Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

03/06/23- Live stream: rome agility festival in italy.
Puppies border collie expected in france (facebook).
Courses: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), alex beitl from germany (facebook), bricolotti in italy (facebook).
Genetics: post on colors & merle from nadine friesenneger (facebook).
Slovenia: fun duck party is on june 18 (facebook). There are beginners and open runs. Registrations are open (google drive).
Norwegian open (norway, 13- 15 october): registrations are still open through devent.no. partial registration list (click). They have 5 categories: XS (less than 28 cm), S (28- 35 cm), M (35- 43 cm), L (43- 50 cm), XL (more than 50 cm).

02/06/23- Courses: Alex beitl (germany) in italy (facebook), anna schönenberger in norway (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in italy (facebook), jeremmy manno from belgium (facebook).
EOAD: 2 dogs tested genetically free with the markers from wisdom panel (optimal selection) were mated and the puppies were tested. 2 females were carrier (facebook).
Icon X by night is on august 26- 28 in england; lthe foreign judges are stefanie semkat & daniel walz (germany), petr pupik (czech rep.) and 8 local judges (facebook).
Videos: nicolo de martini (italy) & carlos (facebook), Patrizia Ciuffetti (italy) & kill at WAO (facebook), One man and his dog (youtube), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & doria day (facebook), dani lehrer (germany) & leni (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & salty (facebook), Juraj Ruza (slovakia) & mysti (facebook).
June: Rome agility festival in italy on 1- 4 (webpage, facebook); the judges are stefanie semkat (germany), sari mikkilä (finland), alex beitl (germany), jocke tangfelt (sweden), francesco bicolotti (italy). Alpine agility open in italy on 9- 11 (webpage, facebook); the judges are thora van der stock (belgium), andrea bellachioma (italy), petra vyplelova (czech rep.), karel havlicek (czech rep.), dominique prin (france). Beat the Heat– Summerweek 2023 on 19- 25 in germany (facebook). croatian open in croatia on 23- 25 (webpage, facebook); the judges are Reetta Pirttikoski (finland), isabella stefl (austria), fanny gott (sweden). slovenian agility open in slovenia on june 30- july 2 (webpage, facebook, registrations); the judges are Kine Eimhjellen (netherlands), Alex Beitl (germany), Roman Lukač (Slovakia), Manca Mikec. There are quali trials in croatia, slovenia,

01/06/23- BACK: there is no plan to be run again for the moment (facebook).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Course design: Becci Hodson's analysis on common dogwalk position in courses on facebook.
Puppies shetland excpected in the netherlands at kennel gjerulff (facebook).
Obstacles: presale of obstacles from galican at JOAWC in england (facebook).
Article about overtraining (click). Comments on agility europe (facebook).

31/05/23- Obsacles: agility soft numbers has free shipping to EO 2023 in denmark (facebook).
Canada: teams for EO in small, medium, intermediate, large, intermediate, medium, large. Post on facebook with a list of the teams.
Germany: calendar with competitions at agility.home (facebook). working dog's video from the last part of the quali trials on youtube.
Brazil: samir organizes a training in itu (instagram); it costs 180 reales per person (maximum 3 dogs). Festival du dog is on june 3 in sao paulo (info & registrations); the have 59 egistrations.
Reasearch in usa about the surfaces for running in agility (facebook).

30/05/23- Q-me: 30 % discount at their new webpage until june 5 (facebook). webpage.
Videos: egg (england) returning to agility after diagnose of medial shoulder instability (facebook) dani fischbach (germany) & salty at the WAO (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia), miya & dallas (facebook).
Italy announced the teams for EO (facebook) & a list for the world cup (facebook). The 4 winners of ENCI throphy will be added to the national members for the EO; they are going with 8 in small, medium, large & 4 in intermediate.
France: woolfwood cup 2023 is on june 10- 11 with competitions in agility, canicross, obedience (facebook).
Greece: teams for the european open (facebook). They go with 4 dogs in small, 2 in intermediate, 7 in large.
Training courses at lotus hallen in sweden (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), vendula hausnerova from slovakia/ czech rep. (facebook).
Genetics tests: optimal selection has 20 % discount in tests until may 31 (click).
International agility championship in denmark on october 20- 22: registrations will open on june 1st through agility events (facebook).
Seminar at norwegian open with tamas traj (hungary) & lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) on october 11- 12 (google drive). the cost is 2500 norwegian crowns for two days and 1300 for a single day.
Photos by coalfrot in england (click).
Health: video by chris zink on the diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis in dogs (click). the cost is 19.95 dollars and the access is for 1 year.

28/05/23- Slovakia: final ranking for the EO & FCI world cup quali (facebook). They will go with 5 large, 1 intermediate, 2 medium y 4 small dogs in individual to world cup.
Italy: final ranking of the quali. The winners of individual ranking were martina klimesova & nemi (large), denis giovannelli & easy peasy (intermediate), giacomo blessent & like (medium), nicola giraudi & bora (small).
Slovenia: resultos of the quali (click), ranking for EO (click), ranking FCI world cup (click). roland kolenko & pixie are in the first place for EO quali ranking (small + medium + intermediate) and FCI world cup (small + medium). kevin spevan & gia are in the first place for EO quali ranking (large) and petra pecar & ta (silvia trkman's dog) for FCI world cup ranking (intermediate + large).
Courses: karel havlicek (czech rep.) in italy (1, 2). Training course from iban cubedo (spain) in france (facebook)
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi winning the quali in large from italy (facebook), carlo magnoli from italy (facebook: 1, 2), daniel martincek (slovakia) & cid (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), alenka skrabec (slovenia) & richi (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) & ice (facebook).

27/05/23- Courses: rene blank (germany) in slovenia (1, 2), iban cubedo from spain (facebook), daniel schröder from germany (facebook), jordi boix (spain) in italy (facebook), karel havlicek (czech rep.) in italy (1, 2), kine eimhjellen from norway (1, 2), hugo santos from portugal (1, 2).
Italy: updated points at the quali (click).
Slovenia: results and ranking of the quali for EO and world cup (click).
Videos: Martina klimesova from czech rep. (facebook), mark herfert from canada (facebook), matej cucek from slovenia (facebook), nicola giraudi from italy (facebook), dani lehrer & leni from germany (facebook), monika pleterski & ice (facebook), juraj ruza de slovakia (facebook),

26/05/23- Germany: the national championship for the VDH is on june 17- 18 (information). working dog has the live stream for 14.90 euros (click).
Slovakia: registration list for the quali of this weekend (click).
Online course on jumps with joanne tristram from england (click). It starts on june 2, the cost is 190 pounds with dog & 120 as auditor.
EO 2023: at european open facebook they are advising about a fake facebook of the event (facebook).
International agility sheltie competitions (netherlands; november 2- 5): registration list (.pdf). webpage.
Facebook: monika rylska is looking for anti-slip systems for the paws of old dogs (facebook). They talk about a spray, stickers, baby socks, etc.

