Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to 0721- 69 62 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

11/08/20- Agility- zürisee cup 2021: they have forward the date to avoid a collision with EO (facebook). The event will be on july 16-18.
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook).
Videos: isabella stefl (austria) & syclone (facebook), simone schwanda (germany) & kovu (facebook), sandra langer (austria) & las vegas (facebook). Video of tereza kralova & high (facebook); the sire of high is syclone from isabella stefl.
Avallon 2021 is on july 15- 18 (facebook).
Tamas traj Challenge (hungary) with more than 70 obstacles (facebook). Videos: Niina-Liina Linna from finland (facebook), Jana Trojkova from poland (youtube), Ewa Lukasik from poland (youtube), Wiktoria Bobowicz from poland (youtube),

10/08/20- Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), wolfgang tieber from austria (facebook), seppo savvikko from finland (facebook).
Border collie puppies: male available in germany from feel the difference (1, 2). era is the smallest of the litter. The fathers are the same of the ones from style (max sprinz): gwen x cinna.
Obstacles: dogwalk with wheels from agX2 (facebook).
Videos: beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (facebook), lisa frick (austria) with jack & cody (facebook, sandi okanovic (slovenia) with miya & nora (facebook), agnes toth (hungary) with sun & lava (facebook)

09/08/20- Courses: seppo savikko from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), alex beitl (germany) in switzerland (facebook), manca mikec (slovenia) in switzerland (facebook), marko makela from finland (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), jouni kautto from finland (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), pandemic cup (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Litter border collie planned in germany: the sire is style, cinna's son belonging to max sprinz (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), sissy graf (austria ) & asics (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), claudia schwab (switzerland) & sia (facebook), olga kwiecien (poland)& mojo (facebook), laura reinhalter (austria) & ria (facebook).

08/08/20- Livestream: finals of swiss agility cup from 15:30 local hour (facebook).
Solidarity: people are raising funds to help a family pay veterinary bills for her two puppies thet went unexpectedly ill and finally died; the family is from netherlands and recently moved to canada. There are numbers available for a draw of a tunnel from Galican among all the canadian residents (facebook).

07/08/20- Swiss agility cup: running orders for the finals (click). videos (large, medium, small, large, medium, small).
Health: special mat and software allowing to detect dog injuries early (facebook).
Videos: mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), Ariane Wieber (germany) & zola (youtube).
Courses: seminar with tamas traj (hungary) in poland (facebook), Juraj Ruza from slovakia (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook).

06/08/20- Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook), ola gronek (poland) training with her 3 dogs and tamas traj (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), rebecca kowlaski (germany) & liv training with tamas traj (facebook), iwona golab (poland) training with tamas traj from hungary (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) with juice & ninja (facebook), lea komat (slovenia) & panda (facebook), Mia Overgaard from denmark (facebook).
Courses at swiss agility cup: sandra deidda from italy (facebook), manca mikec from slovenia (facebook).
Litters: susan garrett (canada) expects litter from momentum with kinloch levi (facebook); Levi (united kingdom) competes in herding and is a grand son of joe from bobby dalziel (1, 2). Border collie puppies confirmed from vakonic in slovakia: sofia x why not hash my queen (facebook; Sofia is fetch granting pleasure's daughter, granddaughter of sony from japan, litter sister of hash (zeljko gora), selene (iban cubedo), mint (grégory bielle bidalot), sia (sebastian allerme), mint (rosana robic).

05/08/20- Janakkala Open 2020: photos.
Swiss agility cup 2020 cstarts on august 2 (judges, program, facebook).
Japan Agility Challenge 2020 is on september 27 (facebook: 1, 2).
Buzz, the chocolate border collie from rodrigo balsells & monica heredia (argentina) died unexpectedly (facebook).
Polona Bonac: Life of a puppy is the article about aserie of videos about her new puppy (click). ‘This journey is not about “how to make an agility champion in a year” or “how to raise the most well behaved dog on the planet”. It is about a little puppy growing up and the partnership we will develop along the way’.
Time system: improvements to barky from bark.eu (facebook).
Poll: about the distance between obstacles (faceboo).

03/08/20- Judges: “when little gestures make a difference” from andrea bussolotti about marko mäkelä when he shared janita leinonen's post (facebook).
Courses: sandra deidda from italy (facebook: 1, 2), johanna wüthrich from finland (faebook).
Janakkala open 2021 is from 30- 7 to 1- 08; the judges are vittorio papavero (italy), jocke tangfelt (sweden) and the local judge jari suomalainen (facebook).
Racino open 2021 is on january 22- 24; the judges are vittorio papavero (italy), mark fonteijn (netherlands), christian görl (facebook).
Litter expected in croatia at nina gregl's kennel (facebook); the mother is tic (she runs with nina gregl) and the father is keep (he is a son of knoxx x vinnie; dutch, ISDS, australian lines).
Videos: dani fischbach (germany) & coke (1, 2), Radka Mokrisova from czech rep. (facebook), Claudia Schwab (switzerland), Sia & mitch (facebook).

