Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

16/05/21- WAO: the judges for 2023 are petr pupik from czech rep., jason bartram from england, andre landry from canada (click). In 2024 two of the judges are bonnik berthelsen from denmark, natalie webb from england (click).
FCI agility commission is having a meeting today (facebook).

15/05/21- Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook: 1, 2), stephanie best (england) & clippy (facebook), running contacts from karolina kosik (poland) & wichurka (facebook), naarah cuddy (england) & banana (facebook), joanna fisher (poland) & limit (facebook), debby simons (england) & passion (facebook), weave challenge from jane elene christensen (denmark) & flip (facebook).
Courses from finland: jouni kauto (facebook), esa muotka (facebook), jari suomalainen (facebook), marko makelä (facebook), anders virtanen (facebook). More courses: jesús fernández from spain (facebook: 1, 2), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), iban cubedo from spain (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook), peter van cleef from netherlands (facebook).
Behavior: new book from emma parsons The new click to calm: solutions for all dogs in a challenging world. webpages: 1, 2), facebook (1, 2).
Bluegrass classic: photos from facebook (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

14/05/21- WAO 2022: lee gibson (england), bart de decker (belgium) & dave grubel (USA) are the judges in netherlands (click).
Videos: Alessia Vettorello (italy) & quick (facebook).
Genetic tests: paw print genetics (USA) has discounts for memorial day (facebook).
Herding: the bluegrass classic started on may 12. webpage, facebook, scheduling.
Agi doku: obstacle distribution from jan egil eide (norway) for discovering the path (facebook.

13/05/21- Germany: new training hall (facebook). webpage.
Videos: carina da silva (denmark) & jouni orenius( finland) running the same course with lux (facebook), training discrimination with verbal commands of ola gronek (poland) with baya (facebook).
Senior fitness course (facebook). Registrations are open.
Courses: carlo fazio from italy (facebook).
Border collie litter planned for the end of 2021 in italy (facebook): drop X hash (zeljko gora). Pedigree: drop, hash. The puppies has fetch granting pleasure as one of their grandfathers and sony (japan) as great grandfather.

12/05/21- Fundraise: for an agility competitor at UK that lost everything to the fire (go fund me).
Agility diary: registrations are open for the monki business with isabelle emanuelsson from sweden (facebook). It is a pre agility diary; it cost 120 euros with full access to the training videos registration form.
Photos: dogs flying over the dogwalk (facebook).
Netherlands: a facebook group was created for people who are new to agility (facebook).
Smarter agility has a list with public courses (facebook, webpage).

11/05/21- WAO 2021 was canceled (facebook). Next edition is WAO 2022 in belgium on may 19- 22, 2022 (click).
Agi Doku: solution of the course from juraj (facebook). On friday will be available the new challenge from jan egil eide (norway).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook). Excercises: birgitta Hermansson (facebook: 1, 2, 3).
Videos: Katie Lines (england) & bailey training with euan paterson (facebook), Annika Scholer (germany), agathe & edgar (facebook).
Seminars: krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) in belgium on june 24- 25 (facebook), manuela satta in italy on may 13- 14 (facebook).

10/05/21- Courses: seppo savikko from finland (facebook), roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), jouni katto in finland (facebook), dominique prin from france (facebook), Insight dogs in the netherlands (facebook).
Videos: nina gregl (croatia) & zaelle (facebook), Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook).
Seminars in teh netherlands: Eva Lacnakova (czech rep.) on june 5 (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) on june 12- 13 (facebook). Trainings in england with different handlers during 2021 (facebook).

09/05/21- Courses: jan egil eide (norway) in russia (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook).
Genetic test: post about the reasons why the My dog dna tests goes to netherlands instead of denmark (facebook).
Videos: klaudia litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook), mirja lapanja (slovenia) & ninja en un seminario con tereza kralova (facebook), dave munnings (england) & legacy- susan (facebook), nina gregl (croatia), simba, boom, knick (facebook).
Border collie puppies in USA out of chispa (from daisy peel) and super star (linda mecklenburg; solar's sire); they are 3 females and 5 males, pedigree of Chispa; photos on facebook). The females are all reserved. Daisy peel comment that 3 of the puppies are ee red. Up to anadune a grandfather of chispa had ee red puppies and super may carry ee red, but he had no puppy of that color before.

