Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

28/02/24- Videos: sophie rose (germany) & toxic (facebook), Hannah Renk (germany) & Menchen (facebook), hungarian open (facebook).
Seminar: jan egil eide (norway) & fanny gott (sweden) on march 23- 24 at Kongsvingerhallen- norway (facebook).
SOAWC 2024 (belgium): questiona bout hotels for the event (facebook). stefanie semkat (germany) said tht it was very difficult to find a pet friendly hotel the last time she was there.
EO 2024 (england): question from renan campos (brazil) about the ways to enter united kingdom with a dog (facebook). He asked if he could enter with a dog in the carand leave by plane, if it is possible to rent a car and use it to go to united kingdom. Someone suggested a pet taxi; someone mentionned that the problem was finding a car with the driving seat on the right in case of renting a car. There are also some comments about USA's solution: they are planning to go by bus from brussels;. Someone wrote about douane's costs and the cost of travelling by plane with the dog as extra luggage.

27/02/24- Border collie litter planned for 2025 at feel the difference kennel in germany (facebook). The father is ghost from ola lupinska (facebook); the mother is styxx (lass x mer).
Running contacts: post about stride regulators, the use, the vanishing and asks if dogs understand something more than jumping it facebook). Angie benacquisto (USA) wrote that she used it with sundae: the dog was not confident and had problems with the stride on the dog walk. Martina klimesova (czech rep.) said that she wouldn's use it with a border collie because ‘they see the wold differently’ (neither with dogs that crash on the A frame or fly over the top.
Courses: ana schönenberger (switzerland) for the quali in estonia (facebook), Elena Chizh from russia (facebook), kine eimhjellen from norway (facebook). Trainign course at 4S hall (facebook).
Free webinar with carolyn Mc Intyre (canada) about improving tight turns (click). It is on march 3 at 2 pm (east coast). webpage, facebook, instagram from McIntyre canine rehabilitation.
Winter fool cups (netherlands): the judges are philippe whattecamps (france) on november 9- 10, alex beitl (germany) on december 7- 8, petr pupik (czech rep.) on january 18- 19, wendy willemse (netherlands) on february 1- 2 (facebook). Registrations are through smarter agility.
Finland: registrations for receiving funds for projects with para and senior agility regardless of the level of dogs (click); they value cooperation that crosses club boundaries. The deadline for registrations is march 22.

26/02/24- Courses at hungarian open: andrea menghini from italy (facebook: 1, 2) & hugo santos from portugal (1, 2). More courses: Mikko Palsola in finland (facebook), laura grosser in germany (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4), bögre andrás from hungary (facebook), christian fryand in switzerland (facebook), markku kaukinen at the quali in finland (click), adela havlickova in poland (facebook), cédric bargoin (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4), Training courses: marc martin (facebook).
Finland: the qualified for EO are Lotta Franck & Vimma (australian shepherd large), Tanja Kurikka & Pupu (border collie intermediate), Olli Fredrikson & Cromi (shetland medium), Iida Vakkuri & Helka (shetland small). Reference, results.
Austrian Xmas open is on december 20- 22 webpage. The judges are Tamás Traj (hungary), Daniel Walz (germany), Juraj Ruza (slovakia), Isabella Stefl (austria).
Facebook AgilityLive– Magazin für Hundesportfans: comments on puppy training (facebook).
South America: courses from césar vargas in colombia (facebook).

25/02/24- Courses: esa muotka in finland (facebook), andrea menghini (italy) at the hungarian open (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in USA (facebook), Esther Jakobsen from norway (facebook), mikko palsola from finland (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) at the hungarian open (facebook: 1, 2), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) en austria (facebook), christian fryand from switzerland (facebook).
Ejxcercises: birgitta hermansson from sweden (facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4).
Software: user manual for smarter agility is available (facebook).
Videos: lena nikou & sorella (facebook), veronika kralikova (slovakia) & naya (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), anja blazevic (croatia), buha & jean (facebook), tricks of a dog choosing toys (instagram).
Susan garrett (canada): video on common misconception relate to shaping (youtube).
Online courses: polona bonac (slovenia) offer prizes among the ones that post in the comments a goofy photo of their dog on the post about let's play and a I like on the facebook Polona Bonac - Train,Trust & GO (facebook). The 3 courses of let's play begin on february 28 (click).
One mind dog announces a free webinar on how to build Drive with videos, exercises (instagram); it is a webinar on demand of 30 minutes. info.

24/02/24- Hungarian open started yesterday (facebook). The judges are Andrea Menghini (Italy) & Hugo Santos (Portugal). Pogram (facebook). inscriptos. Informationa bout fake live streams (facebook). Results from dog result.
Courses: andrea menghini from italy (Jumping IL, agility IL), hugo santos from portugal (agility MS, jumping MS).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), Lena Nikou & sorella (facebook), Zuzana Kubankova & pici (facebook), ola gronek & heya (facebook), paulina duda & huzi (facebook).

23/02/24- SOAWC 2025: the FCI senior world cup for 2025 is on july 9- 13 in portugal (facebook).
BCC 2025 is in portugal on july 24- 27 (facebook).
WAO 2024: registrations for wildcards close on march 1 (click).
Italy: the second Campionato Multidisciplinare is on april 5- 7 in codogno (facebook).
Spain: even of the club organizer of séxtuple de euskadi has a field with 8 rings, they consider they couldn't find an adequate place for the event and decided to cancel the comeptition this year (facebook). The next one is expected on 2025.
England: registrations at agility nexus for handlers (30 pounds for 4 years) and dogs (12 pounds, lifetime) are open (facebook); there are early bird discount before may 1. webpage.
Videos: eric laumann (germany) & nike (facebook). Budweisser comercial for super bowl with goldie hawn & kurt russell's dog (click).
Seminar with marusa podjed (slovenia) in italy on march 22- 23 (facebook).
A&C 2024 (ecuador, april 12- 14): preliminar scheduling for the pre A&C, seminars and A&C (instagram).

22/02/24- Health: neosporosis is a disease affecting bovins and dogs (among other species) with very little information. Two transmission methods are usually mentionned:
♦ ingestion of contaminated raw meat (that is why they recommend freezing it for at least 14 days)
♦ through the placenta of the mother who could acquire it from hers, etc. Not all puppies become infected and not all infected ones develop the disease.
Video from jan slapeta (czech rep.), vetgerinarian and research pathologist (youtube).
Once it is acquired, the dog will have it for life (1, 2, 3, 4); it can be asleep and wake up due to a decrease in immunity (vaccines, steroids, immunosuppressants, etc.).
Neospora titers allows us to know if the dog was in contact with the neospora but is not enough to determine if they have the disease. There are cases of dogs with symptoms and low titers (see explanation in the video) and dogs that will always have high titers and that does not mean they are developing the disease. Treatment is usually with clyndamycin (often also trimethoprim- sulfonamides). Many times they recommend starting with the medication while waiting for the results of the titers.
Some cases: basque shepherd (1.5 years old, spain), mixed breed (2.5 years old, turkey), 27 cases (europe) viszla (3 years old, USA) pittbull (2 months, italy), Rhodesian Ridgeback (5 years old, austria), rottweiler (3 years old, holanda), schipperke (12 years old, USA), greyhound (9 years old, england), shetland (9 years old, USA), billy whippet (webpage, facebook, videos). There is a paper about a labrador (12 years old, united kingdom) but it is not available worldwide.