02/08/20- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), stefanie semkat for germany (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), Cédric Bargoin from france (facebook), Karel Havlicek from czech rep. (facebook: 1, 2), marko makela (finland) at Jankkala Open (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), aneta obrusnikova from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: kriszina kabai (hungary-germany) & side (youtube), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & sea (youtube), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (1, 2), chris faltner (austria-norway) & shady (facebook).
Seminars in the netherlands (facebook); there is a possible 1 spot available with tereza kralova.
Online course: foundations with fanny gott from sweden (facebook), dog fitness with dogs4motion (click), reactivity in dogs with dante camacho de brasil (facebook).
Article from Chris Zink on what means going for a walk with your dog (click).
Semen available from some herding dogs (click). there are dogs from aled owen, kevin evans, etc

01/08/20- Guidelines: sonja mäkikangas asked about the new obstacle guidelines valid thru july 1 2020. Alen marekovic answered that the national delegates have them since a long time and that they should contact them (facebook). Timo teileri answered that there are noc hanges for the obstacle guidelines but there are some in the judging guidelines. Jürgen Schmidt answered that in germany they are available since may and shared a link (.pdf). The major aprt of the agilitysts don' have access to the guidelines when theay are new.
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), reetta pirttikoski from finland (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (1, 2), daniel walz from germany (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & hydro (youtube), jan egil eide (norway) & app (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (1, 2), jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & ami (facebook).

31/07/20- Online course: registrations for the running contacts course with katarina podlipnik (slovenia) will open on august 25 for foundations (only young dogs) & september 24 for adults running contacts (click).
Courses jan egil eide from norway (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in finland (facebook). Course posted by petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Dog Fitness: free preview of the course from dogs4motion (click).
Videos: jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & ami doing 3 strides dogwalk (facebook), helvetic agility masters at swiss dog arena (facebook), dogs4motions on cavaletti (facebook).

30/07/20- Luxembourg: ask for help to find a border collie lost in the forest (facebook agility europe).
Puppies malinois available in belgium (1, 2), there are 2 males out of Ivy X jeff; Ivy won the gold rush 2019 (youtube). Border collie litter planned in belgium (facebook), ready X chipper out of knoxx. Border collie expected in czech rep. (facebook); the sire is mer (his father is why not zet my queen, grandchildren of fetch granting pleasure)
Denmark: seminar with nicola giraudi (italy), iwona golab (poland), nina gregl (croatia) on october 16 (facebook).
Courses: carlo fazio from italy (facebook), johanna wüthrich from finland (facebook).

29/07/20- Live: dante camacho (brazil) with justine davenport from canada (instagram). Video with the live interview (instagram).
Project best 6 months Ever is a post from lauren langman on diagnosis & proognosis of ever (1, 2). In that post she also comments about her special personality. Ever is full sister of brave, daughter of tanhill glen and dam of side from krisztina kabai (hungary-germany)
Stud dog: Serge van der zweep (netherlands) posted taht mack ( nursery champion 2019) is available for covers; people interested can send him a private message (facebook).
Puppies planned in sweden at   kennel downforce (click). A shetland litter out of Duva, two border collie litters with sota & Tone.
Courses: andras bogre from hungary (facebook), peter van cleef from netherlands (facebook).
Videos: chris faltner (austria-norway) & hally (facebook), janita leinonen/ naxu & jaakko/ wow (facebook), annika af klercker (sweden) reatraining the a frame with storma (instagram).

28/07/20- Guldagility 2021: tamas traj (hungary) is one of the judges (facebook).
Gold rush 2020 has been cancelled (facebook).
Dogs4motion: article about the importance of exercising fundamental muscles for balance (click).
Pistas: Riikka Kankainen frome finland (facebook).
Videos: silvan zumthurm (switzerland) with penny (facebook) & zeven (youtube), gianluca schingaro (italy) & reav (facebook), katia (brazil) & electra (facebook), silvi (germany) & jan training running contacts (youtube). Video about medium dogs from an online chat with wilson villalobos & marco yañez (facebook): silvia trkman, martina klimesova, natasha wise, werner goltz and the southamerican samy, molano, zezinho.
Italy: trial judged by tamas traj (hungrary) & vittorio papavero on october 24- 25 (facebook).

27/07/20- Courses: nikolas koch (germany) inswitzerland (facebook), jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in switzerland (facebook), dirk richartz in estonia (facebook: 1, 2), jari suomalainen from finland (1, 2), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook).
Videos: stephanie hundt (switzerland) & you winning the helvetic agility masters (facebook), elina jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), jessica ajoux (USA) & perry in a course of jan egil eide (youtube), sissy graf (austria) & cue (facebook), anna hinze (germany) & take (facebook), bozena shröder (germany) & ida (youtube), daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook).

26/07/20- Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in switzerland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), kurt ove steinset in norway (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & kay (facebook), lore villar (spain) training with tomas perez ayuso (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & rosalie (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & b (facebook), susan koldenhof (the netherlands & sign (youtube), neil ellis (england) & su nuevo cachorro (facebook), rafael arjona (spain) & suri (facebook). tricks with mr biscuit (facebook).

