Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 0721- 69 62 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

29/05/20- Litter border collie expected in slovenia at shadow of aire (facebook). The dam is ninja from mirja lapanja/ matej cucek; she is out of jack (lisa frick) & jazz (matej cucek) and full sister of nemi (martina klimesova). The sire is style from max sprinz, style has in his lines tanhill glen, sony from japan.
Obstacles: electronic contact zone from galican that beeps when touch it (facebook), improvements on the electronic contact zones from smart- 99 that works with treat & train (facebook).
Survey from dogs 4 motion for future online course (click).

28/05/20- Garden league: Bud houston is the organizer of the league and is to whom you have to write for regsitration. rules, facebook. Excercises forweeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Results and videos of weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Online course on focus and obstacle commitment with zsuzsa veres from hungary (facebook, webpage). classes start on june 1st. The cost is 60 euros with dog and 45 euros as auditor.
Calendar 2020 from estonia, lithuania & latvia (click).
Smarter agility: new updates on dog's path (click).
Videos: nina gregl (croatia) & zaelle (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & gift (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & 5 (youtube), wilson villalobos (colombia) & happy (facebook).

27/05/20- FCI WC 2021: jan egil eide (norway) was confirmed as one of the judges (facebook).

26/05/20- Grace: the story of the great pyrénées rescued from the mountainas after 6 months of searching (1, 2, 3) .
Germany: anne lenz has available places to train in her hall on june (facebook).
Online course : Katarina Podlipnik (slovenia) opened registrations for running contacts (info, facebook); she calrifies that is exclusive for young dogs and starts on june 26 and the cost is 225 euros with dog and 180 euros as auditor. Online course for puppies with dan shaw from england (facebook).
Finland: starting on june 1 st some competitions can be organize under some rules. Comments on facebook.
Stud zen border collie available as stud (facebook). He si grandson of eiri greme gwen, and he is out of welshriverdee rayder X Fru.

25/05/20- Border collie puppy (female) out of welshriverdeerayder X Saga is available in denmark. eiri greme gwen is one of the grandfathers (facebook).
Canine conditioning: articles from The Martial ARFS (part 1: power, part 2: athleticism, part 3: speed, part 4: endurance).
Video from monika pleterski with kris's dogs running a competition in tribute to kris: miha primozic with seven, marusa podjed with youme (facebook). More videos: rosana robic (slovenia) & mint (facebook), miha primozic (slovenia) & Hamster (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) showing different movements (facebook), barbara rozman (slovenia) with erin & tani (facebook), carpal paw from out-n-out sweden (facebook).
Course for training published by barbara rozman from slovenia (facebook).
Software: smarter agility has been updated (facebook).

24/05/20- Digital picture of border collies (facebook).
Courses: Aneta Obrusnikova from czech rep. (facebook).
Puppies border collie male of eleven weeks available in belgium out of hash (shadow of aire speed) from zejko gora (facebook). Border collie litter expected in sweden out of Fox x chaplin (click) and in united kingdom out of sweep jnr (facebook simon cottrell).
Germany: hundesportwelt opens on june 2 (facebook). Registrations are open for the competitions in agility park- mendig on september 4- 6 & in hsz-nrw on august 14- 16, september 18- 20.
Videos: chris faltner (austria- norway) and her papillon (facebook), radovan liska (czech rep.) & rody (facebook), Nusa Pecnik (slovenia) with her ‘rent a whippet’ in a tunnel cup (facebook), Sandi Okanovic (slovenia) & Nora (facebook), Beata Luchowska (poland) & dice (facebook), Alpèr- Nadja Zürrer in germany (facebook), ola gronek from poland training with iwona golab (facebook), sebastien allerme (france) & Sia (facebook).

