16/03/18- BCC 2019 will be on august 2-4 in timmel (germany). Timmel is at the NW of germany, near bremen. The obstacles are from smart-99 (facebook).
Courses: Rauno Virta from finland (agility 1A, jumping 3F, agility 3D, agility 1B, agility 3E, jumping 1C).
Border collie puppies: the litter out of jack (lisa frick) X Asa (alen marekovic) is expected for these days (facebook).
Facebook: more questions about artificial grass. Anna Hinze (germany) asks about brands that work fine outdoor (facebook).
One mind dogs: article about managing dogs with trial stress (click).
Seminars: there are some free spots for the seminar with zlejko gora (croatia) in germany on april 9- 12 (facebook). Seminar with nina gregl (croatia) in italy on september 15- 16 (facebook).
Videos: justine davenport (canada) & dino (vimeo), martina vaconikova (slovakia) & ikea training running contacts (facebook), stuart mah's last course (facebook agilitynerd).

15/03/18- This weekend is the quali for medium & small dogs in germany (program, live stream, running orders, information); the judges are tamas traj (hungary) & dieter heinrich. Slovakia: blaz oven (slovenia) is the judge of the quai for world cup and european open (facebook, .pdf). Luxembourg: quali for world cup in Bettemburg (click); the judges are philipp muller schnick (germany), bernard achen, corinne bormann. France: agility trial in avignon (facebook); the judges are Rolf Graber (switzerland), Philippe Boudeville, Lorenzo Celic (italy), Eric Courant. Italy: competition for the national team of jack russell (facebook). Mexico: triple competition for the UCAM (click). Brazil: competion of the national championship in sao paulo (click). Colombia: quali for world cup (facebook). Argentina: competition for the local championship in buenos aires (facebook). Chile: trial of the campeonato de verano (click).
Jenny damm: post about her experience in crufts, where she won with the one and only miss lilli (facebook).
Obstacles: many agility obstacles have been stolen lately in the united kingdom Petition opened by iHeartDogs to create an expert animal heath and care advisory board after a dog died during a flight of united airlines (change.org, information). United airlines also made a mistake sending to japan a dog that was supposed to go to kansas (click).
Health: article about a study linking death and cancer in pets with over vaccination (click).
Articles: guide for traveling with dog written by Allie Johnson on creditcards.com (click).
Puppies: 2border collie maless out of boost from philipp müller schnick are available (1, 2).
WAO 2018: list with wildcards on facebook. They are 20 dogs from USA, finland, germany, sweden, italy, spain, netherlands, japan, england. Three of them are jouni orenius (sweden/ finland) & neela, jaakko (finland) & dao, ariane wieber (germany) & tequila.

14/03/18- Courses: nicolas renaud from france (agility masters, agility standard, agility 1, agility 3, agility 2, jumping master, jumping standard, jumping master C), Esa Muotka in finland (agility 3, jumping 3, agility 3, jumping 3, agility 3, agility 3, agility 3, agility 3, agility 3, jumping 3, agility 3).
Videos: nicole kelpen (germany) at jan egil eide's courses (youtube), zeljko gora (croatia) at the quali (youtube), max (bäxx), ramona (five), cathrin (liv), nadine (cinna) training with krisztina kabai (youtube).
Seminar with tereza kralova (czech rep.) in germany: there are some available spots (facebook stefanie semkat).
United kingdom: the story of negrita, a bitch abandoned to her own luck in a brazilian island, with no chances of surviving. she was rescued by an english man visiting the amazonas who brought her to live in europe (click).
Germany: running orders for the quali for world cup/ EO for medium/small, large.
Puppies: there are 2 bergers des pyrénées males available at french kennel de loubajac (facebook catherine tomballe). ikea (pavol vakonic) & why not hash my queen expect at least 8 puppies in slovakia (facebook). Border collie puppy (male) available in slovenia out of App (from mirja lapanja's kennel, jazz X summit from justine davenport) X zee (1, 2 facebook masa slebir); App is a full brother of dice (miha primozic), lux (jessica patterson), never (justine davenport), applause (iwona golab), among others and a litter sister of the available puppy is living with florian förster.
On line courses with linda mecklenburg (USA): foundation jump training start on april, one jump skills also starts on may 1, advanced jumping drills start on may 1 (webpage, facebook).

Clean run: 10% off for 24 hours, ending 15 march at 9am ET (facebook)

13/03/18- BCC 2018: list with canceled registrations (click); list with accepted registrations that were originally in the waiting list and have a pending payment (click). Justine davenport (canada) with summit, never and dino (the border collie she adopted) is in the new list.
Courses: nikolas koch from germany (agility 3, jumping 3, agility 3, jumping 3), Eric Courant from france (jumping master, agility 3, agility master), Bart de Decker from belgium (agility final, jumping, equipos).
Videos: jana (czech rep.) & vigi (facebook martina klimesova), Olga Kwiecien (poland) & mojo (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & sofia (facebook), simon brenca (switzerland) & cute (youtube), marilyne raby (france) & neelha (youtube), Thomas Raczka (france) & must in black (youtube).
Artificial grass: 960 m2 of a floor from juta play comfort with 2.5 years of use are for sell in austria (facebook, webpage); ir will be available at the end of may 2018.
France: trial near sallanches judged by sergio ascenzi (italy) on may 8 (1, 2, 3). special trial for grade 3 in courcelles les lens judged by livia pivetta (italy) on september 22- 23 (facebook).
Registrations for avallon cup in france start on march 15 (click); the deadline is march 31. Registrations for pirineos dog festival in spain start on march 15 (click); registrations before may 1 have a discount. The deadline for registrations for A&C in mendoza (argentina) is march 16 (click); they will accept late registrations until march 31 but will cost almost the double of the ones made before the first deadline.