25/07/20- Border collie litters expected in germany for september: at seven seas of ingo raabe: the dam is seven seas reaven fuel (her grandfather is dewi tweed) and the sire is why not hash my queen. At born to be my baby of Frauke Krieger, the dam is Dju my angel of austrian diamonds (her sire is why not hash my queen) and the sire is cinna (son of tanhill glen and grandson of sony from japan).
Helvetic agility master is this weekend in switzerland, the judges are from germany stefanie semkat & nikolas koch, from switzerland martin eberle (click).
Article of polona bonac on he first border collie (click).
Courses from stefanie semkat (germany) in switzerland (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook).
Videos: anita szilagyi (hungary) & deni (facebook), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), cedric bargoin from france (facebook), marietta kudyba (germany) & leesha (facebook).

24/07/20- Border collie litter confirmed in czech rep. out of mer (webpage, facebook)); the grandfather is why not zet my queen and great grandfather are fetch granting pleasure & eiri greme moss. Border collie litter planned in switzerland at kennel welshriverdee of ana pires (click); the sire is noxx (netherlands lines) from patrick mathijssen and the dam is nox (out of rising sun dark raider).
Malinois puppies: males available from Ivy X jeff in belgium (facebook); Ivy won gold rush 2019 (youtube).
Videos: dante camacho talking about how to deal with agressiveness (facebook).
Online classes with ina himle (norway) on foundations (1, 2). Registrations are open. People will have access to foundations basic material and handling foundations. It will be on facebook and webpage; the cost is 995 norwegian kroner as auditor and 1595 with dog (around 100 and 165 dollars each).
Frisbee: toss and fetch: leagues, championships, etc (webpage, facebook).

23/07/20- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), christian wöss from austria (facebook), jose vandy from belgium (facebook).
Online course from USA about jumping and physical conditioning (click).
Germany: Pokalmeisterschaft 2021 is on february 6- 7 at hundesportwelt (facebook); registrations start on august 1. The judges are mark fonteijn (the netherlands), zsofi biro (hungary), marcus münch.
Agilitynerd: two websites shared the article from 2018 about how to build a course from a design on paper (agilitynerd, brigitta hermansson, USDAA).
Physical conditioning of a dog: tutorial for touching laterally a target (facebook).
Southamerica: video in spanish from the webinar about changes in agility with wilson villalobos and marco yañez (facebook); other webinars on parque canino chile's facebook (facebook).

22/07/20- Webinar on hip & patella injuries with avidogzink tomorrow (facebook, webpage). The cost is 14/95 dollars.
Japan: JAM published that, with a big effort, they got a venue closer to the one at world cup for the japan agility challenge, after they were rejected (because of the dogs) from most facilities (facebook). This venue usually does not have dogs.
Mudi litter in greece. The dam is Remeny (Emilia Tziliou Shera) from kennel koves bercy behyar in hungary (facebook). It looks like the sire is Albus Elegant Rascal (from kennel elegant rascal).
Border collie litter expected on october 2020 in belgium: spice X Ghost. Spice is out of knoxx x dice (miha primozic).
Shetland litter expected at the kennel of noble county of silvan zumthurm & martin eberle (switzerland). It is out of Me X Kite (buster with eager to work). information on facebook. Me runs with flurina mülebach fro switzerland, and her last litter was with cashew (daniel schröder). Kite is from tobias wüst's kennel and runs with nicole kelpen (germany).

21/07/20- Border collie puppies: litter expected in slovakia out of Shadow of Aire Sofia solare & Why Not Hash My Queen (facebook). Pedigree of sofia solare, hash.
Online course seesaw with anna hinze (facebook).
Courses: angelika brandl from austria (facebook).
Videos: ariane wieber (germany) & zola (youtube), stas kurochkin (russia) &zippy (youtube), adrian bajo (spain) with sucre & dive out of hash (youtube), jenna crawford from canada training at shape up (facebook).
Pirineos dog festival (august 20- 30, spain): program (webpage, facebook). The judges are jan egil eide (norway), sari mikkila (finland), tamas traj (hungary), jocke tangfelt (sweden), zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal), hugo santos (portugal), ivan amez & jose luis garcia (spain). Registrations; there are 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL).

20/07/20- Videos: sissy graf (austria) & cue (facebook), simone ullrich (austria) & feivel (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & make (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & brant (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik de rep. checa (facebook), iban cubedo (spain) for the RIALP that was canceled (facebook), anders virtanen in finland (facebook), Jane Ostap from russia (facebook), rauno virtta at the finish open (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Polona Bonac introduced her new puppy jimmy, a border collie (facebook)

19/07/20- Live stream from norway (youtube).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook: 1, 2), Karel Havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), Laura Matto in finland (facebook), christian wöss from austria (facebook). training courses: wendy willemse from the netherlands (facebook).
Videos: ramona schurken (germany) & lyric (facebook), sandra langer (austria) con iwoa & today (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & rosalie (facebook), monika rylska (polanda) & koza (facebook), dan shaw (england) & boffin (facebook), Silvan Zumthurm (switzerland) & zeven (youtube), Sissy Graf (austria) & Asics (facebook), Rachel Ward (england) & Pecan training with euan patterson (facebook), Katerina Malackova (czech rep.) & Izzy (facebook), running contacts from Sasha Sante (romania) & Sante (facebook).
RIALP 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus (facebook).

