17/01/18- Videos: fitness excercises for dogs (facebook).
Obstacles: last used tunel to sell in france (facebook). A frame with details (not affecting performance) is available at first contact in united kingdom (facebook); it is in blue and pink.
Fit paws: article about excercise and get smarter (click).
Greece: webpage, facebook. The webpage has a complete calendar of competitions (with judges) and seminars for 2018, results, regulations, etc.
Sweden: Rasfestivalen is on february 17- 18 (facebook); the judges are Tina Karlsson, Tommy Hagström & Malin Lindskog.
USA: article shared by agility nerd on the first most common factors of injuries in puppies (facebook, artículo).
Seminars: Nadine Alshut (germany) & max sprinz (germany) in italy on june 29-30 o (facebook). International seminar with alen marekovic (croatia), grégory bielle bidalot (france), michaela brandstetter (austria), dante camacho (brazil), sergio souza (portugal), eva lacnakova (czech rep.) on july 20- 22 in germany (facebook). HThere is a free place for this weekend at the seminar of jessica flouret, fabien flouret, thomas raczka (facebook).
Border collie litter planned in Australia out of Comebyanaway Ready Dhu Stig X Guirmere Bluemoon Nikki 2100470031. They expect small or medium sized puppies (facebook).
Book streching & massage at dogwise.

16/01/18- Courses: rene blank (germany) at dog fitmin cup (facebook).
WAO 2018: the updated information of the event can be obtained by downloading the application of kanito for mobile phones (facebook).
E-book: kayl Mc cann (canada) has agility drills for small spaces (facebook).
Mexico: calendar for the UCAM 2018 (click). Final ranking 2017 with 177 competitors (click).
PAC 2018 is on april 24 to may 1 in germany (webpage, facebook). The judges are Martin Ritter, Stefanie Semkat, Rolli Schiltz, Vittorio Papavero. There is a seminar with Ariane Wieber, Christoph Lucke, Nicole Münker between tuesday and thursday (click). Registrations in webmelden.
Croatia: results of the quali for EO on january 13 (.pdf).
Magazine in Japan: information about the next issue of JAM (facebook, webpage).
Spain: the judges for the quali on march 24-25 are stefanie semkat (germany), rolli schiltz (luxembourg), manuel parejo (facebook).
One mind: article ‘Getting the best out of my dog part 1’ (click). private lessons with anna eifert from hungary click).
John Silver: auction of paintings on ebay of labrador retriever (click), border collies (1, 2, 3), other (1, 2); They close on January 21. Special offer on paintings during January (facebook).

15/01/18- Magna Racino 2018: information on facebook (german, english), dognow.at (click).
USA: the team that will take part at world cup IFCS gathers funds offering the training courses of the national team together with access to discussions about them and the possibility of asking questions (1, 2).
Courses: nikolas koch from germany (agility 3, jumping 3, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, open, jumping 3, open 1-2), lorenzo celic from italy (agility 3, agility 2, agility 3, jumping 2, jumping 3, agility 2, jumping 3), Marcel Schlühr at luxwintercup (click).
Videos: champdogtv from germany (youtube), bianca van gastel (netherlands) & juice qualifying for the WAO (facebook), felipe alves (brazil) & shanti (facebook), thomas raczka (france) & must in black at luxwintercup (youtube), Marilyne Raby (france) & neelha (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & itzi bitzi (facebook).
Luxwintercup: results from saturday & sunday. Photos
Fit paws: balance & stability excercises (click).

14/01/18- Courses: Jari suomalainen from finland (click), marcel schlühr (germany) en la luxwintercup (facebook), Sari Mikkilä from finland (facebook).
Border collie litter: expected at alen marekovic kennel from croatia (facebook). It would be Asa X jack (lisa frick).
Article from Jennifer Finney Boylan about the death of a dog (NY times). ‘When you lose a dog, you not only lose the animal that has been your friend, you also lose a connection to the person you have been.’.
Health: webinar with questions for Dr sherman canapp on sports medicine in dogs on January 15 at 3 pm Eastern USA (facebook). Article about injuries in digit, risk factors, exercises, etc. (click).
Agility calendars: croatia, colombia.
Slovakia: cup mania 2018 & 15th Slovak championship of Border Collies is on may 5- 6, (facebook); the judges are Sabrina Hauser (Austria) & Iveta Lukacova (slovakia).
Brazil: mental enrichment seminar for dogs on March 2-3 in belo horizonte (facebook).
Videos: Marusa Podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook), christhiane fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), peak performance (youtube).

13/01/18- Lost dog: shetland in france (facebook: 1, 2).
Health: treatments for idiopathic epilepsy (royal veterinary college, pmc).
Obstacles: Kelbel Agility (slovakia) has new plastic hurdles following FCI new rules (webpage, facebook).
Seminars: manca mikec (slovenia) on march 24-25 tobias wüst's venue in germany (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.), tobias wüst (germany) & daniel schröder (germany) on june 2-3 in germany (facebook).
Clean run: index of february's issue of the magazine (facebook). webpage.
Italy: dates for the quali trials for jack russell national team (facebook). Pre registrations will open on february 5.
USA UKI Open is on november 8- 11 in florida (webpage).
Finland: webpage, facebook from Janakkala Open 2018.
Videos: anne lenz (germany) & chi (facebook), jérémy chomienne (france) & page (facebook), commercial for vodafone (youtube).