12/03/18- FMBB: agility program.
Facebook agility europe: post about a sequence with a dogwalk and a tunnel in a belgium competition and if the rules allow it (facebook). Franky Vanroy comment “FCI rules and guidelines are only for AWC EO and EOJ. Each country has its own national regulations. ”. Sandrine Heaven has copied a piece of regulation related and comment about it (facebook). Alen Marekovic explains that the obstacles may be that way but that the FCI rule that does not respect is the one of 4 or 5 meters between two consecutive obstacles (facebook). there is no link to belgium regulations. The sequences are very common in the USA and Canada and, according to Marekovic, was common a while ago.
Videos: Ashleigh Butler & Sully winning in crufts (facebook), flyball final in crufts (facebook), markus milles (germany) & aivo (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) training foundations with her new puppy (facebook).
Courses: jari suomlainen from finland (click), anders virtanen from finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Marcel Schlühr from germany (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3 SM, agility 3 L, jumping open, jumping 3 L, jumping 3 SM), tomas glabazna (czech rep.) in italy (facebook), matias corti in argentina (1, 2, 3).
Crufts 2018: agility results (click). The winners from sunday are Agility championship: natasha wise & dizzy (border collie) in jumping medium, Sian Illingworth & maybe (border collie) in jumping large, Bonny Quick & shelley (mixed breed) in jumping small, natasha wise & pebbles (border collie) in agility large, Ashleigh Butler & sully in agility small, Sian Illingworth & (border collie) in medium agility, Charlotte Harding & scandal (border collie) in large, Bonny Quick & shelley (mixed breed) in small, natasha wise & dizzy (border collie) en medium. La final la ganaron a Ashleigh Butler & ssully (mixed breed), Shannon Springford & gift (border collie) in medium, dave munnings & flame (border collie) in large.

11/03/18- Live stream from crufts.
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in germany (jumping 3, agility 3), mika kangas from finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), david powell from france (1, 2, 3).
Canada: registration list for the try outs for world cup (.pdf), EO (1, 2, 3), FEO (saturday, sunday).
Slovakia: information & registration list for the quali on march 17- 18 (click). As they don't have too many dogs running as other countries, grade 1 can compete (facebook pavol vakonic). Up to FCI rules, dogs must be at least 24 months at world cup and EO.
Videos: julia schober (germany) & jamie (1, 2), mona grefenstein (germany & qju en crufts 2018 (youtube), sebastien allerme (france) & sia (facebook), florian förster (germany) & lynn (facebook), mark herfert (canada) & fly (facebook).
Crufts 2018: results for agility (click). The winners from saturday were excell dog agility originals in teams small, jenny damm & miss lilli (2 times), dave munnigs & fame, catherine porter & ziva at agility invitational; the winners of the agility championship were Bonny Quick & shelley (mized breed) in jumping small, Sian Illingworth & maybe (border collie) in jumping large, natasha wise & dizzy (border collie) in jumping medium.

10/03/18- Live stream from crufts.
Shetland puppies planned in italy (facebook luca raimondi). The sire is cashew with eager to work (daniel schröder). The dam is viber.
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & miss lilli winning agility in crufts (facebook), wendy willemse (netherlands) & legend (facebook), flyball in crufts (agility), taja lozar (slovenia) & blue (son of to from silvia trkman) running at 6 m/s in one of the courses (1, 2), monika pl (slovenia) & ice (youtube), dorka lagzi (hungary) & flow, a sheltie puppy of 11 weeks (youtube), Monika Rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook). Videos from crufts international invitational large (jumping, agility, agility final).
Courses of finnish judges: mika kangas (1, 2, 3), Jari Suomalainen (click), anders virtanen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). Courses from jan egil eide (norway) in germany (jumping 3, agility 3).
Crufts 2018: agility results (click). friday's winners: whirlwind platinum in team medium, lauren langman (UK) & blink (working cocker) en small overall, Ashleigh Butler & sully in agility and final small, Dawn Weaver & summer in jumping small, Gilli Sayer & sayer in overall medium, natasha wise & dizzy in jumping medium and final medium, dawn weaver & vegas in agility medium, Chudleigh, Laura & troy i single large, Charlotte Harding & scandal in final large, Sian Illingworth & maybe in agility large, Jo Gleed & scooter in jumping large. Finals ABC: lyth fox & roo in the 3 medium, kirsty campbell & inca in 2 finals large, Rowena Lawrence & della in one final large.

09/03/18- Live stream from crufts.
FMBB 2018: agility regulation (.pdf).
Canada: posts introducing some team members for world cup IFCS (facebook AAC national team). Among them, it's posh, a dog originary from slovenia. Registrations for tryouts of EO/ world cup FCI close today (click).
Border collie puppies born in Finland (facebook Anne-Maria Riihimäki). The dam of the puppies is becca, mother of leia from jouni orenius (1, 2). The sire of the litter is tuuri from iris kieme (1, 2, 3, 4). Tuuri is from never never land, out of raider and ness. The 10 puppies are 6 females & 4 males, and 1 female and 1 male could be available.
Crufts 2018: agility results (click). The thursday's winners were sam lane & rival (border collie) in jumping large novice and combined, nikki collins & mambo (border collie) in agility large novice cup, Olivier Manunaert (Belgium) & keen (border collie) in british open large (agility, jumping), alan smith (uk) & wrap (border collie) in agility british open large, Elaine Bostock (uk) & vimes (mixed breed) in jumping medium novice and the combined in medium novice, Hayley Telling (uk) & teal (shetland) en british open medium (agility, jumping and combined), Emma Gamble (uk) & mo in agility medium novice cup, Susie Josty (uk) & pixie (mini american shepherds) in small novice cup (jumping, agility and combined), bonny quick (uk) & Shelley (mixed breed) the british open small (jumping, agility and combined); Berkshire Dog Training Old 1 is the large team winnerin agility relay.

08/03/18- Live stream from crufts.
ETS: post asking about early take off syndrome (1, 2). Linda mecklenburg & cleanrun published a free magazine about it (click). Some people thinks that ETS may be solve.
Surfaces: on february there was post on facebook asking febrero asking about recommended surfaces for a hall, considering health, and they have many answers (facebook). Now they publish a post with the conclusions they reached (facebook katarina podlipnik). They are searchin now for experience with longer grasses and non toxic refill like coconut balls. On the internet there are some webpages about different coconut fillings (1, 2).
Border collie puppies in poland out of why not zet my queen ato never never land (facebook ewa lukasik). They are 2 females & 1 male.
Video tribute to sophia yin (facebook). More videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & sofia (facebook), felipe alves (brazil) & leef (facebook).
Germany: Fun agility turnier on june 16 (facebook). Small dogs will jump 25, medium ones 35 and large dogs will jump 55 cm.

