maps.
EO junior 2019: the webpage is available.
BCC 2020: Magdalena Ziolkowska (poland) is the organizer; the email for contact is bordercollieclassic2020@gmail.com (click).
Mc Cann: exercises from kayl mc cann & Ken for training a solid start line in agility (youtube).
Online course on running contacts from yes dog in sweden (facebook).
Courses: nikolas koch (germany) in mendig (agility 3, jumping 3, agility 1, agility 2, jumping open, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, jumping 3), Tommi Raita-aho in finland (facebook). Steve Schwartz (agility nerd) published some courses for improving weaves entrances and exits (click); they were published by clean run on may's issue.

30/12/18- FMBB 2019: the webpage is available. Program, regulations (click). Registrations will open on february 1st and will close on april 8.
CSI 2019: is on april 6- 7; ari mikkilä (finlandia, world cup judge) will be judging. Información.
Videos: veronica odone (italy) & skill training with german trainers (facebook), Niina-Liina Linna from finland (facebook), Marta Miil (estonia) & dex (facebook: tunnel cup, beginners), Nadine Ross (germany) running courses from nikolas koch (facebook), Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook).
Courses: Arto Laitinen in finland (facebook), Mitsuru Yamada in japan (facebook).
Sweden new webpage with competitions & results from sagik (click).
Seminars: max sprinz (germany) in poland on may 1- 3 (facebook). form on google drive.
Online courses for puppies with Dan Shaw (facebook). Q-me has discounts with code newyear2019 on january 1- 2 (facebook dave munnings); he is reopening the running aframe course (facebook).

29/12/18- This weekend, tournaments in germany: kalkar (the judges are Melanie & Dirk Richartz), oestringen (the judges are Sabrina Schmitt, nikolas koch, Stefanie Simson, Daniel Walz, Petra Hahn), Lübbecke (the judges are Tanja & andreas pollich), Sterup (the judge is Anders Barney (denmark)). Austria: silvester challenge (click), silvester special (click; the judges are jan egil eide (norway) & stefanie semkat (germany)). Slovakia: Silvestrovské skúsky 2018 (click). Czech Rep.: competitions with judges tomas glabazna (click) and Olga Bazalova (click). Italy: trilas in Alessandria. Colombia: festival de mascotas at feria de cali (webpage, facebook, reference on facebook).
OCD: updates list of dogs from europe with OCD (click). They have added dogs from germany & czech rep.. Some information from germany are from the cfbrh database, the rest is from the owner or the breeders
Radka Mokrisova from czech rep. will be in brazil for a month (1, 2).
Courses: marko mäkelä in finland (facebook). Training courses: helge himle from norway (click), marc martin (facebook).
Seminar in Mexico with Loretta Lake Mueller (USA) organized by the UCAM on march 29- 31 (facebook: 1, 2).

28/12/18- Magna racino 2019 the tunnel bags are from fidelis; they are fill with a mix of textil & sand (facebook).
IFCS 2020: the organizers of the world cup in canada needed the ok from the AAC association (AAC is the one that depends on the IFCS) to be done. The AAC is not responsible for the event, nor have to be financially responsible, they sent information months ago without any answer. (facebook).
Online courses with martina klimesova (czech rep.) in 2019: Follow nemi fun class has nearly all she trained and is still training with nemi (will open on february 23), Special games advanced is for auditors and participants from special games (will open on april 29), jumping fun class will open in autumn with new ideas and more handling. The courses special games & 1 and 2 jumps are open all year. Reference on facebook.
Health: Nina gregl (croatia) spread about a puppy from her litter that lives in the USA, who was discovered that the first cervical vertebra is not completely cover by bone. There is only one case like this in the USA. It is congenital, but they don't if it is due to something or it is hereditary. She is asking if someone has experience with a similar case, or know someone who has to contact her or melanie wall miller (facebook). Post from melanie on facebook.
Shetland puppies in brazil from katia cilene silva (facebook). They are 4 puppies out of her bitch nica.

