20/11/17- Courses grade 3 from Jocke Tangfelt in sweden (jumping, agility). Courses from anders virtanen at the finnish quali for EO 2018 (agility 1, jumping 1, agility 3, agility 3, jumping 3, agility 1).
Videos: thomas raczka (france) & must in black in the luxwintercup (youtube), janita & fu vs elina & etna at the quali in finland for EO 2018 (youtube). Videos from german classics: ina müller & lu (facebook), anna hinze & may (facebook), claudia zenner & wii (youtube), elena raatz & tekna (youtube).
Germany: the winners of the german classics individual are philipp müller schnick & boost (large), daniel schröder & cashew (medium), tobias wüst & dörte (small). The prizes were obstacles from bing agility and agility tunnel (facebook). Philipp múller schnick won the second place in large with his other dog (hunter).
Susan garret: talk about a course live on facebook. Group with free agility seminars (facebook). Page of agility handling summit (click).
Lux winter cup: results from saturday, sunday & ranking. The leaders are cécile dumont & guess in large, jill Wissler & rocky in medium, natascha seré & sui in small.
Competitions 2019- 2021: dates & places.

19/11/17- Live stream: german classics (1, 2), EO quali in finland (youtube: 1, 2).
Courses: alexander beitl (individual jumping 3 small, jumping 3 medium, agility large) & oliver gustke (individual agility medium, agility small, jumping large, equipos) at german classics, anders virtanen at the EO quali in finland (jumping large). Courses from Tomas Glabazna from czech rep. (jumping 1, jumping 3, agility 1, jumping beginners, agility 3, jumping beginners).
Finland: the qualified for EO 2018 are Anni Komulainen & Ralli, Iida Vakkuri & Hunni in small, Jonna Kannisto & Nana, Ville Liukka & Ronja in medium, Janita Leinonen & Fu, Pasi Kangas & Wiu, Juha Orenius & Gaia in large (facebook).
Videos at german classics: philipp müller schnick with boost (1, 2) & hunter (1, 2), dani fischbach & jive (youtube). More videos: agnes toth (hungary) con sun (facebook) & lava (facebook).
Border collie puppies in germany: cherusker lilla X nuts from the narrow lane (son of eiri greme moss). It is a repeated litter (1, 2).
United kingdom: lost border collie (facebook).

18/11/17- Live stream: german classics (1, 2), EO quali in finland (youtube: 1, 2).
Germany, agility german classics team: in medium/small won tobias wüst & dörte, daniel schröder & cashew, franziska arndt & tic tac, bozena plaβmann & puck; in large anne lenz & itzi bitzi, christiane fischbach & jive, mona grefenstein & qju, ariane wieber & tequila (facebook).
Courses: quali in finland for EO (timo teileri, anders virtanen), stefanie semkat (1, 2, 3, 4), lorenzo celic in italy (1, 2, 3, 4). excercises from carlo magnoli (facebook).
Videos: mike peter (luxembourg) & limit at luxwintercup (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & goat (facebook).
Judges: FCI agility judging meeting with alen marekovic (croatia), marco mouwen (switzerland- netherlands), christa bremer (germany), wilfried claes (belgium) in germany (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).
Seminar with tamas traj (hungary) in florida (USA) on november 26- 29 (click).

17/11/17- This weekend takes place the agility german classics in germany (webpage, facebook, programs (saturday, sunday), live stream, running orders); the judges are Alexander Beitl & Oliver Gustke. Luxembourg: Luxwintercup (webpage, program (saturday, sunday), running orders (saturday, sunday)); the judges are nicolas renaud (france) & Corinne Bormann. Finland: quali trial for european open 2018 (facebook, results). Germany: trial for FAST (click); the judge is Daniela Donnerbauer. Italy: trial in modena judged by zlatko gorjan (slovenia) & sandra deidda (.pdf). Spain: II open del bearded collie (facebook). China: qualification trials for disc dog (facebook) and for agility at WAO (facebook). Brazil: copa pre brasilero in pernambuco (information, registrations). Argentina: grade 1 marathon in mendoza (facebook); regional in mar del plata (facebook).
Border collie puppies: 2 males available from tereza optykova in czech rep. (1, 2, 3).
Videos: samantha oliver (australia) & fly at a seminar with justine davenport from canada (facebook), christmas commercial from repsol (youtube).
Scooters & dogs: webpage, facebook. Video.
Hungary: trial judged by tamas traj & philipp müller schnick (germany) on december 2. EThe deadline for registrations is november 27 de noviembre. The venue is a heated hall with artificial grass (facebook).
USA: UKI trial in california on january 13 (facebook). Información (.pdf); the deadline for registrations is january 5. The judge is Mia Grant. More UKI trials in USA (click).
Colombia: free agility course for beginners on november 23-24 at expopet (facebook).

16/11/17- Curso on line with silvia trkman: registrations are open for Beyond foundations (click). Video. There is no deadline to upload videos with the exercises. Only 1 tunnel and 6 jumps are needed. It costs 150 euros with a dog and 100 euros as a listener/auditor or for the second dog. Comments on facebook.
Magazines: The voice, JAM, dog sport magazine.
Interviews Fiona Wennberg (denmark, 12 years old, videos), Tereza kralova (czech rep.).
Obstacles: hall 4 dogs from Toulouse is seaerching for people interested on the offer of animo concept (facebook). Group orders will have reduce costs (more quantities, less cost and they mention people for the east of france who pay 89 euros for aluminium jumps).
Ruffwear has sale this friday 17 november (facebook). webpage.
Videos: Vanessa Ludwig (austria) with noah & juice (youtube), nicole kelpen (germany) at the national championship from the VDH (facebook). Videos from masao yagyu on world cup 2017: tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say in jumping large (facebook), svetlana kreslina (latvia) & salsa (facebook).