07/03/18- This weekend is crufts in england (webpage, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, program, facebook agility); the live stream will be through youtube. Quali for EO and world cup in croatia (facebook); the judge is sabrina hauser (austria). Czech Rep. checa: third competition of fitmin cup (1, 2, 3); the judge is blaz oven (slovenia). Germany: last competition of the FAST, the judge is Martin Wenger (click); trials in Wülfrath (the judges are Nikolas Koch, Philipp Müller-Schnick), Hemsbach (the judges are jan egil eide (noruega), Dagmar Fauth) among many competitions. Austria: competition in funny bones (click); the judges are veronika herendy (hungría) & roman lukac (slovakia). Slovenia: competition of the wintercup 2017- 2018 (click); the judges are manca mikec & mirja lapanja. Switzerland: competitions in Würenlingen on saturday (the judges are Stephanie Hundt, Udo Wöhning), sunday (the judges are Patrick Ernst, Edwin Liechti). Greece: competition and tunnel cup,the judge is susanne nieder from germany (facebook). Italia: competitions in peruggia (quali for the national mixed breed team, national team for the IFCS, national championship of mixed breed and FISC), verona, foggia (the judge is tomas glabazna), roma among many. Argentina: competion for the national championship in buenos aires (click).
Videos: cathrin steck (netherlands) & liv (vimeo), marta miil (estonia) in switzerland (facebook).
Germany: program of the quali on march 17-18 & 24-25 (.pdf). The live stream is for premium members of working dog.
USA: tribute from their agility partners to Lynne Powell (72 years old) and Jemma (border collie) who died in the california fire in october 2017 (facebook Donna Polka). The smoke from the fire cause them to go to the wrong side and get caught in the fire (1, 2, 3). Agility videos (1, 2).
Italy: the master agility that was born in 1998 will not be done anymore (.pdf). Competition history (2004-2016, 2017).
Austria: the webpage our dogs won't have more agility information after 17 years (click). Puppies: parson litter planned in rusia (facebook). Another puppy from mirja lapanja would be for anne lenz (1, 2).
Facebook agility europe: Kim Benjamin asks which are the best tunnels to import a large number to USA (facebook).

06/03/18- Luxembourg: results from the quali (.pdf).
Switzerland: judges for the EO & FCI WC quali (.pdf).
Croatia: the deadline for registrations to the quali is march 8 (click). The judge is sabrina hauser (austria).
Herding: running orders for the european nursery championship (click).
FMBB 2018: bernd hüppe (austria) is also judging agility (facebook). Venur for agility trials (facebook).
Health: post about IGS (border collie illness), diagnosis and treatment (facebook). Test from optigen, UC davis, genomia.
Courses: zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) at the quali trial in spain (facebook).
Southafrica: Agility funday is on march 30 and supports national team going to FCI WC in sweden (facebook: 1, 2).

05/03/18- Courses: anders virtanen from finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), Bonnik Berthelsen (denmark) in austria (agility 1, agility 2, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3).
Obstacles: half frame tyre from smart 99 (facebook).
Border collie male puppy available (1, 2); the sire is boost of philipp müller schnick from germany.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki (youtube), Annika Af Klercker in a seminar with nina gregl (facebook), canine fitness with ikea and Martina Vakonicova (facebook), Sandi Oko (slovenia) & miya at icebear cup (facebook: 1, 2), aneta grygarova (czech rep.) in a seminar with Radovan liska (facebook).
Mediterranean Dog Challenge 2018: registrations are open (form, reference). webpage, facebook.
Australia: ADAA National Grand Prix 2018 (information). results.
FMBB 2018: the judges are wolfgang tieber from Austria & Lorenzo celic from italy (1, 2).
FCI WC 2018: the training for all the countries will be on october 3 (facebook).

04/03/18- Courses: seppo savikko from finland (1, 2, 3, 4), Jφrn Elsberg at the WAO quali trials in denmark (facebook), tomas glabazna (czech rep.) in italy (facebook), Masao yagyu in japan (facebook).
Videos: silvia santi (italy) & sonik training running contacts in 4 months with tereza kralova from czech rep. (youtube), martina klimesova (czech rep.) with kiki (facebook) & wifi (facebook), julia schober (germany) & jamie (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) with alma & finn (facebook), sibila vadlja (slovenia- austria) & ben (facebook), beata luchowska (poland) & malibu winning lord of the winter (facebook). Spain: parallel between tri & crack (facebook), jonathan guillem & tri (facebook), oscar mu&nitlde;iz & crack (facebook), patricia garcía & maffy (facebook), adrian bajo & sucre (facebook), sara garcía & brown (facebook top agility).
Puppies: mirja lapanja's puppies are going with some agilitists. janita leinonen (dice X knoxx), martina klimesova might have one, lida vakkuri from finland (juice X riff); at least two puppies stay at shadow of aire (dice X knoxx, jazz x jack).
Germany: Ostern 2018 is on march 30- april 2 (facebook). The judges are Alexandra Scharf, Daniel Walz, Nikolas Koch. The registrations are through webmelden.

03/03/18- Live stream: quali trials in spain (youtube).
Videos: thomas razka (france) & MIB at the quali (youtube), running contacts training of elo & matt (facebook: 1, 2), roland kolenko (slovenia) & ammy (youtube), patrick servais (france) & sky (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki (facebook), Neiti & Sheesha (youtube), team france for FMBB 2018 (youtube), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl at lord of the winter V (youtube), c. fischbach (germanya) with coke & jive (1, 2, 3). Video from working dog of a flyball competition at world dog show 2017 (facebook).
Slalom: comments in agilitynet about how to teach it 2x2, channel, wam (V) or mixing methods (facebook).
Facebook agility europe: post asking for adresses to purchase full course of equipment (facebook).
Courses: tomas glabazna (czech rep.) in italy (facebook), martin ritter from germany (facebook).
Obstacles used for sale in spain (facebook).

02/03/18- This weekend quali for world cup WAO in sweden (facebook; the judge was lee gibson but, because of the snow, he can't reach the airport and catharina tuomisto will be the judge with his courses), for world cup FCI in luxembourg (program & start list; the judges are martin ritter, romain stein, romain binsfeld) and in spain (facebook). greece: seminar with nicola giraudi from italy (facebook). Slovakia: Lord of the winter V (1, 2, 3); the judges are S. kreslina & I. lukacova. austria: last competition for the icebear cup (1, 2); the judges are Peter Kindle, Kurt Ove Steinset. Singapore: jan egil eide from norway will be judging uki quali (facebook, webpage) brazil: copa paulista (click). Colombia: trial for the local championship in bogota (click). chile: copa de clubes (click).
Border collie puppies in austria from rising sun nibs X why not hash my queen (facebook ingrid kasstner: 1, 2).
Magazine: free issue of dog sport magazine.
Facebook: question about best artifical floor (turf/carpet/sand mix, etc) for a training hall (facebook).
Webinars: about rehabilitation on march 15, 22, 29 and april 5 (webpage, facebook)

01/03/18- Crufts 2018: the agility competition will have live stream on facebook & youtube (facebook).
Software: new version of dogeo.net for course design (facebook, webpage).
Photography: contest for the calendar 2019 of border collie in action. You can send photos from march 1 to may 31 (1, 2); the photos should be 1MB-4MB. Dog photography course with claudio piccoli in austria, france, netherlands, italy (facebook).
Courses of the quali in france, the judges were nicolas renaud & wolfgang tieber (click).
Border collie male puppy from jack (lisa frick) X dess (Carmen Hinterdorfer) is still available in austria (facebook: 1, 2, 3, pedigree); the sire of the dam is a full brother of sam (wannahave).

