Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

27/06/22- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook), mark fonteijn from the netherlands (facebook), alex beitl from germany (facebook: 1, 2), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), stefanie semkat in finland (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook), michael schilling from germany (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook).
Puppies border collie expected in poland: magpie x zen (facebook). Zen is a grandson of eiri greme gwen, great-grandson of rising sun dark raider & gary (serge van der zweep). Magpie is daugther of why not zet my queen, granddaughter of tanhill glen and great granddaughter of sony from japan
Videos: zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), naarah cuddy (england), lemon, banana (facebook), mark herfert (canada) & rev (facebook), lisa frick from austria (facebook).
Obstacles: tunnel, channel slalom and pvc jumps for sale in canada (facebook).
Verbano challenge is on september 9- 11 (facebook). The judges are paolo rebasti & vittorio papavero (italy), sari mikkilä (finland), jordi boix (spain), jan egil eide (nrway).
Spain: seminar with zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) on fitness, warm up, etc ethis saturday july 2 (facebook).

26/06/22- Slovenia: the quali for 2023 will be on may 27- 28 and the judges are rene blank & juraj ruza (facebook).
Italy: sascha grunder (switzerland) & corinne bormann (luxembourg) are the judges on july 6- 7 (facebook).
Height measurer for dogs from iketec in japan (facebook).
Courses: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook: 1, 2), alex beitl fom germany (facebook), cedric bargoin in france (facebook), mark fonteijn from netherlands (facebook), rene blank fom germany (facebook), samy wroblewski in brazil (facebook).
Videos: max sprinz (germany) & lyric (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & ice (facebook), mark herfert (canada) en el croatian open (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia), hash & smoke (facebook), Naga Jolokia (switzerland) with paprika (facebook), & toblerone (facebook), sandy okanovic (slovenia) & nora (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & zaelie (facebook).
Television: boby is at ‘dejémonos de vargas’ in colombian television (click). Boby was rescued from bogota's streets.

25/06/22- Live stream from german border collie championship costs 10 euros (1, 2). members of tobias wüst's community have free access.
FCI WC 2022: the tickets are sold out (facebook). The sale started on may 8 but there is a lot of people that didn't buy and are looking for resellers (posts asking for resellers are on agility europe and world cup's facebooks).
Facebook agility europe: due to bans of cropped/ docked tails and ears, hair cuts, etc, people is asking about which are the rules in different countries (facebook). At austrian agility world championship dogs that have have shortened, shorn, shaved or cut whiskers/ vibrissae will be forbidden. Tha austrian dogs will have to show an insurance but it will not be checked for foreign dogs even if an insurance is recommended. Dogs can not be in crate for more than 2 hours; owners must provide them rest periods so they aren't overstressed. More comments (facebook).

24/06/22- Croatian open: it seems there is a live stream for the event (facebook); we don's know if it is real or fake because they ask to create an account..
Boder collie puppy (male) available (facebook)>
Courses: marko mäkkelä from finland (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook).
EO 2022: the registration list was updated (1, 2).
Facebook agility europe: post asking about how long it takes to become an agility judge in different countries and if judges have to go over their training after some time (facebook).

23/06/22- Border collie puppy (female) available) in estonia (facebook inga jarv). It is out of will x ly. Eiri greme gwen, fetch granting pleasure, sony de japón, witch de matej cucek, eiri greme moss are part of her pedigree.
Courses: sandra deidda (italy) at alpine agility open (facebook).
Max Sprinz (germany): webpage.
Spain: trial judged by pavol vakonic (slovakia) on july 8- 9 (facebook).
Germany: the border collie championship is this weekend (live results, program, running orders for individual, teams).
Obstacles: video comparing the sandbags from galican (instagram).

22/06/22- Slovenia: teams for EO & for world cup (facebook). the teams qualified for world cup are matej cucek & ninja, lea komat & weezy, marusa podjed & pan, petra pecar & ta (large), urgin babuski & freya, tina kovac & izi, france spruk & ba, iza tomsic & volt (medium), iztok vide & bibi, marusa podjed & veni, dasa zakotnic & ni, miha primozic & ivi(small).
Courses: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook)
Photos: algility alpine open (1, 2, 3).
Agility week 2022 is on august 19- 21 in germany (facebook). The judges are mark fonteijn (netherlands), ieke sievers (germany), rene blank (germany). facebook.
Border collie puppy(male): 2 months puppy is available (webpage, facebook). HE is out of Onix black X ebony nose jumanji.
Online course: guided course from One mind dog advanced backyard skills (click). People needs 4-5 jumps, a tunnel and/or slalom. Starts on july 1 st Romotional video (youtube).

21/06/22- Courses: seppo savikko from finland facebook), 4S halle in finland (facebook), francesco bircolotti from italy (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden), lilli, azta, zonia, mailiz (facebook), elin bergendahl (norway) & clay (facebook), iwona golab (poland) training with seeya & applause (facebook) flyball worldcup (youtube), videos from westminster (facebook), dan shaw (england) & nerd (facebook).
Online courses: updated agility geek with dave munnings & dan shaw from england (facebook). webpage. It costs 15 pound per month.
Southamerica: courses from samy wroblewski in brazil (facebook), dan from brazil (instagram). Videos: samir (brazil) & shine (instagram), felipe minet (brazil) with corah & bolt (instagram).