15/11/17- Germany: the deadline for registrations to the trial on february 16- 18 in mendig (agility park) is november 19; the judges are rolli schiltz (luxembourg) & susanne nieder (click). The qualifications trials for FCI WC 2018 are march 17-18 for medium small (judged by tamas traj (hungary), dieter heinrich) and march 24-25 for large (judged by sandra deidda (italy), jörg zenner) at agility park (mendig), april 7-8 abril for medium small and april 14-15 for large at HSZ- NRW Wülfrath (venue from tobias wüst & daniel scröder), may 11-13 in dortmund with show trial (.pdf).
Obstacles: new anti-slip tunnels from rubi-dog (germany) in violet and pink (video, rubi dog s webpage and facebook, reseller in norway).
Online courses: registrations for let's play obedience & let's play agility with polona bonac (slovenia) are open (click).
Videos: campionato sociale belga in italy (youtube), sascha müller & cap and laura gessner & quick at VDH german championship (vimeo), janita leinonen (finland) & fu (youtube), graduation video from running contacts course with anne lenz from germany (youtube).
John Gilbert (united kingdom) died on november 12 (facebook: 1, 2, 3). John was one of the responsible of spreading agility in europe (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). Books from 1994, 2001.
A&C 2018: jan egil eide (norway) is one of the judges (facebook). newa (unofficial) with information about changes in the rules; they will be officially known and in more detail soon.

14/11/17- German classic 2017 will have a live stream (click). It is on november 18-19 de noviembre. webpage, facebook.
Clean run: dura trac competition tunnels with a 25 % discount (webpage).
USA: Skunk's academy & Keshet rescue organize an unofficial agility trial on november 19 (facebook).
Courses: bernd hüppe from austria (1, 2), anders virtanen from finland (agility 3, jumping 3, agility 3), andrea deeg from germany (click). Training exercises from Birgitta Hermansson (facebook), marc martin (facebook: 1, 2).
Workshop with Magdalena Ziolkowska (poland) on july 13-16 in netherlands (facebook). workshop with steve schwartz in USA on november 18 (facebook).
England: new from kennel club about 2018 team (click). There was already a list from may with 18 dogs (click).
Brazil: copa pre brasilero in pernambuco on novmeber 18 (click). Points earned by some teams for the 2017- 2018 quali for national team (.pdf).
Judgings for 2018 from wolfgang tieber, anders virtanen (at the end of the page).

13/11/17- EO 2020 will be in united kingdom on july 30- august 2 in Rutland Showground (1, 2). United kingdom was designed as EO 2012 host before 2011 but, in january 2011, the FCI agility commission changed its mind. Thea reason argued was that United kingdom wasn%t an FCI full member. The president of the kennel club was very deceived specially because the european open rules were the same as the rules at Kennel club, promoting that dogs with and without pedigree compete in equal conditions. The EO 2020 will be the first FCI agility event organized by a non FCI full member.
Border collie litters expected at italian kennel shadow man: eiri greme ray X autumn sun of austrian diamonds & DOY perfekt tis X never never land m thaji. eiri greme ray is the father of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick). Pedigrees from sun, tiss, Never Never Land M'Kurou No Tatsu.
Italy: there is a free spot for the seminar with tereza kralova (czech rep.) on november 23-24 (facebook agility republic, lea petrillos post).
Seminars at ferienhof kraus (germany) for 2018, 2019.
EO 2018: the obstacles will be from intercan- galican (facebook).
Courses from Svetlana Zolotnikova (estonia), judge of EO 2018 (1, 2).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & itzi bitzi (youtube), daniel schröder (germany) with cashew & gin (facebook)/

12/11/17- Live stream: VDH national championship (germany) at world dog show (working dog for premium members), US UKI open.
Courses: jari suomalainen (1, 2), Markku Kaukinen (click) & anders virtanen (1 A agility, 1B agility, jumping 1, jumping 2, 2B agility, 2 A agility) from finland, US open (1, 2, 3, 4), Lucas Bong from singapore (facebook), Marko Mäkelä in finland (facebook).
Videos: mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (youtube). official video from world sheepdog trials 2017 (facebook)
Jersey agility festival 2018: the judges are david powell (france), ivan amez (spain), jane james, andrew dicker, barrie james (great britain).
Calendars 2018 from Heinz Grundel are available (1, 2).

11/11/17- Live stream: VDH national championship (germany) at world dog show (working dog for premium members), US UKI open.
Germany: tobias wüst & dörte (small), silas boogk & beam (medium), daniel scröder & gin (large) won the VDH DM, . results.
Videos: philipp müller schnick (germany) with hunter & boost (facebook), lisa frick (austria) with the sheltie yoshi (facebook) & jack (facebook), silas boogk (germany) & beam winning VDH national championship (facebook), steve schwartz (USA) & flyer at UKI US Open (facebook), trailer from Champ dog games 2018 (facebook), felipe alves (brazil) with shanti (facebook) & leef (facebook).
Courses: Marcel Schlühr at VDH national championship in leipzig- germany (agility large, jumping medium, jumping small), Anders Virtanen in finland (agility 3, jumping 3, agility 3).
UKI US Open: results, courses, running orders, videos.
Susan Garrett: posted the following articles for the contest: part 2, part 3 final.

