Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

18/05/22- Slovakia: updated ranking for EO & world cup (facebook).
Belgium: post were they explain that competitors at agility FCI competition can't take part at competitions like WAO otherwise they are kicked out of FCI local organization-KKUSH (facebook).
Germany: the winners at SMART CUP in mendig were Maurice Munich & Swoosh (shetland) in small, Krisztina Kabai & Hydro (shetland) in medium, Catherine Wolf & Piva (border collie) in large (facebook).
Survey from agi notes on expectations, trends, fears etc: results (click). 62.6% want changes on obstacles (especially the contacts). On th eother hand ‘Respondents felt that disallowing mixed breeds to participate in value competitions, does not correspond to modern thinking, and it should be changed.’.
FMBB 2022: comments from vittorio papavero after the competition (facebook). ‘It's a fact! Fmbb competition is different.’. patrizia ciuffetti shared under the title ‘I was not able to give you a female... but I gave you a male for your dream.’ the message the now new champion sent to her when she was expecting puppies from skin I am interested in a female, she will be for me and the long term goal is to work with her and winn FMBB (facebook).

17/05/22- Rules in agility: post from petr pupik (czech rep.) on facebook about agility rules (facebook).
Rules are rules
In the last few days, I have had the opportunity to judge and design courses for various organizations (FCI, UKI, ANKC, AAC) and carefully study their rules. It is very interesting what some consider dangerous may be allowed for others and what is forbidden by some may not be a problem for others.
It leads me to think that we only have one sport of agility, so what should be the rules? I will try to write some of my thoughts:
Rules requirements
Let the rules contain only the essentials. All responsibility is always up to the judges anyway. If the rules contain restrictions that represent the view of a select few, it's never good. Now let's take the mathematical intersection of all the rules around the world and we have a nice construct
It is very sad how non-transparent some rules are and how the proposed changes are hidden. The agility public then does not have the opportunity to react.
As I wrote above, the responsibility should lie with the judges and the rules should be support for the judges, not a limitation. In many countries, there is the role of approver, who has the opportunity to intervene in the design of the course. This function should always be anchored in the rules, clearly defined its competences. I can say that whether at UKI, ANKC or AAC I have worked very well with this person. And it's important to mention that it was always about cooperation. The FCI is trying to do this, only in my opinion very unsuccessfully. FCI does not have this function and its powers set out in the rules, and then there are comical situations where the judges have to send the course to someone and have no idea what to expect.
What is the long period for making further changes? Together with non-transparency, this leads to national organizations enforcing their rules or judges, coaches and competitors not following the rules. And in fact, they have no choice but, based on experience, this is often the only way to change in the future.
This may be linked to transparency, but I mean that the discussion on the perception of the sport of agility should not be a space for personal attacks or insults. After all, the diversity of views on agility makes agility such a beautiful sport.
Please, these words should not be a critique of these and those rules. It is always enriching rules for me to study, think and I absolutely enjoy judging, wherever I am. It is just a completely subjective reflection on what it might look like according to one judge living in the Moravian countryside

16/05/22- Courses: matko mäkelä from finland (facebook), vittorio papavero (italy) final at FMBB (facebook), martin schoffelmeer (the netherlands) in italy (facebook), yoshiaki kato from japan (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) at FMBB (facebook), thora van der stock (belgium) in italy (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), nicola giraudi from italy (1, 2), magdalena labieniec (poland) & koma (facebook), zeljko gora from croatia (facebook).
Seminar: there are some spots for the seminar with isabella stefl (austria) on may 27 in slovenia (facebook).
Italy: results from the quali for small, medium, large. Updated ranking (click).
FMBB 2022: results. The winners of the finals were jakub stybr & pippa in agility and michal brych & catalyn in jumping (both from czech rep.). Individual champion: nikiforos orfanakos & vito. Teams champion: spain.

15/05/22- Live stream: FMBB from working dog (click).
Courses: martin shoffelmeer (facebook), petr pupik from czech (facebook), karel havlicek in slovakia (1, 2), vittorio papavero (italy) at FMBB (facebook), andrea menghini at FMBB (facebook), jocke tangfelt (sweden) in germany (facebook), marko mäkelä in czech rep. (facebook), arto laitinen from finland (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook).
Videos: anna hinze (germany) & move (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook).
Italy: results from the quai for small, medium, large. Ranking.

14/05/22- Live stream: FMBB from working dog (click).
FMBB 2022: results (click).
Courses: marko makkela (finland) in czech rep. (facebook), andrea menghini in greece (facebook).
Videos: stefanie semkat (germany) & spooky (facebook), jakub stybr (czech rep.) & pippa (youtube), monika rylska (poland) in czech rep. (youtube).
Obstacles from slovenian open will be AP-alu and are available to buy and pick them at the event (facebook, webpage).

13/05/22- WAO 2022: apps for having instant information from the event (facebook, google play, apple store).
Sweden: teams for world cup, EO & nordic championship (click).
Search & rescue: galican is selling obstacles for training (click).
Courses from FMBB: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook). Course from jocke tangfelt (sweden) in mendig- germany (facebook).

12/05/22- Facebook: post on agility europe 's facebook about online courses/ trainer for developing speed of a dog (facebook); several suggestions go to polona bona (slovenia)c.
Silas boogk: pike is his new border collie puppy out of lass x mer (facebook); he is a grandosn of why not zet my queen, cinna, grand grandson of fetch granting pleasure.
SAR: nina gregl's post about a 15 months dog from her kennel excelent in search and rescue (facebook).
Ukraine: raffle of agility hurdles in USA for raising funds (facebook).

11/05/22- BAM 2023 is on june 8 - 11 (facebook).
Border collie collapse: post asking if someone test potassium levels in an collapse, since something similar happens to horses related to low levels on potassium (facebook).
Germany: post about the new statements of the vdh (FCI) and their competition and which ones affects agility (facebook). The main goal is based on avoid cruelty in reproduction, but they mention that deaf dogs or with more than 2 missing teeth would not be allow to run in agility. The main discussion focus on what sentence 1 covers.
England: animal activist branded cruel and unnecesary the sport flyball as it double the risk of a knee injury (facebook).
Courses: dick richartz in the netherlands (facebook), Anna Schönenberger in switzerland (facebook), mac martin from france (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: denis martin (belgium) & nafi (youtube), juraj ruza (slovakia) & mysti training with tamas traj (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & smoke (facebook), maryline raby (france) at the volcanic cup (facebook).

10/05/22- WAO 2022: competitors list, running orders, program . 4 legged flix will do the live stream (click). The competition is on may 19- 22.
EO 2022: partial list of competitors (click).
Border collie puppies : the puppies out of juice were born in the netherlands (facebook); they are 4 females and 3 males. Border collie litter expected in finland grandkids of why not zet my queen (facebook).

09/05/22- Belgium: national team for world cup 2022 (facebook).
Online courses: registrations for several courses from shape up (canada- justine davenport/ jessica patterson) start on may 10 (click). The courses start on may 30.
Courses: reetta pirttikoski in sweden (facebook), Johanna Wüthrich from finland (facebook), ayala naor from israel (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook).
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), jenny damm & lisa with azta & my (facebook).
Switzerland: competition on may 21- 22 judged by Anna Schönenberger in bioggio, close to italy (facebook).
USA: some of the teams selected for the FCI world cup (facebook).
FCI WC 2022: the live stream will be from working dog (click).