28/02/18- IFCS 2020: facebook of the world cup to be held in canada.
Videos: magdalena lanienec (poland) & issi (youtube), jana (czech rep.) & vigi (youtube).
Sweden: the judges of the SM are jari suomalainen (finland) & rene blank (germany). Program (click). Agimet (obstacle manufacturer from finland) is sponsor of the evento (click).
B.A.M 2018: registrations are open at webmelden for the competition on june15-17 (facebook). The judges are mina piske (germany) & tamas traj (hungary). The obstacles are from ernst.
Spain: registrations for the pirineos dog festival will open on march 15 (1, 2). The oobstacles are from galican.
Border collie male puppy available in poland in never never land (facebook); he is from lynn (ISDS 302534) X sweep (ISDS 295924). Border collie male puppy available in slovakia (facebook).

27/02/18- Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) at the hungarian open (1, 2) Training courses from Angelika Brandl in austria (facebook). Jumping course draw out of an agility course from a judge of the world cup IFCS (facebook).
Obstacles: sale on new release of plastic cups for galican's jumps (click).
Jersey european open 2018 is on may 4- 7. program & registration form, judges. history of the competition.
USA: information of the national championship 2019 from the AKC (.pdf).
UK: qualified for the EO in (large, medium, small).
Brazil: workshop with dante camacho in rio de janeiro on may 19-20 (facebook). Results from national championship (click).

26/02/18- IFCS 2018: the deadline for registration is March 1 (click).
BCC 2018: March 1 is the last day to make the payment (facebook). They request that they check the list where the payments appear.
Seminar with silas boogk (germany) in poland on april 17 (facebook).
France: ranking after the first quali in small (1-nathalie anstett 949p), medium (1- virginie bruna 1433p), large (1- adrien grespier 1147p).
Videos: Magdalena Kasprzyk (poland) & baila (youtube), marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook), Ola Gronek (poland) con deal & hash (youtube), iwona golab (polonia) & app (youtube), Nikolett Korcz (hungary) & Panna (youtube), joanna fischer (poland) & lexi (youtube), jéréremy chomienne with lass & page (facebook). Video of polona bonac (slovenia) about the 5 most common mistakes tugging (youtube).
Herding: audio of an interview with serge van der Zweep (netherlands) in churchmount sheepdogs (click).
Courses: pavol vakonic (slovakia) in the quali for FMBB in austria (facebook), Bonnik Berthelsen from denmark (facebook), Markku Kaukinen in finland (click), helge himle in denmark (click).
Obstacles: video about tunnels from the clip and go in USA (facebook). Offers of animo concept until March 10 (1, 2).

25/02/18- Polona Bonac: there are some available spots at advanced agility games that starts on february 28 (facebook, webpage).
Border collie female puppy available in hungary (1, 2, 3).
Czech open 2018: is on may 12-13. The judges are wolfgang tieber (austria), tomas glabazna (czech rep.), antonin grygar (czech rep.). Information.
Software: some tips to use with smarteragility, software by kurt munsters for course design (facebook).
Course: stefanie semkat at hungarian open (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czceh rep.) & wifi (facebook), taja lozar (slovenia) & blue, his mother is To from silvia trkman (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & chica (youtube), nina gregl (croatia) & wis (facebook), anja balzevic (croatia) & buha (facebook).
Dog fitness: comments onl facebook All about Agility in Germany and abroad (facebook). Videos with trickss/ fitness/ balanceo from tamarawfh (youtube: 1, 2), & Max Sprinz (youtube).
Results: quali in france (click), hungarian open (1, 2), trial in colombia (click).

24/02/18- Live stream from the quali trials in france (facebook).
Germany: premium members from working dog will have free live stream of the quali (1, 2).
USA: stefanie semkat (germany) will judge the world cup tryouts (facebook stefanie semkat).
France: results from the quali (dropbox).
Courses: martin ritter in germany (agility 3, jumping 3), petr pupik (czech rep.) at hungarian open (agility L, jumping SM), Marko Mäkelä in finland (agility, jumping), Petteri Kerminen from finland (click). Training courses from carlo magnoli (facebook). Courses in mendig (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) edited by kurt munsters with smarteragility.com
Videos: marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & wifi at hungarian open (facebook), elina jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & roger (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), lea komat (slovenia) & bay (facebook), Sonja Hampl (austria) & hashtag (youtube).

23/02/18- Videos: training of pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook), fitness of claudia (USA) & venti (vimeo), Irene Yrstad (norway) & twix (vimeo), jana (czech rep.) & vigi (youtube).
Border collie puppies: thaji X sunny puppies were born at kennel of ingrid rogger in italy (facebook); there are 5 females and 1 male. The puppies from Ikea (pavol vakonic) X why not hash my queen are expected for march 17- 24 (facebook).
Croatian sheepdog world championship 2018: sascha grunder from switzerland is the judge of the agility competition (facebook).
Seminars: sport medicine for owners of high performance dogs on november 17- 18 in USA (facebook). Isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & jouni orenius (finland- sweden) in francia onseptember 1- 2 (facebook).
On line classes with kayl McCann (canada) on march 3 (facebook). The lesson has one course map and video the first saturday of each month. Auditors only have access to the sequence for 20 canadian dollars; participants cost is 45 canadian dollars and receive comments.