12/01/18- This weekend there is quali for FMBB in greece (facebook (1, 2), working dog (1, 2)). Luxembourg: third part of luxwintercup (webpage, information, ranking). Austria: Mix & Breed Cup 2018 in tattendorf (judged by jirina mackova (czech rep.)), eikristall cup & ruuning trophy (1, 2) in Kremsmünster (judged by Mina Piske (germany)), Steirischer Wintercup in Weiz (judged by fritz hauser). Alemania: trials in Duisburg, Oestringen (judged by nikolas koch), Kaufungen (judged by Irmgard Bröker, Björn Bröker), Blankenheim (judged by Jürgen Ketschker), mendig (judged by Sandra Körber & Jörg Zenner). Croatia: Bad ass agility EO quali trial (judged by manca mikec (Slovenia)); information. Czech Rep.: Dog Friends Fitmin Cup 2018 (webpage, facebook). Slovakia: seminar with tamas traj from hungary (facebook). Spain: trial in cordoba (facebook). USA: UKI trial in california (facebook). Brazil: 1ª copa agility in rio de janeiro (webpage, facebook).
Hungarian open 2018: january 12is the last day to pay registrations (facebook). Registration list.
B.A.C.K 2018 -Photos: a special dog that took part at the event; (1, 2), album (MK Fotografie), one of the podiums with obstacles as prize (facebook iwona golab).
Online coourse with martina klimesova (cech rep.): “Special games fun class” (information on facebook). The following are “Handling fun class”, “1 and 2 jumps fun class”, “Fit class for dogs”.
Training with lisa frick in stockerau (austria) for easter (facebook).
Litter of berger des pyrénées expected for february in austria. (facebook). The are from Zookie (laura reinhalter) x Aivanhoe Fevel (markus miller). Zookie won EO 2016 & 3 at EO 2017.
Bulgaria: Agility Cup Bulgaria II is on may 26 (facebook); the judges are Pavol & Martina Vakonic (slovakia).
France: agility competition on march 17- 18 in avignon (facebook); the judges are Rolf Graber (swiotzerland), Philippe Boudeville, Lorenzo Celic (italy) & Eric Courant.
Slovakia: Agi-Halloween 2018 is on october 13- 14 (webpage, facebook); the judges are Iveta Lukacova, Roman Hajnala, Roman Lukac and Roman Lukac jr.

11/01/18- WAO 2018: the forms for applying for wild card are available (facebook, webpage). The deadline is february 28.
Obstacles: Smart-99 will be selling a foam long jump in march (facebook).
Puppies: border collie litters at never never land (poland) out of asta la vista X raider (facebook 1, 2; the males are available) and lynn X sweep (facebook).
Malinois puppy (male) available in italy (facebook); it is a son of skin from patrizia ciuffetti.
Seminars with tobias wüst & daniel schröder (germany) in sweden on february 24-25 (facebook isabelle emanuelsson). There are some free spots for the seminar with silas boogk in germany on january 31 (facebook stefanie semkat).
Courses: nikolas koch from germany (agility 1, agility 3, jumping 3, open 1, agility 3, jumping 3, agility 1, agility 2, open1, open 2).
Videos about animal rescue and abandoned dogs (facebook). More videos: lisa frick (austria) & hoss (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) training his new puppy siri (facebook), susan garret (facebook), cristian sardelli (italy) & hyde (facebook), elina (finland) & etna (youtube).

10/01/18- Silvia trkman: registrations are open for the new course of running contacts with updates (click). The course has a new video on turns, soft turns, straight exits and various handling with just a mat . Focus on understanding, limit the time on the dogwalk, no more throwing ball and static toy. People registering to the course may choose to do it the old way. Classes starts on february 1st.
Litter: border collie planned in the netherlands for the end 2018 (facebook); the dam is time (litter sister of Qju (mona grefesntein) & To (silvia trkman)). On the webpage, they clarify that they sell puppies to their friends (click).
The puppies expected at du mourioche (germany) were born: there are 5 mudis (click) & 3 bergers des pyrénées (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & app at thel BACK (youtube), isabelle emanuelsson/finn vs jouni orenius/leia (facebook), slalom de sofia trained by martina vakonikova (youtube), overlay of anne lenz/itzi bitzi vs robby lieppert/rabe at the BACK (click) physical preparation of never with justine davenport in canada (facebook).
Courses: esa muotka from finland (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook: 1, 2).

09/01/18- Gold rush 2018 is on december 15- 16 (click).
Disc dog: facebook of UK Disc Dog Association.
Seminars: daniel schröder & tobias wüst (germany) on june 9- 10 (facebook), june 12- 13 (facebook) & june 15- 16 (facebook) in italy, patrizia ciuffetti in italy on february 17-18, may 12- 13, september 15- 16, november 17- 18 (.pdf), february 10-11 (facebook agility republic), tiago rocha (brazil) in villa la angostura (argentina) on february 10-12 (facebook), nicky manes (argentina) on january 20- 21 in chile (facebook). . There are 3 available places for a seminar with krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) on july 12 in france (facebook).
BACK 2018: courses from friday, saturday, sunday, sandra deidda (agility 3 medium , jumping 3 large, jumping 3 small, final). Videos: daniel schröder with anjo (facebook) & cashew (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (youtube), julia schober (germany) & jamie (1, 2, 3), aleksandra klobukowska (poland) & yuca (facebook), Detlef Hegeler (germany) con may be & junior (youtube), monika rylska (poland) con chica & koza nostra (youtube), franzi engel (germany) & fussy (facebook), jörg zenner (germany) & xbox (youtube).

