Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

27/07/21- Germany: the national championship is on december 4- 5 e (click).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected at hungarian kennel lucky summer (facebook). Border collie male available at the kennel of alen marekovic (facebook); the grand sire from both sides is fetch granting pleasure, the sire is will (grandson of eiri greme gwen). litter planned for october at belgium kennel luna tale: beat x gin (facebook).
USA: rules for tryouts 2022 (facebook).
Videos: carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep. ) & nemi (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia), Youme & fire (facebook), jessica patterson (canada) & biz, her sire is never (vimeo).
Training: iwona golab (poland) offered a free feedback ‘only for people who really struggling (means tried “everything” and don't see progress) with some agility issue AND can't afford online class/ seminar’. These persons should send a link to a 5 min youtube video via messenger with a description of the problem, basic information from the dog and a history of the training. She will choose the 3 people that she thinks need more help at the end of the week. Reference: facebook.

26/07/21- Janakkala Open 2021 (finland) is on july 30- august 1. webpage, facebook. The judges are Jari Suomalainen (finland), jocke tangelt (sweden), Vittorio Papavero (italy).
Swiss agility cup 2021 (switzerland) is on august 7- 9. webpage, facebook. The judges are alex beitl, Uschi Hornung, stefanie semkap from germany, urs inglin, martin eberle from switzerland, sandra deidda from italy.
SM 2021 in finland is on august 27- 29: webpage, facebook, instagram. The judges are anders virtanen, saro mikkilä, jari suomalainen, vendula hausnerova (slovakia), jouni kautto.
Rialp 2021 (spain) is on august 4- 8. webpage, facebook. The judges are Inga Järv (estonia), Vendula Hausnerova (slovakia), Zsofi Biro (hungary), Ana Beltran (spain).

25/07/21- SM 2021 in sweden: photos from rimby (Xlarge, large, xsmall, small, medium).
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in austria (facebook), dirk richartz from germany (1, 2), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (1, 2), Timo Teileri from finland (click), markku kaukinen from finalnd (click).
Early onset deafness: in an answer to a post in the facebook group, they explain that the mutation that causes EAOD is still not known. The test is for 4 markers that are related; the border collies with EAOD has two copies of those markers but the reverse is not proven to be true (facebook). website
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep) & nemi (facebook), wendy willemse (netherlands) & draig in a seminar with iwona golab from poland (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), running contacts training (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nsotra (facebook).

24/07/21- Alpine agility open 2022is on june 17- 19 in italy (facebook); the judges are sandra deidda, vittorio papaverro, francesco bricolotti from italy, jari suomalainen (finland), neil ellis (england). The obstacles are from miro agility.
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in austria (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), michael schilling from germany (facebook), alejandro salas from spain (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook).
Germany: the first national para agility championship is on september 11 (click).
Videos: anne lenz (germany) & vis (facebook), dan shaw (england) & buffin (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & hash (facebook), radka morkrisova (czech rep.) & Kiss (facebook), sissy graf (austria), asics & cue (facebook), naarah cuddy (england) & lemon (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra en austria (facebook), jan egil eide (norway) & app (facebook).

23/07/21- Puppy border collie male available, his sire is welshriverdee rayder (facebook).
Litter expected for the end of august in hungary: jake x sun (facebook). Sun (agnes toth), has in her pedigree why not hash my queen, fetch granting pleasure, rising sun dark raider, the sire is from herding lines.
Videos: emelie mikaelsdotter (sweden) & link (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), karen childs (canada) & El (youtube: 1, 2, 3). video from McCann dogs with an excercise for puppy training (facebook).
Article by Patricia McConnell (author of ‘the other end of the leash’) about test de pointing, puppies and genetic (click).
Epilepsy: article on how to deal with epilepsy during the pandemic COVID (click).
Australia: ADAA regulation update (.pdf).
Susan Garrett (Canada) offers a tutorial video with tips for trianing ‘workaholic’ and ‘wait & see’ dogs (click).

22/07/21- Obstacles: the new weave guides/ bow from clip and go are available (click); they look like the jenny bow but for the thinner USA pole. Cleanrun has a new readyjump (click); it's shorter.
B.A.C.K 2022: registrations will open october 4 (facebook); the competition is on january 7- 9 in germany.
Health:Post from natasha wise about her border collie kiki and how she managed to arrive to the diagnose of addison and all the difficulties they went through (facebook).
Shetlands puppies from the dogs of nicole kelpen from germany (facebook).
Russell & mudi cup 2021 is on september 4- 5 in slovenia (facebook).

21/07/21- Ogin, the border collie son of elvis from jenny damm, died at 14 years old ‘ He was my golden boy with a golden hearth. He has always been quite independent but during the last months, he has been my shadow and he followed every step I was taking. I will always remember him as the special boy he was’ (facebook).
Videos: debby simons (england) & finley (facebook), anastasya lobanova (russia) & joker (facebook), katarina podlipnik (slovenia) & diliys (facebook), monika pletterski (slovenia) & youme (facebook), roman lukac (slovakia) & metaxa (facebook: 1, 2). Puppies videos: maria hirvonen & dea (youtube), nicky & crash (youtube).
Online courses: Dan shaw has registrations open for ‘the puppy site’ for 18 pounds per month (facebook). Jumping mania with nina gregl (croatia) starts on august 10 (facebook, formulario); the cost is 210 euros with dog and 110 euros as auditor.
Cévenole cup 2022 is on june 4- 6, 2022 in the south of france (facebook); the judges are sari mikkila (finland), the two belgians judges at EO 2022 (thora van der stock & marleen), phillipe cottet (switzerland) and the locals judges eric courant, dominique prin, michel perain, gérard géry.
Courses: kees stoel from the netherlands (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook). training course by petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).