08/05/22- Live stream: world cup quali in sweden (click), VDH national championship in germany (click).
Border collie puppy: male available in brazil (avare bc) out of bandida x diesel (instagram). Diesel is full brother of jock from ricky hutchinson but from another litter, bandida is daughter of kinloch levi, great grand daughter of joe from bobby dalziel, grand daughter of gary from serge van der zweep.
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in england (facebook), sari mikkila from finland (facebook), ana beltran bustamante (spain) in IconiX (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook). Courses at the quali in sweden: agility H (small, medium, large), jumping G (small, medium, large).
Germany: the VDH championship was won by silas boogk with gadget in small & beam in medium (click).
Sweden: results at the quali finals in large, medium, small with the qualified for world cup, EO & nordic championship.
Videos: max sprinz (germany), style, make (facebook), dan shaw (england) & boffin (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monky (facebook).

07/05/22- Live stream: quali to world cup in sweden (click), VDH national championship in germany (click), IconiX in england (facebook).
EO 2022: all the rings will be indoor (facebook).
Courses from the quali trials in sweden: agility E (small, medium, large), agility F (small, medium, large), agility D (small, medium, large). More courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), petr pupik in czech rep. (facebook), Jouni Kautto in finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook).
Videos: rebecca kowalski (germany) & taki (facebook), jessica ajoux (USA) & halleluja (facebook), sabine kreutz (germany) & foo (facebook).
Germany: results of VDH national championship for large dogs (click).
Ukraine: tom & breaking the chains are needing to increase the help they are giving before may 9 (facebook); they need donations for building a temporary shelter and give medical attentions to injured animals (paypal, go fund me).

06/05/22- Live stream from the quali to world cup in sweden (click). It starts today.
Courses: yoshiaki kato from japan (facebook), quali trial in sweden (jumping from tamas traj (large, medium, small), jumping from Reetta Pirttikoski (jumping large, medium, small), jumping from alexandra Gullberg (jumping large, medium, small)).
WDSF 2022: it is the wold cup for dutch shepherd on may 6 -8 (facebook, webpage); the judge is magne alden.
Austria: jack from lisa frick who was firts in the ranking of the quali won't be able to run the final quali on may 21- 22 (facebook).
Sweden: information from the quali (facebook).
Border collie: at the last auction in england there was a new price record with malta gin (lot, facebook) from ricky hutchinson (2 years old); was paid 26 900 pounds, around 36 500 dollars. there was also a new record for a puppy 10 weeks old (kim) the money of this puppy will go to ukranie (facebook).

05/05/22- Courses: sari mikkila (finland) in spain (facebook), stefany semkat from germany (facebook).
Videos: jane powell (england) & noddy (facebook), Anna Schönenberger & batman (facebook), stephanie best (england) & believe (facebook), vivian nielsen (denmark) & maja (facebook).
Intensive training with dani lehrer (germany) on june 12 (facebook). It costs 65 euros.
Puppies border collie litter planned in denmark out of style (max sprinz) x irish vega (facebook).
Croatia: ranking of the quali for european open (facebook).

04/05/22- Austria: list of qualified for the final for national team (.pdf).
Spain: ranking updated with national team members in bold (click).
USA: courses and results from the tryouts (click).
Canada: team for the euroepan open 2022 (facebook).
Seminar with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) on august 2- 4 in the netherlands (facebook). It is between the european open and the border collie classic.
Courses: juraj ruza in poland (facebook), paolo rebasti in italy (facebook).
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), monika rylska from poland (facebook), kevin odile from france (facebook).

03/05/22- Boo was found and trapped (facebook: 1, 2). She qualified for teams at FCI world cup even without taking part of the last quali trial last weekend.

02/05/22- Live stream: quali trial in USA (4 legged flix, youtube).
Border collie puppies: the litter from inga järv was born (facebook); they are 5 females and 1 male (facebook).
Switzerland: final ranking of the quali for EO 2022 (large, medium, small).
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), bonnik bethelsen from denmark (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & vita (facebook).
France: results of the qualification for world cup and european open (small, medium, large).

01/05/22- Live stream: quali trials in france (youtube), spain (youtube), USA (4 legged flix).
FCI events: seanna o‘ neill (canada) posted asking in which events other than the junior world cup, were the russian not allow to run in individual. They answered to her that at all, but she replied to the link shared that rssian can't organize events FCI. (facebook). The last individual large winner at last world championship large automatically qualified for the next world cup is stas kurochkin with zippy from russia.
Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), jari suomlainen (finland) in switzerland (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), tommi raita from finland (facebook), alex beitl (germany) in italy (facebook), francesco bircolotti de italia (facebook).
Videos: lisa frick at the quali in austria (
facebook), jenny damm (sweden), zonia, azta, ziv entrenando (facebook), omar babini (italy) & goji (facebook), grégory bielle bidalot (france) & mint (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook).
Mexico: at the next competition UKI on may 14- 15 will open the category nursery for beginners dogs and handlers (facebook). The course will have tunnels, jumps and a-frame.
Argentina: the restobar dickens allows stray dogs to get in, have something to eat, drink and shelter (facebook). At the front door there is a sign saying ‘We ask all our clients with all our heart not to be bothered by the number of (stray) dogs that may be inside of the restaurant. We are a pet-friendly place and we provide food and lots of love to these sweet angels. I'm sorry if it bothers you but they're not doing anything wrong; they just come looking for water, food or shelter’.

30/04/22- Live stream: quali trials in france (youtube), spain (youtube), USA (4 legged flix).
Videos: marcy mantell (USA) & steel (facebook), hana spitz (USA) & miss seriee (facebook) isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monki (facebook) monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook) shannen jacoby from southafrica (facebook) sarah baker (USA) & skeptic (facebook).
Courses: stefany semkat (germany) in greece (facebook), marko mäkkelä from finland (facebook), alex beitl (germany) in italy (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in france (facebook), rudi horvath in austria (facebook) Marleen Haeneefstingels in belgium (facebook).
Spain: updated ranking from the quali for world cup (click).

29/04/22- Boo: post asking for help on how to react if she is found (she was already seen but couldn't be catched); they also want to place more cameras and traps in the zone. They ask if someone can lend more (facebook).
Software: tessa timer updated the software (facebook).
Videos: juraj ruza (slovakia) & kali (facebook), .
USA: the app yumove will be used for the first time during the quali trials this weekend (facebook); Yumove (click; the code iss AKCAGILITY). Documents for the trial (click). The teams for EO were announced; sarah baker & skeptic (cocker), john nys & boss (shetland), abbey beasley & swindle (shetland), jennifer crank & bee (all american) are the medium team.

27/04/22- Boo: people are sending 5 euros through bizum (in spain) to telephone +34 656262151 to continue the search (facebook).
Slovakia: ranking for world cup & eo updated (facebook).
Norwegian open: registrations will open on may 1st (facebook).
Malinois puppies: the litter from miska tomic was born (facebook); they are 5 females & 3 males.
Videos: julie celmar (luxembourg) & busy (youtube), sandra blum & same (puppy) training with krisztina kabai (facebook).