08/01/18- Norway: competition on april 21-22 in the south (facebook); the judges are stefanie semkat (germany), petr pupik (Czech republic), vittorio papavero (italy) & kurt ove steinset (norway).
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & meryl (youtube), obedience excercise with rayder, 20 months old (facebook), susan garrett (canada) & Wiggins (facebook). videos from the b.a.c.k.: joanna fischer (poland) & lexi (facebook), ola gronek (poland) & hash (facebook), nicole kelpen (germany) con spit & poke (youtube), nina gregl (craotia) & tic (facebook) alen marekovic (croatia) with runo & ris (facebook).
Herding: registrations are open for the european nursery championship to be run on march 9-11 in the netherlands (click).
Border collie litter planned in slovakia out of why not hash my queen X ikea from pavol vakonic (facebook). In UK there is an expected litter from why not zet my queen X ever (facebook devongem border collie).
On line course with zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) on 2 on 2 off and running contacts (click); it cost 185 euros with dog. The cost as auditor is 100 euros (click).
Genetic test of CEA/CH, CL, TNS, I-GS & Curly for Border Collies & ISDS Sheepdogs at optigen with discount during february (facebook, webpage). E mail Val Tiller for prices and full details (val.tiller@talk21.com).

07/01/18- Silvia Trkman offers a spot for one of her courses among those who like and share her post about the trailer of her DVD X-treme foundations (facebook).
Courses: bernd hüppe (austria) at lord of the winter (agility open, agility large, jumping open), Jari Suomalainen from finland (click).
BACK 2018: results from sunday. the winners were: Nadine Alshut (germany) & cinna (jumping 3 large), simone ullrich (austria) & babou (jumping 3 medium), claudia schwab (switzerland) & mitch (jumping 3 small), anne lenz (germany) & itzi bitzi (agility 3 large), agnes acs kovesi (hungary) & ike (agility 3 medium), sophie lafond (france) & felicity (agility 3 small). Tamas traj (hungary) & riu won several grade 1 large courses.
Berger agility sommer event 2018 is on august 4-5 in netherlands (facebook).
International poodle competition 2018 is on june 16- 17 in austria (.pdf, facebook); the judges are rolf graber (switzerland) & bernd hüppe (austria). The deadline for registrations is april 1.
USA: rules for masters challenge agility cup 2018 (click).
Bad dog agility: article about problems with start lines (click).

06/01/18- Live stream: at 8 pm in Germany there will be a live stream of the final of B.A.C.K (facebook). The link will be posted on facebook.
Videos: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), interview to susanne nieder from germany (facebook), skijoëring (youtube).
Courses: stephanie hundt (germany) in mendig (facebook).
Obstacles: video video of the assembly of a channel slalom way to weave (facebook).
BACK 2018: results from saturday. The finals were for:
♦ large- anne lenz (germany) & chi (border collie), iwona golab (poland) & app (border collie), phillipp müller schnick (germany) & boost (border collie).
♦ medium- olga maniewska (poland) & brava (berger des pyrénées), mareike Hirschfeld, (germany) & Feifel (shetland), andrea brocca (italy) & easy (parson).
♦ small- Ina Eschenburg (germany) & Mr X (parson), karin Riegler (austria) & kate (shetland), georg hagen (austria) & Ivy (shetland).
Videos: olga maniewska (poland) & brava (facebook: 1, 2), dan shaw (england) & geek (facebook), phillipp müller schnick (germany), hunter & boost (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & chi (facebook), Monika Rylska (poland) & chica (facebook), Ina Eschenburg (germany) & Mr X (facebook).

05/01/18- Software smarter agility for course design is on sale (facebook agility europe).
Austria: results of silvester special (1, 2, 3, 4).
Russia: competition on january 13 (facebook).
BACK 2018: results from friday. The winners of grade 3 were: simon brenca (switzerland) & cute (agility large), werner goltz (austria) & esmeralda (agility & jumping medium), claudia schwab (switzerland) & mitch (agility small), lea hödl (austria) & rose (jumping small), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (jumping large). videos: phillipp müller schnick (germany), boost & hunter (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (facebook), sascha grunder (switzerland) & zao (facebook).
Seminars: lea komat (slovenia) on january 20- 21 in italy (facebook), training with lee gibson in UK on january 13 de enero organized by YKC young kennel club (click), Marusa Podjed (slovenia) on april 27- 28 in agility park- italy (facebook), regula tschanz, daniel volz, carlo kirsch on april 3-5 in germany (facebook), running contacts in frane on february 3 (facebook), Jessica Flouret, Fabien Flouret, Thomas Raczka on januaery 20-21in germany (click).

04/01/18- This weekend is the back in germany (webpage, facebook, running order & program, registration list); the judges are sandra deidda (italia), andré erdos (francia), sabrina hauser (austria), marcel schlühr (germany), thomas ebeling (germany), Uschi Hornung (germany). Austria: The Good Stuff - Neujahrsspringen 2018 in tattendorf (the judge is lena pankova from czech rep.), Dreikönigsturnier 2018 in Ebreichsdorf (the judges are Fritz Hauser & Hans Fried). Slovakia: Lord f the winter III (1, 2, 3); the judges are Alen Marekovic (Croatia) & Roman Hajnala (Slovakia). Italy: agility competitions in torino, lecco, roma, rally- O in pavia, obedience in pavia. Germany Neujahrsturnier judged by Nikolas Koch, Oliver Gustke (1, 2, 3, 4). Czech Rep.: intensive training (facebook). USA: New Year Agility Fun Run in pensylvania (facebook).
Seminars: Tobias Wüst & Daniel Schröder (germany) on july 23- 24 in austria (facebook), steffi hundt in agility park (germany) on march 4 (facebook). training with enya habel (sweden) in odalen agility- norway (facebook). Registrations for summer camp with anne lenz, Dani Fischbach & Nina Gregl on june 20- 22 are open (facebook, form, information). There is on available spot for a medium grade 3 dog at a seminar with tobias wüst in germany on january 13-14 (facebook).
Border collie puppies out of dexx (1, 2) they are expected for february in the netherlands (facebook patries briedé). There are some available male malinois in italy (facebook); the dam is skin from Patrizia Ciuffetti. Litters expected at italian kennel shadow man: eiri greme ray X autumn sun of austrian diamonds & DOY perfekt tis X never never land m thaji (pedigrees from sun, tiss, Never Never Land M'Kurou No Tatsu); eiri greme ray is the sire of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick).
Time systems: Iwona Golab (poland) sells a wi chrono with little use and offers to take it to the BACK (1, 2).