27/12/18- Agilitynerd: training sequence in metric and english measures from steve schwarz (click). He designed more courses than the space available at cleanrun's issue from january, and he shared those extra courses in his blog..
Spain: the registrations for the competition séxtuple de euskadi will open on may 1 st;, the floor will be natural grass, this year it will be in Okondo (facebook).
Litters: border collie litter planned in italy (webpage, facebook); the dam is daughter of eira (world champion with nicola giraudi). Nadine Friesenegger (austria) is planning a shetland litter out of kazumi for spring/ summer 2019 (click). Border collie litter expected in USA from marco giavoni (post, pedigree); the sire is Fetch granting pleasure. Mudi litter planned for 2019 in hungary (click) out of arya & apa.
Serbia calendar for 2019 (facebook).
Jumps & heights in young dogs: wendy willemse (netherlands) comments her heights schedule in jumps for dogs over one year old considering the bones development (facebook).
Videos: Katerina Malackova from czech rep. (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) at her last competitions (facebook).

26/12/18- Leela: updates on facebook. The good new is that Leela is still in the same zone.
Lost/ stoleno: the owners ask to spread the information about Nala (australian shepherd small red merle) that ran away near hannover a year ago and it seems someone picked her up (facebook: 1, 2). There is a 1000 euros reward.
Seminars/ workshops on photography ‘dogs in action’ with claudio piccoli (italy): italy (april), france (may), estonia (july), canada (september), germany (september), belgium (october), austria (november). Information.
Obstacles: foam wall from cool-dog.eu will be available via web on january (facebook); for now, they accept orders on facebook. The pre orders during january have free shipping in the european union.
Interview to Luis Ciurana (spain, FEAEC): click. ‘In 1993, the Sociedad Canina Internacional (FCI) decided that non pedigree dogs will not receive an agility champion title and, consequently, Luis Ciurana, that was running with his pet and representatives of agility clubs from Madrid, Catalunya, Valencia, decided to create the Federación Española de Agility y Educación Canina (FEAEC). An entity in which all dogs, with or without papers, can compete under the same conditions was born.’.
On line course on jumping with fanny Gott from sweden (click). Registrations; the course costs 1000 swedish crowns for listeners and 2000 swedish crowns for working spots.

25/12/18- Puppies: A border collie litter (5 females & 5 males) from alen marekovic was born in croatia (information, facebook); the sire is vis (he runs with nina gregl) and is out of eiri greme gwen. Litter planned in germany from love x beat (pedigree & informaton); Beat is full brother to jack (lisa frick) & say (tereza kralova). Litter planned in italy for september 2019, from syclone (isabella stefl) x drop; the sire of syclone is tanhill glen (facebook manuela satta). Border collie puppies published by serge van der zweep from the netherlands (facebook). In Italy was born, the border collie litter (3 females & 6 males) out of thaji X dudu (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Greece: competitions & seminars at drive unlimited for the first semester 2019 (facebook).
Courses: andrea deeg from germany (1, 2, 3).
Olympia 2019 is on december 16- 22 (facebook). reglamento. The ABC stakes is for large dogs not border collie, nor working sheepdog nor any mix with them.
Videos: sabine kreuz & foo in mendig (facebook), Zoë Bakker (netherlands) in a seminar with jan sprij & Wendy Willemse (youtube), Oliver Gustke (germany) & Kofi (facebook).
Italy: criteria for become a national team member of mixed breed (.pdf); the qualifications runs are on january 26- 27 (Charlie Dog- BS), february 9- 10 (Magic Dog Desio- MI), march 30- 31 (Centro Cinofilo Felicia- BO), april 20- 21 (Luccagility- LU). Criteria to become a nationalteammember for european open and world cup (.pdf); Information of the qualification run on january 19- 20.
France: criteria to become a national team member for european open and world cup (.pdf); calendar of the qualifications runs: february 23- 24 (Auterive (31190); the judges are David Desoubrie, Sari Mikkilä (Finland)), march 23- 24 (Ronchin (59790); the judges are Ana beltrán (spain), Pascale Crespel), april 27- 28 (Yvre l'Evêque (72530); the judges are Petr Dostal (czech rep.), David Powell).