20/06/22- Croatian open: the program is available (click).
Litter: border collie litter expected in austria (click). The sire is north hill sam (out of tanhill glen) and the dam is trim (out of mac).
One mind dogs offers 9 months at the price of 6 for premium members (click).
Agility Züische cup 2022 is on july 22- 24 (webpage, facebook). The judges are martin eberle (switzerland), mark fonteijn (netherlands), veronika herendy (hungary), Uschi Hornung (germany), sandra deidda (italy), Anna Schönenberger (switzerland). There are 196 border collies, 82 shetlands, 18 mixed breed, etc (facebook). There are registrations from switzerland, austria, germany, luxembourg, czech rep., netherlands, france, liechtenstein.
Brazil: the national team for world cup is marcela de andrade/ angel (border collie), ricardo tubaldini/ lily (border collie), zezinho/ benji (border collie), samir/ shine (border collie) in large, felipe minet/ cora & bolt (mudi), zezinho/ bina (border collie), radka mokrisova/ mia (mudi) in medium, vivy specian/ on (shetland), marcela de andrade/ deb (english cocker spaniel) & google (parson), renan/ bis (shetland) en small (instagram).

19/06/22- Live stream: CSJ open, tryouts in norway, brazil.
Courses: hugo santos (portugal) in sweden (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (1, 2), jari suomalainen (finland) in italy (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) in norway (facebook), francesco bircolotti from italy (facebook), neil ellis (england) in italy (facebook), rene blank (germany) in czech rep. (facebook), natalie grace in england (facebook), jordi boix from spain (facebook), jens nilsson (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), Toshiyuki Oba at japan cup (facebook).
Videos: marcela de andrade (brazil) & deb (instagram), jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & ape (facebook), martina kliemsova (czech rep.) & nemi at alpine agility open (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia), smokey & hash (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & kosa nostra (facebook).
Itaiy: the rome agility festival 2023 is on june 1- 4 in italy. The judges are stefanie semkat & alex beitl (germany), sari mikkilä (finland), jocke tangfelt (sweden).

18/06/22- Live stream: CSJ open, tryouts in norway, westminster (USA), brazil.
Border collie litter expected at alen marekovic's kennel out of bambina x north hill sam (facebook). the sire is son of tanhill glen.
Courses: marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) in norway (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski in finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook).
Videos: helena (brazil) & star (instagram), tamas traj (hungary) & riu (facebook), giulia zurma (italy) & lolita (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & smoke (facebook), dave munnings (england) & susan (facebook), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & sadie (facebook), Mark Herfert (germany) & rev in seminars with krisztina kabai, silas boogk, dani fischbah (facebook).

17/06/22- Live stream: CSJ open.
Health: article on the risks with seresto's collars for fleas & ticks (click).
JOAWC: they are looking for volunteers for EO/worldcu junior in finland (facebook). The competition is on july 14- 17, the judges are petr pupik (czech rep.) & anders virtanen (finland).
Rome agility festival 2023: is on june 1- 4 (facebook); the judges are stefanie semkat (germany), jocke tangfelt (sweden), alex beitl (germany), sari mikkila (finland).
Videos: carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), zeljko gora (Croatia), smoke, hash (facebook), jérémy chomienne (france) & rafale (facebook).
Courses: tamas traj (hungary) in norway (facebook), neil ellis (england) in italy (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook), bonnik berthelsen (denmark) in sweden (facebook).

16/06/22- Online course: new course from dogs4motion for agility dogs (click). Hasta el 11 de julio el costo es de 238 euros o 2 pagos de 131 euros, después es 297 euros.
CSJ agility open has started yesterday. webpage, facebook, live stream, program. the judges are jason bartram (england), natalie webb (england), ivan amez (spain), hannah banks (england). courses, results through GAC systems' app (1, 2).
Norway: quali on june 17- 19 (facebook); the judges are tamas traj (hungary) & jan egil eide (norway).
Courses: anna schönenberger in switzerland (facebook).

15/06/22- One mind dog is organizing a free webinar on june 27 at 7:30 hs about ‘5 ways to make backyard training more powerful’ (instagram); it will be available offline. Form for registration
France: the tome for grade 3 courses will be computed using the average of the 3 quickest dogs (considering the dogs with faults) and adding a 15% (instagram).
Linda Mecklenburg was one the awards from AKC for lifetime achievements (click).
Courses: marko mäkkelä from finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook: 1, 2).
Pet photography: Alma Morell (webpage, facebook, instagram).
Ukraine: the story of patrón (jack russell) who helped clear the bomb danger zones in Chernihiv (click).
America: seminar with paulo prado (brazil) in chile on july 16- 17 (instagram). videos: paulo prado (brazil) & jazz (instagram), finals of purina proplan challenge (instagram: 1, 2). Los andes cup is on october 8- 9 in santiago (chile) judged by oscar muñiz from spain (facebook). The TRS in chile is computed for each category with an extra 15 % to the quickest dog with less faults (instagram). Copa intercontinental is in méxico on november 3- 6 (facebook); the judges are vendula hausnerova (slovakia) & renan (brazil). Seminar with vendula hausnerova (slovakia) & nicky manes (argentina) in puebla (mexico) on october 29- 30 (facebook). Results from purina proplan dog challenge in chile (click).

