Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.

24/03/19- Live stream from the quali trials in germany for premium members of working dog, france (youtube), finland (youtube).
Health article about shoulder injuries in agility dog (click).
Qualis: results from germany, finland, austria, france.
Videos from germany: nadine alshut & cinna (vimeo), mona grefenstein & qju (youtube), Christian Prinz (youtube), daniel schröder & gin (facebook).
Courses: tamas traj (hungary) at the qualis in germany (facebook), Rauno Virta in finland (facebook).
Italy: marko mäkkelä is the judge at the competition on april 27- 28 in varese (.pdf).

23/03/19- Live stream from the quali trials in germany for premium members of working dog, france (youtube), finland (youtube).
Courses: stefanie semkat (agility) & tamas traj from hungary (agility) at germany's quali, Bonnik Berthelsen (denmark) at the quali in finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), quali in france dropbox).
Germany: quali forworld cup. Results agility, jumping, combine. Ranking. The firsts places are for tobias wüst & red, anne lenz & itzi bitzi, phillipp müller Schnick & boost, Nadine hartlieb & anakin. Running order for sunday. Videos from working dog on facebook.
Quali: results in finland, austria, france, netherlands.
Videos in germany: Marietta Kudyba & leesha winning jumping (facebook), rebecca kowalski & liv (facebook), Philipp Müller-Schnick & boost (facebook). Videos: Marko Mäkelä (finland) & mummu (facebook), Iwona Golab (poland) &Seeyaa (facebook), Linda Barton (canada) & her puppy quest (youtube), iwona golab (poland) & applause (facebook), sissy graf (austria) & cue (1, 2).
WAO 2019: friday program.

22/03/19- This weekend: quali for world cup and/ or european open in germany (running orders, live stream for premium members of working dog); the judges are Tamás Tráj (hungary), Stefanie Semkat. Austria: quali for world cup (dognow); the judges are Christian Görl (germany), Sascha Grunder (switzerland), Fritz Hauser. Netherlands: quali for european open ( information; the judges are mark fonteijn, jurgen smit, ron van straten. Finland: quali for EO (program & information); lthe judges are bonnik berthelsen (denmark) and th elocals seppo savikko, anne savioja, markku kaukine, esa muotka. France: ana beltrán (spain) & pacale crespel are the judges at the quali francia (facebook). Grecia: blaz oven (slovenia) is judging in Thessaloniki (click). United kingdom: OJAC (program, information). Colombia: quali in bogota (click). Brazil: trials for local championships in pernambuco (click) & parana (click). Argentina: regional competition in buenos aires (click). Chile: trial for campeonato apertura (facebook).
Italy: ranking of the quali (click). Gianluca schingaro & ex (border collie large out of fetch granting pleasure and a gio's (andrea occhini) sister) are the leaders in large with more than 100 points over the second place. In medium & small there is a more tiny diffrence between firsts places.
Obstacles: new jump from smart 99 (click).

21/03/19- Courses: sari mikkila from finland (facebook).
Training: some agility handlers such as dave munnings, patricia ciuffetti, etc are going to mendig to train with krisztina kabai, anne lenz, alex beitl and/or go to Wülfrath (tobias wüst's hall) to train with daniel schröder, philippe müller schnick, nadine alshut (facebook).
I RaCe WiTh My HeArT (slovenia) is on june 21- 23: registrations are open and closes on april 20 (formulario).
Seminar with stanislav kurochkin (russia) on august 24- 25 in austria (facebook).
A&C 2019 (mexico): program & ordr of judgements (click). webpage, facebook, unofficial information.

20/03/19- Leela: updates on facebook about the search. The search team contacted Lost Paws Trapping (illinois, usa) thet recently found Sabrina (facebook); sabrina is a sheltie that has been lost for 7 months. The last time leela has been seen was on march 16. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.
Clean run: exercises with entries and exits of the a- frame (.cfm).
Online course with zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) for running contacts and seesaw starts on april 15 (click).
Videos: kim fuqua (USA) & pepper (youtube), cavaletti from Cathrine Skaret (norway) & maze (facebook), tobias wüst (germany) & doerte (facebook), training with krisztina kabai (germany) of stig, dessa & star (facebook).
Italy: information about maremma cup (1, 2).
Croatia: results of the quali (1, 2).
Brazil: the registrations for pre AAO in april are open (click).
Colombia: the registrations for national championship's trial on march 30- 31 are open (facebook).
Health: jane elene christensen (denmark)'s post on facebook's post about what happened to one of her dogs with a toy.

19/03/19- Seminars with lisa frick (austria) in denmark on june 25- 26 (facebook) in austria on june 29- 30 (facebook).
IFCS 209: spain team (facebook).
USA: results of AKC national championship. the winners in tulsa were Andrea Samuels & Gabby (Papillon) in 8 inches, Britney Imhof & Bilbo (Papillon) in 12 inches, Naci Berkoz & annoe (border collie) in 16 inches, sarah baker & hops (border collie) in 20 inches, Bob Howard & furgus (brder collie) in 24 inches, Jennifer Martin & jimmy (border collie) in 24C inches. photo on facebook.
Litter planned in hungary from anita szilagyi among her two border collies Dita x tengo (facebook). The sire of Dita is fetch granting pleasure and the one of tengo (2 years old) is why not hash my queen (with alyx from the netherlands). video on youtube.
Videos: stas kurochkin (russia) & zippy (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy), b & skin (facebook), monika pl (slovenia) & fire (youtube), zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) & Lys (facebook; lys is out of skin frompatrizia ciuffetti), nicola giraudi (italy) with eira & brick (facebook), seminars of rave with dan shaw from uk (youtube) and with grégory bielle bidalot from france (youtube).
AAO 2019 (brazil): the organization published a partial registration list. The deadline for registrations is march 31. There are137 dogs (the countries with more dogs are brazil, argentina and USA); the breeds with more representation are 57 border collies, 23 shetlands, 10 mixed breed. webpage, facebook, unofficial information.