07/05/21- Agi Doku: course from juraj ruza (facebook). The deadline is tuesday.
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (facebook), karel havlicek from czech rep. (facebook). Training designed by martina konecna from czech rep. (facebook).
Videos Kristina anders (germany) at a seminar with sabine kreutz & maurice münch (facebook: 1, 2).
Carina de Silva (denmark) & vini for her 10th. birthday (facebook), Mikko Aaltonen (finland) & kesy (facebook).
Health: about EOD and genetic (facebook).
Male puppies available: croatian sheepdog available in croatia (facebook). Make (max sprinz's shetland) will have puppies (facebook); they accept reservations only for male puppies.

06/05/21- Croatian open was postponed to 2022 (facebook).
Avallon 2022 will be on july 21- 24 (facebook).
Lectures with Dani Lehrer, Claudia Zenner & Nadine Felske on building young dogs in agility on may 19 and june 14 (facebook). Registrations in agility-akademie.de. The cost of each lecture is 40 euros. More information (may, june).
Videos: dani lehrer (germany), tippi & leni in a seminar with zeljko gora from croatia (youtube), fitness training with sarah lorentzen from denmark (facebook)

05/05/21- Courses: WW Indoor 4 All (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook).
Videos: jane (england) & noddy (facebook), regula tschanz (switzerland) & jani (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy), brant & wiki (facebook), Kirstin O'Neill (canada) & pinnacle (facebook).
Clean run: course with susan salo on weave pole grids for improving footwork (click).
France: challenge de wouf (agility, hoopers, dog dancing, obedience) starts on june 7 and ends on august 29 this year (facebook). The deadline for registrations is may 30.
EOD: comments about some cases (facebook).

04/05/21- Videos: janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti from italy (facebook: 1, 2), Naarah Cuddy (england) & banana (facebook), running contacts of rozita ray with martina vakonicova en slovakia (facebook), anna orenius from finland (facebook).
UK: qualified for the qualis for national team 2022 (facebook).
Obstacles: pvc jumps sale for czech rep. and slovakia (facebook).
Health: ask about scar and early PT (before complete wound closure) vs toatal healing time (facebook).
Working cocker litter planned for 2021 in egnland from lauren langman (facebook); is a repeated litter.
One mind dogs: “Could you handle this course if you were only allowed to walk?” (facebook).

03/05/21- Videos: Giacomo Blessent (italy) in a seminar with nicola giraudi (facebook: 1, 2), ariane wieber (germany) & zola training discrimination (facebook), omar babini (italy) & apple (facebook), jane (england) & noddy (facebook), patricia ciuffetti (italy) & kill (facebook), tom elsen (belgium) & roxy simply divine (facebook).
Italy: seminar with tamas traj (hungary) on may 18- 20 (facebook); there are 2 spots available. Seminar with mirja Lapanja (slovenia) on may 21 (facebook).
Smarter agility: the version 6 is available (facebook). There will be more news soon. Smarter agility is not free (the price is per month): webpage.
courses: Hannah Grantham (facebook).
FCI regulations: post on facebook regarding the dog categories/sizes that will suggest the countries to the FCI agility comission. Alen Marekovic (croatia) commented that they already received different options.

02/05/21- Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook: 1, 2), juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), linda andkvist from sweden (facebook), giuseppe pinchetti from italy (facebook). Training courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Agi doku: solution of the course by alex beitl (facebook).
Austria: agility at the 3 lakes is on july 15- 18 (facebook); the first confirmed judge is stefanie semkat from germany.
Russia: competition on may 8- 9 with courses by jan egil eide from norway (facebook); the first 3 places receive money as prize.
Hungary canceled the qualification competitionsfor world cup 2021 and won't organize another competition on those dates (facebook) The tentatives dates of the quali for world cup 2022 are march 26- 27 & april 23- 24 in 2022.
EO the next events are belgium on 2022, denmark on 2023, UK on 2024, portugal on 2025 (facebook).

01/05/21- Miopya & ETS: the story of Ulla (a border collie from finland) who struggle with jumps and thanks to a post from yannick wouters (netherlands) founded that her dog that loves agility is myopic (click).
Videos: martina vakonicova (slovakia) & boria bay (facebook), lea kormat (slovenia) & ninja (facebook), patricia ciuffetti (italy) & B (facebook), running contacts training of vivy specian from brazil (facebook).
Online classes: the handling course with nadine alshut (germany) has the ‘ live’ mode in addition to the classic ones participant and auditor (facebook). It begins on may 3 with limited spots. Registrations. The cost is 35, 75 and 85 euros (auditor, participant and ‘live’).
Article by chris zink & Marcia R. Schleh (canada) on structure in working dogs (.pdf).
Norway: kine eimhjellen is the judge of the competitions on july 31- august 1st in farsund (trailer on facebook).
Austria: Agility Night Race 2021 is on july 23- 25 in austria (facebook). The judges are Angelika Brandl (austria), Stefanie Semkat (germany), Christian Wöss (austria). Information on dog now.
Clean run offers among their self study courses one about handling with the opposite arm (click) and one on footwork grids to approach the conatcts with balance from susan salo (click). More courses at learning center (click).

