20/07/18- Courses: GPF from france (click), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia) in france (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in eniwa/ hokkaido (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12), hula hopp in sweden (click).
Videos: hannah eskow training with jakko from finland (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & gunga (facebook), jane elene chrsitensen (denmark) & chip (facebook), jouni orenius (sweden- finland) & finn (facebook), mikko aaltonen (finlandia) con syke & yks (youtube). Video of maxim gushchin (russia) & tory at EO junior (facebook); Tory (border collie medium) is trained and runs at world cup & EO with his mother svetlana gushchina.
Obstacles: video of the tyre from Hundesportgeräte (facebook).
Seminar with lisa frick on august 25-26 in tulln-austria ( facebook). Seminar with lisa frick (austria) & dani fischbach (germany) on november in italy organized by games of dog (facebook).
Bad dog agility: videos on front cross (click).
Results: jutlandia cup (denmark), hula hopp (sweden), GPF (france).

19/07/18- Courses at hulahopp of petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), michael flanagan from sweden (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia) at the avallon (facebook).
Litter shetland expected in germany at enjoy the magic moment from stephanie tiemann. Kite X Raven; Kite (buster with eager to work belongs to nicole kelpen) he is full brother of a repeated litter to peanut from tobias wüst (click). Border collie puppies planned in russia for august (facebook); the sire is gera ebony nose germes (litter brother to tic from nina gregl) and the dam is yova (granddaughter of skip from svetlana tumanova).
Obstacles with discounts at BCC 2018 from bing agility (facebook) and at EO 2018 from galican (facebook).
Austria: The sm (for grade 3), is on september 2. The judges are sandra deidda (italy), jan egil eide (norway), nalle jansson (sweden), blaz oven (slovenia). Registrations are open and the deadline is august 17. Information & partial registration list.
Switzerland: the quali for EO 2019 are on may 25-26 (click).
USA: photos of a backside serp with channan fosty & laura pryse for an article in next issue of clean run magazine (facebook nancy gyes).

18/07/18- This weekend ends Jutlandia cup in denmark (click); the judges are Jens Nielsson (sweden), Esa Muotka (finland), Lee Gibson (england), Martin Ritter (germany), Kees Stoel (netherlands), Michael Kanbach (germany), Helge Himle (norway), Bent Blom Larsen, Morten Juhl Hansen, Per Vestergaard, Bonnik Berthelsen, Allan Hansen, Lars Hindsgaul, Jannie Nielsen, Anders Barney Lindhardt from denmark. Sweden: hulahopp 2018 (information, facebook, banner, registration list). Austria: Night Race 2018 (facebook). France: avallon cup 2018 (webpage, facebook, competitors & running orders, program); the judges are svetlana zolotnikova (estonia), wolfgang tieber (austria), lorenzo celic (italy), alex beitl (germany), zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal), rene blank (germany), nicolas renaud, philippe wattecamps, gerard gery, caroline guignard, dominique favre, elizabeth prin from france. Canada: Coupe Québec 2018 (facebook). Brazil: competition of herding campeonato paulista de pastoreio (webpage, facebook); copa paulista of agility (information and registration list, facebook). Colombia: agility competition in cali and bogotá. Chile: copa de clubes (click).
Norwegian open 2018: registrations are still open until september 1st (facebook).
BCC 2018: detailed program for friday (facebook), detailed program of the 3 days (.pdf), registration list grade 3, grade 2, grade 1, canceled registrations. some registred people sold their places and aren't anymore on the lists, others are selling their places on facebook.
Puppies border collie from fetch granting pleasure in USA (facebook julie oakes).
Videos: tamas traj (hungary) & riu my queen last course on grado 2 (youtube).
Courses at hulahopp: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook).

17/07/18- Luxwintercup: they have published the judges for the competitions (click); they are sabrina hauser & roli schiltz (10-11/11), joffrey adyns & romain stein (8-9/12), mark fonteijn & bonnik berthelsen (12-13/01), philipp müller schnick & dirk schamberg (9-10/02).
EO 2018: promotional video of the live stream (facebook). The live stream costs 34.90 euros and has a discount for premium working dog members, their cost is 29.34 euros (click).
Puppies planned in austria: border collie for august ien magic border & border bande, shetland for july in summergarden. Puppies border collie expected in poland on september (1, 2); amon their ancestors are eri greme gwen, rising sun dark raider. Border collie expected in italy out of bee (sister of roger from roberta boscolo) X why not zet my queen (1, 2).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki (facebook, youtube), florian förster (germany) & lynn (facebook).
FCI WC 2018: the accreditation for the press at world cup costs 45 euros (click).

16/07/18- USA: a venue in washington used for agility trials is for sale (click); it has 4.24 hectares (10.47 acres).
Courses: david powell from france (facebook), jan sprij (netherlands) at EO junior (1, 2, 3), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook).
Luxwintercup: registrations start on august 1. The trials are on november 10- 11, december 8- 9, january 12- 13, february 9- 10 (click).
Videos: ramona schürken (germany) & 5 (youtube), Justine Baudhuin (france) & hoss at a seminar with krisztina kabai (facebook). Video from alejandro herbera (spain) & nana at the EO junior (1, 2); Nana is a border collie (trained by his father (Enrique herbera) with whom she competed during several years) that is retiring from agility.
EOJ 2018: results. The winners were Kai Macauley (USA) & Stitch (border collie, children, large), Anna Marchi (italy) & Bluebell (cruza, children, medium), Martin Saling (czech rep.) & Devi (shetland, children, small), Zvorygin Egor (russia) & Bru (border collie, junior large), Gushchin Maxim (russia) & Torpeda (border collie, junior, medium), Lea Hödl (austria) & Rose (shetland, junior, small), czech rep. (teams, large & medium), austria (teams, small).