22/05/20- Seminars in cagliari (italy) with nicola giraudi, silas boogk, daniel schröder, krsztina kabai & tamas traj on mayo- september (facebook manuela satta).
Videos: ramona schurken (germany) & Lyric (1, 2), Vivyane Specian (brazil) & holly (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & make (youtube). Video from world cup in germany on 2002 (youtube) and a quali for national championship in spain on 2001 (youtube).
Courses: Jean-Luc Farny from france (facebook), Philippe Jeanclaude in france (facebook).
Webinar from clean run with Sherman Canapp: ‘Medial Shoulder Syndrome, Why Is It Becoming So Common?’ (click); the cost is 29.99 dollars. Comments on facebook.
Agility nation with susan garrett (canada): registrations are open (facebook); the cost is 590 dollars for a year or 50 dollars for a month.

21/05/20- Health: to help on a research for epilepsy they are asking vets, owners of dogs with epilepsy, etc to answer a survey (facebook).
Berger des pyrénées litter planned in austria out of zooki from laura reinhalter (facebook). zookie (1, 2) won EO 2016.
Courses: kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook).
Online British agility open is on june 9- 16 (facebook). Registrations are open and the deadline is 8 june. The judges are Jorge Pires (Portugal) & Natalie Webb. regulations. There are 4 sizes (small (jumps 30 cm), medium (jumps 40 cm), intermediate (jumps 50 cm), large (jumps 60 cm)).
Croatia: training with alen marekovic & nina gregl (facebook).
Obstacles: promotional video from galican (facebook).

19/05/20- Border collie puppies expected in italy (facebook) out of Moi x gift.
Courses rom corona cup last weekend in southamerica (grado 2/3, grado 1, grado 0, grado 2/3, grado 1, grado 0).
Videos: zejko gora (croatia) & hash (youtube), jan egil eide (norway) training with his border collie (facebook), martin reid (england) explaining the reasons why dogs drop bars (youtube).
Susan Garrett (canada) has a week with suggestions for improving the speed of dogs (agility nation, facebook).

18/05/20- Working dog anounced on facebook that the videos from EO 2017, FCI WC 2017 were available. We did not posted it before because we could not see the videos (we thought they were for premium members) but at the end we could see the ones from 2018 (but not the ones from 2017). Just in case, we allowed notifications from working dog when we loaded the page (maybe that is a requirement for seeing the videos). The video available is on the right side of the description of the competition.

17/05/20- FCI WC 2021: svetlana zolotnikova won't judge next world cup (facebook).

16/05/20- Online courses: the special games 2 with martina klimesova starts on may 20 (facebook). It costs 120 euros for listeners, 180 euros with working spot. People interested in special games 1, may contact Martina with a private message.
Border collie puppies planned at kennel wannahave in netherlands (facebook patries briede); the father is from finland and is a son of eiri greme ray (father of say from tereza kralova & jack from lisa frick).
Courses: iwona golab de polonia (facebook).
Free Webinar (in spanish) organized by Augusto Barrios (peru) with foreign agilitysts this sunday (instagram) with zoom (ID: 381 001 8018, password: 1K7SB1).

15/05/20- Malinois puppies from Ivy x jeff in belgium: they are expected on june 6 ant interested in puppies should fill a form (facebook).
EO: enrique herbera published the large podiums since the beginning (click); ahe still needs the ones from 2003, the second place in 2009 and some dog names.
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & azta (facebook).
Courses: Emilia Tziliou Shera (facebook).
Article from susan garrett (canadá): top 10 reasons agility dogs drop bars (click).
Obstacles: numbers from Jitka Slanska in czech rep. (facebook).

14/05/20- Webinar (free) with sarah baker (USA) today (facebook bad dog agility).

13/05/20- Information: they are searching the podiums at individual runs on EO since the first edition (facebook agility europe).
Article frome dogs4motion about the importance of proper sitting in dogs (click).
Border collie puppies planned in czech rep. out of mer and grandsons of why not zet my queen (facebook).
Courses for training: iwona golab (facebook).
Seminar with max sprinz (germany) in austria on july 11- 12 (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & app (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) training impulse control (facebook), training from channie elmested on tunnel- slalom discrimination (youtube), maria alexandersson from sweden (facebook), klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook).