24/12/18- Fireworks/ storms & phobias in dogs: Ford designed an anti noise box (click) that is added to other creations like zencrate (webpage, facebook). National geographic has a special program with music to help dogs in christmas (facebook). Other tips: Steve Dale PetWorld (1, 2), africa geographic. Music on youtube (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), iCalm pet & spotify, Ttouch.
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & hydro (facebook: 1, 2), Debby Simons (Belgium-UK) with Pixie (facebook) & DobbyJ (facebook), wendy willemse (netherlands) & legend (facebook). Videos at Olympia: natasha wise (UK) & Pebbles (facebook), several on youtube, dave munnings (england) with boost (facebook) & fame (facebook).
Aginotes: new toolss were added such as count speed, training options and italian version (facebook). webpage, facebook.
France: the FFACS, created in novembre 2018 after FFCS's disolution, has open registrations (facebook). facebook for the FFACS (Fédération française des activités du chien de sport).
Obstacles: new plastic jumps from Bing agility (facebook).

23/12/18- Leela is a shetland from colombian small agility team that got lost in sweden before FCI agility world cup in october. Search teams with dogs have been looking for her since the first day; calls to 0708 96 93 70 reporting observations that might be Leela are very helpful because the search area needs to be reduced to try to catch her and because sometimes she panics and runs away from her secure heaven. Leela is in survival mode and does not trust people; that's why the search team asks people not to try to catch her nor call her when they think they found Leela but instead call immediately to 0708 96 93 70 to prevent new escapes. There is a map on facebook with marks of the observations (confirmed by Id dogs) during these 3 months in Sweden. Up to the last observations, she is in good shape and with the same harness she was using when she got lost (facebook: 1, 2).

22/12/18- Sweden: since january 1st 2019 the only tyre accepted will be the frameless one (facebook: 1, 2).
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in mendig (agility 3, jumping 3).
Clean run: sales until sunday at midnight (click).
USA: list of the lasts spots for european open (facebook). Son Carla & Wink (Parson Terrier), Cassie & True (caniche), Kory & Kaemon (shetland) in small, Kathleen & Whimzy (shetland), Jennifer & Colt (shetland), Marcy & Stripe (shetland) in medium, Natalie & Vengeance (border collie), Melanie & Integrity (border collie), Kama & Popeye (border collie), Jacqueline & Obi (border collie), Stacie & Uno (border collie), Maddie & Shimmer (border collie), Patrick & Sultan (border collie) in large y los suplentes.

21/12/18- EO 2019: the surface is sand (facebook).
This weekend is Olympia in UK (facebook (1, 2), running orders, programa del friday, saturday, sunday). Germany: Competitions in oestringen, mendig (webmelden). Spain: trials at club zampican (facebook).
Obstacles: Galican has new PVC jumps (facebook). Preorders before 2019 has a 10% discount.
Border collie litter expected in new zealand with frozen semen (facebook). The sire is welshriverdee rayder, out of eiri greme gwen and lives in denmark. They are expecting 6 puppies.
Czech Rep.: Jari Suomalainen (Finland), Vendula Hausnerová (Slovakia) are the judges on march 23- 24 (1, 2); the floor is Juta Grass.
FCI WC 2019: all copetitions under the finnish kennel club are under the antidoping controls (click). Lista of medications and withdrawal (.pdf). The obstacles will be from galican and the floor juta grass or saltex (unisport), they defined on october 2018. It is not clear if cropped ears or tail can run, it depends if new law will take effect before or after world cup (.pdf).
AAO 2019 (brazil): registrations are open (click). The registration with discount close on january 31; march 16 is the deadline but they will accept late registrations (with surcharge) until march 31. webpage, facebook, unofficial information.