25/05/23- Shetland: there is a post about a shetland that suffers of attacks similar to border collie collapse (facebook). The same happens with his litter brother.
Time system: dash agility (england) offers a time system for agility (facebook).
Videos: dani fischbach (germany) & salty (facebook), jessica patterson (canada), lux, biz en el WAO 2023 (vimeo).
Obstacles: soft wall from agility world (canada) will be available this year (facebook).
Health: agility nerd shared about Dr Mamula's research and a vaccine for dog cancer (facebook).
Italy: carlo fazzio & francesco bertolotti will judge the memorial martino martinelli on july 7- 8 (facebook). Post about martino martinelli (facebook).
Germany: registrations for grade 0 are accepted for the competition next weekend in steppach (facebook).
Working cocker puppy (male) available (facebook). He has one month and is a out of Suri x Tessa.
Janakkala Open (finland; august 4- 6): 15 obstacle courses with jumps and tunnels will eb available for non competitive dogs (click). The deadline for registrations is july 26. The judges are Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain), Kurt Ove Steinset (norway), Petr Pupik (czech rep.), Sari Mikkilä (finland).

24/05/23- Courses: sari mikkila (finland) in australia (1, 2), karel havlicek (czech rep.) in poland (1, 2, 3, 4), neil ellis (england) in estonia (facebook).
Videos: nadine alshut (germany) & cinna at the WAO (facebook), iwona golab/ seeya & magda/ dumka in a comparative video at the polish quali (facebook).
Photos from finland by jukka patynen (click).
Workshop: silas boogk (germany) in belgium on june 19- 21 (facebook). The cost is 100 euros for 2 hours with 4 dogs.
Puppies shetland born in spain at kennel aucanada (facebook); the sire is kite from nicole kelpen.
One mind dogs: free webinar on how to build drive in dogs (click).
Facebook agility europe: post asking for alternative name for the slalom & weaves to handle the dog (facebook).
Online course: dogs 4 motion has 20 % discount on their fitness course (click). The cost is 198 dollars (or two payments of 99 dollars each).

23/05/23- Videos: lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook), samir (brazil) & dinho (instagram), maurice münch (germany), twix & swoosh (facebook), marta pires (brazil) & ayra (instagram), nicolo di martini (italy) & carlos (facebook), zezinho (brazil) & jim (instagram).
Seminars: Jouni Orenius, Isabelle Emanuelsson, Jesus Fernandez Crespo, Olga Kwiecien, Fanny Gott on october 19- 20 (before the international cocker agility championship) in denmak (facebook). Registrations will open on june 1.
Rome agility festival (italy, june 1- 4): there are two new judges (tamas Traj (hungary) & vittorio papavero (italy)) completing the 7 judges for the event (facebook). Registrations closed yesterday; the webpage does not show a registration list.
Couses: daniel schröder from germany (facebook), veonika nagy from hungary (facebook).
Austria: qualified to world cup this weekend (click).
large: lara heinzel & pino, sophie rosenberger & livi, lisa frick & jack, kristina rosen & choice (only teams), kristina rosen & kite (only individual).
intermediate: Hampl Brigitte & yes, Zaleschak Stefan & eska, laura sahin & pepper (only teams), sandra langer & vegas (only teams).
medium: nadine kohl & zola, laura reinhalter & zookie, helmut paulik & kiwi, oswald haiderer & norman (only teams).
small: Raschbauer Conni & lego, sophie rosenberger & light, Berger Thomas & noobsi, hannah prinz & abby (only teams).

22/05/23- Finland: team for world cup, EO & nm: tuulia liuhto & ipa, emmi lavikka & hukka, marjo korander & hupi, jaakko & wow in large (all border collie), katariina kuiro & wendi, lida vakkuri & kate, kati immonen & ice, jaana leino & tyyne in intermediate (tyyne is australian shepherd and the others are border collie), maria sori & daim (cocker), suvi reini & ruben (caniche), emmiina abrahamsson & cromi (shetland), jukka leppala & bit (spanish water dog) in medium, lida vakkuri & helka (shetland), janika masajaari & nacho (caniche), sanni kariniemi & megs (shetland), hanna lakiempera & sonic (shetland) in small. For EO there are 2 teams of 4 dogs each in small, medium, intermediate and one of 4 dogs in large (facebook).
Courses: esa muotka from finland (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), marika blom from finland (facebook).
Poland: partial ranking of the tryouts before the last competition (facebook monika rylska).
Online course of running contacts (advanced) with katarina podlipnik (slovenia) starting on june 15 (click). Registrations will open on june 6.
International cocker agility championship (denmark; october 20- 22): promotional video.

21/05/23- Live stream: WAO worldcup in netherlands (4 legged flix); live stream is free of charge (facebook), but 4leggedflix's live streams are possible because of the donations they receive ‘Although the live stream is provided for free, if you are enjoying our service please consider donating! Your donation makes it possible for us to provide this service! A 50 dollars donation gets you access to the VOD, where you'll be able to watch the whole weekend again and again!’. More live streams: quali trials in finland (youtube).
WAO 2023: program, running orders, live results, past results in .pdf. There are competitions for teams (teams relay) and individual (speedstakes). pistas.
The first countries for team competitions are italy, belgium, germany, czech rep. and canada. The leaders for pentathlon are Maxime Parraud (france) & Cute in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain) & Mokka in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400, Euan Paterson (scotland, wildcard) & Crazee in 500, Mona grefenstein (germany) & sea in 600.
Team winners: belgium, Italy, germany.
Winners biathlon: Kjersti Jørgensen (norway) & Agi in 250, cesar martinez bousson (spain) & MyBoo in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400, euan patterson (scotland, wildcard) & crazee in 500, mona grefenstein (germany) & sea in 600.
Winners pentathlon: Maxime Parraud (france) & Cute in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain) & Mokka in 300, Aemillia Nicholson (england) & Wyllow, nicolo de martini (italy) & carlos in 500, mona grefenstein (germany) & sea.
WAO: the future competitions (click) are in ermelo (netherlands). 2024 is on may 15- 19; the judges are bonnik berthelsen (denmark), natalie webb (england), jan egil eide (norway). 2025 is on may 14- 16.