14/06/22- Dog height meters: nancy gyes offered to bring to USA the height meters she gets from alex beitl (germany). In the comments, she mentionned that they can also be picked up at EO (facebook). The cost is 75 euros.
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) in norway (facebook), marleen haeneefstingels in italy (facebook), laura grosser from germany (facebook).
Border collie: auction with dogs from kevin evans (1, 2).
France: the new puppy (bitch) from gregory bielle bidalot is out of foxridge jack (kevin evans, tanhill lilly x hybeck blake) and french lines (facebook).
Videos: marcy mantell (USA) training with vendula hausnerova (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) at the quali from last weekend (facebook), dave munnings (england), susan & boost (facebook), jura bonetti (italy) training slalom (facebook), nicky manes (argentina) & toffee (facebook).

13/06/22- Videos: marina franzo (Italy) & kimba (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook).
France: the agility championship in france for grade 2 is on july 2- 3 and will have live stream through youtube (facebook).
Courses: marko mäkkelä from finland (facebook), nicolas renaud from france (facebook), greg derrett from england (facebook), seppo savikko from finland (facebook), angelika bran (austria) in slovenia (facebook), jari suomlainen (finland) in italy (facebook).
Facebook: they are selling large dog spots for moravia open and slovenian open (facebook).
IFCS 2022: the judges are Wim Bekendam (the netherlands), Rob Balt (the netherlands), Christian Oggioni (italy). Referencia.

12/06/22- Live stream: national championship in france (youtube), quali trials in poland (facebook).
Italy: teams for world cup and european open were defined (facebook).
Poland: results of the quali for world cup (google drive).
IMCA PAWC 2022 is in voghera (italy) on august 18- 22 (facebook). webpage. The judges are becci hodson (england), jorge pires (portugal), alberto marmo (italy); sybille flek (austria) is judge assistant. video italy national team.
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), stephanie best (england) & believe (facebook), veronica oddone (italy) & skill (facebook), Klaudia Kupczyk (poland), jazz & solo (facebook), giacomo marconi (italy) & art movie at the WAO (facebook).
Online courses: seesaw/teeter with isabelle emanuelsson from sweden (facebook). The cost is 170 euros with dog and 120 euros as auditor. Starts on july 4 and lasts 16 weekss.
Photography workshop of dogs in action with claudio piccoli (Italy) in maryland (USA) on october 14- 16 (facebook).

11/06/22- Live stream: national french championship (youtube).
Videos: ariane wieber (germany) & zola (youtube), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & gin (facebook), Elite & Sei in a seminar with max sprinz (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), Anastasiya Kartashova in a seminar with iwona golab (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia), ice & pan (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), elina jäniesnemi (finland) & aksaa (facebook), martina klimesova (rep. checa) & nemi (facebook).
Pistas: jari suomalainen (finland) in italy (facebook), mikko palsola in finland (facebook), francesco bircolotti from italy (1, 2), nicolas renaud in france (facebook).
Sizes: Netherlands has a pilot project in reply to the new regulations (intermediate class added) of the FCI (facebook).

10/06/22- Handling camp in england with dan shaw & dave munnings: there are 2 available spots (facebook).
Running contacts: post asking how to consider when a dog touches mostly with front paws (facebook). post from nina tönse about her dog's problem and how they are solving it (facebook).
Seminar with nina gregl (croatia) in italy on october 13- 16 (facebook). There is no information on costs.
Italia: ranknn updated from the quali (click). They are leading the ranking for team world cup : martina klimesova and nicola giraudi (large), alberto marmo (medium), andrea tagliapietra (small); at individual worldcup/eo: martina klimesova (large), williams picotti (medium), adriano begalli (small). The quali ends on sunday (click).
Obstacles: floro agility equipment offer obstacles to pick up at moravia open (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) at the quali (facebook), marcy mantell (USA) & steel (facebook).

09/06/22- Wokshops in croatia before and after the croatian open (facebook): Alen marekovic (croatia) on june 21, zeljko gora (croatia) on 22 and 27, svetlana kreslina (latvia) on 23, nina gregl (croatia) on 28, marusa podjed (slovenia) on 29. The cost is 90 euros the workshop last 4 hours and 260 euros for the 6 workshops.
Facebook agility europe: post asking in which countries a judge can judge a relative (facebook).
Magazines: new issue of agility live with an interview to anna hinze, analysis on how old courses looked today, etc (facebook); it will be available on june 22. webpage.
Article from susan garrett (canada) on the 10 more common reasons fora dog to drop agility bars (click).
Videos: lucie glejdurova (czech rep.), beat & twix at the quali for world cup & european open (youtube).
France: list with the 342 participants at championnat de france for grade 3 this weekend (click); A, B, C, D are the 4 categories in which the french people run (they are different from those of the FCI). there will be live stream on youtube's channel. Live results, program, running orders. The judges are nicolas renaud, gérard Géry, Michel Perain, David Desoubries.

08/06/22- Online courses: foundations with monika rylska GOAT agility- garden online agility training (facebook). 1 video for 40 euros and 6 videos for 140 euros.
Courses: patrick bucher in germany (facebook), viktoria lundh from sweden (facebook), sascha grunder from switzerland (facebook), jeremy manno in luxembourg (facebook), bonnik berthelsen in denmark (facebook), Courses at cenevole cup: sari mikkila from finland (1, 2), dominique prin from france (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook), marleen haeneefstingels (facebookphilipe cottet from switzerland (facebook).
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook).
Southamerica: Videos at purina dog challenge in chile: herding goose with Kenay, Sambo & K -Li (instagram: 1, 2), yee casa (argentina) with mandela (instagram) & quzy (instagram), michi tenoux (chile) & peca (instagram), nicky (argentina) & toffee (instagram).