20/12/18- Courses: jari suomalainen (finland) in japan (facebook).
Music from national geographic for dogs with problems with fireworks on christmas and new year (facebook).
Calendars 2019: germany, czech rep., austria, estonia, finland, greece, netherlands (1, 2), hungary, italy, luxembourg, slovakia, canada (1, 2, 3), USA (1, 2), brazil, chile. calendars with several competitions (1, 2, 3).
Border collie puppies expected in denmark out of why not chai my queen (vivian nielsen) x darleyfalls stylin in it (syclone from Isabella Stefl, son of tanhill glen). The expected date is january 25 (facebook).
Italy: the judges for the first world cup/ EO quali (on janaury 19- 20) are sandra deidda, philip müller schnick (germany), bonnik berthelsen (denmark), angelone lione (facebook).
Olympia 2018 (united kingdom): courses and information on facebook (1, 2); some videos from youtube. running orders, tickets. program for friday, saturday, sunday. Martin Cavill will judge.

19/12/18- WAO 2019: the regulations are available (click).
EO 2019: list of hotels for the competition (click).
Online course on foundations with 1 jump with nina gregl (facebook, webpage). They will give 2 auditors spots among those who share the facebook post. Registrations before january 1 st has a guarantee a spot to the course that begins on february 11. The cost is 265 euros with dog, 130 euros silent auditor.
Solidarity: Petra pecar (slovenia) posted about a small border collie family breeder in poland ( Misty highland) that lost everything at the fire (except the lives of humans & dogs including his their last litter born on december). Information on how to help (facebook).
Fit paws has a 15 % discount with code 18R-FP15 (click). Next year, Fitpaws will only be distributor and the products will only be available for purchase from authorized resellers.

18/12/18- Facebook agility europe: question about the rules applied to mixed breed dogs for doing agility in each country (facebook). several countries treat them very different than dogs with an FCI pedigree but some countries as united kingdom, slovenia, netherlands, mexico, croatia, serbia, brazil, ireland, australia, austria, etc don't have differences for dogs with or without registered pedigree. Mixed breed include dogs that don't have a breed, dogs with breed but without FCI pedigree, dogs with non FCI pedigrees (ISDS, etc) not registered at a local kennel club, dogs with CI pedigree that, for some reason, did not register the pedigree at a local kennel club or if the owner did not receive the FCI pedigree.
Obstacles: cooldog.eu ofers free shipping in europe for jumps and tunnels during 2018 (facebook).
France: Gîte Gers- La Métairie is a venue for holiday where dogs, cats and horses are accepted (webpage, facebook, reference). They have an agility ring for training dogs. Seminars scheduled (facebook) with christelle bouillot (may 30- 31), sophie lafond (june 15- 16), renaud castelain (october 5- 6).
Netherlands: agility trial in venlo on july 20- 21 (facebook). The judges are Tashiyuki Oba (japan), ron von straten (netherlands), anders virtanen (finland).
Videos: thomas raczka (france) & must in black (youtube), trip of french handlers to gold rush (facebook).
Gold rush 2018: photos from ramona schurken (facebook).
IFCS 2019 (netherlands): los jueces son Peter Smit (netherlands), Anton Kudrin (russia) & Trish Levesque (canada). webpage, program.

17/12/18- Border collie litter expected at Wicked Wonderland in austria (facebook). Ii is a repeated litter from february 2018; the sire is jack (lisa frick) and the dam is from a daughter of a full brother of sam (wannahave). Pedigree of the litter (facebook). email: carmen.hinterdorfer@gmx.at
Magazine: last issue during 2018 of JAM in japan (facebook).
Silvia Trkman: facebook for graduation videos at lolabuland's courses.
Videos: sebastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook), laura reinhalter (austria) & zookie (facebook), daniel schröder (germany) & cashew (facebook), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & stoma (youtube, facebook), ticks with rats (facebook), promotional video for FMBB world cup (vimeo).
Courses: Cédric Bargoin from france (facebook), nicolas renaud (france) at gold rush in germany (agility team medium/small, jumping team large, team final, agility individual large, jumping individual medium/small), AKC invitational in USA (click), wolfgang tieber from austria (1, 2), carlo magnoli from italy (facebook).