20/07/21- Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), jessi marianne landen from finland (facebook), christl faltner from austria- norway (facebook), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), SM 2021 in sweden (jocke tangfelt, madde bereflod, renée uhlan), quali for junior team in france (facebook). training courses by petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Finland: results at halli SM (click). The winneres were Tiina Sauvola & Pikku-Miina (pinscher) in x-small, Iida Vakkuri & helka (shetland) in small, Maria Hirvone & miux (berger des pyrénées) in medium, Tiina Leinonen & pika (border collie) in large, Kati Immonen & ice (border collie) in x- large.
Videos: elina janesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & zaelie (facebook), stephanie best (england) & Skedaddle (facebook), vivy specian (brazil) & on (facebook), Annika Af Klercker (sweden) & sadie (facebook), running contacts of Kelsey Kirkpatrick (USA) & endeavor (facebook). side by side video of the final xl at the SM in sweden (facebook). official video at helvetic agility masters (facebook).
Janakkala Open 2021 (finland) is on july 30- august 1st. webpage, facebook. The judges are Jari Suomalainen (finland), jocke tangfelt (sweden), Vittorio Papavero (italy). Registrations will close in 2 days (facebook).

19/07/21- Courses: esa muotka from finland (facebook), aki tomita from japan (facebook), olga lististyna from russia (facebook), andrea deeg from germany (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebok).
Videos: sandra langer (austria) & las vegas (facebook), lena nikou (austria) & sorella (facebook), monika rylska (poland), foka, koza nostra (facebook), katrin phi (germany) & hike (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & hash (facebook), paulo prado (brazil) & jazz, out of cashew from daniel schröder (facebook), steve schwartz (agilitynerd- USA) & snap! (facebook).
SM 2021 (sweden): the winners in x large were 1- Jenny Damm & Azta , 2- Gustaf Elgh & Pixi, 3- 3st Cathrin Andersson & Fi.
Jenny damm: post about mis lilli and that with 10 yearss old won again the SM, this time in large with few trainings and how special she is inside and outside the course (facebook).
FCI: july 1st was deadline to submit proposals for changes to the agility rules; the working group meets on november and the discussion of them will be in february meeting, the working group meets again on april; changes should be vote at the fci meeting on september-october. The changes (if any) begin to run from 1.1.2023. source: FCI.

18/07/21- Live stream: halli-SM in finland (facebook), SM 2021 in sweden (facebook), quali trials for national junior team in france (youtube).
SM 2021 (sweden): the winners in x small were 1- Emma Eriksson & Geizha (not registered), 2- Camilla Antonsen & Paris (papillon), 3- Cecilia Vallin & Malte (maltese). The winners in large are 1- Jenny Damm & Lilli (border collie), 2- Therese Werner & Saga (border collie), 3- Petra Patcha & Sookie (kelpie). Parallel videos for small, x- small, large. Today is the turn of x- large.
Courses: quali trials for french national junior team (1, 2, 3, 4), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook). Courses from SM in sweden: jocke tangfelt (facebook), maddle bereflod (facebook: 1, 2), rené ulhan (facebook: 1, 2).
Obstacles: wendy willemse comments about the advantages of water ‘sandbags’ over traditional sandbags (with sand) for the tunnels (facebook).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) with taco (facebook) & hash (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook), monika pletterski (slovenia) & youme (facebook), beata luchowska (poland) & Kobra (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), Laura Reinhalter (austria) & ria (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & say (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook: 1, 2).

17/07/21- Live stream: halli-SM in finland (facebook), SM 2021 in sweden (facebook), quali trials for junior national team in france (youtube).
SM 2021 (sweden): winners in small 1- enya habel & party (shetland), 2- maria ljungdahl & drama (working cocker), 3- fiona lovdinger & ella (caniche). Today will run Xsmall & large.
Courses from the swedish SM renée uhlan, jocke tangfelt, madde bereflod. More courses: esa muotka from finland (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Tommi Raita- aho from finland (facebook).
Shetland puppies expected in austria grandson of you (facebook); out of any x mr tiny.
Finland: videos at the halli-SM (1, 2); they have live stream during this weekend (1, 2). winners of the games SM 2021 on july 2- 4 (click).

16/07/21- USA: registrations are open for a competition in vernon, WA on september 25- 26 (facebook); dan butcher is one of the judges and there will also be courses designed by stefanie semkat (germany).
Papillon puppy available in greece (1, 2).
Croatian sheepdog: kahlen the first dog of that breed that danielle boshouwers owned died (facebook); I cannot ever thank her breeder Alen Marekovic enough for letting me have her and for the fact he lived far away enough for not returning her to him the first terrible year she loudly let me know she was NOT a border collie and really needed a different approach and training ! But we managed to understand each other and the mutual love is something I will never ever forget.
Courses at sweden SM: Madeleine Bereflod, jocke tangfelt, renée uhlan.
SM 2021 (sweden): the winners in medium are 1- Nadine Lindholm & Phoebe (shetland), 2- Susanne Karlsson & Lix (shetland), 3- Maria Dyverfeldt & speed (mudi). video with the parallel between gold and silver medal in medium (facebook). Photos. Today is the turn of small dogs.
Verbano agility challenge 2021 (italy, october 1- 3): registrations are open (facebook).