12/05/20- Seminar with jan egil eide (norway) in canada in june 2021 (facebook).
USDAA has competitions at home (click).
Online course with walter dingemanse: how dogs move (video, form). It costs more or less 150 dollars and has discounts until may 17th. It starts on may 31. It includes injuries, effect of agility obstacles in dogs, warm up, etc.
Jennybows are a prize for the corona agility cup (facebook).

11/05/20- Online courses: the course for designig agility courses with petr pupik (czech rep.), jan egil eide (norway), tamas traj (hungary) that started on may 1 is still accepting registrations (facebook). Bad dog agility's course: complete guide to tugging with 39 videos (click); it costs 147 dollars. Agility camp with stas kurochkin & Lisicyna Olga in russia (facebook) still has free spots.
Videos: ariane weber (germany) training with krisztina kabai & alex beitl in mendig (youtube), Florian Förster (germany & nice (facebook).
Training course from jenny damm (facebook).
Norwegian open: norway is reopening and the organizers son still expect to run in 2020 (facebook).

10/05/20- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos of past world cups by agility japan on youtube. Other videos:: jouni orenius (sweden-finland) & ami (facebook), Dani Lehrer (germany) & leni (youtube), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & Sadie (youtube). fitness: Annika Af Klercker de suecia (instagram), fitpaws usa (instagram).
Online courses: slalom with yes dog from sweden (webpage, facebook); gives access for 6 months, consists of 10 exercises, the cost is 48 dollars and starts on june 6.
Online classes adapted to each person with euan patterson from UK (facebook).
Facebook: post about preferred surface, preferred obstacle, preferred judge, best country to compete (other than yours), etc. (facebook).
Southamerica: video of danta camacho (brazil) on dominance theory and why it doesn't die (youtube). Augusto Barrios rganized a zoom meeting to talk and answer questions about dog training (pre agility) with two agility people from south america that run on world cups (facebook). La jauría (argentina) is organizing a talk today giving tips for dog training (instagram).

09/05/20- Puppies: the border collie puppies (4 males, 3 females) from kennel shadow of aire are born (facebook). Male border collie available in russia (facebook stas kurochkin). Border collie puppies from herding lines planned in united kingdom (facebook). Puppies from kennel austrian diamond in austria (facebook ingrid kastmer); the border collies are from nibs x lennox.
Videos: Max sprinz (germany) & style (facebook), dan shaw (england) & boffin (youtube).
Denmark open was cancelled (facebook).

08/05/20- Litter border collie expected in italy (facebook), key of shadowman (full sister of jack (lisa frick), say (tereza kralova)) X copper.
Online course: due to many requests, silvia trkman open an extra tricks/puppy class course (click).
Health: lisa frick ask for advice and knowledge on chronical stress gastritis (facebook).
Fitness: tips from dogs4motion (facebook).
Courses: masao yagyu from japan (facebook).

07/05/20- FCI WC: estonia will held it in 2021 (september 23- 26), russia in 2022 and czech rep. in 2023 (.pdf). Information from FCI's webpage.

06/05/20- FMBB 2021 is on may 11- 16 in greece (facebook, banner).
Videos: Manuela Satta (italy) & Pif (facebook), Michaela Hadrbolccova (czech rep.) changing from 2 on 2 off to running contacts with Fly (facebook).
Lost dogs: tips from canadian shetland sheepdog association (facebook).
Oline courses: registrations for special games 2 with martina klimesova & carlo magnoli will open on may 10 (facebook, video).