18/07/20- Live stream from norway (youtube), dogdiving in USA (facebook).
Border collie puppy (female) available in germany at kennel shepherds own (1, 2, 3). She is grandaughter of joe from bobby dalziel.
Westminster 2021 is on february 13 in New York (USA). Dates for 2022- 2027 (click).
Facebook agility europe: post about preferences for seminars (facebook): small or big groups.
Southamerica: there has been a chat on running contacts, lines, etc last wednesday organized by colombia and chile on instagram and facebook (facebook); we couldn's find videos. Videos with exercises from samir (brazil) showed at a zoom webinar 2); the video of the webinar is not available. online course from la jauría in argentina starts on august 1 (instagram). Webinar on sunday 19 july in colombia with juan camilo castro & sergio gomez (facebook).

17/07/20- Courses: sari mikkila from finland (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook).
Videos: carlo magnoli (italy) & Fidji (facebook), Lotus camp in sweden (facebook), Anja Bachem (germany) & smiley (youtube), Sissy Graf (austria) & Asics (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & cody (facebook). Tribute to sarah baker's labrador (USA) riceador (youtube). Video of today live stream from norway (youtube).
Petition in england to reclassify pet theft as a specific crime (facebook).
Border collie litter planned at the kennel of alen marekovic: mawlch deetoo (maja leskovar) X Cougar (monica tasso). They are great grand kids to eiri greme gwen and severals herding dogs (facebook).
Running contacts: post about where it is better to hit the zone and how to solve it (facebook).

16/07/20- Courses: iwona golab (polanda) inspired by a course from stefanie semkat (facebook), laura matto from finland (facebook).
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) & naxu training with iwona golab (facebook), lauren langman (england) & tokyo (facebook), tuulia liuhto (finland) training with iwona golab (facebook).
Papillon puppies from every kingdom (belgium) planned (facebook).
Switzerland: dog tec is a new hall for agility training (webpage, facebook, google maps). reference: agilitynow. They have planned seminars with Stephanie Hundt, Tobias Wust & Daniel Schroder, Nicola Giraudi, Dani Fischbach.
Calendar 2020 from agilitynow with trials that were not cancelled because of coronavirus (click).

15/07/20- FCI WC 2021: the judges are jan egil eide from norway & inga järv from estonia (facebook).

14/07/20- Courses: chrsitian wöss from austria (facebook).
Shetland litter expected in slovakia out of meryl (pavol vakonic) x gassimou (facebook).
Online courses: registrations are open for the running contacts & xtreme foundations courses with silvia trkman (1, 2, 3); there are chance to win an auditr spot for free.
Border collie litter: a litter was born in finland at the kennel of tulia liuhto (facebook); the sire is siks. Another litter was born, the dam is pan's sister (facebook); pan run with marusa podjed. the sire is lio (his dam is eira from nicola giraudi).

13/07/20- Videos: nadine alshut (germany) & pashion (youtube), florian förster (germany) & nice (facebook), anita szilagyi (hungary) & deni (facebook), karen childs (canada) & jr in a seminar with jessica patterson (youtube), dave munnings (england) & commotion (facebook), lauren langman (england) & tokyo (facebook).
Running contacts: post asking for suggestions for the up contact problem (facebook).
Courses dirk richartz from germany (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook).
Seminar in france with euan patterson (scotland) on august 20- 23 (facebook).
Moravian open 2021 is on july 2- 4 (click).

12/07/20- Polona Bonac (slovenia) has updated her blog.
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (1, 2), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (1, 2), lisa frick (austria), jack & cody (facebook), Iwona Golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), Sissy Graf (austria) & cue (facebook), Kayl McCann (Canada) at moravia open 2019 (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita (facebook).
Border collie litter planned in england: a litter is expected this year out of Geek X nova (facebook). the sire is geek (dan shaw). The dam is nova (sandra adams). Nova is daughter of tanhill glen, her grandfather is sony from japan, and is litter sister of brave & everst (lauren langman), cinna (nadine alshut). The litter is not announced at sandra adams kennel; it is on dan shaw's facebook.

10/07/20- Malinois (female) in czech rep. is looking for a home (facebook); her owner died and she is in a shelter.
Border collie litter expected in italy out of tending courage (facebook). Border collie litter in 2 months in england (facebook); out of Jim X jewel from simon cottrell (herding lines).
Courses: alex beitl from germany (facebook), Anders Virtanen from finland (facebook), Jouni Kautto from finland (facebook). pandemic cup's courses: (petr pupik, jocke tangfelt, seppo savikko, stefanie semkat, vivy specian, jesus fernandez.
Videos: Laura Reinhalter (austria) training with tereza kralova (czech rep.) & ria (facebook), elina janesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), niina liina linna in a seminar with iwona golab (facebook), lauren langman (england) & tokyo (facebook).