15/07/18- Live stream of EOJ.
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (1, 2), hugo santos from portugal (facebook).
Jutlandia cup 2018: results (grade 3 jumping: large, medium, small, agility: large, medium, small, all).
Litter border collie in the netherlands infinity light: the last litter of Alyx was born. There are 4 females and 1 male (facebook). Together wit the annoucement of the litter they said that all the puppies were reserved (facebook). Alyx is the mother of To (silvia trkman) & qju (mona grefenstein). The sire of the litter is mindpower wizard (ralf ) and he is son of eiri greme ray (1, 2, 3), videos (1, 2). Ralf's owner is Alexandra Lappalainen from finland.
FCI AAO 2019 (agility american open) in brazil will be in itu (sao paulo) on april 10- 14 facebook. Unofficiall information

14/07/18- Live stream of EOJ.
EO 2018: the program is available (.pdf).
EO junior 2018: results for individual jumping children (large, medium, small), individual jumping junior (large, small).
Video: anne lenz (germany) with itzi bitzi, chi & vis at Moravia open (youtube), sissy graf (austria) & cue (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (1, 2), felipe alves (brazil) & shanti (facebook).
Classes wih lea komat (germany) on july 26 in italy (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in poland out of tayo x jack from lisa frick (facebook); Tayo is a daughter of fetch granting pleasure (click). Border collie puppies (8 puppies) born in switzerland (facebook erika hofer) out of Eiri Greme Ollie x Reece vom grünen Kuckuck.
BCC 2018: there is an available spot for a large 3 dog (click).

13/07/18- Live stream of EOJ.
This weekend the european open junior takes place in netherlands (webpage, live stream, program, running orders); the judges are Ana Beltran (spain), Andre Erdos (France), jan sprij, Martin Schoffelmeer, Henk Postma, Sandy Ammerlaan (netherlands). Italy: supericena with dogs (facebook). Denmark: jutlandia cup (click); the judges are Jens Nielsson (sweden), Esa Muotka (finland), Lee Gibson (england), Martin Ritter (germany), Kees Stoel (netherlands), Michael Kanbach (germany), Helge Himle (noruega), Bent Blom Larsen, Morten Juhl Hansen, Per Vestergaard, Bonnik Berthelsen, Allan Hansen, Lars Hindsgaul, Jannie Nielsen, Anders Barney Lindhardt from denmark. Austria: trials in viena (judged by fritz hauser), Neumarkt an der Ybbs (judged by fritz hauser), Leobersdorf (judged by fritz hauser & roman lukac), Achleiten (judged by mina piske & erich hüttner). France: seminar with krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) on july 12- 15 (facebook). Colombia: trial in medellin.
Seminar with tuulia & timo liuhto (finland) on august 17- 19 in netherlands (facebook).
EO junior 2018: results for jumping team (large, medium, small), jumping individual junior medium. Course of andré erdos from france (.jpg).
Time system: an used canómetro pocket (galican) is available in spain (facebook: agility europe, agilitystas, top agility).
Italy: trial in verona judged by sandra deidda pn september 22- 23 (facebook).

12/07/18- Courses at moravia open: bernd hüppe from austria (agility final large, agility open, jumping open large), tamas traj from hungary (open agility, open jumping , final small, open agility medium/small).
Jutlandia cup 2018: for registered users the catalog is available (click).
Moravia open 2019 is on july 5-7 (facebook). Is the 10ª edition.
United kingdom: devon dogs offer pet friendly cottage and traiining in their facilities during winter (webpage, facebook).
Border collie litter expected in italy at nicola giraudi's kennel (facebook).
Herding: video of Gautho (facebook jefferson egon munhoz).
Quizz from susan garrett (canada) asking if your agility training is focused on what your dog needs (click).

11/07/18- Courses: tamas traj from hungary (1, 2, 3, 4).
Obstacles: 15% discounts on intercan jumps from galican when picking them at 4 international competitions (webpage, facebook).
International sheltie competition 2018: registration list updated (facebook).
Herding: results from dutch open international sheepdog trial.
Puppies: photos on facebook of a papillon litter from slovenia; they are 3 males and 1 female. webpage, facebook of the kennel.
EO 2018: order for veterinary check & training (click).
FCI WC 2018: registrations are open and the deadline is august 15 (click). The team leaders have to send the information to teamleaders@agilitywc2018.com

10/07/18- Jenny Damm: interview about how she trains to be mentally so strong (click).
Online course: regsitrations are open for the course on running contacts with silvia trkman (facebook, webpage).
Videos: monika pl (slovenia) & six (youtube).
Courses: nicolas renaud (france) in czech rep. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Mika Moilanen in finland (facebook).
Netherlands: list of seminars at the hall of wendy willemse (facebook).
Interview to anne lenz (germany) about running contacts (click).
Books: ‘A Farmer and His Dog’ from adam henson (penguin, isds, telegraph, amazon); comments (1, 2, 3, 4). More books from adam henson & webpage (click).

09/07/18- Courses: svetlana zolotnikova (estonia) at moravia open (facebook), Mika kangas from finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), sari mikkilä (finland) in lithuania (facebook), tomas glabazna from czech rep. (facebook), aki tomita (facebook).
Austria: ranking for EO 2019 (1, 2). Results on facebook.
Puppies expected in poland, the sire is why not zet my queen (webpage).
Videos: miha primozic (slovenia) & dice (youtube), lisa frick (austria) with cody & jack (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & applause (facebook).

08/07/18- Live stream: grand prix de france, moravia open.
Videos: laura reinhalter (austria) & zookie (facebook). Videos at moravia open jérémy chomienne (france) & page (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & juice (facebook), asandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (facebook), tereza otypkova (czech rep.) & jess (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (facebook) Moravia open: the winners are tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (large), eva maderova (czech rep.) & flame (medium), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (small).
Border collie litter planned in sweden (facebook). The dam is downforce tone. Tone is daughter of away to me mika (full sister of miss lilli from an previous litter) X mick (click). contact: sandra@villemo.se.
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (jumping 3 individual (medium, small, large), agility 3 team (large, medium, small), jumping 3 individual large).
Clean run: 20 % discount on all 1- tdc products (1, 2, 3). The deadline is today.

07/07/18- Moravia open: running orders & results.
Obstacles: flexible bar for the jumps from M.T hundesportgeräte (facebook).
Videos: max sprinz (germany) & bäxx (facebook), silas boogk (germany) & beam (facebook), florian förster (germany) & lynn (facebook).
Courses: gabi steppan (austria) in sweden (facebook), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia) at moravia open (facebook).
EOJ 2018 goes back to the original venue (click).
IFCS 2020: facebook from organizing committee.
FCI: decisions from the meeting on february 2018.
♦ candidates for organizing world cups: czech rep. (2022), Austria (will propose for 2023).
♦ new categories for EOJ: < 11 years old, 12- 14 years old, 15- 18 years old.
♦ the live stream for world cup 2018 (payed) will be from Sportsground AB
♦ the FCI didn't approve the use of glasses in dogs for their events. Nothing is mentioned about the use of glasses in handlers or judges.
♦ EO 2019 (netherlands) is on sand, world cup 2020 (estonia) is on artificial grass.
♦ the world cup in estonia 2020 is on september 10- 13.
♦ EO junior 2019 in switzerland; the candidates for judging are Erika Szoboszlay, Elena Dmitrochenko, David Powell.
♦ Portugal will send in august a formal proposal for organizing the EO 2021.
♦ next meeting is the first monday after world cup 2018.
♦ it is mentioned that the FCI agility commission can only “control” in FCI events (world cup, european open, european open junior, trials with CACIAg). The other ones are for the national organizations.