21/02/24- Courses: tryouts in england (facebook), anne marie van den berge from norway (1, 2, 3). Training course from martin ritter (facebook).
Inky's diary- thinking about distance agility from sally burch (united kingdom) costs 25 pounds (more or less 32 dollars) every 3 months (facebook). The first payment (30 pounds for 3 months) is a donation to hope 4 me & fibro.
Mid summer dog sport festival (finland, june 19- 23): webpage, facebook, instagram. The obstacles are from bing agility and have a pre sale with 10 % discount (facebook). The judges are jan egil eide (norway), hugo santos (portugal), jesus fernandez crespo (spain), zeljko gora (croatia), petr pupik (czech rep.), rene blank (germany), sari mikkilä (finland). Registrations are open and the deadline is april 21 (click). The cost is 100 euros per dog; each dog has at least 10 runs. There are 4 categories: XS (up to 27.99 cm), S (between 28 cm and 34.99 cm), M (between 35 cm and 42.99 cm), SL (between 43 cm and 49.99 cm), L (50 cm or more).
RIALP 2024 is on july 31- august 4 in spain. Registrations will open on april 1 through flowagility (facebook). The judges are seppo savikko (finland), carlo fazio (italy), thora van der stock (belgium), lorenzo buzon (spain). webpage, facebook.
Italy: angelika brandl (austria) & Anna Schönenberger (switzerland) are the judges of the competition on march 23- 24 (facebook).
Videos: Emilia Tziliou (greece) & mora (facebook), caroline müller (germany) & toxic (facebook).
Photos from alicja matejuk at polish open (webpage).
One mind dogs (finland): free handling ebook for those registering for news at their webpage (click).

20/02/24- Game of judges (slovakia): the next dates are february 14- 16 in 2025, february 20- 22 in 2026, february 19- 21 in 2027 (facebook).
Hoopers: online foundations class start on march 11 (click).
Courses: rene blank from germany (facebook), efka sbodovova from czech rep. (facebook), barbara rozman from slovenia (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (1, 2), thora van der stock from belgium (facebook), monja liljegren from finland (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook).
Border collie puppies: the litter from downforce kennel in sweden was born (facebook); they are 3 females & 2 males.
Prague agility party (czech rep., july 19- 21): registrations start on february 22 through dogco (facebook).
Videos: tuulia liuhto from finland (facebook), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & vita (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & james brown (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & prem (facebook), donha mitsue (brazil, 89 years old) & key (instagram).

19/02/24- Obstacles: michael (belgium) asked ‘If you could add 1 new obstacle to agility, what would it be?’ (facebook). Becci hodson answered the barrel: ‘could perhaps be used in the place of tight wraps, which would be kinder on the dog's body but still test the same skill of collection, and be used to significantly change the dog's direction.’.
Games of judges (slovakia) was this weekend (click). Competition 2024: results. The judges were miska tomic (slovakia), sergio sousa (portugal) laura grosser (germany), allan carlsen (denmark), patrick tunders (netherlands). Courses: miska tomic (slovakia), Karina divisova (czech rep.), laura grosser (germany), sergio sousa (portugal).
Photos and comments on facebook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Private group on facebook. There were 39 judges from 17 countries; among them were alex beitl, arlette pusch, rene blank, daniel walz, sibylle vogt (germany), alen marekovic (croatia), sergio sousa (portugal), Marleen Haeneefstingels (Belgium), carlo fazio (italy), miska tomic, iveta lukacova, martina vakonicova, juraj ruza, pavol vakonic, Zuzana Mihalova, michal haile & roman lukac (slovakia), Lukas Vanourek (ireland), kate thomson (england), karina divisova, Efka Svobodova, lucie sebkova (czech rep.), Anna Schönenberger & Marianne Fried (switzerland), jodi boix & jesus fernandez crespo (spain), Christian Zahle Madsen, allan carlsen, Tom Mercebach, bonnik berthelsen & gert bruus (denmark), Reka Balogh-Nagy, zsofi biro & Arpad Pirity (hungary), Jurate Miliunaite (lithuania), patrick tunders (netherlands), Katharina Fried & Thomas Pöllmann (austria), Anna Muszynska (poland), Halasz Ildiko (serbia).
Alda More, Kristyna Matrasova & Karina Divisova (czech rep.) brought a VAR system for agility (facebook: 1, 2).
Next edition is on february 14- 16, 2025. ‘we always start on Friday evening with dinner and pre-party, then Saturday is the main day with panel talks and practical discussion & main party and on Sunday we have the competition day’.
Heights: susan garrett posted a doubt at the tryouts facebook group from canada (facebook). The cutting height for the FCI intermediate category is 47.99 cm (which is equivalent to 18.89 inches); However, for the classification tests the cut was made at 18.85 inches, so there is a group of dogs that would compete in intermediate but cannot classify in that category. However, if they qualify in large and travel to Europe but the European judges decide that they are intermediate, they are left without competing.
Facebook agility belgium: question on registrations for competitions and the criteria for the remaining competitors (facebook). The order used is not the first registred dogs; there are clubs with priorities, etc. ‘3 registrations at 7 am. 1 on waitlist and the other 2 no info. I'm not a disturbance nor a threat to anyone though’.

18/02/24- Live stream: fun cup agility & copa paulista in brazil (youtube).
Videos: martin reid (england) & selfie (facebook), radovan liska (czech rep.) & rody (facebook), emilia tiziliou (greece) & remeny (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), jessica patterson (canada) & biz (instagram), kelsey kirkpatrick from USA (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook), dave munnings (england) & susan (facebook).
Stud: border collie galileo from the kennel of nina gregl is available in italy as stud (facebook).
Great britain: team members for EO 2024 Harriet Harding & Pi in large , Michelle Waugh & Otto in intermediate, Liz Carpenter & Winnie in medium, Martin Reid & Selfie in small (facebook). team members at FCI WC 2024 naarah cuddy & lemon in large, dan shaw & streak in intermediate, dalton meredith & munchy in medium (facebook).
Online course: ‘let's play’ with polona bonac starts on february 28 (facebook). Info; the cost is 220 euros with dog and 140 euros as auditor (silent).
Courses: tamas traj from hungary (1, 2), petr pupik in czech rep. (facebook), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), mikko palsola in finland (facebook), nicola giraudi from italy (facebook).

17/02/24- Live stream: fun cup agility & copa paulista in brazil (youtube).
Croatian open: registrations are on february 18 (facebook).
Game of the judge 2024 is tomorrow in slovakia (facebook).
Seminar with tamas traj (hungary) & kine eimhjellen (norway) at Hundesportcenter Vöhringen (germany) on april 2- 4 (facebook). it costs 95 euros per day.
Rome agility festival (may 31- june 2; webpage, facebook. The judges are jan egil eide (norway), neil ellis (england), tamas traj (hungary), rene blank (germany). Registrations will open on march 7 (facebook). The organizers explained that there are several fake profiles, groups, pages (facebook).
VAR for agility: discussion about the use and how it may be used in denmark (facebook).