10/07/20- Courses: Stefanie semkat (germany) in finland (facebook). Training courses: peter van cleef (facebook), iwona golab (facebook). Excercises: Luciano Latarulla (facebook: 1, 2).
USA: janice de mello is looking for a place for glen (her imported dog from kevin evans) that let him do herding regularly, as he is missing it too much (facebook). Glen is out of tanhill glen.
Border collie puppies planned in croatia by nina gregl (facebook); they are out of vis x gaya and it is a repeated litter.
Norwegian open 2020: if the coronavirus situation won&339;t change for worse, the competition in norway will take place (facebook).

08/07/20- Shape up dogs (canada): registrations are open (click) for the courses puppies, flatwork foundations, skill building, foundation proofing, skills & drills. Registrations for skills and drills advanced, slalom/weaves, running contacts will open later.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), Tuulia Liuhto (finland) & ipa (facebook), Silje lorentzen (denmark) & ocean (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & veni (facebook).
Courses: marko makela from finland (facebook), christian wöss from austria (facebook).

07/07/20- Courses marko makkela from finland (facebook).
Health: anne lenz (germany) posted about experience with nose cancer. Mia, her black midi bitch with whom anne lenz became known at international competitions, is going through that and they have to decide which way to go (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) with mailiz & ogin (youtube), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & ami (facebook), jouni orenius (sweden- finland), leia, finn & prem (facebook), patries briede (the netherlands) at a seminar with andy de groote (facebook).
WAO 2020 was cancelled (facebook).
Polona bonac: post on how to change a problem into a prize (facebook).
Border collie puppies available with serge van der zweep from the netherlands (facebook).
Spain: the local kennel now allow judges to judge their relatives (facebook).

05/07/20- Leela is a small shetland from colombiana lost before worldcup 2018 insweden. Since that moment they are searching her. Post with last updates (facebook). Remember to not try to catch her, nor run behind her or call her. But it would be more than useful to try to feed her, and pay attention what direction is she going, enclose her (if possible), follow her with distance. as soon as you see her call 0721- 69 62 49.
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), Johanna Wuthrich (facebook). Seminar and training courses: tom elsen (facebook), peter van cleef (facebook).
Border collie litter planned in finland at funway border collie for 2020-2021. The dams are funway how do you do (his sire is full brother to miss lilli -jenny damm and grandchildren to mawlch tip), funway sky full of stars (grand daughter of keeper alchera, full brother of the dam of why not hash my queen, why not zet my queen, etc).
Videos: nina gregl (croatia) & wai (youtube), zeljko gora (croatia) con hash & nektar (facebook).
Czech Rep.: intensive training with petr pupik on july 25- 26 (facebook, form).

04/07/20- Jenny bow: the project of slalom's bow with jenny damm's ideas needs to hit a money goal in kickstarter to produce and sell outside sweden; the deadline is july 5 th. Discounts apply for people interested in buying them. If they don't meet the goal, purchases are not effective and are not deducted from the credit cards. The cost for one set is 112 dollars and there are more options. Webpage kickstarter, jennybow, facebook.
Courses from finland: mika kangas (facebook), Tommi Raita- aho (facebook: 1, 2), Riikka Kankainen (facebook).
Article from olga kwiecien (poland) about puppies and what people post about what a puppy dies not do at a certain age (click).
Sweden: there is no quota for the registrations at the trials (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & Kasia Kay (facebook), katia (brazil) & electra (facebook), Emelie Magnusson (sweden) & link entrenando con jenny damm (facebook), Martina Vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita (facebook). Video from janita leinonen (finland) & jaakko with naxu, mig, wow, dao (facebook); naxu eis daughter of Rai X Cross (grandson of the father of miss lilli from jenny damm).

03/07/20- Courses: marko makela from finland (facebook), peter van cleef from the netherlands (facebook).
Article about dog training and the joy of working (facebook).
Videos: olga lisitsyna (russia) & double trash (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & veni (facebook), vivyane specian (brazil) & on (facebook).
Obstacles in slovakia: jumps for 12 euros from martina vakonicova (facebook). They have 32 jumps.
AI: semen available from mawlch zoos in USA (facebook, pedigree, email JKSDVM16@gmail.com); his grandfather is eiri greme gwen. Semen available from zavi in poland (facebook); his grandfather is eiri greme ray (webpage).

02/07/20- Guldagility started a sequence of posts to talk about the judges. The first of them is intended for Stefanie Semkat from Germany (facebook).
When designing an agility course, what do you aim for?
When I design courses I always aim for a good line for the dogs. I love to see the joy in the eyes of the dogs when running the course, and the exhausted face of the handlers after it
What kind of courses are typical for you as a judge?
I think a mix of fast lines and technical parts are the attributes of my courses. I like it a lot when you always have a chance to run it, either you are super fast and you can always be in front of your dog, or your dog has great skills and you dont have to run so much. Those are the best courses for me, where both ways have a chance. And if handlers smile even if they are disqualified, I am in the agility judges heaven. Yes, it´s true, there exists not only a hell for the judges :).
Guldagility is on july 11- 18 in kalmar (webpage, facebook).