15/07/21- SM 2021 in sweden starts today. start list & results (1, 2), webpage, facebook. The judges are jocke tangfelt, renée uhlan, madeleine bereflod. It has live stream.
Obstacles: clip and go has new bows for slalom/weaves (facebook).
Videos: natasha wise (england) & pebbles (facebook), tereza kaniova (czech rep.) & storm training with tereza kralova (youtube), marcy mantell (USA) and her new puppy (facebook). video of nancy gyes (USA) with jay's ‘dock diving’ (facebook).
Agilitynow.eu: the best runs at moravia open in czech rep. (click).
Border collie puppies at kennel luna tale: the litter out of booh x blacksheep ray is expected for beginning september (facebook). Ray is out of herding champions and he is the sire of recent litters at bohemia grant, malitumi, natural elements (1, 2), never never land.

14/07/21- Podcast: birgitta hermansson on the SM 2021 in sweden (facebook).
Tutorial video: jérémy chomienne (france) has kept 2 daughter of page's litter, he taught them tight turns with silvia trkman's method. Rafale turns worse whith speed/handler movement so he decided to changed to the target method (charbonnier has a similar method) he offer a video tutorial for 25 euros (facebook).
Spain: registrations for the sextuple de cantabria begins today (facebook); it is through flowagility where the dog and handler have to be registred. The competition is on august 16- 22.
Kira the border collie of pablo balsells & monica heredia from argentina died (facebook).
A&C: the competition expected for the end of the year in brazil will not take place (facebook). The next competition will be at itu (brazil) on april 7-10,2022 coorganized by brazil & peru; the date of 2022 was given by salvador. The judges expected for 2021 confirmed that they will be on 2022.

13/07/21- Courses: sari mikkila (finland) at helvetic agility masters (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), jesús fernández crespo from spain (facebook), takahiro yamawaki from japan (facebook), sandra deidda (italy) at slovenian agility open (facebook).
Slovenian agility open 2022 is on july 8- 10 (facebook); the judges are tamas traj (hungary), jari suomalainen (finland), thora van der stock (belgium).
RIALP Summer cup 2021 (august 4- 8; spain) will have livestream (facebook).
Malinois litter expected in august in france (1, 2).
Videos: silas boogk (germany), gadget, spider, beam (facebook), beata luchowska (poland) & malibu (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia), nai, maya, pan, etc. (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & smokey (facebook), dani lehrer (germany) & tippi (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) & youme (facebook). video about iconix agility shows (facebook).

12/07/21- Courses at the helvetic agility masters: alex beitl from germany (facebook), & christian fryand from switzerland (1, 2). Courses: olga korovaikova (judge of WC FCI 2022) from russia (facebook), markuu kaukinen from finland (click), jan egil eide from norway (facebook), david powell from france (facebook), jocke tangfelt (sweden) at slovenian agility open (facebook), Johanna Wuthrich from finland (facebook), ana beltrán from spain (facebook).
Videos: klara kokesova (czech rep.) & roxy (facebook), lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) & twix (facebook), lisa frick (austria), taco & hash (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), svetlana kreslina from latvia (facebook), emilia (greece) & destiny (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), dan shaw (englanda), geek, boffin (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & boom (facebook). Videos from the finals small, medium, large at slovenian agility open. videos comparison at helevtic agility masters (agilitynow).
Obstacles: bows for slalom/weaves from jenny bow now also available through galican (1, 2).

11/07/21- Live stream: Slovenian agility open.
Puppies: shetland male from kennel summergarden (austria) is available (facebook); the reason is that it didn't work with the old dog of his new owner. Croatian sheepdog from alen marekovic (croatia) are expected for the biginning of september (facebook); hey are out of Ris (1, 2) x buha (click) from anja blazevic.
Helvetic agility masters 2021 (switzerland): results at the individual final (click) 1- martin eberle & sloane (border collie medium), 2- dani lehrer & tippi (border collie large), 3- nadinde alshut & cinna (border collie large). results in novice (click) 1- katharina wolf & piva (border collie), 2- annika af klecker & sadie (border collie), 3- jana rieger & nano (shetland). they are all from germany except martin eberle (switzerland) & annika (sweden). Team results (click).
Slovenian agility open 2021 (slovenia): the winners were:
large: 1- iwona golab (poland) & seeya (border collie), 2- monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (border collie), 3- lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) & twix (border collie).
medium: 1- magdalena gadomska (poland) & kudel (caniche), 2- nina gregl (croatia) & boom (shetland), 3- simone ullrich (austria) & babou (berger des pyrénées).
small: 1- olga maniewska (poland) & mojo (working cocker), 2- svetlana kreslina (latvia) & chi (shetland), 3- ausra Volosenkiniene (lithuania) & terakota (caniche).
Icon X 2021 (UK): winners in pro, novice.