06/06/22- Genetic tests with discount: mydog dna, mycat dna & optimal selection has discounts with code PETWEEK22 (facebook). The offer ends on june 12.
Photos from marc gaub at a competition in luxembourg (click).
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in italy (facebook) mika kangas from finland (facebook), jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook).
France: judges at very breihz vup changed (facebook).
Videos: daisy peel (USA) & chispa (facebook), juraj ruza (slovakia) & kali (facebook), tamara sedlmaier (austria) & liam (facebook).

05/06/22- Live stream: quali from czech rep. (youtube).
Czech Rep.: results & ranking of the quali (click). The first places are for tereza kralova & say (border collie) in large, aneta obrusnikova & arrya (mudi) in medium, petra hamsikova & talinka (shetland) in small.
Slovakia: rankings of the quali (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in italy (1, 2), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook) neil ellis (england) at norwegian championship (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (1, 2, 3), bernd hüppe (austria) in slovakia (facebook).
Videos: Nikiforos Orfanakos (greece), jazz & vito in italy (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook), aneta obrusnikova at the quali in czech rep. (facebook), Jana Zvonková (czech rep.) & vigi (youtube), Pascale Kühn (austria) & kiwi (facebook), Lucie Glejdurová (czech rep.) & beat (facebook), Manuela Satta from italy (facebook), roman lukac (slovakia) & metaxa (facebook), James Adams (england) & willow (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & remix training with enya habel from sweden (facebook).

04/06/22- Live stream: quali from czech rep. (youtube).
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in italy (facebook), neil ellis (england) in norway (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) at the quali in czech rep. (agility large, jumping large), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), daniel walz from germany (facebook), bernd hüppe at the quali in slovakia (facebook).
Czech Rep.: quali%s results (click). in large lucie glejdurova is in the 2 first position of the ranking, in medium aneta obrusnikova has 3 of the 4 firsts places with 3 mudi, in small petra hamsikova & talinka lead the ranking.
EOD: Sia, sebastien allerme's dog, lost 70% of hearing. She is genetically affected (facebook).
Videos: monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), niki orfanakos from greece (facebook), video in memory of kisa con maige from polona bonac (youtube).
Lord of the winter: on june 12 registrations will open for the tournament in slovakia (facebook).

03/06/22- Coursess: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: monica rylska (poland) & foka (1, 2), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), commercial from banco de bogotá (youtube).
Advices: iwona golab (poland) posted that seeya burned her pads the and asks for advice as she has a quali next week (facebook).
Shetland puppies expected at summergarden kennel (facebook); the father is you (runs with tamara sedlmaier from austria) and the mother is bonny.
United kingdom: teams for EO 2022 (facebook).
Rome agility festival: results (click).
Facebook: Ina Himle (norway) asks for help with the handling that fits rear crosses (facebook).

02/06/22- The netherlands: qualified to FCI world cup (facebook).
JOAWC 2022 has a dedicated app for the event (click). The championship is on july 14- 17 in finland.
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in italy (facebook: 1, 2), cedric bargoin from france (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook).
Seminar: lisa frick (austria) on july 18- 19 in belgium (facebook); it costs 95 euros per day (2 hours).
June: rome festival is on june 2- 5 in italy (click); the judges are sandra deidda (italy), tamas traj (hungary), petr pupik (czech rep.), jan egil eide (norway), paolo rebasti (italy), andrea bellachioma (italy). cevenole cup is on june 4- 6 in france (facebook); the judges are eric courant (france), sao mikkilä (finland), dominique prin (france), thora van der stock (belgium), michel perain (france), philippe cottet (switzerland), gérard géry (france), marleen haeneefstingels (belgium). purina dog challenge is on june 3- 5 in chile (click); the judges are dan (brazil) & luciano (argentina). CSJ agility open is on june 16- 19 in england (click); the judges are natalie webb, jason bartram, hannah banks, ivan amez. trial in Hässleholm- suecia on june 17- 19 (facebook); the judges are kurt ove steinset (norway), hugo santos (portugal), jocke tangfelt (sweden). alpine agility open is on june 17- 19 in italy (click); the judges are Francesco Bircolotti (Italy), Vittorio Papavero (Italy), Sandra Deidda (Italy), Jari Suomalainen (Finland), Neil Ellis (england), Petra Vyplelova (czech rep.), Belmiro Sousa (Portugal). croatian openis on june 24- 26 in croatia (facebook); the judges are Esa Muotka (Finland), Blaz Oven (slovenia), Roman Lukač (Slovakia).

01/06/22- Videos: jenny damm (sweden), miss lilli, azta, ziv, maliz & zonia (facebook), jaakko (finland) & wow (facebook), monika pleterski (poland), youme & fire (facebook), dave munnings (england), legacy, modo & boosty (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & B (facebook), pascale crespel (france) & garou (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark) & flip (facebook), zezinho (brazil) & benji (instagram).
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), greg derrett from england (facebook), david powell from france (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook).
Obstacles: flexible numbers (facebook), soft wall in poland (facebook), used a frame and dogwalk with sand in canada (facebook).
Sweden: on june 17- 19 there is a competition in Hässleholm (facebook); there are many courses, obstacles from bing and tunnels and sandbagsfrom jenny bags. The judges are kurt ove steinset (norway), hugo santos (portugal), jocke tangfelt (sweden).
Brazil: wapp comunication channel (click).