01/07/20- SM 2020: results for XL (facebook). 1- sabina hakansson & Ibra. 2- ebba mansson & yazzt. 3- cecilia svensson & kaa.
Lord of the winter in slovakia: information about dates and judges (facebook). garcía alvarez (spain) & roman lukac (slovakia) will judge in november, stefanie semkat (germany) & juraj ruza (slovakia) in december, petr pupik (czech rep.) & gretka kolevava (slovakia) in january, nicolas renaud (france) & roman hajnala (slovakia) in february, bonnik berthelsen (denmark) & Iveta Lukacova (slovakia) in march.
Italy: there is a seminar with krisztina kabai (germany) at CUD cagliari this weekend (facebook). Daniel Schröder & silas boogk started the german week last weekend: 1, 2.
Lux winter cup 2020- 2021 was cancelled (click). If the situation allow it, there will be two trials on december 5- 6 and february 13- 14 (judged by tamas traj (hungary) & neil ellis (england)). Next agility by night is on august 13- 15 in 2021.
Videos: Olga Lisitsyna (russia) & Hasechka (facebook), katharina dudas (austria) teaching the dog to bounce on a wall and on a person's back (facebook). Video from martina klimesova, zeljko gora, dan shaw, dave munnings, naarah cuddy about training> for young dogs (youtube).
Berger des pyrénées puppy (male) available due to a caneclation (facebook). He was born on may 15; the mother is talluah from happy horse farm (pedigree).

30/06/20- Germany: calendar for 2020- 2021 at hundersportwelt with judges from sweden, belgium, england, luxembourg, finland, etc. (facebook).
SM 2020 (sweden): lotus hallen has the agility course from Oliver Rasmusson built for those wanting to run it (facebook). First places in jumping
small: 1- josefn carlsson & smarty, 2- richard scholvin & duva, 3- ramona jarnving & bagge (facebook).
medium: 1- krister andreasson & edda, 2- linda lidgren & doris, 3- mikaela Holegard & tess (facebook).
X- small: 1- maria aronsson & tyson, 2- susanna nilsson & zophia, 3- helen wahlstrand & meggy (facebook).
large: 1- moa astrom & alma, 2- ernelle backstrom & harvey, 3- camilla jakobsson & Ru (facebook).
Courses for jumping, agility (facebook). The courses have a mark showing the place that has to be used for filming.
Videos: martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & Nai (facebook), lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) & beat (youtube).
Obstacles: special offer in tunnels at Billy's K9 in england (facebook).

29/06/20- Jenny bow: the project of slalom's bow with jenny damm's ideas needs to hit a money goal in kickstarter to produce and sell outside sweden; the deadline is july 5 th. Discounts apply for people interested in buying them. If they don't meet the goal, purchases are not effective and are not deducted from the credit cards. The cost for one set is 112 dollars and there are more options. Webpage kickstarter, jennybow, facebook.
Contact cup 2020 (austria) is on july 4 with judge is fritz hauser (click), july 18 with judge is katharina Dudas (click), july 26 with judge christian Woss (click), august 15 with judge manuela curin (click).
Agility nerd wrote a post on the challenge to solve a sequence they way they wouldn't (1, 2).
Shetland puppies born out of mercedes from with eager to work- tobias wüst (facebook); they are grandkids from peanut. Not all with eager to work litters are with dogs competing with tobias wüst or their descendants; this time, they are but they are all sold.

28/06/20- Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), Karel Havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook).
Videos: Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), niina liina (finland) con thor & ingrid (facebook), ramona schürken (germany) & lyric (youtube).
Puppies berger des pyrénées: litter expected in belgium (facebook). Litter expected in finland (facebook); out of héros du petit norvégien & Fi Ava fi kirinki du mourioche.
Icebear cup 2021 (austria): the competitions are on november 7- 8 (click), december 12- 13 ((click), february 6- 7 (click), march 6- 7 (click).
Croatian open 2021 is on june 25- 27 (facebook); The judges are esa muotka (finland). blaz oven (slovenia), roman lukac (slovakia). On june 22- 24 there is a workshop with alen marekovic (croatia), dani fischbach (germany), svetlana kreslina (latvia). On june 29 - july 1st there is a workshop with nina gregl (croatia), marusa podjed (slovenia). zeljko gora (croatia).

27/06/20- Courses: sari mikkila from finland (facebook); training course by bogre andras from hungary (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & sofia (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & make (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita (facebook).
VBSO- Cup 2020/ 21 (austria): the trials are on november 22 judged by viola veres from hungary (click), january 17 judged by lorenzo celic from italy & christian Woss from austria (click), february 14 judged by svetlana kreslina from latvia (click), on march 14 judged by mirja lapanja & matej cucek from slovenia (click).
Racino open 2021 is on january 22- 24 in austria (facebook).
Online courses from shape up agility with justine davenport & jessica patterson (canada): they start on july 6 and there are only spots for auditors (click).