26/04/22- Boo, the lost shetland in spain, might have been seen near angoares (facebook). Boo is a tric bitch scared. The owners ask not to try to catch her and contact immediately the phones 617 343 624, 656 262 151 (facebook).
Videos: christo balasopoulos (greece) & Xcel (youtube), jenny damm (sweden), zonia, azta (facebook), laura reinhalter (austria), zookie, ria (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook), paralel with luis sousa (portugal) with his two bitches gy with 3.5 years old and nikki with 8.9 years old finishing with the same time (facebook).
Obstacles: new foldable hurdle from clip and go (facebook); it will be available at cleanrun's store (click). target connectetd to treat & train available in austria (facebook).
Tobias wüst: his shetland mercedes (peanut's daughter) suffered a breakage of a toe and won't take part of the final quali in dortmund (facebook). He wote about the difficulties for agility and breeding in germany and thinks this is mercedes' farewell from agility.
Seminar with monika rylska (poland) in mendoza (argentina) on december 9- 11: all the spots were completed after a few minutes of opening (instagram); there is a waiting list. The prices were not published. Mendoza is on the west of argentina less than 500 km (5 hours) from santiago de chile; santiago is the southamerican capital that is closer to mendoza.

25/04/22- Lost shetland in pontereas- spain (facebook). Boo is a tri female that is scared. The owners ask not to try to catch her and, instead, call immediately to one of these phones 617 343 624 or 656 262 151.
Courses: markku kaukinen from finland (click), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), jeremy manno from belgium (facebook), zsuzsa veres (hungary) in germany (facebook), esa muotka from finland (facebook), kurt ove steinset in norway (facebook), jorg zenner (germany) in luxembourg (facebook), szofi biro from hungary (facebook).
Videos: lucie glejdurova (czech rep.), twix, beat (facebook), Channie Elmestedt (denmark), fame & mayday (facebook), andreas pollich (germany) & flame (facebook).

24/04/22- Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), christian wöss (austria) & lego (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & pashion (facebook), roman lukac (slovakia) & metaxa (facebook), lisa frick & taco (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) & nebraska (facebook, youtube).
Seminars in belgium: max sprinz (germany) on august 13- 14 (facebook); the cost is 240 euros the weekend. There are some available spots with iwona golab (poland) on may 7- 8 (facebook).
Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in poland (facebook), jari suomlainen in finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (jumping large, agility large), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook), neil ellis (england) in hungary (facebook) tommi raita aho from finland (facebook), vittorio papavero from italy (facebook).

23/04/22- Courses at the quali in hungary: neil ellis from england (facebook), veronika nagy from hungary (1, 2). More courses: petr pupik at the medium/ small quali in czech rep. (agility, jumping), olga bazalova in czech rep. (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), jose vandy in belgium (facebook), bernd hüppe at the quali in austria (facebook), marko mäkelä in finland (facebook), rene blank (germany) at the quali in slovakia (1, 2).
Results: austria (click), czech rep. (click), hungary (click), poland (facebook).
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia), youme, fire (1, 2), monika rylska (poland), koza nostra, foka (facebook), aja hanouskova (czech rep.) & kony (facebook), jane elene christensen (denmark) & flip (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & remix (facebook).

22/04/22- Courses: dominique prin from france (facebook), vittorio papavero from italy (facebook).
Border collie puppies grandkids of tanhill glen expected in slovakia (facebook). The sire is north hill sam.
Live stream: quali in austria (click).
Seminar with nathalie de korte & lisa frick on july 21 in belgium (facebook).
Videos: monika pleterski (slovenia) traininig (facebook).

21/04/22- Germany: post on facebook about the new VDH rules that forbidden, among others, merle dogs at their shows and may affects dogs at the final agility quali for world cup (facebook). In the comments people suggested to merle dogs owners to take part in a survey (click).
Software: new version of smarter agility (facebook).
Dogdance : live stream of the world cup 2022 on april 21- 24 (facebook).
Ukraine: break the chains & tom raise funds to help in ukraine (click).

20/04/22- Puppies: the border collie litter at ebony nose was born (facebook), it is out of up x jumi. Eiri greme gwen, rising sun dark raider, fetch granting pleasure, cemig roy are in their pedigree.
Slovakia: this weekend is a quali for world cup & EO (facebook); foreign competitors can take part at it. The judge is rene blank from germany. Partial registration list (click).
Courses: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook).
Analysis of rene blank (germany) on a course grade 1 on facebook.

19/04/22- USA: 4 leggedfix will live stream the tryouts (facebook); they are on april 30- may 3.
Canada: teams for EO & world cup (facebook justine davenport).
Course: bernd hüppe from austria (facebook).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungary-germany) & hydro (facebook), lisa frick (austria) training (facebook), kayl McCann (canada) & bee (facebook), anita zsilagy (hungary), tengo, deni (youtube), daniel schröder from germany (facebook), jane powell (england) & noddy (facebook).

18/04/22- Courses in gasahoppet: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook), zsofi biro from hungary (facebook). Courses at the maremma cup: sandra deidda from italy (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) in canada (1, 2, 3), esa muotka from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook). Training courses of alen marekovic from coratia (facebook).
Border collie puppies: the litter out of lucky summer rai x flare are born in poland (1, 2); they are 5 females and 2 males. Rai is grandson of rising sun dark raider, tanhill glen and great grandson of sony from japan. flare is grand daughter of rising sun dark raider and great grand daughter of eiri greme moss.
Videos at gasahoppet (XL, L, M, S). More videos: krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & side (facebook), marcy mantell (USA) & chia (facebook).

17/04/22- Live stream: tryouts in canada (youtube).
Canada: partial ranking from the tryouts (large, medium-small).
Courses: tamas traj (hungary) in canada (agility & jumping large, agility & jumping medium- small). Gassahoppet in sweden: bern hüppe from austria (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (jumping 3, agility + jumping large), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook). More courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), marko mäkelä (finland) in france (facebook), rene blank (germany) in italy (facebook), jessi marianne landen (finland) in spain (facebook).
Alpine agility open (Italy; 17- 19 june): registrations are open (click). webpage, facebook.

16/04/22- Poland is inviting foreigners to register to the competition where the world cup quali will take place (facebook); it is on april 23- 24 and the judge is jan egil eide (norway).
Slalom/ weaves: post on agility europe about a dog that fails the entry with the excitement of competitions (facebook).
Border collie puppy (male) available in czech rep. (facebook); out of kemi mike x bee.
Italy: ranking after first day of the quali for world cup & eo (click). Resuls from the competition (click).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & azta (facebook), silas boogk (germany), beam, gadget, spider (facebook, youtube), isabelle emnualesson (sweden) & prem (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany), sea & qju (instagram), susan garrett (canada) & momentum (facebook).
EO junior 2023: kurt ove steinset (norway) & jirina mackova (finland) are the judges in united kingdom (agility.slohosting).
EO 2023: Esa Muotka (finland), Stefanie Semkat (germany), Kine Eimhjellen (norway) are judging in denmark (agility.slohosting).
FCI WC 2023: the local judges are petra vyplelova & karel havlicek (facebook, agility.slohosting).

15/04/22- EO 2023: one of the judges is regin reinhard from denmark (facebook).
Italy: the second quali is on may 14- 15 (facebook); the judges are thora van der stock, martin schoffenheer, gerard gery, philippe watercamp.
Germany : registrations are open for the competition in mendig with judge tamas traj from hungary (facebook). The competition is on october 21-23. The registrations are through webmelden.<
Courses at gasahoppet 2022: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), jari suomalianen from finland (facebook). More courses: Mika kangas from finland (facebook), sari mikkilä (finland) in norway (facebook).
Obstacles: sonorized mat for taining running contacts on dog walk and ramp (click); it can be connected to treat & train, with vibration, with sound, etc.
Videos: justine davenport (canada) & valley (vimeo), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook) enya habel (sweden) & party (facebook), Beat Habermacher (germany) & Mr. Q (facebook), sari mikkilä (finland) in norway (facebook), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & vita (facebook).