20/05/23- Live stream: WAO worldcup in netherlands (4 legged flix), quali trials in finland (youtube).
WAO 2023: program, running orders, live results, past results in .pdf. gamblers, biathlon y pentathlon will be run today: courses, gamblers.
Winners in gamblers: Maurice Münch (germany) & Swoosh in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain, wildcard) & Baileys in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400, Lenka Sack (czech rep.) & Theika in 500, Emily Knorr (germany) & Say in 600.
Winners in pentathlon agility 2: Euan Paterson (scotland, wildcard) & Crazee in 500, Mona Grefenstein (germany) & Sea in 600.
Winners in pentathlon jumping 2: Maxime Parraud (france) & Cute in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain) & Mokka in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400.
Winners in biathlon jumping: Francisco De la Cruz Colorado (venezuela) & Hampi in 500, Lucie Glejdurova (czech rep.) & Day in 600.
Winners in games: Maxime Parraud (france) & Cute in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain) & Bailleys in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400, Ariane wieber (germany) & Zola in 500, Emily Knorr (germany) & say in 600.
Courses: iban cubedo (spain) in france (facebook) vendula hausnerova from slovakia (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Slovenian agility open (june 30- july 2; slovenia): manca mikec will be one of the judges (facebook). The program is online. webpage, facebook, registrations.
Videos: monika rylska at the quali from poland (facebook), Anastasiya Kartashova, cora & JJ (facebook).

19/05/23- Live stream: WAO worldcup in netherlands (4 legged flix); live stream is free of charge (facebook), but 4leggedflix's live streams are possible because of the donations they receive ‘Although the live stream is provided for free, if you are enjoying our service please consider donating! Your donation makes it possible for us to provide this service! A 50 dollars donation gets you access to the VOD, where you'll be able to watch the whole weekend again and again!’.
WAO 2023: program, running orders, live results, past results in .pdf. snooker, biathlon and pentathlon will be run today: courses. Photos from dzophoto.
Winners in snooker: ariane wieber (germany, wildcard) & zola in 500, dani lehrer (germany) & tippi in 600.
Winners for pentathlon jumping 1: Kjersti Jørgensen (norway) & Agi in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain, wildcard) & Baileys in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400.
Winners in agility 1: euan patterson (scotland, wildcard) & crazee in 500, Veronika Javorova (czech rep.) & Dobby in 600.
winners in pentathlon jumping 2: Nicola Giraudi (italy) & Katniss in 500, Sara Bacon (wales) & Bliss in 600.
winners in pentathlon agility 2: Kjersti Jørgensen (norway) & Agi in 250, Andrea Prezzi (belgium) & Zoemm in 300, Tanya Matveenko (israel) & Zu in 400.
winners for biathlon jumping: Kjersti Jørgensen (norway) & Agi in 250, Angie Benacquisto (USA) & Sundae in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400.
Canada: the tryouts for 2024 are on april 5- 7 in ontario (facebook).
Courses: hugo santos (portugal) in denmark (facebook), kine eimheellen (norway) in denmark (facebook), fanny gott from sweden (facebook), dirk richartz from germany (facebook).

18/05/23- Live stream: WAO worldcup in netherlands (4 legged flix); live stream is free of charge (facebook), but 4leggedflix's live streams are possible because of the donations they receive ‘Although the live stream is provided for free, if you are enjoying our service please consider donating! Your donation makes it possible for us to provide this service! A 50 dollars donation gets you access to the VOD, where you'll be able to watch the whole weekend again and again!’.
WAO 2023: program, running orders, live results. For the competition there are 2 and 3 courses in parallel rings; to classify the runners, the countries have been grouped in 3 different groups (A, B, C) and those groups are ordered for running. This means that, while group A is running on ring 1 (i.e.), group B is running on ring 3 and group C is running on ring 2 (groups). the competitions for today are for teams (one agility) and individual (one jumping, one agility and one snooker): courses (snooker).
Winners in snooker: Anna Hinze (germany) & Move in 250, Jesus Fernandez Crespo (spain, wildcad) & Baileys in 300, Aneta Obrusníkova (czech rep.) & Chilli in 400.
Winners in pentathlon jumping 1: Nele Koch (germany) & Ceeya in 500, Yannic Hägele (germany, wildcard) & Sweep in 600.
Winners in pentathlon agility 1: Hana Mala (czech rep.) & Ziggy in 250, Eliska Kaletova (czech rep.) & Night in 300, Kayl McCann (canada) & Bee in 400.
Winners in team agility 2: 1- belgium, 2- italy, 3- netherlands (norway in 250, spain in 300, canada in 400, spain in 500, canada in 600).
EO 2023: the live stream is from working dog (click). It costs from 29.90 euros.

17/05/23- Live stream: WAO worldcup in netherlands (4 legged flix); live stream is free of charge (facebook), but 4leggedflix's live streams are possible because of the donations they receive ‘Although the live stream is provided for free, if you are enjoying our service please consider donating! Your donation makes it possible for us to provide this service! A 50 dollars donation gets you access to the VOD, where you'll be able to watch the whole weekend again and again!’.
WAO 2023: program, running orders, live results. For the competition there are 2 and 3 courses in parallel rings; to classify the runners, the countries have been grouped in 3 different groups (A, B, C) and those groups are ordered for running. This means that, while group A is running on ring 1 (i.e.), group B is running on ring 3 and group C is running on ring 2 (groups). the competitions for today are for teams (two jumpings and one agility): courses.
Teams jumping 1: the winners were czech rep. in 250 & 400, sweden in 300, belgium in 500, USA in 600.
Teams jumping 2: the winners were germany in 250 & 600, scotland in 300, USA in 400, england in 500.
Teams agility 1: the winners were germany in 250 & 300, canada in 400, italy in 500, czech rep. in 600.
Lost dog: bee (stephanie best's dog) is lost in netherlands (facebook). Update: bee was found (facebook).