03/01/18- Article from silvia trkman (slovenia) about her wishes for 2018 of more safety agility (click). ‘after Le's terrible crash into a metal wing, I definitely notice any slip, any crash and any unsafe performance... Looking back at it, all my scariest agility moments happened on metal wings... So I guess my New Year wish is metal wings get banned!!!’.. ‘ I LOVE my Adams PVC jumps ... And yes, they do fall in heavy wind, but that's o.k.! I certainly want them to fall if a dog jumps in too!!!’ ‘While tire and collapsed tunnel are most commonly discussed in relation to agility safety, I actually fear metal wings much more... ’.. ‘Also, I used to think of tunnels as a safe and easy on their bodies obstacle... Until I got the kamikaze Le.’.. I also hope more&more clubs decide for full anti-slip tunnels...’.
Border collie litter expected in february at kennel sonic workaholic from poland (webpage, facebook); the parents are Lilou X Boost. Boost is from phillipp müller schnick (germany).
International cocker agility championship is on may 26-27 in madrid (spain). The judge is petr pupik (czech rep.). Registrations closes on may 15. Information. In 2019 it will be in Germany (click).
Seminars: tamas traj (hungary) in slovakia on january 13 (facebook), johann canal & adrien grespier in france on february 3 for 70 euros (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) & tamas traj (hungary) in norway on april 28-29 (form, banner), running contacts with mona grefenstein (germany) on april 17 in norway (form, banner), ariane wieber, zeljko gora, isabelle emanuelsson in italy (click).
Brazil: double trial in río de janeiro on january 13- 14 (info & partial registration list).

02/01/18- Border collie litter expected in brazil in february from double j roy (USA). Roy belongs to leandro boldrini (parana) and is full brother of the canadian border collies summit (justine davenport) & trix (jessica patterson) but from a previous litter in 2007 (click). Even if Leandro (herding) posted in 2013 on a well known brazilian agilitist's facebook about his dog's relatives, there are no known litters from roy in agility kennels until now. The 2018 litter is at kennel kisfarkas from fernanda lesnau (facebook). The dam of the litter is fendi from emporium dos caes (zico's daughter).
Obstacles: there is an available delivery of full grip tunnels from agility tunnel at magna racino (facebook).
Croatia: the registrations for bad ass agility & quali for EO are open (facebook). The deadline is january 10. The competition is on january 13 and the judge is manca mikec (slovenia).
Rules: new rules in united kingdom allow the judge to use weaves with 6, 9 or 12 poles among other changes (1, 2, 3, 4). Rules 2018 for RSCE- spain (facebook).
Videos: nicole kelpen (germany) & spit at 4 paws trophy (youtube), herding with 1000 sheep view from a drone (youtube), nicola giraudi (italy) & brick training herding (youtube) daisy peel (USA) & chispa (facebook) commercial for granola (youtube), commercial for coppel (youtube), australian shepherd in the snow (facebook), galican in spain (facebook).

01/01/18- Obstacles: from agi x2 (japan) with discounts until January 3 (facebook).
Border collie puppies: litter planned for 2018 at kennel rascabes from czech rep. (abey); they are out of runkeeper m' floli the nimble elf de Pavla Vorlova and firework hill all in abey (pedigree).
Germany: competitions in agility park. registrations for the dates of April 6- 8 (judged by tamas traj (hungary)) & for April 27- May 1 (judged by mario hofer & isabell böbel) open on january 1. The competitions are as following: on april 6 and 27 the competitions are only for grade 3, april 7- 8 is the smart-99 cup, april 28- may 1 is a tournament (click).
Austria: registration for the international speed pudel competition open on january 1. It is on june 16- 17 and the judges are rolf graber (switzerland), bernd hüppe (austria). Information.
United kingdom: registrations for the agility open at agility plaza start on january 2. The competition is on june 14- 17 in buckingham. The obstacles are from first contact. webpage, facebook.
Courses from the judges of some of the next important international events: nicolas renaud from france (wordpress, facebook), andreas silfverberg from sweden (wordpress, facebook), bart de decker from belgium (wordpress, facebook), pavl rohacek from slovakia (wordpress, facebook), tamas traj from hungary (wordpress, facebook), veronika herendy from hungary (wordpress, flickr), svetlana zolotnicova from estonia (wordpress, webpage), andre erdos from france (wordpress, cearc), gianfranco ricci from italy (wordpress, facebook), ana beltran from spain (wordpress, facebook).

31/12/17- Puppies: mudi & berger des pyrénées planned in germany at du mourioche (click).
USA: changes in USDAA for masters challenge classes that are based in part on european international competitions style. Space for a competition are changed. Also, the average distance between obstacles along the path of the dog when running in full extension shall be close to 7 m 1/2 and a minimum 5 m, except in some circunstances describe on the amended. There are more changes. They also have 4 dog categories, small, medium, large & Xlarge. The x large jumps 60 cm. Document.
CEA, IGS, TNS, SN: Laboklin tests at 89 dollars for all ISDS dogs (facebook, webpage).
Courses: bart de decker (belgium) in the netherlands (facebook), mitsuru yamada in japan (facebook).
Research on canine behaviour at Purdue University (click).
Q- me: 20 % discount during january 1 (facebook, webpage).
France: the judges for the quali trials are nicolas renaud & wolfgang tieber (austria) on february 24- 25, joffrey adyns & dominque prin on march 24- 25, jirina mackova (czech rep.) & david powell on may 12- 13. Reference.
Videos: jörg zenner (germany) & Xii in mendig (facebook).