10/11/17- Amadeus 2017: registrations start today through dognow.at at 18 hrs (from europe) for medium & small dogs and at 20 hrs for large dogs (facebook).
Germany: australian kelpie sport event in saarburg on july 5-8. 2 days of competitions and 2 days of workshop (facebook manuel alff).
Obstacles: video from clip and go about their obstacles (facebook).
Black friday: 30 discount on Q- me agility (facebook); begins on november 24.
This weekend is the german national championship of the VDH during the world dog show in leipzig (1, 2, 3). Austria: ready to run trnier juzgado por mirja lapanja (click). Greece: Thraki Agility Championship & 7th Greek Championship (facebook, webpage). Spain: trofeo interclubes (click). Italy: international poodle in soliera (the judges are sascha grunder (sitzerland) & livia pivetta), trial in peruggia, roma, trento. Portugal: IV trofeu all dogs (facebook). USA: UKI US Open (click). Brazil: copa paulista (information, registration list). Colombia: competition for the local championshipin cali.

9/11/17- BCC 2018: wolfgang tieber (austria) is the last judgeannounced (click).
Lord of the winter: on facebook agility europe they are offering some places for the competition on december and january (1, 2). Information about the competitions: 1, 2.
Lotuscupen 2017: is on december 2 in sweden at the hall of jenny damm (facebook: 1, 2).
Olympia 2017: running orders.
Italy: jirina mackova (czech rep.) & lorenzo celic are the judges at the trial in legnano on november 25-26 (.jpg).
Seminar with jan egil eide (norway) in france on december 8-10: there are some available places (facebook).
Brazil: for the copa paulista they will have two courses on parallel (facebook).
Obstacles: more information on the soft wall of smart 99 (facebook). It will be available at the end of january, the price is 798 euros. An special set to add to it, for very strong wind places will be available.
Bud Houston: first part of a series of international agility training articles (click).
Susan Garrett: video contest. You can vote among 5 stories (click).
Videos: magdalena labieniec & issi at lord of the winter I (youtube), elina jänesmini (finland) & etna training in germany (facebook), Pascale Kühn (austria) & hemp at Ice bear cup (facebook). video of world cup from pj art (facebook).

8/11/17- BCC 2018: they are looking for official photographers for the event (facebook).
Obstacles: soft wall in japan from AGI X 2 (facebook).
Puppies malinois in italy: confirmed pregnancy of skin from patrizia ciuffetti members of italian national team (facebook; contact: 3495064570 or email (jacopo.forin@gmail.com)). Border collie puppies (facebook) the sire is Fly from mark herfert (canada); Fly is from roxy (shamrock field) X eiri greme ray (sire of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick)).
Online course: registrations are open for fitness for handlers with martina klimesova (czech rep.) (facebook); starts on noveber 20 and the cost is 150 euros as participant and 90 euros as auditor.
Seminars: svetlana tumanova (russia) in USA on january 2018 (facebook marla friedler), eric & caroline canchy in france on march 17-18 (facebook), lea komat (slovenia) in legnaro (italy) on november 24 (.jpg).
Interview of OMD to Veronika Nagy (hungary) on judging (click). Courses from veronika nagy on facebook (1, 2). ‘The most important aspect of a judge’s career is the dog’s safety. A good judge strives for variety, and makes sure that courses have a style and rhythm. After the trial it is important to listen to the experiences of the contestants and to analyze the statistics.

7/11/17- Courses: jocke tangfelt in finland (agility 3 A, agility 3B, jumping 3, agility 3A, agility 3B, jumping 3), martin ritter from germany (agility spiel, agility 2, jumping super G, agility open, finale super G, agility 3, jumping spiel), sari mikkilä (finland) in hungary (jumping L, agility team, jumping SM, final large), veronika nagy in hungary (facebook), patrick tunders from netherlands (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and jean pierre verbesselt (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) at ISAC (international sheltie competition) in belgium.
Videos: wendy willemse (netherlands) & legend (facebook), marcy mantell (USA) & stripe (facebook), lisa frick (austria) with cody & jack at icebear cup (youtube), felipe alves (brazil) & shanti (facebook), elina jänesmini (finland) & Sheeta (facebook), monika pl (slovenia) & Ice (youtube), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & prem (facebook).
Shetland litter planned in the netherlands at kennel evicarda. The dam is pink and puck (from bozena plaβmann -schröder) is the sire.
USA: article from lori michaels about safety & tunnels (click).
Agility german classics: running orders.

6/11/17- Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in finland (agility 2, jumping 2, agility 2).
Border collie puppies in czech rep. (facebook); they are grandons from joe from bobby dalziel. Border collie litter planned for 2018 in netherlands (click); the parents are Little miss of Maranns Home (Yuna) & Rising Sun Dark Raider.
Obstacles: ernst agility geräte has the new model of tyre with a partial frame (facebook: 1, 2).
Seminars: sophie lafond on november 11- 12 at club canin d'eyragues- france (facebook). there are some free spots for the seminar with nina gregl (croatia) in california (USA) on november 17-21 (facebook).
On line course for running contacts with martin reid & naarah cuddy (england). It starts on november 12 and lasts 12 weeks (facebook).
Spain: spanish sheltie cup on march 29- april 1 in aragon (facebook). there will be a seminar with one of the top level participants.
Black friday: offers from OMD (facebook); there is a special prize among those who invited more people to facebook's event.
USA: results form the survey about the reasons of a decrease of USDAA entries (facebook). The main reasons are money, course design and jump height cut offs.
International sheltie 2018 is in italy on november 2-4 (facebook). The judges are frank gers (germany), lorenzo celic & livia pivetta (facebook).
Videos: stephanie hundt & navy at swiss SM (facebook), elina jänesmini (finland) & etna (facebook), nicole kelpen (germany) & poke (youtube), vivyane specian (brazil) & jem at international sheltie competition (facebook).