16/05/23- Courses: angelika brandl in poland (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), juraj ruza in czech rep. (facebook), sascha grunder in croatia (facebook).
Obstacles: a full course smart-99 for sale in switzerland (facebook). The cost is 7000 CHF (around 7000 dollars).
Italy: kine eimhjellen (norway) will be the judge on november 18- 19 (facebook).
France: teams for EO & world cup (click).
Denmark open: Anders Virtanen (Fnland) & Carolyn Chelchinskey (South africa) will be judging on july (facebook). The competition has 14 judges.
Greece: marc rabada (spain) will be the judge of the third competition for the national championship on may 20- 21 (facebook).
Lithuania: jesus fernandez crespo (spain) will judge on may 27- 28 (facebook). registration list. Registrations will close on may 22.
Chiropractic Research in UK: they are looking for dogs running agility (click).

15/05/23- Tori self: the world cup competitor from USA (together with rev) who is dedicated to rowing like her parents created a fundraise for macmillan cancer support (facebook). people who want to donate can do so at this link.
WAO 2023: webpage, facebook, registration list. schedule for tuesday and wednesday (.pdf). Program . The live stream is from (4 legged flix; although it is a free live stream (facebook), it is possible to do it thanks to donations (with a donation of 50 dollaras you can access ther video on demand). running orders (click).
Lost dog in france: during the french championship reacher (a border collie) was lost when she touched a cable of an electric fence and ran away (facebook); luckily she was found.
Border collie litter planned in croatia (facebook); the dam (born in USA) is from dasa zakotnik (click) and the sire is style from max sprinz (germany).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), esa muotka (finland) in switzerland (facebook).

14/05/23- Live stream: quali trials in germany (working dog), national championship for grades 2 and 3 in france (youtube).
Videos: martin brunner (switzerland) & fiona (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & gin (facebook), nina causevic (slovenia- spain) in a seminar (facebook), ariane wieber (germany) & zola (facebook), elpida ismael (greece) & diesel (facebook), stefanie simson (germany) & bibi (facebook).
Germany: combined results from sunday in small, medium, intermediate, large. final points at the quali in small, medium, intermediate, large. The competitors qualified for world cup FCI in czech rep in individual for having won the previous world cup are daniel schröder & cashew in medium, stefanie simson & bibi in small. From the quali, the 2023 teams for world cup FCI are:
small: tobias wüst & dörte, silas boogk & gadget, max sprinz & make, stefanie simson & bibi.
medium: daniel schröder & cashew, krisztina kabai & hydro, silas boogk & beam, tobias wüst & mercedes
intermediate: ariane wieber & zola, tobias wüst & eve, rebecca kowalski & liv, ramona schürken & lyric.
large: max sprinz & style, mona grefenstein & sea, nadine alshut & cinna, sabine kreutz & foo.
France: results from the national championship 2023 for grades 2 and 3. Results in small (1, 2), medium (1, 2), intermediate (1, 2), large (1, 2). The winners were kim barreau & oreo in intermediate grade 3, sylvie bonnet & rhapsody onni in intermediate grade 2, sophie brisset & Oh la la la in medium grade 2, jessica flouret & kira in medium grade 3, lea moquet & ooper in small grade 3, sarah fabre & naboo in small grade 2, kim barreau & peeper in large grade 3, gaetan lavergne & lhoun in large grade 2.
South america: registration list for the olimpiadas CBKC on june 8- 10 in sao paulo (click). sociedad canina organizes in medellin (colombia) a team competition "a 3 corners" with the open. Agility open is on june 10 in buenos aires (argentina) with quinto elemento as organizer (instagram). instagram of the Agility camp 2024 on february 10- 14 in buenos aires (argentina).

13/05/23- Live stream: quali trials in germany (working dog), national championship for grades 2 and 3 in france (youtube).
Germany: combined results from today for small, medium, intermediate, large. Points for the qualification in small, medium, intermediate, large. Courses: Alex beitl (facebook). Live results for sunday.
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), juraj ruza in czech rep. (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) in greece (facebook), Marika Blom from finland (facebook), dan in brazil (instagram).
USA: prequalified for national team at FCI world cup (facebook).
France: results for national championship in grade 2, grade 3. Courses from dominique prin, andrea menghini, jesus fernandez crespo.

12/05/23- Live stream: quali trials in germany (working dog).
Norwegian open 2023: registations start on may 15 at devent's website (facebook). The comeptitions is on october 13- 15; the judges are alex beitl (germany), sandra deidda (italy), vittorio papvero (italy), seppo savikko (finland), stefanie semkat (germany), tamas traj (hungary), sari mikkila (finland), petr pupik (czech rep.).
Stud shetlands available in austria: peter pan (33,8 cm) son of meryl from pavol vakonic (facebook) & light (34 cm) from austrian diamonds (facebook).
Avallon cup (france): the event for this year was cancelled (facebook). The avallon was scheduled on july 13- 16 de julio but denmark oen is the same weekend in the same venue used for the european open the following weekend (facebook).
Denmak open: agility events is still checking the maximum number of runs per handler each day (maximum 6 per day) and will issue the payment links (facebook); the organizations expects doing it next week.
Germany: the winners for the combined results today were tobias wüst & dörte in small, krisztina kabai & Hydro in medium, lisa germann & lilli in intermediate, max sprinz & style in lage. Combined results small, medium, intermediate, large. Courses from alex beitl (facebook). Live results for saturday.

11/05/23- Germany: running orders for the final quali (.pdf). live results for friday (click).
Obstacles: new wheels for galican's dog walk (facebook).
Videos: Perry DeWitt (USA) & genuine (facebook), daniel martincek (slovakia) & cidko (facebook).
Teeter: posts about the correct mount/ use of the teeter (facebook: 1, 2). Video frome amanda luttman on facebook.
Smarter agility: question about how to fill with different colors some zones of the course (facebook).
Facebook for ‘distance handling’: lisa jordan asks for handling suggestions (facebook).
Article shared on facebook about what makes a breeder responsible (click).
Healthy dog Workshop: webpage, facebook, instagram, twitter. the workshop is on may 20- 21 in Albany (USA). Detailed info .