26/06/20- Alpine agility open 2021 is on june 18- 20 2021 in italy. The jduges were announced; the foreign judges are Petr pupik (czech rep.), zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal), belmiro sousa (portugal) and the local ones are vitttorio papavero, francesco bircolotti, paolo rebasti (facebook). The obstacles are from miro agility.
Austria: tamas traj (hungary) is the judge of Herbstturnier on november 1 (click). Veronika Herendy (hungary) is judging on august 22- 23 in gnesau (click).
Videos: ariane wieber (germany) & zola training with tamas traj (facebook), stas kurochkin (russia) & zippy (youtube).
Stockerauer Herbst 2020 (austria): the judges for october 26 are Urs Inglin from switzerland & Fritz Hauser from austria (click). Pavol Rohacek from slovakia & christian Woss from austria will judge on november 1 (click).

25/06/20- Exercises: birgitta hermansson (1, 2, 3, 4). Training courses: regula Tschanz (facebook).
Training with zeljko Gora (croatia) inengland on july 27- 28 (facebook).
Border collie litter planned in germany at the kennel of max sprinz (facebook) out of lyric (ramona schurken) X will (beata novak). Will is full brother to Eazy (lauren langman), his sire is fetch granting pleasure and grandfather is eiri greme gwen.
Database: the russian database for border collie pedigree are looking for donations of any amount to improve it (click).
Racino open 2021 in austria: one of the judges is vittorio papavero from italy (facebook hans fried).
SM 2020 (sweden) in virtual mode started on 22 and ends on july 5 (facebook: 1, 2). Jumping course open from sascha grunder (switzerland).

24/06/20- Puppies border collie born in italy (facebook); 4 females & 2 males out of tending courage x gift.
Online courses: tight turns with wendy willemse (facebook), All in one from lee gibson (click). OE Follow Along RC from isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) to watch their trainning: registrations close on june 30 (1, 2); the cost is 150 euros.
Courses: kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook).
Videos: training of jenny damm, nettan, azta, zonia (youtube).

22/06/20- Border collie puppies planned at devongem from lauren langman in england (facebook). The father of the litter is tanhill glen and the mother is eazy. Eazy is a daughter of fetch granting pleasure and granddaughter of eiri greme gwen.
Online course about jumps and problems with jumping with linda mecklenburg from USA (click). 25% discount with natasha wise from england (1, 2); the deadline is june 23.
Cranial cruciate ligament rupture: webinar from dogs4motion (click). It costs 36 euros and the video will be available for one week.
Italy: games of dog with tereza kralova (czech rep.) on august 4- 6, sandra deidda (italy) on august 29- 30, marusa podjed (slovenia) on october 9- 10 (facebook).

21/06/20- Jenny bow: the project for the slalom's bow with the suggestions of jenny damm needs to arrive to a certain amount of money to make it possible to sell worldwide kickstarter. They have time until 5 july and for the moment they have arrived to a 25 %. They have discounts for people intersted on buying them. At Kickstarter, people can buy the bows and the credit card will be charged only if the money goal is achieved. The cost is 112 dollars for a set but there are also several options. Webpage kickstarter, jennybow, facebook.
Courses: karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), mika kangas from finland (1, 2). Training courses: Viktoria Lundh, iwona golab, jane elene christensen.
Germany: there are some available places to train with tamas traj this week in mendig (facebook).
Austria: there are some available places to train with lisa frick on july 14 (facebook).
Italy: seminar with iwona golab (poland) on september 8- 9 (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & mailiz (facebook), jaakko (finland) with wow & dao (facebook), dog fitness (facebook).

20/06/20- Live stream from finland (ring 1, ring 2).
FCI WC 2021: the webpage is available (click).
WAO 2021: tereza kralova has qualified for the world cup (click).
Videos: katerina malackova (czech rep.) & izzy (facebook), tereza kaniova (czech rep.) & jess (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & panda (facebook), tina vieli (switzerland) & app (facebook).
Southamerica: contest from eukanuba argentina about push ups with a dog (click). online interview about running contacts on june 21 (facebook); the videos are not available offline. agility online classes from argentina (la jauría, agility global (1, 2)). onlien course about judging from chile (facebook). interview about colombian agility on june 25 (instagram).