22/02/18- This weekend there is a quali for EO/ world cup in france (information, running orders; the judges are nicolas renaud & wolfgang tieber). Hungary: hungarian open (facebook, start list, program); the judges are Stefanie Semkat (germany), Petr Pupik (czech rep.), Vittorio Papavero (italy). Greece: quali trial for FMBB world cup (click). Germany: fourth competition for the FAST (click) judged by Marina Gebhard; 4 paws trophy judged by jennifer & michael schilling (click). . Austria: quali for world cup FMBB, the judges are Pavol Vakonic (slovakia) & gabi posch (click). Brazil: competition for the local championship in parana (info) and sao paulo (info). Argentina: first competition for the regional in buenos aires (facebook); competition in mendoza (click).
Obstacles: petworld is the new distributor of agimet (finland) for norway (facebook). Light jump from galican (spain) with a reduce price (facebook); comparison table with their 3 models of jumps (facebook). Second video of the new obstacles of animo concept from france (facebook).
Electronic contacts: post from dave munnings (england) about his experience with the electronic contacts smart-99 in luxembourg (facebook); comments about electronic contacts from nicolas renaud (france) in 2015 (facebook agility europe). Some of the manufacturers: doggies play ground (belgium), ben at work (netherlands).
Justine Davenport: post about never and his recovery (facebook, vimeo).
Seminars in germany: silas boogk in hotel wolf (webpage, facebook); some have waiting list and others has available spots. List of hundesportwelt's seminars (webpage, facebook).
USA: updated regulations of the AKC for may 2018 (facebook agilitynerd, jueces akc).
UK: will have 4 heights and they will use the FCI height for dogwalk from 2019 (facebook anna eifert, facebook 4th height supporters, facebook rep. checa).
Border collie litter expected in USA from chapter X winning (click).

21/02/18- Czech Rep.: regulations of the world cup quali (.pdf). It is 2 days with 6 courses each day. The course time in large is set by the fastest large dog (with or without faults) + 4 sec. The one for medium- small, is set by the fastest dog among medium-small + 5 sec. The competitions are with 5 judges on may 19- 20 (click) & june 9- 10 (click).
Germany: registration list for the EO and world cup quali (.pdf). In germany, only 4 dogs per height go to world cup. Tobias wüst & schröder will run with their dogs and 2 borrowed borders (red & anjo).
Polona Bonac (slovenia): the online course let's play starts on february 28 (click); the cost is 150 euros as participant and 70 euros as silent auditor. Comments and video of niko's case (1, 2).
Seminars: there is an available spot in the seminar with ariane wieber on march 3 in germany (facebook). Seminar on dog photography with claudio piccoli on april 28- 29 in france (facebook).
Luxembourg: summer tournament on june 9-10 (facebook); the judges are jörg zenner & andré mauer. Competition on april 15, judged by pauline maulus (facebook).
Italy: competitions on march 3- 4 judged by rolf graber (facebook). vitorio papavero and tomas glabazna (facebook), Polona Persuh & Zlatko Gorjan (jpg). Agility history is on november 25 (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) with kiki & wifi (youtube), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & prem (facebook).

20/02/18- On line courses: registrations for ‘special games fun class’ with martina klimesova (czech rep.) are open (facebook). it costs 90 euros as auditor and 150 euros as participant.
Seminar: there are 3 spots for the seminar with daniel schróder & bozena plaβmann (germany) in netherlands on march 3 (facebook wendy willemse).
Puppies: the litter of berger des pyrénées from zookie was born (facebook laura reinhalter); they are 2 males & 1 female. Border collie litter expected in germany in autumn 2018 from tequila x cinna (facebook ariane wieber).
Finland: the Finnish Agility Association received a state grant of EUR 90 000 for 2018 (facebook suomen agilityliitto).
Videos: nicola giraudi with eira at the italian quali they lead (youtube) & tsunami (youtube), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & b (facebook), jeremy chomienne (france) with lass & page (facebook: 1, 2, 3), anna schobber (austria) & joy (facebook), Silke Nettkau at a seminar with tobias wüst (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) with tama (facebook; tama belongs to bruna kukec and is a full sister of trygg (A. kivilo)) & gunga (facebook).
Courses: Svetlana Zolotnikova from estonia (1, 2), wolfgang tieber in austria (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, game, jumping open L, agility open SM), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, agility 1, agility 3), kayl mc cann (canada) at an UKI competition (facebook), anthony clarke (ingland) in portugal (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Facebook: public group all about agility in germany and abroad created by anne lenz (facebook).
Costa rica: agility rules and ranking 2017 (facebook>). webpage (not working), facebook from agility costa rica.

19/02/18- Puppies: litter expected at never never land (poland) in march (facebook); the parents are just (daughter of tip from zeljko gora) and why not Zet my queen. There is a puppy available out of jack (from lisa frick) and Dess (from Carmen Hinterdorfer) in austria (facebook: 1, 2, 3, pedigree); the mother of the ligtter is daughter of a complete brother of sam (wannahave). Papillon puppies born in slovakia out of yamilo & cecilie (facebook: 1, 2).
Italy: ranking of the qualifications (click).
Hungary: sabrina hauser (austria) & Pirity Arpad are the judges of the trial on june 17 (google drive).
BCC 2018: some dogs registered at a higher category then the one they have now because they can not change the category after registration deadline (1, 2).
Obstacles: soft long jump from adams agility in united kingdom (facebook).
Courses: anders virtanen (finland) in italy (jumping , agility 3), Reetta Pirttikoski in finland (facebook), lorenzo celic (italy) at the european open quali trial (facebook), Susanne nieder (germany) in mendig (agility 3, jumping 3), japan (facebook).
Videos: jeremy chomienne (france) achieving a grade 2 with page in switzerland (facebook), susan kondelhof (netherlands) with time & ace (youtube).

17/02/18- FCI WC 2018: during the agility FCI meeting they have point out that dogs chemically castrated can't take part of showa in sweden (facebook).

16/02/18- Border collie puppies available from mawlch wisp X kala (astra); a male and a female (facebook branco dobravc). Border collie litter expected in rusia at ebony nose (facebook); Astoria (dam of the litter) is daughter of fetch granting pleasure.
Videos: becky schiltz & mii training with krisztina kabai (click).
Seminars: anne lenz & christiane fischbach in germany on july 2-3 (facebook). patrizia ciuffetti on march 24- 25 in italy (facebook). Magdalena Ziolkowska (poland) on august 11- 13 in australia (click).
Obstacles: long jump from RS-Hundesportgeräte (facebook). video of some of the new obstcales from animo concept (facebook). long jump in pvc from galican (facebook).