18/03/19- Germany: results from second day of the quali medium/ small for EO/ world cup in medium (jumping, agility, agility + jumping) & small (jumping, agility, agility + jumping). ranking medium, small. All results through the webpage of agilitypark (click). Tobias wüst & dörte repeated their show of saturday, perfect results, 2 seg fastests than the closer one, running at 6 m/s.
Italy: results from the quali on sunday (large, medium, small) & saturday (large, medium, small).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) with nemi (youtube) & wifi (facebook), tobias wüst (germany) & dörte (facebook), mike peter (luxembourg) & limit (facebook), alar krivilo & trygg (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), daisy peel (USA) training with silas boogk from germany (youtube), kris koprvinik (slovenia) & ice (facebook).
Courses: tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook), Jan Egil Eide from norway (jumping small, agility small) at german's quali, wolfgang tieber from austria (facebook), patrick bucher (switzerland) in luxembourg (facebook), marko mäkelä (finland) at italy's quali (facebook), AKC national in USA (click).

17/03/19- Leela: video from operation twist and updates of the search (facebook) I you see her, call 070 896 93 70.
Live stream: quali in italy (free) from youtube's channel encitv (1, 2), medium/ small quali in germany (only for premium members) from working dog & some runs for free (facebook working dog), AKC national championship through akc.tv.
Alpine agility open (italy): registrations are open (1, 2, 3).
Online course with polona bonac (slovenia) advanced agility games: there is a free working spot for one of the persons sharing the facebook post of the course (facebook). Classes start on march 18 and they are personalized.
Clean run: front page and index of april's magazone (facebook).
Videos: sarah baker (USA) & hops (facebook), alar kivilo & trygg at the quali trials in croatia (facebook), Lara Heric & Sora trying to qualify for european open junior (facebook), some courses from the quali in germany (1, 2, 3, 4).

16/03/19- Live stream: quali in italy (free) from youtube's channel encitv (facebook), medium/ small quali in germany (only for premium members) from working dog, AKC national championship through akc.tv.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) with kiki & wifi at the quali in italy (facebook), Mike Peter (luxembourg) & limit (facebook), Sébastien Allerme (france) & sia (facebook), Sarah Baker (USA) & hops (facebook).
Courses: oliver gustke (agility, jumping) & Jan Egil Eide from norway (agility) at the quali in germany, Marko Mäkelä from finland (facebook) & lorenzo celic (facebook) atthe quali in italy, anders virtanen in finland (facebook), AKC national championship from USA (friday, saturday).
Luxembourg: updated ranking of the quali for world cup (click). Mike Peter & limit have won their 2 runs.
Germany: results of the quali medium/small for EO/ mundial in medium (jumping, agility, agility + jumping) & small (jumping, agility, agility + jumping). ranking medium, small. Tobias wüst & dörte have won the 2 runs with best time (agility at 6 m/s) and 2 seconds faster than their followers.
USA: results.

15/03/19- Courses: kurt ove in norway (facebook).
Videos: ana schober (austria) & joy (facebook), training of nicola giraudi (italy) & Katniss (facebook), tricks of sam- the jack russell (facebook), tricks with a golden retriever (facebook). Videos in canada attending to a seminar of jessica patterson & justine davenport (youtube: 1, 2, 3).
Lord of the winter 2019/ 2020: the judges are jocke tangfelt (sweden) on november 2- 3, lorenzo celic (italy) on december 7- 8, sascha grunder (switzerland) on january 4- 5, alex beitl (germany) on february 1- 2, svetlana kreslina (latvia) on march 7- 8 (facebook).
Spain: registrations for the séxtuple de euskadi will be through the clubs since may 1st (facebook). Registrations for the RIALP 2019 on august 7- 11 (webpage, facebook) are using this form; they open on april 1st and are place for 300 dogs. The judges of the open agilitystas- gotor on april 18- 21 are stefanie semkat (germany), seppo savikko (finland) and the locals are ana beltran & marc rabada (facebook).
Portugal: competition Prova Ocean Agility on april 20-21 de abril is with judge tamas traj from hungary (facebook).

