Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

30/01/23- Live stream: the steam of Polish open is free of charge and without registration (facebook), any form asking for registrations and/or payment is scam.
App for connecting zonaecron time system with backpack to flow agility software (facebook).
Spain: ranking of the queli to FCI world cup, EO. The first places are for tomas perez ayuso & zlatan (large), michel freitas & jakka (intermediate), pau serrano & killer (medium), ismael fernandez & time (small).
Article with options to dealing with a dog that disconnects from the handler in course (click).
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), kine eimhjellen from norway (facebook), rene blank (germany) in spain (facebook), tamas traj from hungary (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), ramona schürken (germany) & lyric (facebook), lucie glejdurova from czech rep. (facebook), manuela satta (italy) & pif (facebook).

29/01/23- Live stream: Hallenmasters in germany (youtube), quali in galicia- spain (youtube).

28/01/23- Live stream: Hallenmasters in germany (youtube), quali in galicia- spain (youtube).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), iwona golab (polonia) & seeya (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook).
Courses: tamas traj from hungary (facebooK: 1, 2), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), bernd hüppe (austria) in germany (facebook), nicolas renaud from france (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook: 1, 2), mika kangas from finland (facebook), dave munnings from england (facebook).
Polish open (3- 5 february): due to injury there is a spot available for XS, S or M (facebook).

27/01/23- Courses: tamas traj (hungary) in germany (facebook), dave munnings from england (facebook), cecilia klingberg from sweden (facebook.
Border collie puppies: litter planned in spain at kennel xonnydeby out of mer mer (facebook).
On sale in austria: artificial grass (facebook) and used obstacles (facebook).
Videos: isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & funky monkey (facebook),

26/01/23- FCI WC 2023: the program is available (click). Monika Rylska (poland) posted on agility europe's facebook if it was the final version considering that her category (intermediate- ML) runs in individual jumping before teams and is treated as less interesting than large (facebook).

25/01/23- USA: the 2023 world cup tryouts are at purina farms in st louis on april 29- 30 & may 1. The information for the tryouts will be thorugh a private facebook available only for registered comeptitors (facebook).
Germany: some tests for future judges will be the same days of the comeptitions in mendig; the organizers need competitors for those tests (facebook).
Seminars: roberta boscolo in rome on february 11- 12 (facebook). It costs 80 euros.
Podcast from dave munnings & chris kerton (england): the wrong end of the tunnel- puppies (youtube).
International agility festival (may 26- 29): the judges are nicolas renaud (france), andre landry (canada), stefanie semkat (germany), jocke tangfelt (sweden), anita szilagyi & zsuzsa veres (hungary), lisa frick & katharina fried (austria), jan egil eide (norway), seppo savikko & esa muotka (finland). reference from facebook.

24/01/23- Crufts 2023: mona grefenstein & sea will take part representing germany (facebook).
Judges: Olga bazalova & karel havlicek are the candidates from czech rep. for EO 2024 & JOAWC respectively (click).
Litter: shetland puppies planned in sweden out of bixi x keks (facebook). keks run with stefanie simson from germany.
Spain: due to the large number of dogs registered for the wold cup quali trialsin lugo (90 medium- small, 120 intermediate- large), they decided to combine small- medium and intermediate- large saving the time of building courses (facebook). New distribution of judges (facebook), information of the live stream (facebook), catalog of participants (facebook).

23/01/23- Online courses: ninja weaves with karen holik (USA) starts on february 1 through clean run (facebook); it lasts 16 weeks and costs 175 dollars for standard (click) and 249 dollars for premier (click).
Films: article from usdaa about skye who took part of netflix's film noel's diary (facebook).
Videos: sebastien allerme (france) & shy'm (facebook), Natalia loginova (latvia), chile, lila (facebook).
Courses: hugo santos from portugal (facebook), Mikko Aaltonen from finland (facebook), jose vandy in france (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook).
One mind dog: webinar on january 31 with “3 steps to a consistent contacts” (instagram). They ask to register before and they will give access to a video. The webinar has a Q&A section.