5/11/17- Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in finland (agility 3 S, agility 3 M, agility 3 L, jumping 3 M, jumping 3 L).
International sheltie competition: live stream. results.
Switzerland: live stream from national championship's trials on saturday (facebook). Results.
Norway: sommer camp 2018 is on june 26- 28, june 30- july 2, july 6-8, july 13- 15 (facebook). training with monika rylska, petr pupik, silje johansen, jan egil eide is on march 24- 25 (facebook).
Finland: next international agility training week with Tuulia & Timo Liuhto, Jaakko Suoknuuti, Janita Leinonen is on april 30- may 4 in kaarina (click). Form. There is a quota of 20 dogs.
Argentina: livestream from the trials today (facebook). Videos from saturday (facebook). Courses: agility. Results, Ranking.
Facebook: questions about the measure of the inside of a tyre (facebook) and about requirements for re vaccinations & serological tests (facebook) in different countries.

4/11/17- Live stream: international sheltie competition.
Shetland puppies planned in germany at with eager to work . They are expected for december 22 and they will be out of Jinx Blue of Sprightliness (esther neiβkenwirth) x A little Peanut with eager to work (peanut from tobias wüst). Facebook of with eager to work.
Facebook: more comments about course design, fluent, injury, speed, etc. (1, 2). ‘.... course design should complement all with the focus being safety.’.
Courses: david powell from france (1, 2, 3).
Videos: kayl Mc Cann (canada) & funkee monkee at cynosport 2017 (youtube), training with zeljko gora (croatia) of irina blizniuk from belarus (youtube), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say at norwegian open (youtube).
International sheltie comeptition: results from friday.
OMD: free video today (click).

3/11/17- Courses: stefanie hundt (switzerland) in mendig (facebook).
BCC 2018 announces veronika herendy (hungary) as another judge (click).
Magna Racino open 2018: registration starts on november 15 at dognow (click). The judges are the judges of the 2018 world championship (nicolas renaud (france) & andreas silfverberg (sweden)), zsofi biro (hungary), peter kindle (switzerland). Information on facebook: 1, 2.
4 paws team trophy 2018: registrations are open (click). The list of judges for the 3 competitions is available.
International sheltie competition: the live stream is on Saturday and Sunday (facebook). Franky Vanroy (who was going to do the live stream) is checking his dog after 2 surgeries in the intestines (in 3 days) to save his life.
France: the qualifying events for the European Open and the 2018 World Cup are on february 24-25 (Auterive), march 24-25 (Noirterre), may 12-13 (Saint Ouen en Belin). Reference.
Spain: Rialp 2018 is a 5-day competition (1-5 August) in barcelona (facebook. The judges are Eric Courant (France), Patrick Thunders (netherlands), Emilio Pedrazuela (Spain), Rachel Stevens (England), domingo carneiros (portugal).
Obstacles: sales of agility world (canada) on black friday (facebook); 150 dollars discount on the seesaw, 500 on dogwalk and 300 on A frame. Thomas raczka (animo concept, france) has offer in noviembre on jumps, tunnels, jumps bar, etc (facebook).

2/11/17- This weekend begins the FAST in germany (webpage, information); the judge is martin ritter. Austria: Lenka Pankova (czech rep.), Polona Persuh (Slovenia) are the judges of the first competition for the Icebear cup (1, 2); Erich Hüttner is the judge of the first competition for Eiskristallcup (click). Switzerland: is the national championship (webpage, registration list, results); the judges are urs inglin (switzerland), andreas silfverberg (sweden), thomas ebeling (germany). Croatia: blaz Oven (slovenia) is the judge in zagreb (facebook). Slovakia: begins the lord of winter (facebook, information (1, 2)); the judges are Bernd Hueppe (Austria), Iveta Lukacova. Belgium: international sheltie competition (webpage, program, registration list, facebook); the judges are Luis Narciso (portugal), Jean-Pierre Verbesselt (belgium), Patrick Tunders (netherlands). France: Sandra Deidda (italy) & Alain Nicaise are the judges near rennes (facebook). Brazil: trial for the local championship in parana (information, start list, facebook). Argentina:the 2 last competitions for national championship (expected on october 28- 29) in buenos aires (click). colombia: national open in bogota (facebook).
Courses in mendig published by dave munnings (agility 1, jumping 3), Nikolas Koch from germany (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, jumping 3, spiel 1-2), Lee Gibson (united kingdom) in germany (facebook), helge himle in norway (click).
Videos: dave munnings (england) in mendig with boss & fame (facebook: 1, 2, 3), susan garrett (canada) & swagger returning to trainings (facebook), anne lenz & itzibitzi in mendig (facebook), Stacey Campbell & wink training the teeter (facebook). Running contacts trainings: ariane wieber & tequila (youtube), Laura Reinhalter & zookie (facebook).
Facebook: comments on dave munnings's facebook about course design in germany (1, 2, 3). ‘ I have put plans up of both A3 courses and a couple of the A1's just to show how lovely the course designs are for the young dogs’. ‘Such fun, open, flowing lines...which might, in a different time, been criticized for being too open and flowing’. ‘The A3 courses are so much fun and the A1 and A2 are perfect level to be testing the young dogs but also encouraging speed and confidence’.