30/04/21- Early take off syndrome: clean run has free access to the speacial issue of the magazine (click).
Agidoku: course from alex beitl (germany) for completing in 48 hs (facebook).
Courses: Matthias Dietrich from switzerland (facebook), zsuzsa veres from portugal (facebook).
British agility championship is on november 4- 7 (webpage, facebook).
Online course with Zsuzsa Veres (hungary- portugal) for puppies (facebook). She will publish more information soon.

29/04/21- Agi doku: solution of the course from sar mikkila (facebook).
Videos: Toshiyuki Oba (japan), Proteus, AJ & Gravity (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (youtube), silvia bighignole (italy) & mambo (facebook).
Austria: the judges for the quali trials are Gabi Posch & Christian Wöss in june and Vittorio Papavero (Italy), Mark Fonteijn (netherlands) & Bernd Hüppe for the final (facebook). Last update (facebook).
Obstacles: prices of tunnels in norway (facebook). Used agility obstacles in UK (facebook). Video made by Lisa Frick about the smart-99's ramp (facebook).
Health: they are looking for more border collies for a research on epilepsy in london (facebook, form). Annika Af Klercker (sweden) asks about pain treatment for spondylosis (facebook).

28/04/21- FCI WC 2021: the estonian kennel club declined organizing the agility FCI world cup expected this year (facebook: 1, 2, letter from estonian kennel club, finland). Official announcement (facebook). The meeting of the FCI agility commission is expected on may 16 (click).

27/04/21- USA:Post about the try outs for world cup 2022, once the FCI confirms the world cup 2021-2022 they will have the final documents (facebook).
Courses: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (facebook).
Border collie litter expected at kennel with eager to work (facebook); replay X faki. The dam of faki is reav of tobias wüst.
Videos: monika rylska (poland) & focka (facebook), manca mikec (slovenia) & tomba, aksi, breezy (youtube), manuela sata (italy) & pif training with tereza kralova (facebook), agnes kovesi from hungary (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & brant training with tereza kralova (facebook). Tricks: teaching a dog to hug another (facebok)

26/04/21- FCI: the EO junior 2022 -JOAWC 2022 was confirmed in finlandia; the judges are petr pupik (czech rep.) & anders virtanen (finland). The EO 2022 is in belgium and the judges in that article are jari suomalainen & sascha grunder (switzerland). Reference.

This finnish post don't mention about FCI WC 2021 be done or not. They only says that in case their quali for world cup won't take place, they will use the hall and date for a finnish national championship (facebook).

25/04/21- Courses: ana kouneli from greece (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo from spain (facebook), toshiyuki oba from japan (facebook). training courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), carlo magnoli from italy (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (youtube), nadine alshut (germany) & peak (facebook), zezinho (brazil) with jim & james (instagram: 1, 2), jane elene chrsitensen (denmark) & flip (facebook), irene yrstad (norway) & zalto (facebook), magdalena domanska (poland) & Gavus (facebook), monika rylska (Poland) & koza nostra (facebook), tuulia liuhto (finland) & jura (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & knick (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monki (facebook), relay event where an escaped dog enters and "won" the race (click, youtube).
Online course: turid rugaas (sweden) translated to spanish (click). It is on april 30 - may 2 and the cost is 110- 300 euros.

24/04/21- Obstacles: the accesory for to lower/raise the dogwalk with less effort is available on pre order (facebook). On july, the firsts units will be ready for shipping.
Judging: post from kristin O'neill (canada) on the sence of judging the up contact when the approach is on a str straight line (facebook).
Courses: mika kangas from finland (facebook).

23/04/21- Health: online course on hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs on may 10- 30 (facebook). The cost is 149 pounds.
Podcasts with bozena schröder (germany): her new guest is tamas traj from hungary (spotify).
Videos: andrea cacciatori (italy) & unique (facebook), aida mateu (spain) & pequeña dinamita (facebook), excercises for canine condtioning with anna lee sanders (facebook: 1, 2).
Agi doku: new challenge to find the course design (facebook). the course is from sari mikkilä and the deadline is on sunday night (european time) to post the solution.