10/07/21- Helvetic agility masters: the winners on saturday (click) were nadine alshut & cinna (large), silas boogk & beam (medium), tobias wüst & dörte (small) in agility 3, tobias wüst & ceed (large), martin eberle & sloane (medium), tobias wüst & dörte (small) en jumping 3; all from germany except martin eberle from switzerland. The webpage has live results. running orders (click).
Videos: matej cucek (slovenia) & juice (facebook), philipp müller schnick, cross, boost (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (1, 2), matej cucek (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & vis (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), lisa frick (austria), taco, hash (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & katniss (facebook).
Courses at slovenian agility open: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook); More courses: alex beitl from germany at helvetic agility masters (facebook).
Herding: new price record for a border collie puppy in UK (facebook); Newbold caz's price was 10600 pounds (around 14000 dollars). She has 11 weeks and was the puppy from kevin evans for the service of his red jaff. The dam is jewel from simon cottrell (1, 2, 3).

09/07/21- Helvetic agility masters is this weekend information. A livestream was announced (the original post is not available anymore); there is a chance it is a scam (they ask to use a credit card). Results from friday (.pdf). The winners were in jumping 3: dani lehrer (germany) & tippi (large), silas boogk (germany) & beam (medium), silas boogk & gadget (small); in agility 3: jeremias simson (germany) & peach (large), tobias wüst (germany) & mercedes (medium), tobias wüst & dörte (small).
Slovenian agility open will have live stream at the finals sponsored by dogs4motion (facebook).
Videos: joanna fischer (poland) & limit (facebook), monika pleterski (slovenia) & fire (facebook), nicola giraudi & eira (facebook), naarah cuddy (england) & lemon (facebook), lisa frick (austria), taco, hash, jack (facebook).
Courses: petr pupik (czech rep.) at slovenian agility open (facebook), alexander beitl from germany (facebook).

08/07/21- Courses: richard solvang from norway (facebook).
Seminar with tereza kralova (czech rep.) in saarburg (germany) on august 5- 6 (facebook); it costs 95 euros per day.
Videos: radovan liska (czech rep.) & rody (facebook). Videos from a seminar with dani lehrer & teresa berndt: Chrissi Lolellie, smurf, Pernila Wenzel, melanie besold & fleur.
Puppies: mudi female with long tail born on june 24 is available for sport in hungary (click).
Southamerica: virtual course on canine skills with wilson villalobos (colombia) on august 13- 15 (click); it costs 75 dollars. Seminar with nicky manes & yee casa (argentina) on september 4- 5 in buenos aires and on october 2- 3 in mendoza (click); the cost was not published. There was an agility marathon on july 3- 4 in mendoza- argentina (facebook: 1, 2).

07/07/21- IFCS 2022: the world cup will be on april 27 -may 1 st in the netherlands (click); it will be at Equestrian Centre 't Oale Spoor (google maps).
Courses from the swedish SM judge madeleine bereflod (facebook: 1, 2).
Online course: registrations are open for the running contacts course with silvia trkman (facebook). The costs are 290 euros (participant + video), 250 euros (participant only), 200 euros (auditors, 2 nd dog, repeaters).
Logos premade border collie logos available by H-dog design (facebook).
Epilepsy: survey on the CBD and epileptic dogs (facebook).
Obstacles: jump with remote control to move the bar (1, 2). Soft tyre available in germany (click).

06/07/21- Norwegian open 2022 (norway) is on october 14- 16 (facebook). The judges are ana beltrán (spain), daniel walz (germany), kine eimhjellen (norway), jocke tangfelt (sweden), marko mäkkelä (finland), neil ellis (england), nicolas renaud (france).
SM 2021 in sweden on july 15- 18: registrations & results (1, 2), webpage, facebook. The jduges are jocke tangfelt, renée uhlan, madeleine bereflod.
Slovenian open 2021 (slovenia) is this weekend: webpage, facebook. registrations (they have teams from austria, slovenia, latvia, poland, hungary, lithuania, czech rep., italy, greece, etc), organization of the field (facebook). The judges are jocke tangfelt (sweden), sandra deidda (italy), petr pupik (czech rep.).
Helvetic agility masters 2021 (switzerland) is this weekend. webpage, facebook, instagram. The judges are sari mikkilä (finland), alex beitl (germany), Christian Fryand.
Lecture with mona grefenstein & anna hinze (germany) on september 13: ‘shaping in agility’ (facebook).
Online course: ‘full force, fly higher, be faster’ with dani lehrer (germany) starts on july 19 (info, trailer, facebook). The costs are 100, 120 y 220 euros (there are no spots for GOLD registration).