1/11/17- Germany: next competitions (click). veronika herendy & jörg zenner are the judges for the trial ar agility park- mendig (january 12-14) . winter cup at HSZ NRW (tobias wüst) is on november 24-26, january 19-20, february 9-10. the gold rush competition is on december 16-17 (facebook). More trials: VDH national championship on november 11- 12, german classics on november 18-19.
Border collie puppies: litter born on october 28 in USA (webpage, facebook); Cap (world champion and international supreme herding champion), roy (world champion and international supreme herding champion), bob (international supreme herding champion), davy (international supreme herding champion), wisp (international supreme herding champion) are in their pedigree. Two 8 weeks puppies (male) are available in united kingdom (facebook); the parents are Meg (grand daughter of bob from aled owens) & sweep (son of sweep from Ricky Hutchinson).
Courses: Stefanie semkat at agility park (agility 3, jumping 3).
Czech agility open is on may 12- 13. webpage, rules. The judges are wolfgang tieber (austria), antonin grygar, tomas glabasna.
Videos: dave munnings (england) & fame at agility park (facebook), vivian nielsen (denmark) & acha at norwegian open (facebook).
Italy: flyball trial today judged by livia pivetta (.pdf).
Colombia: the prizes for the trial on november 4- 5 are aluminium hurdles from technicanes (facebook).

31/10/17- Border collie lost in united kingdom (facebook).
Cynosport games: results (1, 2), courses, photos.
The winners for grand prix were stacy bols & Kermit (schnauzer) in 12 inches, jen pinder & britain (shetland) in 14 inches, john nys & boss (shetland) in 16 inches, jessica ajoux & fame (border collie) in 18 inches, mikki miura & Soledea (border collie) in 22 inches, Peardot-Goudy Stacy & journey (border collie) in 26 inches.
Biathlon: Carol Whaling & busy B. (papillon), barb davis & skecher (shetland), kayl Mc Cann &amo; funkee Monkee (all canadian), Cynthia Hornor & spice H. (border collie), paulena simpson & graphite (border collie), jessica ajoux & paul girl (border collie).
Performance biathlon: Betsey Lynch & wren (papillon), Marie-Josee bureau & whisky (poodle), anne cook & hunley (Boykin), svetlana tumanova & skippy (border collie), brenda kelly & luna (border collie).
Border collie puppies available from serge van der zweep in netherlands from gary X jan (facebook). video from a border collie litter (3 males and 2 females) born at kennel downforce in sweden (facebook); the mother is away to me mika (sister of miss lilli from jenny damm, from a previous litter) X vallhunden yoda.
Online courses: foundations with zeljko gora starts on november 14 (webpage, facebook); puppies with silvia trkman starts on november 9 (click).
Courses in mendig (germany) this weekend (dave munnings's facebook: 1, 2). jean pierre verbesselt%s comments about his courses: he doesn%t use tyre, double jump nor flat tunnel and likes having at least 7 m between obstacles (facebook international sheltie competition).

30/10/17- Amadeus 2017: it is on december 8-10 (facebook). Soon there will be registration information.
BCC 2018: Tamas traj (hungary) joins the list of judges (Sabrina hauser (Austria), lenka pankova (czech rep.), pavol rohacek (Slovakia)) para la competencia (click).
Videos: florian förster (germany) & lyn (facebook), jouni orenius (finland -sweden) at a competition with a comparison in the turns of his two dogs leia & neela (facebook), jéréremy chomienne (france) & page (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & tsunami (youtube), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & finn (facebook), tuulia liuhto (finland) & jura (facebook). videos at a seminario in germany with zeljko gora (croatia): jennifer matyba & love (youtube), martina wald & zali (youtube).
Courses: Markku Kaukinen from finland (click), british agility championships (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), Yoshiaki Kato in japan (facebook). Training courses from kirsten brox (click).
Spain: Sextuple from euskadi 2018 will be on august 17-22. The judges are nicolas renaud (france), petr pupik (czech rep.), jan egil eide (norway), bernd hüppe (austria). Information.
Software: app from working dog for tracking on android and apple (click).

29/10/17- Live stream from cynosport games (1, 2, 3).
Seminars: Eli Beate Sether (norway) & Jenni Lehtinen (finland) on november 25- 26 in norway (facebook); there will be 4 groups with 4 dogs each and each group has 2 hours and a quarter. Seminar with Dr chris zink about the athlete dog on november 4-5 in USA (click).
BCC 2018: sabrina hauser (austria) is one of the judges (click).
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in australia (agility 2, masters agility).
International sheltie competition 2017: catalog for the competition with program, running orders, judges (.pdf). It starts on november 3 in belgium. program.
Luxembourg: results from national championship.
Facebook agility europe: questions about the history of EO winners (facebook) and stores to buy the treat & train with shipping to europe (facebook).