15/02/18- This weekend: quali trials for world cup & EO in italy (information, program, running orders (1, 2)) judged by lorenzo celic (italy), anders virtanen (finland), gerard gery (france) and in Croatia (facebook) judged by mirja lapanja (slovenia). Austria: stockerauer winter; the judges are philipp müller schnick (germany), wolfgang tieber (austria). Germany: championship in agility Park- Mendig (click) judged by rolli schiltz (luxembourg), susanne nieder (germany). Spain: trials at el hechizo and vilcan (facebook); the judge is emilio pedrazuela. Japan: LADF ganes (facebook). Chile: trial for summer championship (click). Colombia: trial for local championship in bogota (facebook).
Border collie puppies: the puppies from nibs X why not hash my queen were born at austrian diamonds (facebook ingrid kastner). They are 2 males & 1 female.
Portugal: post on facebook looking for opinions about EO 2021 in portugal (facebook agility europe). If it is approved, they will organize the week before the BCC 2021.
One mind: interview to jane elene christensen (denmark) talking about german turn (click). Article about puppies successful in agility (click). Free exercise (click). Article about how to manage mistakes (click).
France: SCC's resolutions from frebruary 6 (click); females in heat must be identifiable and run at the end.
Canada: free access to Top Skill K9 for top level handlers (facebook).
Books: second edition of canine sports medicine and rehabilitation will be available on may (webpage, facebook).

14/02/18- Obstacles: bing- agility has discounts until end of february for italy (facebook); the shipping is 20 euros + taxes near Venezia- Padova- Verona- Brescia- Bergamo- Limbiate- Pisa- Grosseto- Bastia Umbra- Termi- Napoli- Roma- Firenze- Bologna. Nadine Alshut (germany) is a new seller of galican for germany (facebook); catalog (.pdf). mia laamanen (finland) is again the smart 99 importer for finland (facebook).
France: registrations for the fanatics trip to world cup in sweden, is open. There are only 60 places (click).
UK: agility for juniors quali competition (facebook).
Moravia open 2018 registrations will open on february 15 (click), program. The judges are nicolas renaud (france), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia), tamas traj (hungary), bernd hüppe (austria). The competition is on july 6-8.
Susan Garrett offers a free ebook with those who suscribe to her list (facebook). videos about if there is good and bad in dog training (facebook).
Health: they are trying an intrauterine device for females (1, 2).
Clean run: index of march issue (facebook). webpage.
Videos: nicole innocenzi (italy) in a seminar with zeljko gora (facebook).

13/02/18- FMBB 2018: registrations are open for the agility competition and the deadline is april 1 st (click).
Finland: calendar for 2018. Information about the quali for european open junior (1, 2).
Croatia: Let them bark on march 31 (facebook); the judge is Wolfgang Tieber (austria). It is a quali for world cup and european open. form.
Italy: rolf graber (switzerland) is the judge on february 24- 25 in Sardinia (facebook).
Silvia trkman: registrations are open for the foundations online course that begins in march (click).
Seminars: roland kolenko (slovenia) in alicante (spain) on october 27-28 (facebook eli verdejo), sophie lafond (france) on august 13- 17 in france (facebook), Iwona golab (poland) in greece on march 29- april 1 st (facebook), Beata Luchowska (poland) in poland on february 24-25 (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) on june 1-3 in poland (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) on june 2-3 in switzerland (form), canine fitness with debbie gross on march 30 (.pdf).
Videos: marcy mantell (USA) & stripe in westminster (facebook), simon brenca (switzerland) with take (youtube) & cute (youtube) in luxwintercup, amber (USA) & kaboom in westminster (facebook), Tuulia Liuhto in finlandia (facebook). Video with the best of masters de agility in westminster (click). Video from mc cann about a deaf frisbee world champion (youtube).

12/02/18- Courses: jan egil eide from norway (jumping 2, jumping 3 medium), dave munnings (england) at luxwintercup (agility 1, jumping open), Svetlana Zolotnikova from estonia (1, 2, 3), esa muotka in finland (facebook), Jocke Tangfelt from sweden (facebook), rauno virta from finland (facebook), lorenzo celic from italy (facebook: 1, 2), luxwintercup (click), rene blank in germany (facebook), Kurt Ove Steinset in norway (facebook), Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez from spain (facebook).
Videos: Jessica Ajoux (USA) & fame at westminster (click), daisy peel (USA) & chispa (youtube), justine davenport (canada) & dino (facebook), felipe alves (brazil) & shanti (facebook).
Border collie puppies in colombia: their grandfather is eiri greme ray (facebook amigos de los border collie en colombia).
Obstacles: john nys (USA) asks about aframe wheels that can attached permanently (facebook).
Seminar with jenny damm (sweden) in USA: comments on facebook (kaimen miller). ‘I can't even begin to describe how amazing those 3 days were! .... I've never taken so much information away from an instructor.
Magazines: interview to edgar schkerl (germany) and article about agility in dogsports from argentina (isuu).

11/02/18- Live stream of masters agility championship in USA (TV), spain (youtube).
Border collie male puppy available inpoland at never never land of ewa lukasik. He is from rising sun dark rider X eli way asta la vista (facebook).
Fitpaws: 14% discount in canadá with code fit14. The offer is for february 11-17 (facebook).
Italy: page on facebook for the national team (facebook).
Austria: registrations starts on february (facebook); informatio of the quali for world cup (click).
Germany: seminar with roland kolenko (slovenia) on july 21-22 in hundesportwelt (facebook).
Westminster: David Powell (france), judge of the event, comment on his facebook about the agility competition (facebook). There are 9 cameras around the ring and several in ito. After the first dog end the course, goes to a platform, where remains until a dog has a best result and so on. There are pauses for advertising and interlude with tricks, dog dance & frisbee. There are no refusals, no faults at the slalom (but they have to end it correct, which leads to a loss of time), no faults at up contacts. The level is variable, and arrives to the final many breeds of dogs and kind of handlers.
Videos: elina jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), lenka adzimova (slovenia) & loki (youtube), entrenamietno de pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook). videos from westminster (USA): sarah baker & hops (facebook: 1, 2, 3), Jennifer Crank & P!nk (facebook: (1, 2).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (1, 2, 3), petr pupik from czech rep. (agility 1, agility 1, agility 2, agility 2, agility 3, agility 3), jan egil eide from norway (agility 3 large, medium/small), mia laamanen from finlandia (agility 3, agility 3, jumping 3), dave munnings (england) at luxwintercup (1, 2, 3, 4), westminster in USA (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (click).