10/05/23- Live stream working dog will livestream the quali this weekend in germany (click). They stat on may 12 and cost 9.90 euros.
Courses: anders virtanen (finland) in belgium (facebook), chris faltner from norway (facebook), urs inglin from switzerland (facebook), alejandro salas in england (facebook), Christina Jurr in germany (facebook).
Seminars at Lys Foolies (belgium): nadine alshut (germany) on october 14- 15, lisa frick (austria) on november 2- 3 (full), iwona golab (poland) on november 25- 26 (full), max sprinz (germany) on december 21- 22 (full), dani lehrer (germany) on january 11- 12 in 2024 (facebook).
Calendars: denmark (click).
Train with us: webpage, facebook, instagram. It has videos, exercises. Presentation video (youtube).
English course for agilitysts with eden heigel (facebook).
USA: agility results from westminster (click).

09/05/23- Jenny damm (sweden): mailiz, jenny damm's 4 year old dog, suddenly died (facebook). She qualified for EO 2023. Videos: competitions (1, 2, 3), training in a course from iwona golab, running contacts training, this year training.
Slovakia: accumulated points at the qualis for EO 2023, world cup FCI (individual), world cup FCI (teams).
Obstacles: soft long jump (nearly new) for sale in spain (facebook).
Facebook agility belgium: they suggest removing the slalom from the veteran competitions in belgium due to back damage (facebook). There are more comments on whether or not to run veteran dogs, the usefulness of a “ non slalom-grade 1” course for dogs that do not have it, etc.
Shape up (canada): nadine alshut (germany) will be the third instructor at the camp organized in september (facebook); there are 12 new free places. The online courses has the working spot nearly all out of stock (click): only the teeter has. formulario de inscripción.
Camp with lisa frick (austria) & dave munnings in england (click). las 2 hs de entrenamiento cuestan 230 libras.

08/05/23- Japan: JAM will do free live stream from the quali, but they need support from companies and people (facebook).
Courses: eric courant from france (facebook), lee gibson in england (facebook), tom mercebach in finland (facebook).
Seminar/ workshop: iwona golab (poland) in thailand on june 22- 25 (instagram).
Seesaw: olga kwiecien (poland) posted that she has doubts on how to teach (her new berger des pyrénées) the seesaw and that she had bad experiences with 4 on. Nina gregl replied that she had good experiences with the 4 on with a target on top with paws or nose to get the dog to lay down a bit, but not fully, just to trasfer the weight first to the front to lower it and then to the back. (facebook).
Online course: registrations for shapeup courses will open on may 9 and include a new course for dogs that know their jobs but when excitement increase in competitions can't think (click).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & malinka (facebook), veronika kralikova (slovakia) & naya (facebook).

07/05/23- Courses: karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), thora van der stock (facebook), esa muotka (finland) at the qualis in slovakia (facebook), cedric bargoin from france (facebook).
Netherlands: teams for world cup in intermediate, bianca van gastel/ffenics, susan koldenholf/sign, nathalie de korte/murdock, roy fonteijn/soof (facebook), in large, esther buth/avicii, wendy willemse/draig, nathaie de korte/brave, jan sprij/reece (facebook), in medium, patrick driessen/eep, janne de boer/dali, monique swinkels/lovag, nicole schreuder/jaylah (facebook). .
Austria, teams qualified for EO: the first 8 from the ranking in large, medium, small and the first 4 in intermediate. Lisa frick qualified with jack & taco.
Videos: jan sprij (netherlands) & reece (facebook), bianca van gastel (holanda) & ffenics (facebook), roy fonteijn (netherlands) & soof (facebook).

06/05/23- Live stream: Iconix finals (facebook).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), karel havlicek (czech rep.) in the netherlands ( facebook), alex beitl (germany) in england (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), juraj ruza in croatia (facebook), cedric bargoin from france (facebook), petra vyplelova from czech rep. (facebook), esa muotka in slovakia (1, 2).
Jenny Damm: post on her quali (facebook).

04/05/23- Puppies: the litters out of style X tic in croatia (facebook) and out of why not hash my queen in russia (facebook) were born. They are 3 females & 1 male in croatia and 4 females & 1 male in russia.
Courses: anna schonenberger from austria (facebook), barbara rozman (slovenia) in serbia (facebook). Exercises from birgitta hermansson (facebook).
Online courses: registrations for the courses from shape up (canada) will open on may 9 (click).
Cursos online: el 9 de mayo abren las inscripciones a los cursos online de shape up de canadá (click).
May: quali trials in germany (12- 14), lithuania (13- 14), switzerland (13- 14), greece (20- 21), slovenia (27- 28), slovakia (27- 28). westminster in usa on 6- 9 (webpage, facebook, instagram, youtube). National championship in france on 13- 14 (facebook). WAO worldcup in netherlands on 17- 21 (webpage, facebook, twitter, live stream); the judges are petr pupik (czech rep.), jason bartram (england), andre landry (canada). International agility festival in germany on 26- 28 (facebook); the judges are stefanie semkat & seppo savikko.

03/05/23- Bad dog agility: first part of how routine shapes agility success with jennifer crank (youtube).
Courses: rene blank from germany (facebook), marko mäkelä in finland (facebook), zsuzsa veres (hungary) in spain (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) in spain (1, 2, 3), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), juraj ruza in croatia (facebook), Mona Liljegren in finland (facebook), Pedro Martinez Martin in spain (facebook).
Videos: isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & prem (facebook), veronika kralikova (slovakia) in croatia (facebook), enya habel (sweden) & party (facebook).
Photos: quali trials in belgium (click).
Susan Garrett (canada): video about creating joy in competition (youtube).

02/05/23- Courses from tamas traj (agility I/L, agility s/m, jumping s/m, jumping i/l) & alex beitl (jumping i/l,/a>, jumping s/m, agility s/m, agility i/l) at the tryouts in USA. More courses: Annemarie van den Berge in norway (facebook).
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), kevin odile (france), move & pia qualified for EO & FCI worldcup (facebook), cédric bargoin (france) & zozo (facebook), nina gregl at the quali trials in croatia (facebook) iwona golab (poland), applause & see ya (facebook).
France: rankings for 2023 and for the quali for national championship 2024 (click) Programs for the quali trials on may 13- 14 (click); the judges are andrea menghini, eric courant, frederic lorette, dominique prin.
Canada: prerequirements for the quali trils on 2024 (facebook).
Rising star junior agility: registration form (click). It is on june 18 in hungary; the judges are veronika herendy & veronika nagy. Registrations are open and the deadline is may 14. Information (click).