06/07/18- Health: changes in france with rabies vaccination (click).
Puppies: border collies in belgium out of mawlch wisp X E.K. Need for speed (facebook); They are 6 females and 2 males. Shetland litter born in may in germany from Blue Heavens a Secret Mystery x Enjoy the Magic Moment Absolute MayDay (facebook stephanie tiemann); they are 1 male and 3 females.
Videos: laura reinhalter (austria) & ria (youtube).
Live stream: the live stream from working dog for the EO is available (click). The cost is 24.90 euros for premium members and 34.90 euros for the rest (for all the event).
EO 2018: list with registrations. Registrations for the press is open (click); the 400 dollars cost for photographers already has some repercussions on facebook.
Gold rush (december 15- 16): registrations started on july 1 and the deadline is september 1 (1, 2, 3).

05/07/18- This weekend austria has quali trials for EO 2019 (click); the judges are viola veres & carola Kozma. Czech Rep.: moravia open (webpage, facebook, program, registrations); the judges Svetlana Zolotnikova (estonia), nicolas renaud (france), tamas traj (hungary), bernd hüppe (austria). France: Grand prix de france (info, live stream). Finland: trial in North Karelia (facebook). Germany: trial organized in saarburg with handlers form at least 10 european countries (program, registrations). Norway: agility yuken (webpage); juzgan Kurt Ove Steinset (norway), Gondola Guttormsen (norway), Thomas H Andersen (norway). Colombia: trial for local championship in bogota (facebook). Argentina: double trial for local championship in cuyo (facebook); trial for national championship in santa fe (click). Chile: trial for juegos de invierno (facebook).
France: the cneac issued a statement regarding the situation of their national team members jérémy chomienne, alice laforge and the national team for 2019 (click). These handlers has qualified as members of the national team 2018 for the EO and also world cup; although they will compete in the EO 2018, they will not be able to take part of world cup due to the fact that they did not know the FCI regulations that exist since 2007 regarding registrations of dogs for world cup. Dogs must be registered in the studbook or appendix of the country for which it will run for at least 6 months (regulations valid since january 2012; before they requested 12 months). Both dogs were registered for more than 6 months but at the registry of animals participants at cynophiles activities, but they werer not at the studbook or appendix. In france, for a foreign border collie to be registered at LOF, they must pass an instict test, which these dogs have not yet done. They have talked to the FCI to have the chance to take part of world cup 2018 whithout success. The new members of the team for world cup 2018 are maryline raby & neelha (foreign dog, registred LOF, full sister to tesla from alice laforge of a previous litter), anthony gullemot & inox. They appointed jérémy chomienne/ page & alice laforge/ tesla as members of the national team 2019 for EO & world cup outside the existing quota.
Obstacles: german manufacturer of aluminium hurdles (facebook, webpage).

04/07/18- DVD: silvia trkman's dvd of running contacts costs 50 euros (click).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & hydro training running contacts (youtube, facebook), Laura Reinhalter (austria) & zookie (facebook), promotional video from the herding championship in sao paulo- brazil (facebook).
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (jumping 3).
Puppies: the border collie litter expected in germany of Gwen X cinna from nadine alshut was born (facebook: 1, 2); they are 4 females & 3 males.
Obstacles: breakaway tyres from serghei garau, bing agility.
Health: monika rylska (poland) is asking for herbs or similar to treat noise sensitive agility border collie for her dog chica banana (facebook agility europe).

03/07/18- Courses from the SM in sweden: Bonnik Berthelsen (facebook), Jocke Tangfelt (facebook). Courses from esa muotka at the quali in finland (facebook), Kurt Ove Steinset in norway (facebook).
EOJ 2018: another change of location to the city of breda (1, 2).
On line courses: the next running contacts course with silvia trkman (slovenia) starts on august 2 (click); registrations openson july 10. Single jump skills with nina gregl (croatia) are 6 lessons during 3 months an begins on august 15 (click); the cost is 250 euros with dog (235 if registrations is before agust 1) and 125 as auditor.
DVD about running contacts from silvia trkman The Easiest Way to Running Contacts will be available since tomorrow (click).

02/07/18- Netherlands: registrations for the international agility trial in venlo on september 1-2 are open (form, event). The judges are nicolas renaud (france) & peter holmberg (norway).
Sweden: the gold medals of the SM are jenny damm & lilli (x-large), susanne karlsson & vessla (large), heidi penttilä & rosey (medium), sandra sjöberg & milla (small), enya habel & sydney (x-small). Information on facebook.
Finland: tryouts results. The national team members are: Terhi Helaja & Räyhis, Sonia Delatte & Stella, Sanna Ahola & Dharma, Anki Molander & Wii (small), Outi Leppänen & Olli Ville Liukka & Oodi + Ronja, Jonna Kannisto & Nana (medium), Janita Leinonen & Fu, Tuulia Liuhto & Pirtu, Kim Kurkinen & Zorro, Niina-Liina Linna & Thor (facebook).
France: registrations for the WAO quali are open (.pdf). The deadline is august 31. facebook of WAO Team france.
On line course of Hoopers Agility in germany (click).
Border collie male puppy available in germany (facebook). The dam is Liz (granddaughter of Roy (from Aled Owen), Dan (from C. McGarry)) and the sire is Glencregg Silver Jr.