14/04/22- FMBB 2022: france agility national team (facebook).
Courses: vittorio papavero (italy) in norway facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), carlo magnoli from italy (1, 2).
Norway: eastern competition (facebook); the judges are petr pupik (czech rep.), vittorio papavero (italy) & sari mikkila (finland). For the results & running orders they use devent (webpage, facebook).
Finland: the university is doing a research on dogs falling from the dogwalk ( facebook); they are asking to complete a survey. Dogs may or may not have fallen from it.
Ukraine: they are asking help for a rescue person with 2 kids and 9 dogs (facebook); the accomodation they had to run away from bucha next week, has been canceled at last minute.

13/04/22- Canada: the tryouts for EO & world cup are this weekend and the courses are designed by tamas traj from hungary (click).
Maremma 2022 is this weekend and the comeptition is also a quali for italian national team. Running orders: 1, 2).
RIALP 2022 (spain, august 3- 7): the judges are mark fonteijn (netherlands), manca mikec (slovenia), dominique prin (france), marc rabada (spain). Reference (webpage).
Border collie puppy (male) available in germany: his father is why not hash my queen (1, 2).

12/04/22- VAR is being used for agility in czech rep. (facebook).
Courses: tom mercebach in sweeden (facebook), matthias dietrich from germany (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook).
Latinamerica: course with vedula hausnerova (slovakia) in colombia on april 22 (instagram); there are 6 working spots. Seminar for latinamerican in france (organized by carol rivera from colombia) with renald müller (facebook); it is on july 26 (before EO in belgium). courses from A&C 2022: beginners from dan wroblewski from brazil (instagram), luciano peccin from argentina (facebook). Videos from A&C 2022: hector diaz (colombia) & just do it (facebook), ricardo tubaldini (brazil) & lili (facebook),

11/04/22- Krisztina kabai posted after the german quali: Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts; she received lots of messages about her as an agility runner and all telling how good person she is (facebook).
Videos: mona grefenstein (germany) & qju (youtube), tracy moerel (england) & bravo (youtube), bozena schröder (germany) & ida (facebook), sabine kreutz from germany (facebook), isabella stefl (austria) & typhoon (facebook), teresa berndt (germany) & keep (facebook), csenge ficzere (hungary) & zuki (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), max sprinz (germany) & style (facebook), zezinho (brazil) & benji (facebook), svetlana kreslina (latvia) in estonia (facebook), Clara Badier (france) & nahide (facebook), jenny damm (sweden) training with her 5 dogs (facebook).
Courses: jeremy manno from belgium (facebook), jan sprij in belgium (facebook), Christian Wöss in germany (facebook), zsofi biro from hungary (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), arto laitinen from finland (facebook), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook).
Jutlandia cup: registrations deadline is on april 30 (click). The competition is on july 17- 23 in denmark and there are 15 judges from denmark, germany, finland and sweden.
A&C will be at el salvador in 2023 and ecuador in 2024.

10/04/22- Live stream: quali in germany for large dogs (click).
Courses: jeremmy manno from belgium (facebook), jan sprij (netherlands) in belgium (facebook), christian wöss (austria) in germany (facebook), jouni kautto from finland (facebook), martin tait from england (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), cédric bargoin from france (facebook), arto laitinen from finland (facebook), michael schilling from germany (facebook), sascha grunder (switzerland) & luciano peccin (argentina) at A&C 2022 in brazil (wordpress).
Germany: results from saturday (click), updated ranking (click).
Finland: teams members for EO 2022 (facebook).
A&C 2022: the winners were ricardo tubaldini (brazil) & kiss en jumping & agility small, felipe minet (brazil) & bolt en jumping medium, radka mokrisova (czech rep.- brazil) & mia in agility medium, marcela (brazil) & angel in jumping large, patricio calderon (chile) & mikoyan in agility large, brazil in agility team small & large, mix team in agility medium.

09/04/22- Live stream: quali in germany for large dogs (click).
Germany: more information about the quali. program, running orders, results.
Seminars with tereza kralova (czech rep.) in he netherlands on may 24- 26 (facebook, webpage), in italy on april 27- 28 (facebook).
Belgium this weekend is a quali for world cup (lista de partida).
Disqualification: post on facebook FCI agility judging asking if it happens in other countries to disqualify a dog for measuring to jump in a jump (facebook).
Videos: tania heivers (belgium) & cya entrenando con iwona golab (facebook), manuela satta from italy (facebook), claudia schwab (switzerland), mitch, sia (facebook), tori self (USA) & rev in a course from 2014 (facebook), suzanne boldt from canada training (facebook), truffe training running contacts (youtube), tracy moerel (UK) & bravo (facebook) .
A&C 2022: the winners for teams competitions were mixed teams in small and medium and colombia in large.
The winners of the individual competitions were Héctor diaz (colombia) & just do it in jumping and agility small, paulo prado (brazil) & jazz in jumping medium, felipe minet (brazil) & bolt in agility medium, yessica casa (argentina) & mandela in jumping large, zezonho (brazil) & benji in agility large.

08/04/22- Courses: sascha grunder (switzerland) in brazil (facebook), kurt munsters (facebook).
Courses from sascha grunder and luciano peccin at A&C 2022 in brazil (wordpress).
Border collie puppies: a litter out of international supreme champion jocke was born in italy (facebook); they are 6 females. Two litters born in france and wales out of foxridge jack from kevin evans (facebook). 2 females in UK grandchildren of derwen doug (his sire is tanhill glen) and gary from serge van der zweep (facebook).
Germany: this weekend is the last quali for EO and final quali for world cup in dortmund for large dogs (facebook); the judges are christian wöss (austria) & nancy rosenstock (germany). the live stream from working dog is free for premium members and cost 9.9 euros for others members (facebook).
A&C 2022: the winners of the 3 courses grade 1 were
ˆ Small: lucas (brazil) & zorro, renan (brazil) & ice, thaissa (brazil) & Inca
ˆ Medium: antonella corsini (italy- brazil) & baguera at the 3 courses.
ˆ Large: giovanna (brazil) & alaska, radka mokrisova (czech rep. - brazil) & lia, gabriela almeida (brazil) & lexie.
Ukraine: breaking the news recap the 4 weeks of war (facebook). At the end of the message are the collaboration channels.

07/04/22- Susan Garrett (canada): feature died (facebook). ‘A long time friend told me Feature was like a 4 leaf clover; difficult to find and lucky to own. .... The funniest, naughtiest, sassiest, most charismatic dog I have ever known. Yes, I had her for almost 15 years… but I still feel cheated. I was looking forward to watching her grow old and she never did. Even on her last day here with me she looked and acted like a youngster.’. Videos from WAO 2014 (youtube), 2012 FCI world cup (youtube), heeling when she was 6 months (youtube), AAC 2009 (youtube), the debut in 2008 (youtube).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden), maliz & azta trainign the orange course at lotushallen (instagram, facebook).
Lord of the winter cup 2022-23: the dates are november 5- 6 (judges: stefanie semkat (germany), seppo savikko (finland), juraj ruza (slovakia)), december 3- 4 (judges: bernd hüppe (austria), karel havlicek (czech rep.), roman lukac (slovakia)), february 11- 12 (judges: jari suomalainen (finland), mark fontejn (netherlands), roman hajnala (slovakia)), march 4- 5 (judges: alex beitl (germany), neil ellis (england), iveta lukacova (slovakia)). referencia.
Obstacles: dave munnings (england) sells 12 used jumps from galican at 70 pounds each (facebook).
A&C 2022 starts today with grade 1 courses in sao paulo- brasil (click). webpage, facebook, instagram, registrations, results & running orders (click).