14/03/19- This weekend is the AKC national championship from USA in tulsa- OK (1, 2, live stream (1, 2). There are qualification competions for world cup and european open for small & medium in germany (.pdf, live stream; the judges are Jan Egil Eide (norway), Oliver Gustke (germany)) and qualifaction in luxembourg (click; the judges are p. bucher (switzerland), s. stein, r. schiltz), croatia (facebook; the judge is Toshiyuki oba (japan)), italy (.pdf, live stream; the judges are rolf graber (switzerland), lorenzo celic (italy), ronald van straten (netherlands), marko makela (finland)), spain (facebook); the judges are m. fonteijn (netherlands), s. savikko (finland), r. iñigo). Lithuania: competition judged by Vytautas Guobys (facebook). Austria: second competition for Stockerauer Winter 2019 (facebook); the judges are veronika herendy (hungary) & wolfgang tieber. Italy: competitions in milan, torino. Mexico: agility competition for the UCAM (click). Brazil: trial for the copa paulista (click). Argentina: trial for local championship in santa fé (facebook).
Moravia open 2019: list of accepted registrations and waiting list (google drive).
Hundesportwelt: since october 2019 silas boogk will be teaching at the hall (facebook, video).
Silvia Trkman: new foundations DVD (information: 1, 2, video).
Litter expected in germany, the sire is jack from lisa frick (click). The dam is belgium lines.

13/03/19- Courses: esa muotka from finland (facebook), daniel walz from germany (facebook).
USA: the AKC national championship 2020 is on march 27- 29 in perry, GA (facebook).
IMCA PAWC 2019: registrations opens on march 20 and closes on july 5 (.pdf).
Silesian open 2020 is on february 7- 9 (facebook). The floor is juta grass and will have the categories XS and mini large.
Puppies: The litter of vu (Why not hash my queen x lava) X blake was born (facebook); there are 4 females and 3 males. Blake is grandson of tanhill glen and son of Derwen Doug (father of mac, the youngest dog of nina gregl: 1, 2).
Videos: slow motion of a greyhound running (facebook), Ashleigh Butler & sully (bearded medium) in crufts (facebook, instagram), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), karen childs (canada) & buggy (youtube), jessica patterson (canada) & lux (instagram), julia fuzi (hungary) & tig training with tamas traj (facebook).
Treat & train: bag for sale (1, 2).

12/03/19- WAO 2019: team wild card (facebook).
Border collie puppies: the litter out of juicy x legend was born in the netherlands (facebook. they are 4 males & 2 females; Juicy run with bianca van gastel and her sire is eiri greme ray, legend run with wendy willemse and his dam is sidh from shamrock field.
Courses:pascale crespel (france) in austria (facebook), svetlana zolotnikova from estonia (facebook), patrick tunders from the netherlands (facebook).
Videos: ariane wieber (germany) & tequila (youtube), janita (finland) & chi (10 years old) training (facebook), nicole münker (germany) & nike (facebook).
Workshop with Iwona Golab (poland) in germany on august 17- 18 (facebook, formulario de inscripción). Free conference about the agility impact in our dogs on june 15 in italy (webpage, facebook).
Italy: post on facebook (agility republic) spreading that the 4ª competition to qualify for world cup FCI are the same days that world cup IFCS. They have asked to change the date of the quali.
Facebook on excercises for dogs fitness (facebook).

11/03/19- Border collie collapse: several characteristics of border collies are mentioned in the answers to a post; there is always a trigger and it is not always the same (herding, ball, frisbee) but maybe the intensity. Some answers mention that the first sign before an attack is the loss of attention and that is useful for prevention. Soem people ask for a database with affected dogs. post on facebook.
Obstacles: offer of hurdles from deas Snickare ab in sweden (facebook, webpage).
Videos from crufts: flyball final with a record (facebook), natasha wise (england) & pebbles (1, 2, 3), dan shaw (england) & geek (youtube). Promotional video of internatonal agility russell terrier (facebook), Iwona Golab (poland), applause & seeya (facebook), Nicola Giraudi (italy) & Tsunami (facebook), silas boogk (germany) & spyder (facebook).
Bad dog agility: podcast about westminster. Interview with Perry DeWitt.
4 my merles (canada) had several flash sale today that lasted 1 hour; they are announced on facebook.
Courses: Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook).

10/03/19- Live stream: crufts.
Border collie puppies expected in germany on late 2019 from star X joe (click). Star qualified to european nursery (facebook) and she is the youngest bitch becoming champion in germany with Hendrik Kienker.
Herding: the continental championship 2019 is on august 22- 25 in germany (webpage).
Article about Piqué (Spain), a border collie that run after the truck that was taking his flock to an abattoir (click).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jan sprij (netherlands) in germany (facebook), sari mikkilä (finland) in germany (jumping 3, agility 1, agility 3, agility 2, jumping 3, jumping 1+ 2, agility 3, jumping 1+ 2, jumping 3, agility 2, agility 3, agility 1) and czech rep. (agility 2, agility, agility open final, open agility, open jumping, open jumping).

09/03/19- Live stream: crufts.
Courses: svetlana zolotnikova from estonia (facebook), regula tschanz in switzerland (facebook).
Facebook Agility europe: post asking other handlers with 2 dogs in the same category which is the ideal number of dogs between the two dogs ( facebook).
Obstacles: after clip and go's video about security in tunnels from january 2018 (post), justine davenport (canada) posted ‘I have to say that I would question that more bags are better ... With so much weight holding the tunnel down there is no give or cushion as they hit the entrance. It's like running full speed into a brick wall’. Linda mecklemburg (USA) answered that ‘it depends on what the dog expects, no different than teeter drop, AF/ DW inclines/ surface, jump/ spread width, etc. Dog agility equipment needs to be as consistent as possible’ (facebook).
Alpine agility open: registrations for the trials on june 14- 16 start on march 16 (webpage, facebook). The judges are sandra deidda (itaya), rene blank (germany), jeannine gloor (switzerland), lorenzo celic (italy), davide codebue. The seminars are on june 10- 13.
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & lilli (jumping, agility, final), natasha wise (england) & pebbles (jumping, agility, final), sergio sousa & cat (final).