01/07/18- Live stream from SM in sweden, quali trials in finland (youtube).
Courses: svetlana zolotnikova from estonia (jmping large, agility large, agility 3 large, agility 3 medium/small, jumping medium/small, agility medium/small, agility 1, agility 1, jumping 1), petr pupik from czech rep. (agility 3, agility 2, agility 1), Kurt Ove Steinset from norway (facebook).
Obstacles: the tunnels at EO are from agility tunnel and are available to pre order wit free shipping to the competition (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (youtube), polona bonac (slovenia) & joey (youtube), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (1, 2 en facebook), joanna fischer (poland) & heya (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & bäxx (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & fu (facebook), simone ullrich (austria) & babou (facebook), franzi engel (germany) & fussel (facebook)

30/06/18- Live stream from SM in sweden, quali trials in finland (youtube).
Puppies: border collie female available in france (facebook); the dam is mawlch ash'k (click). Border collie puppies in croatia from gaya x vis (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jari suomlainen at the quali in finland (facebook), Svetlana Zolotnikova from estonia (jumping 2, agility 2, agility 2, agility 3 M-S, agility 3 M-S, jumping 3 M-S, jumping 3 M-S, jumping 3 M-S, jumping 3 L, agility 3 L, agility 3 L), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), matej cucek from slovenia (facebook). training courses: agilitynerd from USA (facebook), carlo magoni from italy- czech rep. (facebook).
Finland: results.
Videos: mirja lapanja (slovenia) & juice (facebook), taja lozar (slovenia) & blue, son of To from silvia trkman (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & finn (facebook), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & cuba (facebook).

29/06/18- Live stream from the quali trials in finland (youtube).
This weekend: quali for world cup in finland (program, running orders for friday & saturday, facebook). Sweden: SM 2018 (webpage, facebook); the judges are sandra deidda (italy), Bonnik Berthelsen (denmark), Jocke Tangfelt. Austria: American night judged by fritz hauser (click). Italy: trial in alessandria judged by paolo rebasti, wolfgang tieber (austria) & fabiano gatto (facebook). USA: Agility lunatics 2018 (1, 2, 3). Brazil: agility championship at pet day cia da terra in brasilia on june 29 (1, 2). Colombia: double trial for national championship (facebook). Argentina: trial for local championship in buenos aires (facebook).
Software: new features in the software for course design of smarter agility (facebook).
Border collie puppies born at kennel double j in USA (facebook); they are only for herding (not for agility) due to the herding quality of the parents. Border collie puppies available in czech rep. out of mawlch rusty (his sire is eiri greme moss) x Daithi Ballarat (click).
Videos: thomas raczka (france) & must in black training running contacts (youtube), trick with Mr biscuit (facebook).
France: eric canchy sell 2000 m2 of turf from a football exterior field, the price is 3 euros/m2 (facebook). the the minimum to buy is 800 m2.
Spain: galican is giving three rizes among those who support the spanish national team for world cup in sweden (facebook).

28/06/18- Workshop with tereza kralova (czech rep.) & max sprinz (germany) at norwegian open (facebook). Obedience seminar with Christa Enqvist (finland) on september 20-22 in spain (facebook). Agility Champs for you - Revolutions in germany with 13 top trainers for handlers between 8 and 26 years old (facebook); the date is unconfirmed.
Border collie puppies planned in poland out of zi X jamie (1, 2). Jamie's sire is eiri greme ray.
Norwegian open 2018: the deadline for registrations is in 3 days (facebook). Webpage, facebook, registrations. The competition is on october 11-14. The world cup in sweden ends on october 7. List of judges.
Obstacles: discounts on bing agility at moravia open (facebook).

27/06/18- Videos: Anja Blazevic (croatia) & gaya from nina gregl (facebook), control games (facebook), balance puppy training (youtube). Obedience: final from world cup (facebook); other videos on facebook (1, 2).
Courses: Carl De Rouck (Belgium) at the quali for national championship in czech rep. (facebook), barrie james in UK (facebook).
Turf from world cup in sweden (juta grass) is for sale and pick up after the event (facebook). 1152 m2 (24X40 m aprox). People interested to bid or ask question about can contact: ordforande@sagik.se
BCC 2018: on june 30 closes the registrations for the competition (facebook).

26/06/18- EOJ 2018 (netherlands): there was a last minute change of location (click). As they could not guarantee the amount of camping places needed, they got another place (at 60 km from the old one) with 250 places to camp. Updated list of accomodations.
France: jéréremy chomienne & page qualified for world cup will not be able to take part of it (facebook). The FCI regulations require that dogs must be registered at the studbook/appendix for a minimum of 6 months. Jérémy was not aware of this rule (most french handlers runs with dogs born in france). To register at the studbook at the SCC, the breed border collie must pass an instinct test that page did not do yet. Page had been qualified to run the qualis when she was still grade 1 (due to her potential), jérémy competed them with page (slovenia) and lass (france) and, with great results, classified with Page. The same happens to alice laforge with tesla (border collie from italy, daughter of fetch granting pleasure). At the regulations from 2007 the requirement for a dog was to be registered minimum 12 months before the world cup (page 14); on the regulations from 2012 they have changed to 6 months (page 15)
Border collie in action: winning photos of the contest (click).
Slovenia: national team for world cup & EO.
One mind: puppy training survey (click). The deadline is june 29.
Facebook: they are asking for courses from alen marekovic (facebook agility courses).

25/06/18- Border collie litter planned in finland of skyr (daugther of eiri greme ray, sire of say (tereza kralova), jack (lisa frick)) X Sam (patries briede from the netherlands). Sam is grandfather of qju (mona grefenstein), to (silvia trkman), time (susan kondelhof) and father of tequila (ariane wieber). Information (facebook, webpage). It will be one of the last litters from Sam (9 years old), who had his first one with Sidh around one year and a half.
Videos: daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook), gervasio sicignano (italy) & cika (facebook), thomas behrendt (germany) & knut (facebook), Emma Gamble training with lucy kate osborne in uk (facebook), Aline Tricot (belgium) & Oz (facebook), Marta Miil (estonia) & jay (facebook), Nastia Savchenko (russia) & joe at the quali (youtube), tom elsen (bélgica) & vix en un seminario con tobias wüst, daniel schröder, tereza kralova (youtube). Serie of 4 training videos with laura langman & tom mitchell (click).
Software: AOA- agility online administration from switzerland (webpage, facebook).