06/04/22- Courses: hugo santos from portugal (facebook).
Slovakia: war of clubs 2022 is on september 3- 4 (.pdf). The judges are kurt ove steinset (norway) & tomas glabanza (czech rep. ).
Czech Rep. : competitions on september 3- 4 (click). The judges are jocke tangfelt (sweden), karel havlicek (czech rep. ), lenka pankova (czech rep. ), kine Eimhjellen (norway).
Finland: the quali are in tampere on may 27- 29 (facebook).
Obstacles: 2 sides electronic target available in slovakia (facebook).
Videos: matthias dietrich (switzerland) & dayo (facebook), luis sousa (portugal) & energy in a seminar with oscar muñiz from spain (facebook), zezinho (brazil) con bina (instagram) & benji (instagram), silvan zumthurm (switzerland) & penny (youtube).

05/04/22- Registrations are open for guldagility on july 13- 17 in sweden (facebook) and for cévenole cup on june 4- 6 in france (facebook).
United kingdom: national team members for EO 2022 (facebook) & and for FCI world cup 2022 (facebook).
Finland: the finnish agility handlers have a 15 % discount during 2022 with code #sAgi on back on track products (facebook).
Germany: agility german classics is on november 12- 13 (facebook). the judges are alex beitl & daniel walz.
Czech rep.: petr pupik, olga bazalova & eva svobodova (czech rep.), vittorio papavero (italy) are the judges for the quali on april 23- 24 (click).
Seminar with svetlana kreslina (latvia) in sweden on april 29 (facebook). The cost is 1500 SEK.
Videos: vivy specian (brazil) & on (facebook), marcela (brazil) & angel (facebook).

04/04/22- Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), jane powell (england) & noddy (facebook), martin brunner & fiona winning in large quali in switzerland (facebook), max spinz (germany) & make (facebook), enya habel (sweden) & sushi (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & kasii (facebook).
Courses: Patrick tunders from the entherlands (facebook), martin schoffelmeer (netherlands) in germany (1, 2), stefanie semkat (germany) in switzerland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), jari suomalainen (finland) in spain (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), national championship in USA (1, 2).
Online course: running contacts with zsuzsa veres (hungary- portugal) starts today (click). Working spots cost 195 euros and listeners pay 125 euros.
Obstacles: new ready jumps from clip and go and clean run (facebook).

03/04/22- Live stream: quali in germany (click), AKC nationals in USA (1, 2), quali in switzerland (1, 2).
Germany: results from sunday (click); tobias wüst again won all the runs with dörte. Daniel schröder & cashew won the two medium courses. Ranking with the list of qualifed for EO & the final quali for world cup in dortmund (click).
Switzerland: final ranking of the world cup quali (large, medium, small).
Spain: the rankings of the quali for EO & world cup were updated (facebook).
Norway: national teams that will take part at EO (facebook).
Brazil: results of pre A&C on flowagility. The winners of the final were vivy specian & on (shetland) in small, zezinho & bina (border collie) in medium, zezinho & benji (border collie) in large.

02/04/22- Live stream: quali in germany (click), AKC nationals in USA (1, 2), quali in switzerland (1, 2).
Germany: results of the quali fo medium/ small (click). tobias wüst & dörte won the two courses as last time. The winners in medium were silas boogk & beam (agility), daniel schröder & cashew (jumping); nicole kelpen & poke was the winner overall. Ranking (click); the first place is for tobias wüst with dörte in small and with mercedes in medium.
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook: 1, 2, 3), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), rene blank fom germany (facebook), ivan amez from spain (facebook), quali in france (click).

01/04/22- Live stream: AKC national championship in USA (click).
Pistas: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), Marleen Haeneefstingels from belgium (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), AKC nationals 2022 in USA (1, 2, 3, 4).
USA: results from today for ISC (1, 2), premier (4 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch (1, 2)).
IFCS worldcup2022 (netherlands, dugust 31- september 4): regiatrations are open (1, 2).

31/03/22- Online course: on course design with tamas traj, petr pupik & jan egil eide (facebook); people can choose between a practical course design course (from april 18) or a 3 day mini workshop (april 11, 20 & 27).
Obstacles: new sandbags with grip from galican (facebook).
Colombia: judging course open to everybody with ana beltrán from spain (facebook). It's on may 12.
FCI WC 2022: instagram.
Ukraine: form to help agility people from this country (click).

30/03/22- Jenny Damm (sweden): article with video about azta & malik training ona course from jocke tangfelt (click).
France: results of the two first quali for european open (small, medium, large).
Germany: program for the second quali for EO & and world cup at tobias wüst's hall (facebook). This weekend is medium/small with live stream from working dog (click). The cost is 9,90 euros.
Netherlands: teams qualified for EO 2022 (facebook).
USA: the akc national championship is on april 1-3 (click). It has live stream from 4 legged flix (click); the cost is 60 dollars. program & running orders.
Border collie puppy available in poland (click).
Seminars: susan koldenhof (netherlands) on june 18- 19 in germany (facebook); the cost is 75 euros per unit. Tereza kralova (czech rep.) in the netherlands on may 24- 27 (click); the week following the WAO and the cost is 130 euros per day.

29/03/22- Videos: jaakko (finland) & wow (facebook), dani lehrer (germany) & tippi (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), max sprinz (germany), baax, style (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & smoke (facebook), susan koldenhof (netherlands), sign & time (youtube).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), Marleen Haeneefstingels in netherlands (facebook), juraj ruza (slovakia) in estonia (facebook), vivy specian from brazil (facebook).
Podcast: greg derrett from england (facebook).
Ukraine: Dogbus transporting paws has a list with needed items (amazon- united kingdom) and asks for volunteers for building kennels (facebook). War paws is raising funds (click). Video from soi dog foundation sasking for donations for animals from ukraine (facebook).
FCI WC 2022: the obstacles are from smart-99 (facebook). The height of the dogwalk will be 121 cm (smart-99 allow a height over 121 cm for the dogwalk).

28/03/22- Germany: ranking for large after this weekend's trials (.pdf). 1- tobias wüst & ceed (233), 2- silas boogk & spider (174), 3- dani lehrer & tippi (170), 4- anne lenz & itzi bitzi (160), 5- christian prinz & wake (158). Más información en la webpage de agility park.
Courses from the quali trials in germany: stefanie semkat (germany), sascha gunder (switzerland). More courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in hungary (facebook).
Great britain: Marita Ogilvie & duka, euan paterson & crazee qualified for world cup in large; Steven Richardson & willow, Laura Chapman & endeavour qulified in medium, Alan Bray & ticita, martin reid & selfie in small (1, 2).
Videos: iwona golab/ seeya vs monika rylska/ koza nostra from poland (facebook), sian illingworth (england) & agent (facebook), tobias wüst during the quali in germany (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany) with qju (youtube & sea (youtube), jasmin jurthe (germany) & kiany (facebook), sabine kreutz (germany), foo, cid (facebook), tanju konrad (germany) & joar (facebook).
Finland: the first qualified for EO:
♦ large (facebook): elina jänesniemi & etna, heidi puolakka & hood, laura sutinen & jari, jaakko suoknuuti & wow .
♦ medium (facebook(): maria sori & daim (cocker), marko mäkkelä & mirkku (spanish water dog), Jarkko Hietasara & arvo (poodle), Emmiina Abrahamsson & cromi (shetland)
♦ small (facebook): lida vakkuri & helda, mari sori & malla, Sanni Kariniemi & megs, Ida lindström & win.
A&C 2022: the timetable for trainings ordered by country is online (click). List with registrations (partially updated).
FCI WC 2022: the local judge is bernd hüppe (click). The assitant judges are rudolf pöhl & gabi posch.