08/03/19- Live stream: crufts.
Stud: derwen doug from kevin evans will be at european nursery (7- 10 march) at serge van der zweep's place (maps) in the netherlands. People intersted on matting with him may contact kevin evans to 00447814139347 or private message (facebook kevin evans). His sire is tanhill glen (pedigree). At his dam side he has champions with kevin evans.
Videos: patrizia ciuffetti (iatly) & skin training with krisztina kabai in germany (facebook), Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook). Videos from crufts: flyball quarter final (facebook), dog dance (youtube), agility (youtube).
Germany: webpage of Veterinary Orthopedic Team Frankfurt. Technical team.
Slovenia: trainings with Sandi Okanovic in Ptuj (facebook).
USA; clean run & clip and are giving away over 5500 dollars in great stuff during the AKC national championship in tulsa on march 15- 17 (facebook).

07/03/19- Live stream: crufts.
IFCS 2019: to keep people informed, they have create a group in telegram (messaging app for desktop & mobile phones), information.
Online courses: advanced agility games from polona bonac (slovenia) has open registrations (click); the course starts on macrh 18.
USA: competition in long island- NY on april 25 (facebook).
Agility nerd: updated version of an article from julio 2018 for clean run about training in small space (click).
Greece: registrations are open for the competition on march 30- 31 (click); it is also a quali for world cup and european open. The judge is vittorio papavero (italy).
Denmark: they have expanded the place of the iec (facebook). They can have 2 fields of 22 x 26,5 meters that allows 2 teachers in parallel. webpage.

06/03/19- This weekend it's crufts in united kingdom (running orders, progam for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, live stream (facebook). registrations, webpage, facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram). Germany: trial for FAST judged by Dirk Patermann (click). Switzerland: trial in Würenlingen judged by Rico Foelix, Regula Tschanz, Manuel Leonardi, Edwin Liechti (click). Slovenia: trial judged by matej cucek & Anabella Kokalj (click). Netherlands: european nursery championship (webpage, facebook). Austria: trial judged by mirja lapanja & matej cucek (click). Rep. checa: DogFriends FITMIN Cup 2019 juzgada por sari mikkilä (finland) in terezin (click) & trial judged by petr pupik in sviadnov (click); mote trials (click). Brazil: seminar with nina gregl (croatia) in sao paulo (facebook); one of the participants will won a tunnel. Colombia: trial for local championship in bogota (click); seminar with nina gregl (croatia) on tuesday and wednesday (facebook). Argentina: trial for national championship in buenos aires (facebook). Chile: tial for the open from chile (click).
Videos: Kaimen Miller (USA) & spyro at a seminar with jenny damm (sweden) in florida (youtube), uschi temmel with her labrador & malinois (facebook).
Seminars: alen marekovic (croatia) in italy on may 1- 3 (facebook), linda mecklenburg (USA) in canada on may 18- 19 (1, 2).
European open flyball 2019 is in germanyon august 16- 18 (facebook, event). There are more than 150 teams(click).
A&C 2019: registrations are open (click); the first deadline is march 30. webpage, facebook, unofficial information.

05/03/19- Live stream from kay McCann (canada) today at night (facebook>): ‘handler focus vs obstacle focus’ and how to combine thems.
Courses: rene blank in germany (facebook).
Videos: silas boogk (germany) & beam (youtube), record of a dog catching a frisbee (facebook).
USA: they have confirmed that there won't be a flat tunnel/chute at the try outs for world cup (facebook).
Summer camp 2019 at lotus hallen (sweden) with jenny damm & zeljko Gora has registrations open (click). There are 3 camps with 16 places with dog each one and the cost is 3500 SEK (a bit less than 400 dollars).
Crufts 2019: running orders (click), progam from thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. Information about live stream (facebook). Ccompetitors of the agility international (.pdf).
Fitpaws has the new mini K9 bones and are at an introductory price until march 11 or why supplies last (facebook, webpage). Some references: 1, 2, 3.

04/03/19- Leela: updates on facebook about operation twist. The plan was simple but they knew the 8 free days javier had would probably not be enough. But it has been enough to verify leela was there (and she stayed) and it has been also enough to have several observations (even 2 hours after they left the area). Leela has become an specialist in moving when she can not be seen. The search teams promised again not to give up. Javier told her, before leaving ‘now dad is leaving, but he will be back’. ‘Javier and twist have done a huge job during the week. Yury has been with him at distance all the time (long live Facetime). So much love, so much missing. So much hope. So much faith. Your family is waiting for you Leela!’.
Courses: tamas traj (hungary) in slovakia (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook).
Slovenia: webpage with information about I RaCe WiTh My HeArT on june 21- 23 (facebook, registrations).
Dave Munnings has a new module on Q-me&39;s webpage about dog warm up and coll down (webpage, facebook). It costs 60 pounds.