22/01/23- Courses: juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), bonnik berthelsen (denmark) at the netherlands tryouts for WAO (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo (spain) in the quali for FMBB in greece (facebook), anita szilagyi from hungary (facebook), Christl Faltner in hungary (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), ian armstrong at iconix (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: ja sprij (netherlands) & reece at the quali for WAO (facebook), lucie glejdurova (czech rep.), day & beat (youtube), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & dallas (facebook), laura chapman (england) & endeavour (facebook), dalton meredith (facebook), lena hansson (sweden) & sockan training with jenny damm (youtube).
Germany: private group on facebook to raise funds with an auction for the WAO team (facebook).
Italy: registrations for the international week (19- 22 june) opens on february 1st (facebook). naarah cuddy (england), nadine alshut (germany), tamas traj (hungary) are there.

21/01/23- Border collie puppies: 2 females & 1 male available in france put of mistral x ashk (facebook).
Semen from caefelin clem (taff) available for shipments worldwide (facebook).
Sweden: the summer camp at lotus hallen with jenny damm & zeljko gora is on july 10- 17 (facebook).
Videos: sandi okanovic (slovenia) & dallas (facebook), mark herfert (canada) in hungary (facebook), marusa podjed (facebook), anita szylagy from hungary (facebook).
Courses: marko makkelä from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook), hannah grantham at icon x (facebook). Exercises: lucie dessureault from canada (facebook), birgitta hermansson from sweden (facebook), one mind dogs from finland (instagram).
Swiss agility games: registrations start on january 23 de enero and the deadline is january 31 (click).

20/01/23- Videos: max sprinz (germany) & remix (instagram).
JOAWC 2023: jirina mackova (czech rep.), kurt ove steinset (norway) and the locals lee gibson, natalie webb were confirmed as judges (click).
FMBB 2025: portugal applied to organize it (facebook).
Seminars: dani fischbach (germany) in italy on february 28- march 1st (facebook) and in mendoza (argentina) on november 4- 5 (instagram); there is no information about costs.
Canada: the website kya charges per month to have access to a facebook group where they post training courses of european judges (click). It is not necessary to upload videos and there is no feedback when uploading them. The cost is 30 canadian dollars per month. The courses on february- april re inspired in tamas traj (hungary), sari mikkilä (finland), petr pupik (czech rep.), kine eimhjellen (norway). Information.
Prague agility party (16- 17 july, czech rep.): registrations open on february 6 (facebook). webpage, facebook.
Training course from iwona golab (facebook),

19/01/23- Online training with petr pupik & lucie glejdurova (czech rep.): free access to the facebook group for one year with 5 courses from petr pupik, training videos and different handling options (facebook). The cost is 99.90 euros. resgistration form.
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.), nemi & malinka (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook).
Agifest 2022 (finland; 19- 23 june): jan egil eide (norway), hugo santos (portugal), jesus fernandez crespo (spain), zeljko gora (croatia), petr pupik (czech rep.), rene blank (germany), sari mikkilä (finland) are the judges (click).
Border collie litter planned in ukraine out of mint x coffee (facebook).
Seminars: there is on spot available for the seminar with max sprinz (germany) on february 15- 17 in austria (facebook); the costs are 130 euros for one day and 240 euros for 2 days. Seminar with lisa frick (austria) on april 1- 2 in greece (facebook); there is no information about costs.
Smarter agility: a hack of chip gerfen to do what shane miller can do with CRCD software related to the dog path (1, 2).
Clip and go: system to turn jumps into triple jumps (facebook). It is available at clip and go and clean run. 3, 5 and 6 meters full grip tunnels (facebook).

18/01/23- Videos: jessica patterson (canada), lux & biz at UKI US open in florida- usa (instagram).
Online course with ariane wieber (germany) on slalom/ weaves starting on march 6 in german (facebook); the cost is between 90 and 180 euros and the english version will be availabe at the end of the year. registration form.
Running contacts: Annette Ogierman (swwitzerland) & lola%s case with the zone (facebook).
A&C 2023: the deadline for a 10% discount on registrations is january 30 (instagram: 1, 2).