22/04/21- Shetland puppies out of puck in france (facebook).
EO 2022: baf bestuur is asking who can help at the event (facebook).
Videos: krisztina kabai (hungay-germany) & side (facebook), paulo prado (brazil) & jazz (facebook), agility in norway (facebook), manuela sata (italy) & pif (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & boria bay (facebook), romy dupal (canada) & stark (facebook).
Seminar: wendy willemse & bianca van gaestel on may 13 in belgium (facebook).

21/04/21- EO 2022 (belgium; july 28- 31): the judges (facebook) are Thora van der Stock (belgium), jari suomalainen (finland), marleen haeneefstingels (belgium), martin schoffelmeer (the netherlands). The venue is Sen Tower Park.

20/04/21- Courses: richard solvang from norway (facebook), peter van cleef from netherlands (facebook).
Spain: seminar with iwona golab (poland) on may 15- 16 (facebook).
Switzerland: the swiss agility centre has started again to work (facebook).
England: the judges of IconiX Agility Shows (10- 11 july) are bernd hüppe (austria), ana beltrán (españa), david isbister, jen lewis, ian armstrong, phil barber, dan hodson (facebook).
Russia: registrations are open for the quali on may 8- 9 (facebook); the deadline is may 3. The courses are from jan egil eide (norway) and the judge is Olga Stanislavovna Korovaikova.

19/04/21- Agi doku: this was the course from roman lukac (facebook). The winner (Masao Yagyu from japan) got 14 points from 18 possible.
Switzerland: the competitions to qualify for world cup were postponed (click). Competetition with judge urs inglin on may 1- 2 , registrations are open (1, 2).
Course from stefanie semkat (germany) in a seminar (facebook).
Videos: Lauren langman (england) training a puppy (facebook), dan shaw (england) & boffin (youtube), dave munings (england) & legacy/susan (facebook), wilson villalobos (colombia) at the challenge orenius-emanuelsson (facebook).
Shetland puppies in switzerland: the sire is kite (buster with eager to work) from nicole kelpen (facebook). The dam is gin (click).

18/04/21- Videos: martin reid (england) & selfie (facebook), mika kangas (finland) & bixi (facebook), niina liina linna (finland) & ingrid (facebook), mickaela vakonic (slovakia) & prima princesa (facebook), michel (france) & charlie training with sébastien allerme (facebook: 1, 2), ricardo tubaldini (brazil) & lilly (facebook), Bianca van Gastel (netherlands) & ffenics (facebook), maja komorowska (poland) & flaszka (youtube). Seesaw video training of christian wöss (austria) & lego (facebook).
Nina Gregl design courses for what people need (facebook). The cost information is only available through private message on facebook.
FCI WC 2021: the dutch commission mentions that the FCI will define on may 16 if the world cup will take place or not. They also add that the decision depends partly on how many countries decide to participate. In reference to their quali the registrations will close on may 1 st, but they need at least 80 participants (facebook).

17/04/21- Health: post about addison's disease with which Vice was diagnosed (facebook); he suggests to look at myaddisonsdog.co.uk for more infomration.
Border collie puppies planned in belgium (facebook). The dam is grandaughter of sony from japan & eiri greme moss; the sire is out of knoxx from the netherlands.
Online course: grégory bielle bidalot (france) starts a running contacts course (facebook, registration form). There are 10 places for dog. The form contains the requirements for the basic and advance course. The cost is 90 euros as auditor and 120 euros with dog; people can buy the material for 70 euros. Payment is through check or money order.
Courses: nina gregl from croatia (facebook), carlo magnoli from italy (facebook), Laurent Latchoumaya from france (facebook), martina konecna from czech rep. (facebook).

16/04/21- Cranial cruciate ligament injuries: article fom vital vet.
Facebook agility europe: post asking about qualifications for world cup FCI 2021 with the pandemia (facebook).
Agi doku is an online game inspired on sudoku (facebook); the courses has the obstcales distribution, the first and last obstacles, and 2 more numbers (facebook). The first game is on a roman lukac's course from slovakia (facebook); after publishing the course, people have 48 hs. It will follow courses from sari mikkilä (finland) & alex beitl (germany).
Course from insight dogs (facebook).
Videos: nadine alshut (germany) & peak (facebook), cate's training (facebook).