27/03/22- Live stream payed from the quali for large dogs in germany (working dog), free from the quali in france (facebook), finals of finnish indoor championship (youtube), campeonato paraibano in brazil (facebook). Live stream of the quali in england (youtube); 4 legged flix accepts collaborations for going on with live streams (facebook).
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (1, 2), bonnik berthelsen in denmark (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Germany: results at the large quali this weekend in agility (1- silas boogk & spider), jumping (1- sabine kreutz & foo), ag +jp (1- silas boogk & spider, 2- dani lehrer & tippi, 3- tobias w¨st & ceed), ranking.
Hungary: results of agility from jan egil eide large (1- iwona golab/ seeya), M+ (1-veronika kralikova/ bee), medium (1- tamara sedlmaier/ you), small (1- cintia favri/ yumi). Results of agility from zsuzsa veres large (1- peter hamori/ nayra), M+ (1- marta somogyvari/ rhea), medium (1- laura reinhalter/ ria), small (1- dalma naggyor/ welle). Results of jumping from jan egil eide large (1- monika rylska/ foker) M+ (1- veronika kralikova/ bee), medium (1- tamara sedlmaier/ you), small (1- cintia favari/ yumi).
Videos: martina vakonicova (slovakia) & rozita ray (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foker (facebook), Mickael Charbonnier (france) & joystick (facebook), naarah cuddy (england) & lemon (facebook).
Puppies: female available at stas kurochkin's kennel in russia (facebook); she is out of zippy (stas kurochkin) x aki.

26/03/22- Live stream payed from the quali for large dogs in germany (working dog), free from the quali in france (facebook), campeonato paraibano in brazil (facebook). Live stream of the quali in england (youtube); 4 legged flix accepts collaborations for going on with live streams (facebook).
BCC 2022: webpage for the competition; the jduges are sari mikkila (finland), stefanie semkat (germany), jeremy manno & thora van der stock.
Coursess: david powell from france (facebook).
USA: 4 legged flix will do the live stream of NAC 2022 (click).
Videos: beata Luchowska (poland- slovenia) & kobra (facebook), alen marekovic (croatia), Wyn, Nana, Mayzie & Kei (youtube).
Ukraine: universities in different parts of the globe offer ukrainian students that had to leave their country a place to study with no fees (generally) and online free classes for those that stayed in ukraine and for those living in refugee houses far away of the campus (twitter: 1, 2). change 4 change collects money for giving it to those helping in ukraine (facebook).

25/03/22- BCC 2022: registrations open today through smarter agility (facebook).
Germany: the quali for world cup in large is this weekend and the livestream costs 9.90 euros from working dog. The judges are stefanie semkat (germany) & sascha grunder (switzerland). Start list (click).
UK: teams qualified for EO (facebook). the quali for world cup is next weekend.
Cévenole CUP 2022 is on june 4- 6 in france (facebook). The judges are sari mikkilä (finland), thora van der stock (belgium), philippe cottet (switzerand), martin schoffelmeer (netherlands) and the locals eric courant, dominique prin, michel perrain, gérard géry.
International agility EPP CUP 2022 (germany) on october 21- 23 has money prizes (facebook). The judge is tamas traj (hungary) and registrations are through webmelden from april 15. The competition is only for grades 2 and 3.

24/03/22- FCI WC 2022: the venue of the competition is the Multiversum in Möhringgasse 2/4, 2320 Schwechat (click). Photos of the hall (click), google maps (click); it is 10 minutes away from the austria's airport (click).
The facebook of the world cup was published.

23/03/22- Border collie puppies: litter confirmed for the end of april at the german kennel feel the difference (facebook); Lass (1, 2) x mer (1, 2). Why not zet my queen is the sire of mer, Lass is a litter sister to style from max sprinz, and has tanhill glen & sonny from japan in her pedigree. Puppies planned for the en of the year in latvia with svetlana kreslina (facebook).
Online course: a different way for running contacts in the dogwalk (click).
EO 2022: after the controversy generated by the use of the soft line of galican contact zones (facebook), Galican and the organization of the competition will have 5 mini courses available to train for 15 min each dog the wednesday before the competition (facebook). Only the team leader can do the reservation.
Cronometer: Aaron Garcia asked for cronometers (apart from farm tek) for agility in USA (facebook). Video with the changes to fast krono (facebook).
Movie: rescued by ruby about a shelter dog that it is formed for the K9 group (netflix, imdb, trailer). The true story of ruby.
Ukraine: Breaking the news is asking for treatment and relocation of ukrainian dogs rescued from shelters (facebook). Pay pal contributions are to

22/03/22- FCI WC 2022 in Schwechat (austria) on september 22- 25; Schwechat is located SE of vienna and quite close to the international airport (google maps). . webpage; jan egil eide (norway) is confirmed as one of the judges. The city was published at FCI's webpage. Nancy Gyes (USA) asked if cropped/ docked dogs will be able to take part of the world cup (facebook); austria forbides them.

21/03/22- Courses: tamas traj (hungary) at german quali (click), mika kangas from finland (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebooK 1, 2), stefanie semkat at german quali (facebooK 1, 2), Johanna Wüthrich in finland (facebook).
Germany: The ranking medium to qualify for world cup is now:
1- daniel schröder & cashew, 2- krisztina kabai & hydro. In the first 10 places there are 8 shetland, 1 mini aussie, 1 mixed breed.
In small tobias wüst & dörte won all the runs; those who follow them has a little over the half of their points.
Austria: results. Leading the quali are lisa frick & jack in large, laura einhalter & zookie in medium, Conni Raschbauer & LeGo in small.
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), Pascale Kühn (austria) & J' Ginga (facebook), daniel schröder (germany) & cashew (facebook), tobias wüst, dörte & mercedes (facebook). anna hinze (germany) and the evolution of take (facebook).

20/03/22- Livestream by working dog from the world cup & EO quali for medium and small dogs in germany (click); it costs 9.90 euros. Live stream from lord of the winter in slovakia (facebook), tryouts in england (youtube). There is a live stream from the quali in colombia but the links "die".
Couses: stefanie semkat in germany (facebook), mika kangas fom finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) in germany (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: euan paterson (scotland) & crazee (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook). Videos fom working dog about the quali quali in germany (facebook: 1, 2).
England: dogs qualified to european open (facebook).
Colombia: the next quali trials will be judged by véndula hausnerová from czech rep. checa on april 23- 24 and by ana beltrán from spain on may 14- 15 (facebook).
A&C 2022 (brazil, apil 7-10): the pogam is updated (click).
Ukraine: a polish shelter is rescueing animals from ukraine (facebook). Auction of the World Cup shirt by Bo in favor of Ukraine-aid (facebook). Donation from portugal (facebook).