30/12/17- Luxembourg: trick dog classes with mike peter (facebook).
Courses: bart de decker (belgium) in the netherlands (facebook), tomas glabazna in czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: daisy peel (USA) & chispa (facebook), mona grefensteina (germany) & Qju (facebook), rebecca kowalski (germany) & liv ganando dos competencias en mendig (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & coke (1, 2 on facebook)

29/12/17- Coatian sheepdog female puppy about 3 months old is looing for a home (facebook). Video en facebook.
Border collie litters expected in austria: litter from why not hash my queen x rising sun nibs at kennel austrian diamonds from ingrid kastner in mid february (click); litter from jack- Extra Jackpot of Shadowman (lisa frick) X destiny angel of lightning border at Wicked Wonderland in february (carmen.hinterdorfer@gmx.at).
Story of bucket & Dagwood: video (facebook), photos (1, 2).
Videos: annika af klercker (sweden) & storma (vimeo), janita leinonen (finland) & fu (youtube).
Clean run: training sequence from Elaine Rinicker for speed and tight turns (click).
Online coursefor handling in yesdog with Tobias Sjöberg (sweden) for 120 euros (1, 2, 3).
Finland: Janakkala open 2018 is on august 3-5 (facebook). The judges are Sascha Grunder (Switzerland), Stefanie Semkat (germany), Jari Suomalainen (finland). Event on facebook, webpage.
France: articles & video of the seminars with sohpie lafond in cavaillon (1, 2, 3, 4).

28/12/17- This weekend, Susanne Nieder is the judge in mendig- germany (1, 2). Czech Rep. - Germany: agility training instead of fireworks (facebook). Luxembourg: 4 paws trophybetween December 29 and January 1 inclusive (click). germany: tournament in herne (1, 2). Austria: silvester special (click); the judges are viola veres & erich hüttner. Italy: competition in alessandria (1, 2). USA: new year competition addicted to agility in Rhode Island (click), uki competitions in pennsylvania, florida, texas.
Slovakia: the second qualifying for the national team is on april 21- 22 (information & registration list, facebook); the judge is Wolfgang Tieber (austria). Tbe first quali is on march 17- 18 (information & registration list, facebook); the judge is blaz oven (slovenia).
Winter camp 2018 with Mary Ellen Barry (USA), Tuulia Liuhto (Finland), Timo Liuhto (Finland), Karen Holik (USA) in florida (USA) on january 2-18 (click). More Information (.pdf).
Lost dog in UK (facebook).
Health: comments on a possible Rhabdomyolysis after the bite of a snake (facebook).
Shetland puppies in germany: the litter from A little Peanut with eager to work X Jinx Blue of Sprightliness was born. They had a merle puppy (facebook).
Videos: ramona (germany) & 5 (youtube), cliff rescue in USA (youtube).

27/12/17- Slovakia: Anita Szilagyi is the judge of the competition on june 30 (facebook).
Seminars in belgium: zeljko gora & Tom Elsen on april 2- 3 (facebook; the cost is 170 euros), Saskia Vansteelant & Andy de Groote (facebook; el costo es de 135 euros). Others seminars: Magdalena Ziolkowska in slovakia on june 25-26 (facebook), Patrizia Ciuffetti in italy on february 1, 15, 22 (facebook), Grégory Bielle Bidalot (france) in spain on march 17- 18 (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) in swiss dog arena (switzerland) on february 3- 4 (click).
WAO 2018: facebook team finland.
Videos: saverio carenza (italy-brasil) tribute his border collie medium, Alice (facebook), training running contacts of Martina Vakonicova (slovakia) & Sofia (youtube), 1st Croatian Sheepdog World Championship in 2016 (youtube), running contacts of Gerhard Wiester-Krenn & emma (youtube). Others videos: team work with Linda Kohler (youtube), christmas with a jack russell & dr. sophia yin (video, behind the scenes), christmas with jack russell (facebook).
Spain: calendar of first semester 2018;

26/12/17- Slovakia: Pavol Rohacek (judge at BCC 2018) is the judge Hafikovske skusky 2018 on april 14 (facebook).
Japan: LADF Agility Winter cup is on february 4 (facebook).
USA: the rescue of felix (border collie of 2 years old) at ecola state park (1, 2, 3).
Sweden: registrations are open for the gasahoppet 2018 (facebook).
Luxwintercup: program & running orders for january (click).
Seminars: handling with Isabelle Emanuelsson (sweden), Laura Chudleigh (uk), Lucy Osborne (uk) on february 15- 16 (facebook). Seminar with pavol vakonic & martina vakonicova (slovakia) on april 27- 29 in czech rep. (facebook).
4 my merles: 25  discount with the code fit25 on articles fitpaws (1, 2). The offer is valid only in canada
A&C 2018: webpage, facebook, rules (unofficial), costs (unofficial), instructions for registration (unofficial). unoficial information.

25/12/17- Running contacts feedback with Channie Elm φrsted (denmark), based on anne lenz method. Registration close on december 26 (click).
Courses from Oliver Gustke (germany) on facebook. Training exercises of marc martin (1, 2).
4 paws trophy is on 5-8 July in saarburg (germany) with a 2-day workshop and a 2-day competition (facebook); the program will be available in January. video.
B.A.C.K 2018: running order & program/schedule.
Germany: seminars with michaela brandstetter (austria), veronika herendy (hungary), silas boogk (germany), sonja mladek (austria), urs inglin (switzerland) among others in hundesport ferienhof kraus (click).
Luxembourg: Agility Champs for You reloaded is on april 7-8 in Agilityhalle Saarburg (click); registrations opened on december 1 st. There are 6 rings in parallel and 13 international coaches: Veronika Herendy (hungary), Carlo Kirsch (Luxembourg), Lucie Kotásková (czech rep. ), Svetlana Kreslina (latvia), Eva Lacnakova (czech rep.), Marcel Magnin (switzerland), Manca Mikec (Slovenia), Keida Raamat (estonia), Jesse Schiltz (Luxembourg), Conny Sennhauser (switzerland), Nuno Silva (Portugal), Magdalena Ziolkowska (Poland). The organizer are nancy & rolli schiltz. banner. Registrations (.pdf, .xlsx).
Spain: information about the camping area for the rialp summer agility competition on August 1 - 5 (facebook). webpage, facebook.