28/10/17- Live stream from cynosport games (1, 2, 3).
Silvia trkman has updated her webpage: Check list (click).
Obstacles: Smart 99 has a new wall in foam protected with pvc (facebook); it does not absorb water and is built to fit finnish and swedish regulations. They are also working on a spread jump in foam. The other companies building foam obstacles are alutec (germany), ben at work (netherlands), galican (spain), WT metal (germany- USA).
Videos from norwegian open: Jérémy Chomienne (france) & lass (facebook), Nicole Kelpen (germany) & poke (youtube), More videos: Stas Kurochkin (russia), aki & zippy (youtube), susan garrett (canadá) and the difference in swagger's jump on his right and left before the treatment for MSS- Medial Shoulder Syndrome (facebook), tricks with lyra (facebook).
Photos: norwegian open, national championship (luxembourg).
Courses: Alice Bohácová from czech rep. (facebook), cynosport games (USA) on wednesday, thursday, friday.

27/10/17- This weekend,USA has the Cynosport games (webpage, facebook, schedule, results, live stream (1, 2, 3)). Germany: trials in mendig (judged by Philippe Cottet (switzerland) & Stefanie Semkat), Königsfeld (judged by Daniel Heckendorn (Switzerland)). Italy: seppo savikko (finland) & livia pivetta are the judges in torino (1, 2); trials in livorno (judged by Ernst Schauwecker (germany) & lorenzo celic) and seminar with manca mikec (slovenia) in trieste among others. South africa: 3 days competition for the regional championship in western cape (facebook). Japan: Super dogs competition 2017 in nigata (facebook). Brazil: competition for the national championship in sao paulo (infrormation, start list, facebook). Colombia: competition for national championship in antioquía (facebook). Argentina: grade 1 marathon in buenos aires (facebook); copa chocolate in bariloche (facebook).
BAM 2018 is on june 15-17 in germany (click). There will be a seminar with lisa frick on june 13-14 (facebook).
France: competition on august 24-26 in Bourgbarré (facebook); jimmy cruchet (switzerland), andreas silfverberg (sweden), jan sprij (netherlands), nicolas renaud, eric courant, michel perrain.
Czech Rep. : Dog Friends Fitmin Cup 2018 is on january 13, february 10 and march 10-11 (webpage, facebook), the judges are Rene Blank (germany), Sandra Deidda (Italy), Alice Bohácová.

26/10/17- Cynosport games started yesterday. webpage, facebook, program, results, live stream (1, 2, 3).
Obstaculos: Clean run presented a video with the cushioned A frame from clip & go with wheels for moving (facebook). They studied that the contact that has more impact on dogs is the A frame. It is available on clean run's webpage under new arrivals. It has free shipping in USA.
E book: ann cameron croft offers a free copy of Happy Hurdle Coursebook 1 or 2 for the registrations at jump skills (facebook). She also has a 20 % discount when you buy the two books. webpage.
Seminar on canine conditioning on october 28 with Ann Harmes: Becky Leighton sells an auditor spot (facebook).
Videos from norwegian open: daniel schröder (germany) & gin (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & applause (youtube), Taina Airaksinen (Finland) & Tuua (facebook). Videos: omar babini (italy) at a seminar with isabelle emanuelsson from sweden (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) & riu training on a venue equipped with juta grass (youtube).

25/10/17- Article from Dr. Chris Zink (USA) about detecting subtle injuries (click).
BCC 2018: regulations and program/schedule are available. Registrations for grade 1 (18 euros) are on june 1- 30, for grade 2 (45 euros) from january 29 to february 4. If the number of registrations on those days are over the maximum, a draw will take place. The venue is the silver lake ranch (click); the floor is sand. The judges announced are lenka pankova (czech rep) and the local pavol rohacek (click). Medium dogs can not participate in the finals. The large dogs jump 60 cm, the medium 45 cm.
World dog show 2017: there will be agility competion for grade 3. The judges are nicolas renaud (france, judge of world cup 2018) & jörg thenert (germany). The competition is in leipzig on november 12 The floor is turf; Invitation of christa bremer on facebook. webpage.
Canada: lisa frick has some seminarios and/or classes in ontario and toronto in the next few days (facebook).
Clean run: information about howto use the digital versions of the magazines (.pdf). Reference on facebook.
Seminars: elina jänesmini (finland) in germany on november 6-7 (facebook); the cost is 110 euros. Seminars with dave munnings (england) in canada on january 18-19 and 20-21 (.doc). Seminars with iwona golab (poland): november 20-21 in netherlands, march 24-25 in france.
Obstacles: bing agility have some obstacles with free shipping to sheltie cup (facebook).

24/10/17- Courses at international agility cup from laura jones (jumping open) & channan fosty (agility open) en USA. Courses from the norwegian open and Mundialito AIA 2017 (facebook).
H-dogs design renew his website with new designs (webpage, facebook).
Videos: agnes toth (hungary) & sun, from lava X hash (facebook), elina jänesmini (finland) & etna (facebook).
Early take off syndrome: comments on facebook. Clean run & linda mecklenburg (USA) published an special issue of the magazine for free in digital format (facebook).
Magazines: index of november issue from clean run. number 3 of 2017 from working dog (index in inhalt). edition from world cup of JAM.
Obstacles: Galican launched its new pvc jump (facebook). One of the differences with the ones from dog agility tunnel & berylo is that it complies with the new rules FCI of not having the wing completely covered (click).
FCI WC 2017: yasuhiro ohori asks to tag people you know at the world cup photos. Photos on facebook in large (jumping equipos, agility equipos, jumping individual, agility individual), medium (jumping equipos, agility equipos, jumping individual, agility individual), small (jumping equipos, agility equipos, jumping individual, agility individual), ceremonies (inauguration, closure).