19/03/22- Livestream by working dog from the world cup & EO quali for medium and small dogs in germany (click); the cost is 9.90 euros. Live stream of the tryouts in great britain (youtube), lord of the winter in slovakia (facebook).
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) at the quali for small dogs in germany (facebook).
Austria: live results from the quali for world cup (click), registration list (click). The judges are rene blank (germany), veronika herendy (hungary), pavol vakonic (slovakia).
Germany: results online from the quali for medium & small dogs (click).

18/03/22- Border collie puppies expected on april in poland (click); they are great grand children of eiri greme gwen, fetch granting pasure, rising sun dark raider. Puppies expected in united kingdom (facebook); they are grandsons and grand grandsons of tanhill glen .
Stud: dogs from serge van der zweep (netherlands) available for stud (facebook). They are Mac, Gary, Sam, Malta Jim, Joe & Celt.
Videos: elke thein (germany) training the dogwalk with an idea from krisztina kabai to solve a problem (facebook), dan shaw (england) & nerd (facebook), heli hilden (finland) & uni (facebook).
Online course for weaves with dani lehrer from germany (click).
Ukrane: Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals posted on facebook a list of 5 group verified that helps animals in Ukrane (click).

17/03/22- Obstacles: smart-99 has an improved at the seesaw (facebook).
Puppies border collie expected for mid may in brazil, out of double j roy and a daughter of kinloch cian (facebook, instagram). Double j roy is a full brother of trix (jessica patterson) & summit (justine davenport); his owner leandro boldrini (herding) has posted in 2013 on agility facebooks that it was available as stud for agility sharing a video of his sister trix but none of the known breeder used him by that time. On 2018 fernanda lesnau she had puppies with him. The new dog of samir is grandson of Double J roy as well as the 2 of zezinho those are from dam bina.
Online course of seesaw with martina klimesova (czech rep. ) available in italian (facebook); starting on march 23. The contact is noemi girino.
Ukrania: they are searching a place to stay for 2 agility competitor from ukrania and their dogs in czech rep.'s city (facebook).

16/03/22- Facebook agility europe: denmark and croatia prohibit judges from using distances between obstacles greater than those listed in the FCI regulations (facebook). Magda Ziolkowska asks why compliance with other rules is not also required such as straight approach to certain obstacles.

15/03/22- BCC: the organization is looking for countries able to organize in 2023 ans 2024 (facebook).
Seminar with zeljko gora (croatia) on august 2- 3 in belgium (facebook); it is between european open and border collie classic. It costs 70 euros per day.
Online classes with beata luchowska (slovenia) about agility foundations start on april 1 (webpage, facebook). The working spot costs 297 euros and auditors pay 197 euros.
Floors: facebook from agility mat in sweden.
Podcast in german with rolf franck (spotify).
Videos: dani fischbach (germany) & salt (facebook), daisy peel (USA), dude & savi (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna en crufts (facebook),

13/03/22- Crufts 2022: some winners
agility championship for large: euan paterson & crazee, dalton meredith & clippy, naarah cuddy & lemon (facebook).
single medium: james adams & willow, ashleigh butler & eliza, liz carpenter & maggie (facebook).
More results
Helvetic agility masters 2022: registrations open on march 21 (facebook). The competition is on august 19- 21 at swiss dog arena (click); the judges are neil ellis (portugal), lisa frick (austria), daniel walz (germany).
BCC 2022: registrations start on march 25 through smarter agility (facebook); video tutorial facebook). Users can register at smarteragility before that date.
EO & BCC 2022 will ahve the soft contact zones from galican (facebook).
Courses: esa muotka (finland) in france (facebook).
Ukraine: webpage with links to help Dogbus Transporting Paws (click).

13/03/22- Live stream from crufts (youtube), quali trial from spain (facebook).
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), tommi raita aho de finlandia (facebook), david powell from france (facebook).
Videos: pub of sky cinema (vimeo), max sprinz (germany), style & make (facebook), training of iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & smokey (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) & youme (facebook), jérémy chomienne (france) & ryz (facebook). Videos from crufts: euan paterson (scotland) & crazee (facebook: 1, 2), dalton meredith & clippy (facebook), agility championship final intermediate/ large (youtube), intermediate (youtube), international invitational (facebook), singles (youtube), nicola wildman (facebook), joanne tristram (facebook), dave munnings & boost (facebook), stephanie best & fate (facebook); channel on youtube.
Intensive training with ariana wieber (germany) on april 25- 26 (facebook).
Floor: post on facebook asking for type of floor for a hall (facebook).
Obstacles used for sale in canada (facebook).
Conference on canine education transmitted online (click); with martina klimesova (czech rep.), tuurid rugas (norway), chirag patel (UK), etc.

12/03/22- Live stream from crufts (youtube), quali trial in spain (facebook).
USA: information about the qualifications for tryouts for FCI world cup 2023 (facebook).
Courses: rene blank from germany (facebook), gert bruus from denmark (facebook), veronika nagy at hungarian open (facebook).
Podcast in german with mike peter from luxembourg (click). More podcasts on spotify.
Mudi puppies: the puppies from remeny (emilia tiziliou) were born in greece (facebook); they are 5 males & 3 females. Remeny won agility at FCI world cup 2019.
RIALP 2022 (spain; august 3- 7): registrations open on march 15 through flowagility (facebook).
A&C 2022: the list of registrations was published (click). The countries taking part are the organizers (Brasil and Peru), Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, USA, Canada, Czech Rep., Chile, Uruguay.

11/03/22- Live stream from crufts (youtube).
FCI WC 2022: would be in austria the same days as before (1, 2).
At world championship the winners of last individual competitions are automatically qualified for the following year world cup. At world cup 2019 the individual winners were stas kurochkin & zippy (russia -large), silas boogk & beam (germany-medium), tobias wüst & dörte (germany -small). Up to the agility regulation stas kurochkin has a spot at FCI WC 2020, but the FCI has banned all russian competitors at their competitions and it is not clear if the 3 winners are qualified for worldcup 2022.

10/03/22- Live stream from crufts (youtube).
Finland: 4S agility hall opens in may (facebook).
Spain: RSCE national championship 2022 is on august 13- 15 in oviedo (facebook).
Slovakia: RSDC opens a new hall (facebook).
Obstacles: hurdles in different colors from milan benda in czech rep. (facebook); they cost 55 euos.
Crufts: videos from asleigh butler & eliza (facebook), blyth fox & roo (facebook), asleigh butler & sully (facebook). More videos on youtube.
Ukraine: the story of dog bus rescue (click). webpage, facebook. Video with the last donations that are on their way to ukraine (facebook). They accept more donated aid in england and collaborations though pay pal (

09/03/22- Live stream from crufts starting tomorrow (youtube).
Book: ‘be more dog’ (click about Jim Nelson, Rene Agredano & jerry.
Videos: zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), marcy mantell (USA) & steel (facebook), kayl mc cann (canada) & bee qualified for WAO (facebook), Tania Heivers (belgium) & cya at a seminar with tamas traj (facebook).
FCI WC 2022: the FCI agility decided cancelling the world cup in russia and the deadline for new registations to host 2022 FCI world cup is march 10 (facebook). For the moment, there is no unofficial information about candidates and no official information neither (facebook) but some people suggested that talking about organizing an agility world cup with the situation going on in ukraine is too sad and inopportune.
Ukraine: transport offered between poland and sweden (facebook) and poland and finland (facebook). Lottery organized with a zon ecron time system for helping ukraine (facebook); it costs 10 euros. Slovenian Vets for Stray Pet is sending donations to slovenia next week (facebook); they can be taken to the place or sending a collaboration (for example paypal: with a tect ‘for ukraine’). Posts on facebook about Dana Riezanovas evacuation (1, 2, 3, 4).