24/12/17- IABC 2018: international all breed competition is looking for an organizer for 2018 for the 15th edition (click).
Walks with dogs: dave munnings s post about his walks with dogs and what it means for his training (facebook).
Obstacles: full grip tunnels from schauenburg in germany (click), recommended by alex beitl (facebook agility europe).
Calendar with some of the important agility trials in europe for 2018 (click). some other calendars with european dates (1, 2, 3, 4 (termine), 5).
Videos: nina gregl (croatia) & wai at gold rush (youtube), christmas from alice- kennel amromeka (youtube), cathrin steck (germany) & liv (facebook max sprinz). Christmas video from jenny damm (youtube).
Seminars: Queens summer camp with anne lenz (germany), dani fischbach (germany), nina gregl (croatia) on june 20- 22 in germany (facebook). It is the week after BAM and prior to a summer trial in mendig (click).
France: eric courant is the judge of the trial on january 14 near montélimar (facebook).
Brazil: seminar with dante camacho about reactive dogs (facebook); it is in sao paulo on january 27- 28 and the registrations cost 1200 reales.
Facebook: susan garrett asks about the best advice you received in agility (facebook).
Training: Ready Treat Reward System is a treat dispenser with remote control sold at Dogz-DK (webpage, facebook).

23/12/17- EO junior 2018: webpage.
Moravia open 2018: the judges are nicolas renaud (judge of FCI WC 2018) from france (facebook), Svetlana Zolotnikova (judge of EO 2018) from estonia (facebook), tamas traj from hungary (facebook), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook).
Seminars in italy: Patrizia Ciuffetti on march 3-4 (facebook), alberto marmo on january 23 (facebook), gianluca schingaro on april 28- 29 (facebook, información). Workshop with lea komat about contacts on december 23 in slovenia: there is a free spot (facebook).
Austria: the trial for supporting national team at FCI WC in sweden is on april 28- 29 (facebook).
Greece: Mediterranean Dog Challenge 2018 is on may 17- 20 (facebook).
One mind dogs has premium videos on reverse spin free until december 27 (facebook, webpage). OMD has different membership plans for viewing videos (click): the costs are 18 dollars for one day, 48 dollars for one month, 242 dollars for 6 months and 426 dollars for one year (the prices are in euros and those values are calculated with the daily exchange rate).
Books: ‘how to be a concept trainer’ from tom mitchell (1, 2, 3) costs 17 pounds (more or less 25 dollars). Books from Mikaela Holegârd (sweden) in denmark (click).
Offers from flying dogz in denmark (webpage, facebook): toys, tugs, courses, books, collars, leashes, etc. Win agility has 25 % off (webpage, facebook).

21/12/17- On line course: Staying ahead of your dog on course part 2 starts on february 5 (facebook Annaret Meintjes (south africa)).
Exercise: anne lenz (germany) suggests training the sequence 16-18 from sandra deidda's course at gold rush final in two different ways and count the time used (facebook).
Courses:carlo magnoli (czech rep.- italy) studies different options for an hypothetical course (facebook). Courses from Yoshiaki Kato in japan (1, 2), jose luis garcia alvarez (spain) at gold rush (1, 2, 3, 4).
France: webpage, facebook from planète agility.
Italy: motivational seminar with nicola Camoscini this weekend in empoli (.pdf). Herding lessons on december 21- january 7 in alessandria (.jpg).
Seminar with svetlana tumanova (russia) in california (USA): there is a free spot on january 13 (facebook).
AKC invitational 2017: results. The winners were Wren (papillon) en 8 inches, game (american terrier) en 12 inches, Kylie (australian cattle dog) en 16 inches, Graphite (border collie) en 20 inches, jiff (Weimaraner) en 24 inches.
Videos: commercial from RSPCA (youtube), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & sofia training the treadmill (youtube), an “unadoptable” pittbull transformed in a drug detector dog (youtube),

20/12/17- BCC 2018: the obstacles are from bing agility (click).
Slovakian open 2018 is on august 11- 12 (one week after BCC 2018, at the same place). The judges are pavol rohacek & csaba koran (hungary). Facebook, webpage.
Olympia 2018 is on december 17- 23 (click).
CSI 2018 is on april 7- 8 in galanta (slovakia). The judges are wolfgang tieber & sabrina hauser from austria. There are 180 dogs registred from 10 countries. Partial registration list, program, facebook.
Sweden: unofficial agility cup on January 20, January 27, February 4, February 10, February 17 at Norra Stockholms Hundcenter (facebook). upcoming competitions (click).
Norway: Jocke Tangfelt, Sari Mikkilä, Jan Egil Eide, Kurt Ove Steinseth are the judges for the Moelv-stevnet 2018 on february 10- 11 (facebook).
Austria: Stockerauer Winter 2018 (facebook) is on february 17- 18 (the judges are Philipp Müller-Schnick (germany) & Wolfgang Tieber (austria)), march 10-11 (the judges are Veronika Herendy (hungary) & Roman Lukac (slovakia)).
Germany: Neujahrsturnier is on january 5-7 (1, 2, 3, 4). The judges are Nikolas Koch, Oliver Gustke.
South Africa: Gauteng January Club Trial on January 7, the judge is Candice Segal (facebook).