10/02/18- Live stream of masters agility championship in USA (TV), spain (youtube).
Silvia trkman: posts about Bu (click) & To's puppies (click).
Litter: why not hash my queen will be the sire of the litter planned in the netherlands for te end 2018 (facebook); the dam is time (litter sister of Qju (mona grefesntein) & To (silvia trkman)). On the webpage, they wrote that they sell puppies to their friends (click).
Border collie puppies in brazil, the sire is double j roy (USA): 5 males & 1 female. Roy is owned by leandro boldrini (parana) and full brother of summit (justine davenport) & trix (jessica patterson) but of a previous litter in 2007 (click). They wouldn't use it as a sire among agility breeders until now. (facebook). La dam is fendi from emporium dos caes (out of zico) and competes with fernanda lesnau.
Facebook agility europe: alen marekovic wants to know which countries do not allow registered FCI dogs (with incomplete pedigree/ pedigree with less than 3 generations/ base registration) to go to world cup (facebook). In that case, he wants to know if the argument is that the FCI does not allow them to participate, given that the FCI allows it. n any case, the FCI can't and will not do anything about it.
Mixed breed registered as such in a NCO from FCI, as well as dogs with complete (or incomplete) pedigree registered in the NCO (of breeds not recognized by the FCI) and dogs that are not registered in the NCO (includes registered with pedigree in other organizations (and not accepted in the NCO) such as the case of an NCO that do not register mixed breed, can't take part in a FCI world cup due to current FCI rules. FCI regulation in english, german, french.

09/02/18- This weekend is westminster in New York- USA (webpage, twitter, facebook, program, TV schedule, instagram, pinterest, youtube, promotional video, masters agility championship). France: seminar with sophie lafond (facebook). Luxembourg: is the last competition of luxwintercup (webpage, ranking, information); the judges are dave munnings & Neil ellis. Germany: seminar with lisa frick (austria) in hundesportwelt (facebook), workshop with alex beitl & krisztina kabai in mendig (facebook); new competition for the FAST, the judge is Paul Langhans (webpage, information), winter cups in wüfrath (judged by Veronika Herendy (Hungary), Philipp Müller-Schnick), Osterhofen (jdged by Udo Nienkemper), etc. Austria: manca mikec, Manfred & Karin Strecher are the judges for wintercup (.pdf). Czech Rep.: Fitmin cup 2018 (webpage, facebook); the judge is Alice Bohacova. Italy: sascha grunder (switzerland) & lorenzo celic (italy) are the judges in monza (.pdf). Spain: quali for wolrd cup in huelva (facebook). Argentina: agility open in villa la angostura and in buenos aires (click).
Slovakia: Pavol Rohacek (slovakia) is the judge inHafíkovske skusky 2018 on april 14 (facebook).
Mediterranean dog challenge 2018 is on may 17- 20 in greece. 6 agility, 2 jumping, 2 fun course with 2 judges. At the same time is the quali for world cup & EO (facebook).
Flyball: warm up routine (click).
Photos: from beat habermacher in kaiseraugst (1, 2, 3).
H-dogs design has 20 % discount (facebook).
Videos: florian förster in hundesportwelt (facebook).
Working dog: rebroadcast of EO 2017 on facebook.

08/02/18- USA: steve schwarz (agilitynerd) & snap running ‘Not for competition’; handlers can use toys and this helps entering new dogs (facebook). Bad dog agility: video series for improving the course analysis (click); He will analyze the courses from masters agility championship before and after running.
Canada: the team for A&C 2018 has been announced (facebook).
Puppies: litter expected at nicola giraudi's kennel (italy) for european autumn (facebook); The parents are Astra maverick & shepworld dream on -wiki (HD B, daughter of bull (1, 2) and mother of litter G).
Facebook: justine daveport (canada) asks if someone had problems with sure grip tunnels after some time using them (facebook). mia laamanen (finland) asks about the number of dogs doing agility (it does not matter if they compete), etc in different countries (facebook).
Obstacles: plastic long jump from bing agility (facebook). an used A frame is for sale in hungary (facebook).
Clean run: someone asks about an article published in november- december 2005 (facebook).
A&C 2018: claudia solar has 3 available places for lodging (facebook). The first deadline for registrations (it has discounts) is february 16. webpage, facebook, unofficial information.

07/02/18- Lost: shetland in the netherlands (facebook: 1, 2).
Border collie litter planned in poland, out of why not zet my queen X prim from never never land (fetch granting pleasure X applerigg fizz). Information on facebook facebook. They are expected for april 2018.
Germany: there will be live stream at the world cup quali in small & large for working dog's premium members (click).
Czech Rep.: registrations are open for international border collie championship of czech rep. (click); on may 11- 13, the judges are Sabrina Hauser (Austria), Ivana Kirik (Slovenia), Alice Bohacova (czech Rep.).
Seminar with tobias wüst & daniel schröder on june 12-13 in italy, there are available spots (facebook). Seminar with mark fonteijn (netherlands) on march 24- 25 in germany (facebook).
WAO 2018: they are looking for volunteers. The world cup is on may 18-20 in the netherlands (facebook).
Facebook agility europe: post asking for the reliable domestic airlines for traveling with dog in USA and information about other means of transportation with dog (facebook).
Courses: André Erdos (france) in italy (facebook: 1, 2), jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook). Training course of marco magnoli from italy- czech rep. (facebook).

06/02/18- Nordic Agility championship 2018: is on august10-12 in finland; the judges are zsofi biro (hungary) & anders virtanen (finland). facebook.
BCC 2018: entries accepted & waiting list (click).
Videos: beata luchowska (poland) & malibu doing canine fitness (youtube) and in competition (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & tic at lord of the winter (facebook).
Courses: Sari Mikkilä from finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), pavol rohacek (slovakia) at lord of the winter IV (facebook), esa muotka from finland (facebook).
Singapore: national team criteria for EO 2019 & FCI WC 2019 (click).
DNA Test from optigen: Val Tiller samples must be on february 20 to be send with special discount (facebook); conditions for the discount (facebook). Optigen has more special prices.
Italy: new system designed to have in a short time the points obtained in the qualification trials for world cup/ EO according to the new regulation 2018 (click).
EOJ 2019: Szoboszlay Erika (hungary) & Elena Dmitrochenko (rusia) are the judges in switzerland (click).