16/02/24- JEO/ EO 2025: martin tait asked about the rules in portugal about docked tails (facebook). jorge pires (portugal) answered that ‘we have rules, it is not permited to dock dogs unless it is to correct any accident injury. However if your question is related to the JOAWC2025 and the EO2025, for the organization, docked dogs will be allowded to compete unless differently decided by FCI, EO, JOAWC are FCI events. However it will be better to bring a vet declaration confirming the need of that amputation.’.
Obstacles: question about best tunnels in facebook.
Online course with Kjersti Jφrgensen (norway) about commitment and connection (instagram). A tunnel and 2 jumps are needed and dogs must be older than 6 months. The material will be available from february 26 to may 12. Working spot costs 230 euros and auditors pay 130 euros (200 and 100 euros for those that already registered to the course). People wanting a working spot should send an email to kjersti.agility@gmail.com before monday; kjersti has a huge number of emails and will be choosing the working spots on monday (there is no informationa bout the criteria for the selection). Kjersti has been in the 12th place in intermediate with mexi (bohemian shepherd) and won in small with agi (shetland) in the last FCI world cup in czech rep. (webpage, facebook, instagram, youtube).
Courses: daniel walz (germany) in united kingdom (facebook), alen marekovic from croatia (facebook).

15/02/24- Border collie puppies: litter expected in england out of jack from lisa frick (facebook). Litter from obedience prevista edogs expected in poland (facebook); they are grandsons of lucky summer rai, firehillborder felicity, glan y gors tara.
Health: article with 6 cases of border collie con epilepsia idiopática s with idiopathic epilepsy and the seizure precipitating factos (click).
Seminar with martina klimesova (czech rep.) in italy on january 9- 10 (facebook).
Podcast with manuela satta & omar babini (italy) about WAO quali trials (facebook, spotify).
England: the webpage agility apps has informationa bot dogs, competitions, etc only for registered users (click).
Facebook: dave munnings & neil ellis (england) posted that they are looking for videos with refusals (facebook).
Slovenian agility open (june 28- 30, slovenia): more than 500 registered for the competition in 6 minutes (facebook). The egistration list will be published in the next days.
Warm up: tips from lisa schmit from USA (facebook). webpage with courses and posts.
Dog friends cup is on march 9- 10 in czech rep. judged by thora van der stock from belgium. registrations.

14/02/24- Border collie puppies expected at mirja lapanja's kennel in slovenia out of panda x syclone (isabella stefl). Panda is a daughter of jazz x sony from japan and syclone is a borther of cinna from nadine alshut, son of tanhill glen and grand son of sony from japan.
Polyradiculoneuritis in dogs: some days ago, lisa frick (austria) posted on facebook and instagram about what she was living with one of her dogs: Cody (facebook). Cody ia a 12 year old border collie de 12 años y medio con el que hizo agilitywith whom she ran in agility. One day she found he had difficulties jumping in the car and thought they should go to an ostheopat. on a walk she noticed he was walking slower as if he didn't want to be there. Two days later, she noticed something strange in his movement of the hips/ rear legs. The following day, he wasn' able to stand up but walked (rear legs uncoordinated). The XR and CT scan didn's show anything important. One week after the symptoms started, he can't walk and they suspect a polyradiculoneuritis. Posts on instagram (album cody) about the treatment.
Information on merck, neuronavet, elsevier, wiley. It is an autoimmune disorder that affects the nervous system of dogs (in several places it is compared to Guillain Barre syndrome in humans). The diagnosis is based on symptoms (they develop in 1-2 weeks), physical examination and ruling out other diseases. In some Physical therapy is usually done (hydrotherapy, etc.) and, in some cases, they respond to pharmacological therapy. Many dogs recover after at least 4 weeks.
Some cases: ncbi, vin, ncbi, acta vet scandinavica, milleniumvets, finn.
FCI WC 2024: controversy continues over the preliminary worldcup program. hugo santos complained on facebook about the eliminaton of the trainings and the number of days needed for the competition (he suggested reducing the number of dogs); he said that ‘ii is a non professional dog sport’.
Olga Maniewska- Kwiecien (poland) wrote ‘I don't mind lack of training- 20 or even 10 years ago, dogs were really not used to running indoors, or on carpet/ artificial grass, also lots of people were training on “homemade” wooden obstacles which felt different than the equipment used on AWC. That is no longer the case, also there is much better accesibility to various indoor facilities and same obstacles as used on AWC- I don't think the training is that crucial anymore’ and added that she didn't believe 4 rings was a solution (because they were going to be small) and that she liked having a single ring (not like at european open).
roman lukac (slovakia) said ‘last time I said at the meeting we should go for 3 members in teams, the reaction were not very positive’.
Some other arguments is the cost of a 6 days competition, about getting rid of the teams competition, about countries (like portugal) that don't have indoor facilities for competing or training (is also happens in south and central america).
The problem with the program was one of the reasons while the FCI agility commission didn't want to add a fourth category.

13/02/24- Facebook: post from jouni kautto from finland (facebook). ‘How agility would change if no faults would be give for refusals? You would still get faults from dropped bars, missed contacts and mistakes in the weaves, but running past the obstacle would just cost you in lost time. Would anything change? Or anything stay the same?’.
Dave munnings (england) wrote: ‘I think refusals are important, faster dogs often make a mistake and cause a refusal whereas slightly steadier dogs don't so this gives them a slight advantage if they are not as fast ... Again its all about making agility faster and faster and faster.... I love the speed but there has to be a limit somewhere or it will start to get overly dangerous and equipment will have to change even more. I think without refusals it could cause people to run around like lunatics.....even more than we do already haha
Timo Teileri (finland) posted about his experience: ‘As an example- I was witnessing (even had it on my own video) a case where a refusal was given because the dog took a step towards A-frame on its way to the later, correct opening of tunnel, due to that handler wanted to make sure it doesn't take the first end’ (facebook). Jouni kautto explained that one of the reasons to get rid of refusals is having less things depending on interpretations. Dave munnings answered that this is where judge education becomes more important and also having clear rules and guidelines.
Emelie Mikaelsdotter Magnusson (sweden) wrote that ‘For me, agility should be an inclusive “people's sport” where not only the fastest dogs “are welcome” (Everyone is, of course, welcome, but the feeling... ) .... This recently happened to me; I made a mistake, costing us a refusal and much time, yet we were “fastest” on paper. However, we didn't run the course correctly. I believe those who won performed better than us and truly deserved their victory. They truly did the course correct
Yannick Boutellier (switzerland) said that this wouldn't make the sport fairer the same as the VAR didn't with football. ‘The only difference is that all people mean with technology comes perfection, which is not true
miska tomic (slovakia) says that it is possible in ‘top comeptitions’ as european open and world cup but for local competitions (specially grade 1 trials) it would be a disaster. ‘Agility should be fluent and safe, and you need to imagine that not all competitors and dogs are top level (some will never be)’.

12/02/24- Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) at polish open (facebook), mikko palsola in finland (facebook), isabella stefl (austria) at polish open (facebook), jordi boix from spain (facebook), mika kangas in finland (facebook), hector ramirez for the qualies in spain (facebook), Petteri Kerminen from finland (click), simon brenca in austria (facebook) carlo fazio from italy (facebook), esa muotka (finland) for the quali in spain (facebook).
Spain: ranking after the second instance (world cup, EO). the leaders are dash (large), selene (intermediate), killer (medium), lalmozara 007(small).
France: ranking for the quali was updated (click). The first places are from julien morlet (small), renaud castelain (medium), sebastien allerme (intermediate) con el total de los puntos posibles, kim barreau (large).
Polish open 2025 will be on february 7- 9 (facebook).