31/05/22- Rome agility festival: running orders & program for the comeptition on june 2- 5 are available (click). The judges are sandra deidda (italy), tamas traj (hungary), petr pupik (czech rep.), jan egil eide (norway), paolo rebasti (italy), andrea bellachioma (italy).
Moravia open 2022: requests and offers of spots and transport (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). registration list.
Courses: juraj ruza (slovakia) in israel (facebook), isabella stefl in slovenia (facebook), reetta pirttikoski at the quali in finland (facebook), petr pupik from rep. checa (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in france (facebook).
Videos from the quali in germany: dani lehrer & tippi (facebook), hansi weberling & momo (facebook), daniel schröder & cashew (facebook), christian prinz & wake (youtube), linda köhler & syke (facebook), sophie rose & cara (facebook), alea heinen & loo (facebook), miriam schopen & mii (facebook), nadine alshut & cinna (facebook), sabine kreutz & foo (facebook).

30/05/22- Germany: this weekend were selected the teams qualified for FCI world cup (facebook). Small: Stefanie Simson & bibi (shetland), Tobias Wüst & dörte (shetland), Max Sprinz & make (shetland), Nadine Hartlieb & pebbles (cocker). Medium: Silas Boogk & beam (shetland), Daniel Schröder & cashew (shetland), krisztina Kabai & hydro (shetland), Johann Weberling & momo (mini aussie). Large: Tobias Wüst & ceed (border collie), Sabine Kreutz & foo (border collie), Nadine Alshut & cinna (border collie), Christian Prinz & wake (border collie). Results.
Finland: the qualified for FCI world cup were defined (facebook). Small: Iida Vakkuri & Helka (shetland), Sanni Kariniemi & Megs (shetland), Maria Sori & Malla (shetland), Assi Rapeli & Ninni (shetland). Medium: Maria Sori & Daim (cocker), Jasmin Vesalainen & Papu (caniche), Marko Mäkelä & Mirkku (spanish water dog), Milja Haapamäki & Kreppi (spanish water dog). Large: Elina Jänesniemi & Etna (border collie), Jaakko Suoknuuti & Wow (border collie), Heidi-Maria Puolakka & Hood (border collie), Laura Sutinen & Jari (border collie).
Slovenia: results from the quali this weekend (1, 2, 3, 4). Rankings for qualifying to european open, FCI world cup.
Croatia: ranking for qualifying to european open (facebook), FCI world cup (facebook).
Italy: some qualified to european open 2022 (facebook).

29/05/22- Live stream: quali trials in germany, finland.
Germany: updated results from the quali (click). tobias wüst está first place with dörte (small) & ceed (large) and fourth place with life (large).
Large (all border collie): 1- tobias w&uum;st/ceed 2- sabine kreutz/foo 3- teresa berndt/keep.
Medium (all shetland): 1- silas boogk /beam 2- daniel schröder/ cashew, 3- krisztina kabai/hydro.
Small (2 shetlands & 1 cocker) : 1- tobias wüst/dörte 2- stefanie simson/bibi 3- nadine hartlieb/pebbles.
Courses: fanny gott from sweden (facebook), tamas taj from hungary in finland (facebook), masao yagyu from japan (facebook), marcel schlühr at the quali in germany (agility medium, agility large, agility small, restantes), petra vyplelova judge of the world cup FCI 2023 (facebook), juraj ruza (slovakia) in israel (facebook), nicolas renaud from france (facebook).

28/05/22- Live stream: quali trials in germany, finland.
Results: quali in finland (click) and germany (click).
Border collie puppies from simon cottrell birn in england (facebook); gary from serge van der zweep, sweep from hutchinson are in the pedigree.
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi in italy (facebook), Lucie Glejdurová (czech rep.) & beat at WAO (youtube), elina jäniesnemi (finland) & etna (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & ninja (facebook).
Lord of the winter: program for all the 4 double trials (facebook). They will have 4 categories with the new heights of FCI.
Icon X: the judges are alejandro slaas (spain), oman lukac (slovakia) and the locals chris kerton, ella garwood, jonathan hallam, lucie kate osborne, dave munnings, martin cavill, dalton meredith, isaac hartley, natalie webb, nicole turner (facebook).
EO 2022: the registration list was updated and there is a table with the number of registrations pero country (click).
Poland: calendarwith trials (click).

27/05/22- Live stream: quali trials in germany, finland.
Finland: the quali trial starts today (facebook), livestream, photos from juka patynen, program, running orders, facebook event.
Croatia: ranking for the quelification to european open, FCI world cup.
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & taco facebook).
Quali trials this weekend in germany, finland, slovenia, croatia