01/05/23- Live stream: quali trials in sweden (agilityplay), tryouts in usa (4 legged flix), national championship in spain (youtube)
Croatia: dogs qualified for world cup (facebook).
Sweden: dogs qualified for EO, world cup & nordic championship in large, intermediate, medium, small. For EO sweden, unlike several countries that decided to have 8 dogs in 3 heights and 4 dogs in the remaining one, chose 7 dogs en each height (the limit of participants per country is 28). In this way they can have 4 teams with 4 dogs and 4 teams with 3 dogs or adding at those competitors from elsewhere. Jenny damm who ran injured and unable to train her dogs much, classified the EO with mailiz. Considering the total points she was in the 4th place with zonia and 9th with azta, but as the results that earned points were only in agility they were 10 and 12 in the ranking (facebook); mija jansson posted jenny damm as a wild card at the World Cup would be reasonable? . Anne kralsson qualified with 2 medium dogs for world cup.
EO 2023: team canada (facebook). Map of the courses (facebook). There is still no list of registrations or other information about the event; Much of the information is handled exclusively in a private facebook group for team leaders (facebook).
Alpine agility open (9- 11 june, italy): the maximum of registrations was reached in 14 hours (facebook).

30/04/23- Live stream: quali trials in sweden (agilityplay) and france (youtube), tryouts from usa (4 legged flix), national championship in spain (youtube).
Courses: kine eimhjellen in sweden (facebook), esa muotka (finland) in france (facebook), jordi boix (spain) in sweden (1, 2), training course of iwona golab from poland (facebook), petra vyplelova (czech rep.) in italy (facebook), esa muotka & perrain in the french quLIA (click), more courses in sweden (facebook).
Videos: andrea cacciatori (italy) & unique (facebook), zeljko gora in the croatian qualis (facebook), jenny damm (sweden), azta, mailiz & zonia (facebook).

29/04/23- Live stream: quali trials in sweden (agilityplay) and in france (youtube), national championship in spain (youtube).
Coaching online with Iwona golab (poland), 1 lesson for 70 euros or 120 euros/month. People should send a private message (facebook).
Poll in agility europe on what floor is better surface for an agility field: artificial grass, sand for horses, natural grass or another option to add (facebook).
Puppies border collie male available in estonia (facebook), out of bob (full brother of style from max sprinz) x geps.
Germany: working dog will live stream the finals of the quali for world cup (click). It is on may 12- 14 and the cost is 9.90 euros.

28/04/23- Live stream: national championship in spain (youtube).
Logo for FCI world cup in 2026: agilityliitto is looking for a designer and the deadline is may 14. The contact is toimisto@agilityliitto.fi (facebook).
Survey for a thesis about how to improve flights with dogs to and from helsinki's airport (facebook). It is available in finnish and english (click).
Jenny damm (sweden) wrote a post about the difficulties that made her doubt of taking part of the tryouts in sweden and mentions Nettan and I have decided to go there and be part of it. I love running agility with our sweet, well trained, fun dogs on challenging, fun courses. You never know what will happen tomorrow, maybe a dog gets injured or something else happens that means we can't be there again. (facebook).
Sweden: the quali trials are this weekend judged by jordi boix, emma broberg & Kine Eimhjellen (1, 2). The live stream is from agilityplay. The results will be posted as comments of 4 different psots on facebook (facebook); they created one post per category.
Tight turnss: iwona golab's video in poland teaching tight turns only with verbal cues (facebook).

27/04/23- Litter: Planned litter at max sprinz's kennel of his two border collies: remix x style (facebook). Both are excellent in agility and that doesn't happen often, remix is a daughter of lyric from ramona schurken.
Treat & train: post on agility europe about a broken remote control (facebook), among the suggestions they mention soldering to the other button because the one above always tends to break or the answer from hugo santos that any remote control with that frequency works.
Courses: fanny gott from sweden (facebook) carlo fazio from italy (facebook), Dirk Kuschnierz in germany (facebook: 1, 2) Marleen Haeneefstingels in luxembourg (facebook).
Live stream of the national championship from spain thiss weekend youtube (facebook).

26/04/23- EO 2023 is at the end of july in denmark. Registrations are through the delegates of each country and the deadline is may 31 (this is the deadline for sending the number of competitors per height; the list with names has to be sent at the end of june).
♦ For countries that require rabies serological testing for travel, the tests should already have been done. they requiere 90 days prior to travel.
♦ unlike with world cup, neither in the agility regulations nor in the european open regulations they say that dogs must be grade 2 or 3 for take part in the competition; they mention that dogs should have a record book or licence and is up to the NCO when (which category) they grant them to be enabled to compete. In countries with few dogs in grade 2- 3, they can complete the teams with dogs from lower categories. Record books and licences are difficult to control because they are often electronic.

25/04/23- Videos: lisa frick (austria), jack, taco (facebook), ramona scürken (germany) & lyric (facebook), mikayla ironside (canada) & hippo (facebook), mona grefenstein (germany), qju, sea (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monki (instagram).
Obstacles: dave munnings mentions that the safest jumps for the dog are the plastic ones, in particular the ones from galican (facebook). In the comments people mention other brands: plastic jumps from galican, bing agility, cooldog eu, adams agility, doggyjumps, kelbel, cleanrun. On 2017, Silvia trkman wrote thst she wished more and more people went for pvc jumps on competitions considering safety (click).

24/04/23- Germany: 8 dogs in large and 4 in intermediate qualified for EO (click). Tobias wüst qualified with 4 dogs, one in each height (facebook). In large, the place eight was a tied in the total points between dani lehrer & miriam schopen, but dani lehrer qualified. The winner of intermediate was ramona schurken/lyric with 184 points, the large winner was christian prinz/ coon with 438 points, the medium was daniel schröder/ cashew with 235 points and in small tobias wüst/ dörte with 229 points. 25 large and 10 intermediate qualified to the final in dortmund.
Austria: sophie rosenberger & livi (large), stefan saleschak & eska (intermediate), oswald hauderer & norman (medium), thomas berger & noobsi qualified for world cup.
Hungary: teams qualified for EO 2023 (click) and for world cup in teams and individual (1, 2, 3).
Border collie puppies: the german litter out of tones x 5 from ramona schurcken born (facebook); they are 3 females & 3 males.