03/03/19- Courses: alexander beitl (germany) in japan (1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12), viktoria lundh from sweden (facebook).
Sweden: the three members of the team managment are eva persson, jeanette johansson, kristina myrefelt (click).
Luxembourg: ranking after the first quali. The first palces are for dan feyder/ iskren (large), natascha seuré/ new (medium), becky schiltz/ dizzy (small).
Jenny Damm & azta won at their first grade 3 trial and can take part of the world cup qualis (facebook).
Magazine: new issue of dog sport magazine (facebook).
Videos: martina vakonicova (slovakia) & fiona (facebook), Bianca van Gastel (netherlands) & zen (youtube), iwona golab (poland) & applause (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook), nicole kelpen (germany), poke & kite (facebook), kristina pudova (czech rep.) & kity (facebook), alar kivilo (facebook). Video with Izzy (a very small girl) running her dog (facebook agilitynet).

02/03/19- Obstacles: new foldable training table for contact zones from clip and go and available at clean run (1, 2, 3). Ag x 2 designed asoft wall considering competitions in japan that are outside with wind (facebook).
Litters: 2 border collie litters out of joe fromserge van der zweep in the netherlands (1, 2, 3); interested abroad the netherlands must have a recommendation from a few people (from germany & austria) friends of the breeder and with no breeding plans for them. Litter expected in the netherlands out of shay X knoxx (facebook espresso wannahave); Pedigrees of a litter brother of shay (click), knoxx (click).
Czech Rep.: Vendula Hausnerová (Slovakia) & jari Suomalainen (Finland) are the judges of the competition on marh 23- 24 (1, 2).
Pilis open: they received 100 registrations in 24 hrs. To simplify the registrations through dog results, they created a form to complete and the organizer will do the rest (facebook).
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & sofia (facebook), Viktoria Varga (hungary) training with nina gregl (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) with wai (facebook) & boom (facebook), iwona Golab from poland (facebook: 1, 2, 3), Sissy Graf (austria) & asics (facebook).
Courses: Jφrn Elsberg at the WAo tryouts in denmark (facebook), paolo rebasti from italy (1, 2), blaz oven from slovenia (facebook).

01/03/19- WAO 2019: the gold medals from 2017 are invuted to take part of the 2018 event, as weel as the winners of worrld cup FCI, european open, world cup IFCS, américas y el caribe (click).
Obstacles: seppo savikko (judge at the USA 's try outs) commented on what alen marekovic (delegate from croatia to the FCI) told him about the number of tunnels & the use of flat tunnel at world championship (facebook). Comments of Petr pupik (czech rep.) about the soft wall and long jump from zackl sport (facebook).
Czech Rep.: team for world cup FMBB (facebook FMBB Czech Agility Team).
Spain: stefanie semkat (germany), eduardo bonet & ana beltrán are the judges of the campeonato de españa on april 27- 28 in madrid (facebook).
Belgium: seminars with Toshiyuki Oba on april 16- 19 (webpage, facebook).
Photos of jukka pätynen from the quali for EO in finland (click).
Behavior: identifying offensive vs defensiva agresión (facebook).
EO 2020: the FCI aprobó formally approved the judges for the competition (facebook). The foreign judges are sascha grunder (switzerland), jari suomaainen (finland) and the local judges are martin cavill & dave jolly, the contacts judges are neil ellis & gary murph.

28/02/19- This weekend there is a qualification for world cup competition in luxembourg (click). Slovakia: new date for lord of the winter (click). Germany: sari mikkilä (finland) is the judge in Oestringen (webmelden); trials in Borken (the judge is Thorsten Horn), Nettelstedt, etc. Austria: last competition for icebear cup (.pdf) the judges are linda bourasse (france) & blaz oven (slovenia); Thomas Damböck & Manca Mikec are the judges of the last competition for the winter cup of agility is fun (.pdf) and Udo Nienkemper is the judge at doppelte chance (click). Italy: stefanie semkat (germany) & paolo rebasti are the judges in monza (facebook). Switzerland: peter kindle, sascha grunder & Uschi Hornung are the judges in henau (info, registrations, program: saturday, sunday). Spain: Toshiyuki Oba (Japan) & Sergio Sousa (Portugal) are the judges of the quali for world cup and EO (info, facebook, start list). Japan: competition with alex beitl from germany (facebook). Argentina: open in mendoza (facebook).
Obstacles: post from jane elene christensen (denmark) asking about the best place to buy tyre, soft wall, soft long jump (facebook agility europe).
Pilis open: on friday at 8pm from europe registrations will be open (facebook). People must be registred at dogresult; Peter Hamori is offering his help in case someone has problem to register. The competition is on june 14- 16 in hungary (facebook).
Videos: mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (youtube), mikael charbonier/ joystick (kelpie) vs sebastien allerme/ sia (border collie) at french quali (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & hashi training (facebook), obedience in valladolid on 2017 (facebook). Fitness video for dogs with Camille Nguyen (facebook) and humans with Florian Förster (facebook).
Training courses of petr pupik from czech rep. (1, 2, 3).
Puppies: the border collie litter out of mave x app was born in switzerland (1, 2); they are 2 females and 3 males. At mid march in austria, is expected the repeated border collie litter out of nibs x why not hash my queen (facebook ingrid kastner).