26/05/22- Seminars: there are some spots free at the seminar with tamas traj (hungary) on august 12- 15 in austria (facebook).
Courses: seppo savikko from finland (facebook), .
Running contacts: post asking if it is possible and has sense to train a dog to have running contacts and stopped contacts (facebook). Susan garrett (canada) answered: ‘ I have always trained my BCs to do both. At worlds on team being 60 years old I've always assumed it would be good to have an emergency back up plan…. So have been doing it this way for close to 20 years now. I've done it both teaching the run first then the stop and (doing the stop first then the run). Since the stop is so much easier I prefer to train it away from the equipment (on stairs) and just add it in later.’. Susan mann (USA) told that she had stopped contacts on the seesaw/teeter, running on the ramp/A-frame and both ath the dogwalk because it is the hardest to have running due to theh differents exits and she do not have access to the contact zones frequently so she has running for the basic exits and stopped contacts for the others. There are comments that dave munnings (england) had trained them with fame and martina kimesova (czech rep. ) with kiki.
Air travel: kirstin o'neill (canada) was told that her dog was on the plane of air canada and it was false (facebook); Later, they told her that he arrives 3 hs later in the next plane. Stacey Frigon said that rebeca refused to load in Amsterdam until they saw a picture of their dogs on the tarmac. Kim Holliday suggested that if you have an iphone to put an air tag on the kennel. Raina anderson had similar problems sending puppies using cargo and annette alfonso experienced it with two dogs. Shira Moir-Smith said that they lie to avoid problems if the passenger does not board. Sandi Lancaster Leonard said that's why she doesn't go to a competition if she has to go by plane; she only goes to the ones she could drive.

25/05/22- Lord of the winter: facebook for the competition 2022- 2023.
Facebook: christelle bouillot (france) comments on the large number of outs and ins on nowadays courses that demand the dogs (facebook). elina jäniesnemi (finland) ask about grass because it hasn't grown at her field (facebook), Laura chudleigh (england) looking information on artificial grass vacuum (facebook).
Seminars: iwona golab (poland) in france on november 1- 4 (facebook).
Smarter agility: improvements including the chance to choose obstacles with size for kennel club in england (facebook).
Germany: this weekend is the final of the quali for world cup in dortmund. Results & courses (1, 2). The live stream is free for premium members and costs 9.90 euros for the rest of the members. It starts on friday, 27 may.
Online courses at clean run: registrations are open for ninja weaves with karen holik (click), jump skills for success with tara la belle (click), successfull start lines with lisa scmit (click).
Videos: sarah baker (USA) & skeptic at the WAO (youtube), julia wöss (germany- austria) & pixie (facebook) Heidi Penttilä (finland-sweden) & rosey at the WAO (facebook), jessica ajoux (USA) & hallelujah (facebook).
Brazil needs 50 subscriptions in youtube for live streaming competitions (youtube).

24/05/22- Border collie puppies expected in italy: nitro x buffy (facebook). Nitro is a son often syclone (isabelle stefl), grandson of tanhill glen and grand grand son of sony from japan. Buffy is granddaughter of fetch granting pleasure, sony from japan, witch from matej cucek.
Videos: nicola giraudi (italy) en el WAO (facebook), shannen jacoby (southafrica) & echo (facebook), Christina Paulik (austria) & happy (facebook), helmut paulik (austria) & kiwi (facebook).
Polish open is on november 12- 13 (facebook). The judges are Reetta Pirttikoski (Finland), Fanny Gott (Sweden).
Obstacles: used tunnel available in canada (facebook).
Southamerica: results from universicao's trial in brazil (flowagility) . videos from the weekend of nicky with brahma (youtube) & toffee (youtube), zezinho & bina (instagram), ricardo tubaldini & lilly (facebook), alvaro & mocca (facebook).
Ukraine: trial on june 4 in USA for raising funds for breaking the chains that is helping animals in ukraine (facebook).

23/05/22- Courses: juraj ruza in croatia (facebook: 1, 2), Markku Kaukinen from finlandia (click), jan egil eide (norway) in portugal (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), WAO (.pdf), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), dennis lynge sorensen from sweden (facebook), ivan amez from spain (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), jenny damm in sweden (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) at FMBB (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & Qju at WAO (facebook), christian wöss (austria) & lego (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & dallas (facebook).
Online courses: registrations for jumping mania revolutions with nina gregl (croatia) are open (facebook). It starts on june 8.
Slovenian open 2022: there is a place for a small dog available for purchase (facebook).
Greece: ranking with the qualified for FCI woldcup and european open (facebook).

22/05/22- Live stream: WAO (1, 2), quali trials in austria (youtube).
Austria: national team for world cup (facebook). lisa frick & jack are in the team even if they couldn&339;t run the final due to jack injury.
WAO: greg Derrett 's speech at the closing ceremony (facebook). Summary of winners (click):
♦ pentathlon: Marissa Figee (netherlands) & Zenzi in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain) & Mokka in 300, Aemillia Nicholson (england) & Wyllow in 400, Gregory Bielle Bidalot (france) & mint in 500, Perry DeWitt (USA) & Wit in 600.
♦ games: lucy osborne (england) & fling en 250, Maria Ljungdahl (sweden) & Limpan en 300, Dalton Meredith (england) & Munchy en 400, Jessica Ajoux (USA) & Hallelujah en 500, dani fischbach (germany) & coke en 600.
♦ speedstakes: Amato D'Eliso (italy) & Ursula en 250, Mariann Bayliss (england) & Betty en 300, Marina Matas Ferrer (spain) & Becka en 400, Arthur Naud (france) & Pim's en 500, Alejandro Salas (spain) & Sil en 600.

21/05/22- Live stream: WAO (1, 2), quali in austria (youtube).
Austria: results. The first places are for thomas berger & noobsi (small), sabrina hauser & layla (medium), lara heinzel & pino (large). Lisa frick & jack did not take part because jack is injured.
Videos: karen hellriegel from germany (facebook), Nicole Kleynen & maggie (working cocker) in germany (facebook), pascale kühn in austria (facebook), martinha pires (portugal- brazil) & ayra (instagram), stas kurochkin from russia (facebook), monika rylska at the quali in poland (facebook). Videos from WAO: marusa pojed (slovenia), ice, pan, vini (facebook), sebastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & perm (facebook).
Portugal: jan egil eide (norway) is the judge for the quali this weekend. Registrations and information available on flowagility.
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in USA (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in spain (1, 2), WAO (.pdf).