23/10/17- Courses: anders virtanen from finland (agility ML, jumping L, agility L, agility 1, jumping 1, agility 1), petr pupik from czech rep. ( agility 1, agility 1, agility 1, agility open, agility open, jumping open).
Norwegian open 2017: results (final small, medium, large). The winners were tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (border collie, large), annelie hermansson (sweden) & atlante (shetland, medium), tobias wüst (germany) & doerte (shetland, small). Videos: annelie hermansson (sweden) & atlante (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (youtube), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), Ariane Wieber (germany) & tequila (youtube), Lise-Irene Hansen (norway) & gosh (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & tequila from ariane wieber (facebook), Stephanie Hundt (switzerland) & navy (facebook: 1, facebook), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & storma (vimeo).
British agility championships: results. The winners were Amy Bennett & air (border collie, large), Lian Knight & sonic (shetland, medium), Sarah McLean & milo (jack russell, small).
Norwegian open 2018 will be on october 11- 14 de octubre (the week following world cuo in sweden). The judges are joachim tangfeld (sweden), vittorio papavero (italy), petr pupik (czech rep.), kurt ove steinset (norway), sandra deidda (italy), sari mikkilä (finland), zeljko gora (croatia). Reference (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in slovenia: Dice (jazz (her sire is fetch, run with matej cucek) X summit (justine davenport)) X knoxx (from shamrock field in the netherlands, his sire is Sam from wannhave border collie & full brother from repetead litter of tequila); información en facebook. border collie litter planned in rusia of pina X super (facebook).
Seminars at hundesportwelt (stefanie semkat) in germany: tereza kralova on april 3-5 (facebook), seppo savikko (finland) on may 14- 17 (facebook) silas boogk on january 31- february 1 st (facebook).

22/10/17- Live stream: norwegian open, british agility championships
Courses: norwegian open (click), Patrick Bucher from switzerland (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), petr pupik (czech rep.) in chile (facebook).
Norwegian open: results; photos on facebook. Videos: tobias wüst (germany) & red (facebook), sandi oko (slovenia) & miya (facebook), susan seidel (germany) & sue (facebook).
Swiss dog arena is the hall of SB agility - simon brenca (SBagility, webpage, facebook). The obstacles are smart-99, the floor is turf, there are several floors and 2 rings. It starts to work in October. The SM 2017 from switzerland will be there (click).
Cynosport games 2017: information about live stream.
Hungary: competition on december 2, the judges are philippe müller schnick (germany) & tamas traj (facebook). The registrations are through dog results.
Border collie puppies planned for 2018 in spain (1, 2). The dam is As (relative to cayenne from grégory bielle bidalot) and the sire is why not hash my queen. Hash is from my queen border collie and his full siblings (his sire is eiri greme moss) are the litters whose names begin with ‘why not’ & ‘once again’ my queen (click); among them are liv (rebecca kowalski), riu (tamas traj), be (sophie de falleur), issi (magdalena labieniec), zet. Eiri greme moss is full brother to eiri greme ray (sire of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick) ).
France: Thomas raczka sells balls type peanut (2), donuts (2), half balls with spikes (4) on facebook.

21/10/17- Online course for young dogs with claudia zenner (facebook). It is for dogs that did the part 1 or beginners that want to work on basic work. It is from November 27th to the end of February. 10 jumps, 2 tunnels, slalom are require.
Excercises & training course: Ann Cameron Croft from USA (facebook), andrea deeg from germany (.pdf).
Courses: gabi steppan (austria) in spain (facebook).
Videos from norwegian open: jenny damm (sweden) & ziv (youtube), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & Qju (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & finn (facebook). More videos: Liana Klohn (canada) in classes with zeljko gora from croatia (youtube), lea virta training with noa (more than 10 years old) in finland (facebook), welcome to the judges of norwegian open (facebook: 1, 2).
British agility championship: guy blancke was doing the live stream (youtube).
Health: Post from sherman canapp (USA), about evaluation done to an agility border collie with no history of lameness and some issues with turns. The owner was doing everything right but he/she has really bad both shoulders. He had to tell the owner to retire the dog from agility (facebook). Comments of susan garrett (canada) with recommendations to prevent injuries (facebook).
Obstacles: olivier rasmusson (sweden) offers to people interested on buying agility bar/poles that are split in 3 by 2 magnets, to join him with his order (facebook). The bars are from germany,made of fiberglass with 30mm in diameter and long 120 cm or 130cm (click). The costs are 47 and 49 euros each.

20/10/17- Early take off syndrome: Clean Run has a special issue in november about this subject (click). It is a problem in dog%s vision (studied by linda mecklenburg) that affects agility performance. The digital edition is free.
Seminar with lisa frick (austria) at hundesportwelt (germany) from stefanie semkat on february 9 and 12 (facebook); sthere is another seminar in the same place on february 10- 11.
Czech Rep.: information about the quali for FMBB 2018 world cup (facebook).
Courses: lee gibson (united kingdom) in finland (facebook), Roman Lukac (slovakia) at Agi halloween (agility open).
Obstacles: broad jump in foam from galican (facebook); there are some other foam broad jumps like the ones from agility alutec, WT metall.
Facebook agility europe: Iris Castaing asks about the best surface for having under turf (facebook).