17/01/23- Agilitynerd has updated his blog for improving speed (facebook).
Coursess: stefanie semkat (germany) in italy (facebook). training courses from jenny damm (1, 2, 3).
Videos: Jenny damm (sweden) & zonia (facebook), janita (finland) & naxu (facebook), video with eric laumann (germany; FCI WC 2022 speaker) training with tobias wüst with his own comments (facebook), Susan koldenhof (netherlands) & intense (facebook).
Germany: registrations for IAF 2023 will open on february 1. They are having an issue with the server and they expect to solve it soon. The competition is in bayern on may 26- 29 for 1200 dogs (grades 1- 2- 3) indoor (facebook, webpage, estadio). salzburg's airport is the closest one (google maps). There is no info about the judges.
Time system for training (new) from zone ecron (facebook).
Private classes for running contacts with katarina podlipnik (slovenia): january's classes are full; new groups will open on february 2. (facebook). Classic running contacts will open on march and there will be a new one with running contacts challenges.

16/01/23- France: abstract explaining the changes in agility rules for 2023 (facebook).
Courses: alex beitl (germany) in switzerland (facebook), mika kangas fom finland (facebook), nicolas renaud from france (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (1, 2), patrick bucher in germany (facebook), anita szilagyi from hungary (facebook), training course from iwona golab from poland (facebook).
Online course about course analysis for novice with one mind dogs from finland (facebook, instagram). it is free for premium members and thse members pay 39.90 euros each month (or 203.4 euros for 6 months or 358.8 euros for a year). It starts on january 23.
Running contacts: martin bodemann (austria) tested the electronic mat with the size of dog walk%s contact zone (facebook: 1, 2); he also has a smaller one (facebook).
Videos:joanna fischer (poland) & heya (facebook), olivia lebre training with max sprinz (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & taco (instagram), samir (brazil), tippy, shine & dino (instagram).
Article from agility nerd about training threadles (click).
Border collie puppies planned in czech rep. checa out of foxridge kiara X ray (facebook).
Genetic tests: my dog dna has a 40 % discount for blue monday (facebook). webpage.
Herding: interview to lilas herding european champion in the category of younger of 21 years old with 11 years old (1, 2).

15/01/23- Ukraine: It will be a year since I wrote to Larisa Borysenko and asked her for an interview to Psich sportu. Larisa, IGP and agility referee, has devoted himself to sports, but above all practical rescue in recent years. And because live talks are better, I asked if he would go to Slovakia, Czech Republic, or somewhere closer so we could meet. At that time she was only planning a trip to the Rescue Championships in Italy, but only in the summer. But she came up with an idea and invited me to Dnipro for a seminar for her training group. We started planning, they both found a free weekend for March 2022 and were looking for air tickets. I studied everything about Dnipro, its surroundings, history. But in early February, a message came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Czech citizens would not unnecessarily travel to eastern Ukraine. At that time Putin's troops were already “exercising” abroad, which was about two hundred kilometers from the Dnipro. After consulting with Jakub and friends, I decided that it probably would not be reasonable, Larise apologized and that we could find another date. Larisa expressed regret that Ukraine has been under occupation since 2014 and that everything is fine in Dnipro, but that she understands and we found June 2022.
Two weeks into what “Putin's exercise” turned into... Since then, Larisa has been looking for the dead and alive with her dogs every day. Both her parents died, many friends, acquaintances, her life changed. The rescue game has become a reality.
She didn't even give me the interview by email. No time for this, no mood for it.. in the summer she asked me for a puppy for their team and so we sent with Mirka Holecková a little Tyty (Quantity Deabei) - Bellona's niece, who is in training to look for the dead and alive...
More about search and rescue in ukraine (facebook: 1, 2).
The story of Shawshank: from rescued in ukraine by breaking the chains to a new home in usa (facebook).

14/01/23- Courses: alex beitl (germany) in switzerland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook: 1, 2). Excercises from birgitta hermansson (facebook). slalom training excercises (facebook).
WAO 2023: team canada (facebook).
Luxwintercup: the leaders are Nuno Silva & Dean in large, Dan Feyder & Magic in intermediate, Julie Celmar & Ink in medium, Ben Bingen & Fee in small (facebook).
Puppies: the border collie litter expected in poland out of mer was born (facebook); they are 3 females and 2 males. Border collie puppies in poland out of gary from serge van der zweep are still available, a tri male from one litter and females an males from another (1, 2). Border collie puppies planned in italy with sire kiany from netherlands lines (facebook). Border collie litter expected in italy out of eenymeeny X jea (facebook).
Italy: the judges of the competition on january 28- 29 are vittorio papavero from italy & dominique prin from france (facebook).
Videos: lisa frick (austria), jack & taco (facebook).