20/05/22- Live stream from WAO (1, 2).
WAO 2022: live results from GAC systems.
Videos: marusa podjed (slovenia), pan , ice, veni (facebook), Nikiforos Orfanakos (greece) en el FMBB (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), FCI world cup 2001 in portugal (youtube). Videos from WAO: anna hinze (germany) & take (facebook), france vs england in 300 (youtube), more parallels on youtube.

19/05/22- Live stream from WAO (click).
Finland: they have decided to maintain the categories they have even if they don't match the FCI ones (click). The dogs between 48 cm and 49.99 cm can run at national championship in one category (SL) and run at the quali for world cup in L (FCI).
WAO: results, competitor list, running orders, program.
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), WAO 2022 (.pdf), mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Germany: post in agility europe's facebook about the news went public some days ago on merle dogs or dogs missing 2 teeth banned in competitions (facebook). Some people are worried about what may happen if an international competition is organized in Germany (World, EO, etc) and if these rules will affect all competitors, as is the case now with dogs with docked tails, etc. In the comments they are saying about the rule that bans merle dogs ‘they already cancelled that rule. Merle is ok if the dog has no Eye and Ear issues’.
Videos at the WAO: sarah baker (USA) & skeptic (1, 2), dani fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) chaim (youtube). other videos: tereza kralova (czech rep.) with say (facebook) & high (facebook), rosana robic (slovenia) & mint (facebook).

18/05/22- Slovakia: updated ranking for EO & world cup (facebook).
Belgium: post were they explain that competitors at agility FCI competition can't take part at competitions like WAO otherwise they are kicked out of FCI local organization-KKUSH (facebook).
Germany: the winners at SMART CUP in mendig were Maurice Munich & Swoosh (shetland) in small, Krisztina Kabai & Hydro (shetland) in medium, Catherine Wolf & Piva (border collie) in large (facebook).
Survey from agi notes on expectations, trends, fears etc: results (click). 62.6% want changes on obstacles (especially the contacts). On th eother hand ‘Respondents felt that disallowing mixed breeds to participate in value competitions, does not correspond to modern thinking, and it should be changed.’.
FMBB 2022: comments from vittorio papavero after the competition (facebook). ‘It's a fact! Fmbb competition is different.’. patrizia ciuffetti shared under the title ‘I was not able to give you a female... but I gave you a male for your dream.’ the message the now new champion sent to her when she was expecting puppies from skin I am interested in a female, she will be for me and the long term goal is to work with her and winn FMBB (facebook).

17/05/22- Rules in agility: post from petr pupik (czech rep.) on facebook about agility rules (facebook).
Rules are rules
In the last few days, I have had the opportunity to judge and design courses for various organizations (FCI, UKI, ANKC, AAC) and carefully study their rules. It is very interesting what some consider dangerous may be allowed for others and what is forbidden by some may not be a problem for others.
It leads me to think that we only have one sport of agility, so what should be the rules? I will try to write some of my thoughts:
Rules requirements
Let the rules contain only the essentials. All responsibility is always up to the judges anyway. If the rules contain restrictions that represent the view of a select few, it's never good. Now let's take the mathematical intersection of all the rules around the world and we have a nice construct
It is very sad how non-transparent some rules are and how the proposed changes are hidden. The agility public then does not have the opportunity to react.
As I wrote above, the responsibility should lie with the judges and the rules should be support for the judges, not a limitation. In many countries, there is the role of approver, who has the opportunity to intervene in the design of the course. This function should always be anchored in the rules, clearly defined its competences. I can say that whether at UKI, ANKC or AAC I have worked very well with this person. And it's important to mention that it was always about cooperation. The FCI is trying to do this, only in my opinion very unsuccessfully. FCI does not have this function and its powers set out in the rules, and then there are comical situations where the judges have to send the course to someone and have no idea what to expect.
What is the long period for making further changes? Together with non-transparency, this leads to national organizations enforcing their rules or judges, coaches and competitors not following the rules. And in fact, they have no choice but, based on experience, this is often the only way to change in the future.
This may be linked to transparency, but I mean that the discussion on the perception of the sport of agility should not be a space for personal attacks or insults. After all, the diversity of views on agility makes agility such a beautiful sport.
Please, these words should not be a critique of these and those rules. It is always enriching rules for me to study, think and I absolutely enjoy judging, wherever I am. It is just a completely subjective reflection on what it might look like according to one judge living in the Moravian countryside

16/05/22- Courses: matko mäkelä from finland (facebook), vittorio papavero (italy) final at FMBB (facebook), martin schoffelmeer (the netherlands) in italy (facebook), yoshiaki kato from japan (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) at FMBB (facebook), thora van der stock (belgium) in italy (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), nicola giraudi from italy (1, 2), magdalena labieniec (poland) & koma (facebook), zeljko gora from croatia (facebook).
Seminar: there are some spots for the seminar with isabella stefl (austria) on may 27 in slovenia (facebook).
Italy: results from the quali for small, medium, large. Updated ranking (click).
FMBB 2022: results. The winners of the finals were jakub stybr & pippa in agility and michal brych & catalyn in jumping (both from czech rep.). Individual champion: nikiforos orfanakos & vito. Teams champion: spain.