24/06/18- Videos: sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (youtube), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (youtube), krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & tiu (youtube), patricia kowalski (germany) & spicy (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & boom (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (youtube), debby simons (england) & dobby jr (youtube).
Seminars: registration form for the seminar with tobias wüst on october 27- 28 at hsz-nrw in germany (google drive). More seminars with tobias wüst at the same place (facebook).
BCC 2018: dave munnings sells 8 registrations at 35 euros (facebook); registrations for grades 2- 3 re opened until june 30 (facebook, webpage). The cost is 45 euros for grades 2- 3 and 18 euros for grade 1 (click).
Croatia: results from the quali (google drive).
Border collie puppies planned for 2018 in czech rep (facebook, power point). The parents are Adar (son of fetch granting pleasure, grandson of eiri greme moss, runs with olga edrova) X E.T (jitka slanska).
Courses: tomas glabazna from czech rep. (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

23/06/18- Courses: carl de rouck at the dutch championship (facebook). Nikolas koch (germany) in switzerland (agility medium/small, jumping large), Malin Tangring from sweden (facebook), Tomas Glabazna (czech rep.) in slovakia (1, 2).
Netherlands: national team for world cup (facebook).
Border collie puppies at russian kennel aisknekht from orient x lusi (facebook elena denisova).
Survey on border collie epilepsy for dogs with and without epilepsy (facebook, webpage). Organized by Royal Veterinary College (uk).
Videos: sarah shwarz (germany) & beatz (youtube), robert kowalski (germany) & chuck (facebook), davide codebue from montenegro (facebook), florian förster (germany) & lynn (facebook), franzi engel (germany) & fussel (facebook).
FCI WC 2018: unofficial partial list (click).

22/06/18- Videos; thomas raczka (france) & must in black (youtube), monika pl (slovenia) & fire (youtube), justine davenport (canada) & dino (vimeo), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook), agnes toth (hungary) & sun (facebook).
Online course of teeter with Jessica Vanden Langenberg (USA) from june 24 (click). the cost is 55 dollars with dog and 25 dollars as auditor.
Switzerland: changes on the quali for world cup 2019 (click).
Health: article about A-frame injuries (click).
Toy: remote ball launcher for training from dogtra (click).

21/06/18- This weekend quali for EO in switzerland (information (1, 2); the judges are sabrina hauser (austria) & nikolas koch (germany)), quali for world cup in croatia (facebook; the judge is blaz oven). Germany: trials in mendig (3 day competition judged by stefanie semkat), Oestringen (the judge is andrea deeg), Dreieich (the judges are Ragna Hinke & Irene Solf), Duisburg (judged by jennifer & michael schilling), Chemnitz (judged by Sibylle Vogt & Robert Schmidt) among a lot more. France: agility trial in la côte, the judges are jorge pires (portugal) & dominique dreyer (facebook). Slovakia: agility disco games (click); the judges are Tomas Glabazna (rep. checa) & Roman Hajnal (slovakia). Austria: trials in Tulin (judged by Wolfgang Tieber (austria) & Urs Inglin (switzerland)), Trofaiach (judged by michael kohl), Feldkirchen (judged by fritz hauser). Mexico: competition for the UCAM (.docx). Brazil: competition for the liga brasilera de agility in brasilia (click).
Videos: campaign 2018 from 30 Millions d'Amis against the abandonment of animals (youtube), alice laforge (france) & tesla (youtube), bianca van gastel (netherlands) & juicy (facebook).
Greece: classified for world cup (.pdf) and EO ( .pdf).
Bad dog agility: video about what it means and how to create the best lines for your dog (facebook), about which cross (facebook).
Norway: they have updated the teams for world cup (large, medium, small), EO, nordic championship (large, medium, small).

20/06/18- Puppies: a border collie litter is expected at the end of july oout of why not hash my queen X Link (daugther of fetch granting pleasure, granddaugther of witch from matej cucek); information on facebook, webpage. Puppy (male border collie) available in poland (facebook). He is from moxie x Noah (his sire is fetch granting pleasure).
Courses: seppo savikko from finland (facebook), Svetlana Kreslina from latvia (facebook).
Moravia open: there are a couple of large spots available (facebook: 1, 2). the moravia open is on july 6- 8 in czech rep. (webpage).
Dockdiving: video from a seminar at hotel wolf (germany) on june 10- 16 with Sander van Butselaar & Jeroen Brands (facebook). the next seminar is on june 30- july 6 2019 (click).
One mind dogs: analysis of nic jones (great britain) from his course at Derbyshire Championship on january 2018 (click).

19/06/18- Courses in finland: Esa Muotka (facebook), jari suomalainen (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski (facebook); Nicolas Renaud (france) in russia (facebook), Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez from spain (facebook).
Puppies: there is a berger des pyr&eeacute;nées (female) available in brazil (facebook). It is felipe alves's second litter. the mother of the puppies is also mother of shanty & leef (they run with felipe alves) but the father is not the same; leef & shanti's father is from du mourioche (same kennel as Le from silvia trkman) and this puppy is out of mayor astazou rose des neiges (france).
Videos: Tuulia Liuhto (finland) & jura (facebook), lucie dessureault from canada (youtube), Julien Orand (france) & maybe- tanis (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & finn (facebook).
Magazines: index for clean run's next issue (facebook, webpage), number 22 of dog sport magazine (click), number 58 (facebook) and video (facebook) of JAM.
A&C: the representatives of runners that went to A& C in argentia this year met during the event and decided that A&C 2019 would be in brazil and 2020 in colombia. This decision has to be approved by the meeting of the section of americas and the caribbean FCI. Brazil talked with their delegate before this meeting but the delegate got ill before the event and the person that took his place did not know anything so nothing was said at the meeting; the delegates of other countries with agility did not mention anything about this proposal of venues. That's why the meeting named mexico for 2019, costa rica for 2020, peru for 2021 and el salvador for 2022 (click). the fault seems to be in the communication of each national agility organization with the representative from their kennel to the assembly of the section of the Americas and the Caribbean for FCI so that the representatives knew what to vote. Brazil tried to change this but it has not been possible and suggested to the local kennel organizing an american agility open in the dates selected for A&C (información no oficial) and the kennel approved it. the A&C 2019 will be in acapulco (méxico) on june 20- 23 (webpage, unofficial information). Comments from the agilitists don't show clearly which event they prefer to attend even if there is a slight preference for the FCI official competition even if they consider it is not the best option for the organization.

18/06/18- Myopia in dogs: Bungee is another agility dog diagnosed with this problem. Article with the description of his story & video running agility without glasses and with glasses (min 1:45) with a radical change (facebook agility europe, youtube). Knoxx (yannick wouters) was the first dog with this problem whose story was known and with the same solution (facebook). These dogs are not allowed to compete officially with glasses. Some comments about bungee's situation on yannick wouters's facebook (facebook).
Courses: roli schiltz (luxembourg) at BAM (facebook), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia) in norway (click), sascha grunder (switzerland) in finland (facebook).
Videos: susan koldenhof (netherlands) with time & ace (youtube). Videos at BAM: ariane wieber (germany) & tequila (youtube), dani lehrer (germany) & tippi (youtube), teresa berndt (germany) & keep (facebook), ramona shürken (germany) & 5 (facebook).
Latvia: list fo the qualified for world cup (facebook).
One mind dogs: article about setting up a puppy (click) and interview to Helen Phillips (USA, 85 years old) from connie (click).
Facebook agility europe: questions about exporting dogs from USA to europe (facebook).