05/05/20- Videos: martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita with target games (facebook), magdalena domnaska from poland (facebook), Dave munnings (england) & fame (facebook). Video with 3 warm up exercises from McIntyre canine rehabilitation (youtube); Ling Chua doing a physical conditioning exercise from martina Klimesova (facebook).
Herding: ISDS world sheepdog trials 2020 were cancelled (facebook); it was rescheduled for september 2021. Information about other trials in england, ireland, wales and scotland (click).
Europe: some important comeptitions adn the situacion due to COVID (1, 2, 3).
Puppies in canada: shetland litter expected out of Excell- khirugai excellent indeed X kaczbars grayzee (facebook); Excell's pedigree. Kirstin O'Neill (canada) also plans a malinois litter for late 2020- early 2021 (facebook).

04/05/20- FCI WC 2020 was postponed to september 2021 (facebook).

03/05/20- Courses: Esa muotka from finland (facebook). Training courses: marc martin from france (facebook), iwona golab from poland (facebook), jane elene christensen from denmark (facebook).
Cursos online: running contacts with euan patterson from england (webpage, video on facebook); the cost is 70 pounds with dog and 50 pounds as auditor. dave munnings shows how he train her new puppy (facebook); the cost is 120 pounds with 20% discount using code qme2020.
Videos: puppies out of hash from zeljko gora X Scarlet from dave munnings & dan Shaw (facebook).
Denmark open 2020: facebook the competition will be instead of the dania cup. It is on july 15- 18, registrations will open on saturday 9 may.

02/05/20- Training course of petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: ariane wieber (germany) & zola (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), jaakko (finland) & wow (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu, her 1 year old dog (facebook), katarina poldipnik (slovenia) and her bew dog (facebook), Jouni Vainio (finland) & Tiima (facebook), Jane Elene Christensen (denmark) & flip (facebook).
ISAC 2020 (International agility sheltie competition) was cancelled (facebook). The organizers of ISAC 2021 were contacted and decided that the ISAC 2021 will be in the nertherlands and ISAC 2022 in denmark.
Oline classes with dani lehrer from germany (facebook).

30/04/20- FMBB 2020 was defintely cancelled (facebook). The organizer was France and they will do it on 2023.
Videos: klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), training games of the puppy from lee gibson (facebook).
Switzerland: new agility hall will open on july 2020 (facebook).
Puppies border collie planned in poland (click). border collie male available in czech rep. from ehrding lines (facebook).
Spaina: serie of interviews call 22 obstáculos... with spanish agility people (youtube).

29/04/20- Jenny Damm: carlo fazio's interview on instagram (1, 2).

28/04/20- Online course with lee gibson (england) for backyard training (webpage, facebook). It costs 10 pounds per week (more or less 13 dollars or 12 euros).
BCC 2020: the organization will wait until the end of may for deciding what they will do with the competition (facebook).
Border collie litter expected in belgium out of nym from yannick wouters x red (facebook). Nym is a son of eiri greme gwen and the mother is from dutch lines (click).
Videos: aimilia tziliou (greece) & remeny training frisbee (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), feline tunders (netherlands) training running contacts (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), training with 1 tunnel & 5 jumps (facebook).

27/04/20- Courses: jessica & fabien flouret from france (.pdf). Exercises from Birgitta Hermansson (facebook).
Videos: isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & amidala (facebook).
France: the events were cancelled until mid july (facebook).
Jersey European Agility Festival swas rescheduled for october 17- 20 (click). New program (.pdf).
Software: quiz about smarter agility's new features (facebook). post about the new features from facebook.

26/04/20- Online course seesaw with jan diessner (germany) starts on may 2 (facebook). course recognize with jessica flouret from france (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: excercises in a puppy camp (youtube), beata luchowska (poland) & dice (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & Zaelie (facebook), simone (denmark) & jagger (facebook).
Corona agility cup: facebook. Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
America organized this weekend a virtual competition like the IAL (1, 2, 3) created on 1996 and fostered by nancy gyes (USA), Steve Drinkwater & Cathy Slot (australia). Videos en facebook & instagram (club agility sur); courses for grade 0 (stefanie semkat, calderón), grade 1 (zsofi biro, arriagada), grade 2- 3 (papavero, neil ellis).