23/04/23- Live stream: quali for intermediate & large in germany (click), austria (click).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), marcel schluhr from egrmany (facebook), petra vyplelova (czech rep.) in hungary (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (1, 2), roman lukac (Slovakia) in austria (facebook), dave munnings in england (facebook).
Videos from the quali in germany: max sprinz & style (facebook), nadine alshut & pashion (facebook), phillipp müller schnick & cross (facebook), rebecca kowalski & taki (facebook). More videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), monika rylska from poland (facebook), gerda zemaytite (poland) & lee (facebook),

22/04/23- Live stream: quali for intermediate & large in germany (click), austria (click).
Courses: marcel schlühr for the quali in germany (facebook), Petra vyplelova (czech rep.) in hungary (facebook), Jeremy manno in belgium (facebook), Karel havlicek (czech rep.) in austria (1, 2), Roman lucak (slovakia) in austria (1, 2), Esa muotka (finland) in czech rep. (facebook), thora van der stock in belgium (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Results of the quali in austria, czech rep., germany (1, 2), greece belgium.
Luxembourg: qualified to the world cup in large: serge speicher/ aida, daniel feyder/ iskern, laura poos/ o'neal in teams and indiviudual, mike peter/ limit in individual, romain gaspar/ minn in teams; in intermediate: daniel feyder/ magic, daniel volz/ soul, julie celmar/ phoenix, sonia simon/ kami (facebook).
Border collie puppy (male) available in belgium at silque kennel (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) con nemi (facebook) & malinka (facebook), Anna Dyksa (ukraine) training with krisztina kabai in germany (facebook).
Helvetic agility masters (switzerland): registrations are open and the deadline is april 29 (click).

21/04/23- Live stream: in addition to the working dog live stream for the large- intermediate qualifying competitions in germany, there will be a live stream of the quali in austria (click).
Videos: tereza kaniova (czech rep.) & storm in a seminar with tereza kralova (facebook). Tiiu Toijala (finland) training with esa muotka & jouni vainio (facebook), Anastasiya Kartashova (ukraine) training with iwona golab (facebook).
EO 2023: the regulations were updated at the FCI webpage (click). The changes were approved on march 2023.
♦ 28 dogs per country maximum.
♦ 8 dogs per category maximum.
♦ 12 teams qualify for the teams final.
♦ handlers with more than one dog in individual should have minimum 20 dogs between each dog.
♦ 18 first places in agility and 18 in jumping goes to individual final.
♦ Course Plans for the teams final should be provided on paper and preferably the day before. Each dog runs between 12 and 15 obstacles and at least one contact zone. A refusal on the starting jump of the dog 2, 3 or 4 is counted as refusal for the team. If a dog starts while the dog before is still negotiating the course it counts as an elimination.
Petr pupik (czech rep.) is returning from judging A&C 2023 in el salvador (facebook). ‘When you have a dream, anything can happen. I am so proud and it was a big pleasure for me to be part of this amazing event. Salvador - country with 15 people doing agility organised such a perfect event - American & Cerrebean Championship 2023’. He thanked for the moments lived the same as vendula hausnerova in 2021 (facebook).

20/04/23- Czech Rep.: information of this weekend's quali (facebook).
Photos: guido kuester offers his photos in exchange for donations for the German team that will participate in the junior world cup (facebook).
Obstacles at BCC 2023 are from bing agility and are available for sale after the event (facebook). They also accept orders for that date; the deadline for orders is july 4th.
Courses: training from Matthias Dietrich (facebook). Course from marc martin in france (facebook), jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook).

19/04/23- WAO: dogs from scotland in 500, 600.
Luxembourg open agility 2024: the judges are tamas traj (hungary), mark fonteijn (netherlands) and alex beitl & daniel walz from germany (facebook). The competition is on august 9- 11 (click).
Online trainings: 5 training courses with 40 obstacles for a 20 X 40 terrain with videos and explanations (facebook). The cost is 99.99 euros with a one year access to the facebook group. formulario de inscripción.
Online course; running contacts with mona grefenstein (germany) starting on april 27. Information of the course (1, 2). registration form. The next basic running contacts course will be at the end of the year.
Helvetic agility masters: registrations will open on april 22 (click).
Courses: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), natalie grace from UK (facebook), alen marekovic (croatia) for training (facebook).

18/04/23- Running contacts: private lessons with Katarina Podlipnik (Slovenia) were sold out in 10 minutes (webpage, facebook). they cost 65 euros per month.
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in USA (facebook).
Videos: eden heigel (USA) and some of her funny falls in course (facebook), maurice münch (germany), twix & swoosh (facebook), eduard jäger (germany) & filou (facebook), Emelie Mikaelsdotter training with jenny damm in sweden (facebook), graduation video of gloria krueger (USA) & nelly in running contacts course with silvia trkman (facebook) daniel schröder in the german qualis (facebook).
Judging: questions and comments about the new regulation that disqualfy a dog that has to jump that has no bar because the course team didn't restore a the dropped bar on time (facebook). They suggest to wait to the new FCI guidelines de la FCI to see the interpretation of the norm.
Dave Munnings (england) announces the new webpage of q-me on may 29 (facebook). IT will have a 30% discount.
Canada: team for world cup in individual and teams (facebook). some of the competitors that qualified won't go.

17/04/23- EO 2023: the only regulations available are at the FCI website but they don't have the intermediate category (click); in eo2023 website there is no regulations.
Switzerland: results from the quali (click). Team for FCI worldcup (facebook, webpage). For individual runs they have 4 large, 2 intermediate, 3 medium & 3 small. There are 9 border collie & 6 shetlands. Silvan zumthrum, martin eberle & claudia schwab will run with 2 dogs.
FMBB 2023 (romania): results (1, 2): The final results in teams wee 1- greece, 2- czech rep., 3- spain, 4- italy, 5- austria and in individual 1- katerina burdova (czech rep.), 2- lisbet jeremy (france), 3- rachele corradini (italy), 4- daniel lauret (france), 5- reet volt (estonia); all of them are malinois.
Courses: petra vyplelova (czech rep.) in switzerland (facebook). petr pupik in el salvador (facebook: 1, 2, 3), mika kangas from finland (facebook). courses at the german quali: vivien menger, esa muotka.
Germany: qualified for EO and the final in dortmund in small/ medium (click); they say that for the EO they are sending 8 small (facebook).
Hungary: they posted that they thought to select 12 dogs in large for EO, but the FCI allows a maximum of 8 dogs per category so they will select 8 dogs in large, intermediate, medium and 4 in small (facebook).
Italy: updated ranking of the quali (click).
A&C 2023 (el salvador): the winners were colombia in intermediate/ large and in small/ medium, jorge yompian (perú) & deika (shetland) in small, carlitros martinez (el salvador) & olivia (spanish water dog) in medium, laura quintero (colombia) & fita (border collie) in intermediate, adriana velazquez (colombia) & tao (border collie) in large. Results in flow agility