11/02/24- Live stream: quali trials in spain (youtube) polish open (facebook), francia (facebook: marianne fournier, nathan magnoux, victoria klein).
Obstacles: 5 meters tunnel in rainbow and blue is for sale in poland (facebook); it costs 240 euros.
Webinar organized by Tierarztpraxis für Osteopathie & ganzheitliche Heilkunst (germany) about the 5 most frequent injuries in agility (facebook, webpage). The version for agilitysts is on march 27- 28 and the version for ostheopats is on april 3- 4.
Videos: joanna fischer (poland) & limit (facebook), aneta obrusnikova from czech rep. (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.), nemi & malinka (facebook), .
Analysis of a course from tamas traj (hungary) at polish open: there are 3 options for the sequence 19- 21 and he asks which one you would choose (facebook). Ariana wieber (germany) wrote that the blue one is the shortest and has the better line for the dog but is the one that requires more handling skills. Alen marekovic (croatia) said that he thinks he would choose the blue one but it depends on the line between 18 and 19 (if he knows the dog will turn tight he would choose the red one). Anita Sipes Cook (USA) says that for her dog with great threadle wraps she would use the black option and for the one with longer stride, she would choose the blue one.
Facebook Agility Dog Italia & Friends: comments on a course from jordi boix (spain) at polish open (facebook). ‘And this could be the reason why we need a border collie, better said “right border collie”. You can work a lot on competivity but some dogs have their limits (especially in competition). And the result? If the dog can't work 15 meters away, we'll get another dog... and another dog... but do we really want to end up like this? I think it is enough to have a simple rule: the course must allow the handler to pass at least 2 meters from all obstacles. Then you can put the tunnel under the dogwalk but in such a way that there is a solution even for dogs who are unable to work at too long distances in competition (the handler must run very fast).’ (martina klimesova). There are also annoyances from nicola giraudi & manuela satta: ‘ I thought I was the only countercurrent, fluidity is fine, but certain judges have been repeating these lines for one/two years now.’.
Lux winter cup 2023/ 2024: the winners wee Sheryl Gaub & Scape in small, julie celmar & ink in medium, julie celmar & phoenix in intermediate, dan feyder & iskren in large (facebook). Updated results on the webpage.
FCI WC: Redas Masiulis (lithuania) suggested that one the the FCI world cup judges should be a mistery until the opening ceremony (facebook). Jeremy Manno (judge from FCI WC 2024) said that it is not a good idea because the judges also want to prepare themselves for the event (mowadays, world cup judges have their judging calenda full one year (or more) prior to the event). The other problem is that there is always a group that knows the name and another group that doesn't know it.

10/02/24- Live stream: quali trials in spain (youtube) polish open (facebook).
Austrian open 2025 is on may 13- 15 webpage, facebook.
Courses: tamas traj (hungary) at polish open (facebook: 1, 2), daniel walz (germany) at Iconi x (1, 2), isabella stefl (austria) at polish open (facebook), jordi boix (spain) at polish open (facebook: 1, 2), marko mäkkelä (finland) in france (facebook), esa muotka in finland (facebook), blaz oven from slovenia (facebook), kine eimhjellen (norway) at polish open (final XS, S. M, jumping I+L quali, jumping XS, S, M quali).
France: partial results of the quali for world cup & EO (click); the leaders are maxime parraud (small), renaud castelain (medium), sebastien allerme (intermediate), sebastien venat (large).
H-dogs design: posted on February 5 to name one or more dogs considered legends and why. He will be choosing among them and will draw 3-5 dogss (facebook). the first dog that he draw was hoss from lisa frick (facebook). the second one was La from silvia trkman (facebook).
WAO 2024: the applications for a wild card will close on march 1 (facebook).
FCI WC 2024: there will be no training/ obstacle test at world cup (facebook).

09/02/24- Border collie database based on the old russian one has more than 53.000 dogs (facebook). database. Owners are the only ones that can add information on their dogs, health tests (dysplasia, genetic tests, etc). The owners of the database ask to send information of mistakes in the migration of the database.
Podcast in english with petr pupik from czech rep. (apple).
Tunnels: post about experiences with anti slip tunnels (U shape) where dogs slip at night (facebook). Nicola giraudi said that he saw this happens with blue tunnels and he uses yellow ones for the U. There are also comments about purple, red, etc tunnels.
Article from 2016 about why agility struggles to be recognized as a sport (click).
FCI WC 2025: the form for registering as helpers fow the world cup in sweden is available (facebook, form).

08/02/24- FCI WC 2024: the live stream will be from working dog. Program.
In 2023, the runs for individual intermediate started on thursday (there were some complaints about it) and small runs ended on saturday. The last courses for teams were on friday (for large & medium) and on saturday (for intermediate & small).
For 2024 the individual courses for medium are on friday and saturday and the others on saturday and sunday. Teams end on thursday (for intermediate & medium) and friday (for large & small).
Tickets and parking places will be available on february 9 (click). Information.

07/02/24- Live stream of polish open this weekend is free (facebook). The live stream of the quali trials in spain is on youtube.
Course for training: carlo magnoli in italy (facebook).
Spain: Marko Mäkelä (finland) & Cédric Bargoin (france) will be the judges on july 19- 21 (facebook); registrations start on april through flow agility.
Course with lisa frick (austria) on april 15- 16 in denmark (click).
Antidoping: article in italy about antidoping control in comeptitions with animals (facebook). Article from one mind dogs in 2015 about janita's experience (click). Antidoping rules: IFSS for sled dogs in 2010 (.pdf), italy (click).

06/02/24- Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), esa muotka from finland (facebook), laura grosser from germany (1, 2), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), daniel schröder de alemania (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook).
Female puppy border collie available in hungary (facebook), her grandsires are style (max sprinz) and sweep (r. hutchinson).
Svetlana kreslina: lista bella her first border collie died (facebook). ‘ I didn't look for her, she found me.... I was offered a good puppy from Canada. I started waiting for puppies to be born, a litter that had only one bitch, she was busy, but I liked the parents so much and the puppies were so beautiful that I agreed to take a male. I only had to wait for it to grow up and find delivery options to Latvia. There was a month left before our meeting and one fine day, I receive a letter from Masha Koblikova, with the words I know you are looking for a border collie. It turned out that she booked 2 merle from spain and those who wanted a puppy refused and now she was looking for a new owner. I thought I should say no, I'm already expecting a puppy.... but apparently it's fate, I wrote to Masha that I could give her an answer in a couple of weeks, as I'm waiting for puppies to be born from another litter and if there's no bitch, I'll take this puppy.’ The puppy from canada couldn't arrive to latvia. ‘After a short thought, I write to Masha, if the offers are still valid, I'm taking a puppy, it was probably the most reckless purchase of a dog in my life, I didn't know anything at the time except that it was a merle girl and that she was from Spain.... Lista was crazy affectionate and loving from the very first days, she still loves everyone and is just sure that everyone also adores her and just dreams of petting her. She has unlimited love for all living things, she has no aggression, she loves all people, and dogs are mostly indifferent to her!.. She made me understand clearly that you cannot teach by patterns, all dogs have individuality and what suits one will not suit others at all, even if they are dogs of the same breed!... yes she is special, she is unique, she is the best, she is a dog with a human soul!’.
Videos: mark herfert from canada (facebook), veronika kralikova from slovakia (facebook).
Online course: fitness for old dogs from dogs 4 motion (facebook). The cost is 247 dollars and has a discount of 30 %.