25/04/20- Online courses: course using one jump with dave munings from england (facebook), some modules with natasha wise (click), with tara la belle from canada (facebook). tara la belle also has a course where you need 1 tunnel (facebook). Course with max sprinz (germany) it is 32 sequences with videos, courses, mistakes of his training with 4 differents dogs (facebook); the cost is 149 euros and there is a discount of 20 euros for registrering before 1st may. Course with anna hinze (germany) for seesaw (facebook); the cost is 130 euros with dog and 98 euros as auditor.
Belgium: there are no more competitions, trainings or meetings until end june due to COVID (facebook).

24/04/20- Training course from carlo magnoli (facebook).
Judges: judging course with vittorio papavero(italy) organized by orfanakos nikiforos (facebook). The first part is online on may 2- 3 & 9- 10.
Facebook agility europe: post about how is agility going on in the diferent countries worldwide due to COVID (facebook). Israel and Italy don' have trials until further notice. The Netherlands cancelled all the competitions until september 1st. France may start in july. Finland cancelled national championship and the government canceled trials until may 31. Shetland litter planned in Italy: Cika X Grisu (facebook). Cika BoomBoom is out of Akuna Matata x Nicha Anip Simply Unique and Firestarter Grisu is out of Uvetta Ululallaluna x Marma's Shawnee of Summergarden.

23/04/20- Agility park (Mendig) from alex beitl & krisztina kabai, known as the agility paradise reopen on april 27 for reduce groups (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & azta training running contacts + discrimination (youtube), lisa frick (austria) training with hoss (facebook).
Puppies border collie expected in germany for mid june (facebook); the sire is cinna from nadine alshut and the dam is gwen (it is a repeated litter, from the previous one is style from max sprinz). The border collie hijos litter sired by mer was born in poland (facebook); they are 3 females & 3 males.
Online course with max sprinz (germany): registrations will open on april 25 (facebook). Online course with grégory bielle bidalot (france) connection with hand (facebook, formulario). Course on lumbosacral disease in avidog- sink with discount (click).

22/04/20- FCI WC 2020: the organizing team has decided that the worldcup cannot be held this year (webpage, comunicado, facebook). They will submit an application to the FCI to host the 25th FCI Agility World Championship on 2021.

21/04/20- Jan egil eide: post on the cancellation of the world cup where he is one of the judges (facebook).
Aginotes: interview to katarina podlipnik on running contact (click).
Dania cup 2020: due to the unknown future the organization decided to cancel the event (.pdf). Instead, they plan to organize an smaller event (it last 4 days) on the 29 week of 2020 (july 13- 19) that will be call Denmark open.
Videos: ad with zeeb (facebook), katia (brazil) & Tippy (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & james brown (facebook), enya habel (sweden) with her new puppy sushi (instagram), ana maria zuluaga (colombia) training in chile (facebook).

19/04/20- Courses: agility live's obstacle distribution for backyard trainings (.pdf). Training courses: carlo magnoli from italy- czech rep. (facebook), masao yagyu from japan (facebook), perez ayuso from spain (facebook). Some exercises from an online course with lee gibson (facebook)
Agility nerd published more exercises for backyard trainings (facebook).
Dogs4motion wrote an article with 5 tips for senior dogs (click).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & taco (youtube).
Magazines: cover from Agility live (facebook).
FCI WC 2020: Canada, USA and finland announced that the world cup was not taking part in estonia this year (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). There is no official confirmation (FCI webpage, event pages etc.). Agilitysts wait for the confirmation and for the rescheduling of world cup's calendar (Up to now, 2021 is russia, 2022 czech rep., 2023 austria and 2024 probably switzerland).