08/03/22- WAO 2022: the wildcards were published (facebook).
Shetland puppies: natasha gjerulff's litter in denmark out of cashew fromcorrishome daniel schröder are born. They are 2 females & 2 males. The females are not available (facebook).
Finland: report with information about the discussion at the FCI agility commission regarding the number of categories (facebook, agilityliitto).
Spain: the jduges for the quali on april 2- 3 are jari suomalainen (finland) & marc rabada (facebook).
Belgium: results from the quali for world cup (facebook).
Italy: agility for ucrania is on march 20 (facebook). The registrations are open.
Ukraine: AKC is donating the money obtained with the collection from teddy the dog (click). Help for horses offered in denmark (facebook). Update from winkler AKTIV and the animals recues (facebook). The vdh is registering people that can help (1, 2). Dogbus Transporting Paws is travelling for rescueing animals (facebook).

07/03/22- Courses: sari mikkila from finland (facebook).
Online course of seesaw/teeter with martina klimesova (czech rep.)starting on march 16 (facebook). Registration opens on march 9. It lasts 6 months and the cost is 60 euros with dog and 40 euros as auditor.
Videos: kowalski (germany) & jasper (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & boria bay (facebook), janita (finland) & naxu (facebook), Naga Jolokia (switzerland) & paprika (facebook), manuela sata (italy) entrenando (facebook), petra loche from germany (facebook: 1, 2), Nickie Ciochetti (canada) & ultra (youtube). Video of jenny damm (sweden) raffling with ziv the winner related to the donation to ukraine (facebook).
Ukraine: exotic cat breeder with 25 cats desperate needs an evacuation from keiv to lvivi (facebook).

06/03/22- Live stream from RSDC in slovakia (youtube).
Courses: cedric bargoin from france (facebook), thora van der stock from belgium (facebook), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook: 1, 2).
France camp with manu melain on august 16- 20 (facebook); the cost is 305 euros. Registrations are open. They will have 3 groups of 8; t here is a waitting list. The organizers will choose among the registrations considering who can they help more.
Italy: agility open benacus is on june 3- 5 (webpage, facebook); the judges are philipp müller schnick (germany), hugo santos (portugal). There are seminars on june 1-2 with daniel schröder, tobias wüst & philipp müller schnick (germany).
Sweden: virtual competition organized by Sagik Malmö for raising funds for ukraine (facebook); several halls are aprt of the event and will build the course. Falsterbo Agility Open is ons eptember 10- 11 (facebook); thora van der stock (belgium) is one of the judges. Competition for grades 1- 2 on may 14- 15 (facebook). Gâsahoppet 2022 is on april 14- 17 (facebook); the jduges are jari suomalainen (finland), zsofi biro (hungary), jocke tangfelt (sweden), bernd hüppe (austria), bonnik berthelsen (denmark).

05/03/22- Slovakia: the quali for EO & world cup 2022 are on april 23- 24 (judge: rene blank from germany), may 14- 15 (karel havlicek from czech rep.), june 4- 5 (bernd hüppe from austria). The location is the hall of RSDC, the floor is juta grass and the obstacles are smart-99 & kelbel. There will be in total 12 runs and they will consider the best 8 results. The course time will be set by the fastest dog (even with faults) of all categories including those not running to qualify multiplied by 1.15 for individual and 1.20 for team (click).
Courses from dominique prin & nicolas renaud at the quali for world cup and european open in france (click). Courses at lotushallen in sweden (facebook). More courses: jan egil eide (norway) in slovakia (facebook).
Switzerland: live results (click).
Ukraine: post asking for dog food points near kiev for 11 breeders (facebook); they also need transport from kiev & charkiv with puppies and pregnant bitches. Jorge Pires (portugal) organizes missions transporting non-perishable foodstuffs and sanitary material and returning Ukrainian citizens who are searching for safe places from poland (facebook). SVSP (slovenia) offers shelter and vet treatments (facebook). A group brought 2 tons of food, accessories and blankets to ukraine and offers transport for 8 people and 25 dogs to Gdansk (facebook). Help needed for the evacuation of an old couple (facebook).

03/03/22- FCI published the new agility rules valid since january 1 2023 (english only now). Comments on agility europe's facebook.
The new intermediate category is for dogs measuring between 43 and 48 cm as it was already mentionned off the records. The jump height is between 45 and 50 cm.
There is a maximum of 5 tunnels (execution) and the weave poles must be in every course. The flat tunnel is not an FCI obstacle anymore.
The first and last obstacle can be any jump obstacle (hurdle, tyre, long jump, wall). If the timing system does not allow, they have to be a jump or a spread jump.
There is not up contact for a frame and dog walk.
If an obstacle is destroyed and still the dog has to negotiate it, the dog will be disqualified.
World cup: 24X 40 ring, 4 judges (2 locals). Each country can have 12 dogs for individual competitions; the teams for the team competitions have 4 dogs (1 team per category).

02/03/22- March: Crufts is on march 10- 13 (webpage, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube). Competition in germany on march 4- 6 (facebook). Lord of the winter V es el 5- 6 de marzo (1, 2); juzgan jan egil eide (noruega) & ivetta lukacova (slovakia). Sonja Mladeck & lisa frick (austria) are the judges at icebear cup on march 5- 6 in austria (dognow); The first double competition for national championship and qualification in croatia are on march 12- 13 with judge thora van der stock from belgium (facebook). Jan egil eide (norway) is the judge on march 13 in Östringen (germany). Rene Blank (germany), Pavol Vakonic (slovakia), Veronika Nagy (Hungary) are the judges at the quali for EO in austria on march 19- 20 (dognow). Lord of the winter II is on march 19- 20 (1, 2); the judges are sari mikkilä (finland) & roman lukac (slovakia). Agility pro Ukraine is on march 19- 20 and they have changed the russian judge Olga Korovaikova (click). Zsuzsa Veres (portugal) & Jan Egil Eide (norway) will judge the qualification for EO in hungary on march 26- 27.
Moravia open 2022 is on july 1- 3 (webpage, facebook). Registration list. They have 4 sizes (the max. heights of the mini large 43- 50 cm to the withers).
Ukraine: RSDC in slovakia has a collecting point for donation on dog and cat food until friday march 4 (facebook: 1, 2). A place for people and dogs is offered in France near bordeaux (facebook). Ukranians can use the train for free in germany, poland, netherlands (facebook). Registrations at agility for joy (19- 20 march in czech rep.) that Olga Korovaikova (russia) was going to judge will be used to donate to ukraine (facebook); the new judge is seppo savikko (finland). Facebook with help asked and offered (facebook).

01/03/22- Online course on running A frame with katarina poldinik (facebook, webpage); the working spots are for her dog walk running contacts students. It costs 150 euros for working spots and 100 euros for auditors.
Tunnels: Duflex (czech rep.) is not selling agility tunnels anymore (facebook). flexible ducts for agility in argentina (facebook).
Videos: jessica patterson (canada) & bizz (instagram), stephanie best (england) & believe (facebook), krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & side (facebook), marcy mantell (USA) & chia (facebook).
Jenny Damm (sweden) raffles private classes among those who donate money to some organization that raises funds to help Ukrainians (facebook).
Courses: dominique prin from france (facebook), peter van cleef from the netherlands (facebook).

previous updates are in spanish

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