05/07/21- Courses: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook), vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook) anders virtanen from finland (facebook), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook), bart de decker (belgium) or the WAO quali in germany (facebook: 1, 2).
Online courses: handling with lisa frick (austria) starts next week (facebook); she still accepts registrations via personal message.
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & perm (facebook), Nadine Hartlieb (germany) & Pebbles (facebook), Lucie Glejduroá (czech rep.) & beat (facebook), Peta Matusikova (slovakia) & lujci (facebook).
Germany: list qith the qualified teams to WAO worldcup in netherlands in 2022 (facebook). Qualified in 250: Lena Westermann & Bambam (poodle), Sandra Engmann & Zippo (papillon), Sandra Engmann & Beppo (papillon), Sina Just & Kiss (poodle), Cheyenne Bokma & Indi (bonus biathlon, shetland), Sandra Engmann & Peppino (reserve, papillon), Daniela Drescher & Zam (reserve, poodle).
Qualified in 300: Anna Hinze & Take (shetland), Liz Ströhle & Yoki (shetland), Cheyenne Bokma & Jay (shetland), Liz Ströhle & Zombie (shetland), Nadine Hartlieb & Pebbles (reserve, working cocker), Lena Westermann & Meep Meep (reserve).
Qualified in 400: Bernd Kolb & Trixi, Jana Rieger & Nano, Sina Just & Oops (mixed breed), Kirsten Kullwitz & Nika (berger des pyrénées), Lisa Margraf & Cooper (reserve, shetland), Elke Herrmann & Hippie (reserve).
Qualified in 500: Mona Grefenstein & Qju (border collie, video), Roma Hervida & Surprise, Elke Herrmann & Chewie, Stephanie Grulms & Chewbacca (berger des pyrénées, video, Antje Geβner & Cloud (reserve), Dani Lehrer & Leni (reserve, border collie, video).
Qualified in 600 clasificaron Nadine Hartlieb & Anakin (border collie, video), Dani Lehrer & Tippi (border collie, video), Mona Grefenstein & Sea (border collie, video), Christiane Fischbach & Coke (border collie, videos (1, 2), Teresa Berndt & Keep (border collie, reserve), Lea Kasper & Foo (border collie, reserve).
Qualified in junior: Celin Sollert & Zoe Grace in 250, Julius Richter & Joshy in 300, Julius Richter & Vegas in 400, Nele Koch & Kisu in 500, Lea Kasper & Cid in 600 (border collie, video). Sandra Engmann will not take aprt with her third papillon because handlers can go with one or two dogs only (facebook).

04/07/21- Live stream: national championship in france.
Online courses: dan shaw (england) announces his new courses and webpage (facebook, webpage). Course about verbal cues with tara labelle (canada) in clean run (click).
Slovenian agility open 2021: the winners will qualify for the final of 2022's championship (facebook).
Podcast from McCann dogs with jaakko (finland): second part (click).
Brazil: the working books are extended for the rest of 2021 and the new ones will not pay the fee until december 31 2021 (click). The ‘open ducao’ on july 17 is an official competitions in valinhos- sao paulo (click); the judges are zezinho & samir.
Videos from moravia open: klara kokesova (czech rep.) & roxy (facebook), marlon boogk (france) & gun (facebook), anna muszynka (poland) & pepe (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & boom (facebook), katerina mrazkova (czech rep.) & ety (facebook).
Courses: alex beitl (germany) at moravia open (facebook).

03/07/21- Live stream: moravia open.
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos: claudia schwab (switzerland) with Sia & mitch), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), wendy willemse (the netherlands), draig & Q (facebook).
Videos from moravia open: anna eifert (hungary) & nebraska (facebook), agnes acs kovesi (hungary) & jiu (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra & speedy gonzales, sabina statsna (czech rep.) & taiva (facebook), lucie glejdurova (czech rep.) & twix (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook: 1, 2, youtube).
Moravia open: podiums large: 1- tereza kralova & High, 2- sabina stastna & taiva, 3- lucie glejdurova & twix (all border collies from czech rep.); medium: 1- klara kokesova (czech rep.) & roxy (cruza), 2- katerina mrazkova (czech rep. & ety (border collie), 3- nina gregl (croatia) & boom (shetland); small: 1- denisa lajmarova (czech rep.) & gay (parson), 2- keida raamat (estonia) & my (shetland), 3- anna muszynka (poland) & pepe (caniche). Resultados. The courses from Alex beitl (germany) received excelent comments (facebook).

02/07/21- Seminar: there are available spots in a seminar with lisa frick (austria) & zeljko gora (croatia) at slovenian agility open (facebook).
Courses: lisa frick (austria) at golden rose (facebook), christl faltner from austria-norway (facebook), karel havlicek (czech rep.) at moravia open (facebook).
Moravia open: results (click). The fastest dog was beat (lucie glejdurova) in agility large gr 2 (5,66m/s) and the second seeya (iwona golab) in agility large gr 3 (5,64 m/s with 1 fault).
Videos: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), tereza kralova (czech rep.) & high (facebook), jana zvonkova (czech rep.) & ruli (facebook), lara kleinedler (germany) & beenie (facebook), german border collie doing parkour (facebook).
Japan: the japan agility championship is on july 3 (facebook, webpage).
Obstacles used from galican available at RIALP 2021 (facebook).
Puppies border collie in hungary out of sunny (darleyfalls rising sun) X nana (pusztas inferno as sweet as you). Pedigrees: sunny, nana. Nana is grand daughter of greme gwen and daughter of jane granting pleasure. Sunny's sire is sony (japan). Border collie puppies expected in norway of why not hash my quenn x Ekraborderen Dark Miss Punky (facebook).