17/06/18- Live stream: SM in finland (1, 2), CSJ Agility Open in england (facebook), hungary (facebook, agility news.eu).
Austria: results of the quali for EO 2019 (dognow.at).
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (click), jan egil eide at the tryouts in norway (jumping 3 small, agility medium).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) with jack & cody (facebook), vivy specian (brazil) & jem winning the cup tribute to her friend eduardo falcone (facebook), ola gronek (poland) & deal (facebook), sissy graf (austria) & cue (facebook), vanessa ludwig (austria) & noah (facebook), sascha grunder (switzerland) & orio en el SM de finlandia (facebook), wendy willemse (netherlands) & legend (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & mig winning medium SM (facebook), christiane fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook).

16/06/18- Live stream: SM in finland (1, 2), CSJ Agility Open in england (facebook).
Finland: results (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Videos (youtube).
CSJ agility open: courses, results.
Slovenia: results from the trial for national championship.
Courses: Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (facebook).

15/06/18- BCC 2018: registrations for grade 2- 3 are re opened until june 30 (facebook, webpage).
USA: the tryouts for world cup 2019 are in san josé- california (facebook).
Finland: competition on july 6- 8 with games (1, 2); sarah mairs (canada) will judge the games.
Germany: nikolas koch is the judge at the competition on june 30 in Grenzach- Wyhlen (info, facebook); registrations are through webmelden and the deadline is june 17. There is a seminar with nikolas koch on thursday and friday before the competition (facebook).
Online course on seesaw/ teeter with pavol vakonic & martina vakonicova in slovak with subtitles in english (facebook). It starts on july 7.
Courses: jouni kautto from finland (facebook).
Silvia trkman: article with videos of how she used the carpet for running contacts to help dogs with jumping problems from the march foundations course (click).

14/06/18- This weekend, qualies in greece (click), norway (facebook), denmark, austria (click). Finland: SM 2018 (webpage, live stream (1, 2), facebook). Germany: BAM 2018 (webpage, facebook). England: CSJ agility open (webpage, facebook, running orders, results). Slovenia: competition for slovenian cup, national championship. Austria: Friday Evening Double A-Run the judges are manca mikec & wolfgang tieber (click), international speed puddle (.pdf, facebook). Italy: competitions in terni (for the WAO), treviso, verona, milan (for national team IFCS, FISC, mixed breed championship), italian championship ENCI (click), quali for the national team jack russell (facebook). Brazil: I Copa Dr. Eduardo Falcone in sao paulo (click). Colombia: trial for the liga de agility de antioquía.
Germany: due to an unexpected storm that damaged the carpet from dogs world arena, they will have to buy a new one. They sell the current one with discount. They are also inviting people that needs a little pieces. It is from schöpp (facebook).
USA: article from baddog agility ‘how to help your agility dog get it right’ (click).
Obstacles: tunnels to pick up at moravia open (facebook).
Brazil: calendars for 2018- 2019, 2019- 2020.
Videos: daisy peel (USA) & chispa (facebook).
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (agility 1, agility 2, agility 1, agility 2).

13/06/18- Videos: masa ceglar (slovenia) & maggie (youtube), polona bonac (slovenia) con joey, lin, che (youtube), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), Gervasio Sicignano (italy) & cika in a seminar with daniel schröder & tobias wüst from germany (facebook).
Discount of 50% with the code LSHUAnniv2018 on low stress handling courses. The sale is from june 14 to 30 (facebook CattleDog Publishing - The Legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin).
Germany: new training hall in Albbruck (webpage, facebook).
Spain: the judges of galicup 2018 are alex beitl (germany), setefanie semkat (germany), seppo savikko (finland). reference.
Courses: Joffrey Adyns from france (dropbox, blog), Markku Kaukinen from finland (click), jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook), Pascale Crespel at the national french championship (facebook).

12/06/18- WAO 2018: analysis of jessi landen (webpage, facebook) from finland (click).
Videos: anna herzog (austria) & roxanne (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (facebook), adrien grespier from france (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & wifi (facebook (with comments), youtube), tereza zemanova (czech rep.) & sachiko (facebook ivana kirik), Miha Primozic (slovenia) & ivy (facebook), nina causevic (slovenia- spain) & roo (youtube), tereza otypkova (czech rep.) & jess (youtube).
Courses: rene blank from germany (facebook), andre mauer from luxembourg (facebook), jirina mackova (czech rep.) in slovenia (agility open, jumping open, jumping open).
Facebook agility europe: searching for advice on electronic target (facebook).
Norway: the teams published on the web as members of national team 2018, were from 2017. This weekend there is a tryout with the judges jan egil eide, andreas silfverberg (sweden), svetlana zolotnikova (estonia). facebook).
Slovenia: Lea komat & bay, qualified for EO & world cup, but won't take part due to overlaping dates and other reasons (facebook). Their place for world cup goes to anja primozic & enie.
Italy: the mundialito CSEN 2018 is on october 20- 21 de octubre in soliera (webpage, facebook, registrations). Registrations are open.
Brazil: agility championship at ‘pet day- cia da terra’ in brasilia on june 29 (1, 2).