13/01/23- Courses: alex beitl from germany (facebook), matthias dietrich (facebook).
Photo: at the contest dog photography awards 2022 section action, the winner was a photo of baghera (enrico collini) jumping at an agility competition (click).
Puppies border collie: the litter out of tone x archie from kennel downforce (sweden) was confirmed (facebook).
Slovenian open: registrations will open on february 14 (facebook). The competition is from june 30 to july 2; lthe judges are alex beitl (germany), kine eimhjellen (norway), roman lukac (slovakia).
USA: the cynosport games are on october 18- 22 in tennessee (click).
Health: Eight (runrunrun working cockers) turned 8 years old. When she was 10 months old she was diagnosed with grade 5.5 mitral valve dysplasia (grades range from 0 to 6 (worst)) and was given weeks to months to live. . They showed the ultrasound to a human doctor who told them that it looks she rather has a bacterial infection. Eight took heavy antibiotics for a long time and two years later was confirmed that it wasn't an inherited problem (facebook). Her heart isn't the one of a healthy dog but it is a miracle that she is alive.

11/01/23- Italy: competition with judges alex beitl (germany), sari mikkilä (finland), jocke tangfelt (sweden), stefanie semkat (germany) on june 1- 4 in rome (facebook).
Online courses: tight turns course with alenka skrabec (slovenia) starts on february 1 st (facebook, webpage); it costs 80 euros as auditor and 140 euros with dog.
Youtube: agility soft numbers needs to reach 1000 suscriptions on their youtube channel to unlock certains features (facebook).
Spain: the séxtuple de euskadi will be on august 22- 27 (facebook).
Germany: the competitions for the quali are on march 18- 19 in small- medium (judges: anders virtanen from finlandia & daniel walz), march 25- 26 in intermediate- large (judges: jocke tangfelt from sweden & daniel walz), april 15- 16 in small- medium (judges: esa muotka from finland & vivien menger), april 22- 23 in intermediate- large (judges: hansen morten & marcel schluhr). The competitions on march are in mendig and the ones on april are at the hall of tobias wüst (.pdf). The final in dortmund is on may 12- 14.
Seminar: with dave munnings & dan shaw (england) in canada on february 10- 12 (facebook). registration form. The cost is 240 canadian dollars (more taxes) for 4 hours.

10/01/23- Videos anne lenz (germany) & rosalie (instagram) cristian wöss (austria) & lego (facebook).
Courses: anna schönenberger from switzerland (facebook), jan sprij from netherlands (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook) esa muotka from finland (facebook), rene blank de alemania (facebook), blaz oven from slovenia (facebook), Noske nosaty en slovakia  (facebook). Training course from indoor 4 all (facebook).
Petition promoted by kayl Mc cann so that it is not mandatory to neuter dogs to do agility in the CKC (facebook). She should neuter 5-Alive for the CKC and, if she doesn't, they couldn't take part at the european open. petition. In many european countries (specially in the nordic countries), it is considered a mutilation (click); Germany, Norway and Sweden only accept it for health reasons. There is also new evidence that suggests not to neuter young dogs as it happens in america (click).
Online course: registrations are open to new course from beata luchowska (click); the cost is 349 dollars with dog (or two payments of 188) and 247 as auditor (or two payments of 135).

09/01/23- Videos: anna hinze (germany) & move (facebook), Dani fischbach (alemania) & salty (facebook); videos from FMBB quali in italy: carlo magnoli & fidji (facebook), ilaria rizzo & luvi (facebook).
Poland: petra vyplelova from czech rep. (judge of FCI world cup 2023)) judged this weekend (facebook). Photos from saturday, sunday. results from saturday, sunday.
One mind dogs: 5 keys for training a border collie (click).

08/01/23- Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in italy (facebook), jordi boix from spain (facebook).
Border collie puppy (male) called disney is available at shadow of aire kennel due to a last minute cancellation (facebook); he is out of panda x fate (Tam tam is fate's brother). The grandparents are sony from japan, jazz (matej cucek), knoxx (netherlands), lexi (my queen- poland).
Canada: due to a change at CKC registrations, AKC or FCI registered bober collies can't be neutered to get an ERN number and be part of FCI world cup (facebook).
Videos: max sprinz (germany) & remix (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), martin reid (england) & selfie (facebook), ana pires from switzerland training with iwona golab (facebook).
Jean Paul Petitdidier: article from CNEAC (click). Post on facebook from paolo meroni (italy) with petitdidier's words (facebook).