27/02/19- Moravia open 2019 there are registrations from 24 countries, including non european ones (facebook). Waiting list with handlers from austria, poland, france, switzerland, belgium, etc (google drive).
IART 2019 (internationational agility russell terrier competition) is in italy on august 24- 25. The prizes are 1500 euros for first place, 1000 for second and 500 for third. Information in agility now, facebook, webpage. The competition is for jack & parson with or without pedigree; reglamento. Registration is open and the deadline is may 31 (facebook). The competition is under rules FCI but dogs from all organizations are welcome.
Slovakia: regulations and information of the quali for EO & world cup. They have 12 courses but only the best 8 runs counts. The course time is from the fastest dog (clean or not clean) multiplied by 1.20 (ranking teams world cup & EO) and by 1.15 (ranking individual world cup). The dog must be grade 2-3 at the end of the last competition. The firsts dates are in a hall with juta grass and obstacles smart-99 & kelbel. The last competition is on grass.
Jaco was the brazilian dog that will compete in freestyle at CRUFTS 2019. Jaco died hit by a 4 X 4 car on the beach and the driver runaway without providing assistance facebook. news: 1, 2. Videos (youtube, facebook). Instagram.
Puppies: border collie litter expected on may in poland from bocca (her sire is yeremmy from sissy graf) x Why not hash my queen (facebook). Mudi female puppy available in russia (facebook). Very active sheltland female available in austria (facebook).

26/02/19- Courses: sandra deidda (italy) at hungarian open (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez from spain (facebook).
Fiona cup: registrations are on february (click). The competition is on july 14-19 and the judges are from germany, slovenia finlandand locals (click).
Italy: team to take part of world cup FMBB (facebook). Among them are patrizia ciuffetti & skin, team members of world cup FCI.
Germany: information & program of the first quali in mendig (.pdf) and the second at tobias wüst's hall (.pdf). The judges for the first competition in medium/small are jan egil eide (norway) & oliver gustke, for large are tamas traj (hungary) & stefanie semkat. The judges for the seconc competition are philippe cottet (switzerland) for all and martin wenger in medium/small, sina just in large.
Videos: lisa frick (austria) with cody & jack (facebook), patrick servais (france) & sky (facebook), quali for world cup WAO in sweden (youtube: 1, 2), thomas raczka (france) & must in black (youtube), Iwona Golab (poland) with SeeeYa (facebook) & applause (facebook), Grégory Bielle Bidalot (france) & mint (facebook).
Dog fitness: training with treadmill of coke (facebook dani fischbach). On the video it possible to see the analysis of it.
FCI WC 2019: new halls available for training before the event (facebook). It's Royal Canin Areena at 10 km from the center of turku.

25/02/19- Courses: jocke tangfelt (sweden) in hungary (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in hungary (facebook). Courses in finland: esa muotka (facebook), anne savioja (facebook), anders virtanen (facebook).
Finland: results from the quali for EO large, medium, small. MIG the young border collie medium that was trained and ran with janita, competed with Sanna Hovila, janita ran at the quali with fu.
France: ranking updated after the first qualification for EO/ world cup in large, medium, small. They are first: celine lescure & petra (large), mikael renaud & ta (medium), clementine perche & star (small). In large are classified by trade jeremy chomienne & page, alice laforge & tesla, who had classified the previous year, but as the hasn't passed the instinct test to their foreign's dogs, they could not go to world cup. Lass the french border collie that was trained and ran with jeremmy chomienne, competed at the quali with nellie berthollet; jeremy corrió ran at the quali with page (his slovenian border a few months younger than lass).
Videos: tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (1, 2), joanna fischer (poland) & lexi (facebook), enya habel (sweden) & party (facebook), stas kurochkin (russia) & zippy (facebook). Seminar with anne lenz (germany) in italy: jura bonetti & etienne (facebook), Elisa Daphnis (facebook), begelle roberto (facebook), Ilaria Raylynn Giubellini (facebook).
Hungarian open: results. The winners were Enya Habel (sweden) & party (shetland) en small, Barbora Kozlová (czech rep.) & jai (shetland) in medium, Hampl Brigitte (austria) & yes (border collie) in medium +, tereza kralová (czech rep.) & say (border collie) in large.

24/02/19- Leela: javier & twist hace been leaving their scents in the zone where leela is hidden (south of e22 and east 118) and will go on tomorrow with operation twist (facebook: 1, 2, 3); the search team asks people in the area to call immediately to 0708 96 93 70 in case leela is seen.
Live stream from the EO quali in finland (youtube), quali trials in france (youtube), hungarian open (youtube).
IFCS 2019: webpage. Registrations close on march 1st (click).
Clean run includes an option for a review of their products and invite people to do the feedback (click).
Courses: sari mikkilä (finland) in france (1, 2), petr pupik (czech rep.) in singapore (facebook), Anders Virtanen in finland (facebook), Oliver Gustke in mendig (facebook).
Videos: radovan liska (czech rep.) in puerto rico (facebook), alar kivilo at hungarian open (facebook: 1, 2), Shigeru Arai from japan (facebook: trygg, tuffy). Videos from the quali in france: CNEAC (youtube: 1, 2), Mickael Charbonnier & joystick (facebook), sebastien allerme & sia (facebook).
Article why agility dogs get sore back (click).
Photos of the agility competition at halle saarburg in germany (facebook).
Time system: video of tessa timer's system on facebook.