01/07/21- Agility nerd: post on facebook about a teeter mover (facebook).
Videos: naarah cuddy (england) & banana (facebook), dave munnings (england), modo, boost & susan (facebook), nadine hartlieb (germany) & anakin (facebook), stephanie best (england) & believe (facebook), sophie rachel (england) & peachy (facebook).
Border collie litter expected for 2022 in russia out of why not hash my queen x hasya (facebook olga lisitsyna). The mother is a grand daughter of zippy from stas kurochkin.
Helvetic agility masters: it has been confirmed on july 9- 11 (facebook).
Moravia open is on july 2- 4; the jduges are alex beitl (germany), karel havlicek (czech rep.), bernd hüppe (austria). There are teams from austria, spain, france, hungary, italy, poland, croatia (click). Webpage, facebook.

30/06/21- Bu- silvia trkman: Bu (silvia trkman's first border collie) died in april (click). They won EO 2012, were 2 two times in the fourth place in FCI world cups, had 3 best laps in world cups (in 7 worldcupa). Silvia described her: ‘The only thing she could understand was clicker training. She LOVES the simplicity of a mechanic noise and that was the only thing that made sense to her. She is a brilliant thinker and the best from my dogs in clicker training and she sure loves it! She doesn't care for food or toys followed by a click nearly as much as she loves to finally get things. I always say that if she was a person, she would be a mathematician. She loves to think and figure things out - as long as they're predictable. ’... ‘ She is a genius and can run any course with a mathematical precision, she never missed weave pole entry in her life and always does EXACTLY what told - but she can freak out completely because of a microchip check if not part of a routine... She also won't play if it's not part of a routine. - Now, that's why I call her my autistic no drive BC. And I sure love her for exactly what she is, she is the sweetest dog I ever met, hilarious because of her little obsessions and too cute with her routines. LoLaBuLand would definitely never be the same without Bu and this very important learning experience she brought me. What a cool dog!’ (1, 2).
Videos: tricks, EO 2012, FCI WC 2009, FCI WC 2014, BCC 2014

29/06/21- Videos: mona grefenstein (germany), qju, sea (youtube).
Courses: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook).
Seminar : there is ana available spot for 350 euros at the seminar agilityweek 2021 in germany with silas boogk & tereza kralova amon others (facebook). It is on august 9-15 in protzen.
Article from patricia Mc Connel on fireworks and dogs (click).
Epilepsy: article on genome-wide association analysis of idiopathic epilepsy in belgian shepherd (springer).

28/06/21- France: calendar 2022 (click); the quali for world cup are on february 26- 27, march 26- 27, april 30-may 1st.
Obstacles: sebastien allerme (france) is selling 14 used jumps intercan- galican for 130 euros each (facebook).
Puppies border collie planned in slovenia out of mango (information); Mango (pedigree) is daughter of why not hash my queen and link (link is from mirja lapanja's kennel). Manchester terrier puppies (facebook) recomended by tamara sedlmaier from austria (facebook). Mudi puppies avaiable in hungary (facebook).
Videos: nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (youtube), dani fischbach (germany) & salt (youtube), jérémy chomienne (france) & ryz (facebook).
Estonia: kaira tsaro got the full medium podium of the national championship 2021 with her 3 dogs (click). The winners were Reet Volt & Riin in large, Ege Taliaru & Gitta in small large, Kaisa Tsaro & Zira in medium, Dmitri Kargin & Davis in small, Andrei Gaidunko & Beam in extra small.
Courses: carlo fazio from italy (facebook), rolf franck from germany (facebook)

27/06/21- Courses: arto laitinen from finland (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), marko mäkkelä from finland (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook).
Videos: sonja hampl (austria) with taco from lisa frick (facebook) & tex (facebook), rebecca kowalski (germany) & taki (facebook) marlon boogk ( germany- france) & gun (facebook), jana zvonikova (czech rep.) & ruli (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook), Virginie de Andrea (switzerland) in a seminar with gianluca schingaro (facebook). Video from midsummer games 2021 in nutrolin arena- suecia (facebook).
Seminars: there are 2 last minute spots for the seminar with zeljko gora (croatia) on july 2- 4 in greece (facebook).
Estonia: seppo savikko (finland) & stefanie semkat (germany) are the judges on july 31- august 1 in tagadi (click). Reetta Pirttikoski (finland) will be the judge in july, october and december. More competition planned in estonia: sportkoer.
Norway: webpage with results created by lars olav torvik.
Nordic championship 2021 will be on november in norway (click).

26/06/21- Courses: toshiyuiki oba from japan (facebook), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook: 1, 2), anders virtanen from finland (facebook: 1, 2), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook: 1, 2), arto laitinen from finland (facebook: 1, 2), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Training courses: neil ellis from england (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook).
Videos: rebecca kowalski (germany), taki & liv (facebook), kaisa tsaro (estonia), lizzi, zira & zemi (facebook), lea kreutz (germany) & cid (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), marko makkelä (finland) & mirkku (facebook). Short film from wilson villalobos (colombia) with smart (facebook).
Podcast from kayl Mc Cann with jaakko (finland): youtube.

25/06/21- IFCS: the president has died (facebook).
Border collie female puppy from herding lines is available in czech rep. (1, 2).
Czech Rep.: information of the competitions to qualify for world cup FMBB 2022 (facebook).
Training courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), maurizio mencarelli from italy (facebook), andrea deeg from germany (.pdf: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
Videos: daniel volz (luxembourg) & soul (facebook), aled owen in a herding competition (facebook), debby simons (england) & finley (facebook), calle tangfelt (sweden) & zara (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook).