07/01/23- Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) training malinka in her birthday (facebook), dave munnings (england) & susan (facebook), carlo magnoli from italy (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), martin reid (england), shape & snooze (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (1, 2), kine heimhjellen from norway (1, 2), alex beitl from germany (1, 2), jordi boix from spain (facebook).
Switzerland: competition and judges at SCC (facebook); the dates are january 21- 22 (sonja frick from austria), february 18- 19 (tamas traj from hungary), march 11- 12 (alex beitl from germany & karel havlicek from czech rep.).
Calendars with international competitions: slohosting, agility now.

06/01/23- USA kite (rosanne de mascio) withdraws from the competitions that qualify for FCI events (facebook). She is 49 cm tall and after injuries and rest due to various illnesses, she doesn't want her to jump 60 cm. She is going to run in others competitions where she can jump 40-50 cm.
Puppies: 3 males were born out of gaya x thor in the kennel of nina gregl (facebook).
Course design software: daisy peel (USA) published that she stops using the clean run course designer and will start using smarter agility because she considers that it is not being updated (
The CRCD is a software sold by clean run from USA (webpage, facebook, youtube). The licence costs 79.95 dollars; the trial version is valid for 30 days and is always free to view courses. It works on linux, windows y MAC. .
Smarter agility is a web service from kurt munsters from belgium (webpage, facebook, 3). The subscription costs 39.99 euros per year for the full version (29.99 euros for ocasional designers); people can try it for free for one month. It works on smartphone, tablet and PC.
Netherlands: WW Indoor 4 All has a course set up for training today at half price (facebook).

05/01/23- Denmark: chemically neutered dog can't take part of agility competitions organized under the DKK (facebook). Due to an overlap in qualifying dates, competitors may add points to qualify for the WAO with both qualis (facebook). Post about the change in the way of classifying to EO this year (facebook). Before it did not depend on the DKK (NCO of Denmark); some comments mentions that in the past people having the points needed were out of the team for world cup due to reasons not related to performance .
Courses: philippe jena claude (facebook). Training course with max sprinz (germany) in finland (facebook).
Canada: the form to register to the quali for EO and FCI world cup is open, the deadline is tomorrow (facebook). form (google drive).
Seminars: there is one spot available in a seminar with lisa frick (austria) in netherlands (facebook). Seminar with tamas traj (hungary), naarah cuddy (england), nadine alshut (germany) on june 19- 22 in italy (facebook); there is no price information.
UKI festival 2023 (USA): competitions on april 28- 30 in utah, may 12- 14 in connecticut, july 8- 9 in washington (facebook).
Videos: training of zeljko gora (facebook), Nikiforos Orfanakos from greece (facebook), nicolo de martini (italy) with carlos & leni (facebook), training of Jouni Vainio in finland (facebook), vivy specian (brazil), ciri, on & bale (facebook).

04/01/23- Denmark open 2023: the competition that takes place at the EO venue a week before it, opens registrations on February 15 at agilityevents. It is for 1500 registrations (click). The danish judges morten hansen & regin reinhard are added to the list of judges for the competition (facebook).
Litter border collie planned in greece out of may x smoke. smokey is the youngest dog from zeljko gora winner of individual at EO 2022.
FMBB 2023: the agility judges are carl de rouck (belgium) & andrea bellachioma (italy). referencia.
Puppy berger des pyrénées: male available in switzerland, his grandmother is zookie from laura reinhalter (facebook).
Crollies: there is a public group on the litter from nina gregl (facebook).

03/01/23- England: there are 8 free spots for love the lines ona january (facebook).
Belgium: there are some free spots for the seminar with zeljko gora (croatia) on june 12- 13 (facebook). The costs are 95 euros for working spots per day.
Czech Rep.: chart explaining when and how should dogs be measured for 2023's competitions (facebook). XS can choose between XS and S. Dogs measuring 2 cm at least more or less than the limit heights don't need to be measured twice (for example, small dogs measure between 30 and 34.9 cm; dogs measuring between 32 and 32.9 don't need 2 measures). The valid measures are the ones made to dogs of 2 years or more and with different judges (dogs in te limit need 2 measures for confirming a category). Karina Divisova offered help for those having doubts and they will manage the transition for next year (facebook).
Online courses: the registrations for running contacts%s diary with olga kwiecien are open (facebook). formulario. Working spots cost 150 euros and auditors pay 75 euros.
Courses for training at lotushallen (facebook). Exercises from bigitta hermansson (facebook).