23/02/19- Judges: article about course design with safe entries to the dogwalk (click).
Obstacles: carpet with sensor for the a frame (facebook).
Puppies: the border collie litter from breeder tobias wüst out of reav X cinna was confirmed (facebook). Cinna that runs with nadine alshut, is a son of tanhill glen. Tbhe puppies should born at the end of march.
Videos: Lenka Adzimová (slovakia) & loki (youtube), jenny damm (sweden) with azta & ziv (youtube), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook).
Sweden: the judges for the SM are alex beitl (germany), stefanie semkat (germanya) and the locals catahrina toumisto & andreas silfverberg (click). The competition is on june 28- 30 (facebook).
Hungarian open: video of Beata Luchowska (poland) & Nilla (facebook); they had run at cateogry M+ with jumps at 50 cm and long jump of 100- 120 cm. results.

22/02/19- Leela: updates on facebook (1, 2). Javier & twist are traveling from colombia to sweden and will arrive tomorrow; they will try something different to capture leela.
Videos: claire arola (france) & xaa (youtube), seminar with dan shaw (england) in netherlands (donja lukus, marjolein), anna hinze (germany) trainign with silas boogk (facebook), Kitti Kadar (hungary) & dopamin training with agnes toth (facebook), Simone H. Holdensgaard (denmark) & rayder (facebook), Luca Raimondi (italy) & Diva. video with the new sandbags for tunnels from galican (facebook).
Seminar with dave munnings (united kingdom) in switzerland on july 5- 6 (facebook).
Germany: list with registrations to the quali trials (.pdf). More than 51% are large, 25% medium, 23% small. They have at least 20 different breeds.
Pilis open: toshiyuki oba (japan) will also judge (facebook).
Border collie litter expected in hungary out of lava x nym. Nym (from y. wouters) is a son of eiri greme gwen X go (dutch lines): pedigree. Lava is granddaughter of fetch granting pleasure and daughter of rising sun dark raider (pedigree). The contact is agnes toth (facebook).
FCI WC 2019: one mind offers their venue for training before world cup (facebook).

21/02/19- This weekend: Hungarian open 2019 (info, facebook (1, 2)) judged by sandra deidda (italy), jan egil eide (norway) & jocke tangfelt (sweden). Finland: quali for european open (click) judged by Asko Jokinen, Anders Virtanen. Germany: trail for FAST championship judged by Gerhard Rubner (click); more trials at agility park (judged by Oliver Gustke, Rolli Schiltz), agility halle saarburg (judged by Jörg Zenner, Mark Fonteijn) and in Kalkar, Sendenhorst, Burgstädt (webmelden). France: world cup and european open quali trial (facebook); the judges are David Desoubrie, Sari Mikkilä (finland). Austria: winter cup in Stockerau judged by mirja lapanja & matej cucek (click). Czech Rep.: trials in kladno, Ritka (judged by antonin grygar), brno, terezin (judged by rene blank (germany)). Italy: trials in modena, varese, roma. Brazil: double trial for campeonato paraibano (click). Colombia: double trial for local championship in bogota (click). Argentina: courses for grade 1 and beginners in santa fé (facebook), trial for south regional championship (click).
Courses: rauno virta from finland (facebook), zsofi biro from hungary (1, 2).
On line courses: the deadline for registrations for handling 360 with susan garrett (canada) is today (webpage, facebook). trailer of the online course from dogs4motion on physical conditioning for dogs (facebook). Registrations for running contacts course with Katarina Podlipnik (slovenia) are open (facebook, webpage).
Litters at fire inspired (hungary): the litter out of vu (Why not hash my queen x lava) X blake is confirmed (facebook). Blake is a grandson of tanhill glen and son of Derwen Doug (also father of mac, nina gregl's youngest dog (1, 2) and of dekko from janice demello (facebook)).

20/02/19- Interview to martina klimesova (czech rep.); ‘Too shy, too small, too slow- and yet, Kiki has seven medals from Agility World Championships’ (aginotes); comments on facebook. In fact, when she and her husband met Kiki for the first time, all the puppies ran towards them, except for Kiki who almost killed herself trying to escape in panic. “I still remember that moment because my husband said ‘OMG and with this we'll have to live for another 15 years’. But even though Kiki was the shiest puppy Martina had ever met, she did not consider it a problem: “I was sure I can help Kiki feel more confident. So I did not see her as the shiest puppy- I saw a puppy with a big heart and never ending energy‘ .... Martina says that Kiki was not a natural talent in agility. “Kiki did not even like agility. But she loved me, so she did it for me” .... “I have a rule- if I do not see a progress in 2 to 3 months, I change the method” ..... When you are not able to teach your dog something, it doesn't mean that you or your dog are stupid. It simply means you haven't found the optimal way to communicate your expectations to your dog yet..
Border collie puppy (female) available in germany (1, 2). She is a daughter of Jamie from julia schober (son of eiri greme ray, pedigree) and it is his last litter (facebook).
JAM (japan agility magazine): cover of the new number (facebook, webpage).
Videos: Walter Dingemanse (netherlands- united kingdom) & Finley during a seminar with dave munnings (facebook).