19/06/20- Alpine agility open 2021: is on june 18- 20 in italy (facebook).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Dogs4motion announce a live webinar about cranial cruciate ligament rupture on june 23 (facebook); the cost is 36 euros.
Videos: retirement ceremony of an explosives detection dog (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), kay mc cann (canada) & bee (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & nora (facebook), marika ruohonen (finland) & wow (facebook), klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), dana (russia) training running contacts (facebook)

18/06/20- Seminar with tereza kralova in italy on august 4- 6 (.jpg); organized by games of dog.
Border collie litter planned in germany under the affix with eager to work of tobias wüst (facebook). They aren't dogs that compete with tobias wüst (like Reav, ceed). They are out of Mik (ines kohl) x Nike (nicole münker).
RIALP 2020: registrations close on july 10. It is in Lleida on august 5- 9 The judges are Dominique Prin (France), Rolli Schiltz (Luxembourg), Lorenzo Celic (Italy), Iban Cubedo (spain). webpage, facebook.
SM 2020 (sweden): for the jumping it is need 12 jumps, 2 tunnels of 6 m, slalom and long jump (facebook).
Excercises from lee gibson for small places: there are 60 excercises for 25 pounds with free shipping worldwide with code FREESHIP (webpage, facebook). The offer last until end june.

17/06/20- Courses: juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook).
Shetland puppies in germany at with eager to work (facebook). The dam run with tobias wüst and is daughter of peanut.
Guldagility 2021: is on july 11- 18 in kalmar (sweden). webpage, facebook. promotional video.
Clean run: webinar on demand with Dr. Sheman O. Canapp: MSS (click), iliopsoas (click).
Photo of tippi who run with dani lehrer (facebook); at the commments they mention that due to an accident she begun to train with padded bandage, while others comment that it happens also to their dogs. One of the comment says their bandage are from benecura.

16/06/20- S lines: lisa frick (austria) has an idea for solving some problems dogs can have with S lines backside; she woill be trying it for free with some dogs (the quota is already completed) and, if everything goes as planned, she will open a course (facebook).

15/06/20- Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (youtube), katarina malackova (czech rep.) with izzy & bayley (facebook), niina liina training (facebook).
Obstacles: 10% discount with code runsafe (facebook, webpage).
Online course with one tunnel (facebook, registrations); starts today and costs 85 dollars with dog (45 as auditor and 35 as silent auditor). Online course on seesaw with jan diessner only in german (facebook); starts on july 4.
Italy: seminar with tobias wüst & daniel schröder (germany) on september 26- 27 (facebook).
France: a malinois police dog of 8 years old with a carrie of explosive detection is looking for a home, she is very active (facebook).
Agilitynerd: how one person can move easily a seesaw (facebook).

14/06/20- UKI agility international is organizing the Video agility week with different courses every week and from different judges (click). Video explaining the system. People not registering to the competition can buy the designs and 50% will be for COVID 19 Charities.
week 12: june 20- 24 judged by lee gibson (facebook); registrations are open and will close on june 18 (click).
week 11: june 13- 17 judged by tamas traj (facebook); the registrations are closed.
week 10: june 6- 10 judged by martin cavill (facebook).
week 9: may 30- june 3 judged by nicola giraudi (facebook).
Course from iwona golab modified (facebook).
Videos: mirja lapanja (slovenia) & panda (facebook), masa slebir (slovenia) & kiwi (facebook), lea komat (slovenia) & weezy (facebook).
Online course for running contacts with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden). Promotional video showing turns with Ami (facebook). The deadline for registrations is july 1st.

13/06/20- Courses: iwona golab (poland) in germany (facebook), Karel Havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), Aneta Obrusnikova from czech rep. (facebook). Training course of Matthias Dietrich (facebook) & excercises from Birgitta Hermansson (facebook).
Videos: gianluca schingaro (italy) with ex & reav (youtube). excercises for a puppy (youtube).
Border collie puppies: litter planned at shadow of aire (slovenia) out of juice & feel the difference born with style cash- style from max sprinz (facebook). Pedigree of juice, style.
Seminars in france: grégory bielle bidalot, kevin odile & sébastien allerme on july 25- 26 (click), adrien grespier on july 9- 10 (facebook).
Norway: Midnattssolhoppet 2020 on july 14- 18 (facebook); the judges are kurt ove steinset & jan egil eide. Video of odalen sommer camp (vimeo); there are 3 editions: june 20- 22, june 27- july 1st, july 3- 5.

12/06/20- Border collie puppies : the litter of the repeated combination gwen x cinna has born (facebook). Style from max sprinz is from their last litter. Their grandfather is tanhill glen and great grandfather is sony (japan); they are 4 females and 2 males.
Germany: regsiatrations are open for the competitions on september (judging tamas traj) & october in Mendig- agility park (krisztina kabai- alex beitl). On july 1st registrations will open for the competitions in mendig on november 6- 8 & 27- 29. webmelden.
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), julia fuzi (austria) & tigi training with tereza kralova (youtube), sandra kohl (germany) & bob (facebook), iwona golab (poland) training (facebook). Video about fitness for dog (facebook)
Agility camp with katarina podlipnik, roland kolenko, lea kormat on august 27- 30: 2 spots available (facebook). It is at noreast of slovenia, close to croatia, hungary & austria.
Tamas traj challenge online is on june 7, july 8, august 9 (facebook).
Propioception/ fitness: cloud video with 10 % discount in animo concept from france (facebook).
Article by Chris Zink on the importance of canine core musculature (click).

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