19/12/17- Obstacles: article from agilitynerd about how to adjust the height of a dogwalk from mark ries' style (click). galican- intercan's new design for teeter (facebook, webpage) and hurdles (facebook, webpage). Facebook post about full grip tunnels (facebook agility europe). Obstacles from galican & smart 99 for sale in sweden (facebook Agilitynytt i Sverige).
Seminars: svetlana tumanova (russia) in USA in january (facebook). Camps in united kingdom: lisa frick (austria) & tereza kralova (czech rep.) on june 26- 27, june 28-29, july 1- 2 (facebook), agility secrets on june 4-8 (facebook); there is a free spot for the training with jouni orenius (finland- sweden) & isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) on may 22- 23 (facebook). Seminars in italy: nicola giraudi on february 3-4 (facebook), sissy graf (austria) on september 8-9 (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti on april 14- 15 (facebook). Seminar about massages for preventing injuries on february 17-18in canada (click). Workshop with alett reed, rob hall, cindy knox on december 23 in southafrica (facebook).
Facebook: question about experience training agility with deaf dogs (facebook agility europe).
Videos: Kaitoda Masanori & konan (japan), winners of gold rush in large (youtube).
Olympia 2017: results. The winners of the finals were Linda Cummings & coopers (working sheepdog) in medium 3-7, Sara Bacon & tor (border collie) in large 3-5, Dave Munnings & fame (border collie) in large 6-7, Dave Munnings & boost (cruza) in small 3-7.

18/12/17- Obstacles: image of the package with the channel slalom from way to weave in USA (facebook). it cost 849 dollars (click).
Courses: sandra deidda (italy) at gold rush (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Viktoria Lundh in sweden (1, 2, 3), Yoshiaki Kato in japan (1, 2), jan sprij at the quali for FMBB (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), tamas traj from hungary (1, 2, 3).
Videos: mona grefenstein (germany) & qju at gold rush (youtube), thomas raczka (france) & MIB (youtube), stacey campbell (USA) & wink training (1, 2, 3) Marusa Podjed (slovenia) & pan at amadeus (youtube), jérémy chomienne (france) & page (youtube, videos of the live stream froml gold rush (1, 2), jérémy chomienne (france) in a seminar with anne lenz & krisztina kabai in germany (youtube).
France: regulation to take part at the quali for world cup & EO, in case the demands exceed the available quotas (click).
Losts dogs in colombia after a crash car accident (facebook).
Gold rush 2017: results of agility team (large, medium, small), jumping team (large, medium, small), agility large. The individual winners were Kaitoda Masanori & konan (japan) in large, tobias wüst & dörte (germany) in small.

17/12/17- Live stream: gold rush (germany), AKC invitational (USA).
Italy: team for WAO 2018.
Puppies: border collie available in switzerland (facebook); es hija de app de tina vieli. Male malinois available out of skin from patrizia ciuffettti (facebook).
Seminars in france: available spot for physical conditioning with Camille Nguyen (facebook); seminar with Sophie Lafond & Séverine Gautier on january 27- 28 (facebook). More seminars: nicola camoscini, jérémy chomienne (france) & andrea cacciatori in italy on august 13-18 (facebook), marco giavoni (italy) in Canada on january 19-21 (facebook), Alexander Kelders in germany on january 17 (facebook), One mind dogs (finland) in USA on march 1- 11 (facebook).
Courses: david powell from france (agility master, agility 3, jumping master), pavol vakonic (slovakia) in czech rep. (facebook), gabi steppan in austria (1, 2), martin ritter in switzerland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), marjo heino from finland (wordpress).
Magazines: edition with world cup from JAM. Number 20 of dog sport magazine.
Lost dog in france after a car accident (facebook: 1, 2).

16/12/17- Live stream: gold rush in germany (click).
Christine Charpentier died today with 54 years old because of the cancer (adenoid cystic carcinoma) she was fighting (click). She won a first battle several years ago but it reappeared; her friends raised funds for helping her to cope with the economic difficulties she was having (1, 2, 3). Christine & mac have been individual winners at FCI world cups in 1999 and 2000team winner at FCI world cup in 2000 and had a third place for teams in 2002 (click); they have been one of the first teams using running contacts (youtube, facebook). Photo from one of her teams (facebook). She has been team manager and founder of french team for WAO world cup (click). some comments on facebook (WAO, aude muller, julia kanza charpentier, hinky nickels, maija granlund, christine carol liberale, thomas behrendt). comments from a seminar and interview from Paulo Godinho (click), article from cearlr (click), interview from cnea (click). exercises for animo mag in 2008 (click).
Lost dog in italy: medium- large female with 2 years old, brown & white (facebook).

15/12/17- USA: the team for european open has been announced
♦ small: Angie Benacquisto & Sundae (All American), Cassandra Schmidt & Bliss (poodle), Cassandra Schmidt & True (poodle), Erika Kiss & Mazsi (Mudi), Laura Dolan & Pre (poodle), Britney Imhof & Bilbo (Papillon), Julie Hill & Miley (All American).
♦ medium: Alan Benner & Genny (Australian Cattle Dog), Deb Schulman & Trek (poodle) and the shetands Jen Pinder & Britain, John Nys & Boss, Abigail Beasley & Swindle, Marcy Mantell & Stripe, Bonnie Opal & Edward.
♦ large: Shane Miller &d Luna (Malinois) and the border collies Jessica Ajoux & Fame, Melissa Henning & Alibi, John Nys & Trick, Patrick Blasland & Sultan, Nancy Kemna & Rave, Perry DeWitt & Verb, Renee White & Scram, Kris Seiter & Anwar, Adriana Nottestad & Gambit, Anne Andrle & Super G, Sarah Baker & Hops, Elicia Calhoun & Tobie, Stacie Cwik & Uno, Naci Berkoz & Annie.
Reference from facebook. the florida sun cup on february 4 will raise funds for the team (facebook); lthe registrations are open.
Seminars: lisa frick (austria) in germany on june 13-14 (facebook). chris zink (USA) in canada on september 29- october 1 (facebook). There are some free spots for the seminar with sophie lafond in france this saturday (facebook). intensive training with Luckou Kotaskovou in czech rep. checa on january 20 (facebook, formulario). seminars in france: physical conditioning on january 6 (facebook), stage chiots on february 3- 4 (facebook).
BAM 2018: Mina Piske (germany) & Tamas Traj (hungary) will be the judges on june 15-17 (facebook).
Moravia open 2018 on july 6-8: registrations open on february 15 (facebook).
BCC 2018: new camping options (click).
Olympia 2017: some results & courses (facebook). More videos and information on faceboook.
Champ dog 2018 on april 7- 8 in switzerland. webpage. One of the judges is Udo Wöhning.
France: rules for 2018.