05/02/24- One mind dog: ‘Human Arrow is one of the few OneMind Dogs handling techniques that needs to be taught to the dog. The Human Arrow helps dogs collect and shape their take-off so that they can land already facing the intended line towards the next obstacle. This is a great technique for dogs who don't naturally collect well when jumping on a turn’ (facebook, click).
Canada: they found a great holiday park with bungalows 20 minutes away from the venue that pleased the candidates and a hotel with 27 rooms 30 minutes away where some rooms have been reserved for the management and some handlers that may prefer the hotel (facebook).
Norway: Victoria Nordli Korslund (24 year old agilityst that represented norway at norwegian open 2017 with her shetland; facebook, instagram) died on january 26. References: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Victoria was a nurse and dreamed of being a travelling nurse (facebook); her friends from agility noruega are raising funds for the funeral and the reamining money will be given to doctors without frontiers (click).
Exercises from birgitta hermansson in sweden (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Summer camps from lotus education (sweden) with jenny damm & zeljko gora (croatia) are on july 16- 17, 19- 20, 22- 23 (facebook).
Online course & mini workshop about course design with tamas traj (hungary), petr pupik (czech rep.) & jan egil eide (norway): facebook. There are 3 options: only the on line course (2 weeks with each judge for 239 euros the working spot and 109 euros for listeners), only the mini workshop (99 euros) or both (299 euros for working spot and 179 euros for listeners); two advanced courses are organized (bronze and silver) for the attendants to a seminar (working spot) with them in the past. It starts on march 11. registration form.
Hoopers: the hoopers european open 2024 is on august 2- 4 (webpage); registrations start on february 1 (registration form for teams, individual). rules.
FCI WC 2025 (sweden): the candidates for local judges are jocke tangfelt & fanny gott (facebook).

04/02/24- Courses & videos: courses from stefanie semkat from germany (facebook). videos: gerda zemaityte & lee, veronica odone & skill, monika rylska (polonia) & koza nostra.
Border collie litter planned in italy out of harry (facebook). Harry is the border collie that nicola giraudi (italy) suggested to janita leinonen (finland) for mating with wow, (from jaakko).
Courses: jocke tangfelt from sweden (instagram), sari mikkila (finland) in france (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo (spain) in france (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook: 1, 2, 3), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Obstacles from galican thet will be used at canadian tryouts have discounts (facebook).
Health: magnawave's tecnology ‘increases blood oxygen levels and stimulates cellular metabolism, which offers remarkable potential to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and other various health conditions without harsh side effects found elsewhere’ (cick).
Border collie puppies were born in france (facebook); they have 8 females. The mother is kaya from netherlands. The father is play boy out of french herding lines (grandson of cemig roy, grand grandson of gary from serge van der zweep).
Videos: julie celmar (luxembourg) & phoenix (facebook), naima verri (italy) & devongem starlet (facebook), dani lehrer (germany) & topo (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook).

03/02/24- FCI agility commission had a meeting this weekend in belgium (facebook). Some of the assistants are alen marekovic (croatia), fueron barbara rozman (slovenia), anders virtanen (finland), Magda Ziolkowska (poland), jordi boix (spain), zsofi biro (hungary), lorenzo celic (italy), carol ca (spain), Solvita Mozeika (latvia), Keida Raamat (estonia), Marc Valk (netherlands), steve croxford (united kingdom). The judges for european open and junior european open/ mundial for 2025 were voted.
EO 2025 (portugal): the judges are Ana Beltran (spain), jan sprij (netherlands), roman lukac (slovakia) and the portuguese Belmiro Sousa, Domingos Carneiro & zsuzsa veres (facebook).
JEO 2025 (portugal): the judges are Juraj Ruza (Slovakia), zsofi biro (hungary) and the locals hugo santos & Sergio Sousa (facebook).

02/02/24- United kingdom: the live stream for the quali trials this weekend is available for buying until saturday 7 am (facebook, webpage).
Croatian open: registrations will open on february 18 until february 19 at 8 pm (facebook). The competition is on june 21- 23; the judges are aneta obrusnikova (czech rep.), lisa frick (austria), sandra deidda (italy) & blaz oven (slovenia). Webpage, facebook, event on facebook, instagram.
Obstacles: new design from lubos slavik (czech rep.) for the slalom- weaves (facebook). 1 and 3 meter tunnels from cool dog for sale after polish open (facebook)..
Max sprinz: post about the training of young dogs (facebook).
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) training discrimination (facebook).
Shetland puppies expected in italy late february (facebook). The father of the litter is a son of kite from nicole kelpen.

01/02/24- Czech Rep.: international border collie championship is on june 7- 9 (webpage, facebook). Registrations are opening today. The judges are juraj ruza from slovakia, kristyna lukesova from czech rep. & seppo savikko from finland (click). Lista de registrations.
Slovenian open 2024 (june 28- 30): registrations will open on february 14 (facebook). The judges are lisa frick (austria), jeremy manno (belgium), daniel walz (germany).
Obstacles: galican has a new section for outlet (facebook, webpage).
Italy: Centro Cinofilo Felicia ASD has a 42X25 field, a 15X25 indoor field, a closed heated 10X5 swimming pool.
Webinar about iwona golab (poland): it costs 20 euros and gives a 14 days access; after that, for 19.90 euros the access is renewd for 1 month and the following renewals are automatic (facebook). webpage.

31/01/24- Seminar with patrizia ciuffetti in italy on march 30- 31 (facebook).
Workshop with monika rylska (poland) in greece on march 30- april 4 (facebook).
Italy: blaz oven is the judge on february 10- 11 (facebook).
Greece: registrations for the trial on february 10- 11 are open (facebook). The judges are angelika brandl (austria) & themistoklis orkopoulos.
Courses: carlo fazio from italy (facebook). Training course from bogre andras (facebook).

30/01/24- Podcast from bad dog agility about proposal for changes in AKC rules with carrie de young (facebook, webpage).
Videos: anne lenz from germany (facebook).
Courses: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), jérémy roblin in france (facebook), natalie grace from england (facebook), juraj ruza in germany (facebook), esa muotka (finland) in estonia (facebook). Training courses: tachyon.
FMBB 2024: qualified from czech rep. (facebook);
Online courses: ‘entering into collection’ with alenka (slovenia) starts on february 1st.. The duration is 6 weeks and the costs are 140 euros with dog and 80 euros for listeners. webpage.
A&C 2024: the deadline for registrations with a 10% discount is january 31. Registrations are done with flow agility. For the moment, the competition has 63 registrations from colombia, ecuador (local), panama, etc.

28/01/24- Courses: marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), miska tomic from serbia (facebook), Tommi Raita-aho in finland (facebook), rauno virta from finland (facebook), mikko aaltonen in finland (facebook), pau serrano (spain) in italy (facebook).
Puppies: the border collie litter from kelsey kickpatrick (USA) out of style (max sprinz) was born (facebook); they are 5 females & 3 males. Border collie puppies availble with serge van der zweep (netherlands) out of llanfarian bet x jaff (facebook). Both has Gary in their pedigree.
England: the foreign judges at Iconix on may (facebook). are sandra deidda (italy), marko mäkelä (finland) & jesus fernandez crespo (spain).
SM 2024 (sweden, 28- 30 june): the judges are andrea menghini from italy (facebook), simon brenca from switzerland (facebook), esther falck jakobsen from norway (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), oliver rasmusson from sweden (facebook). (webpage) (facebook)

27/01/24- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Kine Eimhjellen in norway (facebook), hugo santos in sweden (facebook: 1, 2, 3), jari suomalainen from finlandia (facebook), Tommi Raita-aho in finlandia (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), roman lukac in france (facevook).
France: national championship is on may 11- 12 and registrations start on february 1 (click). The judges are vittorio papavero (italy), michel perain, philippe jeanclaude, thierry seca (france).
Videos: aneta obrusnikova (czech rep.) in germany (facebook),

26/01/24- Courses: cecilia klingberg in sweden (facebook) carlo fazio (italy) in spain (facebook), juraj ruza (slovakia) in germany (facebook). Training course: aneta obrusnikova (facebook).
Time systems: zeljko gora (croatia) has 2 available (facebook); he does not publish price (suggests writting an emal).
Health: nina greg's post about librela for osteoarthritis (facebook); she says she wouldn' use it.
Webinar with chris zink (canada) on february at 21 pm (american east time) early injury detection (facebook, webpage). It costs 19.95 dollars.