24/06/21- Courses: jesus fernández crespo from spain (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) inspired in a course in austria (facebook).
Videos: euan paterson (scotland) & cukoo (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), shanen jacoby (south africa) & brave (facebook).
Spain: agility week (26 july- 1 august) include seminars with asa emanuelsson (sweden), tamas traj (hungary) and competitions with judge tamas traj (Hungary) and the locals jordi boix, evita vazquez, david molina, ana beltrán (facebook). registrations will close on july 10 or if the 300 dogs quota arrives before.

23/06/21- Agidoku published the design from stefanie semkat & seppo savikko (facebook).
Bprder collie puppy (males) available in brazil (facebook avare bc); One of the grand grandfather is gary from serge van der zweep and nother one is kinloch levi.
Online course from mc cann dog agility for rewarding dogs correctly with toy and how to motivate dogs (facebook).
Videos: enya habel (sweden) & sushi (facebook), running contacts from laura chudleigh (england) & romeo (facebook), training from Annika Scholer from germany (facebook), Sabine Kreutz (germany), cid & foo (facebook).
Courses: masao yagyiu from jap&an (facebook), vendula hausenova from czech rep. (facebook).
Obstacles: video about bing agility's A frame (facebook). Soft used A frame from galican is for sell in spain (facebook agilitystas).

22/06/21- Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) in greece (facebook).
Health: Applause from Iwona golab (poland) was limping and she could not find a diagnosis ; it seems that tue cause is anaplasmosis (facebook). is a disease caused by a bacterium transmitted by ticks (1, 2, 3); one of the symptons is limping.
Norwegian open 2021 was cancelled (facebook).
Online course acupressure for sport dogs (facebook, webpage).
Videos: emilia tziliou (grece) & remeny (facebook), naarah cuddy (england) & banana (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & pashion (facebook)

21/06/21- Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook), christl faltner from austria-norway (facebook), roman lukac (slovakia) in czech rep. (facebook).
Seminars: ariane wieber in agility home (germany) on june 23- 30 (facebook).
Videos: Dave Munnings (england) & susan (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & rosalie (facebook), Jakub Stybr (czech rep.), apple & deabei (youtube), lark (papillon) in westminster (youtube). Video to proofing the out in french (youtube).
Shetland litter planned in hungary for july 2021 (webpage, facebook).
SM 2021 in finland : The winners were Marja Hassinen & Iines (jack russell), Satu Kovanen & Elvi (jack russell) in x-small, Stig Tuija Laurila & Stig (parson), Pirkko Leppanen & Laina (androk) in small, Sari Mäkelä & Chili (shetland), Matti Valutie & Vili (shetland) in medium, Minna Viitanen & Viiru (border collie), Tarja Vaisanen & Nette (kerter) in large, Hannamaria Kuusio & Pele (border collie), Riitta Kyllonen & Zac (border collie) in x- large (click). results. photos.

20/06/21- Courses in czech rep.: martina koneca (facebook: 1, 2, 3), karel havlicek (facebook), petr dostal (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), adela benesova & fresh at the quali in cech rep. (youtube), barrie james (england) & ru (facebook), sian illingworth (england) & method (facebook), elin steinholtz (sweden), kion, dex, vix (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya in czech rep. (facebook), daniel walz (germany) & siri (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in belgium at kennel luna tale (click) out of balcksheep ray x Booh; the sire is from herding lines, including dewi tweed (great grandfather) and his sire is supreme champion jock from ricky hutchinson. The border collie litter from de mer x anie was born in czech rep. (facebook); they are 3 females & 4 males.

19/06/21- Agidoku: the last obstacle distribution is by stefanie semkat & seppo savikko (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in sweden at kennel downforce out of tone (facebook).
Videos: euan paterson (scotland) & crazee (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook: 1, 2), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), iban cubedo in a seminar (facebook).
Podcast by Mc cann dog agility with jaakko from finland (spotify). The second part will be available on july (facebook).
Judging and rules: ivan amez (spain) asks on limitations that judges have in different countries to judge family members & competitors of their club, judging one day and running the next, etc (facebook).

17/06/21- Germany: first national championship for border collies at tobias wüst's venue on august 28- 29 (click).
Quali trials for FCI WC 2022:
♦ march 19- 20 for medium- small judged by tamas traj (hungary) & stefanie semkat
♦ march 26- 27 for large judged by sascha grunder (switzerland) & stefanie semkat.
Agility park-Mendig: list of competitions (facebook). Dates and judges: june 25- 27 (judge: daniel walz), september 17- 19 (rolli schiltz), october 1- 3 (susanne nieder), october 29- november 1 (stefanie semkat), november 26- 28 (tamas traj + jorg zenner), december 17- 19 (mark fontejn). There are 11 dates for 2022.
Courses: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), arto laitinen from finland (1, 2), olga koraikova, judge of FCI world cup 2022 (click). training course from iwona golab (poland) based on a course from jan egil eide from norway (facebook).