14/12/17- This weekend is the gold rush in germany (webpage, running orders, program, facebook). Austria: agility lauf (the judge is sabrina hauser), Ice Bear cup (the judges are bernd Hüppe & gabi steppan), winterhallencup (the judges are veronika herendy (hungary) & lenka pankova (czech rep.)). Italy: competitions in alessandria, modena; seminars of agility with grégory bielle bidalot (francia), dog dance with lucy imbergerova, obedience with maurizio romanoni. Germany: trials in mendig (the judges are Oliver Gustke & Mark Fonteijn (netherlands)). UK: Olympia (information, running orders).
Seminars with alex beitl & krisztina kabai at agility park on january 27-28 and february 10- 11 (facebook).
Videos: vakonic (slovakia) & ikea training running contacts (facebook), moreina seminar with rachel sanders (youtube), stacey campbell (USA) & wink (youtube), running contacts garduation course of Channie & mayday (youtube), commercial of palais noir about dog food (facebook). video de masao yagyu of running contacts of small at world cup (facebook). agility video from MEOESZ Agility Sportbizottsag (facebook).
Federations & european laws:post about what happened at skate level that could be applied in the case of agility and the FCI (facebook: 1, 2). “The European Commission has decided that International Skating Union (ISU) rules imposing severe penalties on athletes participating in speed skating competitions that are not authorised by the ISU are in breach of EU antitrust law. The ISU must now change these rules. ’.

13/12/17- Olympia 2017: is on december 14-18 (click). Running orders (.pdf). At dog agility facebook, will share results & videos (facebook). webpage.
Italy: the italian champions in biathlon are Francesco Raho & Lucy, Nicola Giraudi & Arsenio Lupin, Beatrice Pinchetti & Witch, Nicola Giraudi & Eira (click).
Australia: seminar with anastasia egorova & Stas Kurochkin from russia on march 2018 (click).
Agility by night race 2018: is a competition in austria a week before the EO, it is less than an hour from EO 2018 (click).
Austria: calendar has been updated (click).
Spain: agility trial in zampican on january 20-21 (facebook); the judges are vittorio papavero(italy) who is also judge at norwegian open 2018 & hungarian open 2018. Points for RSCE championship, updated on november (facebook).
United kingdom: hall to train for olympia and crufts with astro turf (facebook). They are taking booking for january-march.
Czech open agility 2018 is on may 12-13. webpage, start list (with handlers from czech rep., slovakia, switzerland, lituania). The judges are wolfgang tieber (austria), Antonin Grygar & Tomas Glabazna.
Clean run: Save on Cool Puppy Panels aluminet (1, 2); ends on december 15.
Videos: anna schober (austria) & nice at amadeus (youtube), dalma (hungary) & welle, a 7 monthes puppy (youtube), madeline & simba doing fitness in winter (1, 2).

12/12/17- Courses at amadeus (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).
Online courses: there are several information.
♦ Registration is open for the course xtreme foundations with silvia trkman (facebook, webpage). Classes begin on January 11.
♦ On december 13 begin registrations for running contacts course with anne lenz. It used to be a 2-part course and is now divided into 4 courses: basic level, advanced level, handling and a frame/ramp. The ramp course is for those who just want to do the a frame/ramp and not the dogwalk. The advanced course includes the a frame. (facebook, webpage). The banner is from h-dogs design.
♦ Fitness for dogs (facebook dogs 4 motion). Empieza el 18 de enero. It starts on January 18. The cost until January 5 is 169 euros and then 195 euros.
DVD: the fitness games from absolute dogs (click). The cost is 45 dollars.
Seminars in franc2: 2 free places for the seminar with adrien grespier on december 16- 17 (facebook), seminar with Ariane Wieber & Vanessa Walter (germany) on february 10-11 (facebook), seminar with sophie lafond on december 17 (facebook), puppies seminar on february 3-4 (facebook). Seminar with Anna Eifert & Veronika Nagy (hungary) in switzerland on march 30- april 1st. (click).
Malinois puppies were born. The dam is skin (patrizia ciuffetti, member of national italian team at world cup). They are 6 males and 2 females (facebook).
Videos from amadeus: lisa frick (austria) with cody & jack (youtube), tereza ralova (czech rep.) & say (youtube), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & kiki (facebook)

11/12/17- Germany: the national team large for the WAO are anna hinze & may, tanja christiansen & hunter, tanja schmidt & blaze, oliver gustke & kofi (facebook). Tournament on january 28 (facebook). registrations for the competitions on april 27 - may 1st in mendig start on january 1st (click).
Judges: judging calendar of tieber wolfgang from austria (click).
Courses: eric courant from france (facebook).
Videos: anna hinze (germany) & may en la quali para el WAO 2018 (youtube). videos from amadeus of christiane fischbach (germany) & jive (youtube), mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (youtube), aleksandra gronek (poland) con deal & hash (youtube), polona bonac (slovenia) & joey (youtube).

previous updates are in spanish