02/01/23- January: Indoor Masters on 6- 7 in austria (click); the judges are blaz oven, Isabella Stefl & Wolfgang Tieber. dogme winter cup in italy on 6- 8 (webpage, facebook); the judges are rene blank (germany) & jordi boix (spain). Pokal Meisterschaft 2023 in germany on 28- 29 (click); the judges are petr pupik (czech rep.) & karel havlicek (czech rep.).
Sweden: the gâsahoppet 2023 is on april 6- 9 (facebook); the judges are anders virtanen (finland), reetta pirttikoski (finland), hugo santos (portugal), jordi boix (spain).
Finland: competitions in janakkala for 2023 (facebook): the judges are esa muotka & jessi landen on january 7- 8, ana beltrán (spain) & reetta pirttikoski on february 18- 19, jan egil eide (norway) & marko mäkelä on march 18- 19, el 22- 23 de abril jari suomalainen & mika kangas, jesus fernandez crespo (spain), kurt ove steinset (norway), petr pupik (czech rep.) & sari mikkilä on august 4- 6, karel havlicek (czech rep.) & sari mikkilä on september 16- 17, sascha grunder (switzerland) & marko mäkelä on october 28- 29, cedric bargoin (france) & marko mäkelä on december 2- 3.
Italy: training with monika rylska (poland) on january 9- 10 (facebook); it is the following day of dogme winter cup. Seminar with dani fischbach (germany) on june 6- 7 (facebook).

01/01/23- Courses: angelika brandl from austria (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in japan (facebook), jessi landen from finland (facebook), allan carlssn in denmark (facebook), marcel schlühr (facebook), Yoshiaki Kato from japan (facebook).
Finland: mid summerfestival 2024 is on june 19- 23 (facebook). The judges are jan egil eide (norway), hugo santos (portugal), jesus fernandez crespo (spain), zeljko gora (croatia), petr pupik (czech rep.), rene blank (germany), sari mikkilä (finland).
Prague agility party is on july 14- 16 in czech rep. (webpage, facebook).

31/12/22- Jean paul petitdidier (france) died (1, 2). he has been vicepresident of SCC, president of CNEAC and FCI agility commission, agility judge and competitor. He created the first agility regulations in 1988 for france and organized the first national championship in france (click).
Tribute of the judges in france 11 years ago (youtube). He promoted a 4th category in france for molosoid dogs for giving them the chance of running in agility (click). He was an advocate of the participation of all dogs (without restrictions) in agility because it was a way of inserting dogs into society.

30/12/22- Videos: kevin odile from france (facebook), janita leinonen & jakko training on a course from vittorio papavero (facebook), mint (gregory bielle bidalot) doing running contacts with a flock as prize (facebook), Kenji Yamashita (japan) in a seminar with stefanie semkat from germany (facebook).
Smarter agility: due to the hard work that takes updating the software for the needs of preofessionals they defined 2 categories (facebook). The professionals will have a cost of 39.99 euros per year and people that don't need the fancy features will pay 19.99 euros per year (they are ok with version 7). Until first march they can try the version 8 and defined which one they need.
Puppies border collie planned for mid january in poland out of why not zet my queen (facebook). Border collie males puppies available in poland out of luna (facebook); luna has in her pedigree fetch granting pleasure in both sides and among her great grandfathers is tanhill glen and rising sun dark raider.
England: comments on the course hosted by dan shaw on safety course design (facebook).
Norway: course with fanny gott (sweden) on january 21- 22 (facebook, form); it cost 2500 NOK. Course with Kine Eimhjellen & Trine Thorkildsen on january 14- 15 (facebook, formulario); cuesta 2500 NOK.
South america: calendarwith the competitions 2023 and more
♦ brazil: calendar from the CBA (click).
♦ Colombia: calendar (click).
♦ Chile: calendar from the KACH (instagram); the quali for A&C in el salvador is on march 8- 9. There is a seminar with ronald kolenko on march 24- 26 (instagram); there is no price information.