11/06/18- Norway: team for EO, nordic championship, mundial.
Poland: national team for world cup Barbara Czlonkowska/ lata, Patrycja Tucholska/ Kebab (+ individual), Magda Ziolkowska/ Madek, Paulina Tucholska/ kimi en small; Iwona Kalisz/ pepe (+ individual), Barbara Czlonkowska/ rudzia (+individual), Magda Domanska/ mora (+individual), Magda Gadomska/ kudel (+individual) en medium; Iwona Golab/ applause (+ individual), monika rylska/ chica (+individual), Magdalena Ziolkowska/ mawr & mati en large. Only individual large: Ola Klobukowska/ yuca, Ola Gronek/ deal (click). Brava (berger des pyrénées) from olga kwiecien, with good results in past world cups, don't took part of the qualy due to injury (facebook).
Slovenia: results from the quali (click). Ranking: world cup, EO, quali 1, quali 2. Are in the national team for world cup winning the quali silvia trkman/ le (medium + small) & silvia trkman/ to (large). Also qualified for team world cup in small marusa podjed/ nai, manca mikec/ aski, roland kolenko/ ammy, sandi okanovic/ miya and in large masa ceglar/ maggie, polona bonac/ lin, lea komat/ bay.
Czech Rep.: Final ranking of the quali for world cup in large, medium, small. The firsts places: radovan liska/ ory, olga edrova/ adar, tereza kralova/ say in large, martina klimesova/ kiki, eliska kaletova/ jive, radka mokrisova/ easy in medium, denisa lajmarova/ relda, Lucie Krauskopfova/ kessy, olga edrova/ bodie in small.
Courses: Jocke Tangfelt from sweden (facebook), anders virtanen (finland) in estonia (facebook), Sari Mikkilä (finland) in czech rep. (facebook), Stefanie Semkat in germany (jumping 3), Jessi Marianne Landen in finland (facebook), lenka pankova in czech rep. (1, 2).
Videos: silvia trkman (slovenia) with le & to (youtube), Jenny Damm (sweden), Lilli & Ziv (youtube), manca mikec (slovenia) & aksi (youtube), mike peter (luxembourg) & limit (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook).

10/06/18- Live stream: nationsl championship in france.
USA: information about the chnages in USDAA (facebook agilitynerd). 2018 agility lunatics summer classic is on june 30- july 1st in illinois (click); the courses are from tamas traj (hungary), sabrina hauser (austria), stefanie semkat (germany), jirina mackova (czech rep.), shane miller (USA).
Article how to make ‘disappear’ post/columns in an agility course (click).
Seminars: anna hinze (germany) in england on august 22 (facebook). There are 3 available spots for the seminar with philipp müller schnick (germany) on november 22- 23 in prenambuco- brazil (facebook Fabio rezende).
Border collie puppies : litter expected between astra maverick X kinloch libby (facebook). Male puppy available in the north of germany (facebook). two litters planned at tunwill in the netherlands for 2018-2019 (1, 2); One is from Fire x elijah (video of feline tunders & elijah en youtube; pedigree fire) and the other is cadie X legend (pedigree legend).

09/06/18- Live stream: national championship in france.
Slovenia: results from the quali (1, 2). Ranking: world cup, EO, quali 1, quali 2.
Poland: partial ranking from the quali (click).
Czech Rep.: results.
Obstacles: they are selling an aframe & dogwalk unused in italy (facebook). Animo concept (france) give a PVC jump when you buy 3 jumps (facebook).
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (click), Arto Laitinen from finland (1, 2, 3).
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & siri (facebook), thomas behrendt (germany) & imp (facebook), vivian nielsen (denmark) & acha my queen (facebook), silvan zumthrum (switzerland) & penny (youtube), roberta boscolo (italy) & rogger (1, 2), walter dingemanse (uko) & dice (1, 2).

08/06/18- This weekend, quali for world cup in poland (facebook; the judge is seppo savikko (finland)), slovenia (information, facebook; the judges are Andreas Silfverberg (sweden) & Jirina Mackova (czech rep.)), czech rep. (información; the judges are André Erdos (france), Sari Mikkilä (finland), Lenka pankova, Jaroslava Podmolová & Veronika vostrá (czech rep.)). France: national championship (information, facebook, live stream); the judges are nicolas renaud, alain nicaise, joffrey adyns, pascale crespel. Germany: 3 days competition, the judges are alex beitl & stefanie semkat (click) among severals competitions. Italy: competitions in verona (the judges are rolf graber (switzerland) & livia pivetta), peruggia, torino. Spain: competition for the RSCE in madrid. Brazil: dog fest & agility seminar in goias (facebook: 1, 2); agility competition in minas gerais (facebook). Argentina: competition for the national championship in buenos aires (facebook). Chile: winter games (click).
USA: 2019 tryouts rules are available (facebook).
Border collie litter at kennel infinity light (netherlands): it is Alyx's last litter, with the annoucement they inform that all puppies are reserved (facebook). Alyx is the dam of To from silvia trkman & qju from mona grefenstein. The sire is mindpower wizard (ralf ) and he is son of eiri greme ray (1, 2, 3), videos (1, 2). Ralf's owner is Alexandra Lappalainen from finland.
Seminars with manca mikec (slovenia) in USA & canada from october 24 to december 2 (facebook).

07/06/18- Orvi's raffle for USA residents (webpage, facebook); there is time until june 17 to register.
Obstacles: prices of galican obstacles with discount to pick up at some international competitions (european open junior, hulahopp, EO, pirineos dog festival).
BAM 2018: the judges are tamas traj (hungary), rolli schiltz (luxembourg), mina piske (click). There is a seminar with lisa frick (click). List of prizes. The registrations for the competition on june 15- 16 in germany with obstacles from ernst (1, 2) close on june 7.
Puppies expected in denmark at kennel border star (facebook, webpage). They are from Cia x fill alcher (his sire is rising sun dark raider).
Workshops with zeljko gora (croatia) in newark (UK) at the end of june (facebook).
Susan Garrett will live stream today at 6 pm (canada) on her private facebook page fos those joining the summit (facebook).

06/06/18- Obstacles: new frame less tire from smart-99 with curved feet for avoiding accidents while jumping or landing (facebook); new teeters come with dampers for cushioning and the dampers will be available for adding at old teeters too (facebook).
Courses: attila varga (hungary) in latvia (facebook).
EO 2018: registrations closed on may 31. There is a partial list of countries registered (click).
United kingdom: the deadline for registrations at the international agility festival (august 9- 12) is june 14 (click).
Finland: lthe quali trials for world cup are june 30- july 1. Teh qualified dogs are the ones that went to the previous world cup, the 12 best dogs of each EO quali and some more places choosen by ranking. List with dogs that are already qualified for the world cup quali (click).
Book ‘Pierrot et Miette’ from Sophie De Mullenheim about first world war in 1914- 1918 (fnac, bibliothèque de mathy, terres de montaigu, amazon, facebook).