16/12/18- Live stream: Gold rush in germany (facebook), AKC invitational in USA (1, 2).
Leela: updates about the search in sweden; it seems she has settled near some farms (facebook: 1, 2).
Puppies: shetland available in norway (facebook); the father is you from kennel summergarden in austria and qualified for world cup 2018 with tamara sedlmaie. Border collie puppies expected in italy in january- february (facebook veronica odone); they are out of neeela X Vis. Neela is a daughter of Ex (gianluca schingaro that is out of fetch granting pleasure x gio) and Vis (eiri greme gwen's son) runs with nina gregl.
Courses: michael schilling from germany (jumping 3, agility 3), tamas traj (hungary) on facebook (final, jumping large, agility medium/small).
Gold rush: the winners of the final were lizandra ströhle (germany) & lou in small, daniel schröder (germany) & cashew in medium, tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say in large (video); the winners of the semifinals were sebastien allerme (france) & sia (agility large), silas boogk (germany) & beam (agility medium), gervasio sicignano (italy) & cika (agility small), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (jumping large), daniel schröder (germany) & cashew (jumping medium), bozena schröder (germany) & cap (jumping small). Photos, videos & results on facebook.

15/12/18- Live stream: Gold rush in germany (facebook).
Puppies shetland out of kite (with eager to work): 9 puppies in 3 different kennels (facebook nicole kelpen). Border collie puppies planned for january in germany (facebook simone schwanda); they are out Welshriverdee Radyer x Nice Nayla van de Hartenhoeve. Shetland puppies from puck (with eager to work), were born in sweden (facebook with eager to work).
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) & wow (youtube), alen marekovic (croatia) with runo & asa (youtube), sebastien allerme (france) & sia (1, 2), AKC invitational in USA (facebook), radka mokrisova (czech rep.) with mia & easy (facebook: 1, 2), mike peter (luxembourg) & limit (facebook).
Courses from gold rush in germany: tamas traj from hungary (team large, team small medium), final teams. More courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (jumping open, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, agility open), AKC invitational (click).
Slovakia: qualification competitions for world cup (.pdf) & EO (.pdf).
Colombia: survey about local agility (google drive).
Gold rush 2018: the winners were 1- Beast mode “on”, 2- Drink like a RUSHian, 3- swemany at team Large, 1- End up Gold Team, 2- Gold Busters, 3- CupFun at team small- medium.
AKC invitational: results.

14/12/18- This weekend: goldrush in germany (webpage, facebook, running orders (individual and teams)); the judges are tamas traj (hungary), nicolas renaud (france). Slovenia: winter championship judged by manca mikec & matej cucek (click). Germany: trials in katensen (judged by Stefan Nagel), Hemsbach (judged by mirja lapanja (slovenia), Oliver Gustke), Borken (judged by aline schmidt, Fabiola Heidbring), Hückelhoven (judged by Ivo Wijns, Michael Schilling), Nalbach (judged by Karsten Freyermuth & Ton van de Laar (netherlands)), herne (judged by Thorsten Horn & Dirk Kuschnierz) up to webmelden, agility turniere. Czech Rep.: trials in Terezin (judged by olga Bazalova), brno (judged by petr pupik), skaly (judged by lenka pankova), Terezin (judged by Katerina Lerlova). Austria: Icebear cup (click; the judges are zsofi biro & veronika herendy from hungary), get the contact (click; wolfgang tieber judges), snow motion cup (click; the judges are sabrina hauser & pavol rohacek). USA: AKC invitational in florida (webpage, facebook, event from facebook). Argentina: marathon christmas cup in san luján de cuyo (facebook). Colombia: show in caldas (facebook); open nacional in bogotá (click). Brazil: copa paulista in sao paulo (click).
Videos: elina janesniemi (finland) & effi (facebook), mickael charbonnier during a winter training (facebook), silas boogk (germany) & beam at amadeus (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) & palo training with elina janesniemi (facebook).
Courses from finland: Janakkalan Koirakerho (facebook), anne savioja (facebook), jari suomalainen (blogspot).
Finland: trial in turenki judged by jari suomalainen & marko mäkelä on january 5- 6 (click). Information about janakkala open on august 2- 4 (webpage, facebook); the judges are jan egil eide (norway), ritva herrala, sari mikkilä from finland.
Film: belle et sébastien (webpage, facebook, trailer); Zaz's music on youtube (1, 2).