19/10/17- This weekend: british agility championships in united kingdom (webpage, facebook, program, rules); the judges are martin tait, jorge pires, jason bartram. Norway: Norwegian open (webpage, facebook, program, banner); the judges are alex beitl (germany), tamas traj (hungary), seppo savikko (finland), rene blank (germany), sascha grunder (switzerland), andreas silfverberg (sweden), Jari Suomalainen (finland), Jenni Lehtinen (norway). Germany: stark agility cup bear dusseldorf judged by Jennifer Schilling, Dietmar Pantel (1, 2). Slovakia: interier cup & open for terriers, shelties & papillons (click); the judges are Wolfgang Tieber (austria) & Roman Hajnala. Italy: mundialito AIA judged by ezio bertuletti & giuseppe pinchetti (infromación, facebook). Switzerland: pudelmania (webpage, facebook). Portugal: trophy niki ladra (click). Chile: double trial for national championship judged by petr pupik from czech rep. (information, registrations, results). Brazil: trial for local championship in paraiba (information, registrations). Colombia: trial for national championship in bogota (facebook). Ecuador: double trial for national championship (click).
IABC 2018: they are looking for an organizer (click).
Stark cup 2017: the obstacles used during the event will be sold with discounts up to 50 % in a future date (facebook).
Border collie puppies stolen in united kingdom: 2 females have not been found yet (facebook: 1, 2).
A&C 2018: sergio campillay (facebook, sdcampillay@hotmail.com, sdcampillay@gmail.com) is organizing a cheap transport from santiago de chile to mendoza. He asks people interested to contact him. facebook, unofficial information.
FCI WC 2017: photos from marc gaub (webpage, facebook) and Roman Nemesszeghy (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4). More photos here.

18/10/17- SM 2017 in Switzerland on november 4-5 (webpage). The judges are thomas ebeling (germny), urs inglin (switzerland) & andreas silfverberg (sweden). participants.
Norwegian open 2017: running orders.
BCC 2018- in slovakia on august 3-5: webpage, facebook, google maps.
Courses: david powell from france (jumping master, agility master, agility 3), andre mauer from luxembourg (1, 2).
Fit dog agility 2017-2018 (facebook) between november and march with Jouni Orenius (agility / physical conditioning), Isabelle Emanuelsson (agility), Juha Orenius (agility), Eva Marie Wergard (physical and mental conditioning). Vappu Alatalo, Tereza Kralova, etc will take part some weekends (formulario, referencia).
Seminars & on line courses: information about fitness for handlers with martina klimesova (facebook); begins on november 20, there are available spots as participants and auditors, registration opens on november 7. Seminar with nicola giraudi in italy on december 2-3 (facebook); the cost per day is 90 euros with dog and 35 euros as auditor. Seminar with michaela brandstetter (austria) in germany on november 11-12 (facebook).
FCI WC 2017: photos of yasuhiro ohori on facebook (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). He ask to tag people you know. More photos here.

17/10/17- Online courses: registrations are open for puppy class with silvia trkman (click). The lessons begin on november 9.
Border collie litters planned in slovenia at kennel shadow of aire (facebook): cuba (witch from matej cucek X sonny from japan) X ex (fetch granting pleasure X geena, litter sister of gio from andrea occhini), jazz (fetch granting pleasure X littersister of witch) X jack (from lisa frick, also he is a litterbrother of say from tereza kralova), ivy (sister of cuba) X sonic (silvia santi from italy, fetch X el hechizo witch), juice (fetch X criss) X riff (from wannahave).
Videos: daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook: 1, 2), nina gregl (croatia) & wai at world cup (youtube), susan garrett (canada) & momentum training with distractions (facebook), unforgettable moments from world cup (facebook).
Seminars: hinky nickels on march 3-4 in germany (facebook), bozena & daniel schröder (germany) on march 3-4 in the netherlands (facebook). nicola giraudi on august 20- 25 in italy (facebook), Christiane Fischbach (germany) & Nina Gregl (croatia) on december 2-3 in croatia (facebook), jan egil eide (norwy) on march 7-8 in germany (facebook). Seminar & clases with patrizia ciuffetti in italy (1, 2).
USA: cyno sport games needs volunteers (click).

16/10/17- Courses: Halász Ildikó in finland (jumping, agility), wolfgang tieber in austria (facebook), gabi steppan (austria) in spain (facebook), martin ritter (germany) in switzerland (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & wifi (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & nanina (facebook), petr pupik (czech rep.) judging at world cup (facebook), Kim Tolner training the slalom (facebook), new training place of pavol vakonic & martina vakonicova (youtube).
Germany: the Pfälzer-Agility-Competition is on april 28 in Neuhofen; the judges are rolli schiltz (luxembourg), vittorio papavero (italy), stefanie semkat, marti ritter. Regsitrations opens on november 1st and closes on november 30. Information: 1, 2. On april 24 will take place a workshop with Ariane Wieber, Christoph Lucke & Nicole Münker (facebook).
United kingdom: they are looking for suggestions and corrections for the 2018 regulation among UKA members (facebook). Among the changes in obstacles there is lowering the dogwalk, the use of breakaway tyre, etc.
Switzerland: results of the final SM BCCS 2017 (saturday, sunday). The judges were Manuel Leonardi, Martin Ritter (germany).
Seminar with lisa frick (austria) on february 10- 11 in germany (facebook). It is for 12 dogs and costs 135 eurosper dog. The same club organizes the german classics on november 18-19 and seminars with michaela brandstetter on november 5 and with claudia zenner on november 25- 26 (click).
FCI WC 2017: Canis Curiosus analysis on the points of the individual agility track where there were faults for the large dogs with jumping with 0 fault (facebook).

previous updates are in spanish