29/12/22- Software: smarter agility announced version 8 with some improvements (facebook). Poll about how to do rotations
Agility festival brandenburg: registrations for the comeptition on april 7- 10 start on december 31 (facebook). The judges are mirja lapanja (slovenia), zeljko gora (croatia) & dirk kuschnierz (germany). Two 30 x 40 fields with natural grass will be available with obstacles from smart-99 & galican. The competition is for eveyone (grade 0, 1, 2, 3). Some seminas will be organized two days before.
Puppies: border collie (male) available at lunatale kennel in belgium (webpage, facebook); is one of the 6 puppies out of booh x duke.
Berger des pyrénée (female) available in france (facebook).
Litters expected for 2023: papillon puppies expected in belgium (facebook), Border collie puppies from tanhill glen's line expected at english kennel Devongem (facebook), Border collie puppies at airland kennel in spain (1, 2).

28/12/22- England: one spot available at the course love the lines from dan shaw (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova from czech rep. (youtube), laura reinhalter (austria) at a seminar with tamas traj (facebook).
Puppies border collie out of jack (lisa frick): 4 males with dam winnie- Fancy Fantasy of Silent Storm in slovenia (facebook). litter planned wih jinga- eiri greme sasja in poland (facebook). Pedigrees: jack, winnie, jinga.

27/12/22- WAO 2023: the forms for the wildcards area available (facebook).
Puppy malinois available in greece from agility relatives (facebook). The crollies from nina gregl were born (facebook); they are 2 females & 2 males. The dam is ursa (daughter of buha, grand daughter of kisa con maige) and the sire is knick (fetch granting pleasure is twice).
Finland: registrations for for the WAO quali on february 11 is open (facebook); the judges are jesus fernandez crespo (spain) & marja lahikainen.
Spain: the national championship for RSCE 2023 will be organize by Centro Xanastur Canino on april 28 - may 1st at centro ecuestre el asturcon (facebook). registrations will open on january 1st and will close on february 12 (formulario).
Fireworks: sarah lorentzen (denmark) asks for suggestions to help her bitch cha cha and fireworks (facebook); someone commented that her husband will go with her dogs to stay in a forest in sweden (as they have less fireworks) and she will stay with the kids in denmark.

26/12/22- Litters shetland planned in italy for 2023 with giulia zurma: Elmo x lolita (facebook) & Orion x be brave (facebook). Elmo and Be brave sire is kite from nicole kelpen, lolita is the dam of be brave.
Videos: stephanie best (england) & fate at olympia (facebook), Patrizia Ciuffetti (italy) training with zeljko gora (facebook), ‘ topi & the first snow’ (youtube).
Ukraine: breaking the chains keeps helping animals in the war (facebook); videos of nikki and her 4 puppies rescue (youtube) and interview of fox LA (click). link to donate to breaking the chains. jakub stybr collected 37190 CZK to donate at Agility for Ukraine II (facebook).

25/12/22- Pistas: sascha grunder from switzerland (facebook), simon brenca from switzerland (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (1, 2).
Puppiess: the border collie litter from mirja lapanja kennel ou of cara (from tina bele) x syclone (from isabella stefl) was born: 1, 2; they are 2 males and 5 females. The grandfathers are tanhill glen, why not hash my queen and the great grand fahers are sony from japan, eiri greme moss.
Article: ‘A simple and incredibly effective dog training hack’ from stacey winkler (click).
Seminars with dave munings & dan shaw (england) at Mc cann (canada) on february ( facebook).
Running contacts online courses available on january:
♦ katarina podlipnik open the whole year but for coaching there are private lesson. registrations are on january 2 -february 2 (click)
♦ silvia trkman starts on january 10 (click)
♦ isabelle emanuelson starts on january 1 st (click).
♦ mona grefenstein starts on january 12 (facebook)
♦ shape up from canada registrations open on january 10 and starts on january 30 (click)
♦ debby simons from belgium with 25% discount for christmas (facebook)
♦ euan paterson from january 9 to february 20 (click)
would start at any time:
♦ wendy willemse from netherlands (click)
♦ tara la belle (click).
♦ julia from spain (facebook)
♦ dave munnings in the A-frame with stride regulators ( click)