18/04/20- Johann the dog shared on facebook anarticle on how dogs are used to detect covid-19 (click).
Videos: Anna Pavlikova (russia) & armstrong, out of zippy from stas kurochkin (youtube), Beata Luchowska (poland) & miss (facebook), running contacts training of martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), and natasha gjerulff (denmark) & shine (facebook), miha primozic (slovenia) & hamster (facebook), klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), wendy willemse (netherlands) & legend (facebook), bianca van gastel (netherlands) & juicy (facebook). Videos of distance control (1, 2).

17/04/20- Contest fr winning a working spot for let's play from polona bonac, dog toys and an auditor spot for the same course (facebook).
Online courses woith dan shaw: starting line, teeter and puppies (facebook). trailer of the distance handling from yesdog in sweden (facebook).
Software: tip on how to erase numbers in a course from smarter agility (facebook).
CBorder collie puppies in southafrica (facebook); their grand grand father is rising sun dark raider. The puppies from downforce tsuki are born (facebook); they are 3 ffemales and 2 males. Border collie litter expected in may at german kennel aus der alten noris; the father is a full brother of itzi bitzi (from anne lenz).
Finland: all the big competitions for 2020 were cancelled even SM 2020 {facebook). Las the world cup quali trials will be in august. They decided not to postpone because any date chosen is improbable. The work pre competition is very hard and tere are no guarantees of running in the next months.

16/04/20- OfCourse- Coursedesign Garden Agility: jan egil eide (norway), tamas traj (hungary) & petr pupik (czech rep.) offer the design of 3 jumping and/or agilitycourses for training (facebook). The courses will be designed ‘for the exact size of your field, with the obstacles you have, for the level you want’. The cost is 45 euros for the 3 courses. form.

15/04/20- Fitness: what to don and don't on puppies (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova training tunnel vs backside (youtube), ariane wieber (germany) & zola (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & kay training tricks (facebook: 1, 2), fitness training of rayder & jaggie (facebook).
Interview: nicola giraudi vs Gianluca Schingaro in italian (youtube) y otras.
Border collie litter expected in poland (facebook); keeper X juki.
Clean run has 20% in discount on 1- TDC (1, 2).

13/04/20- Border collie puppies: at devongem (united kingdom) they are considering repeating the litter of eazy X blitz (facebook).
Videos: nicola giarudi training in reduce space (facebook).
Online course: discounts at the seesaw course of yesdog from sweden (facebook).

12/04/20- Border collie puppies: the litter was born at kennel eiri greme in germany (facebook erika hofer); they are 4 females & 1 male. Puppies available in belgium, their sire is hash from zeljko gora (facebook).
Courses: anders virtanen (finland) suggested to post old courses and analyze the changes in the sport (facebook). Training course from susan koldenhof for slalom skills (facebook).
Video: martina vakonicova (slovakia) doing cavaletti with Ariva Amore (facebook).
Obstacles from animo concept (france): challenge, obstacles as prize, donation to the association ETD, obstacles with discounts (facebook, webpage).
Challenge in obedience picking up a different object: miriam sφdergaard (match), jelte van camp (racket), karin fischer (bell), sten erik rasmussen (peace of paper).

11/04/20- Border collie (7 months old) is available in united kingdom (facebook). Foxridge Sarge is from herding lines; the father is hybeck blake and the mother is tanhill lily (tanhill glen's sister).
Challenge for serpentines: video from svetlana tumanova in russia (facebook).
Videos: martina vakonicova (slovakia) teaching the tyre to kasia (facebook), sandra langer (austria) training one of lisa frick's exercises (facebook), klaudia litwin (poland) & mer training running contacts (facebook), Calle Tangfelt (sweden) & ralph (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & rosalie (instagram).
Courses: tomas perez ayuso from spain (1, 2).
Online courses: the third edition of course design with tamas traj (hungary), petr pupik (czech rep.) & jan egil eide (norway) starts on may 1 (facebook, formulario). It costs 300 euros and 100 euros for listeners.
Aginotes: video about testing verbal cues (click).

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