25/01/24- Puppies: mudi litter planned for early march in switzerland (facebook naga jolokia mudi); it will be paprika's last litter (paprika is the mother of malinka from martina klimesova). border collie litter planned in germany for 2025 out of cinna from nadine alshut (facebook).
Czech Rep.: para agility competition on may 25- 26 (facebook).
USA: the registrations for the qualis organized for FCI senior worldcup are open (facebook). formulario. The deadline is february 15.
FMBB 2024: most important changes for the world cup (facebook). It will have 2 competitions each day.
Slovakia: calendar of competitions at juraj ruza's venue (facebook).
Podcast from omar babini & manuela sata (italy) about csen/ enci (spotify).

24/01/24- Online courses from shape up (canada) start today (click).
Coursess: laura grosser from germany (facebook) christl faltner (norway) in italy (facebook) Anne Linn Johannessen Moen from norway (facebook).
Exercises with jumps, slalom and a tunnel from birgitta hermansson (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Seminars: there are two available spots for the seminar with Aneta Grygarova (czech rep.) on february 2 in netherlands (facebook).
Puppies: tervueren puppy (female) in france (facebook). Border collie puppies planned in finland (facebook, pedigree); the father is away to me bilbo (brother of lilly from nettan -jenny damm).
Acrylic pens: dan shaw asked where these pens can be bought and one of the answers was this link (click).
Southamerica: calendar 2024 in ecuador (instagram)

22/01/24- Courses: marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), jan sprij from the netherlands (facebook).
Czech Rep.: information about WAO quali (1, 2, 3).
Border collie puppies planned in italy at mind the dog kennel (facebook) out of emenems limit x elliot.
Spain: rankings after the first quali (1, 2).
Post from kim russell (USA) about puppies and mating (facebook). Do you know how to read a pedigree? Do you know when line breeding becomes inbreeding and what lines, if bred back to themselves have more risk than others and why? Do you know what dog(s) to avoid in pedigrees and why?... The questions are endless and the answers are equally endless and can vary so greatly that it is no surprise anyone looking for a well-bred pup for the first time can be quickly lost, sucked in and spit out by all of the information out there. So, how do YOU do it? How can a newbie educate themselves?.
Running contacts: the course with silvia trkman (slovenia) starts this week (facebook, webpage); the cost varies between 240 euros & 350 euros.
Obstacles: new soft long jump from skocky jumps available for 220 euros plus 35 euros for shipping (facebook).
One mind dogs: video with flick, kabai cross, backlap, whisky, german turn, etc (instagram).

21/01/24- Live stream: quali from spain (youtube), tao prosecup in italy (facebook).
Courses: nicolas renaud (france) in spain (facebook), reetta pirttikoski from finland (facebook: 1, 2), andrea menghini from italy (facebook), angelika brandl from austria (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), einari pekkala in finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook: 1, 2, 3), stefanie semkat (germany) in austria (facebook), esa muotka in finland (facebook), laurent Latchoumaya from france (facebook), maria martin in finland (facebook), Mikko Aaltonen (finland) in sweden (facebook), carlo fazio (italy) in spain (facebook: 1, 2), cedric bargoin (france) in switzerland (1, 2, 3), marko mäkelä from finland (1, 2, 3).
Greece: Tatoi Dog Playground organizes competitions on February 17-18 (judged by Thora van der Stock from Belgium), June 14-16 (judged by Esa Muotka (Finland) & Jeremy Manno (Belgium)), September 7-8 (judged by Tamas Traj from Hungary), October 12-13 (judged by Neil Ellis from England) and two workshops with Dani Fischbach (Germany) on August 31-September 1 and Nicola Giraudi (Italy) on August 16-17 November (facebook).
Videos: martina kimesova (czech rep.) with malinka (facebook) & nemi (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), dalton meredith in england (facebook), nicole kelpen (germany) & hip (facebook), monika rylska (polonia) & koza nostra (facebook).

20/01/24- Live stream: quali in spain (youtube)..
Courses: marko mäkelä from finland (1, 2, 3, 4), rene blank from germany (facebook), kine eimhjellen from norway (facebook), roman lukac in austria (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (1, 2), nicolas renaud from france (facebook), reetta pirtikoski from finland (facebook), sari mikkila (finland) in hungary ( facebook).
EAOD/ EOD: statistics on the genetic results of the disease in ISDS whose number are higher than in the rest of the breed. In the last 5 years, the numbers of carrier cases has decreased (click).
Boder collie litter from violetta fugazza confirmed in italy (facebook); they are out of Eenymeeny x jea.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.), nemi & malinka (facebook), aneta obrusnikova from czech rep. (facebook), omar babini (italy) & goji (facebook).

18/01/24- Obstacles: more about the soft seesaw 2.0 from galican (galican).
Courses: Philippe Wattecamps from france (facebook).
Litter pumi expected in slovenia (facebook) They are out of freya (pumi paniscus bajka) & Ozz (ego dog's epic mamba). There is a facebook group for the litter.
EO 2025 (portugal): anna eifert (hungary) is asking the dates on facebook (agility europe).
HEalth: products to help moving dogs and orthopedic items (click).
FCI WC 2024 (belgium, 1- 6 october): the registrations will close on august 15 (facebook).

17/01/24- Puppies berger des pyrénées: 2 females from working lines are available in corsica- france (facebook berger des pyrenees puppies born or planned.
Courses: balasopoulos christos from greece (facebook), christian fryand from switzerland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook).
Diariy online with nadine alshut on her training with her border pap (facebook). The cost is 15 euros the first month and 10 euros for the following months. You can cancel at any time.
Agility nexus: they are publishing more information on the project from neil ellis for 2025 in england. They seek to make their competitions a little more similar to the FCI competitions (facebook).
Obstacles: more information on the new soft dogwalk 2.0 from galican (facebook).

16/01/24- Video gianluca schingaro teaching the seesaw (facebook): “I want to share this experience with Moss because difficulties can be frustrating but if addressed the right way they are the best avenue for growth. Moss, my special dog”.
France: february 10- 11 is the first quali for world cup FCI and for european open; the judges are thierry Seca from france (facebook) & Philippe Wattecamps. On march 2- 3 the judges are rene blank (germany), Eric Courant & Florie Steen and on april 5- 7 the judges are sari mikkilä (finland) & tamas traj (hungary). Information on facebook.
Courses: elpida ismael from greece (facebook). Training courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook.
Puppies: the border collie litter expected in germany out of bob x rosalie was born. Bob is a litter brother of style from max sprinz. There are 3 females & 3 males. The males are all available (facebook).
Podcast from daisy peel on the best way to learn (click).