16/04/23- Live stream: FMBB (dogsportvideo), quali trials in germany (working dog), A&C at el salvador (instagram), copa paulista in brazil (youtube).
Videos from FMBB: patrizia ciuffetti (italy) & kill (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), nikol banotova from czech rep. (facebook), miguel fernandez (spain) & juliette (facebook), Martina Gajdosova from slovakia (facebook), katerina burdova (czech rep.) & clever fox (facebook), Lydia Karakonstandis (greece) & nadi (facebook), Pavlos Paraskevas (greece) & taurus (facebook). More videos: iwona golab (poland) at slovakian tryouts (facebook), Mark herfert (canada) & rev (facebook), kirstin o'neill (canada) & pinnacle (facebook).
Courses: esa muotka (finland) at the tryouts from germany (facebook), Petr pupik (czech rep.) at A&C 2023 (facebook), Karel havlicek (czech rep.) in slovakia (1, 2), mika kangas from finland (facebook), jordi boix (spain) at the italian tryouts (facebook).
Results from the qualis in Switzerland, germany (ranking), italy. The results from the tryouts in Slovakia are in the app agility manager.
WAO 2023: teams from canada (facebook).

15/04/23- Live stream: FMBB (dogsportvideo), quali in germany (working dog), A&C in el salvador (instagram).
FMBB 2023: results at smarter agility.
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) in the A&C 2023 (agility medium/ small, agility intermediate/ large), angelika brandl from austria (facebook), Takahiro Yamawaki in japan (facebook).
FCI WC 2026: the finnish worldcup will be in turku gatorade center (facebook, google maps).
Working cocker puppies planned at devongem in UK (facebook).
Onemind dog: new online course on analyzing courses and choosing handling techniques (webpage, facebook, instagram).
Germany: results from small/ medium quali in caniva, simple agility online.
Brazil: are open for the workshops with silas boogk announced on february (facebook); registrations are at secretaria7#64;brasilagility.com.br. It is on june 23- 25. Is for 4 dogs for 2 hrs, the cost is 1000 reales per dog.
A&C 2023: results on flow agility. It is a different A&C not having competitors from brazil, chile, argentina (flow agility); the countries participating are el salvador (host), guatemala, mexico, colombia, ecuador, costa rica, panama, peru.

14/04/23- Live stream: FMBB (click). It costs 45 euros. They mention also this one (facebook).
WAO: program for vet checking, training, etc at worldcup (click).
Germany: information about the quali this weekend (click). It has a live stream from working dog; it costs 9.90 euros.
Shetland puppies expected in austria (facebook); the father is you from tamara sedlmaier.
Agility challenge from One mind dog (finland) for 30 days (instagram, click).
Clean run sells the running contacts workbook from euan paterson (click). Cuesta 28.99 dólares.

13/04/23- Facebook: post from iwona golab (poland) on a course from last weekend (facebook). They talk about course design, dog speed, flexibility, techniques, safety, distance between obstacles, etc. Course (facebook). Videos: roberta boscolo, martina klimesova, stefano franceschi, ivana sipalova, barbara libriani, simone cotena, denis giovanelli, eleonora cechini, gianluca schingaro

12/04/23- Courses: rene blank from germany (facebook) alejandro salas in france (facebook), jens nilsson in sweden (facebook), angelika brandl (facebook), anders virtanen (finland) in sweden (facebook: 1, 2, 3), eric courant from france (facebook).
Layering: reel from onemind dog on the most common mistake when layering (facebook).
Seminars: ina himle (sweden) in hungary on june 3- 4 (facebook); registration form .
Ukraine: they are collecting donations during the quali on april in germany (facebook).
Turf: verónica oddone sells used grass for a 20X40 surface in italy (facebook).
Videos: pavol vakonic (slovakia) & ariva (facebook), Silvia Bighignoli training with krisztina kabai in mendig (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), manuela satta in the italian quali (facebook).
Rules: Amaryllis Debry (Belgium) was penalized for taking part in a competition in germany with a 17 month old dog (facebook); n Belgium, dogs can participate from 15 months. The sanction was 3 years without being able to participate in local or international competitions. She will appeal with a lawyer she hired.
A&C 2023 (el salvador, 14- 17 april): registrations in flow agility. The judges are petr pupik (czech rep.) & g. arriagada (chile).

11/04/23- WAO: list of competitors at world cup (.pdf.
Dog measures: alett reed from south africa posted on agility europe about the policy in each country with borderline dogs (facebook). There are comments telling that in some cases cannot compete because they are borderline, others that they are not allow to be at national team in an FCI event in case they measure different and they cannot run. Some mention that they would not mind to run with the higher size and that they can be measure quite different.
Denmark open 2023: Registrations closed on march 28 and all the registrations until that day are confirmed/ approved. They have until may 15 to pay the registration (facebook).
Puppies border collie female available in slovenia (facebook); her sire is cash, and she is granddaughter of knoxx netherlands, dice from miha primozic (jazz from matej cucek x summit from justine davenport). 4 males border collie puppies available in UK (facebook); they are grandsons of tanhill glen.
World cup for dutch sheepdogs: results from the agility competition (facebook).
Canada: teams for individual (facebook).

previous updates are in spanish

2023 enero-febrero marzo-abril
2022 enero-febrero marzo-abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2021 enero-febrero marzo-abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2020 enero-febrero marzo-abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2019 enero-febrero marzo-abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2018 enero-febrero marzo-abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2017 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2016 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set. -oct. nov.-dic.
2015 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2014 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2013 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2012 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2011 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2010 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio-agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2009 enero- febrero marzo- abril mayo-junio julio -agosto set.-oct. nov.-dic.
2008 dic. 2007- marzo abril-mayo junio-julio agosto-set. oct.-nov. diciembre