24/12/22- New trainers: bianca van gastel starts teaching at WW Indoor 4 All (facebook); marlon boogk starts workin with jérémy chomienne (facebook).
Training courses at lotus hallen in sweden (facebook).
Canada: The Atlantic Battle Championships 2023 is on july 20- 23 (click). The judges are seppo savikko (finland) & wendy beard (canada).
Puppies border collie available from two litters out of gary from serge van der zweep in poland. From one litter there is a male (facebook); the grandfather from the sire side (keeper alchera) is full brother to the dam of many litters at kennel My queen (click). The other litter's dam is killibrae lassie and they are opening a waiting list for 2 females and 2 males (facebook).
Clean run has free shipping inside USA on orders over 49 dollars (click).
Spain: video of the 1 st open de catalunya (click).

23/12/22- WAO 2024: one of the judges at world cup is jan egil eide (facebook).
Videos: radovan liska (czech rep.) at gold rush (facebook), anna hinze (germany) & move in a seminar with krisztina kabai (facebook). video from dogsportcz in slow motion (youtube).
Directional commands: video from clean run with two ways to teach them (youtube).
Obstacles: max 200 offers a device to transform a slalom to train as WAM (click).
Border collie puppies: litter expected in february at think fast run faster in portugal (facebook). The dam is never and the sire Thaji (click).
A&C 2023 in el salvador: there are Avianca offers for plane tickets purchased before December 26 (click); there are offers for flights from mexico, colombia, chile (there don't seem to be offers for other countries like argentina, brazil, uruguay) The competition is in rancho navarra and they recommend lodging near the US Embassy or in Nueva Cuscactlán (click).

22/12/22- Article published by cleanrun on how to speed up a 2 on- 2 off contact from rachel sanders (click).
Hungarian open 2023 is on february 24- 26 (facebook). There are entries from hungary, austria, italy, switzerland, slovakia, greece, poland, slovenia, croatia, czech rep., norway, ukraine, lithuania, bulgaria (facebook). The judges are daniel walz (germany) & neil ellis (england).
Genetic test with discount from wisdom panel with code HOLIDAY22 a 20 % at optimal selection until december 29 (click) and 30% discount at mydogdna (click).
International poodle championship 2023 is in belgium on october 21- 22 (facebook).
England: agility regulations for 2023 (click).
Gold rush 2022: photos from guido küster (flickr, webpage).

21/12/22- Online courses: registrations are open for the courses with silvia trkman (facebook).
Shetland puppies: litter out of mercedes (daughter of peanut from tobias wüst). a female goes to england and another to USA (facebook).
Courses: simon brenca from switzerland (facebook), jordi boix from spain (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook).
Analysis of courses from hugo santos (facebook: 1, 2).
USA: the team for EO 2023 has being announced (facebook).

19/12/22- Courses: hugo santos (portugal) in norway (facebook: agility 1, jumping 2, agility 3, jumping 3, jumping 1, agility 2), wolfgang tieber from austria (facebook), michael schilling from germany (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected on january in germany (click); kathe X bob (litter brother of style from max sprinz).
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) running a course from ariane wieber with naxu & wow (facebook).
Spain: opening of zarajump arena ondecember 26 (facebook).

18/12/22- Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), daisy peel (USA) & dude (facebook), carlo magnoli (Italy) & fidji (facebook), stefanie semkat & seppo savikko training (facebook).
Courses: Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook), Reetta Pirttikoski in germany (facebook), jordi boix from spain (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook). Exercises for backyard: one mind dogs (facebook).
Online course: jumping skills with jo tristram. teh registration will open tomorrow (click). It starts on january 20. The costs are 120 euros for auditors and 190 euros for working spots.
Summer camp in sweden with isabelle emanuelsson, tamas traj (hungary) & pau serrano (spain) on july 6- 9: registrations will open next week (facebook)

17/12/22- Border collie puppies expected in sweden at kennel downforce (facebook); they are out of tone x cmm archie.
Courses: jordi boix from spain (facebook), sari mikkila from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (1 , 2).
Videos: ariane wieber (germany) & zola (youtube), jessica ajoux (USA) & hallelujah (facebook).
Seminars: ariane wieber (germany) in italy on may 6- 7 (facebook).

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