13/12/18- FCI regulations: czech rep. is the new country to have 5 categories instead of the 3 from FCI regulations (facebook).
Seminars: jan egil eide (norway) on january 14- 15 in germany (facebook); the cost is 105 euros. Spring camp on may 3- 5 with jessica patterson, rebecca Mc Kay, justine davenport in canada (facebook) at aspengrove country resort; registrations start on december 15.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (youtube), nicola giraudi (italy) & brigg (facebook), running contacts training from Radka Mokrisova (czech rep.) & dream (facebook), becky schiltz (luxembourg) & Mii in a seminar with nina gregl (youtube), rocky's excercises and tricks (facebook). Ball dogs in australia (facebook); the first time it was done has been at ‘brazil open’ with stray dogs in 2016.
Documental dog power: webpage, facebook, trailer.
Canada: ‘dog fun match’ is on january 20 at the bunker (.pdf).

12/12/18- Facebook agility europe: elsa soo (singapore) is an agility judge and asked about the possibility that there are no faults in the up contacts (facebook). the comments bring some information about the countries that do not consider fault there: united kingdom (UKA for 14 years), USA (for 2 years), sweden, etc; several countries have already decided different rules from the ones established by FCI for the running categories and/ or jump heights (France, Sweden, Finland, etc). In the last FCI agility committee's meeting, Sweden, Finland and Croatia suggested this change and was discussed but not approved. Alen Marelovic reminded that changes o CI rules are made every 5 years (the next one is expected for 2023) but the only competitions that have to follow these rules are FCI world cup, european open, junior european open and competitions with CACIAg. He specifically said that national championships are not FCI competitions.
Amadeus 2019: the winners were anne lenz (germany) & itzi bitzi (border collie) in large (.pdf), hansi weberling (germany) & momo (mini australian shepherd) in medium (.pdf), thomas berger (austria) & noobsi (shetland) in small (.pdf). The tightest knock out was lisa frick/ jack vs anne lenz/ itzi bitzi; with a difference of 0.06 s.
Courses: seppo savikko (finland) in greece (facebook).
EO 2019: facebook for the competition. The webpage is again available with the regulations (click).
BCC 2019: provisory registration list at the website of the competition (click). Among them is krsztina kabai with her youngest border collie in grade 1, tobias wüst with his young dog in grade 2.
Border collie puppies: the litter from away to me (sweden) was born; they are 2 females and a male (facebook). The dam is abi (out of eve (full sister of lilli) x vallhunden yoda) and the sire is Bob (information on facebook from britt perez; contact britt@awaytome.se).
Italy: very few spots available for the seminar with lisa frick (austria) on december 15- 16 (facebook).
Obstacles: outlet from galican.

11/12/18- Seminars: christelle bouillot in france on march 30- 31 (facebook), alen marekovic (croatia) in italy on may 25- 26 (facebook).
Hungary: trial on january 13 and 17 on sand (facebook). Trial on december 30 (facebook).
Australia: the agility judge Jody Brown passed away; he started competing in agility during 2001 with his border collie Tara. Jody pretty much loved all dog sports, but especially tracking. Jody didn't have biases, he loved judging all sports and all organisations. .... I can t think of a single thing that Jody wouldn't do to help someone else. .... Special thanks to Wayne Stutz and Wendy Blakeston who made arrangements to collect and look after Jody s animals. (click). Tribute video on youtube. those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.
Facebook agility europe: question about trials in france, germany, belgium between september 2 and 15 (facebook). Janita (finland) asks about the time for course waking in different countries (facebook). Nina Causevic (slovenia- spain) asks about the number of verbal cues used for certain jumping sequences (facebook). Questions about the differences in heights and length of contact obstacles (facebook).
One mind dogs has a 15 % discount for gift cards during december (click).
Mudi puppies at Bariguard Kennel (hungary): they are 3 females and 1 male (facebook). The puppies are out of Milky X Baja.
Videos: roberta boscolo (italy) & roger at CSEN final (facebook).

previous updates are in spanish

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2013 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2012 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2011 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2010 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2009 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio -agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2008 dic. 2007- marzo abril-mayo junio-julio agosto-set. oct.-nov. diciembre