19/02/19- Courses from the quali in italy judged by jan sprij (facebook) & mark fonteijn (facebook) from etherlands, eric courant from france (facebook).
Silvia trkman: the registrations for x-treme foundations are open (click). The course starts on march 19.
Health: second part of the video serie from dave munnings to work on a strong core to try and help prevent back injuries (facebook).
Videos: natasha wise (england) & pebbles (facebook), Cathrine Sondergaard (netherlands) & spotify at a seminar with tobias wüst & bozena schröder (youtube), sarah mairs (canada) & xreh (vimeo), patrick servais (france) & sky (facebook), zezinho (brazil) & bina (instagram), marcela (brazil) & benji (instagram), International Training Week from one mind (facebook).
Facebook agility europe: the team from USA is looking for a training location near arnhem (netherlands) before european open (facebook).
United kingdom: teams qualified for the final of qualification trials (facebook).

18/02/19- Leela: there is a new update on facebook. Leela has been staying in the same place for 10 days and she has chosen a safe place she already used before; the bad thing is that there is a lot of movement in the area this week and that may be a reason for leela to move. She is so timid and suspicious that she never gets in the traps regardless of the fabulous food left inside. Her master javier and her best friend twist are traveling to sweden. Leela is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. Don't call her nor catch her if you see Leela; just call as soon as possible to 070 896 93 70.
Asian dog agility open: the trial judged by toshiyuki oba (japan) in netherlands had registrations from 12 different countries in 24 hours (click). The winners will obtain a free ticket and registration for the comeptition in asia.
Courses: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), petr pupik (czech rep.) in germany (facebook).
Belgium: the judges for the quali on april 27 & may 1 are Manca mikec (slovenia), Jorg Zenner (germany), David Desoubrie (france), Joffrey Adyns (france) and the locals Thora van der Stock, Johan De Kegel, Jean Pierre Verbesselt (facebook).
On line courses: physical conditioning for dogs from dog4motion (click). Online course using 1 jump and 2 cones with iwona golab from poland (facebook); it will start on march 1 and ends on may 10.
Videos: stas kurochkin (russia) & zippy (facebook), cornelia götzendorfer (austria) & baccon (facebook), ariane wieber (germany) & tequila (youtube), svetlana kreslina (latvia) & salsa (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & wifi (facebook). Videos from the quali in italy: daniele scarano & yu (facebook), gianluca schingaro & ex (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti with skin & b (facebook), adriano pacifico & po (facebook). Videos from westminster in USA: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

17/02/19- Live stream: of the quali in italy (facebook).
Leela: yury has updated the facebook.
Italy: updated ranking for EO/ world cup.
Gasahoppet 2019: the judges for the competition on april 18- 21 are available (facebook).
Obstacles: set at cool-dog.eu for doing yourself pvc jumps (facebook).
Videos during a seminar with dan shaw in the netherlands: bianca van gastel & zen (youtube), feline tunders & elijah (youtube), patrick tunders & Qia (facebook), Wendy Willemse & Q (youtube). More videos: anne lenz (germany) & itzibitzi (instagram), tv presentation of the agility competition for national championship in parana (click).
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), Vittorio Papavero from italy (facebook), seppo savikko (finland) in barcelona (facebook).

16/02/19- Live stream: quali in italy (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in germany (facebook).
Videos: jessica patterson (canada) & lux at a seminar with dave munnings (vimeo), agnes toth (hungary) & panki (facebook), anna hinze (netherlands) training the teeter following dan shaw's course (facebook).
Italy: camp with nina gregl (croatia) & anne lenz (germany) on june 8- 11 (facebook).
Netherlands: trial judged by toshiyuki oba (japan) on may 14 (webage, facebook) with 4 runs and the final. The 3 winners have a free plane trip for the handler and the dog for taking part os asian championship in 2019. the registrations are at agility media; the cost is 60 euros.
Webinar free with susan garrett (canada) today (1, 2).
Argentina: trial with 6 grade 1 runs and 4 runs for beginners in santa fé on february 23 (facebook).

15/02/19- This weekend game of judges (unofficial competition) is a judge event (click). Czech Rep.: Olga Bazalová & sascha grunder (switzerland) are the judges in Kladno (click). Germany: petr pupik (czech rep.) is the judge in Hemsbach (click); more competitions in Borken, Oestringen, Sendenhorst, Nalbach, Heek, Ratheim (webmelden). Austria: new date for the wintercup, the judges are Heinz Stifter & Michael Steiner (.pdf); competition with judges viola veres (1, 2), jirina mackova (1, 2), fritz hauser (click). Italy: competition in brescia (facebook), second quali for worldcup/ EO (.pdf, facebook, live stream); the judges are m. fonteijn (netherlands), j. sprij (netherlands), m. annovi & v. papavero. Spain: trials in barcelona (the judge is seppo savikko (finland)), valencia, sevilla, gijón (click). Mexico: competition for the FCM (facebook). Brazil: double competition for the national championship in curitiba (click).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary-germany) & side (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & wow (facebook), tricks with corgis (facebook).
Litter: repeated border collie litter expected in italy at shadowman, eiri greme ray x raz (facebook); they are the parents of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick). Papillon puppies in UK (facebook)
Software, Smarter agility journal has being u[dated (facebook).
Courses: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), zsofi biro from hungary (facebook).

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