16/06/21- Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), Angelika Brandl (austria) in estonia (facebook).
Puppies: shetland puppies out of cashew from daniel schröder in italy (facebook luca raimondi). border collie puppy (female) available in russia (1, 2).
Slovenian agility open: teams. In the list there are some names of agilitysts that don't have a team yet.
Ebook free from susan garrett from canada (click).
Icon X agility show: map including camping and rings (facebook). 12 antislip tunnels from agiflex will be given to the winners (facebook).
Videos: beata luchowska (poland) & kobra (facebook), running contacts from wendy willemse from netherlands (facebook).

15/06/21- Agi doku: solution for petr pupik's course design (facebook).
FCI WC 2022: USA has problems for importing dogs that have been in russia due to rabies (facebook); the same happens for A&C in brazil, colombia or peru. list of countries. Some agilitysts mention on the comments of daisy peel's post on facebook that maybe the only thing needed is a rabies test before leaving the USA; something similar happens to dogs from several countries when they travel to europe.

14/06/21- Courses: anders virtanen from finland (facebook), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), andrea deeg (germany) in switzerland (facebook), kurt ove steinset in norway (facebook), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), jane elene christensen from denmark dinamarca (facebook: 1, 2), courses from antional championship in france designed by anita leonardi, david powell, annette coumes, pascale crespel (click), carlo fazio from italy (facebook).
Videos: lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), jérémy allio (france) & lilas (facebook), thomas raczka (frnace) & must in black (youtube), naarah cuddy (england) training the teeter with her puppy (facebook), dave munnings (england) & legacy (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook). Video from martina klimesova (czech rep.) for kiki's 13 years old (facebook).
Border collie litter expected in belgium out of Wisp X Hash (facebook). The dogs are from the lines of fetch granting pleasure, sony (japan), rising sun dark raider, etc.
France: the winners of national championship are amanuelle mathieu & jingle little blackK (shetland), thomas raczka & must in black (berger des pyrénées), david mignot & hina (border collie), michel colin & mindy (rottweiller). podiums.
Germany: trial scheduling at agility halle saarburg (facebook). The judges are mark fonteijn (netherlands) & susanne nieder (germany) in august, jörg zenner (germany) in september, martin schoffelmeer (netherlands) in october, susanne nieder (germany) & rolli schiltz (luxembourg) in november, jan sprij (netherlands) & corinne bormann (luxembourg) in december. For 2022 the jduges are daniel walz & jörg zenner (germany) in january, rolli schiltz (luxembourg) & sandra koerber (germany) in february, martin schoffelmeer (netherlands) in march.

13/06/21- Live stream: france, japan agility cup.
Videos: lucie krejci (czech rep.) & torrinka at the new tachyon sport arena (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi in italy (facebook), miha primozic (slovenia) & hamster (facebook) klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & perm (facebook), nusa pecnik (slovenia) & sus (facebook).
Courses: marko makkela from finland (facebook), david powell from france (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook). Training course from iwona golab from poland (facebook).
Online course with anna eifert (hungary) how you can influence your dog's line after the tunnel (facebook). 5 classes in 5 weeks; the cost is 145 euros.
Germany: course with iwona golab (poland) on june 15- 18 at agility- home (facebook).

12/06/21- Live stream: france, japan agility cup.
France: running order updated for the national championship (click).
Videos: ariane wieber (germany) & zola (facebook), Stephanie Best (england) & ske (facebook), vivy specian (brazil) & On (facebook), janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook).
Westminster 2021: courses of agility master (click).
Courses: esa muotka from finland (1, 2), anders virtanen from finland (facebook).
Thraki agility championship 2021 in greece this weekend (facebook). The judge is alex beitl (germany).

11/06/21- Agidoku: obstacle distribution for the course by petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook). People can post the solution until tuesday 20 hrs CET. The next and last will be by stefanie semkat- seppo savikko.

10/06/21- Training with lisa frick (austria) & zeljko gora (croatia) in slovenia on july 8 before the slovenian agility open (facebook). The cost is 45 euros per session and 70 euros two session.
France: the national championship grade 3 will have live stream through youtube this weekend. Information (running orders, registration list, regulations, etc).
USA: courses by mirja lapanja (slovenia) at the heart of the rockies on july 31 -august 1st (facebook).
Slovenian agility open: timetable for the competition (facebook).
Obstacles: Galican sells the strong training pack with 3 folding jumps, a bag for them, one strong tunnel of 3 or 5 meters and 3 sandbags for 475 euros (facebook, webpage). The same pack but with a lite tunnel of 5 meters costs 416 euros (webpage).
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), dominique prin from france (facebook), jesus fernández crespo from spain (facebook). Training course: carlo magnoli from italy (facebook).
Czech Rep. : new agility hall Tachyon Sport Arena (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) & mailiz (facebook), isabelle emanuelson on how to train the backside s line (instagram).

9/06/21- Online courses: the registrations for handling with lisa frick (austria) are open (facebook). It starts on july 5 and ends on august 15; the following course is in september. The costs are 120 euros for working spots and 65 euros for auditors.
Epilepsy: theya re looking for dogs in united kingdom with 1- 10 years old with idiopatic epilepsy for a behavior study (facebook).
Switzerland: world cup quali trials (WMQ 2022) are on march 5- 6 (no judges available), march 19- 10 (judges not available), april 2- 3 (judged by sari mikkilä (finland) & stefanie semkat (germany)). reference.
Canada has an online ‘record book’ for download, print and assemble (click).
Japan cup 2021 will have a live stream on june 12- 13 (facebook).

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