15/01/24- Courses: Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook), dominique prin from france (facebook).
Puppies border collie: litter expected in czech rep for the european spring, the sire is redifined atomic steel (dog recommended by max sprinz to alen marekovic for a litter); pedigree of the dam (facebook), poster. Litter expected in poland, the sire is tanhill glen (facebook); the dam is cemig pepesha.
France: this weekend alex beitl (germany) & dominique prin judged the stage of the winter challenge in lou cabanoun (facebook). The next stage is on february 3- 4 in écurie hasta luego from nîmes (facebook); the judges are Dominique Prin (france), Cédric Bargoin (france), Marko Mäkelä (finland), Jesus fernandez crespo (spain). Thora van der stock (Belgium) & Eric Courant (france) are the judges on february 10- 11 in lou cabanoun (facebook). Those classified for the finals are published on facebook (intermediate/ large, small/ medium). Event on facebook for all the stages.
Facebook: post from susan garrett (canada) asking what it means that dogs cannot be in their transport boxes in countries where that happens (facebook).
Videos: justine davenport training her puppy border pap (vimeo).

14/01/24- Pistas: juraj ruza in belgium (facebook), anne marie van den berge (facebook), esa muotka in finland (facebook), cecilia klingberg from sweden (facebook), jeremy manno (belgium) in germany (facebook), simon brenca from switzerland (facebook), Mona Liljegren from finland (facebook), Mikko Aaltonen from finland (facebook). Training courses: jordi boix from spain (facebbok).
Seminar with daniel schröder (germany) in japan on march 7- 8 (facebook). formulario de inscripción.
Videos: Gianluca Schingaro (italy) & moss (facebook), joanna fischer from poland (facebook), Saskia Vansteelant in belgium (facebook), laura poos (luxembourg), tully & O'neal at luxwintercup (facebook).
France: trial organized by Club canin de Criquebeuf sur Seine on september 7- 8 (facebook); the judges are carlo fazio (italy), neil ellis (england), michel perrain & frank muller (france).

13/01/24- Videos: zeljko gora (croatia), smoke & hash (facebook), tereza kaniova (czech rep.) & storm (facebook).
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in france (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) in germany (jumping 3 (video in the comments), agility 2, jumping 1), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), dominique prin from france (facebook), pau serrano from spain (facebook), esa muotka from finland (facebook), annemarie van den berge from norway (facebook), andrea menghini in greece (facebook), roman lukac in italy (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook).
One mind dogs: video about backlap (click).
Lux winter cup: third double trial of the cup is this weekend judged by wendy willemse & marc valk (netherlands). webpage, facebook, rankings. The first places ae from laura poos & tully in large, julie celmar & phoenix in intermediate, julie celmar & ink in medium, sheryl gaub & scape in small. julie celmar & ink are the ones that have the highest score.

12/01/24- Game of judges is on february 18 in slovakia (facebook). info & running order.
WAO 2024: spanish team (facebook).
Litter shetland expected at the kennel of max sprinz in germany (facebook).
Working dogs: in iowa (USA) they are using boykin spaniels to find and protect rare turtles (click).
Spain: the quali on next weekend will have free live stream (youtube).
France: calendar of the qualis (click).
Italy: the judges at prosec cup on may 31- june 2 are jan egil eide (norway), tamas traj (hungary), neil ellis (england), rene blank (germany). On january 19- 21 the judges are sandra deidda (italy), andrea menghini (france), chris faltner (norway), reetta pirttikoski (finland), ana beltran (spain). The competition has the 4 categories as FCI. Info: 1, 2, 3.
Online course: foundaof agility fitness with dogs 4 motion (click). The cost is 147 dollars but there is an offer for few days at 97 dollars. Requirments non-slippery platforms of different heights, set of cavaletti cones and bars, or a set of 5 jumps, a grippy surface-covered plank.

11/01/24- Italia: calendars for 2024 from Csen- Fidasc (campania), sardegna, lazio, emilia romagna.
Obstacles: post about the dogwalk soft version 2.0 (facebook). The cost is 2050 euros (click). It is available in blue and yellow (can be ordered personalized as well).
Videos: stephanie best (england), ske & bee (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & salt (facebook), julie celmar (luxembourg) & xtra training with max sprinz (facebook).
One mind dogs: excercise with 2 jumps and 2 cones (facebook). It is in a meter version and a foot version. Lessons with handling techniques webpage.
Facebook Thinking About Distance Agility (TADA!): post necessary verbal cues (facebook).
France: list of registred dogs of the quali for EO and world cup FCI (click). There is a list for each category; Those marked in green were selected, those marked in orange are on the waiting list and those marked in red were discarded.

10/01/24- Courses: daniel walz from germany (instagam). Training courses in lotushallen (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Italy: the judges of the qualification competitions on March 16-17 are jan egil eide (norway), blaz oven (slovenia) and the italians franceso bircolotti & carlo fazio (facebook).
England: agility nexus will have 5 sizes/categories (facebook): XS, S, M, I, L.
Facebook: post in italy about the difficulties on courses grade 1 (facebook agility italia enci fci).
Podcast from bad dog agility on verbal cues (webpage, itunes.

09/01/24- Q-me agility: video explaining the lead leg and its change (facebook); Dave munings explain the importance of understanding for a safe course design. Video explaining the difference between threadle wrap and rear (facebook).
EO 2024: the regulations allow registrations for 28 dogs per country (click) but in a facebook group from czech rep. they asked if they would have increased the number of dogs per country compared to 2023 and they answered yes. There would be 8 in each category (facebook).
Obstacles: galican announces that it will be in the following championships (facebook): WAO (15- 19 may), JOAWC & SOAWC (18- 21 july), EO (1- 4 august), AWC (1- 6 october). Smart-99 will be at luxembourg open on august 11- 14 (facebook); they have a 12% discount on obstacles that are pick up at the event. Obstacles from china in alibaba (click); comments.
Canada: problems among the candidates to go to the FCI World Cup because they must pay for a hotel that the team leaders choose (facebook); The IFCS team organization seeks funds to pay for the equipment in which the delegation is housed, unlike what happens with the World Cup team. Last year, they were able to stay elsewhere and had to be at the delegation hotel for meetings, meals, etc. In one of the comments they state that there are people who will not participate for this reason.
Colombia: from january -february 1 st there is a workshop with tamas traj from hungary (instagram). the cost is 120 dollars for memeberships, 140 dollars for non membership and 150 dollars for foreigners (for beginners the prices are respectively 64, 78 and 85 dollars while auditorss pay 120 dollars all day). Advanced groups have 3 hours on January 31 and 2 hours on February 1; beginners have 4 hours on February 1st.

08/01/24- Courses: alex beitl at edelweiss challenge (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in italy (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook).
Videos at edelweiss in switzerland: veronica odone from italy (facebook), annick blanc (switzerland) & shyleen (facebook), nadine steurer (switzerland) & storm (facebook), stefan müller from switzerland (facebook), dani fischbach (germany) & salt (facebook). Others videos: zeljko gora (croatia) & smoke (facebook), danielle boshouwers (netherlands) & cheeky (facebook).
Greece: post from nikiforos orfanakos champion at FMBB 2022 with vito, organizer of the first FMBB World Cup in Greece (2022), explains why he was sanctioned in an arbitrary decision due to a problem with the president of the Belgian club in his country (facebook).
Floor: post post about experience running on artificial grass and the problem of grip in the dog. Manuela satta comments that to adapt the dog he is going to use the iwona golab motivation exercises. José manuel davila mentions that he prefers 4cm high floors rather than juta grass, and that Daniel Walz mentioned to him that there is now a hall in Germany with a 5cm height grass; He mentions that the secret is the infill (sand, rubber or cork) that should be filled 3cm (for 4 cm grass height) or 4 cm (for 5 cm height). Carlo magnoli mentions that in his experience, those on football fields with long wire and clogged in rubber require little or no adaptation for the dog (facebook).
Litter a repeated one in italy out of Vandy x Buffy (coldstream easy to love x coca). Video of penny from the last litter (facebook).
Puppiess border collie in sweden: one litter at kennel jenzans born at the end of the year (facebook). and a litter expected at kennel downforce for mid february (facebook); the dam is ally (full sister of zonia from nettan johansen) and the sire is jenzan rex (facebook).