15/04/21- Costa rica: seminar and judging with iban cubedo (spain) on may 21-23 (facebook).
Portugal: hugo santos deja de ser parte del comité de agility (facebook): As long as the clubs, agilitators don't realize that everyone's effort is not just a few, until they realize that without clubs cooperating there's no Agility.... we're not going anywhere’.
Germany: the steppach competition was moved, it is now on 2022 (facbook, webmelden). The qualifications for world cup were postponed (click); the new dates are in june for mendig (3-4 the quali for large, 5-6 for medium-small) and july for wülrath (24-25 for medium-small, 31 july and 1 st august for the large).
Norway: course with jan egil eide, the cost is 700 Kr (66- 86 dollars) per day on may 1- 2 (facebook).
USA: Monster cup is on october 30 (facebook). The courses for grade 3 are from barbara rozman (slovenia). Photos from the AKC nationals 2021.

14/04/21- Leela: yesterday was her birthday (facebook). Leela is a small shetland dog who got lost in sweden before FCI agility world cup in 2018. They are still looking for her (facebook).
Silvia Trkman (slovenia): Her Foundations revisited course starts today (webpage, facebook). It costs 290 euros (345 dollars) with dog, 250 euros (300 dollars) without DVD; repeaters, auditors and second dog pay 200 euros (240 dollars).
Videos: AKC nationals (facebook: 1, 2), anita szilagyi (hungary) & deni in a seminar with iwona golab (youtube), Klaudia Litwin (poland) & mer (facebook), sarah lorentzen (denmark) & navy (facebook).
Facebook: they are looking for the breeder of a 10 month old shetland puppy born in belgium on june 20, 2020 and sold to the united kingdom (facebook). The passport shows an entry to united kingdom on november 20, 2020. The puppy was found dead on the road and they are investigating the death.

13/04/21- Tobias Wüst (germany): his webpage is available Tobias wüst community. It's a platform where he shares his agility training. The cost is 34.90 euros per month (if the suscription is for 12 months), 44.90 euros per month (if the suscription is for 6 months).
Challenge: from jouni orenius/ isabelle emanuelsson with slalom (facebook).
Border collie puppies: sia (sebastien allerme) x gun puppies were born (facebook); they are 4 femaless & 3 males.

12/04/21- Puppies cocker in sweden: 3 females & 2 males (facebook). Shetland litter planned in germany at kennel redefined of max sprinz (facebook). The grandparents are buster with eager to work (nicole kelpen) & nix- full of life of summergarden.
Videos: ruthie pegs (england) & daniel (facebook), evelin szakal (hungary) & sasha training with iwona golab (youtube), Kayl Mc cann (canada) & bee-line (facebook), bianca van gastel (netherlands) & ffenics (facebook).
Semen for artificial insemination of herding dogs is available (click).
Germany: lecture about slalom on may 5 (facebook), Anne Lenz, Mona Grefenstein, Christian Wöss; will take part and the moderator is Jan Diessner. registration form.
France: on september 25 is the french championship for poodle particolor and water dog (facebook)

11/04/21- USA: seminar with steve schwartz-agilitynerd where the benefit goes to canine cancer alliance (facebook); it is on april 16 on course walking at AQ4U.
Border collie puppy (male) available in russia (facebook darya ponomareva); he is out of matvei x zhalkin (facebook). His sire is grandson of eiri greme gwen, rising sun dark rider and son of vis (malwch wisp).
Challenge of jouni orenius- isabelle emanuelsson (facebook); the rquirements are a dogwalk, tunnel & jump.
Training courses: iwona golab from poland (facebook), insight dogs (facebook).

10/04/21- Videos: niina liina linna (finland), Ingrid & Boris (facebook), anita szilagyi (hungary) & deni training with iwona golab (facebook), donha mitsue (brazil) & key (facebook), linda barton (Canada) & venture thanking lisa frick (facebook), heike rüsche & miley training with krisztina kabai (youtube), olivia (england) & magic (facebook).
Online course: jumping with natasha wise from england (webpage, facebook). It has a 30 % discount.
Obstacles: video about the wheels for the bing agility A frame (facebook).
Czech Rep.: contest for one free training lesson guessing the colors of the contact zones (facebook); elast day is april 11.

09/04/21- Courses: yoshiaki kato from japan (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), jane elene chrsitensen from denmark (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook), carlo magnoli from italy (facebook).
Videos: jouni orenius (finland-sweden) &ami (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy), remy (czech rep.) & martina klimesova (czech rep.) training their dogs (youtube), zeljko gora (croatia) & hash (facebook).
International week in italy: tereza kralova (czech rep.) & daniel schröder on june 28- 29, kriztina kabai (hungary-germany) & tamas traj (hungary) on june 30- july 1st (facebook). Registrations are open.
Podcast: bozena schröder (germany) published a form for questions to tamas traj (hungary) her next invited person for her podcast (google drive).