15/05/22- Live stream: FMBB from working dog (click).
Courses: martin shoffelmeer (facebook), petr pupik from czech (facebook), karel havlicek in slovakia (1, 2), vittorio papavero (italy) at FMBB (facebook), andrea menghini at FMBB (facebook), jocke tangfelt (sweden) in germany (facebook), marko mäkelä in czech rep. (facebook), arto laitinen from finland (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook).
Videos: anna hinze (germany) & move (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook).
Italy: results from the quai for small, medium, large. Ranking.

14/05/22- Live stream: FMBB from working dog (click).
FMBB 2022: results (click).
Courses: marko makkela (finland) in czech rep. (facebook), andrea menghini in greece (facebook).
Videos: stefanie semkat (germany) & spooky (facebook), jakub stybr (czech rep.) & pippa (youtube), monika rylska (poland) in czech rep. (youtube).
Obstacles from slovenian open will be AP-alu and are available to buy and pick them at the event (facebook, webpage).

13/05/22- WAO 2022: apps for having instant information from the event (facebook, google play, apple store).
Sweden: teams for world cup, EO & nordic championship (click).
Search & rescue: galican is selling obstacles for training (click).
Courses from FMBB: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook). Course from jocke tangfelt (sweden) in mendig- germany (facebook).

12/05/22- Facebook: post on agility europe 's facebook about online courses/ trainer for developing speed of a dog (facebook); several suggestions go to polona bona (slovenia)c.
Silas boogk: pike is his new border collie puppy out of lass x mer (facebook); he is a grandosn of why not zet my queen, cinna, grand grandson of fetch granting pleasure.
SAR: nina gregl's post about a 15 months dog from her kennel excelent in search and rescue (facebook).
Ukraine: raffle of agility hurdles in USA for raising funds (facebook).

11/05/22- BAM 2023 is on june 8 - 11 (facebook).
Border collie collapse: post asking if someone test potassium levels in an collapse, since something similar happens to horses related to low levels on potassium (facebook).
Germany: post about the new statements of the vdh (FCI) and their competition and which ones affects agility (facebook). The main goal is based on avoid cruelty in reproduction, but they mention that deaf dogs or with more than 2 missing teeth would not be allow to run in agility. The main discussion focus on what sentence 1 covers.
England: animal activist branded cruel and unnecesary the sport flyball as it double the risk of a knee injury (facebook).
Courses: dick richartz in the netherlands (facebook), Anna Schönenberger in switzerland (facebook), mac martin from france (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: denis martin (belgium) & nafi (youtube), juraj ruza (slovakia) & mysti training with tamas traj (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & smoke (facebook), maryline raby (france) at the volcanic cup (facebook).

10/05/22- WAO 2022: competitors list, running orders, program . 4 legged flix will do the live stream (click). The competition is on may 19- 22.
EO 2022: partial list of competitors (click).
Border collie puppies : the puppies out of juice were born in the netherlands (facebook); they are 4 females and 3 males. Border collie litter expected in finland grandkids of why not zet my queen (facebook).

09/05/22- Belgium: national team for world cup 2022 (facebook).
Online courses: registrations for several courses from shape up (canada- justine davenport/ jessica patterson) start on may 10 (click). The courses start on may 30.
Courses: reetta pirttikoski in sweden (facebook), Johanna Wüthrich from finland (facebook), ayala naor from israel (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook).
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), jenny damm & lisa with azta & my (facebook).
Switzerland: competition on may 21- 22 judged by Anna Schönenberger in bioggio, close to italy (facebook).
USA: some of the teams selected for the FCI world cup (facebook).
FCI WC 2022: the live stream will be from working dog (click).

08/05/22- Live stream: world cup quali in sweden (click), VDH national championship in germany (click).
Border collie puppy: male available in brazil (avare bc) out of bandida x diesel (instagram). Diesel is full brother of jock from ricky hutchinson but from another litter, bandida is daughter of kinloch levi, great grand daughter of joe from bobby dalziel, grand daughter of gary from serge van der zweep.
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in england (facebook), sari mikkila from finland (facebook), ana beltran bustamante (spain) in IconiX (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook). Courses at the quali in sweden: agility H (small, medium, large), jumping G (small, medium, large).
Germany: the VDH championship was won by silas boogk with gadget in small & beam in medium (click).
Sweden: results at the quali finals in large, medium, small with the qualified for world cup, EO & nordic championship.
Videos: max sprinz (germany), style, make (facebook), dan shaw (england) & boffin (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monky (facebook).

07/05/22- Live stream: quali to world cup in sweden (click), VDH national championship in germany (click), IconiX in england (facebook).
EO 2022: all the rings will be indoor (facebook).
Courses from the quali trials in sweden: agility E (small, medium, large), agility F (small, medium, large), agility D (small, medium, large). More courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), petr pupik in czech rep. (facebook), Jouni Kautto in finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook).
Videos: rebecca kowalski (germany) & taki (facebook), jessica ajoux (USA) & halleluja (facebook), sabine kreutz (germany) & foo (facebook).
Germany: results of VDH national championship for large dogs (click).
Ukraine: tom & breaking the chains are needing to increase the help they are giving before may 9 (facebook); they need donations for building a temporary shelter and give medical attentions to injured animals (paypal, go fund me).

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