07/01/24- Fake facebook pages & groups: webinar from bad dog agility for helping in the detection (youtube).
Edelweiss 2024: results, running orders, qualified, etc (click).
Numbers from AGX2 in japan (facebook).
Podcast with greg derret from england (facebook, spotify).
Physical conditioning for dogs: library with videos from canine conditioning coach (click).
Border collie puppies: female available in USA (facebook).
Judges: neil ellis (england) wrote a post about the new rules for judges in united kingdom (facebook). He specially mentions some articles about the way judges should dress (‘conventional and acceptable fashion which is identifiable different from the competitors’) and about the prohibition of using headphones (that allow to listen to music and/ or communicate with outside the ring). Neil wrote to the kennel club explaining he uses airpods for his ADHD and didn't receive an answer and is reconsidering go on judging. ‘Beyond my committed appointments, I will be considering my future as a KC agility judge. If anyone cannot identify me judging in the ring for my appointments this year, I will be the only person moving around the ring who is not handling a dog‘. Most of the comments go agains kennel club's decision like ‘I have no words. the KC strikes again with its archaic and dysfunctional ideas’. The ‘equality act’ from 2010 including several antidiscriminatory laws (age, disability, sex, race, religion or belief, etc) is mentioned; the discrimination may be direct or indirect.

06/01/24- Videos: janita (finland) & naxu (facebook) nicola giraudi (italy), brant & in switzerland (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & smoke (facebook). Video of a sheep doing tricks (facebook).
Obstacles: bars for kids aldi süd (germany) that can be use to train dogs (facebook).
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in switzerland (facebook), carlo fazio (italy) in USA (facebook), juraj ruza (slovakia) in switzerland (facebook), rene blank in germany (facebook). Training course: 4s hall (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook).
Podcast from manuela sata & omar babini on agility in italy (spotify, facebook).
Research on epilepsy: query (click). The reference is from facebook nadine alshut.
Canada: registrations lists of the tryouts for FCI worldcups and EO (facebook).
Greece: jan egil eide (norway) was part of teaching and evaluation of the firsts 7 local judges (facebook).
Facebook agility europe: post asking how much is the payment of the judges when judging (facebook).
Southamerica: kelsey kirkpatrick (USA) will be in colombia on april and will take part of the A&C in ecuador (facebook).

05/01/24- Bi, one of silvia trkman's border collies, died with 15.5 years old. ‘We don't stop playing when we get old. We get old when we stop playing. She never stopped playing. And I'd never lost such a young dog- and had no idea it hurts so much... At 15,5 years, she was still 15 months in her head. She would bark in excitement before every walk- even when she couldn't walk anymore...’ (facebook).

04/01/24- Judges: andré mauer (luxembourg) has retired himself from (click); comments on facebook
He judged locally and internationally for 25 years; austria, poland, luxembourg, switzerland, france, germany, spain, latvia are some of those countries. He judged european open 2006, IABC 2013, Amadeus 2013, Border collie classic 2009, International border collie championship from czech rep. (2014), Luxembourg open, etc. he was a candidate for judging at FCI 2007.
information about his career (1, 2).
webpage, facebook. Some of the courses on wordpress.

03/01/24- Jutlandia cup is on july 14- 20 in denmark (facebook). Registrations are via agility events and the deadline is may 1. The judges are Arlette Pusch (germany), Tobias Sjöberg (sweden) and the locals Morten Juhl Hansen, Gert Bruus, Tom Mercebach, Bonnik Berthelsen.
Photos: the pre 2016 photos from Ian Watts can be bought until this weekend (facebook). The site the dog tog will close on january 5 de enero.
Puppies (cocker) in luxembourg with regina ripke's lines (facebook); they are 2 males & 2 females. The border collie litter at tobias wüst&$39;s kennel in germany are botn: the 8 puppies on facebook's story are out of ceed (facebook).
Seminar with bozena schröder (germany) is on may 4- 5 de mayo in vöhringen (faceboo). It costs 100 euros per person/ per day.
Podcast: conditioning and caring for the dog athlete with jana from dogs 4 motion (facebook, spotify, apple).
Hungary: zsuzsa veres (hungary) & sari mikkilä (finland) are the judges in dog flow arena on january 20- 21 (facebook). It costs 24 euros per dog/ per day.
A&C 2024 (ecuador, april 11- 14): rules in english.

02/01/24- Time system from FDS in switzerland (1, 2, 3). They have wired & wireless options and a system por parallel cases (knock outs). They have been used at polish championship 2023 (facebook).
Obstacles: used jumps available in switzerland (facebook).
Courses: rene blank from germany (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook). training course at 4s agility hall (facebook).
Spain: changes in RSCE's rules (facebook agilitystas). agilitystas organized a live on instagram (january 3, 22hrs) for answering questions about the changes. The questions can be sent via email to reglamentosyjuecesagilityrsce@gmail.com .
A&C 2024 (ecuador, april 11- 14): registrations are available on flow agility.

01/01/24- Stud: hipp with eager to work, the shetland dog of nicole kelpen is available as stud (facebook); his sire is kite also from nicole kelpen
Iwona Golab: website with her courses (click). People who alredy paid for the speed course will be added manually (facebook). Registrations is open through the website for the webinar on january 15-31, the cost is 20 euros (click).
Intensive training in Hundesporthalle Westerwald (germany) with Sabine Kreutz, Dani Fischbach, Ariane Wieber & Krisztina Kabai from april 19 to may 2 (facebook); they will post more information soon.
Seminar with zejlko gora (croatia) on february 4 near zagreb (facebook). The cost is 65 euros one day and 120 euros both days.
Germany: registrations are open for Steppach Pfingstturnier in mendig on may 18- 20 (webmelden); the judges are Laura Grösser, Yannic Hägele, Alex beitl.
A&C 2024 (ecuador, april 11- 14): the event is not available in flow agility.

31/12/23- Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), arto laitinen from finland (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook), Esa muotka from finland (facebook), carlo fazio (italy) in france (facebook), hannah grantham in united kingdom (facebook), tommi raita-aho from finland (facebook), Bögre András from hungary for beginners (facebook), Karsten Freyermuth in germany (facebook). Training courses: marc martin (facebook), matthias dietrich (facebook).
Videos: patricia ciuffetti from italy (facebook), roman lukac (slovakia) & mili from iveta lukacova (facebook), chiara sandroni (italy) with venom (facebook) & miss style (facebook) in USA.
USA: program for the tryouts (facebook). The contact zones will be from clip and go (up to the comments on the post).
Canada is organizing seminars for raising funds for the tryouts. The seminar with con neil ellis (england) is on april 2- 4 and costs 275 dollars (facebook); auditors pay 50 dollars per sesion or 75 dollars per day. Form for registering in google drive. Information about the tryouts on facebook.
Obstacles in japan: offers from azumino (click) and AGX2 (facebook).
Agility desk game costs 30 euros and has free shipping when 5 or more games are ordered (facebook). form for ordering.
A&C 2024 (ecuador, april 11- 14): registrations start on january 1 on flow agility and the deadline is march 31 up to flow agility (click).

previous updates are in spanish

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