08/04/21- Distance Rehabilitation: due to a post asking about a ligament problem in a mini aussie, they are telling at the comments about people doing it (facebook).
Seminars with tereza kralova (czech rep.) & marusa podjed (slovenia) in italy on april 26- 28 (facebook).
Online course of running contacts with katarina podlipnik (slovenia): on april 6 dstarted the running contacts foundations and there are avilable spots as auditors (facebook). The next foundations course will start on august and the running contacts one on june (registration opens on may 30). Information of teh courses on her webpage: fundamentos, running contacts.
Videos: simon cottrell (england) & jim jnr doing herding (facebook), jérémmy chomienne (france) con Ryz & raffale (facebook), lea komat (slovenia) with ninja & juice (facebook).

06/04/21- Genetic test: Alen marekovic posted at the EOD group where should he send the the samples for wisdom panel (facebook); people suggested denmark.
Videos: manuela sata (Italy) & pif (facebook: 1, 2), debby simons (england) & passion (facebook), enya habel (sweden) & party (facebook), martina vakonicova (slovakia) & kasia kay training the slalom (facebook). Tricks with tracy wood (canada) & lexi (facebook).
Germany: intensive course with zeljko gora (croatia) at hundesportwelt on april 30- may 4 (facebook). Groups with 4 dogs will work for 2 hours during the 5 days.
Shetland litter out of lily & tace was confimed (facebook).

05/04/21- Courses: Tommi Raita- aho from finland (facebook), jordi boix from spain (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook) marc martin from france (facebook). Training course from peter van cleef (facebook).
Videos: max sprinz from germany (facebook), Mikko Aaltonen (finland & kesy (facebook), Miquel Xena (spain) & nys training with tamas traj from hungary (facebook), Niina- Liina Linna (finland) & ingrid (facebook) martin reid (england) & shape (facebook), wendy willemse (netherlands) & Q training with andy de groote from belgium (youtube). Trainings with stas kurochkin: Olga Lisitsyna & ania (facebook), Anna Dyksa & Oliny (facebook).
Slalom/ weaves: martina vakonicova (slovakia) asks about experiences training the slalom with 2x2 method (facebook).

04/04/21- Canada: selection criteria for WAO (facebook).
Spain: vendula hausenova (slovakia) look for agility photos in spain (facebook).
Online course: there are spot available as auditor for the jumping courses with alenka from slovenia (facebook). joyfull jumping begins on april 6 and entering into collection on april 15. The costs are: 120 euros as auditor and 190 euros as participant for the joyfull jumping course, 60 euros as auditor and 90 euros with dog for the collection course and 160 euros for auditor on both courses.

03/04/21- Courses from a seminar with kevin vander estl from belgium (facebook).
Border collie litter expected in russia (facebook maria tomilova); the lines are the ones of eri greme ray, dream of my life, fetch granting pleasure.
Videos: iwona golab (poand) & seeya (facebook: 1, 2), marusa podjed (slovenia) & pan (facebook). running contacts training: Maiken Grφnvold from norway (facebook: 1, 2), alicja ujma (poland & lance (youtube).

02/04/21- Videos: jouni orenius (finland-sweden) & leia (facebook), patrizia ciuffetti (italy) con b & kill (facebook), dave munnings (england) & legacy (facebook), ashley deacon (USA) & neve training the slalom with the method of shapeup from canada (facebook), anna eiffert (hungary) & nebraska (youtube).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook).
Agi notes: training excercise with 4 jumps for diffrentiation a threadle wrap from a threadle send (1, 2).
Clean run free shipping on orders over 120 dollars inside USA (facebook). Now they have products 4 my merles from canad&a (facebook).

01/04/21- Genetic tests: wisdom panel run out of swabs so it takes a few months to ship (facebook).
Encore (susan garrett's dog (canada)) died at the age of 17 (facebook). 8 years ago she was very ill but she overcame the situation. Videos at world cup FCI 2008 in finland (youtube), world cup IFCS 2010 (youtube), USDAA 2011 (youtube), Canada cup (youtube).
Magazine: Psi (czech rep.) has an interview with karel havlicek (facebook, webpage).
Obstacles: mechanism to go up and down the dogwalk with less effort (facebook); they mention at the comments that it is an accessory that can be buy. Table comparing the different jumps from galican (facebook).

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