05/02/18- EO 2019: the judges announced at the FCI meeting are Pascale Crespel (france), Bonnik Berhelsen (denmark) and the local judges Mark Fonteijn & Ron van Straten (click). The contact zone judges are Susan Mouwen & Arjen van Gastel.
BCC 2018: They expect more registrations than the ones they can take. The criteria will be to limit the number of competitors per country (facebook). Registrations for grade 1 is on june.
Videos: marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan training with some jumps and a tunnel (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) & kwak (facebook), felipe alves (brazil) with shanti (facebook) & leef (facebook).
Border collie puppies out of mawlch wisp X astra kala are available in croatia (facebook). 7 months old female border collie available in the United Kingdom, as she ended very little in size for herding (facebook agility puppies); she is ISDS registred and her parents are Killiebrae Foss & Finn (1, 2). Border collie litter planned in france with neelha (daughter of fetch granting pleasure and runs with Marilyne Raby) X coca (is from the kennel of mirja lapanja). Information on facebook (saverio scarcelli). They are raising funds to send to Costa Rica a croatian sheepdog abandoned in the streets of croatia (1, 2); the deadline is 6 february.
Courses: Bonnik Berthelsen (judge of EO 2019) in finland (facebook agility courses), Pascale Crespel from france (wordpress).
Health: study from the university of melbourne (australia) on raw neck chicken linked to paralysis in dogs (click).
Obstacles: sandbagsn for tunnels in germany on sale for 30 euros (facebook, webpage). Tunnels and wall with special prices at Rose Speedlight Dog Camp in slovakia (facebook).

04/02/18- Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (click), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Obstacles: auction on ebay (UK) a complete set of agility obstacles (ebay, facebook).
Movie: ‘red dog: true blue’ from australia (1, 2); trailer en youtube.
Seminars: there are available places for the seminar with lisa frick (austria) & tereza kralova (czech rep. ) in UK on june - july (facebook).
Czech Rep. : lenka pankova (czech rep.) is the judge of the competition on april 12 (kacr, facebook).
Switzerland: more information of Champdog 2018 on april 7-8 (webpage, facebook). The judges are Udo Wöhning & Tony Hürbin.
Italy: competitions organized by shadow-man on august 25- 26 (the judges are tanja pollich & andrea pollich (germany)), august 11- 12 (judging roman lukac (slovakia)), july 7- 8 (judging lorenzo celic).
IFCS 2018: registrations are open for world cup to be held on april 25-29 in milan (italy). The deadline is march 1 st (1, 2).
WDSF 2018: world championship for dutch shepherd on may 3-6. Registrations for agility is now open (click).
FCI agility comission: this weekend is the meeting in sweden. Last year at the february meeting they have voted the judges for world cup 2018.

03/02/18- FMBB 2018: registrations opens on february 10 (facebook).
BCC 2018: there are about 500 registrations (facebook). Registrations for grade 2-3 closes on february 4.
Border collie puppies: the litter of Extra Jackpot of Shadowman (lisa frick) X destiny angel of lightning border in Wicked Wonderland (carmen.hinterdorfer@gmx.at) was born; there are 4 females & 2 males (facebook Carmen Hinterdorfer). Border collie puppies are expected at spiffing in germany, they are from Amazing Oy vom Rehgebirge X eiri greme nick; the mother of the litter is mother of baxx (max sprinz).
Czech Rep.: andreas silfverberg (sweden) is the judge atDogFriends Alavis Agility Fun Weekend 2018 on march 17-18 (webpage, facebook). registrations.
Croatia: on february 14 is the deadline for registrations for the quali for world cup/EO to be run on february 17; the judge is mirja lapanja from slovenia (1, 2). Registrations are open for the quali on march 31 (click).
France: agility competition on september 1st (facebook); the judge is sascha grunder (switzerland).
Videos: hash with lisa frick & Sonja Hampl (youtube), nina causevic (slovenia) training exits on running contacts (youtube), television interview in brazil (facebook), iwona golab (poland) at magna racino (youtbe).
Accesories: zoobio in spain has discounts every month (webpage, facebook).

02/02/18- This weekend, Alex beitl (germany) & Pavol rohacek (Slovakia) judge the Lord of the winter IV in slovakia (1, 2, 3). Austria: Ice bear cup (1, 2); the judges are anders virtanen (finland) & ron van straten (netherlands). Mexico: triple competition for the UCAM (click). Brazil: double competition for the local championship in parana (1, 2). Colombia: agility competition in bogota (facebook).
Facebook: post about water intoxication (facebook).
Slovakia: Agility cup Rudava is on june 30 (webpage, facebook); the judge is anita Szilagyi (hungary).
Italy: rolf graber (switzerland) is the judge of the competition on aprill 14- 15 (facebook); alex beitl (germany) & paolo rebasti are the judges on may 26- 27 (facebook).
England: dog agility final is in blenheim palace horse show on september 2018. The venue is 80 X 40 (facebook sandra adams).
Seminars: Florian Förster in agility park (mendig, alemania) on february 9 (facebook). Courses in luxembourg with mike peters (puppies, tricks). It is the last day to share the information of the jumping course with nina gregl (facebook); on saturday the winner of the auditor spot willbe announce.
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl at magna racino (youtube),
FCI WC: backup of results under construction at the webpage of de livia pivetta in italy (1, 2). there is also information at the webpage our- dogs in austria (search AWC in the top menu).

01/02/18- Jutlandia cup: registrations start in february (click).
Germany: 4 days competition for grades 0-3 on may 18- 21 at thomas behrendt's venue with international judges (facebook agility europe); registrations start on february 15. Training with Ariane Wieber at Indoor Hundesport on march 3- 4 (facebook).
Luxwintercup: program & running orders (click). Next trial is on february 10- 11; the judges are neils ellis & dave munnings.
Videos: roberta boscolo (italy) & rogger (facebook).
USA: UKI trial at clear mind with courses designed by anna hinze (germany) on february 10- 11 (facebook). Wisconsin Agility Cup is on november 29- 30 (facebook); the courses are designed by Zsofi Biro (hungary). webpage allowing to search information from the judges (click); more information.
Seminars: Fitdog agility camp with Monika Rylska, Bodil Mehl Wiik, Eli Beate Saether, Jan Egil Eide, Christine Faltner, Manca Mikec continues on february and april (facebook).
Software: R.A.C.E 3.0 is a new version of trialing software (facebook pavol vakonic).
Obstacles: prototype A- frame with wheels from galican (facebook). galican & animo used to sell a previous version of a system for moving A- frames (click).
Clean run: Mia Grant's exercise for backyards (facebook); there is a series of articles like this one published on the magazine (click).

previous updates are in spanish

2018 enero- febrero
2017 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2016 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set. -oct. nov.-dic.
2015 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2014 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2013 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2012 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2011 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2010 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2009 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio -agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2008 dic. 2007- marzo abril-mayo junio-julio agosto-set. oct.-nov. diciembre