05/06/18- Courses: rolf franck (facebook), nicolas renaud (france) in norway (agility small, agility mediu, agility large), jari suomalainen from finland (click).
Videos: ramona schürken (germany) & 5 at a seminar with tereza kralova, tobias wüst & daniel schröder (youtube), daniela lehrer (germany) & tippi (youtube), jane elene christensen (denmark) & chip (facebook), judy & vette (USA) at WT prep camp (youtube). video from McCann Dogs about heatstroke (facebook).
France: calendar for 2019.
Netherlands: list with the dogs qualified for national championship (facebook).
Brazil: seminar with philipp müller schnick (germany) in pernambuco on november 22- 23 (facebook)l there are 3 available spots.
Article from one mind about Cornelia Kluck (australia) & Panda (click). Article about atropine and myopia (1, 2). Article about Pancarpal and Partial Carpal Arthrodesis (click).

04/06/18- Videos: roberta boscolo (italy) & roger from 2 on 2 off to running contacts (facebook), graduation video from the running contacts course of tetra (youtube), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & lys (youtube), magdalena labieniec (poland) & elfie in a seminar with isabelle emanuelsson (youtube).
Jersey agility cup on september 8-9 (webpage, facebook); the on line registrations closes on august 4.
On line course of running contacts and seesaw with zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) starts on july 2 (webpage, facebook). the course has a new design and lasts 5 months. The cost is 195 euros with dog and 110 euros as auditor.
Seminars with anne lenz (germany) & nina gregl (croatia) in florida (USA) during the week of january 14 (facebook, webpage).
Courses: jirina mackova (czech rep.) in norway (facebook), Patrick Bucher from switzerland (facebook).
Sweden: lista of national team for world cup (VM), EO, nordic championship (.pdf).
Brazil: the world teams were completed (facebook) with Jose luis Lage-Marques & Tiss (shetland), Marcela Françoso & Finwe (berger des pyrénées), leandro gandini & apple (parson).

03/06/18- Switzerland: the classified for world cup are Schwab Claudia & Mitch, Hunkeler Evelyne & Lenny, Gloor Jeannine & T-late, Boeufvé Chloé & Dounut (small); Schwab Claudia & Mylo, Buchmeier Daniel & Piraya, Tabourat Simon & Dinamit, Hasler Gudrun & Camino (medium); Mühlebach Andr é & Lynn, Zumthurm Silvan & Penny, Fryand Christian & Braveheart, Fähndrich Tanja & Phoenix, Risi Pascal & Cainy, Schindler Noémie & Twice, Gloor Jeannine & U2. Results. Ranking: large, medium, small.
Courses: anders virtanen (finland) in italy (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, beginners), petr pupik from czech rep. (agility 1, jumping 2-3, agility 2, agility 3, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3), Kurt Ove Steinset at national championship in norway (jumping 1 SML, agility 2 medium, agility 3 large, equipos large, jumping 2 large, final teams), Marko Mäkelä from finland (facebook), dave munnings from UK (facebook).
Seminars: anna hinze at Hundesporthotel Wolf (germany) on march 16-22 (click), alain remund in france on january 12 (facebook).
Italy: national competition of freestyle & speedwater on july 8 (facebook).
EO 2018: Emily Abrahams (australia) & jose davila (venezuela) are searching for one or two teams large to run with them at team competition (facebook).

02/06/18- Courses: nicolas renaud (france) in norway (jumping small jumping medium, jumping large), jocke tangfelt (sweden) in denmark (1, 2), anders virtanen (finland) in italy (facebook), Nick Robson from UK (facebook).
Videos: niina liina (finland) training with tereza kralova (facebook), graduation video from running contacts course with silvia trkman (youtube).
Diamond Ruman works with the dogs of the national team in canada (1, 2) and travels with them to the different world championships in europe; sha has been called by slovenia to take care of their dogs (facebook manca mikec).
Border collie puppies born in italy from coldstrean easy to love (fetch granting pleasure X geena) X shadow of aire ittouch (sony (japan) X witch (matej cucek)): 1, 2.
Switzerland: results from saturday (click). Ranking large, medium, small. simon tabourat & dinamit (medium) and claudia schwab & mitch (small) won both runs and they are at the first place in their rankings.
A&C: the FCI commission for the americas and caribbean section approved at the annual assembly on may 31 in brazil that the A&C 2020 will be together with the conformation competition in costa rica (facebook). Although many times the A&C conformation/ show coincided in time and place with the agility one, in recent years they were carried out in different dates and countries. On april 2018 (in occasion of argentina's A&C), the agility people met and voted that brazil would organize the event in 2019 and colombia in 2020; this was subject to ratification by the FCI comission for the americas and caribbean section as it happens when the FCI agility commission proposes the dates of the world cup and european open but it is the general committee of the FCI who ratifies (or not) those dates. Although the Americas & Caribbean is not an FCI tournament (as are world cup, EO, EO junior, and CACIAg competitions), it is run under FCI rules and its dates are validated in the FCI commission assembly for the americas and caribbean section.

01/06/18- This weekend quali in switzerland judged by urs inglin & patrick bucher (running orders). lithuania: competition judged by alen marekovic from croatia (facebook). germany: seminar with tereza kralova (czech rep.), tobias wüst & daniel schröder (facebook). norway: national championship (facebook); juzgan Helge Himle (norway), Kurt-Ove Steinset (norway), Jirina Mackova (czech rep.), Nicolas Renauld (france). italy: competitions in rome (the judges are sandra deidda, anders virtanen), chieti (the judge is fabiano gatto), modena (the judge is marco annovi), grosseto (the judge is rolf graber from switzerland), torino (the judge is paolo rebasti), milan (the judges are seppo savikko, livia pivetta); they organize a tunnel cup for those who compete and also for those who not compete at the end of the competition in lecco (facebook). USA: seminars with marco giavoni (italy) in california & svetlana tumanova (russia) in massachusetts (facebook). Colombia: competition for national championship in bogota (facebook); the judge is philipp müller schnick (germany). Argentina: trial for local championship in buenos aires (facebook).
BCC 2018: registrations are open for grade 1 (click).
Brazil: philipp müller schnick (germany) will teach ina semiinaron november 22- 23 and will be the judge of the competitions on november 24- 25 in pernambuco (facebook fabio rezende).
International sheltie competition 2018: list of dogs without team in grade 2 and 3 (facebook).
Colombia: in addition to last weekend's seminars and judging this weekend, philipp müller schnick (germany) gave an update course for judges (facebook).
Susan Garrett (canada): ad of ‘Its Yer Choice Summit’ (click).
Software: the winners of tessa timer are barbora karolova from slovakia, veronika zezulkova from czech rep., sara roque luis from portugal (facebook).
Lord of the winter: registrations start today (facebook).

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